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(generated from captions) CC now given to Victoria's Medal is

Tonight - over and out, the

king of spin waves goodbye. My

ride in international cricket

has been phenomenal. I don't

think I could have written my

script any better. A cancer

cluster shutting down ABC's

Brisbane studios. The State's

former Attorney-General facing

criminal charges. And walk ing

tall for the biggest show in

town. They look after their

young, battle each other.

Incredibly realistic. Good

evening. Joe O'Brien with ABC

News. It's been a phenomenal

ride, but the journey is almost

over. Shane Warne, the

greatest wicket taker in

cricket history, has announced

he will retire at the end of

this Ashes series. He will be

remembered as the man who

almost single handedly revived

Test cricket. For the man who bewitched millions with the art

of slow bowling, the words

emerged at pace. I'm going to

announce my retirement from

international cricket, domestic

cricket for Victoria and St

Kilda as well. Warne's prime

motivation was the regaining of

the Ashes. I probably would

have retired at the end of the

2005 Ashes series if we had

have won. With the job done,

one which fatigued the ageing body, came a sense of

satisfaction. I sit here

today with every single trophy available in international

cricket. And calm. I just

know it is. It's my time. He

has given me a career. He

makes us look good because he

is so brilliant. Rather than

be sad about it, I'm actually

happy about it and celebrating

what I believe is an

unbelievable ride. Shane

Warne gave cricket a facelift,

not only mesmerising

batsmen... Wore people down

physically and mentally. But

with a theatrical presence that

inspired the sobriquets of

Hollywood, the sheik of tweak,

the Mick Jagger of cricket.

He has dropped jaws wherever he

has been. He has had an

ability to gobsmack you. I

like to think of myself as an

entertainer who will go out

there and put on a show. But

the show did take its toll.

Everybody else's expectations

can wear you down after a

while. And in acruising as

much notoriety as he did

records, claimed his marriage,

one he is hopeful of restoring.

One person I spoke to was

Simone. Who knows what the

future holds there. Warne

will continue to play English

county cricket for Hampshire.

I will honour that contract for

the next two seasons.

Hopefully it won't be to the

same scrutiny, same judgmental

moralistic sort of stuff. Looking forward to spending

time with his children and assessing various career

opportunities, cricket's most

individual of characters will

sit back... Have a few quiet

beers and a couple of smokes.

And think about his arrival

shyears ago, his high points in

Adelaide and Perth and the time

in between. I've been very

lucky to play in an

unbelievable team. He has

gone out with grace. He is

going out on his terms, and we

are never going to forget him.

I would like to have some fun

along the way. Cricket won't

be as much fun without him.

Shane Warne's international

career began modestly with just

one wicket against India in the

Sydney Test of 1992. Next

month he will play his final

Test on the same ground after a career sprinkled with more

highs and lows than perhaps any

sports person in Australian

history. The master leg

spinner Shane Warne's 16

seasons at the game's pinnacle

are littered with highs and

lows. Shane Warne is without

doubt the finest leg spinner

the world has ever seen. In

my opinion and I suppose a lot

of people's opinion I think he

has had the greatest influence

on the game outside of Sir

Donald Bradman. But Warne's

on-field achievements were

never too far away from his

off-field dramas. Always a St

Kilda fan, but never a saint.

He came under investigation

after an illegal betting scam

was revealed on the sub

continent. I'm very

disappointed and sorry for my

actions. He faced suspension

after using a banned substance

which he alleged was given to

him by his mum. I have never

taken any performance enhancing

drugs and I never will. The

sex scandals followed. I

reciprocated. His marriage to

Simone came under intention

pressure as Warne added to the

baggage. He produced the

so-called ball of the century

to Mike Gatting. That ball

re- vuf naited Test cricket and

revolution ised spin bowling.

And celebrated Australia's

triumph in the 1997 Ashes

series in England. In 2000, he

was hailed as one of Wisden's

five cricketers of the 20th

Century. A shoulder injury

threatened but with his mix of

leg spin and bag of tricks,

including the flipper, googly,

slider and zooter, Warne

bamboozled batsmen wherever he

played. Dozens of scalps

became scores, became hundreds

and he chased down and passed

every record. 600 Test match

wickets for Shane Warne. Snoo

never be able to place him.

10, 15 years ago, everyone

wanted to bowl quick. Now they

want to have blonde hair and

bowl leg spin. The 700 Test

wicket mark should be overtaken

on his home ground before a

final Test farewell in the new

year at the SCG. The ABC's

headquarters in Brisbane are to

be shut down after a scientist

uncovered an extraordinary rate

of breast cancer among female

employees. Professor Bruce

Armstrong found women working

at the site were six time s

more likely to contract

invasive cases. 11 cases were

diagnosed in 10 years. It is

believed to be the first time

any building has been abandoned

because of a health threat.

Breast cancer isn't the only

battle these women have fought.

Today they won the second, to

have the ABC's Brisbane studios

relocated. Absolutely

overwhelmed. We were

overwhelmed, stunned, relieved,

delighted, a whole range of

emotions. The Toowong site

has been home to the ABC for

nearly 50 years, but by the end

of next month it will be empty

after a panel of experts

concluded staff working there

are six times more likely to

develop breast cancer than the

rest of the community. When I

saw this result, I said to

myself, "The ABC has no option in this situation but to clear

the site." 11 women working at

the site have been diagnosed

with the disease in the last 10

years. The statistics even

shocked the man who headed the

panel set up to investigate the

situation. It's very

substantial cluster ing in one

part of the operation. 7 of

the 10 women have worked in the

newsroom. It's regrettable

that there have been further

breast cancer diagnoses since

our concerns were first raised

with ABC Queensland management

in February 2005. While there

is still no explanation for

what causes the cancer,

coincidence and other risk

factors have been ruled out.

Strip the place down to try to

find out what has led to this.

We will be undertaking

similar kinds of research at

other ABC sites around the

country. And legal action is

on the cards. I'm certainly

looking at my legal actions. I

certainly am talking to

lawyers. Whatever happens,

life for these women and their

families will never be the

same. He's the former New South Wales Attorney-General

and has served as a Supreme

Court judge, but now Jeff Shaw

is facing criminal charges.

The Police Integrity Commission

has recommended he be charged

with perverting the course of

Justice. It has found Mr Shaw

hid a police blood blood

sample that proved he was

drink-driving when he crashed

his car just over a year ago.

A drink-driving case against Mr

Shaw in 2000 had fell into

doubt when a police sample of

his blood went missing. The

sample was only tracked down

when Mr Shaw's wife handed it

in three days later. He was

convicted of high-rank

drink-driving and fined $3,000.

I now propose to get on with

my private and professional

life and put these event s

behind me. But that wasn't

the end of it. Today the Police Integrity Commission

found Mr Shaw took the missing

sample when medical staff had

their backs turned. This

surveillance camera footage

shows him apparently taking the

sample into his Chambers after

dis charging himself from the hospital where the sample was


And it says: The Sam

sample was only returned to


Mr Shaw was a Labor

Attorney-General, Mr Shaw was a Labor minister for industrial relations and it unfortunately

all fits into this ongoing

pattern of Labor mate, Labor

minister, all being called into

account. There was no comment

today from the Government or Mr

Shaw. Mr Iemma voted for Mr

Shaw's appointment to the

bench. Mr Iemma cannot walk

away from it all now. Mr Shaw

had asked the Government to

delay releasing the report for

a week to allow him to consider

is privately, but with so many

scandals on the Government's

plate this year, that request

was rejected. Today the Labor

Party dealt with its latest

drama officially suspending the

Member for Macquarie Fields.

Steven Chaytor is now unable to

run for the south western

Sydney seat at the march State

election. Mr Chaytor was

arrested by police after

allegedly assaulting his

partner. The 30-year-old MP

says he is innocent. He will

face court in February. The

Labor Party executive will

consider his future when it

meets next week. The US

President George W. Bush has acknowledged that America is

not winning the war in Iraq.

It's the first time the

President has made such an

admission and it conflicts

dramatically with his earlier

rhetoric. North America correspondent Mark Simkin

reports. US troops are giving

Iraq back to the Iraqis. This

is the third province to be

handed over as the United

States tries to get a fragile

government to take greater

responsibility. Even as the

officials were celebrating, the

insurgents in other parts of

the country were killing,

setting off car bombs and

ex-chaining gunfire with

American soldiers. George W.

Bush says the war is more

challenging than expected.

2006 was a difficult year for

our troops and the Iraqi

people. I'm not going to make

predictions about what 2007

will look like in Iraq except

that it's going to require

difficult choices and

additional sacrifices. Two

months ago he gave this

assessment of the situation.

Absolutely we're winning. Now

for the first time he has

acknowledged the US is not

winning in Iraq, although he

also says it is not losing.

This is how the President

explained the turnaround. My

comments - the first comment

was done in this spirit: I

believe that we're going to

win. I believe that... by the

way, if I didn't think that, I

wouldn't have our troops there.

The President has ordered his new Defense Secretary to

investigate ways of increasing

the size of the army. It is a

change in policy, a recollect

nition the war has stretched

the military to breaking point.

George W. Bush doesn't sound

like a leader who is about to withdraw his troops from Iraq .

In fact, he is still thinking

about sending tens of thousands

more, even though his military commanders think that would be

a bad idea. The Federal op

Opposition says it's deeply

concerned about AWB. The US

Department of Agriculture has

banned its the wheat exporter

and affiliates from taking part

in US contracts or export

credit programs. We've taken

the step based on the evidence

and our duty to protect the

public interest and to ensure

that the USDA only does

business with responsible

individuals. I'm deeply

concerned about the future

impact on the sale of the

Australian wheat crop. Mr

Howard must accept

responsibility for what's gone

on here. The Minister for

agriculture says the decision

won't affect grain growers. A

spokesman for AWB says the

wheat exporters no longer

participates in the programs

anyway. Sydney has moved a

step closer to tapping into

desalinated water. Four water

companies have been asked for

expressions of interest in

building a desalination plant.

The State Government has said

con struks will only go ahead

if dam levels get too low.

The metropolitan water plan

sets out that Government will

continue to plan for a

desalination plant and be in a position to commence

construction of a desalination

plant if dam levels fall to

30%. Today dam levels are

just over 36%. The face of

Sydney is having another

makeover. The clown that

greets visitors to Luna Park is

about to take on its 9th new

look, but not everyone is

smiling. Ashley Taylor thinks

he is the luckiest artist in

Australia. He has been given

the job of repainting the

famous symbol of Luna Park.

Best job in Sydney. A job I

waited all my life. This is

the ninth version of the face

which has heralded the entrance

to the park since it opened 70

years ago. They've changed

dramatically over the years.

Originally they were meant to

be scary. As time changed, the

face got cuter and sweeter.

Along with the smiles, there

have been plenty of tears shed

over Luna Park. North Sydney's

mayor was among those who foth

a 15-year battle to save the

landmark from demolition, but

she believes the outcome has

been a development disaster.

All the things I suppose Sydney

loves about Luna Park, they are

like Christmas decorations on a

development site. The

Government has allowed the

developer to maximise

development on foreshore public

land with very little return to

the taxpayer and to the public.

It really is a nonsense. The

fact of the matter is that Luna

Park is here and hasn't

changed. What we introduced

was functions and entertainment

which was always at the park.

We just formalised it. The

rides are often eye tell --

idle while the function centres

prosper. It's only during

school holidays that the rides

return under the watchful eye

of the face. Tonight's top

stories - Shane Warne will end

his Test career where it all

began with plans to bowl his

last ball in Sydney next month.

Still to come, walking with

Australia's biggest stars. Emergency service workers

are assessing the damage from

an intense hailstorm in the

State's west. Armidale was

battered for just five minutes,

but the storm left a trail of

destruction. It has damaged

dozens of houses, brought down

trees and powerlines and covered parts of the city in

ice. The body of a 23-year-old

woman who was killed on the

south coast in 2001 has been

exhumed for forensic testing.

Glebe Coroners Court has been

told Rachelle Childs' former

boss Mr Core rel was the prime

suspect. A second post-mortem

nam nation has revealed that at

least one digit is missing from

Ms Childs' hand. The court was

also told that Mr Corelle had

previously charge changed his

name and had been charged with

the sexual assault of another

woman in 1983. Mr Corelle

refused to answer questions

about investigations against

him. A murder investigation

is under way in Perth after a

body of a 16-year-old girl was

found in a backyard wheelie

bin. Police discovered the

body this morning at a house in

eastern Perth. Officers went

to the property as part of

their search for the missing

teenager. Detectives have now

laid charges against two women

aged 18 and 19. To finance

now and the share market was

down slightly in quiet

pre-Christmas trade today.

Here is Alan Kohler. The

market fell 0.5% today but

still 1.8% higher for the month

of December so far, which is

par for the course. Last year

for December up to Christmas,

the market rose 1.7% and the

year before that it was 1.9%.

Today's main fall s clue

included the mining giants and

Commonwealth Bank while AMP and

Woolworths were among the

risers. Qantas fell 40 cents

below the proposed takeover

offer. There seems to be

increasing scepticism among

investors about whether the bid

will go ahead, although bidders

are busily raising the money

they need. Three days after it

began, the crisis in Thailand

is over. The Government

overruled the central bank and

cancelled its capital controls

that were designed to prevent

speculation. The stock market

rebounded 11%. On the London

Metals Exchange, prices fell by

1%. There was a bit of

sobering pre-Christmas data

about. Household debts rose

faster than assets in the

September quarter which they

haven't done for quite a while

so the ratio of debts to liquid

assets is at a record high of

125%. Credit applications have

jumped sharply compared to last

Christmas, both store credit

and credit cards. And as

today's graph shows, the growth

in credit card balances is at a

three-year high of 8.5% per

annum. So 2006 is going to be

a bit of a plastic Christmas,

it seems. For those heading

off to Europe, America, Japan

or New Zealand, you will have a

bit more money to spend. The Australian dollar is worth

against all those quur currencies today. That's

finance. The controversial

British historian David Irving

has been released early from an

Austrian prison. He had been

jailed for three years on

charge s of denying the

Holocaust. His attempts to

play down the Nazi genocide of

the Jews have been widely

condemned. These remarks are

not just ludicrous, but

dangerous. They are dangerous

because other people can take

them as justification for

virulent anti-Semitism. The

latest breakthrough in bionic

technology has been given the

thumb s-up by its new owner.

He operates it by He operates

it by simply flexing his arm

muscles. You can do anything

with it. You can saw. You

couldn't do that before. You

would just saw normally.

Before you had to do with with

your left hand and hold it with

your stump. It has five

individually powered fingers.

Up until now prosthetic hands

have just had a simple claw

grip. A commode dough dragon

at a London zoo has stunned

experts with a Virgin birth.

We always knew that it was a

possibly, but personally I

thought that the chances of it

happening were so slim. But I

was absolutely amazed. The

experts are baffled at the

process but some how far the

mother's egg fertilised itself.

Scientists believe the ability

may have been developed to help

the species survive if no males

are available for breeding. An

inquiry into the sport of

weightlifting in Australia has

found there is an organised

network for the distribution

and supply of illegal

performance enhancing drugs.

Despite the findings by the

Australian sports anti-doping

authority, the President of the

Weightlifting Federation has

refused to step down. Weightlifting is poised to

become Australia's most

scrutinised sport after a nine-month investigation by the

nation's new anti-doping

watchdog. This investigation

firstly has uncovered evidence

of organised distribution and

supply channels for a range of

prohibited substances including

estuary roids, human growth

hormone and BDP. The

investigation was prompted by

so positive drug tests in

weightlifting over the past

four years. The report

recommends placing Australian weightlifters under strict

monitoring. They will have to

register blud and urine pro

files, be available for regular

testing and under go test

education. We have takenen

8-point plan to protect the

integrity of the sport going

forward to the Australian

Weightlifting Federation board.

Sam Coffa has been in charge

of Australian weightlifting

since 1983. I don't believe

weight liefting is any dirtier

than any other sport. He say

s they will study the report

but he won't be held personally

accountable for problems in the

sport. Certainly it's not my

intention to resign from my position or the board for that

matter. The drug issue isn't

the only problem facing

Australian weightlifting. The

commission froze funding to the

sport last year due to financial irregularities. That

position is un likely to change until weightlifting cleans up

its act. With wild weather

already predicted for this

year's Sydney to Hobart yacht

race competitors are now pretty

happying for the possibility of

gale force wins from the first

day of racing. Newcomer

'Maximus' says one of the

leading contenders it took to Sydney Harbour for practice

today. The skipper of 'Wild

Oats XI' is confident of

another good performance but

expects 'Maximus' to be a

strong chal lengther. I think

she will be very tough to beat. It will be exciting for

everyone to watch. The

skipper of one of the smallest

boats in the field is just

hoping to survive. During

2004 we went through some

fairly torrid conditions. The

boat can handle it without any

problems. The crew can handle

it. 78 yachts will line up to

compete when the race begins at

1 o'clock on Boxing Day.

Scobie Breasley has died in a

Melbourne hospital aged 92.

Breasley won more than 3,000

races in Australia, England and

France during his 42-year

career as a jockey. That

included five Caulfield Cups,

several jockey premierships and

derbies and the Prix de L'Arc

de Triomphe. After retiring in

1968 he worked as a trainer for

more than 20 years. The annual

Scobie Breasley Medal is given

to Victoria's best jockey. We

will still be talking about him

in many, many years to come.

He has done Australia proud.

He has left a level for other

jockeys to try and live up to.

Breasley is survived by his

daughter and grandchildren.

The dinosaurs may have died out

millions of years ago, but now

a team of Australians has

managed to bring a handful of

them back to life. It is not a

DNA breakthrough but an

ambitious project to bring the

creatures to the stage and it's

guaranteed to be the biggest

show in town. The originals took millions of years to

create, but the Melbourne

designers of these giant beasts

had just one year. That was

the challenge set by the

producers of the new stage show

'Walking With Dinosaurs'.

They fight for supremacy, look

after their young, battle each

other. It is incredibly

realistic, you actually feel

you are sitting on the side of

the world as it was 160 million

years ago. The designers had to stay true to the research

done for the BBC's

award-winning television series

of the same now. That meant

applying film animatronics in

ways that haven't been tried

before. It is such a leap in

technology that we have

developed, such a leap in scale

and to do it all live, I think,

is probably one of the greatest

challenges. It has to perform

every night and perform

reliably. Every detail had to

be developed from the very

beginning. The designers had

to work out how to make the

skin and they came up with this

combination of lycra and latex.

Hundreds of metres of fabric, a

kilometre of cabling and

special electronics and

puppetry controls makes them

frighteningly real. If I saw

them rooming around, I would be

scared. I would just run

away. Add sound effects, sets

and lighting, and it promises

to be a spectacular show.

Although it hasn't been proven

on stage yet, is 50,000 tickets

have already sold nationally. That's a huge thrill for the

big kids working on it. Look,

I was certainly a dinosaur nerd

andive put it to bed for a few

years and then this job came

up, so it's an absolute buzz

for me. The show opens in

Sydney in January and after

perform performances around

Australia, it will head off

overseas. Now the weather.

Another day with thunderstorms

about the north-east and a

brief but very violent thunderstorm hitting Armidale

this afternoon.

Our radar shows the storms

about the north-east of New South Wales and also rain

knocking on the door of the

south-east corner of the State.

A deepening trough over

Central Australia is expected to move into New South Wales

across the Christmas weekend

and a surface low pressure cell

is likely to form off the coast

around about Sunday and that

will intensify those winds. It

will still be blowing

reasonably strongly for the

start of the Sydney to Hobart

yacht race on .

Un settled across the

south-eastern parts of the


Now another look at tonight'

top story. The world's

greatest wicket taker Shane

Warne has announced he will

retire when the ash shes series

wraps up in the Sydney next

month. . Naes ABC for now.

I'll be back with updates

during the evening. The 7:30

Report is next. Have a great

night. Closed Captions by CSI

COMMENTATOR: Got him. It's all

over. A lot of people said,

"You'll know when your time is

up. " My time is now. The king

of spin Shane Warne abdictates. Whatever you think

of him off the field, he's

wonderful on the field. This

city is the cradle of

Christianity. Bethlehem blues,

hard times in Christ's home

times. Restaurant empty, nobody

even in the streets. My feel

is that the city will lose its



Welcome to the program, on

the day Shane Warne announced

an end to one of the greatest