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Live This morning - there's no

rescue crews in Christchurch. day of rest for search and

Five days after Five days after the

Also on ABC News 24, violence

in Libya continues as the UN Security Council considers

imposing sanctions on the regime. Floodwaters at the mouth of interest in Goolwa's Wooden mouth of the River Murray raise

Boat Festival. And Brisbane

Roar comes behind to draw with

the Mariners in the

semifinal. Good morning, you're watching ABC News 24, I'm Nick Lucchinelli. Let's take a quick look of the weather around the Capitals.

It's now devastating earth dwak. Here's Christchurch was hit by the

a look at the situation as it

standing. 145 bodies have recovered so far. Just 6 bodies have been identified and

returned to families so far.

Around 200 people are listed as

missing and many are likely to

be among the people already

confirmed dead. A total of 70

people have been rescued from the rubble. the rubble. But no one's been

found alive since Wednesday

afternoon. Experts are warning

Christchurch to expect aftershocks for a year. Stephanie Boulet has the latest. Hundreds of search and

rescue workers are continuing

to scour the rubble for

difficult work and it will take survivors. It's long, hard,

some time. Regrettably

the last recent period there's some time. Regrettably over

end only been the

we've been end only been the deceased

encountering. Authorities are

working hard to identify the victim's bodies. We're those people with victim's bodies. We're treating

those people with absolute

dignity and care. We're

conscious of the fact we want

the to get those loved ones back to

possible and we'll move help

heaven and earth to do that. More than 300 Australian

police are on the ground and receiving thanks for their work. We extend

Commonwealth Governments in to both the state and

Australia to providing the

Christchurch Airport, New staff. As we entered

Zealand, citizens were there

clapping and cheering. It was

very humbling and it was a

great way with great pride great way with great pride as

we step through those gates we step through those gates to

nationalities are among assist. Up to 20 different

dead and missing. Many students from Japan, China and

India who were studying in the CTV building. We've been through the whole of the area

complete think thoroughly once. We're coming back and going deeper into the areas more difficult to access. There are

grave fears for an elderly Australian woman. We maintain close contact with the New Zealand government on these

matters. It is important for

Australians also to be prepared for the for the possibility of more Australian fatalities Have been some amazing some amazing stories of surviving. A man was freed

from the rubble when a Brisbane doctor amputated his doctor amputated his legs. We

had a disposal scalpel blade

they have a plastic handle and

not good for much. The majority

majority of it was done with a

blade from a knife. Another man

saved 14 of his colleagues saved 14 of his colleagues by

lowering them 20 metres from a window to window to a carpark below. I

feel a real sense of

satisfaction that I was able to

lock after those people and to

get them safely. Their lives were in my hands. hell of a responsibility. The

initial damage bill is more

than $7.4 billion. It's than $7.4 billion. It's just

utter carnage. It's just there's building Shahid Afridi building

there's just debris everywhere and waters very obvious there

will have to be lot of building

removed from the city. At least

a quarter of the the CBD will have to demolished and rebuilt. It could be as many the CBD will have to be

could be as many as one third. New Zealand will observe two minutes silence next Tuesday at

12.51. That's exactly one after the quake that changed 12.51. That's exactly one week

Stephanie Boulet, ABC News. The ABC's Philippa McDonald Christchurch and she joins me now. It's now five days since Search survivors will be found.

Search and rescue teams three big building collapses

here at Christchurch, since Wednesday. It's now five days since any survivors have been retrieved from the wreckage of these buildings. toured wreckage of these buildings. I there's very little left. At toured them yesterday and

there's very little left. At the CTV building it is still smouldering. You've and rescue teams from around

the world using heavy equipment and bare hands, delayering the rubble, looking

for any sign of life. look at it, it's just as John Key said of as John Key said of utter levels and as he said, utter

carnage. The families standing by now. carnage. The families are

with John Key yesterday. They told told him that the worst and everyone's just told him that they're fearing

waiting on news. We've told this morning by the waiting on news. We've been

told this morning by the police that more bodies will be out of that more bodies will be taken that the death toll will climb dramatically. We're hearing that up to demolished. Yes. A quarter of

the entire CBD. They're big

buildings. We've got he was engineers in one of the whether that has to be demolished. The grand chancellor hotel, because of the buildings around

collapsing or how they actually it and they're very concerned

demolish it. A quarter of

buildings here so badly damaged

that they will have to be demolished third. Most of the city has been surveyed, is like a ghost cordoned off. You can't get

access to the city centre

because of the risk of further

collapses. Of course, we've

had the aftershocks. They too bad overnight, but the aftershocks have

aftershocks have caused massive cracking, break, awnings continue to collapse collapse and there is the fear of further building collapses.

On the outskirts of town, too, you've got rock falls that continue to last night mount pleasant, the suburb suburb of mount pleasant, a street had to be evacuated there. The night before Redcliffes people had to be evacuated, 10 streets had to bowleders are falling bowleders are falling from

cliff tops and landslides happening and

of the people authorities there authorities there are expecting the death toll to Yes. As we night, the death toll officially 145. There are grave fears held for grave fears held for 200 people

and they're not accounted for. It could be that there It could be that there are about is 100 bodies

the CTV building, another the Christchurch Cathedral

spire collapse, and then there is When I was there from the rubble there and they're not sure how many people are likely to be

toll could rise by as many as 200 because they're grave fears are held for 200 missing. Those people are not only New Zealanders, there could be Australians,

heard, and people from 20 nationalities. You look around town, you see the town, you see the Chinese media, media, the Japanese media, the

Taiwanese meez needia, they're trying

trying to beam the trying to beam the nusz back

home about what's happened to international students and people who were travelling a very busy in buildings, it was nine minutes minutes to one, people were having their unwill of, they were in the malls, it is hard to account

happened to those people. Just

finally, what are John Key's finally, what are John Key's movements today, the Prime Minister? John Key is watching developments very closely. As I with the families last night. economic package which will be announced tomorrow because this is... Christchurch is New

Zealand's second largest city, it is a huge economic it is a huge economic impact. It's already It's already been costed at

Chamber of Commerce say it could be $25 billion.

Christchurch has been changed

forever. People are living in 50 per cent of people are without water. At least without water. At least 400

people have lost their homes

and many more don't know whether they can live in their homes. He's working on some urgent economic urgent economic assistance for the people who have been hit so

hard by this earthquake and

he'll announce he'll announce a package, an economic package, economic package, tomorrow

after his Cabinet meeting in Wellington. From what we've

seen the residents of

Christchurch are hard dy types.

Let's hope they bounce back as

quickly as possible. That's Philippa McDonald in Christchurch reporting on

that we've been following for

last few days. We'll keep awe

cross that story through the course of the morning. If

you'd like to help those

affected by the quake, can you affected by the quake, can you donate to the Red donate to the Red Cross

earthquake appeal by phoning:

While eastern Libya has

fallen into the ands of the opposition movement, in the

west of the country it's a very different picture. It

information coming out of the capital Tripoli is hard to verify, verify, but amateur verify, but amateur video

repeatly shows brutality by government forces and government forces and

widespread protests. Al Jazeera's Hoda Jazeera's Hoda Abdel-Hamid filed this report. Praying filed this report. Praying to

God for help in surviving an

intense battle. 50 kilometres west of the capital Tripoli. Gaddafi is the enemy of God, this protester cries out, seconds later, much closer. This video much closer. This video was

sent to Al Jazeera after being

filmed on Saturday morning. It

is a strategic town with is a strategic town with an oil terminal where opposition

forces are gathering to drive

Colonel Muammar Gaddafi from

his last remaining strongholds.

TRANSLATION: A Tripoli TRANSLATION: A Tripoli and a few other towns left. I urge

the Libyan people there's no

going back. Going back is impossible. We have forward. All the patriotic courageous and courageous and respected Libyan

youth should help the people of

Tripoli to carry out their

duties. Much of is already in opposition control, but to be filmed on Friday show to be filmed on Friday show massive protests in

massive protests in a western

city 210 kilometres from the capital. capital. Al Jazeera cannot independently verify this video

or another town that appears to or another said to be protesters' cause. Libya's

head of special forces, latest Gaddafi ally, now rallying for his removal. TRANSLATION: I

expertise and capabilities at

the service of the youth

revolution. I urge all honest

members of the special forces

to rejoin the units and protect the gains of protect the lives of the protect the lives of the Libyan people and their property. This video shows exactly limp body and stuff limp body and stuff it limp body and stuff it into a car. Uploaded on YouTube, it

also can't be verified, but is said to be filmed in Tripoli

during Friday's these images shot by associated press and a golf sponsored media offence sense under the restrictions of Gaddafi lists. Tripoli is 1

problems. People are going about their business. There are no problems

this vision as state television to show what's really happening in


its under siege leader can hang on. Most of the on. Most of the oil rich east has fallen into the has fallen into the hands of the opposition.

volatile situation. The Opposition also says it has taken control of all taken control of all oil refineries operating at a minimal capacity for here the most important is to

retain the gains, keep the momentum, while they wait and see what happens in the see what happens in the west of the country. Hoda Abdel-Hamid, Al Jazeera, eastern Libya. The

Libyan city of Benghazi was the

first to fall into the control of anti-government forces pro-Gaddafi forces and

the palace compound. the palace compound. The ABC's

Middle East kropt Ben Knight is in Benghazi where the first

domino fell in the domino fell in the unfolding

Libyan revolution. He filed the spot where the Libyan protests game the revolution. This is The Entrance to the main compound of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's you like, his guard, and so what you his palace when his palace when he came to stay

in Benghazi, there's also an underground underground prison and of course the soldiers who here protecting him. this was where the people came to overthrow the regime. people were over here and you

can see on this building over here here behind us this is what was being shot at being shot at the people from this gate house right here, being shot over

You can see the coming towards this building and driven gunfire. They were just unable

to get anywhere near it. to get anywhere near it. Until

people here tell me a man named filled his car gas, closed the doors and drove

it towards this gate. It broke down the gate, it. The soldiers inside put

their guns, said that's it, officers escaped in a helicopter and ambulances and Benghazi was taken. The UN Security Council Security Council has begun urgent clubsrations to urgent clubsrations to consider imposing sanctions

against anti-government

protesters. The could include an arms protesters. The sanctions against the Libyan government, a travel against the Libyan

a travel ban and against Gaddafi, his relatives

anarchy anarchy regime members. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon is urj urging council members

to take concrete action to

protect civilians in Lib are

why where some estimates more than 1000 people have been

killed in less than two weeks. The Australian The Australian Government has

said it is imposing travel and financial sanctions against the

regime. The sanctions will stop Australians engaging in

any financial transactions with

the 22 high-level officials.

Civil unrest has again gripped the capital of Tunisia. Security forces to disperse hundreds of demonstrators outside the

interior ministry building. It

comes a day after police

cleared huge crowds from the

street of Tunis demanding the

resignation of the interim government. The country's president Zine al-Abidine Ben

Ali was recently forced to flee

after a popular uprising. The

US President Barack Obama is calling

calling on Democrats and

Republicans to compromise to avoid a government shut down.

An agreement on the budget for

the 2011 fiscal year must be reached

reached in one week or the

government will run out of money Democrats are refusing to Democrats are refusing to pass

spending cuts proposed by house Republicans, describing the bill as draconian. Mr Obama agrees the government

tighten its belt but said

spending cuts must not be spending cuts must not be

counterproductive. The US

budget deficit is forecast to

reach a record 1.65 trillion

this year or almost 11 per this year or almost 11 per cent of GDP.

These are today's

warning that the death toll

from Tucson's earthquake will

rise much higher. The number

of people confirmed dead stands

at 145 with grave concerns for

another 200 still missing. The

UN Security Council has begun

tough negotiate ition on how to

sanction Libya's leader Colonel

Muammar Gaddafi. His

government launch a deadly crackdown on protesters in crackdown on protesters in the capital Tripoli as opposition

groups exert control over more

of the country. And Ireland's government seems to be set to lose the election being held today.

Exit polls suggest the main

opposition Fine Gael could gain

around 36 per cent of the vote,

but no vote will emerge with an outright majority. The weather around the Capitals today,

Brisbane fine and 31, showers possible for Sydney and Canberra, clearing later in Melbourne, fine for Hobart and

Adelaide, a very hot day for

Perth and storms for Darwin. As we just As we just mentioned there in

the headline, the early indications from the general election election in the republic of Ireland suggest the governing party fail fail is on course

for a heavy Sri Lanka feet.

The party has has had a lock on government since independence

on Britain ruling for 61 of the past

past 75 years. Fail fail has

been widely condemned for

role in Ireland's economic

meltdown and has seen the

biggest collapse of support for

any Irish party. The main

opposition Fine Gael is

predicted to gain 36 per cent

of the vote, but no party is likely to emerge with an

outright majority. A outright majority. A tourist attraction at the mouth of the

River Murray is thiefing once more after suffering during the drought. Floodwaters from upstream have meant

Goolwa's Wooden Boat Festival in South Australia has once again drawn the again drawn the crowds. Water's back in the Goolwa once again. Booth den fwots

have all sizes fought for a once again. Booth den fwots place on the waterway place on the waterway that two years ago was running

dangerously low. A lot of not only our wooden boat coming back as well. It's an amazing

actually see water in the far

distance where as before

could just about throw

across it. A naval procession heralded the south's awe's 12th Wooden Boat

Festival. For sailors who lost their it was a chance to be back at the wheel

joy. James Byron is joy. James Byron is the custodian of this historic sugar

sugar tug boat from New South Wales. She's needs to be looked needs to be looked after and cared for. about 120 years old. The hull is anyway. Only 100 small boats were allowed in the were allowed in the last festival two years ago. With the influx of floodwaters the number has more than doubled. The floodwaters has brought relief to residents who had to rely on rainwater supply for domestic uses as the river

level fell. We can start pumps level fell. We can start our and supply four toilets with that. For Goolwa town the return of the water means once again a drawcard for

tourist and holiday-makers. Alex Parry, ABC News, Goolwa. Daniela Intili joins us

now. There's plenty now. There's plenty happening

in the sporting world

overnight. Both on and off overnight. Both on and off the

field, yes. The charge. The club believed the

Dally M medallist will learn from his experience. He was warned by a magistrate from NRL

grade r player of the year and

a grand final appearance.

turned sour again. Todd Carney was arrested by driving in Coogee and driving in Coogee and is

alleged to have had a alcohol level of point 05.

I'd been home, had a sleep and got up this morning. organised meeting for nine o'clock this morning. o'clock this morning. Jumped in the everything would be everything would be fine. The 24-year-old is on his P plates

limit. Certainly what

limit. Certainly what he's done sun acceptable and he's sun acceptable and he's broken the law and he'll face the consequences consequences of that action. The Roosters will meet

soon to consider an appropriate punishment while the

give their star player a wrap over the knuckles. over the knuckles. The

Roosters five-eighth may face court in March. The former leading police on a

pursuit, negligent driving, drink driving and vandalism. He copped a suspended gaol sentence. One magistrate launched this week and Todd Carney features in the Carney features in the official NRL television commercial. NRL television commercial. In a sign the code will a sign the code will give Todd

Carney another go, his footage advertisement that goes to air. David Spicer, ABC advertisement that

Sydney. Still on NRL, centre Justin Sydney. Still on NRL, Brisbane

Sydney. Still on NRL, Brisbane in doubt for the season opener after straining his in the after straining his hamstring

Brett Stewart made his long awaited comeback from knee surgery in Manly's win Warriors. Parramatta smashed Penrith and Newcastle accounted for Cronulla. Canterbury off Canberra, the Gold for Cronulla. Canterbury held

pipped North Queensland, and off Canberra, the Gold Coast

the West Tigers beat the Sydney Roosters in the Foundation Cup. In super rugby Queensland sidelined for a week after captain James Horwill will be

injuring his ankle during his

In other results, the sharks side's loss to New South Wales.

beat the Auckland Blues in Durban and the Stormers edged

the line in Cape Town. In

Sydney, the Waratahs first came early with Kurtley Beale Sydney, the Waratahs first try

heavily involved in sending

Drew Mitchell over. A sneaky

lineout gave the Tahs a second

which Dave Dennis slipping

through on notice and the home

side had a 16-3 lead at halftime. New South Wales

translated into more points

after the break, this time

through Lachie Turner. The

Tahs continued to expose the

goal line defence and Robinson scored the fourth for the bonus

point and two wins from two

rounds. To AFL, St Kilda will

face Essendon in the pre-season

cup semifinal thanks to a 55

point mauling of Geelong at

Docklands. The Saints started

the match with a full strength

side while the Cats opted for a less experienced less experienced team. The difference was obvious, with

the Saints out scoring Geelong

in the first-half by 43 points. Saints who kept up the pressure

in the third quarter. Nick Riewoldt led from the front

scoring four goals and Brendon Goddard was at

best pulling off the mark of

the match. Brisbane will host

the A-League grand final. It

Central Coast in the second leg follows a two-all draw with the

of the major semifinal. That

gave the Roar a 4-2 aggregate

win W Brisbane winning last

week's first leg two-nil, the Mariners were given little hope. But the visitors plenty of self belief. Daniel

39th minute. The lead doubled McBreen struck first in the

Oliver Bozanic to level the tie a minute later thanks for

goal and Tomas Broich delivered 2 all. Brisbane needed one

in the 63rd minute. Henrique

injury goal closed out any hope. English Premier League

Manchester United has moved

four points clear of Arsenal on

the table with a 4 nil a relegation threatened Wigan.

In other results, Aston ville a La thrashed Blackburn, Everton beat Sunderland. Newcastle and

wol on true one-all and Wolves

climbed out of the relegation

zone with a four-nil

zone with a four-nil demolition

of Blackpool R some of the goals from the Manchester United game. Wayne Rooney,

beautifully done. Kills Wigan

off. Rooney up in

Wayne Rooney, three-nil.

Fletcher, Rooney rising. This is

is fabio. England France in the Six Wales has defeated Italy. Let's France in the Six Nations while

take a look at the weather.

Cloud across the tropics in the

monsoon is generating rain and storms heavy over the

north-west near a developing Tropfest cyclone. spreading into South Australia

and Victoria along a trough is

bringing a few showers. Moving

around the states now, a

high lies over the Tasman Sea. The Monsoon trough over north of the state is strengthening. Isolated

showers in the south-east of

New South Wales with the chance of thunderstorms. Partly

cloudy elsewhere. Victoria can expect isolated showers with

the chance of thunderstorms

over parts of the east and

north. Cool to mild and a cloudy in the south and a

little warmer in the north. the west and far south of Isolated light showers

Tasmania. Clearing during the

afternoon, fine elsewhere before isolated showers develop

about the east later on. Isolated light showers over the

elsewhere apart from isolated agricultural area of SA. Fine

thunderstorms in the far west of

of the north-west pastoral. In WA rain areas, scattered

showers and squally thunderstorms across much of

the Kimberley, isolated

thunderstorms and showers later

in the day for the rest of the State. Scattered showers Northern Territory, heavy falls

may lead to significant stream

rises and flooding of low-lying

areas north of Elliott. The

for Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra, Perth partly cloudy

and storms for Darwin. I'll and storms for Darwin. I'll be back with out an hour. Christchurch earthquake in half

next. I'm Nick Lucchinelli. You're watching ABC News 24. Closed Captions by CSI.

These are today's top stories. New Zealand police are warning are warning that the death toll

from Tuesday's earthquake will

rise much higherment the death

toll stands at 145 and there

are grave concerns for another

200 people still missing.

Authorities say a quarter of

the buildings in central

Christchurch may need to be

demolished and rebuilt.

Security Council has begun tough negotiations on how to sanction Libya's leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. His Government's Government's launched a deadly

crackdown on protesters in the

capital, Tripoli, as opposition groups exert control over more

of the country. There are reports security reports security forces have

been pushed back from some of Tripoli's working class districts following days districts following days of

protests. Security forces in