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(generated from captions) This program is not subtitled This program is captioned live. Tonight - takes five lives. a hit and run driver of finding mudslide survivors. Hope almost gone now spreading in India. The bird flu epidemic to a threatened marsupial. And the domestic danger Felicity Davey with ABC News. Good evening. five counts of culpable driving A man has been charged with near the NSW/Victorian border. after an horrific road accident night just south of Mildura, It happened late last on an unlit road, had just left a party. where a group of teenagers A car smashed into them - and killing five of them. scattering bodies Six others were seriously injured. the driver fled the scene, Police say in the car leaving his own two young children amid scenes of carnage. to wipe out five young lives It took just seconds for this car a scene of devastation. and leave behind and I just helped where I could. It was just carnage and bodies

have found an absolute nightmare. The first people on the scene would and bodies everywhere, There would have been people people lying and screaming in pain. had just left a party 13 young people the road just after 9:30 last night and were walking along the side of when a car ploughed into them. Police say on gravel and spun sideways it appears the vehicle lost control on the other side of the road, before ending up giving the group no time to react. wrong, so young, so...(sobs). Five innocent, innocent lives, who lost their lives were The five teenagers and his 17-year-old sister Abby, 16-year-old Shane Hirst 15-year-old Stevie Lee Weight, 16-year-old Cassandra Manners

And Cory Dowling, also 16. two critically. Six others were injured, All were taken to various hospitals. to comprehend their loss Today, family members struggled of visitors to the local hospital and there was a steady stream to some of the injured. to also give support our beautiful children overnight We have lost our lives have changed forever. in a moment of time going through. No words can describe what we are a profound impact The tragedy is also having Mildura Senior College. on those at the Nine of the students went there.

comprehension. To have so many killed is beyond is still raw And while the shock and pain in this small community, amongst those is paramount. the resolve to support each other Mary McDonald, ABC News, Mildura.

there's almost no chance Rescuers say of finding any more survivors of a collapsed mountainside under the rubble in the Philippines. Three days after the disaster,

from a population of 1,800 fewer than 60 people have been found alive. was one of the first reporters The BBC's Andrew Harding into the remote coastal village - under a sea of mud. which has disappeared with half a mountain on top of it. This is what a village looks like to a sea of mud and despair. We flew in this morning


gruelling conditions. For the rescue teams -

of what's happened here. They seem dwarfed by the scale We struggled up the hillside were ominous. and immediately the signs No survivors on any stretchers. makeshift equipment, We found this team using

across the treacherous mud. dragging the dead Here comes another team that they keep finding trying to bring out the dead all over this vast expanse of mud. have been working All morning these teams but bodies here. and they've found nothing in the last half hour or so. I've seen at least 20 continue to excavate the dead. Around us, the rescue teams Slow work. And look what they're up against - where houses once stood. giant boulders converged on one spot. Suddenly, a group of survivors beneath the mud. Someone had heard a voice But it was a false alarm. but dead bodies. We haven't found survivors, There's dead bodies there. survivors? Do you think you will find I don't know, I don't think so. at the foot of the mountain, And here, we found an anxious crowd,

but by now, still hoping for good news expecting the worst. And with good reason. from the mud yesterday. Radelyn was rescued for seven missing relatives. Now he's looking

No luck so far. But the bodies keep arriving which no longer exists. from a village

an appeal World Vision Australia has launched left homeless by the landslide. to help the thousands of people provide temporary accommodation The money raised in Australia will have been forced from their homes. for some of the 5,000 people who their villages Those who've had to evacuate for fear of another mudslide we're getting cooking oil, tents. we're getting food, how long the relief will be needed Mr Costello says its unclear make evacuees permanent refugees. because further landslides could its steady march around the world - Bird flu is continuing confirmation of several in Europe. with new outbreaks in India and Indian authorities have ordered in the country's west a mass killing of birds as a precautionary measure. from the disease One poultry farmer has already died are being treated. and seven other people the latest tests from Europe Meanwhile, in France, Germany and Austria. have confirmed outbreaks

was found The deadly strain of bird flu in a flock of chickens in Navapur. tens of thousands have died Over recent weeks, are now being slaughtered and 50 million birds in this region the spread of the virus. as authorities confirm I got confirmation from them or eight cases that there are seven disease is very much there. where symptoms of this particular and closed off infected farms - Medical staff have moved in on the poultry cages spraying disinfectant and disposing of the remaining chickens. In the capital, 400 kilometres away, poultry shops continue trading -

many unaware of the deadly outbreak. The Indian Government says anyone suffering from flu-like symptoms will be tested. All the persons who are showing symptoms of nausea and other things would be taken to special OPDs and there, screening would be done, and there, isolation would be done. In France, authorities are calling for calm

after the country's first case of bird flu was confirmed. The infected duck was found in a reserve just 30 kilometres out of Lyon. (Speaks French) TRANSLATION: The case that was discovered - we must stress - is a wild bird, so, therefore, we are not, for the moment,

considering slaughtering poultry as they are not affected. Compulsory vaccination for flocks has been in place for months, yet France has already lost a third of its poultry trade over the virus scare. Bird flu has now been detected in 11 European countries

and experts believe it will continue to spread westward into Britain and beyond. Mark Douglass, ABC News. Israeli leaders are considering whether to impose tough new restrictions on Palestinians to put pressure on their new Hamas-led government. Newly-elected members of the militant group have been sworn in at the opening of the new Palestinian parliament. Hamas swiftly rejected a call by the Palestinian president to continue peacemaking efforts with Israel. We do not accept the argument that Israel is our partner, or accept the existence of Israel as a legal state. In Iran,

a militant group has held a seminar for would-be suicide bombers. One of the choices they're given is to train for attacks against Israel. A spokesman also warned that British and American interests would be targeted if Iran's nuclear facilities were hit.

There've been more deadly riots over the Mohammad cartoons. At least 16 people were killed in Nigeria by Muslim rioters, who also burned several churches. In Pakistan, thousands of women rallied in the southern city of Karachi. In Italy, a government minister who wore a T-shirt showing one of the cartoons has resigned. He was blamed for sparking violent clashes at an Italian consulate in Libya in which 11 people died. In a bid to win friends and influence people, the Russian Government has launched a 24-hour English language news channel. The Kremlin has invested $30 million in the service

which is to be beamed around the world by satellite. Critics say it smacks of old-style Soviet propaganda. Here's Moscow correspondent Emma Griffiths. ADVERTISEMENT: Who do you think we are? Where do you think we're coming from? What do you know about Russia today? These are the questions that 'Russia Today' wants to answer. Its editor hopes to correct what she says is a Western bias against her country. This image of Russia should be more fair to the country, see, it should be more what Russia really is like. Margarita Simonyan is a former Kremlin pool reporter. The 26-year-old is too young propaganda, to remember much Soviet era what she's now reviving. but critics say that's exactly (Speaks Russian) that this is a purely state project, TRANSLATION: One should realise Soviet ideas about propaganda based on completely Soviet thinking, the image of Russia. and how to improve released to the ABC The 'Russia Today' excerpts

the country's chocolate industry include documentaries about and romantic history. of President Vladimir Putin, The news bulletin has plenty of the war in Czechnya. there's one mention The Kremlin has been angered Western media attacks - by what it calls too much focus on Putin's authoritarian style,

social decay and Czechnya.

'Russia Today' is a Kremlin fightback, but its editors insist it's no Kremlin mouthpiece. I think that being owned by the state

does not immediately, necessarily mean being censored. We have a lot of examples of state-TV companies abroad. Judging so far, the international channel may offer a more balanced view

to Russians themselves. than the daily news beamed out Emnma Griffiths, ABC News, Moscow. are to join forces Australia's major hospitals in a new national attempt organ transplants. to coordinate life-saving A scheme has also been launched to donate their organs to encourage more people claim forms. by registering on Medicare It's not the surgical procedures are keen to show, that donor enthusiasts and agencies but the results - of organ transplant successes. the walking evidence former Test cricketer, Gary Gilmore, just 12 weeks ago. and recipient of a donated liver Justice Tricia Cavenagh, who got hers more than two years ago and Nicholas Wilson, a teenager who's had his second and, this time, successful kidney transplant. A new national register of donors has been set up. If we get more people on the register, if we get clinicians more aware of the possibilities of donation, then we will start to give the gift of life - to not just to 700 people a year, like 2000 people a year. but to something the former Test cricketer David Hookes, last year, lives on, who died after a nightclub punch organs and tissue in the sense that his donated to be given a new lease on life. have allowed 10 other people so ... We weren't sure about his liver, "No-one would want his liver," In fact, we said, ..all his organs were perfect. but somebody got it and it was... as a wake-up call Today's plan may serve for people to register as donors would be there already, and some you may think such as Nicholas Wilson, who, at 16, has had two kidney transplants, but has not registered yet. No, not yet, but I will soon. And if you haven't registered - from today, you'll be able to do it on the next Medicare claim form you fill in. At the beginning of the year, 1,716 Australians were waiting to receive donor organs. Some have since died for lack of donors. Geoff Sims, ABC News. A new study has found that while bushfires are a major problem for koalas, on the animal's long-term survival. they have very little impact Instead, scientists say the biggest threat to koalas - domestic dogs pose on a tighter leash. and need to be kept In 1994, surrounding Port Stephens fires destroyed the bushland in northern NSW, ravaging a major koala habitat. tracked over the last 10 years - The animals injured then have been

faster than scientists thought. and they've bounced back We were surprised - it would take years, everyone thought it actually takes months. they're eating it, They're back in the regrowth, and they're breeding in it, so the burnt bush wasn't a problem for the koalas. While many koalas died in the blaze, the rehabilitated marsupials bred just as successfully as those still in the wild. But koalas are still disappearing

and scientists have now identified the key cause

of this increasing mortality rate. The real surprise in that is once they survived the fires,

the real cause of the death of koalas was dogs. in suburbia, not wild dogs, And it's the domestic dogs that are to blame. This research shows and dogs are better controlled, that unless development slows around Port Stephens then the population of koalas by the middle of this century. will fall to as little as 20 koala was killed by a dog, The mother of this 8-month-old weeks later it also died. and move in with large dogs People move in and they're uncontrollable, have the animal back in and you know when you might with dog attacks. in a few months time on crucial koala habitats, As suburbs continue to encroach promising. the outlook is by no means Sarah Clarke, ABC News, Port Stephens. Repeating our main story - a 34-year-old man has been charged with five counts of culpable driving after a hit and run tragedy near Mildura. And still to come - a triumphant start to the season for the South Sydney Rabbitohs. Sydney FC is the first team through to the inaugural A-League grand final after beating Adelaide United 2-1 this evening. the 2-leg major semifinal Sydney FC clinched at the Sydney Football Stadium. in front of a crowd of 30,000 leg in Adelaide, After a 2-2 draw in the opening Sydney FC had the advantage A-League record crowd. of playing in front of a parochial to open the scoring The home team threatened in the opening minute. across the face of goal COMMENTATOR: David Carney an unbelievable start for Sydney FC. and Steve with an almost Sydney FC's next chance came in the 29th minute. when Sasho Petrovski broke away still going Petrovski, Chance there for Sydney - there for Sydney FC. And a dream start A huge task now in front of Adelaide United. The home team took a 1-0 lead to the break. Sydney FC took a 1-0 lead to the break. Adelaide United captain Ross Aloisi clearly expected more from his players. Ange Costanzo's ears would've been ringing at half-time.

The visitors had to attack in the second half and Shengking Qu found some space.

Qu with the shots and he's found the bottom corner. Is that a life line? at least one goal to progress. Adelaide United still needed minute. Sydney FC answered in the 76th Mark Milligan providing the cross. are into the granbd final. Beltrame hesitates, surely Sydney has led by example. And Mark Rudan, the club captain, in two weeks. Sydney will host the grand final when it takes on Cedntrla COast Adelaide United gets another chance next Sunday. made his presence felt Australia's Harry Kewell old rival Manchester United as Liverpool knocked out of the FA Cup. to scoring in the 18th minute, The Socceroos star went close a desperate save. Edwin van der Saar producing provided the game's only goal. A minute later, Peter Crouch oh, and it's gone in. Up goes Morientes and Crouch,

win over Man U in 85 years. It was Liverpool's first FA Cup Duncan Huntsdale, ABC News. New South Wales has started the Super-14 season on the road with a second successive win South Africa's stormers. by coming from behind to beat

by 10 points at half-time, The Waratahs were trailing but won with a bonus point. by the Crusaders Queensland was swamped for the first time. while South Africa's Cheetahs won thereafter Tuqiri expended considerable energy for his mistake, in trying to compensate into points. but couldn't convert effort a role reversal, The second half signalled caught napping on the job with the Stormers the ones by a quick-stepping Morgan Turunui. Beautiful try from the centre! new-found territorial advantage. The Waratahs revelled in their combining off the bench Brett Sheehan and Daniel Halangahu for a third try. a fine man-of-the-match performance Full-back Sam Norton-Knight capped with a decisive touchdown win on the road in a week. that gave the Waratahs their second Plenty of individual performance, we were up to scratch tonight. but as a team-wise, I don't think shook off the disappointment The Queensland Reds of last week's Waratahs defeat

of defending champions, to rattle the cage the Canterbury Crusaders. He'll score for Queensland Reds! in a high-tempo game The Reds outplayed the Crusaders and threatened to stage the biggest upset of the season so far. But with the match just over an hour old, the "real" Canterbury team got moving. All Black fly-half Daniel Carter starting the point-scoring spree. Wallaby full-back Chris Latham gave Queensland fans a glimmer of hope with this try that helped the Reds snatch back a 21-16 lead. The Crusaders machine then piled on 37 points in 15 minutes. The 47-21 score line doing little justice to the winless Reds. Ian Eckersley, ABC News. South Sydney has won its traditional Charity Shield match against St George Illawarra for the second year in a row.

The Rabbitohs overcame a 12-point half-time deficit, as every NRL club except the premiers played trial matches. South Sydney's future ownership is in the balance, but optimism for better on-field efforts is there as clubs gear up for a new season. In the heat and humidity the Dragons controlled the first half - two tries and it was 12-0. COMMENTATOR: And the Dragons have a second try. But with Saints captain Trent Barrett resting in the second half, the Rabbitohs struck back with three unanswered tries... And the Rabbitohs are finishing over the top of them. defend the Charity Shield for the first time since 1989. Canberra scored three tries in the opening quarter hour against the Broncos... CROWD CHEERS

..but the Raiders let their 16-point advantage slip - New Zealander Tame Tupou crossed for a hat-trick, as Brisbane won by eight.

Some of the games's biggest names just did promotions in central Australia -

Newcastle dominated the first half to lead by 24, but the Panthers backs found space in the closing stages for Penrith to win 38-30. CROWD CHEERS And halves Brett Kimmorley and Brent Sherwin stood out in a high-scoring game on the South Coast. The Sharks held on for a 4-point win over the fast-finishing Bulldogs. John Hayes Bell, ABC News. And the Canberra Raiders coach Matthew Elliott announced today that he would leave the club after this season to join Penrith. He has a 3-year deal to coach the Panthers. New South Wales will have to travel to Adelaide for next Sunday's one-day cup final after losing to Western Australia today. The Blues lost by just one run a tie would have been enough for them to host the final. Batting at number six, Justin Langer added just 13. But Adam Voges and Peter Worthington both scored half centuries. That's more like it The Warriors set a target of 248.

Voges was out for 57 thanks to a fine catch from Jason Krejza. Stuart MacGill wrapped up the tail to finish with four wickets. Michael Clarke put off packing for South Africa to play. He scored 75 the day before he boards a plane for Australia's one-day tour. That's a lovely shot. Clarke and Craig Simmons put on a 106-run partnership, but their good work was quickly undone - the Blues suffered a collapse and NSW was 5/140. Thornely and Aaron O'Brien added 98 runs to bring the Blues within sight of victory.

But another stumble meant the Blues needed seven runs off the final over. Ben Edmonson kept his cool and WA claimed a one run win. for next week's final. NSW must now head to Adelaide Clint Wheeldon, ABC News. the one-off women's cricket Test Australia is poised to win at the Adelaide Oval. against India were dismissed for 250, After the Australians on day two India collapsed in its first innings and was forced to follow on. took 2/9 from 8 overs, Australian spinner Shelly Nitschke to fully combat the attack. with India never able Cathryn Fitzpatrick, The world's fastest female bowler, for the Australians returned the best figures taking 3/24.

still more than 100 behind By stumps the Indians were 3/51, with two days to play. New South Wales Paul Sheehan has won the South Australian Open after the second play-off hole. He and Western Australia's Michael Sim finished the four rounds equal at 7-under par, a stroke ahead of Nick Flanagan. There were charges from everywhere in the early stages of the final round - Veteran Peter Senior among them. But the overnight leader, 21-year-old Michael Sim, appeared more than capable of going the distance. Oh, you gotta be joking. COMMENTATOR:

for Adam Crawford There were no laughs with a share of second, who started the day but it was all downhill from there. Adelaide Test was Kevin Stadler, Another who failed the Royal using a wedge opting to finish his round instead of the putter he broke. Nick Flanagan For 2003 US amateur champion with this poor putt on the 14th, watched his chances disappear to show the gallery on 18 although he still had some tricks as he snatched outright second. What a way to finish! and joined Sim at 7-under. Paul Sheehan was solid all day Ranked the best amateur in the world last year,

Sim was able to maintain his composure. Back door Betty. When it came to the play off though, he finally cracked sending his tee shot way off course, with an official confirming his worst fears. It's definitely out of bounds. That sent him back to the tee playing his third shot, eventually allowing Sheehan the luxury of knowing he would win as he settled over his putts on the green. the first to congratulate him. His daughter, Billie, was among Neil Cross, ABC News, Adelaide. of injury-prone Australian AJ Bear The Winter Olympics campaign in the super G event. is over after he crashed broken arm and knee reconstructions The 29-year-old recovered from a and did well in his first run. to take part at Turin due to poor weather, But after a 4-hour delay the race was re-run and crashed out. and Bear clipped a gate Australia's 2-men bobsleigh team and Shane McKenzie of Jeremy Rolleston are 22nd after two runs. It was only rock'n'roll, but in Brazil, got plenty of satisfaction. fans of the Rolling Stones More than a million people packed Rio's Copacabana Beach for a free, open-air concert. The city paid over $1 million for the gig, held just a week before the Rio carnivale.

(Sings) # I know it's only rock'n'roll, # but I like it, like it, yes I do. # Well I like it. # It was a massive crowd, but not a record one. In 1994, beach for a Rod Stewart concert. 3.5 million fans packed the same To the weather this steamy Sunday. it reached 30 degrees, In Sydney today, 4 above average. but partly cloudy conditions Most of the State experienced fine, in the northern tablelands with just light isolated showers developed. where afternoon thunderstorms throughout the remainder, It was hazy were again above average. where maximum temperatures Inland, it was a warm day. from 7 at Charlotte Pass And statewide, temperatures ranged to 44 at Wanaaring. In the 24 hours to 9:00am - Mulla Creek top-scored with more than 40mm, while in the 6 hours to 3:00pm, Tenterfield received 1mm. Around the nation today, there were showers in Melbourne and Hobart. It was cloudy in Adelaide, humid in Darwin and Hobart and hazy in Perth. To the satellite picture - cloud is building over north-east NSW in a weak trough and there's cloud from a weak front crossing southern Victoria and Tasmania. On the synoptic chart -

will bring showers. onshore winds along the east coast Victoria and SA dry A high in the Bight will keep

will draw hot north-easterly winds while a west coast trough across southwest WA.

The rainfall prediction - for much of the NT, showers are forecast for north-west WA, and for the Queensland/NSW coast. Tomorrow's national weather - Perth - fine and hot. Darwin - a shower or storm. Brisbane - showers. elsewhere. And it should be mostly fine Throughout the State tomorrow, and thunderstorms expect isolated afternoon showers in the north-eastern inland

and isolated showers on the coast and adjacent ranges. For the south-east, coastal showers and storms are forecast. And there's a very high fire danger in Riverina, upper and lower western districts it should be mostly fine. Sydney's forecast - a shower or two tomorrow, 23 on the coast, up to 26 inland. Sunrise is at 6:35, seas on a 0.5m to 2m swell. Winds from the SE 10-15 knots. And the further outlook - Wednesday and Thursday, more of the same for Tuesday, with temperatures in the mid 20s. a recap of tonight's top stories. And before we go, In Victoria - and eight others injured five teenagers have been killed in a hit and run accident. with numerous offences. The driver has been charged Hopes of finding any more survivors mudslide disaster of the Philippines are fading. Only 60 people have survived estimated at 1,800. with the death toll has spread to India And the bird flu being tested for the virus. with one man dead and 12 others Authorities have ordered a mass cull of poultry. And that's ABC News for this Sunday night, I'm Felicity Davey. I'll be back with the mid-evening bulletin just after 8:20. We'll leave you with today's ceremonies in Darwin to mark the 64th anniversary of the city's bombing during World War II. For now, goodnight. Closed Captions produced by Captioning and Subtitling International Pty Ltd