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Tonight - on your bike - the

State Government suss pends a

Hell's Angel. We're a bunch of

motorcyclists who get together.

We're hard men. The Prime

Minister and the President

pledge to be comrade in arments

and economics. Police and

and economics. Police and

protesters clash as a riot

march turns vile ent. And

Sydney honours the man behind

its defining symbol. He was

such an exception being so full

of grace and wisdom and

generosity and brilliance. Good evening. Juanita Phillips with ABC

Phillips with ABC News.

Sydney's bikie wars have

claimed another victim and this

time it's senior public zft. In

an embarrassing turn for the

State Government, a high rank

ing Hell's Angel has been stood

down from a job with the RTA.

The bikie boss has been

suspended on full pay, pending

an investigation into any

security breaches. State Parliament has been told that

the man was at sairnt on Sunday when tensions

when tensions boiled over into

a deadly brawl. Meet Derek

Wainohu. On the weekend, he's a

leader of the Hell's Angel out

law motorcycle club in

Sydney. We're a bunch of

motorcyclists who get together.

We're hard men. But five 9 to 5

he work s as a technical as in

crash testing for RTA. Two

gangs years ago he told the ABC bikie

gangs are misunderstood: We're

good publicity. This morning

the Premier appeared relaxed

about the issue. I wouldn't

call the RTA a high risk

Opposition stepped up the industry. This afternoon the

pressure. Given that he doesn't

just work for the RTA but was

also aboard Qantas flight 430 on Sunday with other Hell's

Angel and Commanchero

Angel and Commanchero sh, why

won't you order him to be stood

aside. I am advised by the

Department of Premier and

Cabinet that this individual

has been suspended depending

the outcome of a disciplinary investigation. Mr Wainohu may

have been a security risk. As every licensed driver in the

State know, it has access to

the addresses of the State's

law enforcement and

law enforcement and judicial

offices. But late today the RTA

said he had no access to the

data base and the man believes

too much energy has gone into

investigating bikies. If you re

moved riff outlaw motorcycle

club in Australia, I believe

there would be no change

greater than about one ten Ott

of 1% in the crime rate of

Australia . Mr Wainohu says he's shocked by the

he's shocked by the suspension

as he's had a spotless

employment record at the RTA

for 20 years. There are moves

tonight to ease fears of an

all-out bikie war. The head of

the Commancheros is calling for

peace talks, saying he is awire that members of the public are concerned for their safety. The

plea comes amid revelation s

that the man bashed to death at

Sydney Airport was wanted by

off police over the stabbing of an

off duty officer. Under the

gaze of cameras and heavy

security, the men arrived at

court to apply for bail.

Inside, more details of

Sunday's fatal brawl

emerged. Police say five

Commancheros, including three

of the accused, were on board the Qantas flight, a senior

member of the Hell's Angel was

seated just a few rows away.

Words were exchanged on board

and the brawling began soon

and the brawling began soon after. But the defence for the

men say their association has

not been proven by the

prosecution. I am extremely

disappointed that that wasn't

located. I was always hoping it

would be located because I want

to demonstrate that our people

were going about their business

of leaving when they were

rushed at. The court heard that

Shane Zerafa was either beaten

to - Anthony Zervas was beaten

to - Anthony Zervas was beaten

to death or was stab and he was

wanted over the stab ing of an

off duty police officer. The

police say they've only viewed

half of the footage from inside

the terminal and so far none f

it shows the fatal brawl. But

the men were refused bail,

their supporters left court

hiding their Eid tie. - identity. Earlier, lawyer force

from the national the men had this peace offer

from the national leader of the

Commancheros. There will be no

bikes ridden and there will be

no colours or emblems worn by

any persons that he is

associated. In a further sign

of the crackdown on biker

violence, Shane Zerafa was

arrested overnight for firearm

offences. Police say he has known links to at least three

gang, something his lawyers

deny. We do not believe that

way to this incident is related in any

way to the current goings in

involving outlaw motorcycle

gangs. Zerafa was also denied

Gail and will return to court

in May. One of the two men shot

dead in Canberra yesterday is

understood to be a former lead

over the Rebels bikie club in

WA. Security was tight when the

20-year-old man accused of

committing the murders was watch moved from the Canberra police

watch house to a remand centre.

Russell Fields' two alleged

victims were 48 and 57. It's

believed the older man was

Richard Roberts, also known as

Rebel Rick. He had served time

for drug a offences and faced

extradition to New Zealand. But

the police believe the shooting

stemmed from a domestic

dispute. Field didn't appear in

court but there was a strong

police presentation

outside. There are serious

allegations against certain

people and there's some fear I

suppose for his safety. That's

all. Field' lawyer says he will

leeld not guilty. He will be

back in court next month. To

other news now and Barack Obama

called it a meeting of minds. The Prime Minister walked into the White House overnight to

find a leader who thinks as he

does on the financial cries and

the war in Afghanistan. Political

Political editor Chris Uhlmann

is in Washington. Nobody is

perfect. I am very grateful for

secretary - for Prime Minister

Rudd's friendship. Re affirming

the enduring friendship between

Australia and the United States

was high on Kevin Rudd's to do

list in his first meeting with

the President. And to examine

its future and to work on its future together. Two

future together. Two issues

dominate ed the 1.5-hour Oval

Office conversation. The global

recession and the war in

Afghanistan. We can't allow

vicious kill ors to have their

way. The President hasn't asked

for more Australian troops. But

sees no early end to the

fighting. We are in the process

of a strategic review. I don't

want to prejudge what is skill

a work in progress. Most talk

was of the global recession. I

feel that there is a great

meeting of the minds between

Prime Minister Rudd and myself. And Kevin Rudd's

relieved that the United States

has begun the long and fraught

task of fixing its battered

Banks. An important step in the

overall road to global economic

recovery. A long line of

countries is pushing for

greater regulation of the international finance ideal

system. In the lead-up to next

week's meeting of the world's

20 largest economies. My expectation is that coming out

of the G20 there will be a

framework to deal with a whole

host of these financial

regulatory issues. In a

regulatory issues. In a tip

hectic day, Kevin Rudd met with

the House Democratic leadership

on Capitol Hill. Australia and the United States are great

friends. And won a powerful

endorsement of the alliance of the Secretary of State, Hillary

Clinton. America doesn't have a

better friend in the world than

Australia. But the focus of the

day was President Obama who was

asked if he was coming to

Australia. I would love to visit Australia.

visit Australia. I've been to

Australia quite a bit. Kevin

Rudd spent part of his time in

the Oval Office arguing for a

greater role for China in the

International Monetary Fund.

That is inevitable as is the

sense that this financial

crisis drags forward that

moment in time when power move

from West to East. As you

have just heard, Barack Obama

didn't ask for more Australian

troops in Afghanistan. And

Kevin Rudd didn't offer any. Not

any. Not yet anyway. Some

military analysts say that

Australia could expand its

force there from 1100 to almost

2,000. But a senior source has

told the ABC those numbers are

crazy, indicate thak any boost

in troop number s would be much

smaller than. That here is Matt

brown Brown. The United States

is sending at least 17,000

extra troops to Afghanistan.

And its ally runs der pressure

And its ally runs der pressure

to do more to bring the

insurgency under control. If we

don't get serious about

Afghanistan, then we could end

up with Afghanistan being

controlled by the warlords, the

druglords, by the Taliban or by

al-Qaida. However, a top level

Australian source has told the

ABC that a large troop

commitment has been all but

ruled out. A small contingent of new

of new military train serious

considered most likely but in

defence and among senior

analyst s debate about a much

larger commitment persist.

Retired Major General Jim Molan

helped run the war in Iraq in

2004 and 2005. I think ethe

first thing we to need to do

this year is increase our

commitment by a battle group,

that's about another 900 people that would be permitted to go

that would be permitted to go

out and car write the fight to

the Taliban. A senior source

involved in the process says a

commitment that size would be

'crazy' because it would leave

Australia unable to tend to

security issue nits own region.

A few hundred extra troops is

more likely. Sending almost

1,000 extra troops to

Afghanistan woulds will be

unpopular with voter, jaded

with the so-called war on

with the so-called war on terror. Now it is totally

understandable that the

Australian population is going

to say they don't have great

support for an increase in

troop s to Afghanistan. But

there are times when the

Government has got to

lead. Ultimately it will be a

political solution. That's

going to have to involve

building up the Afghan security

force, not just the military

but the Afghan police. The

Americans are yet to make a formal request but Afghanistan

is sure to be up for

is sure to be up for discussion

when Kevin Rudd meets US

Defense Secretary Robert Gates

later tonight. Still on

Afghanistan - and three

Australian soldiers have been

seriously wounded during an

attack by Taliban insurgents in

the south of the country. The

Defence Force says a Coalition

interpreter was also

hurt. Israel's Labor Party has

voted to join Benjamin Netanyahu's Coalition

Government in a major boost for

the incoming Prime Minister.

The hardline Mr Netanyahu has

already enlisted a far right

party whose extremist

supporters led a provocative

march into an ar Arab-Israeli

town overnight. And the protest

ended in a melee. There were

just 100 right wing extremists.

Nearly 3,000 police and an

Nearly 3,000 police and an Arab

Israeli town that wanted none

of them. It was designed to

provoke, and it succeeded. If

you fight with us, we will do

to you the same thing we did to

the terrorists in Gaza . The

close er the Jewish marchers

got to town, the greater the

tension. Despite the large

police contingent, they could

not contain the seething anger

against the presence of a

radical group that accuses Arab

iz I us of dis loyalty.

iz I us of dis loyalty. -

Israeli s of dis loyalty. This

is exactly what everyone had

feared, violence has erupted.

Stun grenades has been used,

tear gas, trying to disperse

the crowd, the place has gone

crazy. Amongst the Kay yofs ka,

houses and people, the pitched

battles continue up and down

the streets as rock s rained

down on police at times they

were forced to hud nl defensive

groups. At other times taking

the offensive and forcing the

crowds crowds to retreat. There

were injured s on both sides,

nothing life threatening but

that was just luck. Stones and

blocks have been thrown ot our

police officers here

unfortunately we've had to

immediately react. That

reaction caused deep anger

amongst the crowd who accused

the police of attacking Arab Israelis

Israelis while protecting

Jewish extremists. It's against

our existence. You think we

have to find any compromise

with them about our existence

here. Long after the ultra-nationalists left, the

running battles continued with

the more right wing Government

of Benjamin Netanyahu due to

take office and the recent war

in Gaza the old hatreds run as deep

deep as ever. Some might call

them lies, or even damned lies,

but it seems the latest

statistics do contain a few

home truths about the Aussie

way of life. They paint a

picture of a nation where women

still do most of the housework,

where couples live in sin

before getting married and

where the lure of life in

Queensland remains as seductive

Queensland remains as seductive

as ever. Bowls clubs are only

going to get busier, especially

in Queensland. In about 50

years nearly 9 million people

will live there. It will

outrank Victoria in population,

courtesy of overseas and

interstate migration. By that

time, one quarter of

Australians will be 65 or

older. They will need more

places to hang out, more health

care, and as

care, and as Townsville retiree

Broadbent board has discovered,

more savings. You really have

to have more ache yorn - acorn

s squirrelled away. Before the

economy crashed more than 1

million people intended to

retire within the decade but

now they're probably thinking

twice. That may not necessarily

play out in case of the global

financial crisis affecting their

their superannuation. The

survey also devilled into the

love lives of Australians and

found that lrnd three-quarters

of those who married in the new

millium had already been living

toxth Sort of like a try before

you buy. More people live

together now than ever before

but the tradition al

aspirations of getting marry

and having kids still live on.

Both fe facto couples who

intend to eventually marry and most hope to

most hope to have children.

Some more contentious tradition

s diehard too, like the

division over household

chores. The stats are in. And

what we've found is that women

do twice as much of household

work as do the men. Next

question? But there has been

some progress. Men these days

do a lot more cooking than they

used to. I help out with

used to. I help out with

that. I hear of some young

people where she makes her side

of the bed and he makes his

side! Things have alter add

little bit. Change is a slow

process. The Federal Government has

thrown its financial might

behind the cash starved

behind the cash starved States

and Territories. It's offered

to go guarantor for at least 39

billion dollars in loans,

without the Commonwealth's

backings the States were

worried they couldn't raise the

money for the big

infrastructure schemes needed

to keep the economy ticking over. Political correspondent

Greg Jennett. State

Treasurererer s love a freeb

yi. A very good breakfast. On

the Commonwealth too. And these

white nights are picking up

white nights are picking up

some hefty tabs. To provide a

Commonwealth guarantee for

State Government borrowing. The

global credit crunch has slowly

drained the pool of funds

States and Territories have

been dipping into. It

threatened their already shaky

credit ratedings and the

infrastructure works meant to

keep their weakening economies

alive. It's decision to support

jobs and infrastructure

effectively from the ravages of

effectively from the ravages of a global recession. Not all

States and Territories will opt in. We almost certainly

will. This provides certainty,

clarity. Those that do will pay

for privilege: So there's no

free ride here. That fee will

be charged. It is not our view

that this policy is a green light for State Governments to

go out and ir responsible

engage in borrowings. $13

billion will be guaranteed

billion will be guaranteed immediately, and double that

next financial year. The

#125is an Territories joined

car dealer, commercial property

owners and the banks in the

line of lucky borrowers

shielded by the Commonwealth.

But for small business and

others not covered by the

guarantee, sourcing credit just

became that much harder. At least one economist believes

it's time for an exit strategy

on the original bank deposit guarantee that's

guarantee that's des torted the

market. As soon as you draw a

line, money jumps to the

guaranteed side of that line.

This won't be the last time

that the Federal Government is

called on to change its

guarantee. Guarantees are

messy. And hard to back out of.

On to finance now and the local share market rose again

tonight, despite Wall Street

heading in the opposite direction. And as Alan Kohler reports, the

reports, the Australian dollar

fell back below 70 US

cents. The US market remained

in the grip of Obama nomics

after yesterday's big bank

rescue plan from President

Obama, and Treasury Secretary

Timothy Geithner But no

surprise that tock s came back

a bit last night. The S&P 500

lost 2% after yesterday's big

7% gain. Perhaps it was a

delayed reaction, but the

Aussie Banks went for a trot

today. Commonwealth closed 3%

today. Commonwealth closed 3%

higher and ANZ 4.5%. S we

farmers went up more than 3%

but Macquarie Group fell nearly

5%. Qantas fell one cent after

announcing it's cutting 90

management jobs in response to

the global financial crisis. I

guess the market probably

thinks those people aren't

sitting around doing nothing at

the moment. And the ACCC has

just announced it has no

objections to Rio Tinto's deal

with Chinalco. The Foreign Investment Review Board

Investment Review Board is the

regulator that matters here but

the ACCC decision is important

because it has concluded that

Chinalco and Rio would not be

able to force iron ore prices

down, which is a key factor in

the foreign investment

decision. Tonight's graph gives

some more background to why the

Geithner plan is needed. First,

new bank loans in the US are in

decline because of all the bad

old loans that are sitting on

their books. But at the same time American money

time American money supply has

gone through the roof because

the central bank is running the

money press 24 hours a day. So

the problem is not a lack of

ka, it's that the banks won't

lend it. What happened when the

supply of something goes up its

price falls. This is the US

dollar versus the euro and it's

falling rapidly, which has

pushed the Aussie dollar to 70

cents despite softer commodity

prices. It fell a bit today but

the trend is still pointing upwards at

upwards at this stage. That's

finance. New Australian

research is challenging

international wisdom on the

best way to treat the

critically ill. The usual

practice is for doctors lower a

patient's blood glucose level

to try to stabilise them but

local lch er have conducted

what's said to be the largest

intensive care study and what

they've found contradicts the

accepted guidelines. For year s

accepted guidelines. For year s

it's been common practice

around the world to lowter

blood sugar levels of patientses in intensive care

units. The theory is that it

reduces the risk of major

complication. But how safe was

it? The point of our study was

to do a large scale land mark

study to address this important question. New research from

Sydney's jourj Institute for international health shows that

lowering blood sugar is

actually harmful to

actually harmful to patients in

it asked 42 hospitals in four

countries to recruit 6,000 critically ill paibt force

testing. Half had their sugar

levels lowered, the remainder didn't. We found that parents

who received the intensive

blood glucose lowering

strategies had a higher death

rate than patients who had

conventional or normal blood

glucose management. The death rate in patients who had

rate in patients who had their

blood sugar levels at altered

was 10% higher. As someone who

works in intensive care this is

a very important study. They

say these find also lead to

changes to the way patients are

managed in intensive care

units. International soccer

bosses want to kick out the

latest drug testing policy from

the World anti-goeping agent

sicht under the rule, players have to state where

have to state where they will

be for one hour each day so

they can be tested. But FIFA

and UEFA say it's step too far.

Tennis players were the first

to slam the world's Anti-Doping

Agency's new rules. Rafael

Nadal says they make him feel

like a criminal, Andy Murray

calls them draconian. World

soccer's leading administrators

also claim the strict protocols

are an invasion of privacy.

are an invasion of privacy.

FIFA and UEFA argue that those

who play team sports are easier

to locate for testing, as

opposed to athletes who train

by themselves. But WADA says

nominating a training session

for safrms to be given removes

the main weapon for tester, -

the element of surprise. Unless

you've got the element of

surprise, being able to at any

time to test someone, you are effectively inviting

effectively inviting the

cheating. That will please the

Socceroos coach Pim Verbeek, Scott Chipperfield has put his plans to play in the A-League

on hold. I think for me person

ally I want to play the World

Cup and the best opportunity to

play in the World Cup is by

staying in Europe one more year. The Socceroos are preparing for next Wednesday ease World Cup qualifier

against ez ez in Sydney. More

reliable weather has secured

South Africa the hosting role

for the Indian pleeg to be played in

played in April and May. The

Twenty20 tourm tournament was

moved from India because it

clashed with the count Es elections and security

couldn't be guaranteed. England

hadn't been considered but IPL

officials were concerned about

the number of games that could

be affected by rain. Organisers

can be assured that they have

the full support South Africa's

structures and the entire

nation and the public to stage

a successful tournament. The

a successful tournament. The IPL starts in two

weeks. Preparing for this

week's season opening Formula

One Grand Prix in Melbourne, Spaniard Fernando Alonso has

put the intoot into the sport's governing body for introducing

the rule that gave the San's

title to the drive wer the most

race wince. There's since been

a U-turn and the points system

will remain in place for

another year. It was not the right time because it was 11

days before the start of the

season, so it was

season, so it was a

mistake. Reigning world

champion McLaren's Lewis

Hamilton is not brimming with

confidence about his car. It is

not the best at the moment. But

we're 've got a great teem and

it's a real important time for

us where we all unite and

really pull through it. The

first practice session will be

on Friday morning. Jan Utzon

bequeathed Sydney an architectural treasure and today the city

today the city that benefitted

from his creative genius paid

him one last tribute. The

Danish ark terct was awarded a

memorial at the Sydney Opera House. Long before the Opera

House stood here, it was home

to Aborigines. And a

traditional welcome to country

greelted Jan Utzon's family.

Inside, the State memorial

for the architect was only knot

for the architect was only knot

only a tribute to him but to

the art this building was

created for.

(Sings) # Somewhere over the

rainbow # Actor Cate Blanchett

read from Shakespeare. Quite

consummate ation have and

renowned be Thy grave. The

Opera House forecourt famously

hosted the farewell to Crowded

House in 1996. Today, Neil Finn

House in 1996. Today, Neil Finn

paid his respects.

(Sings) # Hay now, hay now -

hey now, don't dream it's over.

# Jan Utzon vision, indeeds

his gift to our nation, is

indelibly imprinted in the DNA

of our performing arts culture. Utzons described

their father as a wise man full

of generosity and full of grace

of generosity and full of grace

. He would be the first one to

tell us to celebrate his life

and the joy of life in this

building which has been made

just for that. Sometimes a

being arrives on the earth who

is extraordinary and whose

talent and creation will allow

other people to see paradise.

other people to see paradise. I

think my father was such a

being and he created a building

so beautiful and so in a way

self- evident that it seems as

if God Hills put it there. The

story of the Opera House likes

its design sun finished. A big

question still hantion over

whether the State and Federal

Governments will ever commit to

the hundreds of millions of

dollars needed to rebuild the

Opera Theatre and finally

realise Jan Utzon's dream. Jan

Utzon said at the start of all

architecture is an act of love.

It would be hard to dispute

that's how most Australians

feel about his greatest work.

Time to check the weather

now and what is the latest on

the severe thunderstorms in

Western Sydney,? That it

they're still active at the

moment. A severe thunderstorm

warning is current. Storm s

warning is current. Storm s are

capable of producing large hail

and flash flooding. At the

moment the radar has been

picking up hail up to about

2cm, recently we had an 80km/h

gust at Badgeries Creek. This

severe cell is movings down

towards Campbelltown. We expect

that in that year between now

and 8pm. Be tu storms should

dispait as they move toward

east towards the city over the next hour of

next hour of so. Ahead of the

storms today we had

temperatures in Sydney ranging

from 26 to 34. At this stage it

looks like the main risk for

showers and storm also abate by

around midnight. There's been a

day of contrast across the

State today. We saw clear dry

conditions up across the north

but further south a trough

produced showers and storms in

the central tablelands and

Illawarra but most falls

Illawarra but most falls there

were light.

The cloud over NSW is

The cloud over NSW is with

a trough and the cloud a croech

proeching SA is an active cold

front. As the front moves

through Victoria tomorrow it

will help the strengthen the

trough and that means that

showers an thunderstorms will

become more widespread tomorrow

and we could once again see

possible severe thunderstorms

develop along the ranges. But

generally rainfall is expected

to be light. The exception will

be possible heavier falls

underneath thunderstorms. There will be a few showers in

will be a few showers in

Melbourne and Hobart tomorrow.

Tonight's top

Tonight's top stories again

- in an embarrassment for Rees

Government, a high ranking

Hell's Angel has been stood

down from a senior job with the

RTA pecheding an investigation

into any security breaches.

Kevin Rudd and Barack Obama

have met for the first time, the financial crisis and Afghanistan dominated their

talks. And the latest snap shot

of Australian life reveals that

women still do most of the

housework. And that's ABC News for this

for this Wednesday. The '7:30

Report' is up next. And ly be

back with updates during the

evening. Goodnight.

Closed Captions by CSI

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Welcome to the program. Kevin

Rudd's new best friend, Barack

Obama, has keen to stress they

were men of like minds.

Particularly on how to respond

to the global economic crisis, as the two leaders

as the two leaders met in

Washington overnight. But the

G20 summit looming in London

next week, the US President also hailed the economic

strategy already set by the

Australian Prime Minister,

which no doubt will Rudd will

gratefully use back home in his

domestic political battles with

Opposition Leader Malcolm

Turnbull. But Afghanistan was

also high on the list at the

White House meect and although

no direct request were

no direct request were made,

many analyst s are expecting

the US to ask Australia to

increase its presence there.