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Queensland State Election: State Of Change -

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(generated from captions) management and training in the

sector but we are not going to

turn around and get there

tomorrow. We need to start in a

methoddy call and deliberate

way. This is what Ian and the

sector are been talking about. You will see positive steps

from the Government in the not

too distant future. Thank you

for your time tonight. Finally

tonight if you live on the east

coast of the country you might

be getting calls soon from

market research company on behalf of the Federal behalf of

Government seeking your views

on high speed rail between

Brisbane, Sydney Canberra and Melbourne. The questions seemed

to be aimed at judging what price the ticket would be and

how quick the trip would be to

convince someone to switch from

car to air travel to rail. The

suggested prices ranged between

$240 and $560 for a $240 and $560 for a trip

between Canberra and city. The

station was suggested to be in

the city or airport in Canberra

would be exceptionally smooth and I was told the train ride

and quiet. There would be food available, air conditioning,

free wayfy and no free wayfy and no luggage

constraints if it is ever built. Join us for 'Capital

Hill' next week from Monday.

Have a good weekend. Have a good weekend.Goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI. and the bungled ready to beam us into a big party

that to assume the arrangements

We could count Mount Cootha,

At this stage, there could be

to the National Party at this stage? that the drift to Labor

Perhaps 10%.

an industrial advocate. will be Gary Fenlon,

late withdrawal from the contest who weren't helped by the rather

up from 41.4 last time.

in the western part of that seat. but there is almost

to party-preferred terms,

and what is happening is that we are and provincial cities.

are wild cards in this election. There are seats like that that the marginals trying to find the 15. We're just going around

We should keep reminding ourselves electoral zones -

overall figures and shifts

So there is a huge swing,

as demonstrated in the other zones. The Liberals have done alright

to emerge in the tally room tonight.

that we have 17 seats that we know

which just could not get us

but clearly they didn't believe us,

So four out of the sixpack On the North Coast, Cooroora, um...

the Liberal Party may still emerge

is absolutely no doubt

That's what happened to Labor