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(generated from captions) This Program is Captioned Live Today, clashes across much

of Libya after Friday prayers and protests again in the capital. and protests again the regime

Also on ABC News 24, Also on ABC News 24, a

parting word of advice, the outgoing Treasury Secretary

labels Australia overpopulated. Julia Gillard heading to the United States for her first

visit as Prime Minister. And dead, the Crusaders put on a morale boosting performance.

And how's that for a kick to match it?

Good morning, you're watching ABC News 24, I'm Jane Hutcheon. First the weather across the capitals

Hundreds have gathered on the streets of the Libyan Hundreds have gathered on

capital Tripoli in an attempt

to revive the protests there. Gaddafi dispersed Forces loyal to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi dispersed them with

tear gas. There's also been fierce fighting in Zawiyah, the

closest rebel held city to

capital, and there are reports

of at least 13 dead and

hundreds injured. There have

been running battles in Taj on

the outkirts of Tripoli one

week after protesters were killed there following morning the main mosque in Tajoura

set up roadblocks. Some because the regime's forces had

worshippers with scared off.

This man took us away from

mosque so he could speak

freely. People are afraid.

People are terrified. They

want to go uprising but they are afraid of being killed,

afraid of being shot, afraid of

being arrested. It seems to me

this is much harder for protesters than in Egypt. Is

that the case for you? Yes. The politics of Colonel Muammar

I kill you. This is why here Gaddafi here is I

it is much harder. Also people

are are not protected by anybody. It felt tense.

Tajoura when they determine Protesters were killed in

straighted after the prayer

last Friday this. Week they

said dozens of people here are

been take away at night by the

this is's finishing praying regime's armed men. As soon

they began to chant. They can't forget that been killed here. Again, they

Everyone absolutely angry and didn't want to be identified.

I don't know what it doesn't get the picture yet.

I don't know what he's waiting

for. Everyone in Tripoli is

against him. I would die just

to see Libya free. Everyone

here is ready to have a bullet

in his chest. It was quite in his chest. It was quite a

symbolically important enough, small demonstration,

symbolically important enough,

though, for the police to break

it up. They moved in with tear

gas and rubber bullets. It had

been a peaceful demonstration

with no weapons. In this part

of the area around Tripoli

population is steadily losing

its fear of the police state.

The security forces are doing

all they can to re instill it.

In Tajoura on the edge of the

Libyan capital the regime is

struggling to control a restive

and rebellious population. and rebellious population.

(Gunfire). All the anger (Gunfire). All the anger on

the streets here is not on its

own. Could it bring the

they need more help from inside government down? To do that

the regime itself and bigger

numbers on the streets and up numbers on the streets and

to now to get the result they

want, they haven't

of either. It's not of either. It's not an equal

Gaddafi's forces stay loyal and if the odds remain Gaddafi's forces stay

if the odds remain the same, he's containing his enemies in the capital. And the ABC's Tim about 100 kilometres from border with Libya. He says about 100 kilometres from the

region is on the brink of region is on the region is on the brink of civil war. You could say about today

it really has apart from those

scenes in Tripoli, today has

been the day it's moved from being a popular by stem demonstrations to a being a popular uprising marked

real civil capital Tripoli. mounted probably its largest capital Tripoli. Government

rolled into the western boundaries of the the west of the capital Zawiyah around 60 kilometres Tripoli, a town that's been held for some time and is quite strategic, held by the

They launched an attack with troops in armoured vehicles backed by heavy weaponry.

There were scores of people killed according to the scant reports we're getting reports we're getting from Zawiyah including very early on in that morning commander of the in that morning fighting the

was killed. Libyan television

late in the afternoon at said Zawiyah was back under government control, but there

have been significant reports saying that isn't the case,

that the troops have encircled the town, the town is under being fired towards the town but as yet the haven't overrun it. The but as yet the Gaddafi forces

continuing reports continuing reports we got today

were of mass arrests prior to

the demonstrations and during the demonstrations of people relatives having no word at all

where they have been take. That was the kind of con That was the kind of crackdown Tajoura demonstration caught were significant numbers of them by surprise because there militia rushing to reinforce that area before the demonstration was ended. There demonstration in the square in was another much smaller

the centre of Tripoli but

reports are scant. Aside Jeremy Bowen getting Tajoura, most of the reporters Jeremy Bowen getting to

in Tripoli under government hotels and when they were part of the day into their

allowed out were only allowed

on government buses on within Within Tripoli it has the designated by the government.

hallmarks of a popular uprising marked by demonstrations.

People aren't ready to fight there. Out in the country it it is starting military look like a conventional offensive. The situation has military offensive and counter

eased in terms of overcrowding so many flights have gone in and out mainly Egyptian men back to Cairo. If Zawiyah is obviously going to be backed by huge be

movements on the main roads leading to this point, that's what could be choking off the flow of

workers. They may moving from places like moving from places like Tripoli further west. Tim Palmer Zawiyah. About 180,000 Zawiyah. About 180,000 foreign workers have Libya's borders during the unrest. The UN unrest. The UN says more than 90,000 have fled

Another 2,500 went to

border. But while agencies are warning of a growing those warning of a growing crisis for those refugees, thousands more

are still stuck inside are still stuck inside the country. This report is from Al Jazeera's Bernard Smith. Row

after row of tents in this UN side of the border with Libya. home has picked up. home has picked up. Throughout Friday, 40 flights Cairo alone. Britain France

and the United States are providing aircraft to help the number of refugees crossing into Tunisia has dropped significantly because the border there by heavily armed pro-Gaddafi

forces. So almost all forces. So almost all of Libya's neighbours could end up dealing with fleeing dealing with fleeing work others. Some have flood but 100,000 people may like to cross into Niger in months, according to the UN. Egypt's frontier with Libya hundreds of African refugees are stranded in a border no man's land. Vm have been there for days. Here for days. Here the Egyptian authorities have security fearing security fearing that mercenaries hired mercenaries hired by Gaddafi may try to flee to Egypt. Bernard Smith, Al Jazeera. Meanwhile, the US Government is considering its

For more I spoke with the ABC's Washington correspondent Lisa

Millar a short time ago. The

White House is trying US will enforce zone or that it is at the top

of their list of their list of options that they're looking at. There is a lot of uncertainty here in the

US as well as to exactly what

is going on. Hilary Clinton today said that she was still

did... It was confusing on the

of the humanitarian efforts the US was undertaking, US was undertaking, putting cargo planes in there to drop off supplies, drop off blankets and water to refugees on the Tunisian border, Tunisian border, but certainly

that sense of not being entirely sure of what entirely sure of what is actually going on actually going on the ground, but the White House is under

pressure on the no fly zone

play down the expectations. chairman of the armed services

want Gaddafi out of pretty much the only going to happen

zone is put in there and he prevented from putting his own jets up into the air to cause a

massacre, as John McCain said it. He'd come out of this regard and in what has been regard asd a bit of to defence officials, Robert Gates, the Defence what came out of this briefing and he said well, look, I'm not

private Pentagon briefings than I'm hearing from watching the

news media and gave a bit of an

indication that he felt that

with what was going on with what was going on in Libya. That's where it here in the US as now. That's Lisa Millar in Washington. He helped Washington. He helped design the GST and the became embroiled in many of

kek Cade. It's game over. Ken Henry delivered his public address as a bureaucrat. It is not the It is not the outgoing Treasury yet quietly and in a speech to the University of Tasmania last night whether Australia's er has was at a end. Ken Henry a never been as Treasury Secretary. His first speech was aimed at journalists and market

we'd have much less of it. I would ask you to ponder how much good is doing to much good is doing to the reputation of still at it. Even though it is my last public yet time to get that that was going to stop him yet time to get sacked. Not that that was making one of that that was going to stop him

making one of his

political process. There's not the same sense of urgency the same sense of urgency today amongst our politicians as amongst our politicians there was in the 1980s. There

is I think a sense of

complacency in the broader

community that hasn't put the political system under as much

stress as it felt itself under

in the 1980s. He says the

global financial crisis may have robbed Australia of the

opportunity to do the sort of reforms he helped design in the 1980s. One of the ideas that came out of the Twenty20 summit and it was the Australian business community that came up with

with the idea, was that maybe

this is an historic opportunity

to purchase, and I use that

term quite deliberately. Major tax reform. Six months later

it had all gone. That opportunity opportunity to deliver large

scale tax reform with a

significant hit on the budget

had all disappeared. It had all disappeared. It is not

at all clear, I have to say, when that fiscal opportunity may present itself. He's

calling for other reforms too

if the country is too deal with

a growing population to feed

the country's booming mining sector. A sustainable

population for Australia, I

don't know, maybe 15 million,

something like that. something like that. That's

15, not 50. It's evident in the environmental degradation

that one cease, the loss of biodiversity, species

extinction and so on, it is

very clear the population growth we've experienced to growth we've experienced to date to give us a population of

21, 22 million has not 21, 22 million has not been

sustainable population growth in that never the kind of Treasury

Secretary who was going to be

satisfied by a narrow interest in the national accounts as arguably Canberra's most

powerful bureaucrat over the last decade, he was regularly drawn into the political

debate. He called how old's John Howard's water strategy bad. These forecasts were produced produced by the Treasury with

no political manipulation. I

don't think it is helpful that comments like that are made

which have the potential of

undermining the integrity of the Australian pop

service. The act cueslations

that he's lost his impartiality grew louder from the

conservative side of politics. These discrepancies are

starting to bring into question the independence of where

whether Dr Henry is a political player. Those tensions reached

a peak in a newspaper article

about advice he'd supposedly

given the government about guaranteeing bank guaranteeing bank deposits. The story on the story on the front page of yesterday's Australian

newspaper was wrong. That's

WRONG. His denials didn't satisfy his detractors. That to me doesn't sound to have the ring of truth about it. I'm

sorry. What are you suggesting? He was never

afraid to stand up to power including the mining industry

furious at the mining tax he

designed for Kevin Rudd. But

as the secretary departs what's likely to be his biggest is still likely to be his biggest legacy

is still a work in progress, a

committed lover of fauna, his favourite animal

gave give inspiration as a gave give inspiration as a public servant. It turns out

there are no taxes in Australia that are room that are room wombats. Taxes

in Australia are not an endangered species. The Henry

Tax Review is expected to

inform the political debate for

decades to come. The Prime Minister Julia Gillard will head to the United States later

today in her ministerial visit to the today in her first prime

country. The visit was

arranged after talks with US President Barack Obama

year's APEC meeting in Japan.

Ms Gillard's agenda includesings meetings with President Obama and President

secretary of President Obama and his

around will focus on issues including trade, Afghanistan, and America's role in the Pacific region. clear These and America's role in the Asia

are today's top stories. More

fight ing in-Libya as hundreds

gather on the streets Tripoli to revive anti-Gaddafi protests. Prime official visit to the United Gillard prepares for her

States. And New Zealand's Canterbury Crusaders make their earthquake ravaged win after last week's A quick look at the is continuing in Christchurch following last month's devastating earthquake.

reporter Michael Edwards says the death toll will than cathedral, where it was suspected up to 22 people had died, they've that and they found no died, they've finished clearing

that and they found no bodies

which is very surprising. The questions are being asked now why were the estimates made that so many people were there.

there. That's good news in that so many people were dead

itself that they might be able expected death toll is. It was

had died but that might be

lower now. The toll at the moment is 165, but there are still hundreds and hundreds of emergency services staff, people, policemen, rescue teams, fire and rescue

cleaning up the rubble, who

try to get the city back to some level of normalcy. Thousands of people in Pakistan's capital have

mourned the assassinated minister Shahbaz mourned the death of the

Bhatti. The Minister For Minorites was killed when gunmen opened fire on his

car. A note was left at scene of the car. A note was left at the

claiming to scene of the assassination It claiming to be from Al Qaeda.

punishment for speaking out laws. Shahbaz Bhatti was Pakistan's only minister and was openly Pakistan's only Christian

minister and was openly against

follows the assassination in the death penalty. His death

January of another opponent of

the blasphemy law. Sam kraia almost 30 years in Samoa and says it is says it is confident of retain ing government but the one-year-old Tauatua one-year-old Tauatua Party is promising tax cuts and a doubling of the old aged pension. Pacific correspondent Sean Dorney reports Apia. A small army of election officials has Apia. A small army of temporary

election officials has been

election. They'll be protest recruit ed to conduct this

processing the votes of processing the votes of 100,000

these officials that means Reg stead Samoan voters.

setting off a day before

poll. Both sides claim they'll

win. We have a very, very good chance to win election. This is the election. This is the weakest opposition we dismissal of the Sa'ilele Malielegaoi is Party whose president, Va'aelua dismissal of the new Tauatua

Eti Alesana is the son Party whose president, Va'aelua Eti Alesana is the son of Malielegaoi's Prime Minister same SRPP my father founded. He says the Tauatua Party is aged pension and promising to double the old

value added goods and services tax from The main objective to begin with is to lower the cost living and that's living and that's why taking the VHST off the basic food

priority. The whole policy is

rubbish. You need your sources

of revenue to push through with

your development. His legacy is

he's left Samoa in ruins.

Esleast a lot of people in poverty. The day before poverty. The day before the

election was key clard a public holiday so that holiday so that people could

return to their villages to

vote. For many that means

catching a ferry. Some of

these people heading back to

their home eye don't even live

in Samoa, they've come from

this election. The result

should become clear over the weekend. Sean Dorney, ABC

News, Apia. Australian homes remain the most overpriced remain the most overpriced in

the world, that's according to

The Economist Magazine. The Economist Magazine. The Australian property is publication says that

overpriced by about 56 per

cent, refuelling the debate

over whether the nation's housing market is in of a bubble. The Economist

also claims home prices have

risen by more than 200 per cent

since 1997 compared to 95 per

cent in the US and the

Australian property market is

the worst in the world followed closely by Hong closely by Hong Kong and

France. The clothe growth of disposal income has contributed

to the surge of prices. The

private equity owners of the

cinema chain Hoyts have shelved plans to float the company

because of market uncertainty. Reuters private equity group has no

timetable in mind to sell the

business. Media reports have

put the value of Hoyts at between $500 million and billion. Hoyts manages 50 between $500 million and $1

cinema complexes in Australia

and New Zealand. To the market

numbers now, the Dow is down by about 34 per cent. Time now for sport with Tolsen Tullet. Reasons to be cheerful for New Zealanders

first night. Not if you're from

New South Wales. The Waratahs went down. There were two

results to speak off in super

Crusaders came from behind to rugby action overnight. The

win against the Waratahs while

to the this morning the Lions lost out

to the Blues in Zealand was shifted to Nelson Last night's match in New

because of last week's

earthquake and was dedicated

For players and spectators the recent disasters in news.

alike this is a match steeped in symbolism. The strength of

all people. Beautiful. A chance for New Zealand's South Island to emerge from the

sorrow s of two recent

tragedies, last week's

earthquake and last year's Pike River River mine disaster. There's the excitement of the game the

support of the queues but the underlying acknowledgment of

why the people are here. New Zealand being such a small country we feel country we feel like we're family. That solidarity doesn't extend to the competition. Anything to knock

the Waratahs off the top of the

table. No spoint having

Australians on top of the Australians on top of the super 20 table. Thousands of

Christchurch refugees amongst

the crowd, many have been billeted out to the north of

the island. Like so many of their fans, the Crusaders too

were made quake. For now they must call Nelson home. Tough week after

the earthquake, so being able to get back together with the

boys and tell our stories, gain

strength from each other and have a good training week, it's been really good. Emotion is

still so raw here and yet this

match has been seen as a huge

morale booster for the people

of Christchurch and for the entire country. A minute's

silence marked a sombre start to the game. Aspect and players remembered the hundreds killed and injured. The subdued atmosphere didn't

last long. How And for a home side crowd

needed a win, the Crusaders didn't disappoint. Somehow,

somehow. Kirrin McKechnie ABC News, News, Nelson. Essendon's claimed the first to the in the AFL's pre-season cup final.

They blitzed past St Kilda with

a 39 point win at Docklands.

run under new coach James Hird.

The match was as good as over

at halftime with Essendon 37

points up and it didn't improve

for the Saints in the second half the Bombers will play west

coast or Collingwood in next week's final. New Zealand's

produced a flawless performance

to crush Zimbabwe in their cricket World Cup match. cricket World Cup match. The

Black Caps didn't lose a wicket

in pursuit of Zimbabwe deal of

1 62 runs. Tim Southee took

three wickets for the Kiwis as

they bowled Zimbabwe out in the 47th over. The run chase was

batting practice for Brendan

McCullum and Martin Guptill. The West Indies had an easier

xwam against Bangladesh in

Dhaka. The home bowled out for 58 and the bowled out for 58 and the

Windies receipt the market in the

the 13th over. The Windies bus

was attacked on the way back to the hotel. Tonight Australia

take on slow in Colombo as both

sides look to Pakistan at the top of Group A.

Are Australia are looking to

make four world cups in a row having not lost the event having not lost the event in 1996 in Sri Lanka. Ricky

Ponting is happy with the

team's form. We always put up

a good showing whether it be

World Cups or one day series.

We've managed to be still

competitive if not win a competitive if not win a lot more often than we've actually

lost in this part of the world.

That indicates to me that we

actually play spin bit better than everyone gives us credit for.

we're missing it a left hander in our middle orderer. They'll

all play the spin all play the spin pretty well. There are three Sheffield day three later Hobart New South Wales are on their what I to against Tasmania.

their what I to outright defeat

require 149 runs to make the Tigers bat again. In Melbourne, Victoria are on top

leading by 102 runs with all 10

wickets still in wickets still in hand in their second innings while Queensland. The Central Mariners Queensland. The Central Coast Mariners striker Matt Simon will be given until the last-minute to proof fitness for fitness for tonight's A-League's

Simon missed the sick leg of

the major semifinal with a foot

injury. He'll be needed

against the Gold Coast who against the Gold Coast who have made it Bleiberg says that gives his

team the momentum. They'll face the Roar in next

suspended yesterday for testing positive for substance. He's the first

positive for a banned substance. He's the first player in the English Premier

League to fail a drugs test since 2004. again until an investigation completed and completed and his former manager at

Wenger has been talking to the player since the news is a complete surprise because I had Kolo Toure here for

years. I brought him here. He's a He's a boy who has a clean

life, very honest life, very honest living,

always at home, family man, and

I do not suspect him at all to have enhance his performances. enhance his performances. I just think it is a mistake for getting can I take that

pill. He wants to control his

weight a little bit weight a little bit because that's where he has

of his wife and never thing. I trust mine. In the NBL last night there was just

the one match. The Taipans have beat the Adelaide

36ers 75 to 70. The 36ers 36ers 75 to 70. The 36ers have now lost five games in a row. Matthews has won the first stage the Tour of stage the Tour of in Spain. He

beat Russell down ing stage the Tour of in Spain. sprint finish while the three

time Tour de time Tour de France Alberto

Contador finished

place. To the satellite first, and cloud from the central interior towards the generating heavy rain, particularly over Queensland. Across the Northern Across the Northern Interior, thick cloud near a thick cloud near a monsoonal

low is causing thundery rain. For a look around the states.

Areas of rain and isolated thunderstorms over Areas of rain and isolated in moderate to heavy

south-east later today. south-east later today. Mostly light the southern Queensland coast will produce a will produce a south-easterly flofr the state with flofr the state with isolated showers mostly sunny elsewhere. Victoria, mostly fine after some isolated showers near the Gippsland coast. light south-easterly wind. Southern and Southern and south-eastern coastal areas of coastal areas of Tasmania will see some light showers with

inland see some light

inland frost patches earlier this morning. thunderstorms across South Australia's north-east heavy rain north-east border. Fine elsewhere with south-easterly winds. To scattered showers and thunderstorms with some thunderstorms with some heavy rain isolated showers and thunderstorms across the Kimberley and the Pilbara.

in the Top End, scat stirred showers and storms will lead steam rises steam rises and low-lying flooding. Moderate west north-westerly winds For more details on the stories we're following today and to and pictures, can you log on and pictures, can you log on to

our website. The our website. The address You're watching ABC News 24. The top stories 24. The fighting is continue ing in-Libya. gathered on the capital Tripoli to revive anti

Gaddafi protests. Forces loyal

to the Colonel have dispersed them with tear gas. There's reports of at least 13 dead and injured after fighting in Zawiyah, the closest Zawiyah, the closest rebel city to the capital. Treasury Secretary,

has used his part ago dress at the the University of Tasmania to

question Australia's

for reform. The bureaucrat claims the GFC robbed Australia of robbed Australia of the opportunity for a major tax

overhaul and says current population is un

sustainable. The Prime preparing to travel to the United States for her first

official visit today. Clinton. They're expected to discuss trade, Afghanistan and

America's role in the Asia with the people of earthquake

ravaged Christchurch. Last

night the night the Canterbury Crusaders

overcame the recent disaster Waratahs. The match was

in the small town of Nelson. The Crusaders'

the site of a former Tokyo medical college allegedly used first during World War first during World War II. Dozens of bodies were Dozens of bodies were hurriedly buried at the site at the buried at the site at the end of the world war to

the tests by Japan's most

fame husband must oount 731. Tokyo. Beneath this bear bitumen carpark could lie bitumen carpark could lie the

victims of Japan's vile list war time atrocities. war time atrocities. It is the Tokyo Japanese scientists diseases such as plague and

cholera. Vm were dissected alive to determine the effects of the disease. of the disease. We're vakwaiting 3000 square vakwaiting 3000 square metres.

We want to know if there are

human remains here. He has been

campaign ing for years for this site to be dug has to confront its wartime a

atrocities. This is the side of the army's medical academy this. Institute had close ties

with unit 731. We have a duty tone earth the was Japan's chemical and biological warfare unit. It conducted horrific experiments on tens of thousands of Chinese

and Korean prisoners in an effort to develop weapons of mass destruction. This site is very close to very close to another where a mass grave containing dozens of

corpses was found 20 years ago. It's believed they were also victims If anything is to be If anything is to be found here, some believe searchers will have to dig indeed. After the war, the

Japanese army was crimes would be discovered, so Japanese army was afraid their crimes would they dug a hole as three story building the re means. Un unearthing the truth could take

months. That's decades too late for anyone buried here. It's time now for our

some of the stories of the week and joining us are former New

South Wales Liberal leader South Wales Liberal leader and Sydney businesswoman Kerry Chikarovski, welcome And

Rebecca Huntley the director of

the ips Mackay report and

social researcher. Thanks very

much for coming in. The

scandal surrounding a young

Melbourne teenager and AFL

players and players

Lumby. She's an adviser on gender politics to the NRL. gender politics to the NRL. A lot of people are making

headlines out of her. Feeling

that they can make any comments

about her and I think we should

take a big step back and

recognise that this is a young

woman in trouble who needs help.

help. Clearly, she felt used

and abused and that set her off

I think into a spiral of

behaviour. There we go.

Rebecca Huntley what does the

public make of the teenager? I've only done a little bit of research on this but a topic that's come up in

groups we've conducted. The

thamption thing that's interested me the view of nick

Ricky Nixon. He's Ricky Nixon. He's a the

present tore. The views are mixed everything from she's a victim

victim and she a a little manipulating

manipulating the situation. I

look at it and think what she doesn't have is anybody in her

life to help her with her

judgments. Her parents seem judgments. Her parents seem to have responsibility to her. responsibility to her. The

other thing that's fascinating

is that new social media and

Twitter have given her a voice where previously, where previously, 30 years ago,

the kinds of girls in the kinds of girls in these situations would have been

shuttled off somewhere and

been able to say... To get their side of

their side of the story. I think it is extraordinarily

complex and I don't think it is

as straight forward as he's an idiot

idiot and she's a victim. Kerry

Chikarovski. I keep changing my mind about this young lady.

first started talking about

her, I thought she was

definitely a victim. definitely a victim. Watching

the way in which she has

manipulated the media, it is not just the new social media,

it is all the media, the way

that she been managing that media to put her case stronger

and stronger, I'm actually kind

of thinking this is... She

certainly think has problems,

she needs help, but I think

she's a probably a lot stronger and she's trying to achieve. She's certainly feisty. Isn't it

important to get to the bottom

of her grievance. Absolutely.

I don't think we have yet. When we get, I think he's a bloody idiot, getting involved

in the way he did, in the way he did, that muddied the waters again. What is the waters again. What is he doing? What was he trying to

do with her? It was just insane. I think that it's a fascinating case of a young

woman who in her own mind has

taken control of the situation. She's injected herself into

the story. She won't be shut

told off to the side. told off to the side. When we stop talking about this, when St Kilda

St Kilda stop paying for the hotel room, who is going to

step? I don't... Why haven't

they paid for a mentor for her.

Perhaps they V why haven't they

paid for a older woman to be

involved in her life and involved in her life and talk to her about what she's doing. She seems to be running riot. It is the classic example how it has been done badly. Some of

done the right thing, they've

stepped in, taken responsible

for the actions of their

players and dealt with in an appropriate way with the women

who made the complaints. They

still don't know how to deal

with it. Do they need to be questioned more closely questioned more closely on

this? I think we have to get a

clear idea of what really went

on. I if there is

responsibility to be accepted,

they do to do that in a public

way. Does the story help or

hinder other women who feel they've been harassed or possibly assaulted by

celebrities or footballers? I

can't imagine it would help at

all. The only thing...

good thing that could come out of this there might be greater

scrutiny of guidelines. They realise they have a problem

here. I can't imagine here. I can't imagine people would look at this situation

and say this want to come near

footballers. I hope the codes, is working with the NRL they recognise they had a problem, I

think the codes are think the codes are recognising they need to do something about this, but the hard disthings for the footballers to

understand is that they are in very public positions and they have to be conscious of that all the time. I have a know a

lot of young footers and I say

you've only got a short period

of time in your footballing career. Why would you do

anything that would jeopardise your ability to do the one

thing you really love thing you really love and

that's play football. There's responsible from them and

acknowledgment they are role models and have to models and have to act appropriately. New surrogacy

laws were introduced by the New South Wales Parliament this

week to ban residents of the

State from accessing commercial

surrogacy overseas. Here are

some views of the issue. We

believe that child birth should not be turned into a commodity and it is important to have a relationship between a birth

mother and child. If that's the position we take

domestically it is incongruous

for people an overseas. There hasn't been a full and

hasn't been a full and frank

airing of people's views about paid surrogacy, but more importantly, there hasn't been the research done on surrogacy and whether it is indeed harmful. Kerry

Chikarovski, does the

Attorney-General have a point

when he says that the law

represents community attitudes about the ethics of commercial

surrogacy? I'm a surrogacy? I'm a bit confused about the logic in relation to all of this. If the

Attorney-General is that

concerned about women using

their sense, I'm assuming that his

next suggestion would be he's going to outlaw overseas

prostitution and charge every

bloke who goes to a overseas with a criminal

offence in the same way offence in the same way he's charging couples who use a

commercial surrogate with a criminal phones. I have more

problems with... If you go to

those girl bars in those girl bars in Asia and see the young girls with the old with a woman selling her body

in that sense than a woman

money to set her family up using her body ascendancy

earn 6,000 or $10,000 four five times the annual wage five times the annual wage in India and she can set her

family up for life by that.

That's a woman taking an informed choice about helping her using her using her body and helping her family. Rebecca Huntley do some women, particularly It is a bit of decision. We've done no research about the scenario here in Australia. We've done very little re serve here overseas. I look at it part of my thinks, or feels slightly uncomfortable with the idea of wombs for fire. that in practice will work. There's an moral or ethical feeling and there's the actual overseas, need to organisations that are preying on them. I think Kerry's on them. I think Kerry's point is salient. There's a is salient. There's a very similar principle at here. I'm sure the Attorney-General realises it is probably easier to police than it probably easier to police this than it is to police prostitution

It sounds like it is practicality of it. Whether this is going to lead to other issues like being able to buy organs overseas, all those kind of questions, Jenny Millbank right, we need to do right, we need to do research before we outlaw it. What here who want to Are we talking about only people with money that can be able to access this overseas? There are a range of questions.

Nobel cause, but I don't think we've got enough information.

I must say I've read who were staying this is lazy career women who can't be

bothered vag a and wanting them having who had difficulty falling pregnant, I

you which would actually get you to the stage of wanting to use a surrogate use a surrogate is not

something I'm not going to have a baby this week I'm going to

have a surrogate for me. not like that. The other thing I

I would like to throw

in... We're going to be off air

in a Sue few seconds. We in a Sue few seconds. We have to a relationship with birth mowers. We how a anonymous donors for terms you. Stay with us. We'll be back very shortly.