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(generated from captions) Vile edges on the streets of

Birmingham as 16,000 police London. We will do everything necessary to restore Ord tore

them safe for Britain's streets and to make

While the street s are

quiet, the cloonup begins and stories of hoverer

emerge. There were 20 or 30 blokes breaking into restaurant and kicking the door with such

force. It took them some sort

of doing to break it. Solid

gains on Wall Street off the back of rises in Europe.

alicy escape for a family in

Sydney east west with shots

fired into their home. Live. This Program is Captioned

Good morning. Good morning. I'm Michael

Rowland. Sporadic viedges has broken out in several cities in England,

England, although London

remains largely quiet with a

heavily police presence on the

streets there. There have been riots in Birmingham Manchester where police riots in Birmingham and shops have been smash says it's working with police

to make sure the citisize is

Minister David Cameron safe as possible. The Prime

recall ing Parliament in Minister David Cameron is

response to what he response to what he is calling

those sickening scenes he says the Government will do everything necessary to restore order. People should order. People should be in no doubt that we will do

everything necessary to restore

order to Britain's streets

awe biding. Let me - law completely condemn the scenes abiding. Let me first of all

that that we have seen on our

television screens and people have witnessed in their sickening scenes, scenes of

people looting, vandalising,

thieving, robbing, scenes of

officers and even attacking people attacking police

simple. The Metropolitan Commissioner has said that,

compared with the 6,000 police

on the streets last night in

London, there will be some

leave within the Metropolitan 16,000 officers tonight. All

Police has cancelled. There will be cancelled. There will be aid

and down coming from police forces up

will do everything necessary to

strengthen and assist those

police forces that are meeting

this disorder. We will make

sure that court proceedings and

processes are speeded up. And

people should expect to see

more, many more arrests days to come. The British

Prime Minister, David Cameron

there. The ABC's Phillip

Williams spoke to a show shop

owner who has been cleaning up at Clapham Junction in London. He said he saw his windows being smashed in on

television I would see they had smashed the glass was quite heart breaking and I

thought that's my shop

now. What sort of damage - how

much stock have you lost

can't give you an exact figure

but it does look like they

literally wiped me out of my

main stock. They left the

leftovers which I can sell.

That was the end line. All my new stock and That was the end of season

everything out. Is this a potential ly

fatal blow for you in terms of

this business? If the insurance don't pay up, no cover for civil unrest. But I

I heard today that they will pay out on civil unrest. My

policy does specify that

there's no payment for

unrest or terrorist attack. there's no payment for civil

How are you now feeling How are you now feeling about

this whole incident, this whole

area, the people who did

this? At the moment I am just say. I think it will probably

couple hit me maybe in weeks or a

start feeling the couple of months time when I

financially. For the moment it

must be a huge shock. It is. At

the moment I'm now. How do I start

do I go from? That is a London shoe shop owner speaking to Phillip Williams. Also finally some better flues to come from Wall Street. US response to response to the Federal Reserve's pledge to keep

interest rates in the US at historic lows for at historic lows for at least two more up nearly 4%, the S&P 500 more years. The Dow Jones was

picked up more than 5%. In nearly 5% while the Nasdaq


closed up while the Frankfurt exchange was flat. Australian shares are when trading begins here in a little under an hour's little under an hour's time.

Ted Weisberg is President of Seaport Securities. was an extremely of trade on Wall Street. The

had 2 Fed announcement market was up 200, down 200. We

Fed announcement

flicially was viewed as bear

ish, markets sold off about 200 pointings. Then the rallied very pointings. Then the bonds

the equity traders who the equity traders who had probably sold the announcement short probably sold the Fed

cover those shorts closing on the absolute highs fuelled a rally and we ended up

of the day, up 429 which was slightly more than of the day, up 429 points,

5%. On very good volume. I am

not sure that we can attach or

to anything other than technical

to today's it was a relief after 11 or 12

days of almost going straight down. A relief shared by

everybody. That was veteran

Wall Street trader Ted Weisberg

Four children and their parents have narrowly escaped a drive-by shooting in Sydney's a drive-by shooting in

west. The children, aged between when shots between 5 and 17, were inside house at Black town shortly

after 10 o'clock last car was seen leaving the scene.

case It is possible the shooting was

Overseas and the Libyan

Government is accusing NATO of

killing civilians. Gaddafi administration says NATO bombed

major ar on Monday to rebel fighters to enter the military one and death s as Report Road

unlikely. US President Barack

Obama has visitsed the Delaware

air force base to pay tribute Obama has visitsed the Delaware

to the 30 American service members killed this a helicopter crash led a delegation of government and military officials salute the remains of the fallen soldiers. The helicopter

day death toll for US forces

since the war began a decade ago. Back home raised concerns Malaysia's human rights record

with the Immigration Minister just days before he announced his refugee swap deal with the country. For country. For more le teaka Bourke joins us now. This is a

bit of a low blow for the

Government. Yes and no, that's

to be tested in the High Court in the challenge that refugee

lawyers are mounting and should

be heard August 22, although

the Government has made it

clear it would like that clear it would like that heard sooner rather than later. Now this advise that the Department of Foreign Affairs gave the

Minister potentially just days

before he announced this

refugee swap deal with basically notes human rights concerns about Malaysia's human

rights record. It notes there are inadequate standards in Malaysian detention camps and it points out that Malaysia has the

it also keeps as a judicial

form of punishment caning, and

that it is a country with a

poor human rights record. Now, of course that is not surprising. The whole wie this deal is to

controversial is because Malaysia is not a signatory to the refugee convention. Now notwithstanding that, DFAT has

also pointed out that general deportations ended two years ago. So the

ago. So the department for

immigration has looked at that

and told the Minister that fine to go ahead with this deal

because it believes that the

protections that the protections that the two countries have promised can be guaranteed. Now those documents

were tendered in the High Court

yesterday and, as I said earlier, that will be heard in a fortnight's

breakfast a short breakfast a short while ago the Treasurer Wayne Swan was he was sticking very firmly to

the Government's argument that that treasured budget surplus in

2012-13 will be achieved. Yes, that 's right. that 's right. Now the commitment to return to

has been one ground in politics probably

probably since the GFC Minister, Kevin Rudd, embarked

on two series of big stimulus spends

spends to promote economic growth overseas. Now, the first

tranche of that spending was supported by the Opposition.

But the second was not and it

was quite a deal at the time and the Opposition said that

they believed maybe would never return

return a surplus because it was

addicted to spending. In retaliation, the Government said, no, we will map out a clear return to clear return to surplus, 2012-13 will be the year when we will return the

budget book s to black. So the Treasurer, Wayne Swan, in light

of potentially a second global financial crisis, is commitment. He spoke just a

short time ago. The fact short time ago. The fact is

that we've got a fiscal

strategy, we're sticking to our

fiscal strategy. The reality

out there at the moment is there's an

It is impacting on our economy,

it is commonsense to make that

observation. But what

Australians can be confident of is simply this - that the

economic fundamentals in our

economy are rock solid and

Government will do its very best to implement strategy in more difficult conditions. That is the commonsense

commonsense observation. Latika, thank you. The Goulburn Valley has taken

another economic hit with the loss of 150 jobs at SPC

Ardmona. The factory is closing

its Mooroopna plant. The big fruit canner blames changing

market and the high Australian reports. Brightly dressed for a

dreary day. Workers filed into

the Mooroopna meeting expecting

the worst. They were told 150

SPC Ardmona jobs will go and

the Mooroopna factory will

hard for them xt, most of the permanentings can get shifted to Shepparton. Not all workers

will be out of a job. Some

processing position locate to Shepparton and the

finance section will be moving

ed to finance. All workers the three factories will be

offered voluntary redundancies.

enough people to put their hand up, no-one really knows. The

company says the high

Australian dollar has contributed to restructure. That's been the bigst impact. In 2005, 20% of our volume went overseas. In 2010, it

10%. Right now it's locate SPC ard ploen a staff to

other Coca-Cola Amatil jobs in NSW, SA or NSW, SA or Melbourne. But for those people that have give

lived and worked their entire lives here in the Goulburn Valley, they're unlikely to

take up that offer. The union

says SPC Ardmona is handling the restructure much better than

Amatil and SPC have done a magnificent job. Heinz has honestly very bad. SPC Ardmona says its business model has

changed little in 92 years and

it now needs to focus the snack food market. The

morning - the British riots have spread to Birmingham and Manchester,

deployed in London to an attempt night of violence there. Many

more than 560 people have been charged over the riots. World market stock markets have posted gains overnight. Across in Europe, London and Paris, both closed up Frankfurt exchange was flat. And four children and

their parents were unharmed a drive-by shooting their parents were unharmed in

a drive-by shooting in Sydney's

west last night. The children were inside when shots fired into the house at Blacktown. Police say the

shooting may be a case of mistaken identity. More mistaken identity. More on our top story now. In

Manchester a shopping

Manchester a shopping centre has been

car was attacked by rioters.

Earlier this morning Earlier this morning BBC Radio

reporter spoke to the

ABC and he said Mr Shops ABC and he said Mr Shops had

been closed. There are been closed. There are groups

of youths roaming around the

city centre as we speak. There's a large police presence in in the city centre and they

seem to be trying to break up

these youths. We don't seem to

have seen as many arrests as yet. The police are blocking

off roads, trying to off roads, trying to divert

these gangs and break up the

gangs. Before more loot ing takes place. That seems to have

been the biggest problem

tonight - many shops in the city centre has been looted,

design er clothes store Diesel

was virtually cleared out. stock left in their shops at all. And so it's been targeted at shops. Many shops and cafes took the opportunity

to close early. Cafes brought in tables and chairs from

outside so they couldn't

used as weapons. Some banks closed early as was decision taken to try to

close down and put up close down and put up shutters and try from actually taking

place. There's been a heavy

police presence all evening.

The trouble began earlier on in Sulford just a couple of miles

away where a group of young

youths were ran sacking shopping centre there, a district shopping centre and

then later this evening the trouble moved to the centre and a gang centre and a gang of youths gathered in pick gathered in pick dilly gardens

in Manchester, made their way down Market Street which is the

main shopping street in

Manchester, and set fire to a clothes shop, they tried to

break in to a shopping mall in

the centre of town. And they took their opportunities took their opportunities where

they could so shops that weren't protected were the ones that seem to have been attacked. Some of those rioters who have been arrested who have been arrested have appeared in court in London.

Most are young men in Most are young men in their 20s with to be of previously good

character. The BBC's Phillipa

Thomas looks at what's prompted

these young people to turn to

violence. In London last night cious getting ready to go in. Let's get some wood. In

every quarter, young looters

were smashing and stealing.

Here in Hackney we saw locally owned stores openly attacked. Residents told me today Residents told me today that it was all about theft. I basically think it's just basically think it's just a

copycat thing. They've seen

trying to copy. They see it's easy because the police easy because the police aren't

able to control them that much,

so it's easy to get into the shops. The rioting happening on

the - happened on tends of the - happened on tends of the

pemberry estate. They just

don't take any notice. We try

to help the youth. They don't want

haven't got a clue. You seem like against a brick wall. A feeling that might be shared for whom surveillance is no longer just about the street longer just about the street

but social media. Tracking the thousands of messages that stream between mobile phone s, especially the Black berry. I just saw messages flying through saying in Tottenham and people in Tottenham and people were saying we're going saying we're going to start

nenfield and I was thinking systems like Twitter are open. The reason the riot verse turned turned to systems like this, the the Black berry message ing network, are communication s are encrypted, hidden

hidden from the police. These are some of the messages those who created this

wreckage? In a borough where

unemployment is high and youth

services have been hut. This

Hackney resident who didn't

want me to film him told me want me to film him told me we should just walk media are saying these media are saying these are mindless thugs that mindless thugs that are

creating the situation, why are they creating a young plan born and bred in and become a thug? Even as this society

tries to repair the damage, those in Hackney and beyond. The BBC's Phillipa Thomas

reporting there. In finance news, Australian share s

begins on the back of strange

gains on Wall Street. US

markets rallied overnight in response to the Federal

Reserve's pledge to

lows, for two more years. In

Europe, London and Paris, they

all closed up while Frankfurt's exchange was flat. To the markets. nearly 4%. Adding overnight. A relief rally.

The Commonwealth Bank has

reported an aftertax profit of $6.4 billion, that's an

increase of 13% from the

previous financial year. Now it's a 2020 - Twenty20 match islands. Two of the greats of Australian cricket have taken to the field the Tiwi Ashes. It was a game

where rule were ignored and

from the islands. In a school children are playing

cricket. But this is hardened whole new ball game. These young Tiwi islanders are in expert hands. I think there's

room for both sports. Kids gravitate to anything involving

and ball. And why not start

with the Ashes. The Tiwi Ashes! First a traditional

greeting, then two of Australia's cricket legend joined former Wallaby math Burke for a history hes leston

with a bombing of Darwin dance.

Hayden's Heroes are taking on

Allan's all-stars an in this

game of cricket sledging is

compulsory. It's not a win compulsory. It's not a win at all costs stage. Although I did

pip AB last year. The pip AB last year. The second

year I got a bit of home ground

support here over AB. There support here over AB. There are

rules, if you can call them bribery going on with umpires. See if we can get a better result than last year! While

while some of the names don't

slip off the tongue when it

comes to world-class cricketer,

here they're some of the stars vying for Tiwi

be in the scrub. Maybe the creek. Look out for

cricket match. There's no pie

and chip s to munch on here but

traditional bush tucker like

buffalo, crabs and fish. There

was just as much action

mining magnates get the call up to take the the field. I've

been told that I am but I will

do everything that I can to get

out of it! It's not just about

having a hit of cricket. The

main aim of the day is to raise

thousands of dollars for the local school. As for which side won thele

debatable. But it was easey to

see who the real winners were. And Paul Kennedy I think

there should be more games of the umpires are dismissed and ignored. You know like they were having fun and enjoying the enjoying the game. Which is not always the case. Even Allan

Border. That is saying smog

something He is doing some

hard yards. Days after his victory at Ohio, Adam Scott

will start this week's US PGA

championship in Atlanta as one

of the favourites to win his

first major. And this is the

ten fris overnight. Not sure

but I will tell you about the

golf been big anies in the last

couple of days since he that tournament. He was - there

he is there practising for his

first major. There were big

headlines when his caddie Steve Williams, Tiger Woods Williams, Tiger Woods old

caddie, gave an interview on

the 18th green and the 18th green and said it was said it was the best his life, and that was clearly a a dig at Tiger Woods. Adam Scott is seriously. He has his

confidence and is able to go into that

can win it. He is third or

fourth favourite behind Rory McIlroy and word with Steve is not easy. He is a big guy, you easy. He is a big guy, you know! Look, he's - our chat about the whole thing

and, you know, he feels the and, you know, he feels the way

he feels and, look, I just took

what he said again as

confidence for me. If he really

feels that that was one of his

great wins, then, you

am kind of flattered and fills

me with confidence and I think

that is what his intention

is. There was no relevance to have a have a good dig at towards in the rib, putting him on

TV. It's blatantly obvious he is a fantastic caddie. The

only disappointing thing that I found personally from it is

there was no talk of how

pleased he was about Adam

winning. I think if he had

have kept him quieter. Each to

his own. I am sure Steve didn't

mean any harm about it mean any harm about it but he was excited to win with with some tennis flames here.

And you Murray has been beat en

badly by world number 35 Kevin Anderson at the Anderson at the Canadian Masters. Andy Murray won that

was Bernard Tomic's chance was Bernard Tomic's chance to

build on some momentum he had through Wimbledon reaching the round here he goes through to play Jo Wilfred Tsonga in the

next match. In cricket there's

a big Test series between India

and England at the moment. That

match at Edgbaston will go a

head tonight, night the middle

of Birmingham. The players were shielded from troubles going on outside. They

had people but the Test will go

football ahead. Unlike the friendly

football match between England and Holland which has been from the skippers. I suppose

manager is there that's what our security

manager is there for. He was

ahead of the game and told us

to stick in the hotel. I think

we will be doing a similar thing tonight in

similar ly. We've been isolated from. Although it's appal ing to watch what's going on the television We were outside

shopping and - we were there

for quite some time. We had

plan plans and to go for

dinner. Zac, our security

officer said it's better off to

food in the hotel so we didn't complain. Just to sign off, just to remind people at Horse

Guard's Parade in London there

are people in London who are are people in London who

trying to get a trying to get a way from the

mayhem, there's a test event

for the beach volleyball. And a

very athletic sport toos too. Paul that's been falling in the nation's south-east is set to that's been falling in the

move north today as move

level low and sur frais trough

team up over south-west

Queensland. This broad area of

low pressure will

in the Tasman sea and that coast low will send moist

south-east winds to Queensland, apart from Brisbane with a westerly southern interior. Fine in afternoon showers over the

breeze. Squat scattered showers across western NSW and one twoant on the western slopes of

the ranges. Late showers on the

north-east and south-east. Rain will spread eastern parts with heavy Gippsland: Snow down to m. A few showers in the west.

For Tasmania there's a warning of major flood tong Macquarie of

River and moderate flooding on

the Southesque river but the the Southesque river but

rain in 2

ease. In SA, showers today

over the agricultural area. And

also south of the pastoral

districts of SA. Adelaide should be a fine day have some showers as well. It

should be a fine day in the

west apart from a shower or two

near the South Coast. Partly cloudy in Perth. A very across the north of the State. The same over the Territory apart from erl I y fog in the

on the North east north and a few light showers

coast. Tomorrow:

That is a rournd roundup of

the morning news. Stay tuned to coverage throughout the day of the still very uncertain

situation in the UK with riots and uncertain continuing in in about 30 minutes have full coverage of the in about 30 minutes we will

opening of the Australian stock

market with hopefully finally some good news with pointing to a rise some good news with futures

ASX. Thanks for your pointing to a rise of 3% on the

Closed Captions by CSI Live. This Program is Captioned

Good morning. Welcome Business Today Good morning. Welcome to Fitzsimmons. Coming up Network. I'm Whitney

stocks up after the Federal rates on hold. Reserve vows to keep interest

- China's inflation hits a government spending. And safe options - where options - where should

investors turn to in turbulent times? Those stories coming up

shortly. First, let's take a

quick look at the markets. To

the US, after an overnight horror start Street bounded strongly from