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(generated from captions) been confirmed dead. An

inquiry has called for an

urgent review of standards at immigration detention facilities. Things are

apparently so bad that the

joint standing committee on

migration says people should be

moved to other accommodation.

Labor MP for Michael Danby is the Federal

Labor MP for Melbourne Ports

and the chairman of that

committee. He joins us from

Canberra. Good morning.

Under the Rudd Labor Government

we were told that conditions

would improve, it would be a

more humane approach to

immigration issues and also

detention. It would seem those

changes haven't yet managed to

go through. The committee can

only call them as they see them. I

them. I understand our very

competent Minister Chris

evidencians has money allocated

to refurbish villa wood. He

certainly needs toe do it,

similarly with the Perth

detention centre. Why hasn't

he done it? Because these

things take time to plan the

I changes they are going to make.

I understand the changes to

villa wood will come through

soon, but we could only give an

honest assessment of the

situation. You are

disappointed with your own

government? I wouldn't say

disappointed. I know, as with

the more humane changes to the

treemgt of assume seekers, the

Minister has been on the scrob.

We have the money allocated and

we will proceed with it. It we will proceed with it. It

must be disappointing. This is

one of the issues that you

chose to severely beat up the

Howard government. If you are

talking about still continuing

inhumane conditions in

detention centres, it is hard

for me to spot any difference

between the two political

parties. I am sorry, but I

think there have been many

changes that the new government changes that the new government

has made to the way Australia

treats asylum seekers.

According to petro Georgeo, the

treatment of children is not

one of them. It is difficult

to know what the Liberals view

is, Sharma stone thinks we have

gone too far, the deputy chair

of the committee agrees with us

and petro Georgeo says it

hasn't gone far hasn't gone far enough. He

didn't attend the committee

hearings because he was

overseas, so it is hard to take

his criticisms seriously. We

just have to look at the

promise at the beginning of the

Rudd Government, which was that

it was a top priority issue.

If petro had been at the

have committee hearings, he would

have understood the children in

detention issue was very

serious when his government was

in office. What he was talking

about was that there was an

occasional child kept in a

detention facility that was one

of these transition detention

facilities, which is more like

residential housing, over a few

days when they shouldn't have been there, they should have

been in the wider community. It been in the wider community. It

is hardly the kind of situation

that existed where there were

children kept with adult

prisoners in horrible places

like Woomera. What needs to

happen, what needs to be

changed in other for the Labor

government to live up to its

philosophy of wanting to have a

more humane system and its more humane system and its

preelection promises? We have

laid out a plan and the government is in broad

agreement with quick processing

of people, a review by

ombudsman, a review by high ranking immigration officials

in short periods of time. That

is the most important thing.

This report deals with the

facilities, and we feel that

the kind of circumstances where

people of mixed background people of mixed background in

immigration detention and

people who were prisoners

overseas in villa wood needs to

be quickly address he, with the

structures we have in the Perth

immigration centre. Widely,

Australians don't think it's

necessary, I believe, even

though we have to keep people

in secure accommodation until

we check their health and

to safety background, that we need

to have bar b wire and the

whole prison-like aspect that the previous government placed

over our detention facilities,

particularly the razor wire

around villa wood and Christmas

Island is not appropriate.

These places are not prisons,

the people are not guilty of

anything, we are simply

assessing their suitability to

be in Australia and we are

trying to institute trying to institute a regime

that judges those things fairly

and quickly and subjects them

to overview by outside sources

to see the government is doing

their job. The committee also

said that Christmas Island

should only be used when no

other option was veil. It doesn't appear that that is going to be a suggestion that

is taken up. Unfortunately it

doesn't. I must say, I don't like the facility

like the facility at all but we

have hundreds of people

arriving apparently over the

last few months who are

basically Tam ils or Afghans,

because of terrible situation

there, it would be surprising

if Australia didn't face the

same kind of people pressure

from the terrible situations

that occurring in Sri Lanka and Afghanistan. I believe the government is doing everything Afghanistan. I believe the

to process those people quickly

and treat them humanely.

Thanks for your time. It is

interesting, you can almost see

a similar split in the Labor

government as we have been

witnessing on the Opposition

side for some time on the issue