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(generated from captions) This Program is Captioned Live. Wading through the Live. Wading through the mud,

Brisbane residents return to the overwhelming job of the

big clean up. What I get over is big clean up. What I can never

are when these sort are when these sort of disasters occur. confirmed dead in the flooding

but authorities say that number

may double. Thousands evacuated

as floods threaten towns across central and We want to try save We want to try and fight and won't go under anyway but ours is one worst close. 500 dead in Brazil's

Good morning, it's Saturday, Uhlmann. And 15 January, I'm Chris Breakfast flood special. Trioli. Welcome to an ABC News

enormous task Brisbane continues enormous task of cleaning up

possessions morning. Flood-damaged and more people are returning

home to see just what's left. gradually being restored but electricity. To add to their grief, many people discover their insurance doesn't flood damage. still missing and many of may still missing and many of them reporter Hayden may never be found. ABC

from the Brisbane suburb of reporter Hayden Cooper joins us Kangaroo Point. Good morning, Hayden. Morning. That clean up obviously well under way but a recede the

does, every a massive volunteer effort. The does, every day. Today will be

as can this push. He likes to be known

as can do Campbell Newman. He's

telling people to go to about 4 and sent to help people out

and, you know, from having the city in the last sort of 24 hours, as the water goes back, there's a lot of mud, it really

smells a like. It's sewage and rubbish and people really have to get in and try

and shovel all of that away. And there are already a lot

volunteers out And there are already a lot of

volunteers out and about helping but today's an effort to try and coordinate that and

make sure that people in the worst areas get, you the help that they need. But it worst areas get, you know, all

will be across the weekend. So spare a

thought for those Queenslanders who will

mud. Now Sarah Clarke is in our

we can take a look at some of over the river this morning and

her pictures, she joins us now. Good morning, whereabouts are

you and what are we seeing? We're at the Pat Rafter

see tennis centre and as you can

covered in mud. Inside the

actual stadium it's still got a

obviously any tennis or matches large pool of water so

here in the next

and I believe Pat Rafter and a number of the other high profile tennis players like Sam Stosur, Roger Stosur, Roger Federer, Rafael

Nadal are all raising money to to be operational for a Certainly here it's not going

while. There's to be a play off to be played in Melbourne in the lead up to at the moment for the desired and needed money as well. As you've been flying

over the city this morning and

in particular when you flew over the Brisbane produce

markets this really see, extraordinary force of this water. But also waste that's been

result of precious and needed result of precious and much needed supplies. As you saw

been swept on before we had that truck that's

one truck was actually in the river so it shows the power the flows river so it shows the power of

the system. the flows as they went through

still cleaning up. As we've been flying over some of these riverside suburbs of Chelmer, these houses have cleared out everything. It the house. We're seeing like there will be much left in

couches, white goods, there are piles and recovery program. to be fixed up or recovered. One ot recovered. One ot other concerns was Coronation Drive the west and the fact it might

flew over that

all the water receded? All the water's receded and the indound

and outbound lanes are mooufg. Police have said drive with restrictions on caution and they've got some

roadways throughout Brisbane on

the grounds that has mentioned yesterday they're Drive concerned about Coronation river obviously because Drive and land slips into the

time. There are pot holes, wash outs and the road's

got a nice thick layer and soil across

are going to be problems so they've suggested driving There's still debris some roads that we've passed. night. It was cut off night. It was cut off at Goodna and some other areas, it's now thorough fare that has been

closed for days right underwater, it's now basically on the road, people are movement, the cleared. You can see a lot of

basically moving with haste to on movement, the traffic is back

get everything back up

with us, he's speaking to us normal. Hayden Cooper get everything back up to

from Kangaroo Point. Hayden, what's activity like on the

streets of Brisbane now? Are

people returning back to not

workplaces? Yeah, I think so. I only their homes but also to

I mean yesterday the traffic

was terrible, it was gridlock

all around the city because

there were so many roads

closed. Today it does look lot better closed. Today it does look a

lot better but it's still very

early. A lot of the roads are

reopening. The streets have a

very strange feel to them.

There's a lot of army soldiers

on the streets, you will see

troop carriers going past with

a dozen soldier on the back. It makes you feel you're in

downtown Dili than downtown feeling to the city at the moment but it is, you moment but it is, you know,

getting back to normal. People

are going back to work, the

are reopening. There's still a water is disappearing so roads

lot of police everywhere, not only directing traffic but also

keeping an eye out for looters

and there's been a few cases of looting where people looting where people have been

arrested. But, you know, by and large this is a city large this is a city getting

back to normal although it will

be a city that's in up mode for quite a while yet. We've also heard overnight

about the former prime minister Kevin Rudd and his little trip

to a hospital. He seems to be one of our first high one of our first high profile

flood victims because it's flood victims because it's a distinctly flood-related injury. Apparently it is, yes.

We've seen him out We've seen him out and about cleaning up himself but last

night he had to go to hospital

because he cut his foot and it because he cut his foot and it

became infected. So it's just

the sort of injury that about and Kevin Rudd has been

one who we've seen quite a lot

of helping out in his home

suburb of Norman Park and when I've seen him I've seen him he has been wearing shoes or gum boots but

maybe earlier in the week

somehow managed to cut his foot

and it came back to haunt him

last night. But he was only in

hospital for a couple of hours

and got fixed up. I don't and got fixed up. I don't know whether it will joining in the big volunteer day today but, you way he's been going this day today but, you know, the

way he's been going this week

we probably will see a bit more of him out of him out and about. Hayden

Cooper, thank you. Prince

Charles has offered his victims on behalf of the United

sympathy to Australian flood

victims on behalf of the United Kingdom. And disaster. For so many people in Australians in the face of disaster. For so many people in the United Kingdom we do feel really deeply on behalf of the

Australians and particularly in the State of Queensland the State of Queensland which has had such has had such a terrible weeks from this cyclone and what I these sort of disasters And apart from anything And apart from anything else, so many of country wanted to offer deepest condolences to deepest condolences to all

those who have lost - the

families of those who have lost their lives in this tragedy. We've all been

watching with mounting watching with mounting dismay and concern the appalling the sheer scale the sheer scale of them I can

never get over. When you think

of the metres in height of the

floodwaters. We have floods

here but nothing by here but nothing by any means in comparison to what is

happening in Queensland and the sheer size of the extraordinary thing when you

think about it. And what people

are having to endure all sides coupled with thousands of snakes that appear

out of goodness knows where, crocodiles, you name Prince Charles offer ing solidarity with flood there's. The flood has eased in

Goondiwindi the levee holding and reaching a peak just over

metres. Those who fled homes have returned. And

Boggabilla also seems to have escaped the floods. The nearby town of Toomelah isn't so lucky, several home there's have been flooded. Towns across central and western Victoria remain on flood alert. Torrential home and businesses and closed scores of roads. Around scores of roads. Around 2 dozen people have near Bendigo. There near Bendigo. There have also been evacuations and heavy rain is and heavy rain is causing havoc there. to overflow and residents in many towns have been evacuated. Dozens of homes in

Sheffield, Spreyton, Railton

and many roads and many roads cut. Mud slides and floods water have washed away whole towns or Rescuers are combing the wreckage looking for Authorities are warning the death toll is likely to climb a slides have ravaged eastern Sri

Lanka as well. Rice Paddies are

villagers to scrounge villagers to scrounge for corns or yams to survive. 27 people

have died and 360,000 people are homeless. And with growing concerns about the

spread of diseases such Tunisia's President fired tear gas at demonstrators an The country has

The country has been rocked by

a month of riots against the country's crippling unemployment level and poverty.

The Government puts the death observers say observers say however it's

closer to 70.

look at swollen rivers have flooded several towns and isolated crews waim trapped in Charlton after

They were evacuated to nearby Donald. Flood waters have now

cut all access to the town. In the west Horsham residents are on alert. They've been told to

expect the Wimmera to rise expect the Wimmera to rise to a

higher than it did during the

September floods. The nearby towns of Glenorchy Bridge are also on up around 2,000 people have been evacuated from been evacuated from their homes in the western and central remain in place for a number of towns including Serpentine and

Carisbrrok, towns along the

Wimmera, lodon and Campase told to prepare for spoke to told to prepare for spoke to Paul Kenky in Victoria where floods have cut the Victoria where floods have cut the at the moment and the road, the Western at the highway. We're in Stawell Western Highway at the moment and the road, the Western Western Highway between Stawell and Horsham Western Highway

and Horsham has been There's the blis Police did road block here and they're might be able to trucks in the background there. That

trucks in the background there. That line, that queue goes for about 11:00 last night. We were here just after the road

was set up and the was set was that perhaps was set up and

was that perhaps the Western

Highway would be

some 8 to 10 hour and Vic

Roads, the road authority has made that call. That's the

major road between Melbourne and Adelaide and so there's many, many trucks that can't

get through and plenty get through and plenty of

families too that we've seen families too that we've seen in

between all those big rigs that

can't make it through to Horsham and beyond and Horsham and beyond and some

families that we spoke to can't

get back to Adelaide after

having their holidays. There

are many towns under threat the moment and have experienced some flooding overnight and

they include Charlton and

Glenorchy is a very small town

that they've got concerns for,

that's only about 20 kilometres from here. We're told there's

only 15 or 20 houses in there

but it's right on the banks of

of the Wimmera River which is

one of the rivers that is

peaking and peaking apparently

higher than it did last

September when we saw all of

the flooding across similar regions in understand that the entire town

of Carisbrook in central

Victoria has been evacuated. Locals there are saying the

whole town's been that particular part of central

Victoria also affected by

rising rivers? That's right,

and in fact there's been 12 towns that have been wholly or

partly evacuated. Some

people are at the moment holed

up in relief centres, 19 relief centres around central and

western Victoria. So many, many people have many more thousands have been inconvenienced by power

outages. There's 8,000 homes without power in the Bendigo region because a substation,

power substation was affected

by flooding also. So there's

road closures, dozens and

dozens of road closures, very

hard to move around for an area

of several hundred kilometres

and those individual towns are

suffering alone at the moment.

We saw yesterday that the town of Creswick was flooding again and there was some frustration and in fact

anger by some of the residents

towards local authorities that say the residents are saying they should the creeks and the rivers as

much as they could and removed

debris after the flooding came

in September last year. So they're certainly not they're certainly not happy.

They've spent the last 4 They've spent the last 4 months relaying their carpet relaying their carpet and

repaint ing walls and all ouf

that has been affected. So you can imagine we've can imagine we've been talking in the

insurance in Brisbane. There's certainly no insurance for

those people that were affected

by flooding and had to rebuild and now it comes again. Three

times in just times in just a handful of

months there, really doing it

hard in those Victorian communities. Now we can update you now on the figures in Queensland in relation to

fatalities and also people

missing. Yeah, that's right.

Now we had heard earlier that

53 people were missing, now that number has been revised

down to 20, that's good news.

There are grave concerns held for 12 and still stands at 16 and in the midst of that, of course, Queensland

Queensland is beginning the

mammoth task of cleaning up

after the floods. And while

some residents have returned their homes others remain

underwater. Andrew McLeod was a

senior adviser on disaster management for management for the United

Nations and he joins us to talk us through just us through just what happens in the aftermath of a the aftermath of a situation like this. Andrew McLeod good morning. Where have morning. Where have you had most disaster Philippine, Sri Lanka,

Timor, post conflict work in

Bosnia, Rwanda, areas like that. What's the first thing you have to do on a situation like that? on a situation like that? The first thing you come in yuf got decision maker

to understand the who the to understand decision maker ares, you've got context. Landing in Pakistan for the for the earthquake in 2005, we

need to know who's in charge s tit civilian government, the

military here is it's clearer in a place like Australia. Got negotiate with Anna

Bligh. Someone asked me the other day how odo you think the operation is it's heartening to the Government is getting it exactly right. Australia has exactly right. Australia has a really good really good emergency management system.

about it this way, you start

from a local car crash. from a local car crash. The police handle the police handle the scene, the ambulance takes away the jird, the fire brigade wash down the

road and our emergency management system is start from the car crash and scale up look at the way the 3 levels of our government have worked

this Queensland crisis, Anna are in charge, are in charge, the local government she's doing and Julia as Prime Minister is coming in offering federal support where

possible but we know who's in charge, we know the right level

of government to go and talk to and that is brilliant. There's flo bickering, there's flo bickering, there's no egos getting involved, people just wanting to get the job done and

all levels of government are doing it exactly right. We're seeing Brisbane. We're back at the produce market in Brisbane. You can see the force of that water simply carried and enormous truck quite some truck quite some distance and

miled it on top of That's how deep That's how deep and how powerful that water was that's now receded. It's good to hear you say you can clearly your words that they're getting it almost exactly right. The right level of government are in charge. We see are going back to their homes. What are the have to be put in place right now? A couple of Firstly Anna Bligh is right to say where the emergency focus on that emergency. What think they've done, which is really well, is given responsibility reconstruction to other people

outside of the operation. So some people can look at recovery and look at the ongoing The most important thing now is to move people's mindset

to move people's mindset from victim of a disaster to right, let's get the job optimism for a while. Let's build back our better and that phrase build

back better we use to try to move the psychological element of the people optimism and that's what optimism and that's what needs to happen now Brisbane. This idea of come Brisbane. This idea of come and volunteer to clean up volunteer to clean up 4-hour shifts morning and Toss a coin whether you're

coming in the morning or afternoon, is giving people a sense of purpose, uniting people to that's a really critical

element in moving people to optimism away from the mentality. It's great stuff. But like grief there must be a whole lot

of stages as First, as you say, you save

yourself in the face of a

disaster that's what you get on about, then you get on to clean up point in that cycle where people

overwhelm ing. As the rises and this you've really got purpose and a task and as activation calms down then activation calms down then the depression sets

particularly people who have particularly people who have no

insurance and there's you have a house, you don't

have flood insurance, house is destroyed but destroyed but you've got a

mortgage and not only do mortgage and not only do you

have to pay back the capital of

that mortgage for a house that's destroyed you've got to pay the ongoing principal on

that loan yet you don't have a problems for the Inzaghi sured is something for the coming weeks for we understand what the size of

that problem is because that

will have a huge mental will have a huge mental and psychological impact on psychological impact on people. If they're able to If they're able to sit there

and think I can't home, I'm still paying it home, I'm still paying it off, I have no I have no insurance, that's a

really difficult thick to get

over. Is the issue of looting

how prevalent it might or might

not be in the aftermath of a disaster like this, is disaster like this, is that some sort of indicator to if I of looting going on in this situation whereas we know there has been in other has been in other places? Look, that's a very complicated

question, actually. There will

wimps, thugs and really roton people who are and try and steal someone's

rotten TV set after a flood. I

countenance how in communities can go but it's a small countenance how low some people in communities can go but people were desperate even comes out of an economy comes out of an economy where people were before the natural disaster and what people were desperate even before the what they're looting for is mere before the natural disaster and

what they're looting for is minority of people are think about looting in Brisbane, pure and greed and evil and

it's not survival. There's different types of also a very important task because of course people would like things done possible but some of this stuff is beyond

possible but some is beyond the scope of any in in government quickly. You can't do in government to do everything at the same time and you're move into the recovery and be a number of expectation management. It will

look and see the last school rebuilt or the last house rebuilt or the leave transition al shelter. To give you an indication. give you an indication. When Japan when it was the world's second largest last person to leave transitional transitional shelter was 8 years after see people in

the biefrs a cup oyear ago and they will be for some time that need come. If you have that need rebuilding not all 100 work needs to be

work needs to be done informing being done in being done in what order and why they are on a certain level on being done in what order and why why they are on a certain level on a priority list and when

it's their turn for their

infrastructure to be rebuilt. What role does

accountability, if not blame

play in a situation like this because we've heard the Lord Mayor of Brisbane has already called for a judicial the reconstruction process?

Down the track, yes, I want to

differentiate cause from blame.

The root cause is a natural disaster but there

that we change and build on our

built environment that will affect the vulnerability that

we have to a particular natural

disaster and we need fo be able to have an examination of where we could have done it better

without necessarily looking for

blame immediately because we need to learn what's happened in Brisbane is a fortaste

continues to change, whether

you believe it's man made or

not doesn't matter, as not doesn't matter, as climate continues to change and sea

temperatures continue to rise,

more moisture will be in the air you, will have impact of weather-related

events. Question - what would

happen to Melbourne if we had a

2 metre flood in the Yarra 2 metre flood in the Yarra what would happen in Sydney. We need

to look at how has our built environment contributed to vulnerabilities. We are in sus we are not susceptible

to natural disaster. When you

look at the Philippines 22

typhoons a year, a kousm volcanos and Indonesia an earthquake every

couple of week. We are blessed

we have half a asyear we have half a dozen cyclone asyear and a few floods. But let's get our built environment

right to reduce right to reduce our

vulnerability to future

hazards. I guess one of hazards. I guess one of the problems with that problems with that though too is we were talking to someone

yesterday saying we should

retreat in some sense to retreat in some sense to some part of the river. That's part of the river. That's going

particularly people who own property in those areas and they're paying a they're paying a mortgage on

that. I think in this that. I think in this community in Australia we're in Australia we're well educated big boys an girlsify I

can put it that way. Cam Pell

Newman said yesterday we need

people to understand the risks and then let people make and then let people make their

choices understanding what those risks are. Clearly some areas might be so dangerous that we don't build that we don't build anything there and we would need to look, if an area was determined

to be that dangerous, we'd need

to look at relocating. For in Pakistan there was a town

maimed Balakot that was totally

destroy and it sat over 3 fault line

line an the Government made the decision, well clearly

cannot build a town back there because it will just happen

again. So they moved the entire

town 30 kilometres up the road.

You can do that in a military dictatorship, you

dictatorship, you can't do that

in a democracy and in many ways

when dealing with emergency operations military dictatorships are easier because you only need one person to make the decision,

not democratic, of course. In

our community able to say no, I can make

able to say no, I can make my own decisions and we need to

figure out to what extent figure out to what extent we

allow people to do that because

of course your own decisions of course your own decisions do impact on the community around

you as well.

we do need to look at the

vulnerability of all our major

cities. It's going to be a very

long reconstruction and

interesting to have a

conversation with you about it

at such an early stage. Thanks for joining for joining us. Pleasure. And

now to the front pages of the

major newspapers around the

country again dominated by the Queensland massive deleen up begins in Brisbane authors face a

long-term battle to long-term battle to rebuild Queensland reports Queensland reports the 'Age'. The 'Herald Sun' reports that 23-month-old Jessica Keep is still missing after being

torn from the arm of her pregnant mother. The 'Daily

Telegraph' has a special record

on how the Queensland floods stole thousands of childhood

dreams. Mother nature has

flooded three quarters of flooded three quarters of

Queensland and punched a whole

in the economy but it hasn't finished with Queensland or other parts of other parts of eastern always just yet says the 'Sydney 'Advertiser' rr says the big es

military operation for a natural disaster since Cyclone Tracy. The weacked Tracy. The weacked Australian says emergency services says emergency services across 5 States are stretched to

breaking point. The 'Mercury'

looks at the floods looks at the floods that hit Tasmania yesterday and says few people in the state were prepared. The 'Canberra Times' says Australian federal police officers will be randomly drug testing

testing - sorry, randomly drug tested while they're off duty. The 'Northern Territory

News' says burglars broke into

themselves lunch and looked at pornography before running off before they were disturbed. If

you'd like to join you'd like to join a conversation this morning on the aftermath of the floods and the floods also

affecting so many of the State

Asian cross - States across

the country send emails to:

Just thinking about mother

nature on the rampage, some of nature on the rampage, some of

the purple pros that you the purple pros that you do see

about this time, it reminds me of the sent off by his chief of staff

to do a bit of reporting an he

sent back an opening paragraph

that said God looked down with anger on the community yesterday and the editor sent back a note flood, interview God. For anyone who is want anyone who is want fog donate to help anyone who is want fog floods Anna Bligh has

an appeal for help. To add your bit you can Now the and if you want to get

you're being asked to register

first with Volunteering Queensland. Around about 11,000 people which is terrific to see. To do

The top stories on ABC News

Breakfast - the painstaking

task of cleaning up Brisbane is continuing this people are returning home to inspect the damage. 16 inspect the damage. 16 people

are now concerns for 12. Floods are threatening towns right across

central and western Victoria now. About 2,000 people now. About 2,000 people have a dozen towns have dozen towns have been

evacuated. Many roads have cut and about Bendigo are without power. And savage Bendigo are without savage floods and mud slides have killed have killed at least 500 people disaster in decades. Whole towns have towns have been washed

buried beneath mud. Rescuers

are combing the wreckage for

survivors. Around 5,000 people To the markets now and as investors

corporate reports due corporate reports due out next week. Coming up latest on the Victoria floods as rising waters continue to threaten a string threaten a string of towns. Entire town of Entire town of Carisbrook has been evacuated. We'll speak to

a local who has had to a local who has had to leave his hotel his hotel behind. And to give us some kind of handle on woeter we're joined by Vanessa. What a crazy week it's

been. This we just heard but on the other hand it has been good news for the the water catchments in Melbourne. Normally time of the year Melbourne's dams drop by

this week they've actually gone up by 0.1%. As of yesterday they huge improvement on this time last year when they were last year when they were just 37%. Now let's take a look at the satellite the satellite image and see what's happening today. Cloud towards eastern Victoria weakens, so most of that rain is clearing and also a high pressure system is starting to move across South Australia clearing the skies in the south-east. Today most of rain will be up over the tropics monsoonal trough. We've Cyclone Vince

off the north west cost. Off the Queensland the Queensland coast we have category 1 Celia, it's moving south-east away from the coastline. In Queensland

thunderstorms will continue

about the north, we'll

showers an thunderstorms in the west and across the throughout the south-east, a

top of 28 in Brisbane. central ranges and central ranges and the north-west. Also Victoria, isolate apd morning

drizzle about the coast and ranges, ahead day. Melbourne's heading for a top of 28. For Tasmania top of 28. For Tasmania this morning there's a severe winds for the line from to Maria line from to Maria Island. Winds have been Winds have been recorded around 100km/h this and showers will clear in west. South Australia, showers in the

otherwise a mostly dry and

sunny day with a top of 32 the west and a mostly sunny and a severe fire a severe fire danger has been issued for central west district. Showers and storms will the tropics. We'll have heavy falls at time over shower an storms through Darwin

although not as severe as they

have been and a look ahead to Sunday's Breakfast - Brisbane is slowly returning to people are going home to face the heart breaking job of

cleaning up. For others it will

be days before they can get to their homes to see what's left.

Along Brisbane's riverside suburb, the left by the floods is being

revealed one house at a knocked out. I mean to have to come down now. Just about everyone has a story to

tell about escaping the rising flood water but they've had

little time to dwell on what's been. Instead, focussing on the gutted massive task ahead. Obviously

gutted but in a strange kind of way

way you just knew it was going to happen and it was the question was to what extent. We're There's no point in being too depressed. Slowly the Brisbane

River is releasing from its grip, but behind a mess

thousands of homes and businesses across south-east Queensland still have no

and many people are discovering their insurance won't cover flood damage. The

Premier says looking at. Been a this week to redesign that part of the system but I do think that we need to ask ourselves as a nation is this

way that we can ourselves in a these extreme events these extreme events from time to time. The Premier counsellors are available at evacuation centres to help Queenslanders deal with

the grief caused by the

disaster. The people Goondiwindi are breathing a sigh of protecting the town slowly falling. About 2,000 people have a towns have been evacuated. 19 across the region. roads are cut roads are cut and around 8,000

homes near Bendigo have no

power. There's also power. There's also been evacuations in the State's north and they're

now threatening to overflow. Dozens of homes in the flooded. Many home roads have

been cut. Resident along the

Clayton River basin are now Clayton River basin are now on flood alert. Savage floods killing at least 500 people. Raging

devastated part of Brazil killing at least 500 people.

Raging torrents of water have washed away whole towns buried them in mud. Thousands

of people have fled their home.

Rescuers continue searching for

survivors and authorities warn

the death toll is likely to climb a lot higher. Brazil's President says illegal

settlements built on settlements built on unstable

slopes are partly to blame for the devastation. And floods and

mud slides have ravaged eastern Sri Lanka. Rice Paddies are

submerged leaving many

villagers to vounge for corn or

yams to survivor. Relief centres have been set up to feed the hungry. 27 people have

died and 3,600 - sorry, 360,000

are homeless and with sewage pipes overflowing there's growing concern growing concern about the spread of diseases like tie typhoid. Tunisia's President has quit amid growing unrest has quit amid growing unrest in

the capital and cities. Police

have fired tear gas at and beating them back batons. The Government puts the death toll at 23. International

observers say it's closer to

70. And now to a developing

story out of Rochester story out of Rochester near Bendigo in northern Victoria.

The Campaspe river has burst

its banks. John is a farmer and

he joins us on the phone. Thanks for joining us. Good morning, lifelong resident of

Ilmore which of Rochester. Can you describe to us the situation where you are? I'm sitting in my lounge

room on the Landline here at

the moment watching a

flood go within 15 metre of me and 5 metres of the walls of my

house. It's never been seen

here before other here before other than before

this house was built here. A rich

rich old lady from Melbourne

built this house here in 1959,

the same year as the same year as Eploch was

built. When that was built I

was to do two things - drought

proof us and cushion the blow

from record floods. But

flood is above the 1956 levels.

I have a marker tree that when

I was 10 years old I took note

of a marker tree east of of a marker tree east of Ilmore

one kilometre of where the 56 flood

flood got and this one's maybe

half a metre higher than that

one. From my lounge room window

I see hay roll, I'llage rolls floating all over

floating all over the

roaring river doing down my

driveway. I've got the driveway. I've got the gully traps blocked into my level house or else the water would be in this split level

where I'm standing now. I've

got fences down everywhere but I fear for the township

I fear for the township of Rochester because about a third

of the Rochester usually floods and they'll see floods there and they'll see floods there in Rochester overs have seen probably. That's what we're hearing from the SES this

morning. It was quite shocking

for the SE sesmed to mention to

us on air this morning that the

flooding that looks like it's

going to occur in the next 24

hours will be worse than that

which took place in September?

September was a baby. It was

only 6 out of 10. November was

8 out of 10. This is 10 out of

10. Yeah, no, Rochester and echug a, don't know what

they've got coming them, I don't think. The water that's flowing past your

property at the moment s that overflow from the Campaspe. This is the Campaspe

in flood with a lot of Epoloch

water, our reservoir between Kyneton. Which is pretty full

at the moment as I understand it? Epoloch was full before

the rain. It was 80% full in

November and it went to but unfortunately whoever

controls that weir didn't

controls that weir didn't let it down no shock absorber no shock absorber there and speaking of Goulburn Murray

water the manager at Rochester

wouldn't tell me how many

metres of water were going over the spillway yesterday and I

couldn't find out from anyone

what the river heights were up the river other than the Bureau

of Meteorology website for the Barnadown kept us informed very friends up and down the river and

and they've been telling me for two days that this is the big

daddy of them all. Just talk to me a little bit about

you see going past your property. Is that creeping towards you? Do you believe that's going to enter your house at some point? It's

got to rise a vertical foot got to rise a vertical foot or

30 cm and lited be in my 30 cm and lited be in my house

because I've got the back door sandbagged sandbagged which is the lowest

point entry into it will come in my window sills on my on my west side and my north on my west side on my west side and my north

on my west side and my side and my bedroom brick wall will be under couple of cracks in it in couple of cracks in it in a couple of

is not beyond expectations, is it? No. We've heard that it? No. We've heard that it's

dropping back at Axedale but we've also heard maybe it's

rising over rising over lake Epoloch again with of information up and down the

river from And ABC last night were concentrating on but they didn't asht the Campaspe

but they didn't mention much

asht the Campaspe at all. There

was a car floded across the

river here east of Ilmore last night

night at about midnight.

Luckily they must have been rescued because I don't see

anyone standing on the roof of

it. We've been hearing from the

SES there have been a number of

rescues made and they've been

called out to a number of similar situations in similar situations in the water. We're glad to take your

call and good to hear call and good to hear the information we're sharing with

you this morning. Thanks so

much and all the best to you.

Thank you. John Roulston who is

a lifelong resident of Ilmore close

area is looking at dangerous close to Rochester which that area is looking at than the area is looking at dangerous

flooding at the moment. Worse

than the floods they've gone There's been 3 floods in the last 5 or 6 months. Everywhere you look around

the moment the story is part of Rockhampton. 2 weeks

after the waters began to rise

but for a lucky few cleaning up has emergency workers an are leading

emergency workers an volunteers

massive clean up job. They out in teams straight to flood-damaged homes. The extra hands homes. The extra hands are an answer to Kevin and really joyed when these angels turned happy to see the mud go.And

very happy to see the cleaned up so I can cleaned up so I can start and get it in order around the corner other residents are still knee residents are still knee deep

in trouble. I'm getting too old

the city's flood disaster the

water is slow going around Roy Bennett's house. Nothing can do. Grin and Elsewhere 9,000 litres being blasted on being blasted on to dirty

streets every two minutes. 30 tonne fire truck is usually on standby at the airport with the runway under it's on community service. The time we've saved them time we've saved them would just moving this through and cleaning the streets. Clearing will help

been facing big been devastating. Since

closed. We've had in excess of in bookings. The clean up is

happening right across

Rockhampton. In this small area

through picking up through picking up the mud

that's built up that's built up on the roads

and putting them in the back of other workers are that using

equipment as basic as a

to get this huge clean up job

only just beginning. This surge of activity will continue for months. As Queensland's moves into a third week, messages of support have flowed

in from around the world. Now Prince Charles has joined the chorus praising the resilience of Australians in the face of Australians in the face of adversity. Philip Williams reports. Good evening, the people of Brisbane

are waking up to scenes of devastation in their dominated by the dominated by the unfolding horrors of the Queensland floods. Already the Queen has sent a

made a personal contribution to

the relief fund. Now Prince Charles has done the same. And

what people what people are having to endure with watching their

homes being swept away destruction on all destruction on all sides, coupled with snakes that appear out of goodness knows crocodiles, you name praised the work of the police, the emergency services, the emergency services, the army and government army and government and especially the volunteers who

help others in crisis. But of

think is so wonderful on the television as well

seeing, seeing how people are people are coming in to others who are in a terrible state, cleaning up their houses, their streets, complete strangers come in to help and it is wonderful how the good old Aussies operate in circumstances and Australia circumstances and Australia is an extraordinary Prince of Wales spoke of Prince of Wales spoke of the overwhelming disaster and even evoked famous Australian poem. Thancht

poem by Dorothy McKellar, a country of droughts

want you to know... The Pope

too has expressed his feelings

of solidarity and sympathy for

the flood victims. A special mass will be held this weekend

in Rome to pray for those

affected. Well persistent affected. Well persistent rain

is causing problems in Tasmania too. Levels rising and some dams in the staited's north are

threatening to spill. That's promised evacuation in towns around the south-west. It

was an unexpected and unwelcome

change of scenery for residents

at the Penguin nursing home. 42 people were evacuated to

Alverston when the nearby creek

broke its banks and interresulted lunch. We've interresulted lunch. We've got concerns about dams that are extremely full upstream from

here. Should there will be a

problem with those dams

problem with those dams that

wauter will flow into this catchment. The local park was

streets sandbagged and

evacuated. What can you evacuated. What can you do?

We're not bad compared to the

people in Queensland. Can't do

anything about it. Dozens

homes were inundated in and

around the townships around the townships of Sheffield, Spreyton, Sheffield, Spreyton, Railton,

Sprint and chudly. Nick Lehmann

says about 100 mm of rain says about 100 mm of rain fell

at his house in the space of a

few hours. I think we're few hours. I think we're just

going to take a few clothes up

and throw them in the car and

yeah, wait and see what happens. Roads were flooded throughout the north-west and

several beaches closed due to

high levels of elf - effluent. The Meander river is expected

to peak at 3 metres. The local

caravan park has been cleaned

out and the manager is putting

up fruit picker on her own

front lawn. I've move ed vans and

and tent and some are on my

lawn. It was supposed to be a

bumper poppy season but many are so on a lean making harvest impossible. To see a really

good crop leaning over is going

to be pretty heart breaking to be pretty heart breaking for a lot of farmers. A familiar story a cross the nation. You are watching ABC are watching ABC News

Breakfast. These are our top

stories today. The clean stories today. The clean up

continues in Brisbane as more

people return home to see people return home to see just

what's left. Power's been gradually restored but tens gradually restored but tens of thousands businesses still don't have

electricity. 16 people have

been confirmed dead, the number

of missing has been revised

down to 20. Grave concerns are