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Live. Today - William Creek

remembers the ABC newsmen

killed in a chopper crash killed in a chopper crash in

the ABC outback. Also today -

closing in on fierce fighting Libya's rebels

say they're almost in sight of Tripoli. After the massacre,

island where they lost their Norway's families visit the

loved ones and signing up for victory, soccer star Harry Kewell confirms he's on his way to

to Melbourne.

Gampb good afternoon, you're watching ABC News 24, watching ABC News 24, I'm Simon

Palan. Taking a look at the

weather in the capital cities: An outback memorial service An outback

has been held for the 3 ABC

newsmen killed in a chopper

crash on Thursday night. Paul

Ticehurst crashed in a remote Lockyer, John Bean and Gary

part of Lake Eyre. About part of Lake Eyre. About 100

people attended the service at

William Creek, the site of an

air base for flights over the

lake. Outback pilot Trevor

people in the Wright spoke to about 100

people in the remote

region. I'd just like to say on the outback community we feel behalf of the William Creek and


sympathies for Gary, John,

Paul, as Father Paul said. And

we'd like to extend our sympathies to their families and the ABC community, their

families as well. It's been a

real shock to us out real shock to us out here

exactly what's happened. They

were expecting to spend the

last 3 or 4 days with us from

yesterday and I think just to

see a turn up like this, which

is unusual to have this is unusual to have this many

community, people in such a small

this group. They were very well respected, whether they came

from people in the city or from

the people in the bush. To see

this amount of people

up is just fantastic. And on

behalf of everyone, thanks for

coming and just really like say to everyone involved in coming and just really like to

this whole tragic affair that

thanks our thoughts are with you. And

thanks again. That's thanks again. That's Kevin Wright there paying tribute

there early this

PNG Government says a deal with

Australia to reopen the Manus Island detention centre could

be finalised as early as next

week. The Federal Opposition is demanding the Government reveal how much it's going to cost to process asylum seekers in Papua New Guinea. Yesterday the Government signed a memorandum

of understanding with PNG to

reopen the detention centre but

the deal is scant on detail and

no costings have been released

for it. Refugee advocates say

it's an example of policy driven by polling while the

Greens will refer the agreement

to a Senate committee. Manus

Island in northern PNG was the

built by the Howard Government site

in 2001 as part of the in 2001 as part of the Pacific

solution. Well the Greens are calling for a parliamentary inquiry into the Gillard Government's PNG arrangement but the Opposition's

immigration spokesman Scott

it's premature for Morrison told us this afternoon

that. There's no that. There's no details,

there's no dollars, there's no

dates that means there's no dates that means there's

deal. I think we have the same view we had last week when the

Greens put this up for there to be an inquiry into Manus. There's nothing to investigate.

Think to investigating? At the it deserves. When the arrangement more standing than

Government decides a few things

and it knows what it's going and it knows what it's going to

do then I think we can

investigate into that. I think

certainly we'll take a breath, I

certainly won't be holding my

breath for this thing to breath for this thing to be open. The Government makes all

sorts of announcements, it

doesn't mean they're going to

happen. The UNHCR won't be

processing there, they're not

involved in this in the same

way that the UNHCR did not sign

off on the Malaysian deal. The

Government likes to talk about

UN HCR being supportive of their activities but there's in terms of signing off and not a lot

being a signatory to the

Malaysian deal and they're not

involved here. I can't

understand why they don't pick

up the phone to nah ru. It's

have to go through this process all ready

they've been going through. They don't have problems going

back to the elements of the

Pacific solution which they

said was wrong in principle.

That's the phrase the Prime

Minister said. She said it was

wrong in principle. Who wrong in principle. Who knows

what these people think. They flip

flip and flop all over the place. That's the Opposition Scott Morrison and the Greens

leader Bob Brown says both the

with major parties are out of step

the issue of asylum

seekers. Australians want to

have asylum seekers processed in this country as happens in

all other countries and the Greens who this decent, humane, reasonable and responsible alternative and

Manus Island is not the answer

to this. Mannus Island is Gillard Government going where to this. Mannus Island is the

the Howard Government went and failed. It's not going to be

the solution, nor is Nauru, nor

been East Timor. The solution

is taking our responsibility

and doing the right thing by international law and by human

right here in Australia. That's beings coming to our country

Bob Brown there giving his

view. Fighting in Libya is

continuing town by town and

street by street with rebel

forces claiming to be half an hour's drive now hour's drive now from the capital Tripoli. The Opposition

has taken the main square of

al-Zawiya after fierce battles with pro-Gaddafi forces.

of Zlitan and claimed to have

taken the eastern city of

Brega. This report from

Al-Jazeera English. They took more territory in more territory in Zawiya. The city centre is now under the city centre is

control of the opposition. It

was a fierce battle. Gaddafi's

snipers kept the rebels from

advancing further east for

almost a week. The Government

has been putting up a fight but has been putting up a fight but

the opposition has made gains

since pushing into this coastal city. Tripoli will no longer

get gas and fuel from here. The

opposition has taken control of

Zawiya's oil facility. The only refinery in the west but that hasn't been functioning

for 4 days because of the fighting. They needed crude and

manpower. It will take a long

time before the refinery can

provide fuel to the opposition rebels. For now, however, the Gaddafi government has lost a critical life TRANSLATION: They left in boats

after two days of battles. NATO hit them while they were escaping. The retreat by

Gaddafi's fighters give the

opposition access to the

outside world from Zawiya's

port. They had to rely on a

border crossing with Tunisia.

The opposition strategy has

been to tighten the noose around Gaddafi and encircle

Tripoli. They've made a lot of

territorial gains over the past

2 weeks. Now they have managed

to block the coastal highway from the west can no longer enter

the capital. But neither the capital. But neither can the opposition. Gaddafi's

forces are continuing to use

heavy weapons to keep strategic city. The battles for

Zawiya is entering its second

week. The battle for Tripoli has yet to begin. Egypt has

recalled its ambassador to Israel and is demanding an

official apology after the

death of 5 Egyptian security officers. It's claimed the men

were caught in Israeli

cross-fire during a gun battle near their shared border on Thursday. Egyptian demonstrators have held angry protests outside the protests outside the Israeli embassy in Cairo. Israel

carried out the strikes at the Sinai border which with Egypt after a series of

deadly attacks in southern Israel. Sail said the attackers

were from Gaza and crossed into

Israel from the Israel from the Sinai. The British Prime Minister British Prime Minister David

Cameron has condemned a Taliban

attack on a British compound in

the Afghan capital Kabul which

killed 12 people. Suicide

bombers and gunmen armed with automatic weapons stormed the yesterday killing Afghan security forces and a New Zealand Zealand soldier. No British staff were killed in the

attack. The violence took place

at the start of Afghanistan's independence day celebrations.

David Cameron has described the attack attack as a vicious and

cowardly. The European Union

is preparing for new sanctions

against the Syrian regime after about about 20 anti-government protestors were killed by

security forces. Activists say

most of the deaths happened in

southern Deraa province despite President Bashar al President Bashar al Assad's assurances that military

operations have stopped. It

comes a day after the US and the European allies called on President al Assad to step down. This report from Al-Jazeera English. Defying President Assad once again. Thousands of Syrians turned

out in the southern city of

Deraa despite the killing Deraa despite the killing of

protestors before Friday care - prayers. All this a few - prayers. All this a few days after President Assad told UN

Secretary-General Ban-Ki Moon

that military operations

against what he called armed gangs had stopped. Similar

protests in the central city

Homs where banners called on

the Government to stop targeting children. Another

sign read "Why do you torture us to death." Another person

was killed there. This video posted on YouTube appeared to show snipers taking show snipers taking up positions on roof tops. Al-Jazeera cannot independently

verify this footage. Protests

in other parts of the country

took to the streets as well. This was the scene in the

predominant Kurdish area in

northern Syria where protestors

called on President Assad to

go. While it appears that this Friday's crackdown was less severe than demonstrators appear to be more

encouraged by developments on

the diplomatic front. For the

first time on Thursday leaders

from the US and EU called on

President Assad to go. Some who have fled the have fled the violence in Syria

are crilt - critical of are crilt - critical of the international international response. TRANSLATION: International

involvement, as long as it's

peaceful would be perfectly

acceptable. We have no problem

with that. The death toll from

a suicide bomb during Friday prayers at a mosque in

north-west Pakistan has north-west Pakistan has risen

to more than at least 100 others have been

injured in that attack. The

bomb went off as hundreds bomb went off as hundreds of

people packed into the mosque

in the town of Jamrud, 25 kilometres from kilometres from Peshawar.

Witnesses say there was a loud explosion just seconds after the main prayer ended. Many of

the wounded have been rushed to

hospital. Relatives of the

victims of Norway's shooting

massacre have massacre have visited the

island where 69 people were

shot dead. The painful visit came as the came as the killer Anders Behring Breivik made his Behring Breivik made his second court appearance. Here's court appearance. Here's Europe correspondent Philip Williams.

It was a journey back to Hundreds of close friends and relatives of the victims were

allowed to visit the island for the first time since the shocking massacre. And while

there is collective family is confronting their

loved ones' last moments. The

police officer taking care of

each family will take each family will take the

family to the place where we

found each of the killed found each of the killed young

and grown up people and grown up people and of course that will be a very

difficult coming out there. But in the

long run we know that seeing

the scene of where these

murders were taking place is

actually helpful. The man accused of the murders, Anders

Behring Breivik, was back in

court. At a closed hearing

judges approved an ex -

extension of his extension of his solitary confinement while police continue their investigations.

Details have been released of

two phone conversations he had

with police on the island after

the shootings as he was trying

to give himself up. "I have fulfilled fulfilled my operation, so I want to stories are emerging of the


ordeal on the ordeal on the island. Emilie

Bersaas recalled the moment when a friend attack was real. He took my

hand and "We've got to hand and "We've got to run". And we started running and we heard the gun shots hitting

behind us and that's when I realised OK, I have to run. It's only been a month

since that terrible day but her

family is impressed with her resilience. I'm proud of her

because most others have cried

and been depressed but she wants to get back to normal wants to get back to normal and

I adore her for that. That's

tough. I can't imagine what tough. I can't imagine what I would be like. She's would be like. She's tough. On Sunday there will be a special memorial service held at an

Oslo arena for the 77 who

Oslo arena for the 77 who died

that day. I'm not spending time

thinking about him. OK, mostly

I don't want to because I don't

think he deserves my thoughts.

Prince William and his wife

Catherine have vift dmpb dsh

visited a community centre in

the English city of Birmingham meeting with families of

victims from last week's They spoke with relatives of 3

men who were killed in a hit

and run incident. The group

were struck by a car as were struck by a car as they

tried to protect shops and homes from looters. The royal

couple also met with local

dignitaries and local Americancy services Americancy services staff. Aung San Suu Kyi has met the country's President Thein country's President Thein Sein for for the first time since he

release from house arrest. It took place in the administrative capital. She has

repeatedly called for dialogue

with the with the military-backed government since her government since her arrest. The junta held elections

earlier this year to create a

civilian government but it's

led by retired military figures and the constitution ensures

the military remains dominant. As its debt no country is watching

more closely than China. more closely than China. The Chinese are major investors in

the American economy and the

single largest holder of US

Treasury debt. Joe Biden said

the Jye - Chinese had nothing

to worry about. Like the giant

ships that throng its ports

China seems to be steaming every onwards, churning out its

exports. Selling to the world

has swelled China's economy into a giant vulnerable to what happens overseas. So with Europe and

America mired in crisis is China really unstoppable? We've been shown Yingli Solar. These were just

wheat fields a decade ago.

Today 10% of all the solar panels are made by Today 10% of all the world's

Yingli. It's boomed exporting to the West where governments

to renewable energy. Now sales have been subsidising a switch

are slipping. But Yingli says it's well placed to survive any it's well placed

new downturn. Since the last

have been financial crisis in 2008 we financial crisis in 2008

products, becoming more have been improving our

efficient and improving efficient and improving our

service for our customers service for our customers in

Europe and America. This is how

China responded to that last

crisis. Massive building

programs, new railways and

roads, spending billions to

keep the economy growing almost

10% a year. So now Chinese

economists feel confident

enough to lecture those in the the reality that today's world economy economy is different from what

it was 20 years ago. Today you

are facing new commerce in

China, in India, in Brazil so

that your economic system has

to be reformed. You

simply rely upon your past experience, past success. All

across China vast new cities

are being built with stimulus money. This is town, complete with Opera House. The traffic House. The traffic lights

aren't even on yet. The money spent on every new building

like this adds just a little

bit more to China's GDP so the bit more to China's GDP so the

economy is booming but these

are also debts that must one

day be paid off. And if they

can't be filled and made

profitable, well then some fear

China is storing up problems

for the future. The worst Chinese provinces may be as relying on exports and relying on exports and building

booms, China needs to develop its domestic consumer economy.

If it can't, the Chinese

miracle may yet turn miracle may yet turn out to be

a Mirage. Back home now and a

short time ago Queensland

police say search crews looking

for Daniel Morcombe's remains

Sunshine Coast. The 13-year-old have found a second shoe on the

disappeared in December 2003. A

41-year-old man has been 41-year-old man has

charged with the charged with the teenager's

murder. Search crews have been

combing swampy bushland for

shoe on Wednesday. Police now

say a second shoe has found and it appears that both say a second shoe has been

shoes are from a matching pair.

Now for sport with Tulsen Tollett and if you're Melbourne Victory supporter Tollett and if you're a

you're bound to be happy

today? Be stoked, wouldn't

ed they've signed Harry Kewell. you. Melbourne Victory have a

He was released by his Turkish

club at the end of the European

season and it's a 3-year deal to join the A-League outfit. I can confirm that an unconditional agreement

has been reached with Harry Kewell.

Kewell. We'd like to thank

Kewell. We'd like to thank our

members for their - and fans

thar - for their fairks but we thar - for their fairks but

know they will be ex-static with this result. Our signing

of Harry Kewell is for our

members, our partner s and the

future of this football club.

We believe this is the biggest

player signing in the history of Australian sport. We're all

rapt to have him on board but I

see Harry as playing behind see Harry as playing behind the

striker. He's fairly confident

wherever I put him to play he

will do a fantastic one of our greatest footballers

that we've ever had and it is an honour to have him on board. Let's move from board. Let's move from the

Adelaide are against the Gold football to the Sherrin and

Coast Suns in the early match

while the Perth West Coast are

looking to move forth with a

win as they tussle Essendon. The Crows couldn't win as they tussle with

put a foot wrong landing nine

in the quarter but the suns

lifted after the break. Tippett on showed he can pick up and kick

on the run as

West Coast looking to move

4th had the better of the opening quarter that was

against Essendon. Last night the Blues

suffered a 12-point loss to

Hawthorn at Docklands. The

Hawks showed they were a Hawks showed they were a cut

finding their above early on effortlessly

Carlton and they had a 38-point

lead at the half time greack -


The Blues provided some much sterner opposition after the

break but it was too late.

They're now in danger of

falling out of 4th spot . To

rugby league and the Melbourne

Storm's continued its near

flawless NRL season with flawless NRL season with a club

record 12th win in a row. record 12th win in a row. While it went to golden point in

Sydney and a Chris penalty gave Souths a crucial

win to main tear their finals


The Dragons had lost 4 in

row but showed signs of their

better form against the

competition pace setters. But after plenty of possession the Storm got possession the Storm got one back through Anthony Quinn the dragons conceded back through Anthony Quinn and

a 2-point advantage. Both threatened to add to the score a 2-point advantage. Both sides threatened to

Storm did enough to get the in the second half but the

win. In Sydney the win. In Sydney the Cowboys

looked to have it wrapped up as looked to have it wrapped

they led by 12 with 10 minutes

left but South's late season

surge continue ed as they went into extra time and then stole

the victory.

The Bunnies are now equal

competition points with the 8th

placed Knights. Motor racing

both races on offer on the

opening day of the Ipswich

300's round in Queensland

today. He hasn't won a race in

the envy 2011 and today found himself

drivers with his Holden taking

him to victory in not just one

but two races at the Ipswich track. The Ipswich round concludes

with a 65-lap race tomorrow. To

racing on the four legs now and

Pinwheel has won the Group 2 warric Stakes in Sydney. The

6-year-old song of Long Row was

given a perfect run seeing off

the challenge of I love this

city in the last 200. It's his 10th victory looking

ahead to the spring carnival fast approaching. Tennis and

the Australian player Samantha

Stosur has lost her Cincinnati Open quarter Open quarter final 6-3, 6-2 to

Maria Sharapova. While in Maria Sharapova. While in men's Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer

were both bundled out. The

Russian dominated from the

outset and it's the 9th time in

a row Sharapova has triumphed

over the world number 10 and

she's on track to put her name

back into the top 5 when the new

new rankings come out on

Monday. It was a bad day Nadal and Federer losing to Mardy Fish and Tomas Berdych

respectively. And Simon, I know know that you've been looking

for things to watch on the TV

tonight. You've got the cricket

for Australia up against Sri

Lanka in the 4th one dayer and

the rugby union tomorrow

morning it's South Africa against New Zealand. So don't

let it be said I never give you anything. There's no

Australians in the rugby so

I'll just watch the cricket. You may not recognise

his face or even know his name.

Ian Carroll was the driving force behind many of the ABC programs we now watch including

'Lateline', '7:30' and 'Four Corners'. The 64-year-old has

died in Sydney from pancreatic

cancer. He was a man full of

ideas. Ian Carroll oversaw the

creation of iView as well as

apps for the iPhone and iPad.

Ian Carroll's impressive career at the ABC was celebrated several weeks celebrated several weeks ago. Is there ago. Is there anyone in this

country who has thought more about what the news is and what

the news should be, how the news should be, how the

news should be packaged and how

the news should be delivered

than Ian? In Ian we have a brave industry pioneer. For 3

decades he was at the forefront

of many of the ABC's most important initiatives. important initiatives. There

was Nationwide where he met his

wife Geraldine Doogue. It was an enduring media marriage. The

style would hardly be style would hardly be described as focused and smooth and I'd learnt nothing from watching

your wife over the past 25

years. In that marriage the

presenting polish isn't equally

distributed. He established the

ill-fated hour-long news and

current affairs program current affairs program The National. And quite frankly it

was far too radical, far too

many things too fast for the

audience and there was a considerable after Ian Carroll left the ABC

but returned. He created

'Lateline' asking Kerry O'Brien

to front it. He was remains today by remains today by far one of the very best executive producers I

ever worked with. He also

worked on the '7:30 Report' and 'Four Corners' and was responsible for the ABC's first

moves into digital TV. I got 24 hours notice that we were going

to create Innovation and I had less than 24 hours to say

yes. Ian Carroll drove development of iView, aps development of iView, aps for

the iPhone and iPad and overhauled the ABC's online website. I've loved every minute of it. For some his

greatest achievement with

people. Loyal and generous, he was a mentor to many.

The satellite image shows

cloud pushed over eastern NSW

by a Tasman Sea low triggering

showers over the coast ranges. Patchy cloud over

Victoria and WA is in a

trough triggering the odd light

shower. It's mostly clear skies

in the west and north under a broad ridge of high pressure.

Taking a look around the

country. In Queensland, isolated showers with possible

isolated thunderstorms across

much of the south of the State.

Fresh to strong winds across

the southern Queensland coast.

In NSW, coastal showers heaviest

heaviest along the northern

coast. The chance of showers

for the northern inland for the northern inland but

some fine elsewhere. There will be

for the northern and Central

Coast. It will be fine day

across Victoria after some

morning fog. A cool to mild day expected. Fine for Tasmania

apart from areas of morning and possible isolated showers apart from areas of morning fog

about the south-west. It will be

be a cold start to the day

there. In South Australia, a

fine and mostly sunny day

across much of the State. And

over in WA there will be

showers over the south-west of

the State but a warm the State but a warm and mostly

fine day elsewhere. In mostly Northern Territory, a dry and mostly sunny throughout. Looking ahead to Monday:

And remember you can to date on all of today's news

online at And you can comment on today's

stories on Facebook at news. And news.

that's the latest 24, I'm Simon Palan, I'll be

back with an update in a moment

and the headlines and then time for 'One Plus One'. Closed and the headlines and then it's

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This Program is Captioned

Live. These are today's stories. The 3 ABC killed stories. The 3 ABC newsmen

killed in a helicopter crash

have been remembered at

Bean and the pilot Paul Lockyer, cameraman John

Bean and the pilot Gary

Ticehurst died when their

chopper crashed near Lake Eyre chopper crashed near Lake Eyre

on Thursday. A memorial service

town of William Creek. Air has been held in the outback

investigators are at the crash

scene but it's expected to be

some time before the cause of

the accident is known. The

Gillard Government is under

fire over its plans to fire over its plans to reopen

Manus Island detention centre to process asylum seekers.

Australia and PNG have signed a

memorandum of understanding and

a deal could be finalised as

are referring the deal to a Senate inquiry along with the Malaysia solution. Lybian rebels are claiming they've

cities as they close in on the captured two strategic coastal