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(generated from captions) This Program is Captioned Live. Tonight - Live. Tonight - Queensland

police charge a man with the

murder of Daniel Morcom.

Tony Abbott left stranded

after backing farmers fighting

something to say about that the rush for gas. I had

yesterday and again I'm happy

to let that stand. Cracking

down, London rioters given tough sentences. The Government

says they must face the full

force of the law. And more deaths in Syria after

government troops attack

protestors. Good evening, you're

Fitzsimmons. A 41-year-old WA ABC News 24, I'm Whitney

man has been arrested over the

murder of Queensland teenager

13-year-old disappeared while Daniel Morcombe. The

waiting for a bus at Woombye on

the Sunshine Coast in December


2003. Queensland police say the

man has been held in custody

charged with murder, child

stealing, deprivation of

liberty and interveering with a corpse. ABC reporter Donna Field was at the briefing in Brisbane police head convened press conference earlier tonight. At a hastily earlier Brisbane police head quarters

Queensland police commissioner Bob Atkinson and Deputy

commissioner Rob Barnett said commissioner Rob Barnett

they'd made a major through in the disappearance they'd made a major break

Daniel Morcombe who disappeared

in December 2003, some 8 years

ago. They said they arrested a

41-year-old man from WA and

he's now in custody. He's been

charged with a number of

offences, they include murder,

deprivation of liberty, child

stealing, indecent dealing and

interfering with a corpse. They say that that man before the Brisbane Magistrates

Court on Monday. They wouldn't

take any questions from the

media. They say that now that

this case is before the courts

they have to be very sensitive with what information they with what information

release, what they would say is

that they praise police for

their ongoing persistence in this investigation and they

also praise the bravery of the Morcombe parents who have been

waiting and wondering for

nearly 8 years what happened to

their 13-year-old son. And they

said that while they've made a

significant break through with

this arrest and charging this person that work to be done and that work will centre on a search bushland on the Sunshine Coast, will centre on a search of

presumably they're looking for

a body. This is Donna Field at police headquarters Brisbane. Queensland Police police headquarters in

Commissioner Bob Atkinson says

he's grateful to the public for their support in what he's described as the largest missing person investigation in the State's history. We want to

thank, of course, the public

and in particular the public of the community of the Sunshine

Coast for their outstanding

support for us throughout this investigation and in in regards to that the regular and constant flow of information

to us. We want to thank the information that they provided

media for their ongoing and contribution to keeping

this in the public eye, which has been enormously important

throughout. We want to thank CrimeStoppers and other similar community organisations their assistance and support community organisations for

thank throughout. We also want to

thank all of the police agencies across Australia agencies across Australia and overseas who have provided

assistance to us in what is,

without question, the largest

missing person investigation in

the history of the Queensland

Police Service and finally, but of no means of least importance,

of course, I want to thank all

of the detectives and all of

the members of the Queensland

Police Service who have worked

with commitment, determination

investigation of this and continuous resolve in the

Police Commissioner matter. And that's Queensland

Police Commissioner Bob

Atkinson speaking there a short

time ago. A day is a long time Opposition Leader threw his in politics. Yesterday the

support behind farmers in the

controversial debate over mining exploration on owned land. Tony Abbott saited mining exploration on privately

farmers should have to lock their gates to keep out farmers should have the right

mining companies but today he

refused to repeat that refused to repeat that support following

following a barrage of criticism that he was putting billions billions of dollars of mining

Philippa McDonald. In the investment at risk. Here's

resources boom-rich city of Perth Tony Abbott was clearly uncomfortable. Did you shunned far yesterday, do you think? He

over an issue that's dividing shunned repeated questioning over

the country. I had something to say about that yesterday and

again I'm happy to let that

stand. That stance saw Mr

Abbott appear to back farmers

over miners. If you don't want

something to happen on your

land you ought to have a right

to say no. No, that is, to coal

seam gas exploration. Farmers

only own the top soil of their properties and it's the Government that happens underground. And in

recent years State Governments

have given the go ahead for mining exploration on vast

tracks of privately owned land. The Opposition Leader was

accused of putting at stake

billions of dollars of

investment and royalties. That

would take us back 100 years.

The resources that are under

the ground of Queensland are the possessions of all already already 4,000 coal seam wells Queenslanders. There are

on some of Queensland's way we look at it, it's about actually opening the gate rather than locking the gate. In Victoria the Dandenong

near the iconic 12 apostles ranges, Gippsland and an area

have been identified have been identified for

possible exploration. In NSW close to two thirds is earmarked. Farmers are

underground water tables. We concerned about the impact on

say good on you, Tony, keep it

up and keep talking though to

the State Government because at the end of the day it is the State Government actually guide this

process. But I think, you know, a major problem for Mr Abbott here is he will say different things to

audiences. The peak body

the coal seam gas producers

says it has a good track record

of coexisting with agriculture and there is no reason why this

can't continue. As the backlog

of asylum seekers at Christmas

Island continues to grow, the

Prime Minister insists the

Government is

send them to Malaysia. A boat

carrying 59 asylum seekers was intercepted near Christmas

Island yesterday. It's the 4th arrival since the Federal Government signed the people swap deal swap deal but the future of

these asylum seekers is in

limbo because of a legal

challenge in the High Court. Since the Government

first announced it more than 800

800 people have turned up.

Since they signed it over 260 people have turned up.

One-third of this deal is done

before one person has even been

sent to Malaysia. We are determined to smash the through our arrangement with Malaysia. Of Malaysia. Of course, that arrangement is now the subject

of High Court proceedings and

we believe we have a we believe we have a legally sound case. Prime Minister

can't say whether the asylum seekers will be sent seekers will be sent to

Malaysia or another country.

This week Papua New Guinea's

cabinet approved a deal for Australia to reopen the Island detention centre. Well

if climate scientists are right, Australia's farmers are

facing a grim outlook with a

to 4 degrees by the turn of the century, crops will be one of the hardest hit industries. But

the CSIRO is looking at how farmers can prepare their crops for for a warmer future. Environment reporter Sarah Clarke explains. Higher

temperatures, more extreme

weather and more weather and more frequent droughts. For farmers that's an

outlook hard to prepare for.

It's for that reason scientists

are stepping in to get a head

start. We're trying to do the

research now because in about

need new wheat varieties adapt to the expected climatic conditions in the future. Here

wheat is under trial and these

3 greenhouses could

key to how crops adapt to a

warmer outlook. Each one replicates different climatic conditions with temperatures

ranging from between 1 and 6

degrees. We can manipulate all

these scenarios and growing in

the tunnels different wheat with different characteristics. As well as dioxide is also being injected

to see how the crops cope.

While it's still early days While it's still early days and

based on forecasts only, the

key to this research is getting in early and that by identifying which wheat

traits perform best that will help farmers help farmers plan ahead. If

the existing wheat varieties struggle that allows time

struggle that allows time to breed new types that cannot

only cope but provide the same yield. Well it takes between 5

and 15 years to develop a new

wheat variety from the time you make the first farmers in Australia expected to be system of the hardest

hit, scientists believe this

type of climate change

is a key part of the nation's

preparation. And as the debate

over live cattle exports

continues there are calls for Australians to appreciate that many cultures demand freshly

killed meat. One Pilbara cattle

woman who spent years studying the fresh meat industry says

Australia has a responsibility as a global food producer. When live cattle exports

Indonesia were banned recently,

Annabelle Coppin drew on her

deep knowledge of the fresh meat market to find alternative

buyers. As an elite Nuffield scholar she left her remote

Pilbara station a few years ago

to spend time studying the

industry across Asia, the

Middle East and Africa and she wants Australians to remember

what she calls a responsibility to

to help feed the world. The big

picture is to feed people and

in our case it's to feed people

overseas from here and probably more likely animal. The 5th animal. The 5th generation

cattle woman says Australians

need to appreciate that many

cultures demand freshly killed

meat and that it's not simply a

matter of religion. It's very hard for an average Australian

to understand someone else's world. Members of her muster team, average age just 22, say

they understand how people were

upset by recent images of

cruelty in Indonesian

abattoirs. It was still upsetting watching that upsetting watching that even though the

though the history I've had

with animal s so with animal s so I can understand how the understand how the people in the city Coppin says more monitoring needs to be done so there's

evidence animals aren't being treated badly. That sort of cruel practice is just

disgusting and no-one in their right mind would right mind would ever think that's that's the way an animal should

be handled. So the way that I

handle that is that I know that most Indonesians aren't like that. But the

that. But the animals Australia

organisation says most organisation says most cattle

slaughtered in Indonesia are

killed in a cruel manner and killed in a cruel manner and it says only 10% of Indonesians

can afford to buy beef anyway. As the issue burns, these young people have plenty of food for thought. To of food for thought. To foreign news now and the

news now and the riots appear

to be over, snuffed out by the

sheer volume of police on the

streets but the questions are

just beginning in Britain. Police have responded to criticism of their initial

response and more are wondering

what the unrest means for British society. The ABC's

Norman Hermant reports. First the riots, now the debate. London's metropolitan have returned fire at criticism of their

of their initial response of their initial response to the unrest. Politicians were on holiday says tacting top officer are hardly fit to judge. I think after any event like this there are always people always people who make comment that weren't there. The court

appearances for those charged

in the riots keep coming and the numbers of arrests are

growing partly due to public campaigns like this

campaigns like this one in Manchester. F police

Manchester. F police wnt want

those who recognise looters to

turn them in. In the last 24

hours 2 mothers have handed in

a 15 and 13-year-old boy, their sons. They've handed them into the police because they saw

thaick pir chuck - their pictures in the

pictures in the newspaper. There's debate now

on the broader question of what that means for British society as Opposition Leader Ed

Miliband experienced first

hand. These people have nothing

to lose. They've got no stake in society

in society and they've got no

social mobility at all. This area, Clapham Junction, was

hard hit by the riots. It's

been calm going on 4 nights now

but London police aren't taking

any chances. This weekend once again

again there will be officers on the streets. More

than 6 times the normal number.

Here the high street Here the high street is already bustling already bustling again.

Businesses burnt out and looted are reopening. Residents are

determined to get things back

to normal. What we're doing is

we are making the heart well

again, getting it beating

firmly and strongly and with

great warmth. We will not allow them to win over us,

know, all these bad people

they're doing it and think

think this is the way they will that's not the right way. The

hope is the scars from these

riots will

riots will heal quickly. United States is calling for more sanctions against Syria as

the regime continues its

violent crackdown on dissent.

Activists say at least 16 anti-government protestors anti-government protestors were killed by security forces in clashes after Ramadan

prayers. The US Secretary of

State Hillary Clinton says the

Syrian President Bashar al Assad

Assad has lost and Syria would be better off without him. We urge those countries still buying Syrian

oil and gas, oil and gas, those countries

still sending Assad still sending Assad weapons, those countries whose political and economic support give him

comfort in his brutality to get

on the right side of history.

But Mrs

But Mrs Clinton stopped short

of directly calling for the

President to step down. Well President to step down. Well

it's been a wild week on markets and it's ended with Wall Street and Europe closing

higher. The Dow Jones

industrial average finished up

1%, stringing together a 2-day

winning streak for the first time since mid July encouraging

US retail figures heartened

investors with consumers spending more

spending more on petrol,

electronics and kars. After the

most volatile trading most volatile trading week

since the 2008 financial crisis

analysts are warning of considerable downside risk in

the days ahead with lingering

concerns about the market's also telling you that

it needs to see real political

stabilisation not only in

Washington but in the euro zone

when they deal with the euro

zone debt crisis. We're starting to see a bit of that

out of Europe, we are yet to

see out of the States. Despite

the strong rally in Europe

there are fresh concerns about

one of its biggest economies after growth in France ground

to a halt. And Italy has

announced a painful mix of tax

hikes and spending cuts to

shore up confidence in

fragile economy. Well the

contest to determine who contest to determine who will be the Republican be the Republican presidential nominee to face

nominee to face off against

Barack Obama in 2012 US elections is heating elections is heating up. The conservative governor of Texas,

Rick Perry, is set to announce Rick Perry, is set to announce his candidacy this week weekend. Jane Cowan travelled to Texas to take a look at the man

man tipped to turn Republican race upside Republican race upside down. Fresh from hosting a huge Fresh from hosting a huge national prayer rally, the Texan looking every bit the candidate. We see fear in the

market place, we see anger in the halls of government. A former Air Force pilot and

one-time Democrat, Rick Perry

has risen through the ranks of Texan politics winning Texan politics winning every

race he's ever run. A fiscal and social conservative who's

ridden the wave of anti-establishment Tea Party anger that's swept through the

Republican Party, Perry's now

the longest serving governor in creating jobs while the rest of

the country struggles with

unemployment, Rick Perry has unemployment, Rick Perry has a

compelling economic story to tell although critics the job boom's padded with minimum wage positions. Frankly

if I had any money to put on it

I'd say he's either going to

get the nomination or he's a perfect vice-presidential candidate. It would be candidate. It would be a well

worn path from Lyndon Johnson

to George W Bush, the loan to George W Bush, the loan star state has been famous for more than oil and Perry's been described as twice

the cowBoy George W Bush was

but the question is are Americans ready to sending another swaggering Texan to the White House. I

believe he's a God-fearing man

and got our interests at heard

and more interested in putting America back on the

used to be on, the conservative

path. He'd be way better than what we have. But it's

debatable whether the enthusiasm about Rick Perry

speaks to his genuine speaks to his genuine strength as a candidate or just of better options.

of better options. Well there's

been an unexpected jump in the

number of marriages in Japan since since the tsunami and

subsequent nuclear crisis. The disaster seems to have made some people ponder some people ponder their

mortality and now many are

looking for love and they're no longer desperate or dateless. Mark Willacy reports from Tokyo.

Tokyo. They've been true to

each other in good times bad, through earthquakes, tsunamis and nuclear meltdowns.

And after having their weddings

wiped out by the March 11

disasters, these 10 couples have

have finally come together to exchange their vows. TRANSLATION: It's just a miracle he's alive. That's

enough for me. But our wedding

is a miracle too. While more

Japanese are rushing to tie the

not, many more are struggling

to find their perfect match.

Since March 11, match making

companies have reported a surge in membership as the love. TRANSLATION: Many people TRANSLATION: Many people had

difficulty getting home after

the March 11 disasters. the March 11 disasters. They

felt no-one cared about them so

they felt they

to love with whom they could

start a family. March 11 has also prompted others also prompted others to rekindle old flames. Kayoko and

Syusaku were hesitating about marriage before the disaster.

But when the earth moved so did their priorities.

TRANSLATION: I really wanted to hear his disaster hit. I wanted to be

with him forever so we with him forever so we decided

to get married. But it's not

just weddings on the rise, the

March 11 disasters have also

proved disastrous for many

relationships with new figures

revealing an increase in the number of number of marriage meltdowns. But here in this

chapel there's only marital bliss. All of these couples

have lost family or friends or

homes or jobs in the March


TRANSLATION: My heart is full

with so many things. I words. I have only tears. I'm

very happy. Having survived

natural and nuclear disasters,

these couples may have these couples may have already

faced their sternest test. And

now to sport with Amanda

Shalala and the NRL's

favourites are firing. In ominous form. The Storm's

closer to wraching up the miner

premiership. It's on its way to

a big win over the Titans.

Manly remains 4 competition

point ace drift of the Storm and sealed their finals berth with

a win over Newcastle. 6th place

was the prize for the winner

and the Knights led by 8 at

half time. But the Warriors are rarely outdone

entertainment stakes and 3 unanswered tries gave them the

crucial win.

At Parramatta Stadium the

second placed Sea Eagles made

an uncharacteristic mistake to

let the Eels in and they were

up at the break but Parramatta

did its best did its best to throw away the

game with Steve Matai the

recipient of two lucky tries.

The Sea Eagles showed they

could do it without luck too

with a brilliant team effort

capped off by Brett Stewart. In

the AFL Essendon's well on top

of the Western Bulldogs at

Docklands. The Bombers are playing some good foot I playing some good foot I y.

Brisbane holds a comfortable lead against the gold The Lions started the game well

with two quick majors. The suns were up

were up for a fight and they stayed in touch but Brisbane's

maintained its lead heading

into the final quarter. While

in Melbourne the Bombers are

cruising against a half hearted

Bulldogs outfit. The Bombers

are putting their finals

credentials on display as they continue continue to hold the lead in the final term. This the final term. This afternoon Hawthorn was merciless in a 165-point dismantling of the

Power for its biggest ever

winning margin. The Hawks winning margin. The Hawks had an incredible 15 goal kickers

but by far the most done by Lance Franklin and Cyril Rioli who unstoppable. They booted unstoppable. They booted 14 goals between them.

Franklin finished with 8 majors. It's the second week in

a row Port has lost by a club

record margin after the Power

went down to Collingwood by 138 points last week. And Carlton's

enhanced its prospects of a top

4 finish with a convincing win

against the Dockers. With star ruckman Aaron Sandilands

fighting fit the Dockers were

confident of staging an upset

and they were off to perfect start. They continued

to show intent but lacked the

polish to hurt their opponent

as the visitors took a 17-point

lead into quarter time. The Dockers thought they'd pull one

back early in the second term

but the umpires saw it

differently. That's a forearm and the blindsided um fire said

it was hands in the back. The

Blues stretched their margin in the second quarter. Carlton continued continued to dominate after the

break but the Dockers staged break but the Dockers staged a fightback late in the third

term. But when Andrew Walker

marked in goal just on three quarter time, the quarter time, the Blues were home. Bret Thornton was the only concern for Carlton after a

collision. In a positive for

the Dockers Sandilands got

through the game unscathed

through the game unscathed but the club now faces an the club now faces an uphill battle to book a place in battle to book a place in the finals. Australian golfer John Senden is one shot from the

lead after 2 rounds of the US PGA championship in Atlanta. Americans Keegan Bradley and

Jason Dufner are on top of the

leader board. Tiger Woods

struck out missing the cut on 10-over

10-over par. We don't seem to

have that story so we'll move on to cricket and England's on

the verge of overtaking India

as the top-ranked Test nation. The home side needs just 6 more

wickets to win the series on

day 4. Jimmy Anderson started the

the party for England early on.

Anderson then removed danger

man Dravid and he again hit the

mark to dismiss VVS

potent spell all before lunch.

The Wallabies are wary of a

revamped Springboks line up

ahead of tomorrow morning's Tri-Nations rugby clash in bur

dan. Australia will face a vastly dimpbts South African side to the one it beat side to the one it beat in Sydney a month ago. The Springboks have Springboks have made 13 changes

to their squad bringing in more talent and experience. And that match will be kicking around 1am eastern time so set

your TVs on to stay up late for that one. Should be a that one. Should be a thrilling match. Thanks, Amanda. And match. Thanks, Amanda. And in a

break with royal Denmark's Prince Christian is

attending a public school rather than a private rather than a private one.

Prince Christian, the son Crown Prince Frederik and Crown

Princess Mary started his first

day of school. Well wishers

asked him what was in his lunch

box. The 5-year-old said it was

a secret. And while his father, uncle and private schools, the young prince is the first in his

family to go through the public

system. Prince Christian told

reporters he packed his day bag himself and said he was looking forward to starting school.

Checking the satellite image

first, a low moving further east

east across the Tasman Sea east across the Tasman Sea is triggering a few showers on the northern NSW coast. A broader area

area of high pressure area of high pressure is directing southerly winds Victoria and Tasmania. Troughs over South Australia and WA are generating generating patchy rain. Looking

ahead to tomorrow around ahead to tomorrow around the

States - it should be fine and

sunny and dry Queensland. Some isolated

showers along the central

south-east. To NSW, south-east. To NSW, isolated

showers along the coast and adjacent ranges. Fine and

partly cloudy elsewhere. Cloudy periods with scattered periods with scattered showers in the south-west

in the south-west of Victoria,

mainly dry over Gippsland and

the north west. A chance of thunderstorms in the south and

along the ranges . In Tasmania,

patchy drizzle about the north

and east, fine elsewhere apart

from some early morning fog

patches. In South

will be generally dry across

the State except for patchy

rain on the western rain on the western coastline

later in the day. Showers and

storms over the southern half

storms over the southern half of Western Australia, strong

west to north-westerly winds

will ease. In the Northern

Territory mostly sunny apart

from isolated showers about the

north-east coast and morning fog patches Top End. Checking the forecast in

in the capital cities for


And that's the news for And that's the news for now.

I'll be back in a moment with an update. Stay with us for State to State. I'm State to State. I'm Whitney Fitzsimmons. You're watching ABC News 24. Closed Captions by


Live. The top stories from ABC

News - a 41-year-old Western Australian man has been arrested over the murder of

Queensland teenager Daniel Morcombe. The Morcombe. The 13-year-old disappeared while waiting for a

bus on the Sunshine Coast in December 2003. Queensland

Police say the man that's being

held in custody being charged with with murder, child stealing, deprivation of liberty,

indecent dealing with

indecent dealing with a child

and interfering with a corpse.

Tony Abbott has thrown his support behind farmers in the

controversial debate over mining

land. Tony Abbott said farmers

should have the right to lock

their gates to keep out mining

companies. But today he refused

to repeat that support following criticism he was

putting billions of dollars of mining investment at risk.

Police in Britain have been conducting raids and arresting more