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(generated from captions) those two spells where they

the lost the 3/0 and 4/5 and lost

the wicket with just a few runs

to go. We've squeezed adbit of cricket in and we've got to go

back to politics now. The back to politics now. The new

Minister for health is soon to

be sworn in, Tanya Plibersek be sworn in, Tanya Plibersek is holding a media conference

the Prime Minister right now. I'm very grateful to

the Prime Minister for this

mark of faith she's shown in

me. I appreciate the forward to serving given me and I'm looking

Government and Australian forward to serving the

people. Anna Bligh has just announced she's abolishing the Queensland Queensland Health department

and splitting it into front

line services and another area

for corporate serves. Do you

have any concerns about that approach? I'm not going to start making detailed comments

about the Health Departments in

other states. I'm not sworn in

as a Minister yet. I'm yet to receive a first briefing from

my department. I'll forward to my department. I'll look

constructively with all of forward to working

constructively with all of the

delivering better health states and Territories on

communities. You've got a strong record on social

justice. Do you think a dent

ecare scheme is an essential

element of taking that forward? I certainly think forward? I

dental care for Australians is

an area of policy focus for an area of policy focus for us

in the future. There have been

a number of suggestions about

how we might proceed in this

area and I'm looking forward to

receiving more detailed briefings from the department

about dental care. We know almost a about dental care. We know that

services have been delivered to Australian teenagers because of

Government introduced and the program that this

there's been significant new

investment to reduce the number

of people on the dental health waiting lists because waiting lists because of action

that this Government has taken.

But as for the detailed design of any program in the future,

I'll have to take a few days to

have a look at that. Another

challenge you're going to be

facing is the winding-back of the private health insurance

think you scheme. How successful do you

Government has a strong commit means test that? The

to means testing the private

continue with health insurance scheme and we

continue with that strong

commitment. Are you nervous about taking on sump a big

portfolio and one with so portfolio and one with so many

interest groups that you've got

deal with the states as to battle with and having to

deal with the states as well? I'm actually really excited

about taking on this portfolio because it just has so many

exciting things happening already and so much scope for

further change and improvement. We're looking at challenges We're

like the fact that children today are facing obesity and

ill health. We're looking at

the possibility that our

children will be less healthy

than we are our selves and

that's a huge challenge in

something that's really

exciting policy task to take

on. Dental care was mentioned a

minute ago, out on extraordinary minute ago, we're also rolling

care program with regional out on extraordinary cancer

cancer centres being established and terrific new facilities like the Chris

O'Brien Livhouse skin cancer

centre in my own electorate.

to service for every These are great

Australian. All Australians need either prevent health care. Visits to GPs, need either prevent ative

we're rolling out our GP super clinic program but every Australian needs to be able to Australian

see a doctor at the right time

in the rightplice when they

need to. Making sure that we

have the workforce in place to

do that, making sure we've got the physical services located

on the ground, exploring new

ways that we can use technology

to make it positive for people

to phone and get advice over to phone and get advice

the telephone or video

doctor or a nurse late at night conference if they need a

when they're in an isolated

opportunities for better location, these are all great

serving the Australian