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Live. Laying the blame, Kevin

Rudd points the finger at the Rudd points the finger at

US for the release of confidential cables. Mr is not himself

is not himself responsible the unauthorised release.

flooding cause Heavy rains and flash

in southern NSW. More than 80 flooding cause more headaches

inmates killed in a prison fire

in the Chilean capital Santiago. Anthony Mundine is knocked out

knocked out by contender Garth

Wood. Good morning, watching ABC News 24, I'm

Michael Rowland. The Foreign

United States is to Minister Kevin Rudd says the

United States is to blame for the release of 250,000 diplomatic the release of 250,000 secret founder Julian Assange is causing angst for governments around the world with the

release of those secret files.

Mr Assange is in custody in

Britain on Swedish sexual

assault charges. Mr Rudd

the WikiLeaks founder cannot be assault charges. Mr Rudd says

held personally responsible for

himself responsible for the those leaks. Mr Assange is

unauthorised release of 250,000

documents from the US diplomatic communications network. responsible for that. I have been pretty

been pretty consistent about where core responsibility lies

in this entire matter and it

lies with the release of an

unauthorised nature of this material by US

important for everyone to draw

breath and wait for due legal process

process to have its against the presumption of

innocence. That's the Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd there.

Senator Mark Arbib has

responded to the latest WikiLeaks information published

in today's Fairfax newspapers. The documents reveal Senator

Arbib was a secret source for the United States Embassy the United States Embassy in Canberra. In a statement

politicians he has Senator Arbib says like many

the US mission and and US politics can members of discussions politicians he has regular

the US mission and consulate.

The statement says Senator

Arbib is an active member of leadership dialogue which meets the Australian/American

Clarke joins us from Canberra regularly. For more Melissa

and despite all of that it

wasn't happy reading for Mark Arbib this morning? No, Arbib this morning? No, it's never fun to be splashed across the front page of newspapers with conversations the front page of the

that you would have thought

were confidential suddenly were confidential suddenly to find they're on the front of newspapers around find they're on the front pages

of newspapers around the country.

country. And what we have here is revelations was apparently talking to US Embassy officials even before

he was a senator, back when was still the state secretary he was a senator, back when he

continued that relationship up of the NSW Labor Party and has

until now. What he was actually

saying to US embassy officials doesn't appear to be too controversial. He was

controversial. He was making

fairly general remarks about

the domestic political

situation saying back in when Kim Beazley was situation saying back in 2006

Labor didn't have much of a

chance at the forthcoming election. More interestingly perhaps saying last year that Kevin Rudd was looking to make sure there were challenges for Julia Gillard to try and forestall any efforts

she might make to take over prime ministership but she might make to take over the

astute politicians would be prime ministership but most

hoping to - hoping that any potential challengers might

have competition themselves. So it doesn't seem to be from the contents of cables that have been published in the Fairfax controversial that Mark Arbib

has said to US Embassy

officials but nonetheless we

now have some evidence through

the Fairfax papers of that

ongoing relationship which no wanted made public doubt Mark Arbib wouldn't have

also found out through these wanted made public and we've

cables that the member for

seat of Fraser in Canberra, who cables that the member for the

recently retired, Bob McMullan,

who was a former minister for

trade, also had an ongoing

relationship speaking to US

Embassy officials as well as

Michael Danby, Michael Danby, the member

Michael Danby, the member for

Melbourne Ports. Kevin Rudd's

pointing the fingers pointing the fingers squarely

security within the US at what he sees as laxed

security within the US intelligence

has been a shift from what intelligence community. Which

we've heard from Julia Gillard Attorney-General. Kevin Rudd in and Robert McClelland, the

that interview with Reuters we

heard him just before was heard him just before was very

clear in saying it's not Julian

the problem is the fact that Assange that is the problem,

these are leaking through US officials in the first place

and then it's just being

distributed by WikiLeaksed. Now

Julia Gillard and Robert McClelland

the AFP to investigate whether

Julian Assange has broken Australian laws and that it was Julian Assange has broken any

WikiLeaks to release this information. They haven't been

so much focused on the original

source of the leaks. So Kevin

there and no doubt a Rudd's taking a bit of attack

there and no doubt a welcome one from the Julian Assange team. I'm sure they weren't expecting one of the prime people caught up in the

people caught up in the leaks to come to his defence but to come to his defence but it seems that's what we're getting from Kevin ark Clarke in Canberra, thank

you. Brendan O'Connor told News

Breakfast that the wound undermine Kevin Rudd Breakfast that the revelations

Foreign Minister. This is similar

similar or maybe worst things

have been said about Sarkozy, Angela Merkel, I think Angela Merkel, I think these leaders will continue on. It's

leaders will continue on. It's

embarrassing but I don't think

it's a career ender, provides

something fascinating to talk

about but I don't think it's something that's going to stop

Kevin Rudd in his track. To

other news now and heavy rain continued in NSW areas. The SES says it has rescued 96 people in the Wagga

Wagga area and in South Australia residents have sandbagged their homes sandbagged their homes in

preparation for the gall a, Light and Wakefield Light and Wakefield refrs Light and Wakefield refrs north

of Adelaide to flood. In

Victoria Mount Buller has

received more than 100 mm of rain. The ABC's George Roberts

is in Wagga and he joins us

now. What's the latest there?

Well, we're standing here right next to the levee bank which is

holding back the Waters of the other side there are a number of tree there's that of tree there's that are

standing in a fair bit of water

but stits still a couple of metres off the top of metres off the top of that metres off the top of that so there's not an there's not an immediate

concern there. Now, overnight a

nuclear of homes were in the Tarkutta area which is south-east of here. There were 25 people evacuated from there,

a home, 7 houses and a service station were evacuated. They

had nearly 100 mm of rain fall on the area last night and

there were a lot of downpours

here as well. In a street that we're in

we're in at the moment you can water out of this street back

into the river. These residents

woke up this morning to find a

sort of flash flood has been

lapping up at their lapping up at their front lawns here. So they're expecting

rain to continue, more rain to continue, more events

like this to continue over the

next 24 hours and it next 24 hours and it does keep - it's just started raining

again. It's sort of seems to again. It's sort of seems to

stop for a while and then it trickles and without much

warning at all it just buckets down. continue. So we don't know what

the long range forecast, as you

say it looks grey for say it looks grey for the

immediate future? Yes, well

look, there is still more rain forecast. Now, the main concern

about evacuating people from north Wagga Wagga north Wagga Wagga was that the levee banks may breach. Now at

this point in time the Murrumbidgee is actually dropping, the level of the

river is dropping but depending

on how much rain we get and how

much water gets released from

the dam upstream that may change. So at the moment there's been a few there's been a few people

evacuated in Wagga in the town

area itself last night. There

were about 6 from there and there have been

about 43 roads closed throughout Wagga Wagga itself.

So that's due to this kind

So that's due to this kind of flash flood flash flood ing. After downpours it streets become small lakes and downpours it seems suddenly streets become small lakes and

so that's the sort of main

stuff that's going on stuff that's going on around the town at the town at the moment. George Roberts, thanks for Now Victoria has also been buffeted by storms buffeted by storms including Wangaratta Wangaratta where residents were back

Wangaratta where residents back underwater after

devastating floods 3 back underwater after

devastating floods 3 devastating floods 3 months

ago. Anna McDonald is ago. Anna McDonald is in the northern Victorian northern Victorian town and said locals were hoping the worst of the stom r storms had

passed. The sun is just now break tlug the clouds after

heavy rain overnight and thunderstorms. A few minutes

ago we were down in a local

park that had been flooded but

we've been told to move on. We're now on

They said it was too dangerous for for us to be under down near the local park. Now local residents have been

sandbagging here in Wangaratta. 3 caravan parks have 3 caravan parks have been evacuated but no home, no residential properties been eveack - evacuated. There's been no

There's been no reported loss of livestock, no injuries of livestock, no injuries have

been reported so it seems as

though people have gotten though people have gotten away

unscathed here. 50 mm of rain

has fall nn the Wangaratta region

region since yesterday morning.

150 mm has fallen in the upper catchment. So we're now just waiting of the flooding will be as that water starts to move predictions downstream. There were predictions that the floods would be as bad as those that we saw we saw here in September. About

100 homes were evacuated then

as the levees burst. It's not

expected to be expected to be that bad now. I

spoke to the SES this morning, they've revised their forecast, they say it they say it won't now be as bad as that because there were

expected to be 2 to expected to be 2 storm fronts

to move through here last to move through here last night but only 1 actually came. But

as I said, we don't know exactly what will happen exactly what will happen yet. They're expecting flooding to

start either tonight or tomorrow morning at either tomorrow morning at either the

O Ovens or King Rivers that meet here at Wangaratta. The

Federal Government will fund Federal Government will fund nicotine patches through the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme. From February next From February next year concession card holders will concession card holders will be

able to access subsidised paches. Nicola Roxon expects

the decision to help tens of thousands of people to quit smoking. A former Australian Crown prot kuser will

will face court today charged

with murder of his wife. Lloyd Rayney has been charged following a police following a police investigation that's run for

more than 3 years. schools class Rayney disappeared after a boot schools class in Perth in 2007.

Her body was later found in a

bush grave near the CBD. Mr Rayney has denied any

involvement. Heading overseas

now and violent clashes have broken out following the

disputed results of disputed results of Haiti's presidential election. presidential election. The pro test s occur a as a French medical team medical team said the UN's

Nepalese peacekeepers were the Nepalese peacekeepers were the

most likely source of the cholera outbreak. The top 2 contenders in contenders in Haiti's presidential run off are still

far from certain and the Government's favoured candidate, Jude Celestin, has Micky Martelly by Micky Martelly by just under

7,000 votes or 1%. But the

presidential front runner has Maland Malaga. While it was

reported of ballot invalidate the vote. They've candidate in the run off if the

vote is nearly tied. Martelly

says he will not participate in a run off in which Celestin is present and his supporters are

backing him to the hilt.

TRANSLATION: After the cholera

we want Martelly

He was the first one who spoke about the about the cholera epidemic. Whoever succeeds past

the apeels process and the apeels process and the January run off, the scourge

cholera will remain. A French scientific report leaked to Associated Press suggests that United

Associated Press suggests that United from Nepal United Nations peacekeepers

from Nepal are indeed from Nepal are indeed the

likely source of Haiti's killer outbreak outbreak of cholera. The

spokesperson for the United

Nations stabilisation mission

in Haiti continues to

charge. At this point there is no con - conclusive that cholera may or may not compound. The confusing signals add

Haiti as people anxious lsh await a decision await a decision on their new leadership. It could also add another 500,000 deaths to the

nation leadership. It could also add another nation already shattered by

another 500,000 deaths to the

natural disaster. Fire has swept through a prison in killing more than 80 people.

Reports say the blaze broke gangs who set fire. 83 people are fire. 83 people are now confirmed dead fire. 83 people are now

confirmed dead confirmed dead and another 20 victims are understood to be inmates. Well the under way with the US TV star finally landing in Australia. under way with the US TV star finally landing in Australia. Queensland welcomed one of the world's promote Australia to the world. Oprah Winfrey finally arrives and Hamilton host. What are you host. What are you going to do while you're here? Everything I can. Everything I can. But Cairns was touched down on Australian soil. Waiting for her small group of small group of local fans. I don't know whether she will come come close enough but I'll do anything. But anything. But the talk show queen wasn't to be seen. Well,

only by a lucky few. She only came out for a split second

all she did was come out and say say "Hello" and then that was it. Oprah it. Oprah was given the star treatment. No lining up custom, they a bit of a let down, came here to have a look her, hoping she'd get off and wonder.. Come say, hello, come

meet my dogs. Only dog meeting Oprah was on duty. She one of the customs dogs. requested that. Then it was off to see more animals in action. I have been here hour and I've seen 2 hour and I've seen 2 qual,s mating government funding government funding launched this this Oprah odyssey designed to bring Australia. Her American audience members around the country. Some are in the Northern Territory to take in some Aboriginal Oprah Winfrey is due to make her only official appearance with the Prime

Friday. The top stories News 24 this morning - cables published in fair nax newspapers show Federal Minister Mark Arbib was a

secret source for the US Embassy in Canberra. Senator

arbibd says like many members US mission and Meanwhile Kevin Rudd says the US is responsible for the release of

diplomatic cables. There's diplomatic cables. There's been flash flooding in some parts of NSW overnight. The received over 60 calls from residents in Wagga Wagga. of South Australia and Victoria are also bracing for more heavy have died in a fire at have died in a fire at a prison in Chile's capital Santiago. Reports say the blaze broke out during

gangs who set mattresses on fire. Most of the victims inmates. To finance news and protestors have taken to their anger at a visit by their anger at a visit by the International Monetary International Monetary Fund's Strauss Kahn. But Mr Kahn says the country help. I understand may be demonstration against IMF,

IMF, people say ing IMF IMF, people say ing IMF go home. I won't home. I won't say I'm happy with that but really with that but really you're

better off with us here with us home. The sooner be able to go be able to go home, the sooner

you will be able to fly alone

the better it is. The

of the IMF membership, in this case our member, our member, Greece, our member, Greece, to overcome the problem the country trading was mixed on Wall Street overnight as the US

It's discovered. US authorities have found 20 tonnes of marijuana inside inside a tunnel that stretches from inside from inside a house in Mexico straight under and into a San Diego warehouse. The tunnel had its own lighting descended through a passageway

hacked out by criminal hands. Deeper and deeper we under the earth. US federal

agents led the years they've drug tunnels but this represents a new level sophistication. In sophistication. In this room you can see operation. There are rail

tracks and carts were used tracks and carts were used to

transport the drugs. There's lighting, there's authorities say whoever this spent $1 million this spent $1 million and took

a year to do so. For half a mile it runs right underneath

the US Mexico

authorities say they're winning the war on drugs. We're making the border a more secure environment, however these drug lose their bottom line dollar

and so they're having to go to these great lengths to ensure their profit margins. And here is millions of pounds worth marijuana seized when the tunnel was discovered in

empty warehouse in San Diego. Who knows how Who knows how much had already come through undetected. come through undetected. Just minutes away is the border, closely watched, guarded. The US has beefed up security on its frontier but it can't stop frontier but it can't stop all the the traffickers. We cross the legitimate Tijuana. It doesn't look like one in Mexico's war one in Mexico's war against the cartels. In house 7 people were arrested.

They were living in squalor. 2 rooms completely filled with bags of rubble because bags of rubble because in the middle of the floor the drug

tunnel that stretches to America below the floor of the below the floor of the house and and this well that we're in it's lined with cinder block. It's pretty over here this is over here this is the entrance

to the tunnel and on this it's lined with wooden planks.

These are the rail carts they use to transport the drugs. Half a mile underground to United States. I asked Half a mile underground to the

local attorney-general if Mexico's fighting it's a losing battle. We face the constant innovation of no other way to do it. Once they finish gathering evidence here, authorities will seal here, authorities will seal up

this tunnel for good but many more remain hidden? this tunnel for good but how

many more remain hidden? Now

the high winds and driving rain

haven't just been playing havoc

on land, spare a thought for the the people on board this ship. The US operated Antarctic cruise ship has 100 very groggy passengers and

on board. Now, the ship suffered an suffered an engine problem

while crossing heavy seas 90km/h winds. The ship was due

back in port in south of the Argentina ago but south of the Argentina a day

feel nauseous looking at Somebody who's also feeling bit groggy this morning is Somebody who's also feeling a Anthony Mundine after his knockout last Kennedy. Yes, spot on, he's not feeling too good at least of all because certainly his plans America now seem to be dubious and probably won't happen

Let's take a look last night at

the highlight of the fight particularly the 5th particularly the 5th round

where garted Wood the winner of the contender rr TV series took The big

to make him pay. Both fire stuff though. over the top. Pretty scrappy

stuff though. Certainly hasn't

been a sweet fight. A big

been a sweet fight. A Mundine. upper cut there. Wood all over upper cut there. Wood all over

I don't think he's

get up. Is he going to get

up? He's out! Anthony Mundine has been knocked out left hand by Garth Wood. has been knocked out with a big

History has been made at acer History

Arena. His first loss year, a stunning left year, a stunning left hand. And

knocked out also was that

commentator's voice. Let's hear

now from the two combatants Garth Wood and Mundine. I don't know, what do

I say, I'm the best I say, I'm the best kept secret but you're all aware of me now. So I promised my girls we'd away for a holiday and

the first thing we're going away for a holiday and that's

the first thing we're going to

do and then I'll sit down with my team and then where the Hood's going. You get my team and then we'll discuss

caught, it's about how you

bounce back and, you know, I

want to congratulate Garth and

his team, he did great his team, he did great to

in focus. He's rised up so more prepare him right and get him

credit to him. Anthony Mundine there. Now we'll take a look there. Now we'll take a look at

A-League match the highlights from the the highlights from

Newcastle Jets last night against the Melbourne Heart.

The Jet's won The Jet's won 2-0 after had a man sent off. It could be

a reshuffle for the Melbourne

Heart this evening with Moroney

in the midfield and Hamill at

right back. Have a look this. Tackle deemed to be right back. Have a look at

drew the free kick but then drew the free kick but then he

followed up and there was both

players put hands on each

other. In the end he went down, reacted reacted to the contact from Wheelhouse. So Alan Milner reached for the red card: Wheelhouse. So Alan Milner has

Casey We'reman with the Frances Jeffers scores a Casey We'reman with the corner.

Bolton's come a long way here Frances Jeffers scores a goal.

and that from Marco Bolton, he's having from Marco Jesic and Clint

Bolton, he's having a night to

cricket Australia is trying to forget. An update on the

keep its eye out for the best

Hauritz made 11 and shockingly Nathan

yesterday so he may be even

recalled at some stage during

the Test series to bowl his off-spin, of course, but maybe

could have done with stiffen up the tail. Australia

tail of the fifth day of the could have done with him in the

Adelaide Test. And we'll take a

conditions at the moment in quick look at the

Hawaii. This is happening as we

speak and these are in the first round of the speak and these are the waves

Hawaii Pipeline Masters. All Hawaii Pipeline

the top contenders get to skip

the first round. The first

round is basically locals who

are world-class surfers in their own right against the

tour contenders. In the next

couple of days we'll see couple of days we'll see the

stars come out and of course

Andy Irons, the memory of Andy Irons, who died recently, is on

the minds of all of those top

this year but lit be a very, has won his 10th world title

very emotional finale when it

comes about maybe in a week or so with that Pipeline Masters. It would be bliss as a surfer living in that area surfing those waves every surfing

surfing those waves every day.

You'd challenge a few of the big guys. They love and know the condition and they're big guys. They love and know

world-class world-class surfers in their

own right. I think they wait for that tournament and then

they enter and see how they go and usually there's a and usually there's a fairytale end though. The Joel Parkinson story who makes their way

and Kelly Slater and co are

waiting for them. Speaking of water now, Vanessa is going water now, Vanessa is going the

tell us about lot of it on the forecast right through 5 State right through 5 State asthe resulted in 67 mm in Wagga moment. Another downpour

overnight. Now that band of

rain in NSW is moving slightly north towards

Wollongong and into Richmond. severe weather warning remains in

rain will fall in a line in the south. Tomorrow heavy

down from the north-west

through through the Northern Territory,

Queensland and down into the north-east of NSW. It will then north-east

remain over Queensland on

Saturday with most of the heavy rain predicted Saturday with most of the heavy

south-east, possibly around the central highlands and coal fields in and coal fields in particular. Residents in central Queensland

are being told to prepare for possible flooding with the Fitzroy River expected to peak

early next week early next week in Rockhampton

and the Barcoo River is still in flood. for NSW in the

for NSW in the ACT Queanbeyan are bracing for a 1 in 20 year flood. The Queanbeyan River is compped

compped to peak near 8.2 metres this already been asked already been asked to evacuate. Also evacuations have occurred

below the Captain's Flat Dam and

and along the Molonglo River.

Much cooler weather in

Victoria, and just isolated showers but the rivers are still rising particularly in the north-east the north-east with major the north-east with major flood warnings for the Kiewa warnings for the Kiewa and King Rivers. The Murray River upsteam of Lake Hume along with the Seven and Castle creeks. Tasmania still flooding north but conditions have

eased. A top of 22 in Apart from a few showers an

storms in South Australia's storms in South Australia's far north-east, looking at a much

dryer day with cooler south-westerly winds south-westerly winds and the

threat of flooding has eased

after the rivers peaked last after the rivers peaked last night. A little drizzle along parts of WA's south coast. The

area missing out on all this

big rainfall. Dry with fresh storms in the far north and then across then across the Northern Territory, a top of 34 degrees in Darwin. That's a round up of the morning news. morning news. Stay tuned to ABC

News 24 and ABC online

throughout the day for all the latest on the floods and WikiLeaks. That's all for WikiLeaks. That's all for now,

thanks for your company,

goodbye. Closed Captions by CSI

This Program is Captioned Live. This morning heavy Live. This morning heavy rain continues to wreak havoc in continues to wreak havoc in 3 States.

Also material , Kevin Rudd blames

the US for the the US for the release of diplomatic

inmates killed in a inmates killed in a jail fire in Chile. Astronomers discover

a planet that could be rich in Anthony Mundine floored Anthony Mundine floored in boxing upset. By knockout, ABC News 24, I'm Joe Good morning, you're watching

ABC News 24, I'm Joe O'Brien. Flood warnings are still in place in