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(generated from captions) it does. S. A friend I urge Be worthy to own best traditions. Muammar Gaddafi

warns the world to stay out of Libya as pro fwres on a no-fly zone moves slowly Both the United Kingdom and NATO will take this very much in a United Kingdom and NATO itself


medical cautious, step by manner. Business sceptical medical cautious, step by step

about the Government's plan to

improve gendere Walt at

equality at work. Gliding into

history, the Space Shuttle

scufr which makes its last

landing. You're watching ABC News 24. In a sometimes emotional speech News 24. I'm Virginia Trioli.

Gillard has pledged to stand to the US

firm with America. The Prime Minister urged the United

States to be bold and worthy of

its best traditions. She

pressed the need for leadership to sustain the leadership pressed the need for American

global economic recovery and

climate change. Ms Gillard she called for cooperation on

emphasised the importance of

the Asia Pacific region,

spoke of the enduring alliance particularly China, and she


between the two between the two countries. When

our alliance was signed 60

years ago, the challenges of

come, the challenges of come, the space age will still to

terrorism were still to come,

for 60 years leaders from

Australia and the United States

have looked inside themselves and found the courage, the

courage to face those

do the same today. Julia do challenges. After 60 years, we

Gillard there. The Prime

Minister's a gres got a

Congress. North America standing ovation from the US

towards the end of the speech. spotted wiping away tears tears and Kim Beazley was the speaker of the house to the speaker of the house received. It certainly brought received. It certainly believed it was Senator John Kerry, most people there. Send for John McCain, Certainly some senior members on the floor of the chamber. dignitaries made up the numbers they call it the senators and house members, you're not going to get all of Wednesday morning, in DC, audience at 11 o'clock on a about just who would be in the was a lot of chatter beforehand was a lot of chatter interrupded by applause. There during the speech she was standing ovation, received. Four minutes of a the speech was very warmly correspondent Lisa Millar says

to how speech because she paid tribute to how speech because she paid tribute speech because she making sure that going to making sure that everyone was making sure that She did again. She used it many times. ally. Ally T ally again and response? It was lines that drew such a wasn't staged. What were the wasn't in this case that actually in the Union. I've got to assume stage managed to the State of know that's always completely know that's always completely interruptions for applause, I you say there were 20 you say there were 20 key line in the speech? When emotional moment. What were the end of. Whats quite an started breaking towards the Julia Gillard in fact her voice Julia Gillard in

the last Prime Minister to to how old John Howard who was

address the the last Prime Minister address the joint sitting and

said he was still an ally

America. When said he was still an ally of

issues and terrorism, she was certainly playing to certainly playing to the issues and terrorism, she was

Republicans, she talked about leadership and

economic reform. All of subjects certainly ensured that she was getting lots after applause. There was a lot of interest on the subject

China, as you indicate. John McCain yesterday concerns about the military

that China is educating its previously has warned Americans

children better than America

is, it is determined to is, it is determined to lead the world and America has to wary of that. Julia Gillard the world and America has to be

wary of that. Julia Gillard almost sent out a word of

almost sent out a there them they shouldn't be afraid,

that. around. Let's have a listen to

that. Like

relationship with China is important and complex. relationship with China is

encourage China to engage as differences do lie. My guiding principle is

can be shared. There is can be shared. There is no reason for Chinese prosperity to

Australia, the United States or

anywhere in addressing Congress a few hours

ago. She did enter

troubled waters of international issues saying Palestinians need a state of

their own, emphasising the Australian sitting watching it in Australian policy there. I was sitting watching it in the

and studio as it was happening live

messages from people who were on the floor of was the big subject. was the big subject. The Middle East even though touched on that, it do with China and Indonesia

that people that people really pricked up

their ears over. The general feel towards the end of the speech was that she'd spent 29

minutes there on capital hill,

would be strong for years and

speaking years to come. Lisa Millar

says his people will take up

arms if the international community imposes a no-fly zone on the country. Three weeks into the fighting, up people have already been into the fighting, up to 1000

killed. The BBC's Jeremy Bowen civil war now. The question civil war now. The question is how long will

how long will it rebels have some This was rebels have some heavy weapons.

Jawad controlled Libya meets rebel held territory. In places, the rebel outgun bid Gaddafi loyalists. force. Britain and France are pushing for a

stop it flying and bombing. Significantly, the Saudi Arabia with are Saudi Arabia with are backing

the idea. Good good's forces

are making progress, but

the years he's made a lot of enemies, not leaders. In an interview leaders. In an interview with Turkish Turkish television Colonel

Gaddafi dismissed the idea

after no-fly zone. TRANSLATION: TRANSLATION: If they take

such a decision it will be useful for Libya because the Libyan people will see the truth, that they want to truth, that they want to take control of Libya and its oil. Libyan its oil. Libyan TV has been showing a report that says it from from Zawiyah, 30 miles west of Tripoli. Rebels losing the fight again the

Gaddafi forces who have been

weekend. The Libyan reporter interviews a interviews a man describe the

as a general. We've taken

Zawiyah now, he says. There are still a few rats bull we'll get them out. Some people managed to phone their families in Zawiyah. Under the under the control of the Libyan

people. The are Zawiyah are actual flighting

against every invasion

against every invasion with the last drob of blood and they will not give up. This been showing pictures it says are of Gaddafi loyalists It is hard to tell

to report first hand from there because the

are restricting our freedom more isolated. It is significant that and regard leaders worried about rebellion in

in their own populations don't seem to be in any him.

superior fire power and the power power of his police state.

That is a potent combination.

Po bow Australia is among Libya now. This morning Defence Minister Stephen Smith told ABC News

told ABC News Breakfast any

decision making will be a decision making will be a very slow process. This is an slow process. This is an issue which community needs to take step step. Clearly, if a no-fly zone is to

international community would want to see the starting point being a being a security council, United Nations Security Council

resolution, but resolution, but the relevant European through NATO are doing through NATO are doing what they describe as scoping pre-planning in the event pre-planning in the event that

such authorisation would occur. But the impression I was left with by Defence Secretary fox was that both Kingdom and NATO

Kingdom and NATO itself will take this very much in medical, cautious, step by manner. Defence Minister

Stephen Smith there. Secretary General says the ready if the seem to have that for you

there. We'll move on to other

news this morning. A

bomber has blown himself up at Pakistan, killing 37 tar getted as members of an attending the funeral.

attending the funeral. Dozens

of others were injured in that blast. Sectarian violence erupted blast. Sectarian violence has

erupted in Egypt. At least 13 people died and another 140

were injured when a Muslim mob Christians protesting again the

burning of a church in People armed with knives macheteses attacked hundreds of pro-democracy forrer pro-democracy forrer in Tahrir

Square. At least two people

were injured in that fracas. Papua New could be suspended could be suspended from office today over allegations of official

misconduct. The leader will answer allegations about financial financial declarations that he made in the 1990s. correspondent Liam Fox

reports. A special leadership here at the Supreme Court.

Three foreign judges have Three foreign judges have been appointed to financial statements in the 1990s.

1990s. The former Australian Federal Gyles, is the Tribunal's chairman. Sir Michael described the charges as minor in them. Indeed, he's fought a long-running legal battle in the Supreme Court about the investigation by the corruption

watchdog, the Ombudsman commission the 74-year-old's lawyer are expected to have lawyer are expected to have the tribunal postponed until have to decide during that time. If the grand chief, as he's known, is found

to have breached to have breached the country's

leadership code, the potential

punishment could range to a small fine to removal from office. We can take you the comment made by the NATO Secretary General.

Secretary General. He's talking about the organisation's organisation's military. He says it stands ready if the Libyan situation

Libyan situation worsens. NATO is not looking to intervene in is not looking to Libya, but we military to conduct Libya, but we have asked eventualities. As part of that

planning, we have decided to

extend the surveillance of air

and sea in the region. The NATO Secretary General there. A former West Australian mayor

says claims he's linked to the

Italian Mafia are outrageous

and defamatory. The ABC confirm former Stirling Mayor

Tony Vallelonga has been named

in an investigation into the powerful clabian Mafia known powerful clabian Mafia known as

Ndrangheta. Tony Vallelonga is

a former long serving

councillor and mayor of one of

WA's biggest suburban councils the city of Stirling. He's

fighting allegations he's

linked to the Italian Mafia.

I was always been I was always been an outstanding citizen outstanding citizen and this hurts my hurts my family. The

allegations surfaced in allegations surfaced in foreign

media report about a media report about a major crackdown in

Italy. A suspected high

ranking member was arrested,

but it was also claimed but it was also claimed others

were being sought overseas. Now police have confirmed in an interview with

Vallelonga has been named in

their investigation. TRANSLATION:

The police say it relates to

secretly recorded conversations he's alleged to have had with

he's alleged to have had with a local Mafia identity. Through his lawyer, Mr maintained he's done nothing

wrong. What is being wrong. What is being said about Mr Vallelonga about Mr Vallelonga is absolutely outrageous. He has no dealings with the is a man of impeccable standing in the West Australian community. The Australian

Federal Police refused to

comment other than to say

comment other than to say the

agency had received a request

for assistance from Italian

police. Mr Hammond says his

client has not been told

anything. The media is our only

source of information and that

is why we say this is very unfair on Mr Vallelonga and family. Mr Vallelonga migrated to Australia more than 30 years

ago from Italy where in the

past decade the Mafia has grown

to be what's described as a

powerful and aggressive organisation. Mr Vallelonga's

lawyer says he has been unable to confirm reports that an arrest warrant has been

issued There are no charges. Mr Vallelonga has no

Mr Vallelonga has no been

arrested. He is not in custody and everything being said at

the moment is pure and utter speculation. Mr Vallelonga

hasn't ruled action for defamation, maintaining he will be cleared of any wrongdoing. Joanna

Menagh there. Business Menagh there. Business groups

are sceptical of Federal

Government plans to boost women's participation in the workforce. Under new laws,

spot checks will be carried out

on businesses to see if they're promoting gendere Walt in workplace. David Gregory from promoting gendere Walt in the

the Australian Chamber of

Commerce and Industry says it

is unclear just what the measures will achieve. It seems

to involve a quite complicated to involve a quite

in turn issues around gender around some quite complicated set of reporting requirements

range of new reporting equity, pay equity, a whole

obligations being imposed on business. In terms of what obligations being imposed on

that's going to achieve it is not clear to us. It is

certainly going to impose what

seems to be quite a significant

red tape burden on Australian

business. David Gregory. Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey is calling for welfare reform in

the country. He the country. He says

Centrelink should be given the power to control power to control welfare payments to parents who have

drug or gambling addictions.

He wants intensive

unemployed and people on a

disability pension to try and

increase their prospects of

getting a job. They should also

have the capacity to consider

the extension of income management, the control of

welfare payments through

quarantining and direct pay quarantining and direct pay

schemes where they believe that

it is warranted. This is particularly important

families where children may be particularly important for

at risk from parental drug

abuse, gambling or other

lifestyle a flick shuns. If abuse, gambling or other

State Department of lifestyle a flick shuns. If a

services State Department of community like drippinging or gambling, they should have the capacity like drippinging or gambling, and

and responsibility to work with income management centre line to put in place

for that family. The Shadow

since tut overnight. agencies say Mr since tut overnight. Welfare agencies say Mr Hockey's proposal would worsen proposal would worsen the shortage of sector. Frank Quinlan is the

this morning he social services Australia and

Breakfast families this morning he told ABC News is that we'll be is that we'll be applying a whole

whole lot of obligations to families without meeting our own obligation to be providing

them with they need We know what happens We know what happens to

families as they spiral into poverty. They disconnected from communities, they often get into problems

and unless we're with addictions and so forth,

providing a response problems, then income quarantine ago loan

quarantine ago loan is never going to be going to be successful. What we're seeing today is the employment services the employment services space feel as if they're paper

pushers. Think feel as if

they're administering a huge government program and they're bound by that red tape. It the fact not just the case loads. It is

the fact when the case load have the freedom comes before them they don't

sorts of services that really know would sorts of services that they really know would be effective

for the family that's in

of them. In Melbourne, a train

has made an under scheduled stop slamming

service train into a siding and the driver moved the out of

subbar train rolled through then overshot the end. The then overshot the end.

Took place at 8 o'clock

night. The wind shield of the

train was shad terd shattered

but the driver was not injure. investigating that incident. A 28-year-old man is

crocodile attack at Weipa in far North Queensland. Police say he of a creek when 94 water and grabbed him. He clupg to the branches of a tree to stop being dragged into the water before another man

fishing nearby came to

stories now on ABC News 24. Gill has challenged the United States

its best traditions in a speech she gave to the Congress. The Prime Minister talked of the need for strong talked of the need for strong leadership from economic and leadership from the US in the challenges facing the world. economic and the security

She also spoke of China. important relationship with She also spoke of Australia's

warned that the if the China. Muammar Gaddafi has

zone, that would be met by

fierce resistance. After

are reports of a blood bath in the strategic succeeded in succeeded in dislodging the

the Government's plan rebels. Business groups fear

improve gender balance in the workplace will create red tape. The government with businesses more than 100 people to report

the number of women they employ

and wants to do spot checks to conditions. To finance news and Australia chief Glenn Stevens has told a business lunch in London he's not worried about the rise in Australian house prices. Actually, for the past year or

two house prices haven't done anything much at all. up in some parts of the country, down country, down in others, interestingly enough, interestingly enough, the two regions regions where house prices have been weakest are Queensland and WA. Given resources boom that's building WA. Given the nature of the

they're going to see chronic

weakness over a think the story for recent weakness over a long time. I weakness is weakness is probably they've

got some inn dig guess as a As we seed result of the previous upswing.

continue to continue to see interest rates on mortgage rates very low, 50

or 60

standard. I'm troubled. He seems terribly relaxed. We'll have a look at the markets now.

The Space Shuttle Discovery Kennedy Space Centre in

Florida. This ends 27 years of service for the space shuttles. go on display at

go on display at the go on display at the centre's museum. The museum. The final two space shuttles are shuttles are retired later this year. Launch manager Mike Moses says the

mission was a mission was a triumph for the entire vehicle was in fantastic shape,

really great condition. The it flew the whole mission in

thermal protection system looks fantastic and it was beautiful. the weather, the winds bit and expected and pretty much headed straight down the

ended up with a 1 knot cross win at actual touch down. A stiff head wind but outside limits at all. It made

there on for a nice cooling breeze out for a nice cooling breeze

crew got out. Again, no issues

at all. We got to see on the thermal protection system

of the things that was thermal protection system one

interesting to see is little tile that we little bump we put on little tile that we fly, a little bump we put

this hypersonic re-entry zone that really the with gather it data vehicles that flies in the great with gather it data

the great science and research in the station the vehicle is a

science platform. We're still

science platform. We're still

progressing at the head of the program. One of the few people

who make we understand all the

stuff he says. Paul Kennedy

with a look at sport. We are a fan of Mr the sun has returned. His

hamstring is okay. It is good

news. It is a comment about this World Cup that Michael Hussey and his hamstring was Ben the biggest story

Australia so far. They will hit a

hit a major challenge soon and

they'll be happy he's by their

side. He arrived in time side. He arrived in time for the photo shoot last night.

The Australian team are

undefeated in the tournament. They have the next two games

against lesser teams. Not against lesser teams. Not too much stress around the much stress around the camp at the moment. Let's move on have a look at

Netherlands. The Indians won

this match. They restrict this match. They restrict the the Netherlands 200 and

the Netherlands 200 and chased down the runs with 14 overs remaining. They lost five wickets and it was a lacklustre

performance from the home

nation which of course has

bigger fish to fry as this tournament goes on. There's

Sachin Tendulkar. He raised the pulse rate for a little

while and then went out, which

is a nice gift to those minnows

if they can get his wicket even

if they don't win

if they don't win the match.

niece race continues. Matt To the cycling, the Paris

Goss had the leaders jersey.

The Australian 24-year-old has

done so well this year and

there was no sprint finish in

stage, so leader's jersey and Thomas stage, so Goss lost the

Vockler, you can see, winning

there. He won from start to finish, basically, the breakaway group couldn't be

wheeled in by the peleton. Matt Goss slips behind but is

still a chance to win the race

overall. The surfing, let's take a look at the action take a look at the action from yesterday. Kelly Slater

continues his great run. continues his great run. He won his 10th world title last

year and he's started off in

fine form. He'll lead the world tour now as it goes to

Bells Beach next month and that's the sort of that's the sort of action you saw in the final yesterday up against Taj Burrow the

Australian. It wasn't spectacular conditions for the

final, but Kelly Slater is one

of his strengths he can ride so

well and dominate in all

conditions. He certainly

thrilled the crowd at Snapper

Rocks in the past week or so. Let's hear from the Let's hear from the commentator as they wrap-up as they wrap-up this event and realise Slater pipped Taj Burrows in the final. Taj's was

best wave. There is Taj was

not not enough. 717. Kelly

Slater is the champion here at the Quiksilver Pro. Wow. There

it is. He's just heard it.

Look at Taj. He is

heartbroken. He can't believe he was's lost that final. You know, we probably pushed it an

hour too long waiting for the tide to get low. We department realise with wind, the current was really going to chew it up as it got

to low tide. I thought after

all the afternoons we have he

had in the lower tide with a

little wind, I thought it was going to be

probably should have started an

hour earlier and we would have

had a better final. Everybody

back home, I don't know if my

daughter is watching, she's

probably sleeping by now, but

thanks all you guys for coming

down and supporting the sport. Seriously, had down and supporting the sport.

Seriously, had Australians that

out of work? What's going on here. Seriously. All right.

Thank you Thank you guys. You've been great. Kelly Slater is the Roger Federer of surfing, but cooler and even Moree laxed. And just as handsome too. Yes, too. Yes, he's a cool looking

guy. Very good looking. Thanks

very much Paul. Vanessa

O'Hanlon joins us with a look at the weather. First heading over to the US, it looks like

spring has been delayed as

wintery storms push over the

mid Atlantic region. Flash flooding in some areas of the mid Atlantic and it is dumping

half a metre of snow on

northern areas of New York pap Vermont. What is happening,

the reason for the strange

weather is cold air that's coming down from the Arctic.

It is clashing with that's off the Gulf of Mexico

and weather like this is expected to continue

expected to continue right throughout the week. Back home, more heavy rain a the cross the tropics cross the tropics across

Queensland. Cloud extending

from the interior council to

the south-east causing patchy rain.

rain. That trough is edging

east. A high will east. A high will clear showers from South Australia

and Tasmania but south easterly wind as long south easterly wind as long the Queensland coast and a trough will bring a cooler change to

WA's south-east. Severe weather warnings for flash

flooding at the heavy rain and

storms continue the coast.

Storms about the south-west.

In New South Wales: Thanks so much. That's a

round-up of the mompk Stay tuned to ABC News 24 Stay tuned to ABC News 24 and ABC Online throughout the day for news updates for news updates and particularly reactions to Julia Gillard's speech at the US

Congress. That's all for now.

See you tomorrow Breakfast. Thanks for your company. Disglmpblingt Closed

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