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Prince Charles And Prince William: Royal Rivals Or Father And Son? -

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Good evening. Craig Allen with an

news update. Kevin Rudd Good evening. Craig Allen with an AB that a Labor Government would take news update. Kevin Rudd has warned control of the

the States and Territories don't control of the nation's hospitals, i

their act together. He's promised to the States and Territories don't get inject $2 billion into health, but says if the problems aren't fixed within two years he'd hold a vote on a federal within two years he'd hold a public premiers have welcomed vote on a federal takeover. While th they're not so premiers have welcomed the money, their hospitals being seized. A they're not so enthusiastic about 71-year-old woman has died from a heart attack after being

a man in Civic. heart attack after being assaulted b attack as callous a man in Civic. Police described the There appears to have been no attack as callous and unprovoked. for the attacks and no money There appears to have been no motive stolen. A refugee camp has for the attacks and no money was attack in East Timor, with seven stolen. A refugee camp has come unde houses burnt to the ground. UN say three people have houses burnt to the ground. UN polic It's thought to be part say three people have been arrested. ongoing political violence in that It's thought to be part of the portraits by Australian artist John country. The largest collection of

Brack has been unveiled at the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra. 50 portraits are on show part of Canberra. 50 portraits are on show a Canberra's weather - mostly part of the exhibition. And with a low of 3 and a high of Canberra's weather - mostly fine, Sydney - 19, Melbourne - with a low of 3 and a high of 15. - 21. More news in an hour. Sydney - 19, Melbourne - 18, Adelaid

father and son, Charles and William, a Shakespeare play, heirs to a kingdom like characters in and change they've lived through more tragedy contemplate. than most families could ever The scandal of a royal divorce of a mother. and the untimely death marriage to Camilla, Charles's controversial second for her unhappiness. the woman Diana blamed the love of these two men, These events could have broken of each other. yet they have remained visibly fond has only strengthened their bond. It seems that adversity to his father, A warm-hearted son William has been no less generous

brother, Harry. to his sometimes troubled younger and is now in the army, effectively. Harry has completed his training

weekend with his beloved papa That means he can't spend every as he once did down at Highgrove. the three of them. But I think they get on well, much through thick and thin. I mean, they've come together pretty to Princess Diana's death, You think back only nine years Charles was the single parent, of raising them. and he's done a pretty good job A confidant to his mother,

had his world riven asunder William, at the age of 15, by her tragic death.

Unlike William, as eccentric and extravagant - Charles is often perceived toothbrush for him, his aids put toothpaste on his and he has an old-fashioned image. an old fogy 57-year-old. Prince Charles is actually Prince Charles is old for his age for his age. and I think William's a bit young and film-star looks, Along with Diana's charisma her strong will. William has inherited difficulties for his advisers. This obstinacy can create and William is as well. Diana was very stubborn, It's very interesting that William into anything. will not be railroaded dig his heel in, He will put his foot down, or be budged by anyone. and he will not budge Britain's military academy, By going to Sandhurst, and followed his father's advice. William accepted royal convention In his private life, his father's less suitable choices. he has chosen a woman very unlike and practical young woman Kate Middleton is a thoroughly modern who could one day be queen. that Kate and William will marry. Probably 99.9% certain Kate brings many things to William meaningful and special. that make his life that he is William being the very stubborn man

into any decision will not be hurried until he is full and ready for it.

is a man of his time. Unlike Charles, William He's in touch. the real possibility Perhaps it's here that of rivalry could emerge. better suited William is already gaining an image Britain is fast becoming. to a future king of the modern nation the public hostility Charles has worked hard to overcome he faced at the time of his divorce, of Diana's death. and in the aftermath a united front. He and his sons present However, opinion polls to the throne, are often against Charles's accession in favour of William's. the dynamic, it would be Charles. If anyone is unhappy with But having said that, share the limelight with the boys, he's very generous, he likes to

he wants them to be popular, they've got in the future. learn about the kind of life he feels it's important that they An autumn afternoon in London. and television crews Press cameramen of Prince William await the arrival at St Mary's Hospital. to officially open a new baby unit The crowds give him a warm welcome.

for Prince William. The occasion is a very poignant one 24 years ago. It was here that he was born the world by his proud parents. On these steps he was presented to two years later. Harry was born at St Mary's

the neonatal unit, William has returned to open which cares for premature babies. most people, Destined for a life very different to youthful personality his easy royal manner and his are very reminiscent of his mother's. they might be able to go home? So when do you think Well, they've got to be big enough on their own. to be able to take all the feeds

So it won't be while they still need help. So...and put on weight. They're doing that already, so... Being fed 12 times a day, I think anyone would put on weight, definitely. Definitely, yes, yes. Looking very snug. Looks very comfortable. There's a lot of Diana in William, and I'm sure Charles is probably the first person to see it. BELLS CHIME William's formal introduction to public duties came on St David's Day, March 1, in 1991. He was eight years old, almost the same age as Charles when he was created Prince of Wales. William learned how to respond to the crowds. Well done, dear. He's doing ever so well. Both parents introduced the shy William

to the people of Wales, but it was his mother who guided him and mentored his progress. 15 years on, William is making solo visits. His royal career is now split between military training and carefully selected events such as this. Until he is king, his role is to see and be seen by the people of Britain and the far-flung Commonwealth. He began solo engagements representing the Queen in New Zealand in 2005. A year later he has mastered the delicate balance between friendliness and keeping a royal dignity on these occasions.

For the rest of his life, the press will be nearby, watching and recording his every public moment. Once reluctant to accept his royal duty, William has matured and learned to make use of his commanding presence. He is set to become one of Britain's tallest and best-looking kings. His mother was once called the jewel in the crown. Her role has been inherited by her elder son. He's considered the great hope of the monarchy. William's natural magnetism is something most politicians can only envy. How are you doing?

Sorry to keep you waiting. I'll try and keep on time next time. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE His childhood shyness is gone, but this relaxed style of his mid-20s has not come easily. I think he's practised to feel at ease. I don't think he always does. Look at his cheeks. They flush up a little bit every time he goes on a public job. I think he is still slightly nervous at the enormity of the task. I was there years ago when he did his first major public outing in Canada, when he saw all these girls say, "We love you, William." He doesn't like it, but at the same time William loves the job that he's got to face in the future, he knows he's got a lot of responsibility and I think he does a good job when he goes out and does public duties. In 2006, Charles and Camilla made an official visit to Pakistan, an ally in the battle against terrorism. This was a serious mission to defuse international tensions. But the media revived memories of Diana's solo tour 15 years ago.

Charles's peace initiative was undermined by comparisons between Diana's and Camilla's clothes. Long after her death, Diana can still overshadow Charles. William cuts a more striking and impressive figure than his father. I do think that Diana, if she could see William today, would think that he's got a lot of Spencer in him. First of all he's got her steely determination. He wants what he wants when he wants it, and he gets what he wants normally. William and Harry's relationship with Diana

didn't evolve beyond that of child and parent. Her untimely death meant that they never had the chance to form an adult relationship with her. In their memories, she is still the vibrant and attentive mother who found time to share their youthful adventures and activities.

Trying to compensate for a broken home, she often accompanied them on daredevil adventures like this white-water rafting holiday. There were frequent trips to faraway locations such as film star Goldie Hawn's ranch in Colorado, where the boys could race around on quad bikes. Some might think that the young princes were rather spoiled by Diana's indulgence,

and that they developed a worrying taste for speed and thrills. As well as driving cars, William is fond of motorbikes. Prince Charles is unhappy about the risks involved. William likes to ride his motorbike because when he's got his helmet on he's totally anonymous and people, you know, don't notice him on the road. But naturally, like any parent, his father doesn't approve of the motorbike. He's been very reluctantly allowing him to have one. But you know, William's old enough and sensible enough to take care of himself on the road. He doesn't take unnecessary risks. William went to St Andrew's University in Scotland after his gap year. His father had gone to Cambridge on inferior grades, but William won his university place fairly. The media were focused on his romantic than his academic life. Some helpfully paraded society beauties whom he might like to date. Queen-making became a press pastime. But William made his own friends and took a group of them on a luxurious cruise. This glossy posse of young people from well-connected backgrounds were all delighted to be part of William's elite circle.

Being close to or a member of the royal family

is almost like having some kind of magic dust all over you. You can be as famous as you like, but if you are, if you have a title or in with the royals then it's that little bit extra that really makes it special. Among that group are the Palmer-Tompkinson sisters,

Santa, on the left, and her livelier sister Tara. Their parents were old friends of Charles, and Tara liked to make the best of her royal connections. She became an A-list celebrity. Tara Palmer-Tompkinson is a perfect example of somebody who's become famous just by being associated with the royal family. She comes from a wealthy family and had access to all the right places. She's good-looking. A lot of men find her very attractive. A lot of women found her very interesting and wanted to know what she was up to, and all of a sudden, she's everywhere. Tara gained a flirtatious image which she did little to discourage. She also admitted drug problems, which she struggled to overcome. Her lifestyle and frequent appearances in gossip columns led to whispers about the extent of her royal friendships. She was wrongly linked with William, several years her junior. Unwisely, she drew attention to the rumours by giving an interview. I think a lot of people thought it was a way of bringing attention to herself

and reminding everybody of how close she is to the royals, to say that she hadn't slept with him. Now happily married to Camilla and the drama of his life with Diana behind him, Charles must surely reflect on the past and what might have been if he had followed his heart and his youth and married Camilla when they first met. But as a young man he led a very active bachelor life, enjoying many relationships away from public gaze. He relied on friends to provide a cover for his secret affairs. As Prince of Wales he was a target for girls around the world. Every girl was scrutinised for her suitability. Glamorous blonde Davina Sheffield was a favourite contender until a previous lover revealed an affair. Lady Jane Wellesley didn't want to be Princess of Wales. Lady Tryon was already married. Jane Ward was divorced and out of the running. As the years slipped by and Charles's friends got married, Prince Philip wondered if Charles would ever find a bride. Well, 30-odd years ago, when Prince Charles was playing the field, he dated a lot of girls. A lot of women came and went. And Philip was getting concerned, because there was a lot of comment about it in the press at the time. Charles himself had sort of indicated at what sort of age he should be married. He said 30 was a good age. 30 came, 30 went. He was 31 before he met Princess Diana, Lady Diana Spencer as she then was. And there was no doubt there was some hesitation on Charles's part, principally because his friends thought she was unsuited for a life as a royal consort. And Charles picked up on all this confusion and doubt, but when he confided in his father about it,

Philip felt that he'd led Diana up the garden path and had to go through with it - she had to be the one.

But Charles was still close to another woman, Camilla Parker Bowles. They met in their early 20s. She married someone else, but their long-time affair dominated her marriage and Charles's.

Against expectation, William and Harry have accepted Camilla. She has wisely sidestepped the role of stepmother. I think that's one role in which Camilla hasn't played a part at all. She entered the relationship and the marriage

knowing full well that she could not take on the role as stepmother to William and Harry because she would be perceived as the wicked stepmother. There's nothing she could do to help. She'd also been raising her own children, don't forget, and she felt that Charles was best placed to continue the way he was raising the boys

rather than for her to interfere, and she has stood back, she hasn't got involved. I'm sure that William does understand

why his father's so happy with Camilla. She as a person is like a crutch for him. Boosts his ego. And tells him he's wonderful every day. That's not the sort of job that sons like to take on. And you know she's the sort of person that's a buffer between them and their father, especially I think if they've done something their father doesn't quite approve of. Camilla's got a son herself, and she understands that boys will be awful boys sometimes. Diana and Charles broke with royal tradition by taking baby William on tour to Australia in 1983. They were both tactile parents who encouraged little William

to have more freedom than royal children had in the past.

Charles had a much closer bond with his children than his mother and father did with him. These now famous pictures of Charles waiting to greet the Queen after a long absence show his reactions. He seemed bemused by the formality of the occasion. At eight, Charles was sent to Cheam, a preparatory boarding school. Being educated away from the palace was considered progressive, but it meant more sad separations from his busy mother, burdened by the duties of state. The Queen's been as good a mother as she has been able to do under the circumstances. She was a 26-year-old mother of two when she was crowned. And one minute she had a family, and the next minute she had a serious, nearly 24-hour job. And she had no chance to bring up her children.

It seems to have had a very lasting effect and they seem to have missed that bonding with their mother. Gordonstoun, the public school on the shores of the Moray Firth in Scotland, might have seemed a good choice for Charles. It was Prince Philip's old school, and he had been happy there. With its emphasis on character building, it looked ideal. But it seemed remote and hostile to 13-year-old Charles. Set apart by royal birth, he was a target for bullies.

Charles refused to send his sons so far away. He and Diana chose Eton College, very near to the royal comforts of Windsor Castle. In theory, the outdoor activities and teamwork at Gordonstoun should have created confidence in the shy, young Charles, but he was a late developer, and he didn't appreciate the school's ethos

until the sixth form. I didn't really ever enjoy school very much. I always preferred the things I did at home, on the whole. But I still came to the conclusion towards the end of my time at Gordonstoun that the kind of education I'd received had been enormously valuable. It also concentrate on developing the whole person, you know, the mind and the body. Whatever Charles's views, he refused to send his boys to his old school. William went to Eton in 1995. Harry followed three years later. William was an Eton schoolboy when his mother died. Despite the enormity of her loss, he made a success of his years there. It was a good choice for him. First of all, William didn't have the horrendous schooling that Charles had. He was so unhappy at Gordonstoun. And William has been allowed to have so much more freedom than Charles did. He's queued up at Disneyland to go on the rides, because his mother insisted that he be just like very other child. So William's had an enormous amount of time to enjoy himself, to lead a normal life, which his father never had. Teenage William disliked public attention and tried to blend in with his schoolmates. He hoped to be concealed in a crowd, and friends often shielded him from prying eyes. At other moments he held his head down or turned away, trying to avoid recognition. Eton's unrivalled facilities gave him the chance to shine at sports such as rowing, rugby and water sports, as well as in his academic work.

He became a prefect and a house captain, and in the sixth form, captain of the school swimming team, a sport at which his mother had also excelled in her school days. Becoming a godfather for the first time at 16

marked another step into adulthood. William carefully cradled Prince Constantine, the grandson of the deposed king of Greece,

a close friend of Prince Charles.

In contrast, Charles at 17 still looked boyish when he set off for Timbertop, an outpost of Geelong Grammar School in Australia, for two terms. This was one school he did enjoy. CHARLES: It was a very sad moment, of course, leaving England, and seeing one's father and sister standing on the tarmac and waving one goodbye.

But I found the moment I got the Australia the people were so friendly and so welcoming, and I must admit, I'd been apprehensive about going there

because I'd heard, you know, that the Australians were critical and perhaps, you know, would show their feelings, and I was worried about how I would appear to them, but I had absolutely no need to worry. The most wonderful experience I've ever had. At 18, Charles went to Cambridge. It was the heyday of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, but the prince's appearance and interest were out of time with his own generation. He preferred the cello to the guitar. He was an image-maker's nightmare. Another prince, another age. William was the coolest 18-year-old in the country. In 2002 the Queen celebrated her golden jubilee with a pop concert at Buckingham Palace. After Diana's death, the royal family had to be seen to be more in touch with ordinary people. Charles was there to enjoy the event with his sons and Camilla and other members of the royal family. They watched with varying levels of appreciation. Well, we all like to think they've got a whole host of PRs and marketing men beavering away in somewhere in central London, but in fact, the sad truth is

there are a handful of courtiers, some of whom are plugged into contemporary life - hence this obsession with getting the Prince of Wales

into events like pop and rock concerts,

where, I have to say, he looks so uncomfortable, always suited and booted. There are people who feel he should be doing things which relate to what ordinary people in this country are interested in. After Eton, the grown-up prince, now 18 and taller than his father, faced the press at Highgrove to announce his gap year plans. I wanted to do something constructive in my gap year rather than, I mean, I could do quite a lot of work, but I thought this was a bit more of a way of trying to help people out and meet a whole range of different people from different countries, and at the same time helping people in remote areas of Chile. William went to Chile for 10 weeks with Raleigh International, a volunteer group ready to live and work together

in primitive conditions.

He took his turn with the chores. Do you know what time it is? Got up at 6:15.

It's far too early. I'm gonna feed it to my father. he can see what we went through.

I'm so embarrassed about it I don't know what I'm gonna do. Try it first and then come back if you want some more. That's the worst porridge I've ever tasted in my life. That is absolutely hideous. Oh, that is foul. Ohhh! We're living in an old nursery. It has got a bit of carpet, it's got a roof over our heads. which is more than we've had. Sleeping on the floor in a sleeping bag with about 16 other people all cramped together underneath a slide or a climbing frame or something. With one bathroom. It's's all you need, really. You don't have any secrets with Raleigh. You share everything with everyone. And that's why I found it very difficult myself to start with, because I'm a very private person. I still am a private person. But I learnt to deal with it more. The problem is you can't go anywhere here to get space or privacy. There's always someone around you. You have to be with people. It's very difficult to get away for your own time. So that's one thing I had to learn to deal with. Marie was William's team leader, and he followed her orders, taking his turn on the cleaning rota. Yeah, Marie, she's canny as anything. She knows where her bread's buttered, doesn't she?

"That's alright, you go and do this." "No, really, don't worry about it. I'll do it, then." Marigolds are now officially a fashion item. Which is why, just, I think I get along with these guys so well. They've all come out here to join Raleigh's, to gain their experience and to gain a bit of knowledge about other parts of the world.

And we all get along so well, because...I hope I don't come across as someone who's, you know, that I was trying to be treated differently by the staff. They all treat me the same.

The locals treat me the same. And I love being... having no restrictions, really. William helped out in a local nursery, displaying the same easy rapport with children as his mother had. He also kept in touch with Harry by writing frequent postcards home. The prince, known there as Will, stood in as a disc jockey at a local radio station. There's big ups to Ruthie. We love you, babe. If you're actually listening out there. And for any of you people who are in a mood for love, this is for you. William's performance impressed the Queen. The Queen's very proud of William. It took her a long time to really get to know him, because she didn't see that much of him, but she realises that he has what it takes, in her opinion, to eventually be monarch. He's a very amusing, good, fun guy, but he does know when to stop. And he knows the time has to come when you have to be serious. So I think he's very well balanced, which pleases her. And of course he's a gorgeous-looking guy, and the Queen has always liked rather macho, gorgeous-looking men. So she's obviously very proud of her grandson. William originally went to St Andrew's to study history of art, but he grew unhappy with the course. Friends, including Kate Middleton, persuaded him to change to geography after his first year, rather than drop out of university altogether. Geography was a better choice. He settled down to his studies, determined to succeed and gain a good degree. He consulted his tutor about his last piece of coursework. And how's the writing up going? The writing up's not going quite so well. I've got this much notes, but I've only written about 2,000 words. And the deadline's getting... It's getting pretty close. ..worryingly close now. But once I get everything else sorted that's going on around us, I will, um, get stuck into it. I'll get most of it done. The student prince worked hard for his finals. This was his chance to shine among his contemporaries. He was also planning to exert his authority when he finished at St Andrews. I really did want to be in control of my own life, and if I don't agree with what someone was saying or someone's pushing on me, if I'm wrong and they're right and people tell me that, then obviously I change my mind. I'm always open for people saying I'm wrong, because most of the time I am. But, um, I hate using control. I think it's very important to, you know, see what you want to do and go for it. At university, William shared student interests like snooker. That's how you do it. Secretly I'm a really good pool player. While public relations experts had to create an action man image for Charles, there was no need in William's case. He's extremely athletic and a strong swimmer. He also loves diving and surfing. He seems the perfect prince.

Harry and William have been close since nursery days. They share many interests such as polo. But there is an academic gap between them. Harry didn't go to university. As young brothers, William and Harry were incredibly tight-knit. I think the distance started when William went away to university, and I think Harry found that quite difficult, because he'd lost his soul mate, he'd lost his confidant.

And I know through friends that he did find that very difficult. And William would come back at weekends, especially to be with Harry. Harry's troubles reflect the loss of his mother Two years younger than William, he was less able to deal with the tragedy. The temptations of nightlife have sometimes proved too much for him. The ever vigilant press mean a prince has to be careful,

even in his private life.

Or unwelcome headlines will be the result. Harry gained a reputation for hard partying and hard drinking. Sometimes he lost control and lashed out at photographers. Charles, too, has an uneven temper. Don't do this to me!

He can hardly blame Harry for inheriting it. But his tantrums, swearing and poor team spirit can be embarrassing.

And watching it must be nerve-wracking for a concerned father.

Hot-headed Harry is not easy to calm,

and Charles often doesn't know what to say for the best. His hesitancy has sometimes failed to curb Harry's unruliness. Being second-born can mean second-best in the royal pecking order, but Harry has a competitive streak and likes to come first. Harry has sort of been the one to step into the media spotlight more than William,

and he's the one who became associated with girls at a younger age,

he was the wild child, he was the one who we saw drinking out of beer bottles, smoking cigarettes at polo matches, and suddenly the focus shifted onto him. William, very much like his mother, downcast eyes, didn't want to get drawn in,

preferred to blend into the background. Very hard for a young man who's 6'4", but he'd done it pretty well. Harry doesn't seem to mind so much.

He doesn't seem to care. He just sort of takes it and deals with it. William has had the advantage of the palace publicity machine to groom his image. But is he really more like Harry? I think it's very easy to label William a good boy and very easy to label Harry a bad boy. I absolutely don't think that's the case. I've heard so many stories about William that truly reflect that he is party animal, he's incredibly gregarious, he's very vivacious.

I just think he's more careful than Harry, to be perfectly honest. The three princes have a special bond.

After Diana's death, it was important to present a public image of family unity. But as William once revealed, there can be tensions between them. We get along, you know, really well, Harry and I and my father. We're a very close family. There are disagreements, obviously, as all families do, and when they are, they're big disagreements. But when there's happy times we have really good times. It's's difficult getting all three of us in the same house at one point, because obviously Father's really busy. William has taken an interest in Charles's major charity, the Prince's Trust, which helps underprivileged young people to start their own businesses. He's defensive about media criticism of his father. He's had a difficult time, and you know, it's just sad. I said this last time, I'm sure I used the same words.

But I just wish more of his charitable work was concentrated on. Because he does do a hell of a lot of work, and the Prince's Trust is just an amazing, you know, organisation.

And you know, I just, I really hold him in great admiration about the amount of time he gives up to do work here and there. In June 2005, William graduated with honours from St Andrew's University. He had earned his degree without special favours. His girlfriend, Kate Middleton, graduated on the same day. William had tried to shield her from publicity, and was annoyed when their secret romance was revealed in the press the previous year. However, Kate has won favour with the public and the palace. The palace see Kate as a perfect suitor in every respect. She comes with very little baggage, she has all the prerequisites of a princess. Um, she's discreet. She's loyal. She's been a good friend to William. She's been sensible. She encouraged him to stay on at university

when his instinct told him that it wasn't for him and he ought to give up. And I think this is exemplified in the fact that she is brought out at very public royal engagements. And that wouldn't have happened with Kate if she wasn't absolutely right, absolutely perfect, and have all of those attributes, which she very clearly does. And this is very much a young woman who is a princess in waiting. After his graduation ceremony, William must have realised that without Kate's good influence

he would have missed this great milestone. Sadly, Diana didn't live to see either her son's happiness with Kate or the fulfilment of Charles's relationship with Camilla. I think Diana would be very happy to see William with such a nice girl. And I think Diana would be very happy that Charles ended up with Camilla rather than someone else,

because it was Camilla that caused all the trouble in their marriage. And I really, really think that at the end of her life

Diana was not worried by Camilla any more. And she thought, "As I've gone through all this heartache and pain, "at least he's ended up with her." It would have been awful to go through all that heartache and pain and him ended up with someone else. In February 2005, the marriage that had once seemed impossible was announced. Just prior to Charles's wedding, the three princes, who share a passion for skiing, made a trip to Klosters in Switzerland. They agreed to an arranged photo call in exchange for privacy on the slopes. It became clear that William is protective of his father. Can I ask you how you are feeling, how in particular Princes William and Harry are feeling at the prospect of the marriage? Very happy. Yes, very much so. As long as I don't lose the rings, I'm alright. But Charles's words had been picked up by the ranks of press men, to the discomfort of his sons. I think the boys are embarrassed about their father's behaviour in the way sons are often embarrassed by their own fathers outside the royal family, in the way, I dare say, Prince Charles was embarrassed as a young man by the Duke of Edinburgh's outspoken remarks from time to time. Having said that, I think they share some of his prejudices, they don't particularly like the intrusion that comes with being a member of the royal family. William in particular still finds it hard to deal with. He's being enormously protective of his girlfriend in a way we've never seen before.

And it's understandable if at times the royals sort of lose it when they see someone they don't particularly like in front of them asking questions they don't particularly want to answer. On April 9, 2005, Charles married Camilla in a civil ceremony at Windsor's register office in the presence of William and Harry. He did need someone to share the burden that's been thrust on him. He's only Prince of Wales by an accident of birth. And anybody who spends any length of time with the royal family knows that this is not a job that a sensible person would relish. You don't look forward to it, you know? It's a life sentence. And you can never retire. He needs somebody that understands what that involves, what that hideous job of being king in waiting involves. And I think he would have found someone. He needs a mate.

For a long time, perhaps,

he just would have been happy with a mistress, but being a king, you can't just have a mistress. You've got to make it all legal and put a nice sort of veneer on it all. So he got married. Military training was considered as necessary for William and Harry as it had been for Charles. In childhood, both young princes had played at being soldiers. William dressed up in the uniform of the parachute regiment. Harry had some early lessons in tank driving. His ambition to join the army remained into adult life. He went to Sandhurst as an officer cadet after an extended gap year. It was hoped that army discipline would sort out his disorderly behaviour. I think that Prince Harry has come through that period. I think that was a very tricky spell towards the end of his school years at Eton, but the army really was seen as the last chance to sort him out, and by all accounts, it has sorted him out. He plays hard, there's no question about that. He enjoys smoking, he enjoys drinking with his friends, but what 21-year-old, 22-year-old doesn't? and you know, he's entitled to let off steam. Charles is more concerned about the fact that whenever he does, he seems to get caught in the public eye, and he feels that's very unfair. Charles joined the Royal Navy in the tradition of his grandfather, King George VI, and Prince Philip, his father, who was on active service in the navy throughout World War II. Charles served on several ships, eventually commanding the mine hunter HMS 'Bronington'. Away from family and friends for long periods, he relied on the camaraderie of his fellow officers. He also joined the Fleet Air Arm, taking a commercial course to enable him to pilot helicopters on board carriers. This was one part of his training he really did appreciate. I would just like to say, very briefly, how much I have enjoyed this entire course, entirely due, I think, to the hard work put in by all these splendid chaps in Red Dragon. But thank you all once again for having me here. I've enjoyed it enormously. William is training to be an officer in the British army. Before following Harry into Sandhurst, he prepared for the tough regime by spending two weeks with the RAF Valley-Mountain Rescue Team in Wales. He took part in a rescue exercise. In January 2006, Sandhurst gained its most senior recruit. As a cadet, William would undergo rigorous training in a program which can push recruits to exhaustion. He was still a student when he planned stage one of his military career. Sandhurst itself would be a great place to learn how to lead and to, you know, earn respect. Cadet Wales threw himself into the role, repeating all the manoeuvres that Harry had done before him. William's training continued with the army keeping the press at bay. He's off limits, he can really live the life of a soldier. But I think we're only looking at about 18 months now before we see William launched as a full-time royal. They're waiting to do it. They know, the powers that be at the palace,

that William needs to be relevant for the monarchy to continue in its present form.

Harry finished his Sandhurst course with the traditional passing out parade. The Queen and Prince Philip were there to see him. He is now a second lieutenant in the Blues and Royals in the Household Cavalry. William also wants to serve his country in the same regiment when he completes his course. The fact is, there's no way William could go serving on the front line

in Afghanistan or Iraq - it's simply too dangerous. After he does his year in the Blues and Royals, he'll do a stint in the army, a stint in the RAF and a stint in the Royal Navy, each to get an understanding of what happens. After that he'll be a full-time royal with engagements. William and Harry now show their affection for Camilla. While they cherish Diana's memory, they accept that Camilla has made their father happy,

and as adults, they have their own lives to lead. William is shown as a prince in touch with ordinary people through the national game of football. Before the World Cup began, he met Wayne Rooney and other members of the England squad to wish them well. He takes his role as president of the Football Association seriously. The power of football is huge. And I think it needs to be harnessed, and at the same time, the sportsmanship side of football, I think, is a real key issue to focus on. And to get guys like these, and girls, who are coming through realising that the role they have, and the importance and the respect that they can earn being a good footballer and a respected footballer.

William has helped to train young footballers just as Harry has coached rugby hopefuls. What does the public now expect for the two princes? What we'll be looking for in both boys is obviously a happy union for them both. William will obviously be under pressure almost immediately. You know, is this a union that can last? Can the Queen's grandchildren make happy marriages where her own children couldn't? There is no pressure on William in the way there was on his father to marry someone of a noble background. He can marry pretty much whoever he likes. And certainly that applies to Harry too. Harry's been dating a South African girl off and on for the last 18 months. There's no reason why he shouldn't marry this girl if he should want to. Chelsy is vivacious, the antithesis of demur Kate. They're wealthy but ordinary backgrounds presented a problem for old guard courtiers. Chelsy is accepted as the girlfriend but she's nowhere near accepted as the royal girlfriend in the way that Kate is. They're forgetting that these girls really have that common touch. They do a lot to woo an apathetic public and revive interest in the monarchy. The Queen paid tribute to Diana. I remember especially the happiness she gave to my two grandsons. The Queen has restored popularity in the monarchy since the uneasy days after Diana's death. As Charles's mother has grown older and his sons have grown up, he has had to wait and watch. Charles has been there in this position being groomed for the role of the monarch for many, many years. It's been there for him since the beginning.

So if he was to hand over, I think perhaps he might feel he'd been cheated of something. I think a lot of this stems from public appetite and public argument. It's the public that would perhaps prefer to see William take power over his father. William upstages his father just the way Diana always did. It''s very difficult for William. He's more glamorous, he's better looking, he resembles his mother, and he's got a gorgeous girlfriend. Now, anybody like that is going to put somebody who's a bit of an old fogy approaching 60 terribly in the shade. You know, that's just the way of the world. There's nothing they can do about it. So if William and Kate get married soon, who's going to bother,

who's going to be interested in Charles and Camilla? Already there's a lot of apathy about them. When Charles visited Australia just before his wedding, he got a poor reception. It was very different to the welcome given the same week to Prince Frederick of Denmark and his Australian-born wife, Princess Mary. She is now considered Kate Middleton's role model. As two of Britain's most important ambassadors, Charles and Camilla try hard, but they are competing against the glamorous image of younger royals at home and abroad. In May 2006,

William attended the wedding of Camilla's daughter, Laura, to former Calvin Klein model Harry Lopez. William was now seen in public with Kate. With her expert grooming we had a glimpse of her potential as his future bride. He is with Kate and he's found companionship and happiness. At least if he's going to take on this role, there's someone that he loves and trusts and has full faith in

that he can go and do that role with. I mean, going into something like that alone must be a terribly, terribly lonely prospect. William's role will grow significantly in the next few years, and with it, his popularity.

The question remains, who will the public want as their next king? William or Charles?

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Good evening. The Australian Medical

Association has refused to support

Labor's new health policy. Kevin

Labor's new health policy. Kevin Rudd says a Labor government would take

control of hospitals from the states

if they didn't fix the problems.

if they didn't fix the problems. He's also promised to invest an extra $2

billion in hospitals. But the AMA

says the idea is flawed because the

states and territories differ in

their health-care needs. The Federal

Government says local communities

will have a say on whether nuclear

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binding local plebiscites in areas

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proposed. But the Greens say

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policy holds no hope for action on

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develop nuclear power. The Australian Navy is hoping for a break in the

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The tall ship was on its way to

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The 18 sailors who were aboard the

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