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(generated from captions) This Program is Captioned Live. Tonight - after Live. Tonight - after years of

debate and conflict, clear air

as the carbon tax passes the

Senate. Today, Australia has

a price on carbon as the law of

our land. Also ahead - Also ahead - Michael a price

Jackson's doctor found guilty

of involuntary manslaughter. First Greece now concern

shifts to Berlusconi's Italy shifts to Berlusconi's Italy as the fear of European contagion

spreads. And rek by yum for a

heavy weight. The death of boxing legend smoke-in Joe


Live oos Australia, this is

ABC News 24. I'm Scott Bevan.

Australia will have a tax on carbon in just over seven

months. Years of debate and a string of shattered political

leaderships came to a head

today when the Senate finally

passed the Government's carbon

price regime into law. The

Opposition isn't taking yes for

fight an answer. It has vowed to

fight the tax all the way to

Opposition the next election and scrap it

as soon as it can. Here's Mark Simkin. The carbon crusade's

burnt several Australian

burnt political

Gillard could be the next.

Today, she achieved something the

the others couldn't, even when pricing

pricing carbon was popular. An

$8 billion a year tax is

born. Order there being 36 i's

and 32 nos, the matter is

resolved in the affirmative.

APPLAUSE The public galleries

applauded, the Greens embraced,

but Labor opted for low-key made history after all of these

years of debate and division, our nation has got the done. From the middle of next our nation has got the job

under the government she leads, year there will be a carbon tax

starting at $23 a ton. Today's

vote is a win for Australia's children. Not to mention the

Gillard Government. The bill's

passed without amendment after Labor and the Green gag

debate. The green tail wagging

the Labor dog. The people at

Australia voted at the last

parliament. They weren't able election for

to end the argument. You will

ware your flagrant breach promise to the Australian ware your flagrant breach of

people, like a crown of

thorns. Grow up. Grow up.

Except the verdict of the

Senate. It is pathetic. It is absolutely pathetic. What a

joke. The divisions are so

deep, the sides can't agree on

what day it is. It is an imfamiliarious day in the

history of parliamentary

democracy in Australia. It is a

great great day for Australia and a

great day for the planet earth upon

upon whom we all depend. The

vote was heard around the


Al Gore wrote that. The

the political brawl isn't. It parliamentary fight is over but

is a greatest sell-out since

Judas took 30 pieces of

silver. The Coalition is vowing

to repeal the tax if it wins

against the carbon tax. There government. We have stated our

will be no recision of this

legislation. Even the heavens are clapping. Tony Abbott calls

it the fight of his political life. Rather than life. Rather than being ring-side, he flew to England for a meeting of for a meeting of conservative

leaders. We have had the leader

of the Opposition take off with

his tail between his legs after all of the tough guy

talk. What a spineless retreat. The Government back-slapping that greeted the bill's passage through bill's passage through the

scenes is lower house. But behind the

scenes is excitement, relief

and even hope. The polls still suggest an electoral but Labor's primary vote suggest an electoral wipe-out

but Labor's primary vote is

creeping higher. It is back above 30% for the first time in


The Eurozone debt crisis The Eurozone debt crisis is

worsening with fears it could

engulf Italy. The Italian

economy is the third largest in Europe. Markets have

rates on Italian bonds and

political uncertainty in Rome

is adding to the country's woes. Here's Emma Alberici. European finance

ministers meeting in Brussels

have a new and dangerous challenge

challenge ahead, containing the

debt crisis that is threatening

to infect Italy, the third

biggest economy in the

Eurozone. We have to increase

the capacity of the

fund, that is very important. the capacity of the emergency

It is not the only thing. With

a public debt worth $2.5 enough money in the emergency

fund to rescue Italy should it

need help. Protesters have

taken to the streets of Rome carrying fruit bowls, a symbol

of the PM's long party, that

the people say they're now

having to pay for in taxes and cuts having to pay for in higher

taxes and cuts to

services. TRANSLATION: The vote

on the State's budget is on in parliament tomorrow. Let's hope

with this vote and the latest defections within Berlusconi's party this Government party this Government will

to the polls as soon as finally fall, so

possible. Stocks on the Milan

investors bet that Silvio exchange jumped 2.5% as

Berlusconi's days as PM were numbered. But the PM used his Facebook page to deny rumours Facebook

published in his own newspapers. Back in Brussels,

the Greek finance minister talking up the new national the Greek finance minister was

unity government. After a

difficult week, we have a new

political situation, a new political frame in Greece. Lucas Papadimos is

tipped to take over as the new

PM of Greece, as head of the

Greek central bank, he helped the country adopt the Euro.

He'll have to work hard to

avoid taking them back to avoid taking them back to the

drachma. In the US, Michael

Jackson's doctor has been found guilty of involuntary

years after the singer's death. manslaughter more than two years

The jury agreed unanimously

that Conrad Murray contributed to Jackson's death by

anaesthetic. administering a powerful

anaesthetic. Lisa Millar

reports. There was barely a

flickerer of emotion from Conrad Murray as the verdict

was read. We, the jury in the

above entitled action find the

defendant, Conrad Robert

Murray, guilty of the crime of involuntary manslaughter. He

earned $150,000 a month caring

for the man dubbed the king

for the man dubbed the king of

pop. Now, he's facing jail over his

his death. Watching it all, the Jacksons, who justice. What do you think of the verdict? the verdict? Wonderful,

absolutely justice was served.

Michael is watching Michael is watching over us. Outside court, Jackson bursts into cheers. And


I am just so glad that justice has been served. justice has been served. Thank God. I am so happy for the

Jackson family, his family Jackson family, his family and the entire fan base, we're elated. The jury took nine hours to decide the doctor was negligent

giving the 50-year-old singer a

powerful drug to help him sleep. In Los Angeles we sleep. In Los Angeles we see examples of high profile people, many examples of them succumbing to their lives because of their additions to prescribed medications and

they're often aided and abetted

by unscrupulous doctors. A fair

warning to them. The 58-year-old cardiologist was

denied bail. Dr Murray's

reckless conduct in this case poses a demonstrable the safety of the public. He

jail could face up to four years in

jail and will be sentenced at the end of the month. South Africa now takes in more asylum

seekers than any other country

in the world. It's com err shap

more than half a capital Johannesburg is home to

refugees, most from more than half a million

neighbouring Zimbabwe. The South

them South Africa government allows

them to work but apart from that they're on their own. This

report from Africa correspondent Ginny Stein. The

central methodist church 234 downtown many the first stop in a new

life. Over the years tens life. Over the years tens of

thousands have new arrivals

have passed through here, each

night brings goes between 800 and 1,200. Johannesburg is now

vying for the title of the world's largest world's largest refugee

camp. It is an estimated 450,000 forced migrants or

asylum seekers call this city home. The last couple of years there have been over 200,000. The majority The majority of them originate from Zimbabwe. This man came

from Zimbabwe seven years ago.

He started as a helper in a furniture factory. Now he has He started as a helper in a

his own business. Right now his own business. Right now I

have two people but as time

goes on, if everything is going

according to plan, I am according to plan, I am looking

for about maybe for our five

more. South Africa's open door

policy for asylum seekers has

been a saviour for hundreds been a saviour for hundreds of

thousands of people fleeing

political persecution and for survive. But once here, it is

very much a matter of sink or

swim. It is in the city's centre where most mieg rans

work and live. This woman lives

and works in this one room with

her three children. She dreams

of going home just not right now. We would love to go now. We would love to go back

home if things get better. At

least if you can get something

to eat and life is normal, you can survive. Once built

keeping this city alive.

A terrorist who once struck

fear into the hearts of governments has gone on trial

for a series of bombings nearly

Venezuelan dubbed Carlos the 30 years ago. The 62-year-old

Jackal was taken from jail to a

Paris court where he was

accused of masterminding four

deadly attacks in France in the 1980s. He was smiling and defiant during the hearing, describing himself as a asked to state his occupation.

His wife, who is also his

lawyer, said he was fighting

the charges but was not well. He was in jail since he

was kidnapped in '94 and now

he's a diabetic but he will fight the best he can. The Jackal, real name Ilich Ramirez

Sanchez is already serving a

life sentence for a triple

Frazier was one of the greatest

heavy weight fighters of the

20th century. Even though he

was the first fighter to 20th Muhammad Ali, he spent most his life in Muhammad Ali, he spent most of his life in the shadow of his

great rival. Joe Frazier died

today of cancer. He was Known for his relentless today of cancer. He was 67.

to fighting style, it took cancer

to beat Joe Frazier. The man

who slugged it out who

Muhammad Ali in one of boxing's all time great bouts has died at

at the age of 67. It will be thriller and a killer when I get the grill la in Manila. That was the final fight

fight in a trilogy of fight in a trilogy of Frazier and Ali encounters. They

punched their way into the annals of boxing history, a

it was devastating. Eventually fight that was as brilliant as

stopped by Frazier's corner in

Joe Frazier wouldn't allow the 14th round. The trainer of

Joe Frazier wouldn't allow Joe

to go out and Muhammad Ali was

on the other side and they contemplating whether he should

go out. It was a classic brutal

fight. Smoke-in Joe Frazier fight. Smoke-in Joe Frazier was

born in South Carolina in

and in 67 became world heavy

weight champion shortly after

Ali had been stripped of the

title when he refused title when he refused military

service. Joe is working in the

mid section. In 1971, the pair was matched for the first time at New York's famous Madison

Square Garden, later deemed the at New

fight of the century, Frazier

was declared the winner by a

unanimous decision in the 15th.

Round. In 1964 Australian heavy weight champion Athol McQueen knocked Frazier to the canvass

at the Tokyo Olympics only for

smoke-in Joe to recover and win smoke-in Joe to recover and

the bought. He fought hard. the bought. He fought hard. He

had a hard life, hard upbringing and he was doing it pretty tough right to upbringing and he was still

the last. The man with the trademark brawling

trademark brawling style is

said to have died peacefully

while in hospice care having September. In one fight he battled liver cancer

broke Muhammad Ali's jaw and he flawed him and not too many

people did that. Joe Frazier

will go down as one of the

great heavy weights.

It seems the technology is

there but the customer service

is way behind. There's been a

huge jump in complaints about telecommunications companies, particularly phones and billing. Consumer

groups say it is time for new laws and tougher penalties to laws and tougher penalties to

keep the Telcos in check. A 10-day trip to New York would

be a dream get away for many

but for part-time sales

assistant Hanna Stanton it led

to the phone bill from

hell. $7,500 is just huge, it

cost more than my trip. Ms

Stanton says she was careful but occasionally used global

roaming to access the Internet. I don't think I was

really told how expensive using

your phone for, like, even a

short amount of time really Action Network is is. The Communications Consumer

bill and the bills of many

others. Almost 200 thought customers lodged with

customers lodged complaints

with the telecommunications

ombudsman in the past year, by almost 20%. Most are about ombudsman in the past year, up

mobile phones. We have seen increased complaints about

billing disputes, we have seen

increased complaints about

unexpectedly high bills with Smartphones and other mobile phones increased complaints about faults. The industry spokesman John industry spokesman John Stanton

says a massive increase in the

use of Smartphones and tablets

was a big contributor. We saw a

growth in the use of data,

particularly on mobile devices

and that drove a number of telecommunications complaints. The telecommunications industry

says it has been a

disappointing year but things

are improving and that a

proposed new code of conduct will protection than ever

before. That still involving self- regulation. We believe

that unless the regulator steps

in and regulates, introduces a standard or determination that

is linked with penalties, then

the level of complaints will standard not go down. The consumer group

says offending Telcos should

face fines of hundreds of thousands of The Federal Government's

inquiry into the media is under way. One of the first submissions called break-up of Rupert Murdoch's

domination of the newspaper market. As Kerry Ritchie reports, the Greens pressed for

the inquiry after the 'News of the World' phone scandal in Britain. Rupert Murdoch's been visiting

Melbourne but disappointingly

he didn't make an appearance he didn't make an appearance at

the hearing. Instead, the head of the inquiry, former Federal Court judge Ray Finkelstein

made it clear he was running

the show and said the Federal

Government hadn't dictated what would be investigated. Those issues have been

up to me. The inquiry is taking a close-up look at Australia's

media but the TV cameras were

only allowed in to film the first 10 first 10 minutes. Academic Robert Manne told the hearing

he's deeply worried about the

lack of diversity in

Australia's media. I think something like 25-30%, something

something in that range should

be about the maximum for be about the maximum for a nation of this size and complexity. Another Melbourne

academic told the hearing it academic told the hearing it is

clear News Limited is running

an agenda against the Labor deserves to actually have an

opportunity to explain itself

rather than just be constantly under

under the gun as they seem to be particularly in 'The Australian'. The publisher of

web based news site 'Crikey'

suggested changes be made to the Australian Press Council

which was set up before the Internet explosion. Eric Beecher

Beecher says when mistakes

occur, those wronged deserve an immediate right of

reply. Instead of waiting months for an apology in a newspaper. We can

newspaper. We can do that with

self- happen the result would be more the innet. If that starts

anything Opposition doesn't expect self- regulation. The

anything to come out of the inquiry. It was founded or

started as a means at having whack at News Corporation

because Julia Gillard and Bob

coverage Brown were unhappy with the

getting. After two days of coverage they were

public hearings in Melbourne,

the inquiry moves to Sydney. The inquiry has to report back to the Federal Government by

the end of February next year. To sport with Clare. A day for boxing. As we have been

hearing all afternoon, one of the greatest heavy weight fighters of the fighters of the 20th century Joe Frazier died today of

cancer. He was 67. An gold medallist he will be best

remembered for his tri-logic of

fights with Muhammad Ali in the

1970s. He beat Ali in 1971 before losing the next two before

bouts including the thriller in Manila. Frazier was

taunted by Ali in the lead-up

to their fights. Earlier I

spoke to boxing commentator

relationship. Best known Mark Warren about the pair's Mark Warren about the

sporting rivalry I there's ever been, Ali, sporting rivalry I think

Frazier, but a magnificent man

who visited our shores who visited our shores in 1975

in a rematch with Jimmy el is.

He won by knockout and to the

best of my knowledge he's been

back to Australia twice in back to Australia twice in last

seven years and I had the

pleasure of meeting him five to

six years ago. Blue collar,

very old school man would best surmise smoke-in Joe Frazier. A disappointing day Frazier. A disappointing day in

the pool for Ian Thorpe. After struggling during his comeback

story at today's World Cup in Singapore it was the same

heats in Beijing. He failed heats in Beijing. He failed to

make the final in his pet

event, the 100m freestyle, as well as missing in the 100m individual well as missing qualification

medley. It is absurd to medley. It is absurd to think

you can return to the pool

after not swimming a lap for

five years and expect to be

winning things. Thorpe is again at this weekend's World expected

Cup meet in Tokyo. Shane Warne is coming out of retirement to

play a Twenty20 season with the

Melbourne Stars. The leg

Indian Premier League in March. spinner retired after the

But he's now signed a deal to

play the whole season for the

Stars in the new domestic

Twenty20 series this summer.

The 42-year-old says he was

approached by other clubs but

wanted to play for his home

town. I wouldn't be going into

games, hopefully, that without

a sense of confidence in my ability that I could actually

go out there and make a

difference. The Melbourne Stars open their season against open their season against the

Sydney Thunder at the MCG on

December 17. The former world

number one golfer Tiger Woods

says all is forgiven after his former caddy made a racial slur

against him. Steve Williams

made the remarks about Woods at

a caddies event on Friday

night. Woods is ready to put

the innocent behind him and get

Australian open in back into winning form at the

Sydney. Wherever he goes Tiger Woods still pulls a crowd even if it is just a if it is just a practice

he plays well. He day. Tiger can win any day if

he plays well. He always has a

strong comeback. He still has

a long time to go in in his

career and he will be out to

prove he can do it. Woods is

back in Australia where his

career began to unravel two

years ago. This time he's been

dogged by a racial slur by former caddy Steve is generated former caddy Steve Williams. It

publicity but Woods says all is forgiven. He apologised. It was

hurtful, certainly. But life

goes forward. After a series of

injuries, Woods is back in peak

form. I feel great. It is nice

to not have to do rehab

assignments each and every day.

It is nice to be able to train

properly and then have

unlimited ball count on a golf unlimited course. Tiger Woods might have

dropped out of the world's top 50. playing to win at the 50. The former world yurm 1 is

Australian open. He's up

against the strongest field in

the tournament's history. He's equal favourite with Adam equal favourite with Adam Scott

- Steve Williams is - Steve Williams is now his caddy. 23-year-old Australian

Jason Day is also a

contender. It would be good to win but all I can do is win but all I can do is control

what I can control right now and that is every shot. Fans

would dearly love an Australian

victory. It is the Australian

open so you can't ask for much more but we'll more but we'll see what

top 50 it doesn't matter. Tiger field. There is so many in the happens. Anyone that is in the

Woods will tee off with Jason

Day and Robert Allenby when

rugby and three is about to play starts on Thursday. To

become four. The Tri-Nations

will be renamed the championship next season with will be renamed the rugby

Argentina's inclusion. Under

the format the Four Nations

will play each other at home

and away in a series running and away in a series running from

from August until occ. The Wallabies will meet the All

Blacks in Sydney, the Pumas on the Gold Pumas on the Gold Coast.. This

is an appropriate and visionary

decision by Sanzar to bring Argentina Australia championship. Later this month Argentina into the rugby

against Wales and the Australia plays in the UK

Barbarians. Rugby is coming

back to earthquake

Christchurch. New Zealand PM

John Key says a temporary

stadium which can hold 17,000 fans will host the All fans will host the All Blacks

when they take on Ireland in a

on Test next year. They missed out

news for them. Indeed. The coal

seam gas industry has been warned by prominent

environmentalist Tim Flannery to weed out its worst

performers if it wants a future in Australia. The intervention

came as one of the nation's best grape growing regions, performers if

Hunter Valley demanded that gas

Wells be banned from their

land. We ask you to present that to that to the parliament. Bruce Tyrrell is one of the Tyrrell is one of the best

known names in the Australian

wine industry. Armed with 11,000-strong petition from the Hunter Valley in NSW, he's joined

joined the fight against coal

seam gas. We have to maintain

the integrity of our the integrity of our specialist land use areas an the

land use areas an the integrity of our waterways. If we don't

do that, the whole of do that, the whole of society has got serious problems. has got serious problems. All across the country, in the bush

and even in the centre of

Sydney, similar petitions are

being put together. being put together. But State Governments may well

cash and in NSW the Government

has no plans to ban gas near the wineries of the Hunter. I

can't answer you that. It is

far too premature. far too premature. The

strategic land use

strategic land use assessments are under way but they haven't been under way

been under way for very long. been under way for very long. I

imagine it is more than a one year process. Today, the head

of the climate commission brought the message of discontent direct to coal discontent direct to coal seam

gas companies. He warned some

companies had alienated companies had alienated farmers in rural areas and said the

industry was not on a good trajectory. There are

reputational risks and risks to the environment and they all

need to be taken into

account. The industry is on a good trajectory. It has the credibility of its past

performance. It is one of performance.

goaledest industries we have in

the world. With coal seam gas Wells coming to communities all

over the country, many will soon experience it first hand.

To finance now and the To finance now and the local share market recovered modestly

today in line with gains in the

markets. As Alan Kohler markets. As Alan Kohler reports

the gold price is on the move

again. In fact, last night in

New York the gold price got as close to $1800 an ounce as it

is possible to get without

actually hitting it. It is actually hitting it. It is a

bit lower than that now. The chart shows the price has broken out from the three-year

trend line that has taken it

from $800 to $1800 in an ounce

in a relatively straight line.

By the end of September, that

was off the radar as the

austerity hooks gained control. With Italy in

trouble to the tune of trillions

trillions and no institution

with enough money and no austerity sufficient to do

anything about it money

printing is back on the agenda.

Gold the safe alternative to

printed money is on the rise

again. On the share market today... This chart shows European

retail sales in real terms,

that is removing the effect of price rises. As you can see the line is basically back to line

it was in the depth on the

crisis in 2009. As a result, a mixed performance on mixed performance on the

night. The Italian and Greek European share markets last

markets went up. France and Germany remained in a funk.

Parts of eastern Australia are in for sooef yer conditions

as we head into the middle of

the week. A trough triggering

severe storms to the east and this frontal system this frontal system will

interact with that trough to produce

... Graham Creed with the

weather. That is the news for now. now. Stay with us for '7.30'.

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I'm Scott Bevan, thank you for tolerating my cross-examinee voice. You're

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Closed Captions by CSI. by CSI.. shall Msh Blk Tonight, the sex scandal livening up the race to

the White House. He also

grabbed my head and brought it

towards his crutch. And the

Australian prawn Australian prawn fishermen

fighting to stave off cheap

imports. My father was a

fisherman and I'm a fisherman and I'm a fisherman

and one day my son may be a

fisherman, so we want to make

sure something is left for the

next generation. This Program

is Captioned Live. After years

of ran Kerr rouse division,

Australia will have a carbon tax. The Government's clean

energy bills passed the Senate today. The Climate Change

Minister Greg Combet spoke Minister Greg Combet spoke with

political editor Chris Uhlmann

earlier, and we will earlier, and we will hear from

him shortly, but first a