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Tonight, no regrets. Tony

Blair says he would do it all

again. This is not about a

lie or a conspiracy or deceit

or deception it is a

Rockefeller search end with decision. The Herman

murder charges. Queensland's

flooding rains heading south.

Spreading the AFL message in

South Africa. Good evening. Jeremy Fernandez with ABC

News - No regrets and no apology. Tony Blair has

fronted the inquiry into the

Iraq war. For six hours Tony

Blair was subjected to an unprecedented interrogation

of a former Prime Minister.

Outside the inquiry

protestors called him a war

criminal. But he insists he

did the right thing. He

arrived quietly in the dark,

hopes were he would shed

light on a war that has long

divided this and many other

nations. From the outset

though there with to be no

apologies. The primary

consideration for me was to

send an absolutely powerful,

clear and unremitting message

that after September 11 if

you were a regime engaged in

WMD your had to stop. He

denied a secret deal to go to

war had been struck in 2002

with George Bush but he

offered the American President unequivocal support

if all else failed. What he

took was what he should if it

came to military action

because there was no way the

deal with it any other way we

would be with him. As for the

dossier Tony Blair wrote the

weapons of mass destruction

were beyond doubt. I did

believe it and I did believe

it frankly beyond doubt. He

denied pressuring his

Attorney-General Lord

Goldsmith to change his legal

opinion to gene-light the war

nor were there any underhand

deals. He simply made up his

mind on the risk as he saw

it.. this is not about a lie,

a deceit or deception it is a

decision S A decision many

on this side of the fence

make him a war criminal

Anybody who commits a crime

should have to face justice. While the families

of British soldiers killed in

Iraq want this inquiry many

like this woman who lost her

brother Gordon blame Tony

Blair for their suffering..

there is depression, almost a

broken family but luckily we

are strong and got closer

together but the pain never

goes be, the pain stays for

liver. It may not to be last

the inquiry sees of Tony

there are many more questions Blair. Even after 6 hours

and he may be recalled. While

Tony Blair's evidence today

is unlikely to shift public

opinion one way or the other

what the possess does is

eliminate how he got to shows

decisions and in that sense

there is at least a little

accountability. Nine days

after the Melbourne

businessman Herman

Rockefeller disappeared

police have charged a couple

with his murder. It is

allegedly a man and a woman

have admitted they got into a

fight with the Melbourne

millionaire and that ended in

his death. Human remains have

been found in a backyard

close to where the couple was

arrested. The search for

Herman Rockefeller is over.

Nine days after the

businessman went missing

police have found what they

believe to be human remains

in a backyard cluttered with

car wrecks at Glenroy in

Melbourne's north. The

discovery was made last

night. We saw all the police

cars turn up and we just went

something bad must have

happened. The homicide guy

asked us if we saw burning or

smelt any burning on

Australia Day. From early

today at Herman Rockefeller's

home there was a steady

stream of visitors paying

their respects. Our family

is devastated by Herman's

loss and deeply shocked by the circumstances surrounding

his death. Overnight

57-year-old Mario Schembri

and 41-year-old Bernadette

Denny were charged with

murder. An out of sessions

court was told the pair had

admitted to getting into a

fight with Herman Rockefeller

that ended in his death. It

is allegedly the murdered

happened at a house where the

couple was arrested on

Thursday a few kilometres

away from where the remains

were found. It is understood

the police are looking into

had the businessman met his

allegedly killers through a

swingers web site. Before a

body was found police were

scouring bushland in central

Victoria but that now appears

to have been a false lead.

There will be on go interest

in this matter the family

will try to come to terms

with what has happened and

grief in private. Robert

thanked the public for the

response to his family's

appeal for help. Mario Schembri and Bernadette Denny

will be in court again on

Monday. The independent

Senator Nick Xenophon want to

see new laws introduced to

protect children from online

predators. He wants to make

it illegal for adults the lie

online children about their

age. It follows in the wake

of a South Australian murder

trial where a man used a

false Internet identity to

lur a teenager girl to her

death. 15-year-old Carly Ryan

was murdered in 2007 by a 50-year-old Victorian man she

met on the Internet who said

he was a 20-year-old Texan

called Brandon. The man

travelled the Adelaide to

meet Carly Ryan and became

angry when she rejected his

sexual advances. He was found

guilty of her murder last

week. During the trial that

was revealed the man used 200

different personas to trawl

the Internet including sites

like where

he met Ms Ryan. The case has

prompted Senator Xenophon to

propose new laws making it

illegal for adults to lie to

children online about their

age. We know from past

history that that is the way

they groom children by that paedophiles operate,

gaining their trust and they

do it by lying about their

age often online. The offence

would carry a maximum penalty

of 3 years jail increasing to

5 years if the adult tries to

meet the child and 8 if they

intend to do harm. Civil

Liberties Australia says the

move is noble but naive

because it is impossible to

criminalise lie hinge. They

say the focus should be on

making sure young people know

that not everyone online is

who they say they are. Ms

Ryan's mother Sonia

reportedly plans to start her

own foundation to protect

young girls from online

predators and is believeed to

support the idea. I think

that will carry a lot of

weight with every Senator in

the Australian Senate and every member of the

Australian Parliament. The

major parties have offered

in-principle support for any

initiative that protects

children online. He should

speak the minister about it

and I'm sure he will get a

good hearing. I would have

to look at the details of the

bill but certainly I'm happy

to support the objective. Mr

Xenophon upon says the laws

give police extra power to

stop paedophiles before they

strike and are designed to be

use would current Internet

Sting operations. Two

refugee activists have

returned to Australia after

being deported from

Indonesia. The women were in West Java to further a group

of asylum seekerses who have

within on a boat at Merak for

more than three months. The

activists have been accused

of violate in their visas but

they say the were kicked out

because of tension between

Indonesia and Australia.

Sarah Nathan from Sydney and

Pamela Kerr from melee rived

back in Australia this morning vowing never to

return to Indonesia. The was

little time to console

anxious family and friends.

Sorry to put you guys through

all this. The it is a

Indonesian solution. The

couple say they were in

Indonesia for meetings with

senior immigration officials

about plight of 240 Sri

Lankan asylum seekerses on a

boat in Merak. They were stopped by Indonesian

authorities. We were not

disobeying any instructions.

There is a lot of

misunderstandings but I

suspect there is a lot more

to it. It is the same boat

which prompted an appeal from

Kevin Rudd to the Indonesian

President asking for the

vessel to be intercepted

before it reached Australian

waters. The activists believe their deportation is the result of deepening frustration in the Indonesian

Government. The senior

Department of Foreign Affairs

officials quoted as saying

this is the last time we will

do this for Australia. Blue

they have told us they do not

want to house Australian ref

few geese in their country

and they are frustrated that

Australia has not taken responsibility over

this. That is something the Immigration Minister would

not comment on. He said only that the Government continue

to encourage the asylum seekers to leave the boat and

be processed in Indonesia.

The Opposition Leader was not

buying into the matter

either. Generally speaking

what happens in Indonesia is

a matter for the Indonesian

government. News of the

deportations has reached the

asylum seekerses. We are

scare now, we do not know

what will happen next and we

fear deportation for

ourselves. But it appears

no-one is prepared to give

any ground. Israelis handed

in its official response to a

UN report which accuses it

and llamas of war crimes

during last year's Gaza war. The human rights council says

Israel used disproportionate

force and targeted civilians.

The Israeli Defence Minister

says the report was distorted

and imbalance ed. Ehud Barak

says the Israeli military

acted responsibly and

ethically under impossible conditions. Hamas says

inquiries show rocket attacks

into Israel were not intended

to harm civilians: Parts of

New South Wales are on flood

alert again this weekend. Former Tropical Cyclone Olga

is dumping rain into

Queensland and is expected to

move into North Western New

South Wales tomorrow.It is

flooding in Queensland. There

is the usual monsoonal rain

and on top of that many

coastal areas such as

Townsville are underwater due

to abnormally high tides. It

is not as bad as last year

but pretty high and looks as

if it is coming in. If you

live hear you are used to it

and prepare. It will get

wetter. Trot tron crossed the coast in the Gulf of

Carpentaria early this

morning bringing strong wind

and more flooding rains

cutting off some community.

The category 1 cyclone was

downgraded to a tropical

rainfall depression as it

moved over land but its

effects will be felt for day

was falls of more than 100

millimetres expected in

Western Queensland and New

South Wales as the system

moves south. That means parts of the state flooded are on

alert particularly in the

north-west which should get

the heaviest falls. The focus

is on the area north of

Wilcannia and Cobar and west

of Walgett. An early flood

watch has been issued for

Paroo, Warrego, Culgoa,

Birrie, Bokhara, Narran and

Darling Rivers next week. The

SES says more properties will

become isolated. This will

come on the back of recent

floods weeks ago so if the

will be further rain is heavy enough there

problems. That could mean

renewed challenges for

landholders but also a

long-term benefit. We

descent widespread rain fall certainly need back the back

the start having a

significant impact on the

drought because it has been

so long lived but these

systems with the tropical

moisture and heavy rain fall

potential over widespread

areas have an impact. Unlike

the flooding rains earlier in

the month this system should

clear in days. The recent

cyclone rains have had a dramatic effect on the

northern. The big wet has

sparked a transformation.

Once parched desert claypans

are now wetland teeming with

life. The thrive in

environment has renewed calls

to protect the area from

human impact. The claypans

south west of Alice Springs

most year are a dust bowl but

after summer rain the lakes

have come to life. Prehistoric shrimp pop late

the area. The eggs can lie dormant for years before

watching in the water.

Wildlife specialists say new

species are still being

found. There is lots of

things still to be discovered

and because Central Australia

is such a remote area people

are not very likely to come

out her and do their studies

but there is certainly a hot

to be learnt a. The claypans

were once a playground for

motorbikes, that is now

prohibited but there is still

plenty of evidence of damage.

Environmentalists say the Northern Territory Government is failing to preserve the

the area despite more than

decade of lobbying. We would

like to see some Government

support for protecting areas

we would like to see some

sort of fencing or bollards

put into reduce unfettered

access by off road vehicles,

we think that is the biggest

issue. These claypans are on

vacant crown land managed by

the Northern Territory

Department of lands and

planning. Any changes to the

management of the land also

need the support of

traditional owners. Those

lakeless evaporate incoming month but environment groups

hope the debate the protect

the area does not die up as

well. Hong Kong is set for a

showdown with Beijing on the question of how its

Government is elected. A

group of local politicians

has resigned forcing a series

of by-elections which have

become a de facto referendum

on democracy. The rebel

politician haves been

criticised by pro-Beijing

parties for wasting taxpayers

money but their resignations

have guaranteed four months

ever public debate over

Chinese rule in the special

administrative region. The

stage is set for a battle

between Hong Kong's

pro-Beijing forces and the

city's Pan Democratic groups.

The two sides are already

facing off in the street. Five members of the Legislative Council have resigned in a deliberate move

to trigger simultaneous by-elections right across the

city. We hope that Hong Kong

people will appreciate what

we are having and hope they

will pursue the real, genuine

Hong Kong has no legal universal suffrage. Though

provision for a referendum

the resignations have created

a de facto one. When the

by-election are held in four

months time pro-democracy

candidates will campaign on

only one issue, the demand

for universal suffrage by

2012. If Hong Kong people

really want democracy the

simple rational peaceful easy

way to do is to vote on

it. At the moment half of

Hong Kong's Legislative

Council is elected. The other

half is appointed by a body

stacked with pro-Beijing members. The Conservative

block has attacked the de

facto referendum as a waste

of money which will have no

legally binding result.

Whatever the outcome of this

by-election it will not change the Constitutional

procedures for effecting

electoral change. While Hong

Kong remains a prosperous

place under Chinese rule

there are those who are

frustrate would the pace of Democratic reform here and

they are prepared to or chess

trait a public battle in

order the further their

cause. The rallies have

already started the with

thousands of pro-democracy

supporters in attendance. For

the next four months they

will campaign to abolish the

unelected members of

Government and bring forward

one person one vote.

Pro-Beijing groups hope this

campaign does not gain

momentum. The US has

recorded its strongest growth

in more than 6 years boosting

confidence the country is

recovering if global

financial crisis. Official

figures show the US economy

grew at an annual rate of

5.7% in the last 3 months of

last year. It is the second consecutive quarter of growth

after the country's severe

recession Today we have

stopped the flood of job

losses. We have stabilised

the financial system and we

can safely say we have

avoided that looming

depression. Even with the

late rebound GDP shrank by

2.4% for the full year.

Economists warn the US has a

long way to go to make a

complete recovery. A

shortage of workers in the

disability and aged care

sectors has prompts add State

Government campaign the find

more staff. It is hoped new

TV commercials will help fill

an expected 19,000 new jobs

over the next 4 years.

Growing demand has been

fuelled by an ageing population. The web site is

up and running. We have

already on there hundreds of

jobs and we are already

matching hundreds of people

to those jobs. A range ever

full and part-time position

?are available.

Two dream finals, that is

what the Australian Open

organisers have on their

hand. In a few moments Serena

Williams and Justine Henin

take to the court for the

women's final. Williams is

looking to land her fifth

Australian Open while the former world No. 1 Justine

Henin is back in form after

coming out of retirement.

Last night the men's

finalists were decided. Roger

Federer will play Andy Murray tomorrow night. Roger Federer says all the pressure will be

on the Scotsman who is still

trying to win his first Grand

Slam. Serena Williams has her

sights set on a 12th Grand

American beats Justine Henin Slam title tonight F the

she will try to achievement

of the legendary Billie Jean

King. I I knew when I met

her at 10 she would have more

Grand Slams than I would. The

world No. 1 will also share

sixth spot with her

countrywoman on the all-time

women's winners list. Last

night Roger Federer who has

won more Grand Slams than any

other man took 88 minutes to

book his spot in Sunday's

FINA. A tired Joe Wilferd

Tsonga could not produce his

trademark athleticism.

Instead the Swiss ace pulled out all the

tricks. COMMENTATOR: That is

an artist at work. The world

No. 1 straight-set victory

sounded an ominous warning.

He will play Scotsman Andy

Murray. He would like to win

the first for British tennis

in what is it, 150,00 years!

It is 74 years to be

precise. I have a game that

can cause Roger problems and

I need the play my best

tennis for five sets the beat

him. Mur her will not get any

favours from the world No.

1. He really needs it more

than I do so I think the

pressure is big on him but we

will see how he will handle

it. It will not be easy

that's for sure. Lleyton

Hewitt will watch the final

sporting a sex crutches. He

has had surgery this time on

his right hip. His left hip

was operated on in 2008. He

suffered the latest injury

during the Hopman Cup. Right

at that time I was not 100%

sure if I could play any of

this round summer so at least

I gave 100%. Australia's No.1

player has refused to give up

on his Grand Slam dream and

hopes to return in time for

May's French Open.

Australia's on target for a

clean sweep of the one-day

series against Pakistan after

comprehensive win in game 4

in Perth. Australia won by

135 runs. Paceman Ryan Harris

claimed another five-wicket

haul. The final game of the

series is in Perth tomorrow.

For the second time in as

many games Ryan Harris claimed Man of the Match with

a classy five-wicket haul,

set 278 for victory Pakistan

stump lotted to 4/39 after 10

overs. The tourists never

recovered although Afridi did

his best to lift more yarl

and his team's modest total. COMMENTATOR: That is

2 levels up. Pakistan lost

its last five wickets for

just 17 runs to be all out

for 142. Brad Haddin finished

with five catches while

Harris ended with a career

best 5/19. 10 wickets in two

games is a dream come true. I

did not expect the call up so

soon but I did not say

no. Earlier Nathan Hauritz

clubbed four 6s on his way to

53 not out as the home side

reached 277 off its 50

overs. I would love to be an all-rounder. It will be

tough. Mitch is in front so I

think spot 8 and 9 will be

there and thereabouts for me

for the rest of my

career. Last night's result

was Australia's first win

over Pakistan in a one-day

international at the WACA.

The same venue hosts the

fifth and final game of the

series tomorrow. The future

of Australian cricket looks

to in safe hands. Australia defeated Pakistan in the

final of the under-19 World

Cup in New Zealand. Australia

won by 25 runs. Blues paceman

Josh Hazlewood was the Man of

the Match with four wickets.

A run a ball from 44 from Richardson helped Australia

set Pakistan 208 for victory.

Spinner Doran had the

impressive figures of 3/32

and Hazlewood finished off

the job. COMMENTATOR: Edged,

taken. Hazlewood has picked

up another wicket. Australia

have won the World Cup. The

deep was captained by

Mitchell Maher - son of

Geoff. It is the third time Australia has won the under

19 World Cup. Queensland has

taken first innings point on day two of the Sheffield

Shield against New South

Wales at the SCG. Cope land's

figures of 8/92 were second

best by a Blues bowler on

debut. Forrest top scored for

New South Wales and Cutting

took five. The Spirit has

been defeated at the MCG.

Osborne took three wickets as

the Breakers won by 59 to

claim the National League

title for a fifth time in a

row. Gold Coast has joined

Melbourne on top of the

A-League ladder after

defeating the Victory in the

spiteful game last night.

Gold Coast had a 1-nil win,

Wellington beat Adelaide.

Tonight's North Queensland v

game has been postponed because of Tropical Cyclone

Olga. Steve Pantelidis has

been suspended thri times.

Robbie Cruise thought it was prone on the tour ever. The

wide shot appears to show

Steve striking Cruise with

his arm. Melbourne's captain

could be in hot water after

the Gold Coast captain was elbowed in the

jaw. COMMENTATOR: He does go

down on his own. The home side dominated particularly

in the second-half but it

took a wonder goal to snatch

victory from Melbourne. Comb

chemical what a moment to

score your first A-League goal. The Gold Coast and Melbourne shared top spot on

the ladder although Sydney FC

could leap frog the pair if

they beat Brisbane tonight.

In criesed Church the Phoenix

did the attacking against

Adelaide. Their persistence

was rewarded in the 22 and

minute when John McCann broke

the deadlock. With South

Africa hosting the Soccer

World Cup this year

excitement for the world game

is building. But that has not

stop add team of young

Indigenous Australian

footballers from showing off

their code. The Flying

Boomerangs are touring South

Africa and have been

surprised by the popularity

of AFL. The welcome was

warm. But for Boomerangs

coach former Sydney Swans

player Michael O'Loughlin

this was no friendly. We

come to play! We come to

play! Their opponent the Sth

African Lions may have been

much older but what the

Boomerangs lacked main tourty

they made up for in bravado.

It is a privilege for us to

play against young boys from

Australia. For us it is an

experience for up the coming youngsters here in South Africa. Australian football

is now played by more than

20,000 South Africans. I'm

amazed by the enthusiasm and

the joy with which this has

been adopted hear and what is

wonderful for us is it has

become something South African. Footy is slowly

taking root here and the

administrators in Australia

believe it will not be too

long before a South African

is playing in the AFL. I

believe a number of clubs are

now seriously looking at the

quality of the players t physicality of the players

and the strength of the

growing reputation of AFL in

Africa. The Australian coach

was impressed. South African

guys have been outstanding. I

might even move here. The

Boomerangs ran out 10-point

winners. But score line

hardly seemed to matter.

Time for a look at the

weather. Wet for much of New

South Wales sickly in the

north. Inside any the

temperature hit 27, 1 above the average.

Our top stories - no

apology from Tony Blair who

has defended his decision to

invade Iraq in 2003. He has

been subjected to unprecedented interrogation

of a former British Prime

Minister. Nine days after the Melbourne businessman Herman

Rockefeller disappeared

police have charged a couple

with his murder. The family

has expressed deep shock over

the developments. Parts of

north-west New South Wales

are on flood alert as former

throp trot dumps heavy rain over Queensland. And that is

the news for now. I will be

back in an hour with an

update. For the latest news

24 hours a day don't forget

ABC Radio and ABC News

online. From us, goodnight. Closed captions by CSI