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Virginia watching ABC News 24, I'm

news, the former Liberal leader

Andrew Peacock has declared the Coalition will win the election. Last week, Malcolm Coalition will win the federal

Fraser said he thought Tony Abbott was country, but Mr Peacock told

ABC News Breakfast Mr Fraser is

out of touch. Malcolm seems to

be in dissent with the Liberal

Party all the time but it's not doing the Liberal Party much harm. No harm there? No, as

every day goes by, you'll see

Malcolm is in a minority on

that issue. How do you see the situation at the moment? It's

been a rough few weeks for the Labor Government. Is the Coalition stealing

As I understand it, I have to

talk with more of them, because I haven't been here long enough, but you would need to

appreciate that the be pretty handicapped not to

appreciate that the government is dissolving before your eyes

daily. Does that put the

Coalition in a winnable position or a winning position

right now? It's fair to say

you have to have an erosion of support for a government before

the opposition rises and there

has to be respect for the opposition, and every opposition, and every day there support for Tony Abbott. I'm is an

very confident we will win.

Labor has regained its over the Coalition, according Labor has regained its lead

to two polls out. Newspoll shows Labor has an

election winning lead of 52 to

48%, up from last week's 50/50 result. The Galaxy poll shows

the ALP with a narrow lead the ALP with a narrow lead over the Coalition and both polls

show Julia Gillard leading Tony

Abbott as the preferred Prime

Minister. For the three weeks

since the campaign started, Labor has falling away from 55% before Labor has been 5 to 52%,

the campaign started. The trend

has been away from a Labor win

for the past two weeks.

a 1% return in the Labor primary vote and a slight fall

but the Coalition is still in the Coalition primary vote,

ahead. I have tended to call it a nil-all draw with Labor ahead on penalty shootout at the moment. This moment. This morning, both

Labor and the opposition said they were focusing on the issue

for the final two weeks of the

polls. Woo We are focused on

exposing Mr Abbott's risk to the economy, the unplugging of national broadband

the risk to health and

education. The closer we get to

the poll, less than two the poll, less than two weeks awe, we believe the fundamental

failures of Mr Abbott will be more and more exposed. It

shows the electorate is

volatile. The polls will go up and is the fact we have an absolutely incompetent

government right now. I want to change the government, so can get on on the job of ending the waste, we paying the and stopping the big new taxes the waste, we paying the debt

and stopping the boats.

appealing for international Pakistan's Prime Minister is

assistance for up to 15 million people affected bit nation's

is pouring into the south of worst flooding on record. Water

million people have been the country, where up to a

advantageated. Survivors say

the government is not doing correspondent Sally Sara enough. South East Asia

reports from southern province

of Sindh. The Pakistani PM arrived in

arrived in Sindh province to see the power of the flood

waters pouring in from the

north. The government says it

is doing all it can to help the

millions in need but is requesting international help

to deal with the scale of disaster. TRANSLATION: The

far greater than 2005

earthquake, so we are trying to

contact the world to help us. The losses we have had are irreparable. The stretches across vast parts of

the country. In the north-west,

do not have enough to those who survived the deluge

children are most vulnerable to do not have enough to eat, and

hunger and water borne

diseases. Our children are

dying and others are dying due

to hundred ger. Our situation

is very bad. Even worse, three of my family members are hundred geron the plains of Punjab. Entire villages have been submerged by the flood and

there is little help. 500 houses have been destroyed. I can't tell the exact houses have been destroyed. I

can't tell the exact estimate

because of the stretch of the

area of village. We are facing

problems. Those who deserve

them don't get rations, those

who need shelter don't get tents. The unions use says the tents. The

scale of the disaster enormous and time shelter and clean water. out to provide emergency food,

Basically there could be up to

15 million people affected, but

in very different ways. Some of

them have lost everything, some them have lost

of them have lost their houses, but not their capacity to

sustain livelihood, some sustain livelihood, some others

have just been Ford to move

because the vinl was because the vinl was flooded.

Precisely the difficult task is

to assess who is in need of

what and for how long. The

flooding is far from over. More

rain is forecast in hours in many parts of the

come from country. The flood waters have country. The flood waters

come from northern Pakistan,

where they have created an enormous amount of destruction,

flowing flew pun Jan and into

Sindh province on their way to

the Arabian Sea. It is unclear

how many livers and life my

hoods have been lost. Millions

of Pakistanis hope the record

river flows will start to

subside. Mud slides triggered

triggered by torrential rain have engulfed a north-west China, killing 127 people. More than 1,300 north-west China,

residents are missing in Tszyu cue and local officials say thick mud is hampering thick mud is hampering the

rescue efforts. 45,000 people

have been advantageated from

the area. The family and

fiance of British doctor Karen

Wu, who was murdered with nine

colleagues in Afghanistan say

her death is a loss to

Afghanistan. From north of the country, two Afghanistan. From the far

helicopters brought the bodies

of the aid workers to Kabul,

six Americans, a jaer man and the body the body of British doctor

Karen Wu, all foreigners who

had made Afghanistan their home and helping their people their

goal. I het Dr Wu's fiance.

They were to be married in a

couple of weeks. She was an

extraordinary person. You don't find

Wu in this world, unfortunately. She was unfortunately. She was a gregarious, loving and gregarious, loving and caring person. The skills she were medical skills and her passion for Afghanistan, will

be missed by the Afghan peel and the people in the aid

community. What will you community. What will you miss most about her? So many different things. I'll miss different things. I'll miss her

love for life the most. The

fact that anybody who met her

couldn't help but

fact that she made people happy. She helped people

wherever she could. Do you

think because of that aid agencies, the people involved in this work involved in this work will

start to reconsider the work in

Afghanistan? Those people are

strong and they are driven

people, they want to help. I can't see individuals being deterred from doing what deterred from doing what Karen

was doing, and certainly she wouldn't want that to happen.

Today the police

from the medical team's convoy

had been arrested because he is

suspecteded of assisting the

gunmen who ambush the group. A

statement from Dr Wu's family

said she was a unique

individual: Back home, jury

notes from police files have revealed why Lindy Chamberlain was Lindy Chamberlain was convicted of murdering her daughter as aha. The notes show female jurors were tougher on Lindy Chamberlain than the men. She

was convicted of killing Azaria

at Uluru in 1980. She was released after the released after the baby's jacket was found. New figures

out today show online job ads

fell in July by 1.3%, due to

weakness in the building and construction

was an increase in job ads was an increase in job ads in May and June.

job ads fell by 4%. Saudi

Arabia has delayed its decision to shut of a Blackberry's

instant messaging service. The instant messaging service. The

decision gives operators more time to test a system that

could monitor user data. Saudi

Arabia says it wants to more

thantor Blackberry messages to

prevent terrorism and illamb

activities. Other countries

have expressed concerns the monitoring service could vileate privacy laws.

Scientists are worried about largest islands, saying climate

change is accelerating the natural patterns of change while human active compound the effect. Heron Island effect. Heron Island off

central Queensland is a natural coral cave, completely made coral cave, completely made up

of sand and coral fragments.

Over hundreds of years it has Over hundreds of years it has

gradually built up, but extreme

weather is playing havoc with

its fragile existence. The

basic shape stays the same, but anything sticking out can get wiped out

replaced the next. While the

dense forest gives the dense forest gives the island

stability, some scientist s are

concerned about the future of such islands, such islands, with growing

evidence of more extreme

weather, studies indicate that some may not survive down the track. The question is: In the future, whether that reduction of sediment and the of sediment and the supply to

the islands will keep pace with

the rate of sea level rise. Coaling in-Woodruff's work

studying the effect of climate change on internationally recognised. He internationally

says places like Heron says places like Heron Island

are resilient but rising sea

levels pose the biggest threat. If you think of threat. If you think of a small pile of sand small pile of sand on top of a

flat reef, which is what most

of the I'ds are of the I'ds are like, there is

a point at which the sea rises

and the sand will not stay there. Heron Island is 800m

long and 300m wide, but every

year the dimensions change. That, combined with increased

human impacts like tourism

intensify the risk. The I'll amount of stress intensify the risk. The I'll has amount of stress put has done well

amount of stress put on it amount of stress put on it by people visiting the people visiting the island. It's doing remarkably well. That's That's thanks to the island

residents, who are doing their

best to keep it intact. It's a

a homecoming 40 million years

in the making. Some of planet's in the making. Some of the planet's most ancient tree

species are threatened by

climate change and de

forestation, but a researcher is bringing them forestation, but a Tasmanian back to the place forestation, but a Tasmanian researcher

back to the place they witness

thrived. As jungles go, Dr Tim

brod rib has seen them all.

I've spent a lot of I've spent a lot of time

chewing beetle nut with locals and drinking cava and trying to convince people to take me in

long walks to the tops of

mountains they would not usually go up. This modern day

Joe sea banks has spend the

last 15 years collecting

confers from Asia and the South Pacific. There are only a few

plants left on the top of a

hill, where it is cool, and

it gets warm yes, there is nowhere left to go. Before the

the evolution of flowering plans, confer s led the main plants.

becoming pot bound, he is

trying to find them a safe

home, and believes the ideal

spot is an abandoned

town in the Tasmanian west coast, one of the world's

wettest places. They were wettest places. They were all

here 40 million years ago.

There is excitement in the

scientific community about the

project. There is the best

collection of the plants in the world. Scientists hope these

dinosaurs of the plant world

will help modern They have been driven to the

dripping by climate change, so

if we can understand that process, that gives us a tool for understanding how plants in

general can respond to climate change. Work change. Work has started and

all the confers should have

their roots in the ground by

spring. A quick look at the weather: The Twitters are alive to

the sound of Andrew peacock, after he said the Coalition absolutely

absolutely would win the election. Lots of comments,

such as, why is he the best

judge, given he has been out of the country, and "I hard to believe that Andrew

Peacock says he has been out Peacock says he has been out of

the country, but can criticise

Labor." Now it's time for Contact Sport.

Welcome to Contact Sport, Kookaburras have won a third

consecutive whoit, led consecutive whoit, led by master coach Ric Charlesworth, beating England 4-0 in the final. These are the highlights. highlights.

A wonderful finish, through

the goalkeeper, and England

fall behind to the first penalty corner of the game.

Given away by Jackson, clashing

withturny. Turner did well,

Abbott slams it home, England 2

down. Ashley Jackson had his

own circle. A wonderful strike,

what a goal! England will protest this one. Terrific

strike there, Abbott. This is

Dwyer, Dwyer shoots and Dwyer

scores, goal number 4 for

man any opportunities in the Australia! You can't give that

circle. Peter Nicholson, the

Just as 25 years ago, when Ric Charlesworth was the Australian team that beat

Great Britain and ended as

Champions Trophy winners, they

have done it again, this have done it again, this time

against England. against England. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE anybody. for. The national finals Commonwealth Games to prepare celebrations, they have the aren't going over board with The Kookaburras Kookaburras will be held later there the scheduling of the matches in the Commonwealth Games in be 35 degrees or warmer, and that won't suit anybody.

Australia is trying to blood

younger players. Obviously I'm disappointed

sigh, but they said they wanted

to take a risk with some

players. World championships

next year is the pinnacle. As a

means the most to me, but for the world championships, they

are testing different

combinations, and I have the

option to come back in January

championships and hopefully I and prepare myself for world

you been able to will be successful. How have

you been able to rationalise

that disappointment, which is when twofold, because

twofold, because you played in

Zealand team? Absolutely. when you lost to the New

That's the hardest thing, that

you have been on a such massive journey with all you have been on a such a

girls for the past 8 girls for the past 8 years.

When we got sill er very, we are disappointed and are disappointed and set our

goal for four years to win the

gold medal in India. I'm the

type of person who is always

positive and I won't let it get

me down or let it stop me from

playing. I want to see what else I can achieve. Is it

difficult to be a defender in difficult to be a defender in a

team that didn't go well this

year ? In hindsight, I think

that had a lot to do with that had a lot to do with it, vixens did not perform well,

and my main goal defence was

out with injury, so I was

playing with young girls. playing with young girls. I'm a team oriented player, and I

want to help them out, and

perhaps in hindsight I should

have been more selfish

focus on my performance, but

being captain of a team is all

about the team. What about the

Commonwealth Games, how do you

see the build-up for the

Australian team? Will they take

care of Jamaica in the three

Test series? Yes, and then

they have three Test matches

against New Zealand, which is

important the younger players

for the exposure of playing

against the Silver Ferns. They do not come up against England,

but they will be the main threat at the Commonwealth

Games. This is the first that you could not Games. This is the first time


that you could not pinpoint final. Is that because will definitely make the

English players have been final. Is that because the

exposed to the trans-Tasman

competition? The English and competition? The English

Jamaican girls have been in competition, and they have been

playing more the Australian

style. It will be exciting to see what happens. I know you

have a great interest in AFL,

working at Essendon, and following Collingwood, I wanted

to talk to you about zoning,

something the AFL something the AFL was borrowed from other evolution of teams starting to netball, what about the

heavily zone, particularly in

football? I don't pretend to know everything about AFL, I enjoy watching the enjoy watching the game. From a defensive point of view, we use

a zone defence and a one on one

defence, and they are bringing

that more into AFL. The Collingwood Geelong game, you

could see the Collingwood boys,

when they were bringing the

zone, you can't do it on your own, you need around you, and every time they

tackled someone, there were

more than two people around the ball. Have you seen ball. Have you seen other

teams spermling with this and not not getting it right? Collingwood seems to have a

good balance of attack and

zoning and man on man? I think

it takes a lot of trial and

error to get it right and you

need the right player on the

field to get it right, if you

have key players out it have key players out it won't work, so it is important to

feel, have the key personnel on the

mental thing than a physical thing. What do you think of

the Collingwood chances of winning the xied, as a Collingwood winning the flag? I'm very

supporter, because they can do it, it's up to them, no one it, it's up to them, no one can

stop them, so it's a mental

game for them to win the premiership. They will have to

get past the Cats, maybe the Saints and the Bulldogs. time. Let's talk Wallabies,

and the Bledisloe Cup is gone,

but some pride was recovered in

us from Sydney. Were Christchurch. Adam fryer joins

heartened by the performance of us from Sydney. Were you

the Wallabies on the weekend?

Mixed emotions. I thought we

could have won. There was an could have won. There was an

ton in the A zone where they

seemed to chip away at the All

Blacks and got no result. A lot of people are

not too bad. I knew that, but

we could have won the game. The

Bledisloe gone another year, it

definitely hurts. What is the

main difference between the Wallabies last week Wallabies last week in Melbourne and Christchurch, was

it their level of commitment or

organisation? I think it was a

combination. I don't think they were too pour in Melbourne. Kurtley Beale had an outstanding game and Factor. Anthony Minichiello was

very good in attack. We need the X Factor, and when Quade

Cooper comes back in he will

make a huge dips. Matt Giteau's

game was a bit off, but I game was a bit off, but I was happy with the performance and would have liked to see a victory. That has

things more with the back line,

because of what to do with Matt Giteau, and Berwick Barnes is

still there as well. We what Robbie has tried to do and

it's depth. The netball is

trying to do it by introducing

younger players, and Robbie younger players, and Robbie has

done that, than he has a selection headache, which you

might fall out of the want as a coach. Berwick Barnes

might fall out of the 22, which

is disappointing for him but

not for Australian Rugby, if

you can have him out of the

side. Talking about defence in

the AFL and netball , what did

you make of the All Blacks defence on the were at one stage not defence on the weekend?

were at one stage not even

contesting the breakdown and

standing like a wall in front

at the Haka, it's quite scary. of of the Wallabies. Looking

There has to be a paint of

difference in any facet of

play, and in defence you have to try different things. It has

been tried before where you

don't commit in the don't commit in the defence. I

whole think it should be done the

smart whole game. The Wallabies were

smart in their preparation, whole game.

they did the same thing, the

All Blacks did it last week and

they are learning from the

world's best. There has been world's best. There has been a

lot of commentary about Robbie Deans, and going to Christchurch, he looked happier

in his home city. How do you

think he comes out of the second Bledisloe Test? The

questions around town, no one cared

cared about the game, everyone wanted to talk about Robbie, so

it must be draining

think he's better staying in

Australia, because when he's in

New Zealand he gets flogged.

What I love about Robbie, he gets up there and

national anthem, as one of us.

We are nearly there, we just

need players, fans and all

Australians to hang tough

Australians to hang tough and

stay with us. What can we

expect from the tour of South

Africa when the Wallabies head

over there? We can speck great

games of football. South have to change the way they

play. Their coach is under the

pump, so he will will look pump, so he will will look to play an expansive attacking style of

style of Rugby. I think the

Wallabies are good enough to

win, and come back in September

and have the last blodz low and have the last blodz low in Sydney. The Bledisloe is gone,

we need to beat New Zealand to

get the Rugby fans back on

board. Thanks, Adam. to keep our ears pricked to keep our ears pricked for interesting commentary. The most passionate most passionate commentator at the weekend was

main from network 10. That's a

disgrace. The goal umpire was in perfect information and he

stuffed it up. He should never

goal umpire again. Thankfully

for that umpire, he will be

judged by Geoff George W. Bush Ian. We will leave you with

pictures from the