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Tonight, taking no chances

as the Olympic torch reaches

Tibet. Protests on the

anniversary of the

intervention. A high-rise

tragedy on Queensland's Gold

Coast. And super size me!

Good evening. Joe O'Brien The Cats out of the bag.

with ABC News - The Olympic

torch relay entered its most

controversial phase today

when it passed through Lhasa.

Far from heeding calls from

activist groups not to allow the Olympic torch to go the Olympic torch to go to

Tibet the local Communist

Party leadership turned the

vowing to smash the Dalai relay into a political rally

Lama. Foreigners have been

banned from entering Tibet

after a violent rebellion

there in March but 'Foreign

Corrrespondent' Stephen

McDonald was within of a

handful of reporters allowed

into Lhasa. This is what

Tibetan exiled groups did not Tibetan exiled groups did not

want the see - the Olympic

torch being carried through

the regional capital Lhasa. A

massive security presence on

the streets of the city

prevented free movement in

the hours leading up to the

relay. Officials said police

and military forces needed to

be bolstered to ensure the

smooth running of the relay.

They were worried the Olympic

torch Korea ignite torch Korea ignite the

violent anti-Chinese

rebellion which hit Lhasa in March. Overseas protestors

went onto disrupt the relay

to try to prevent the Olympic

torch from travelling to

Tibet. But their efforts came

to no avail. It is not a

problem with the Olympics it

is a problem with China using

the Olympics to pretend that

everything is great in China

we should not be paying attention to the situation attention to the situation in

Tibet or the human right

abuses in Tibet. But the

Chinese Government today was

a victory against Tibetan

exile groups. We were told

that it was inevitable that

the property pot would not

stop the Olympic torch coming

here. Those who run against

the will of the people or the

trend of the times will not

prevail centrally. The cloi

maximum of today's relay was

when it arrived at the Patala

Palace the former home of the

Dalai Lama. The Olympic torch

was passed to the local

Communist Party secretary who

announced "We will certainly

be able to tote think smash

the scheme of the Dalai

Lama". This is a highly

controlled event T small crowds have been specially

selected and those not

invited have been asked to

stay home. Our movements have

been restricted to certain

areas. The last thing the

local authorities want is for

us to interview anyone who is

critical of the Olympic torch

being here. We were told life

is returning to normal here.

But we have seen shops

closed, quiet streets and soldiers and police everywhere. everywhere. Foreign tourists

are still banned. It seems

the storm has not cleared

yet. The Zimbabwean

President Mugabe has again

vowed to keep the Opposition

from gaining power saying

only God can remove him from

office. The comments came as

new pictures emerged

apparently show in

pro-Government gangs hunting

Opposition supporters. The

footage was taken by staff

from the US Embassy They are

clearly using tactics of

threat and intimidation,

despicable things like making

a parents choose between

feeding their child and

voting their conscience. The

Opposition Leader Morgan

Tsvangarai is urging his

supporters to vote in the

run-off poll next week but

some Opposition figures say

the election is a sham and

there are growing calls from

in the Movement for

Democratic Change for an

Opposition boycott of the

poll. Israel has reportedly

carried out ex-are sizes in

preparation for a bomb

incorporate on Iranian

nuclear facilities adding

more friction to the dispute over Tehran's weapons

program. Israel has not

confirmed the reports but US

officials quoted in the 'New

York Times' say they were

large scale manoeuvres over

the Mediterranean.

The planes flew as far as

Greece nowhere near Tehran

but roughly the same distance

proving the Israelis are

capable of launching a capable of launching a strike

on Iranian facilities if they

want to. They have taken

similar action bombing a

suspected reactor in Syria

last year and a suspected

remember actor in the '80s.

They want a diplomatic

solution in Tehran and are

ruling for tougher sanctions

but they will not rule out

the use of force We take

this issue seriously and

there will have to be further

measures if they continue to

be in the defiance of an

international community. The

suggestion of military action

over Iran's nuclear program

has alarmed some observers

who say it would be a dangerous escalation of

tensions in a volatile

region. The head of the UN's

atomic watchdog said he would

quit if Iran was bombed. He

said the situation would

result in a fireball and

result in Iraq developing a

nuclear weapon as soon as

possible. With key facilities

underground experts say air

strikes alone could to

destroy their nuclear

effort or attempt the use capacity We believe any

force in this situation would

be extremely

counterproductive. Russia is

counting on a push

spearheaded by the EU's

chief. He is still waiting

for a response to his offer

of aid in return for nuclear

concessions. But Iran's

enemies are clearly keeping

military option on the table

too. The task force in

charge of the Federal

Territory Aboriginal intervention into Northern

community has released community has released a

report suggesting some

communities may not be viable

T report was released in

Darwin as a national day of

protest was held marking one

year since the start of the

intervention. Aboriginal

Territorians have had 12

months to digest the

intervention. For some there

is a bitter after taste. Mr

Rudd, Mr Howard, why haven't

you addressed our custodial you addressed our custodial

right of this country, bottom

line? One block away if

this rally in Darwin the

minister was releasing the

emergency response. If the

report's up recommendation

are implemented some smaller

Aboriginal community could be

deemed unviable based on

their size, location and

ability the lure private

sector investment which means

they would miss out on new housing, housing, police and schools

and Jenny Macklin gave some

hint of her intentions today

I want the public sure that

children are going to sure

that, parents are able to get

work. The report does not

name unviable communities and

the minister would not be

drawn on how it would

happen. Forcibly removing

anyone is way off the

mark. What good is Canberra?

The only good reason Canberra

is there is because Parliament

Parliament House. Does it

generate anything? It was a

similar feeling elsewhere in

the country with calls for

civil disobedience. We will

close the climb and no-one

will climb Uluru ever again.

No-one. With a full review of

the intervention expected in

the next few months the Prime Minister says he is committed

to it and important progress has been made.

has been made. Two men have

been killed in a workplace

accident on the Gold Coast.

The men were rendering a high-rise apartment building

when the platform they were

working on collapsed falling

26 floors. Union officials

say stuff tragedies are all

too common in Queensland and they say they will be

carrying out their own

investigation. It was just

after 8 this morning when after 8 this morning when the

tragic accident shook

Broadbeach residents It was

bone-shattering, like a huge

noise. It woke me up. A union

official says the swinging

stage gave way leaving them

dangling 26 stories above the

ground for as long as 30

seconds. The stage itself then totally collapsed. This

was no hope for survive. was no hope for survive.

There is a lot of emotions

around the sit at the moment around the sit at the moment

as this would be when you

have seen a workmate die or a

family member die. This is a particularly tragic

incident. The fact it

happened in broad daylight

and there were quite a few

construction workers who witnessed the

incident. Workers at nearby

construction sites came to offer condolences but the

shock waves extended much

further As Labor people our

thoughts are with the thoughts are with the

families of those men. We

take workplace health and safety issues really

seriously and let's get to

the bottom of this one with a

authorise oh

investigation. Police have

established a crime scene and

will work alongside workplace

health and safety officers

the find out what went wrong.

Construction stopped

immediately after the

accident. Workers are

expected to attend a meeting

first thing Monday morning but it is but it is not known when work

on the project will resume.

The union will conduct their

own investigation The

industry has the highest

death rate proportionately

Gold Coast has a few

fatalities. Counselling is

being provided to the site's

workers and families. A $100,000 reward is being

offered to help find the

killers of a teenager

murdered at a party

south-west of Sydney five

years ago. 17-year-old Nathan

Garriock died after being hit

by a car and bashed over the

head. He had been celebrating

a friend's birthday at Camden

in 2003. Police have

interviewed more than 150

witnesses but are yet the

find those responsible for

the teenager's death. There

has been international

recognition for the

the 'Pasha helicopter crews involved in

the 'Pasha Bulker' rescues

last year. Six people were

involved in winching 22 crew

members from the ship after

it was stranded on a

Newcastle beach in heavy seas

and gale-force winds.

Overnight the international

maritime organisation awarded bravery certificates the all

six rescuers. The IMO is a UN

agency responsible for

maritime safety. A Darwin medical researcher has

discovered that a strain of

malaria previously not

considered deadly could be

killing 50,000 people a year

in Asia. The study shows that residents of Northern

Australia in particular

should be concerned about

vivax malaria because of the

risk of it spreading from

Asia. In tropical regions the

vivax malaria is common. It

is carried by insects and infect its 300 million a infect its 300 million a year

in the Asia-Pacific region.

The malaria parasite ruptures

the red cells and they become

very anemic and vulnerable to

other infections. Dr Rick

Price studied the disease for five years and found pregnant

women and the young were

those most at risk with 2 per

cent of children hospitalised

dying from the disease

People have tended to

downplay it because they

regard it as unimportant.

What we have seen is this

infection goes to sleep in

your liver and gives you

repeated bouts. For the

Australian army it has been

the primary problem. We have

drugs that work and work well

T problem is usually making

them easy to give, making

them less of a problem for

people to take. Vivax malaria prevention and treatment is a

high priority for the army as

the strains become resistant

to the chloroquin treatment

traditionally used Treating

the soldiers or the patient

here in Australia is

difficult but it is certainly

not a huge issue. It is a

bigger public health problem

in places like New Guinea

where they can often times

only afford drugs like

chloroquin which are

relatively cheap. Mosh than

800 Australians bring the

parasites back to Australia

without knowing T concern is

that if the pandemic in Asia

spreads it could filter down

into Northern Australia. They

grow to twice the size of a

domestic cat and can leap 2

metres into the air. This is

hope one moggy that environment

hope will never set foot on

Australian soil but there is

confirmation tonight that it

may be too late with so-called supercats already

in quarantine in the US

awaiting import the

Australia. They are larger

than your average house cat

and may be coming the a

street near you. Scientists

have grave per cent that

Australian wildlife will soon

like be on their menu. Lizards

like this Meryl Streep are

under siege by roaming feral

cats It frightens me we may

think about bringing in a

bigger cat with a bigger appetite. Two decades ago

American cat breed ers

crossed the domestic moggy

with the African Serval T

One could result was a Savannah cat.

One could set you back around

$10,000 There is a search in many pet industries for new

and more exciting designer

pets. This is a cat that contains genetic material

from a African Serval, a wild cat. Under Australian quarantine the Savannah cat

is de finance as domesticated

but the claws are out tore

those who want to import

them. A new online petition

has attracted thousands of

signatures I would hope the

online petition would stop

this breed being introduced

into us a and for any breeds

like it. It seems like the

case of the Savannah cat has

identified a loophole in that

and I think that we need to

plug that loophole. The Federal Minister Peter

Garrett says he is seeking

advice on the environment

implications of importing the

cat into Australia.

Tonight's top story - there has been heavy security in Tonight's top story - there

the Tibetan capital for the

Olympic torch relay. Still to come, the Opera House

lightens up for a much-loved


While Australians have

been told to brace themselves

for higher food prices

Russians are already having

to swallow hefty hikes. Food

prices in Russia have been

rising by 2 per cent a month

with one study saying that

almost half the population is

cutting back on what it east.

Moscow correspondent Scott

Bevan reports. This woman is

having to learn how to

stretch the family shopping

budget, not only does she

have an extra mouth to feed

with her 6-month-old son but

she has to contend with sharply rising prices With

the baby formula for example

it was like less than $20

five months ago and now it is

almost $30. Since the start

of the year food prices

unRussia have risen 11.6 per

cent, four times the average

of EU countries and it is

hurting at the cash register

The situation is not normal

for our country. Economists

say the effects of the world food crisis food crisis and Russia's high

inflation rate of 8 per cent

since January are fuelling

the high inflation What we

see now is the first wave of

thin nation. One new study

estimates that 45 per cent of

Russians are restricting what

they eat because of

infliction and some hanker

for the prices of the Soviet days when a loaf of bread

cost the equivalent of less

than 10 cents, now it is more

than dollar Back then there

was a feeling of stability

which is better for a person.

Now it is alarming. For tall

price hikes economists say

the financial pain has been

softened for many Russians

because wages are rising even

faster than the rate of

inflation Definitely people change change about inflation but

they are better off. Those

who have a bit of land are

trying to beat the price

rises by growing their own

food. Roughly speaking it

helps us to save 20 per cent

of the family budget. Yet for

most relying solely on the

shopping there is no

alternative but the tighten

their budgetary belts.

NASA's between Phoenix

Lander has uncovered about

proof there is water on Mars

a key step in determining had

the Red Planet could sustain

life. The Lander uncovered a white substance which could

have been ice or salt. A

later photograph shows the

specks had disappeared which

NASA says it is prove it was

water which had evaporated

when exposed to the martian

atmosphere. The next step

will be to scoop up some of

the crystals and put them

inside the Lander for analysis. Despite missing

three of its stars Brisbane

has beaten the west Tigers by

1 point.

Without names like

Lockyer, Hodges and Wallace

the Broncos prospects did not

look good early on against the Tigers. Chris

Heighington gets it

away. Brisbane replied

through makeshift half-back

Joel Moon. Michael Ennis and

Robbie Farrah looked ready to

get in the ring. The Tigers

struck a blow right on

half-time to lead by 4 at the

break. Brisbane landed two

quick ones early in the

second half. Dave second half. Dave Taylor's

oxygen-sapping run laid the

foundations for a try-out

wide to Origin winger Denan

Kemp. Shortly after Nick

Kenny crawled over for his

maiden first-grade try. He

will score! The Tigers

levelled the scores in

spectacular fashion with 15

minutes to go. The cool head

of Karmichael Hunt secured

the win for Brisbane. The

depleted Panthers started

well against the Dragons. A

their ended his night but

Penrith took a 12-nil lead to the break. St George scored

two converted tries in 3

minutes. Lear come the

Dragons! This field goal

gave the Dragons five wins in

a row but a back injury a row but a back injury has

Mark Gasnier in doubt for

Wednesday week's State of

Origin decider. In recent

seasons the Raiders have

often left their best form in

the nation's capital but the

green machine raced along at

a point a minute to take a

16-point lead Gets it over

the ton. A flying kick the ton. A flying kick start

for a fight back and the home

team trailed by 2 in a

high-scoring affair. Canberra

returned serve the tick an

8-point lead the half-time.

Raiders had all the momentum

early in the second half.

Late in that game Raiders led

the Bulldogs 38 points to 18.

New Zealand is heading

towards a comfortable win

over England in their rugby

union Test in Christchurch.

The All Blacks lead 37 to 12.

The New Zealand captain

injured his ankle and limped

from the field. He may be in

doubt for the start of the

Tri-Nations next month. The

young centre grab add try on

his international debut.

Penalty goals and a

individual effort from Dan Carter

Carter put the home team

ahead 20-nil. Despite a

second had half try England

will head home winless if a

controversial tour marred by

off field drama and 58

gations of sexual assault.

As mentioned late in that

game the All Blacks lead

England 37-12. Sydney

University remains on top of

the ladder after 12 rounds of

the Shute Shield. Uni beat

Manly by 12 points. The other

winners were West Harbour, Gordon, Norths, Eastwood and

Randwick North Melbourne has

upset Hawthorn in round 13 of

the AFL at the MCGT kangaroos

won by 27 points. Richmond

beat Port Adelaide by 4 and

St Kilda defeated Fremantle last night. It will last night. It will go down

as the shortest match in the

long history of international

cricket but it is still a win

for the Windies over

Australia. Rain reduced the

Twenty20 this morning to 11

overs a side. New faces

helped Australia make 3/97

but the hosts cruised to

victory led by some big

hitting from Xavier Marshall.

Rain almost ruined the first

Twenty20 international to be

held in the Windies, the

clouds cleared after a

two-hour delay and with just

66 balls for their innings

debutantes Sean Marsh and

Luke Ronchi wasted no time T

Windies effort was evident

although at times

misdirected. Ronchi smashed

six fours and a 6 before dye

parting for 36. Marsh soon

follow would a freakish follow would a freakish catch

from Xavier Marshall on the

boundary. Hussey only lasted

two balls, Shane Watson's

late flurry helped Australia

Post 97 Before the game

started we thought 110 would

be a reasonable total. Ricky

Ponting did not factor Man-of-the-Match Xavier

Marshall into the equation.

The young opener produced 15 ball highlights reel

including three 6s and three

4s. He was run out for 36.

Two more wickets fell quickly

but the damage had been done. Captain Dwayne Bravo guided

the Windies home with 11

balls the spare That is good

for Windies cricket and once

we keep in that vein we have

a good start for the

future. It was an abbreviated

win but a significant one leading into a five-day

one-game series. Turkey has

made the semi-finals of the

Euro 2008 for the first time

defeating Coatia in a penalty

shootout in Vienna. Coatia

looked to have wrapped up the

win when it scored with a

minute to go in extra time but Turkey replied in the

first minute of time added

onto send the game to a penalty

penalty shootout Tall drama

has come in the last 60

seconds of extra time!

Turkey won the penalty

shootout 3-1 to set up

semifinal against Germany. After the game police were

kept busy as supporters of

the two countries clashed on

the streets. Tomorrow night

the Socceroos will host China

in a World Cup qualifier at

the Olympic Stadium in front

of a crowd of

of a crowd of 75,000.

Putting serious and dramatic

opera to one side it is opera

Australia's annual flirtation

of the light musical. 'My

Fair Lady' begins tonight.

For one star performer it is

like going back nearly half a

century. You know the tunes...

# Wouldn't it be lovely?

# The rain in Spain stays

mainly... You know the

lines? Well many of us in

the more mature age bracket

do. That is the rhetorical

question posted in the

musical of Bernard Shaw and

'My Fair Lady' has been doing

the rounds in Australian

musical theatre for nearly 50

years. 'My Fair Lady' ran in

Melbourne in 1959 then Sydney

in 1961 and making a name for

herself in the chorus way

back then was noonsy Hayes

It is magical. Nancy moves

from the chorus the playing

the mother of Prefessor Henri

Higgins Reg Livermore Good

fun, she gives him a hard

time which I enjoy. For the

unfamiliar the professor

takes on the challenge to

teach Eliza the talk proper.

I love to act so it is a bit

of a gift actually. You would

never guess. When the

musical finishes its run in Sydney, Canberra and Brisbane

in August it moves to the

Needer Royal in Sydney. Not

only will there be a change

in venue but the Cats. Reg

will move to another

production oh the role of the

professor will be played by

Richard E Grant, so there is

a challenge I will be miss

Reg but it would be exciting

to work with Richard E

Grant. Will you boss him the

same way? Absolutely, that

is my job. Eliza job is not

to let her accent slip S

Come on Dover, move your

blooming arse. Couldn't have

said it bet are myself, miss.

Strong south-westerly

winds push cloud across the south-east bringing showers

and there is a thin band of

cloud over the Northern

Territory but that has not

produced any rain T

slow-moving high dominates

the map. It will bring

another cold morning inland

and keep pushing south-easterlies across the

north. That high should clear

drizzle from the South

Australian coast and the

showers over as the and

Victoria are expected to push

up into NSW. In the capital

cities tomorrow - Perth,

Darwin, Brisbane and Canberra

should be fine. Melbourne is

expecting a few showers and

Adelaide and and Hobart

clearing drizzle and showers.

Around NSW a strong wind warn

bringing the Queensland

border and a gale warning

from the south. Tomorrow it

should be mostly fine in the

north-east apart if showers

on the Central Coast. Light

snow in the Alps and isolated

showers and drizzle on the

coast. Inland partly cloudy

with moderate wind. In Sydney

tomorrow fine with cloudy

periods, moderate winds,

fresh at times along the

coast. A top of 17 in the

city and out west.

Gerard Whateley looks at the

week in support with

'Offsiders' and at 11 o'clock

Greg Hoy hosts 'Asia Pacific

Focus'. That is the news for

now. I will be back with an

update in an hour and for the

latest headlines 24 hours a

day go to ABC Radio and ABC

News online. Have a great