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(generated from captions) Brumby announced a Royal

Commission about the tragedy,

examining the stay-or-go advice

given to people. The Federal

member for McEwen Fran Bailey

lives in Healesville, her

electorate in the epicentre of

these fires, that is an area

under threat by another

fire. Fran, good morning. Good

morning. First of all, what is

the situation in Healesville,

there's a fire linked to that there's a fire linked to

area what, do you understand is

the situation? Yes, it is a

serious issue. There were - I

actually live in the area that

is affected, and was put on

high alert last night and

warned that we were under ember

attack. I'm a long-term

resident of the Yarra Valley,

and I live in a very

inaccessible part, and so I

chose not to stay at my home

last night. I slept outside

Healesville last night. I'm

actually making my way back actually making my way back in

now. But it is a very serious

issue, the fire actually jumped

the Marunda highway, the main thoroughfare through

Healesville. Not only do we

have a Spot fire jumping the

highway, we have a fire that is

coming down the mountain, down

the Black Spur. the Black Spur. Thankfully

there is - there doesn't appear

to be much wind and the

temperatures are much cooler,

but it is a very, very serious

situation. So you are heading

back to your home now. What are

your plans once you get

there. I'm going to check with

the CFA firstly to see if I can

get anywhere near my home to

see whether or not it's there,

and my office, of course, is

right in the middle of

Healesville, where we are

providing, obviously,

assistance, we are in touch

with all of the emergency

relief centres set up relief centres set

throughout my electorate, as

you rightly said, the worst

fires of Kinglake fires of Kinglake and

Marysville are in my

electorate. Kilmore, wandong,

all of that area. Broadford,

Yea, Alexandra, all the towns

you mentioned, that's actually

across my electorate, so yes,

things are pretty grim. When

you say you are heading back to

see if the moment is still

standing, do you believe or

have information that some

houses have been lost in Healesville There's only rumour

at this moment. I won't speculate until I have speculate until I have checked

with the CFA. Being the sort of

area it is, and in the sort of

area where I live, it really is

- you know I have a bit of land

around me which is mainly bush,

my home is it tucked right up

on the top on the side of a

hill, and these are, you know,

not easily accessible

properties, and until it's

light, I would hazard a guess,

but no-one really knows what

the situation is. Do you know

whether all your family and

friends are safe. Well, I've

lost already a lot of friends.

In other fires in different

parts of the electorate. We are

getting news - there are still

numerous people unaccounted

for. And this is , you know, for. And this is , you

this is the magnitude of this

disaster and this tragedy just

keeps unfolding. Leading up to

this incredibly hot summer and

dreadful few days, did you have

a fear, inkling, that it was

going to be something like

this. I think everyone locally

was very concerned. I think

we... Fran Bailey, can you hear me.

..while... there actually is

little that you can do. Which

raises the question about the

difficulty of living in the

area that you and many others

choose to live, an absolutely

beautiful part of Victoria, but

a very dangerous one. Do we

need to reconsider now whether

we live in that way in

intensely wooded areas, as you

say very inaccessible Well, I

think we - 99.9% of the time

it's perfectly safe and it is a beautiful environment. I think

what we all have to be very

careful about is I think the

CFA are now putting out a very

clear message, if you see

smoke, you leave. If you see

flames, it is too late to

leave. And you know, people

must take care of their

properties, ensure that their

properties are properly insured

and, look, human life is

paramount. You can rebuild. You

can't replace people. How long

is it going to take to rebuild

all of those communities in

your electorate running that

length of your electorate. How

many years to rebuild all of

that, Fran Bailey. This is the

difficult issue, look, I think

this acute faces that we are in

of providing emergency relief,

that is actually working very

well right across the

electorate. People are

extremely generous, I think we

are managing to organise

accommodation, food, clothing,

toys for children. I think we

are doing that well. But the

next phase which is that phase

of the rebuilding, that is

going to be the most enormous

challenge. It really is.

Because, you know, you look at

places like Kinglake and

Marysville in my electorate.

There's no power, water,

communications. The town of

Marysville has four buildings

left standing, this is a

mammoth task, but

counterbalancing that is the

spirit of the people of these

communities, and I am talking

to people across the electorate

all the time. I've spent

several hours at emergency

relief stations yesterday, and

I can tell you that the spirit

of people is absolutely

incredible. Fran Bailey, thanks