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(generated from captions) Evening I'm Scott dise by

van. On tonight's program - Chan's

must have device but there's a

group of factory worker s who

say they were assembling I foenss and laptops who are now

seriously in hospital.

You're watching the World. We will follow our correspondent as he uncovers some of China's dirty

secrets. Also ahead - up to 10 Australians missing Australians missing off Indonesia after

Indonesia after a powerful

undersea earthquake. Afghanistan's President admits receiving payments from Iran. And eye President admits receiving cash

the storm - an American

motorist in overdrive. We are

in a tornado. First tonight - embassy

officials are trying to make

contact with up to 10

Australians who were off the

coast of Sumatra when an earthquake struck this morning.

earthquake struck this morning.

The surfers were on a tourist

boat and haven't been heard from since. The 7.5 magnitude

under sea. A tsunami alert was earthquake struck

issued initially

issued initially and witnesses

say a wall of water did wash ashore. Indonesia correspondent Matt Brown with this report. The powerful quake

struck south-west of the island of Sumatra, officials say it

caused just a 1-foot wave at

the epi centre. But by the the epi centre. But by the time that surged up on the the

island chain it was a 1m wave

that in some places travelled 1600m inlands. Very little damage has been reported but damage has

there are thought to be #1e6r8

people still missing. people still missing. The area

is still popular with surfers

were there at the time the were there at the time the wave

struck. An operator a of one

said the surfers on board were

said the surfers on board were

lucky to escape with their lives Some of the guys were carried 200m inland on wave. Fortunately most of us had something to hold on to,

various floating objects and

managed to avoid the trees and we just washed into we just washed into the wetlands and scrambled up wetlands and scrambled up the highest

highest psychiatry Trees that

we could possibly find and sat up there for 1.5 hours. The we could possibly find and sat

Australian Embassy here Jakarta says it's in contact with another charter who says they can't raise a with another charter operator

boat containing another group

of Australians. It's possible that we simply have telecommunications problem. The

mobile phone system is down. But to be absolutely

certain I've been in contact with our ambassador in Jakarta

to ensure that all efforts are being made to make contact with to ensure that all efforts are

the vessel and to work with the Indonesian authorities ground Indonesian authorities on the

whereabouts and their well ground concerning their

being. Between 8 and 10 people being. Between 8 and 10

are thought to be on board.

As the search for the Australians continues, the As the search for the missing

latest we have from Indonesian authorities is that up to 23 people people are confirmed dead

across the region after earthquake. More than 160 across the region after that

others are missing. Now we will

bring you any new information

as we get it. And else where in

as we get it. And else where in

Indonesia, residents are being evacuated from towns around country's most active evacuated from towns around the

country's most active volcano.

Thousands of people are being

a red moved after authorities issued

Merapi could be about to erupt.

Earthquakes over the past week

have reported ly pushed lava

just 1km below the crater. A

series of destructive tornadoes

has lashed northern Texas. In Navarro county, emergency Colleer mire mire mire filmed one tornado - Erik Meyers filmed one tornado from incise

his truck. But trucks were

overtaurnds goods crarges ripped off their tracks. There

were no reports of fatality, just some minor injuries and

Erik Meyers said it was amazing

and the most powerful thing he

had seen in his life and said

he didn't want to go through it

he didn't want to go through it

the brunt of the tornado, with again and the town of Rice took

houses damaged, schools closed

down and debris was strewn

everywhere. Tens of of people in Haiti are still everywhere. Tens of thousands

threatened by a cholera outbreak, despite some signs that the epidemic is

stabilising. The Haitian

Government says that only six

new deaths were reported in the past 24

people are now known to have

died from the disease. Haiti's

river, the likely source of the cholera outbreak. Once river became contaminated cholera outbreak. Once the

life's daily rituals ensured the disease spread rapidly. Leading to this baby's

anguish, and his mother's pain.

anguish, and his mother's pain.

We saw the devastating

effect cholera is having on

rural Haiti's most

However, in this hospital

they're you mad mitting fewer

new parents. The speed at new parents. The speed at which

Haiti's authority have move to

say the ep epidemic may be stabilising

stabilising has worried some

experts who fear this epidemic

may be spreading to the rest of

the kintry. The UN's humanitarian official in the kintry. The UN's top humanitarian official in Haiti

possibility of a national is still preparing for the

outbreak. It's right now

stabilised in the areas where It doesn't mean that is the

going to spread. We must be on It doesn't mean that is not

alert. So me, the - to me, the message must be don't get too

comfortable yet. The villagers who live on the river are learning to be wary who live on the Banks of the

of the water. Aid eightsies

are telling people not to are telling people not to drink the water, to wash their hands,

use bottled water instead. The crowd listens crowd listens carefully. This

woman lost one of her relatives

won't ever use the river water to cholera. She

again. People here

again. People here wish they

had been told before that the

river could be deadly. "If we

had known, lives could have

been saved," this man told

me. The question now is just

how far along the river the cholera spread. Laura Trevelyan

reports there. The Afghan

President, Hamid Karzai, President, Hamid Karzai, has defended his decision to accept hundreds of

hundreds of thousands of euros

from the Iranian Government. Karzai confirmed today his office has received cash

payment s from Iran and a

number of other friendly countries. President Karzai says transparent and are used to help run his office. When President Ahmadinejad wants to

send aid to his President

Karzai, he sends the money in cash. Mr Karzai's chief of

staff has carried payments

staff has carried payments home on the Presidential plane. And

that has raised the question

what does Iran really get for its money? At

in Kabul, President Karzai said the payments were nothing out of the ordinary. of the ordinary. Simply

legitimate funds for government

business. The cash payments are

done by various done by various friendly countries to help the

Presidential office and this is

transparent and this is something that I have also

discussed with even when we were at Camp David with

President Bush, this is nothing hidden. The President the United States gives its aid in plastic bags. The United

States is doing the same thing. They're provideling cash to

some of our officers. If you

would like to have the detail s

we will give we will give you that

too. (Inaudible) It does give

bags of money, yes. Yes, bags of money, yes. Yes, it

does. Once or twice in a year,

Iran has handed over twoen 500

and 700,000 u rose. The Iranian

emz BAS I Yi in Kabul initially

denied the donations but President Karzai confirmed

President Karzai confirmed the payments in response to a paper reported the payments paper reported the payments go

into a secret fund, used to pay Afghan politicians, tribal

elders and even Taliban commanders to loyalty. The US State Department says it doesn't

question in ran's right to give

money to Afghanistan's Government but doubts the motives behind the

donations. We will let the

Government of Afghanistan speak

to how they spend either

financial assistance received

from other countries. But we remain sceptical of motives. Mr Crowley said the US Government has systems of

accountability in place to ensure that the funds it ensure that the funds it hands over go to the intended recipients. To China now and a number of workers are in

hospital after being exposed to a dangerous chemical a dangerous chemical they claim is being used to is being used to in the

production of Apple computers. In China, several companies making standard laptops an

touch-screen devices for touch-screen devices for Apple use this chemical. Many workers have been left unable and in one instant 60 staff from one hospital have been hospitalised for nine months. China correspondent Stephen McDonell reports from McDonell reports from Suzhou. This hospital in Suzhou has

been treating workers who have

been making computers and I

phones forram. We snuck phones forram. We snuck into

the - Apple. We snuck in to

their their stories. They told

us they were using the chemical

n-hexane in poor ly ventilated

factories. It wasn't long before they couldn't first the symptoms

obvious," one woman told obvious," one woman told us.

"My hands were numb. I could

hardly walk or run." hardly walk or run." "I've

been hospitalised for over half

a year," another said . "I

think I'm getting better. I will probably be out will probably be out of hospital at the ends of this year." In a small backyard

factory here, the women were

sticking on and polishing Apple logos. At least

logos. At least they assumed the products were the products were not fakes. But working in a large factory has been dangerous for workers. Taiwanese-based Wintek has 20,000 staff. "Our company mainly produces the touch screens for moirntion" one of

its workers said. "Our main

client is Apple." In more

client is Apple." In more than 100 of tir t workmate s also became sick from breathing in

the chemical vapour s from

n-hexane. They yr using it to They and 60 colleagues They and 60 colleagues were hospitalise for more than nine

months. "I am back at work but

my symptoms are still with me,"

he told us.

he told us. "My legs still

hurt. This will accompany me

for the rest of my life, it's very painful." Apple refused to confirm whether it buys products from these factories

or not. It did, however, say that it's now tightened its requirements regarding

workplace safety at its fly supplies - suppliers. Yet it is computers that China is

suffering from problems of

toxicity. When countries like

Australia, Japan and the United

States are finish ed with their computer, the e waste goes back to China to be pulled apart and re-used. Mercury, lead,

chromium and other poisons from

computers then leech into the

ground water here. China is

sacrificing its own sacrificing its own environment

at both ends of the production

life of these computers. In

this way it's

People all over the world are

getting cheap electrical goods in part because China is

trashing its air, its earth, and its waterways. We saw

workers sorting bits of

computer waste by burning the

pieces with a cigarette lighter and then sniffing the fumes.

Imagine the damage to your brain from sniffing in burned

plastic every few second, all day every day. And Stephen joins me now live in Beijing. Good evening. What is this

chemical n-hexane and why is chemical n-hexane and why is it

used in these products? Well

n-hexane is used in Australia

too. For example in gluing things

things like shoes, things like shoes, in polishing electronic goods, so it has

lots of uses. And it lots of uses. And it is

possible, I understand, to use

it without hurting people. In

the case of these worker, it's cause bay they were in badly ventilated factories and it was

in breathing in the fumes from

this that hurt them, attacking their central nervous system. So for example if you

were to buy Apple products like i phones and computers i phones and computers and

that, it's not going to that, it's not going to hurt

you to use these things. It's

in the production and these

vapours are coming up in rooms

where the wind is not coming through, no fans have been hurt. Stephen, it appears there are two issue entwined here in this

One is that of environmental issues and the other of workers rights. On both of those, how Develop Road China's policies

in regard to both those issues

and also how closely are they policed? Well, China has strong laws in - environmental

pollution and there are those that depends where you are in the country and differs from region

to region. But for example big

factories here are at times

shut down by the authorities and fined and punished for polluting rivers and the

like. You know, this is a big

country and the environmental

protection ministry has a lot on its

on its plate and as it goes

further and further down the

tree I suppose where tree I suppose where this breaks down is the local level environmental protection bureaus bureaus and the way in which

they're sometimes bound up with

local party officials and are

not necessarily applying the

blowtor nch the same way they should be. From that point of view to the global, as

you point out in your story

that we've just seen this is a

problem that is in

problem that is in some

respects of many countries'

making, not just Chinas. making, not just Chinas. Given

the growing pressure on China to improve its environmental

standards and indeed its

reputation as a big polluter, how is the Government likely how is the Government likely to react to these react to these issues? Well,

even at the highest levels of government here, there government here, there are

those aware that there is a

massive problem here with the environment. And, again, there

are battle s that go on in the upper echelons of power upper echelons of power here

that we don't see. I that we don't see. I suppose

the problem is that all too often those who the environment seem to often those who are championing the environment seem to be losing out to those who losing out to those who think

that GDP growth is number one. And so I

one. And so I guess it all just depends in how this plays out and how how this plays out and how much

Chinese people kick up a stink about it, how much other countries complain about it. For to that matter, the the

degree to which large companies insist that their China quleez

suppliers are meeting strict environmental standards before they agree to buy from them. Stephen McDonell, thanks

for your time tonight.

And Israeli human rights illegal Jewish settlements on Palestinian land has increased fourfold. The international community says the settlements are an ob osh stable to's but

many of those helping to build the settlements are Palestinian labourers who say they can't

get such well paid jobs

anywhere else.

We are just way ing for that story. We might come back to

that story a little later.

We're having technical issues

with that at the moment. The against pension reform are

costing the Government half a

billion dollars a day. It's had

a victory in one front, though, with workers at three oil

refine ris voting to

refine ris voting to return refine ris voting to return to work but nine other fuel depots remain closed down. And in Marseille, the rotting Marseille, the rotting garbage

from the rubbish collectors from the rubbish collectors

strike is becoming a health hazard.

hazard. The strikes follow the Government's attempt to

increase the retirement age to 62. Let's speak to our Europe correspondent Phillip Williams now

now in London. Good morningings have been going on for more than a week. The Government

says that they're costing half

a billion dollars a day to

a billion dollars a day to the country. But the country. But the vote's already been taken on these reforms so in light of all of that that, where is this all going to end?

Who is going to blink first? It

appears the unions appear to be blinking a little. blinking a little. There is some signs that they are backing down on some backing down on some fronts. The Marseille garbage strike is over. They have returned

over. They have returned to

work. The Government says that

four out of stations now have supplies of fuel and the union movement

does appear to be saying give

ing out signals we may not be winning

winning this full on battle. We

will air tempt to modify the legislation to make it more

palatable. Having said all of

that the French are unions that the French are unions are planning a national strike on

Thursday and of course they have a

have a track record of being

Olympic gold medals when it comes to prolonged and strikes

an getting their own way. So

this is far from over. But the initial signs do Amer to be many the prevailing. And not far away in

Italy there's been some very

smelly industrial action taking place in place in Naples? Yes, absolutely. This is all to do

with - it folds the Mafia into an intriguing

an intriguing story. Naples has

a bad reputation of being

infiltrated by maf ya, they

have their fingers in just about every part of life, including garbage collection.

And one of the local towns just

outside of Naples is the site dumps. They say the local rez entsay that toxic waste has

been dumped there been dumped there illegallify viea the

viea the Mafia and they're there, Europe's large est again

blings and think've been

protest ing vociferously and

attacking the police and the

town says we will not tolerate

this. There's been a stand-off. The Government has said hang on

we will think about this again,

but the town is ad adamant may they will not toxic waste dump on their door

toxic waste dump on their door

step. This is at the foot of mount ve suef us. This is mount ve suef us. This is pose suppose to be in an national beauty and it's

actually a national park. Mixed

in is the overlay of the very

strong odour of Mafia

connections. So it's a complex

story and there's no sign of resolution there either. Much

to the disappointment of the folks folks of Naples, I am sure.

Back to where you are, in fact

to the buildings behinds you

there, there's been a string of votes introducing some very

heavy spending cuts to the

people of Britain. How has the British public reacted to all of this and indeed how has the British economy reacted British economy reacted to this? Well, the British there appears to be two different

stories here. The massive cut

also start to come into effect soon and they

soon and they are deep

indeed. 8% of the public

service will be gone. 25% of their income will be evaporate over four years. That will have a marked effect. Half a million public service out of

work. Now, the Government says

no problem, the booming our

booming economy we're hoping

it's a booming economy will

pick up the slack and those people will people will have jobs. And in fact the

fact the latest figures seem to indicate that the economy is

doing remarkably well. In the

quarter before the last, it

expanded 1.2%. That was ahead

of expectation s. In the last quarter until the end of September which has just September which has just come out a few minutes ago 0.18%. It

so it's actually quite healthy. It's going along quite nicely

at the moment. That is exact ly as the Government would want

it. With the big cuts the big

question is is this all going

to come to a stretching halt?

Will we see a Will we see a rise in

unemployment and is this economic miracle actually going

to happen? Many people very

sceptical you can make the

sorts of depths of cuts

sorts of depths of cuts multibillion-pound cuts that

are being plan and not put the

end up in a double dip recession. Two schools of

thought on that. Perhap report of the imminent redemise of newspaper have been exaggerated, at least in one

instance? Yes, well, have a

look at this. This is the new

Daley, the first new Daley - national daily in Britain for

25 years. You can see it's the

small size and that is quite

deliberate so commuters it will

be friendly for commutders .

You can see all the yet you only need 30 seconds to

reach each one of them. Very much much a newspaper on the light.

For commuters and that is Tex

panneding area. The broad sheets

actually take up quite a bit of room they have been plummeting

in sales and have lost about

10% of their sales over the

last five years or so. So this

is an attempt to regain some of

the market, it's done by the market, it's done by - financed by Russian billionaire

Alexander Ledbedev. He took over the ailing London evening standard newspaper and turned

that around. That is now a

freebie and given out in the afternoons here in London. He also owned the also owned the Independent. So this is new see how it goes but it's very

much aimed at young people,

time poor people and commuters.

A very targeted operation A very targeted operation not

just for London, we've seen it in London here before, but

nationally. Phillip Williams in

London, thanks so much for your time. Thanks, Scott. Let's

return to the story on Israeli settlements and Israeli human rights group says building work

nil legal Jewish settlements on Palestinian land has increased

fourfold. The international community says the settlements

are an obstacle to peace. many of those helping to build the settlements are Palestinian

labourers who say they can't get much well paid jobs anywhere else. Hundreds of Palestinian men queuing at Palestinian men queuing at an

Israeli check points.

Practically climbing over each other in

other in the hope of getting other in the hope of getting a day's wage working as labourers in Jewish settlements. in Jewish settlements. For

men like Abdel, it is good well-paid work. But this issue

is at the heart of the is at the heart of the stalled

peace process. And the irony

that these are that these are Palestinian labourers helping to build

illegal Jewish homes on

occupied land is not lost on

him. But he says there is no comparative work in the pal European Union economy. Sh - Palestinian economy.

TRANSLATION: I agreed with the

settlement freeze. And if they

gave us alternative work with

the same money I would first to stop working here. A

survey from the pressure group

Peace Now says that since the

end of Israel's building freeze last month work last month work has begun on 600 new Jewish homes across the

occupied West Bank. A rate of construction four times faster

than before. About 500,000 Jews live across the Palestinian West Bank and east

Jerusalem, in more than 100 settlements. Considered illegal under international law. For settler lead terse number of been built since the end of the

freeze is academic. This, they

say, is their land and they're in a hurry to build. We houses, it's hour steal it from anyone else. This land was bought in the '30s from Arabs in the '30s. from Arabs in the '30s. It's our land. We can build on it so

from my point of view those people should build as fast as

they can. Every day more than

20,000 Palestinians leave towns

and vim amgs like this where

think tl are few tunltss to go and

and work in the Jewish settlement. It's something the Palestinian Authority wants to Palestinian Authority wants to

stop for political rather than economic reasons. economic reasons. Palestinian

Ministers say there's plenty of

work in their own projects, but

the new town of ru abbey, although they can't match the

Sally sash sash salaries paid

in the settlements. Abdel says

that in an kbrl world he wouldn't work in the

settlements. But options are

limited in the West Bank which is still largely controlled by economy is helping spark a modern economy is helping spark a modern day gold rush and it doesn't hurt that the price of the precious metal is at historic highs. Amateur prospectors are prospectors are flocking to the California Goldfields, hoping

to strike it rich. North North America correspondent Lisa

Millar travelled to tej of Millar travelled to tej of the

syiera Nevada mountain force

this report. In the foot hills of Yosemite National Park, modern day gold dig ertion search for the flash of search for the flash of yellow

that just might

clay. I like that stuff. It's

back breaking and sometimes feed teedous but it's better

than the al temp tiff - than the al temp tiff - - alternative - hunting for jobs that simply don't exist. Tyson

Freeman thinks it will be a year before he works as an

electrician again I need to do

something, get out of the house

and get off my lazy bum and go

and do something. That's why

and do something. That's why I

started to come up here started to come up here and just go to different

place. California's unemployment

unemployment rate of 12.4% is the third high nest the third high nest the country. In people who have no job. They're trying to put tbeence table

>>imentd oots - bibl. It's no

wonder membership is booming Pucky's gold club. I think

after the day's effort with the

three of us work we might get an eighth of an ounce. The

professional s offer a dose of realism and this realism and this advice. Keep

it a hobby. They come up

it a hobby. They come up for

one weekend a year, they might

get $20 or $100 and that is who have mined all year long

and gotten $100 worth of gold.

How much did it cost for them

to find it? Despite the to find it? Despite the odds,

thousands are catch ing gold

fever. The renewed interest in

gold prospecting is also hefing

to revive towns cliek this. Columbia was virtually a ghost

town but it too is caught up in

the new gold craze. 160 years

after the first miners turned

this into a boom town, this into a boom town, the newcomers are promising to do

the same. While there's still

gold in the hills, they will dream of striking it rich.

Let's get the latest world weather now with Graham Creed. Cool change also affect

the continue innocent tomorrow. The

The one about the eastern parts

of NSW is relatively weak, it

will see cloud on the increase

and a drop in temperatures once

the southerly winds move through. We are not looking through. We are not looking at anything in the way of

significant falls with that.

The other front will move up

into SA WA, so morning showers. They will be Perth, we expect to Perth, we expect to see most light falls in association with that system

that system as well. Fairly unstable across the Top unstable across the Top End. So

thunderstorms for Darwin in the afternoon.And a few showers

about eastern Queensland. We have a area of heavy rain frl

and that persist for the islands south islands south toff equator, northerly winds will freshen

over the south island of New Zealand. That will see moderate

Zealand. That will see moderate

rain developing there later.

typhoon east of the Philippines will continue to move north and

intensify although it will have

no impact on the south-east of Asia. There is plenty of instability and instability and that means heavy falls in the southern and

eastern countries. A band of very active thunderstorm also

have an impact on the Thai peninsula with another area of

activity about the south China

Sea. That could probably

produce heavy falls about the

far eastern coast far eastern coast of

Vietnam. The typhoon will move

towards Japan and be in weakening mode but could have

an impact on the southern Japanese islands and the

mainland on Friday and Saturday

and produce heavy rain and

strong winds. The only strong winds. The only rate of

note across India will

the far southern peninsula with

disturbance off the Bay disturbance off the Bay of Bengal. The showers could

produce 20mm around Tehran. produce 20mm around Tehran. Now almost in the area almost in the area sitting

around the southern Caspian

Sea. We have strong and cold

winds and widespread showers

affecting countries north of a

line basically from London all

the way through to some moderates falls in association with that. A separate disturbance stretches

from the coast of tune us -

from the coast of tune us - Tunisia through to Montenegro.

They will move over Greece and tury over - Turkey over Thursday. That will produce

some moderate to heavy falls.

Showers across Africa are set

to remain widespread but medal - models suggest light falls. Models are also indicated a

rapid south ward contraction of

that moon soonal belt through the remainder

the remainder of the week. With we have an

US. Lit slip into Canada and b) centre near Winnie peg and

should reach its peek on

Wednesday with damaging winds

and moderate rain spread anywhere from around North Dakota to Michigan. That will reach as far south as Alabama.

The Committee Severe conditions

should contract to the

north-east of Canada north-east of Canada on

Thursday. A ridge of high

pressure is driving widespread rain and shower intosz South

Africa. We have a burst of

heavy rain and storms about the central coast of

looks like that activity will

persist for much of the

week. Giant panda numbers are

growing in China, thanks to a successful breeding program.

That could stave species from extinction. There are now more than 300 giant pandas than 300 giant pandas in captivity in the country. This

year, a new record was set of

19 cubs born with the help of artificial insemination. The

pandas have become local celebrities and visitors flocked to the research sent

tore see them playing in their outdoor inclosure. just 1600 giant pandas left in

the wild, giving in government

reserves. Still ahead -

reserves. Still ahead - Australia joined the race to become become one of the biggest

providers of solar power and

America's bargain basement - we

meet the foreign investors cashing in on home foreclosure.

But are the deal s too good to

be true?

You're watching the World on

ABC News. This our - a number of Chinese workers are in

are in hospital after being

exposed to a dangerous chemical

they claim is being used in the

production of Apple computers. At least At least eight Australians are missing in Indonesia after a

power frl earthquake off the

island of Sumatra. There are

now reports that 10ville js a

on a remote island chain in Indonesia have Indonesia have been swept away

by a tsunami, triggered by the

by a tsunami, triggered by the undersea earthquake. Afghan

President Hamid Karzai has

admitted to receiving bags admitted to receiving bags of cash from nothing has been hidden and

that the money was a form of

aid from a friendly country.

The youngest inmate at the Guantanamo Bay detention centre in Cuba has pleaded guilty to

killing an American soldier killing an American soldier in Afghanistan eight years ago.

Just 15 at the time, the

Just 15 at the time, the detain

ee, Omar Khadr, made the plea

before a military before a military tribunal. North America correspondent Craig McMurtrie reports. Omar

Khadr was just

taken prisoner at after a gun

battle in Afghanistan . Now 24 he has admit ed to conspireing

with al-Qaida to carry with al-Qaida to carry out terrorist attack, planting roadside bombings and to killing a US soldier. What you

saw puts a lie to the long

standing argument by some that Omar Khadr is a victim. He is

not. He is a murderer. And he

is convicted by the strength of

his own words. Details of his

plea deal with plea deal with US officials

haven't been reveal leased but

he could be returned to Dan

Khan da out the rest of his sentence. A

military tribunal will toldhold a sentence

a sentence hearing later this week. His ta Canadian lawyers

say hi pleaded gld to guilty to avoid a possible life sentence

and it was the only way out of this "hell hole". We looked at

the circumstances and it is our

clear opinion that Mr Khadr clear opinion that Mr Khadr is

an innocent man. And Mr Khadr was put into a hellish conflict. And in news in, the former Deputy PM of

Iraq, tar eke Aziz, has been sentenced to death by the praik

Supreme Court. He was one of Saddam Hussein's Saddam Hussein's most prominent

Ministers until the American-led invasion of Iraq in 2003. Now Iraqi media is

reporting he was sentenced to

death for his persecution of Islamic parties.

Islamic parties. Tar ease Islamic parties. Tar ease Aziz has already been sentenced to

22 years in prison for his

persecution of Kurdish communities during in the Gulf of Mexico to help pay the bill for its pay the bill for its oil spill there. The company there. The company is planning

to sell four oil fields to to sell four oil fields to a Japanese company. It's part of an asset sell-off that BP hope

also raise up to $30 billion.

The money will go towards its clean-up and compensation clean-up and compensation bill for prail's Deepwater rig explosion which rig explosion which killed 11 people. Investigators say an Australian pilot gave himself

little room to land a plane

that crashed in Papua New Guinea in August. Three Australians and

died when a Cessna citation died when a Cessna citation jet

overshot the runway on Misima

island. An interim island. An interim report by

the accident investigation

commission says witnesses

reported heavy rain, strong

winds gusts and water on the

runway at the time. It says runway at the time. It says the

Australian pilot brought the

plane down 450m along the 1100 m runway. Taken into account

the condition of the runway and the tail the tail winds, landing into

the runway gave him very little

room to pull up in time. The

commission is waiting for the plane's black box flight recorder to be analysed releasing a final report.

Hundreds of thousands of sand bags are being used to

build up flood walls in

Bangkok. The city is bracing

for the combination of flood flows from the North and high

tides. South-east Asia correspondent Zoe Daniel reports. 30 of Thailand's reports. 30 of Thailand's 76 provinces have now been affected affected by flooding, which has

killed 38 people and affected

2.5 million in the last fortnight. Now the flood waters are flowing into Bangkok's

river at a rate of 4 million litres

litres a second. Predicted high tides pushing into the river

from the other direction have authorities bracing for a flood in the

in the city. 200,000 sand bags have been used to fortify flood

waults and 1,000 waults and 1,000 water pumps are on stand-by, are on stand-by, warnings have been issued to seven low lying provinces, including capital. A British man

paralysed from the neck down

paralysed from the neck down

has been left severely brain damaged after a nurse accidentally accidentally Hurn turned off his life support machine. The

incident was caught on a hidden

camera installed in the man's home because he was worried

about the quality-care he had

been receiving. Emma Alberici reports.

reports. It's the noise that

sends most medics into

panic. But as the siren sounds,

anything is wrong. Until her

patient smacks his lips

together. His way of showing

distress. Quickly, quickly.

She then fumbles in She then fumbles in her

attempts to operate the resuscitation equipment. It takes 14 minutes for help takes 14 minutes for help to

arrive. It's another seven minutes before the life support

machine is turned back on, by

then Jamie has been then Jamie has been left severely brain

a man dying before you, if the

person who is meant to be k look at him can't do that and she's telling him to breathe! A car accident eight years ago

left 37-year-old left 37-year-old Jamie

paralysed from the neck down.

He had a bedside camera set up at

at his home after becoming so

concerned about the quality of care he was receiving

care he was receiving from nursing agency hired by the

Service. Before the nurse accidentally turned off his

machine, Jamie could talk and

use a wheelchair. His family has launched legal action against the local NHS Wiltshire primary care trust. The nurse

in question has been suspended

pending an investigation by the

agency which employed here. The

case comes less than a case comes less than a week

after the chancellor announce

ed deep cuts to the public

service. The fear now is that

as the Government looks for new

ways to make savings, more un qualified nurses will be put in charge of patients requiring specialised care. Those 33 miners residued

miners residued in Chile a fort ago have been honoured. They

were presented with metd medals marking Chile's independence

bisnael and the replica of the

Phoenix capsule that rescued

them. The miners then played a

match of soccer. The miners lost but both teams were awarded trophies

awarded trophies anyway. Australia has joined the race

to become one of the biggest

providers of solar power. providers of solar power. It's

building the largest solar

field of its type in the field of its type in the world. Not only is Not only is it clean and more

cost effective, the technology can be mass produced can be mass produced locally.

Here is environment reporter Sarah Clarke. Sarah Clarke. They're 2.5m high

and follow the sun. These high

precision Mirrors could precision Mirrors could faef

way for the solar power of the future. This will be a major breakthrough and step forward for

for solar technology not just

here in Australia but the rest of the world. The technology is, unlike conventional solar

thunderstormal power, this

thunderstormal power, this only uses air and the sun. The key uses air and the sun. The key to this technology sit's water free. One of the biggest site

selection limitations is you

need lot of water to run solar thunderstormal thunderstormal plant. Perfect

for the desert locations where

the sun is plentiful and water

limited. The trial site here is

a field of 450 mirrors like

this but using a more simple

design. It will be the biggest

solar field of its hype tiep in

the world. 4,000 square meters will be will be produced locally. They've designed the technology in such a way it can

be mass produced, flfr make ing

us more competitive to produce

solar energy. The mirrors

concentrate the sun's ray s to

create temperatures above 9000

degrees. The heat expands to

turn the turbine. It is not

just a more efficient way to deliver clean energy, this will reap billions of dlation reap billions of dlation of

investments an investments an put Australia intak back in the merging as the merging as the biggest solar manufacturer. This manufacturer. This Australian licensed technology will be competition. Absolutely. Internati companies are showing great

interest in this project interest in this project and they're look at not just the

Australian market but the global market as an opportunities. In a market

worth more than $50 al A year

it's a bright investment.

It's a bright investment. Two years after Two years after the Wall Street crash the US housing

market is still in market is still in crisis.

Prices have slumped in many

parts of the country and more

than a third of all sales nation-wide are now

foreclosered homes. Despite almost give away price, few Americans have the cash or the

confidence in the market. Increasingly Australian investors are stepping up investors are stepping up in where Americans fear to tread. But are

But are the bargains too good

to be true? North America crnt

Michael Brissenden reports from

Cape Corral in Florida. Florida - for generations

it seems Americans have it seems Americans have flocked place in the sun to retire.

Servicing God's waiting room

kept the economy going and the real estate market real estate market booming. But

when it all began to spin out

when it all began to spin out

of control, it spun fast here than just about anywhere else. If you're taking a house

and taking it from 150,000

dollar which is an affordable

level and cranking it out at

$322,000, just look at the

basic economics the gentlemen makes $35,000 a year as bar

tender he can't afford $322,000 and if he can,

and if he can, that's called a

subprime loan. Today, Florida is one of the foreclosure capitals of the United States.

Here, in some parts of Cape

Corral, almost every third

house is empty. It's been a

dramatic fall. For decades real

estate and development have

underpinned the Florida

economy. Not so anymore. In

fact just a few years ago this moat hotel

moat hotel told for $1.5 close and on the market for

just $300,000 . But as the old

day saying goes one person's

crisis is another's opportunity

and here that and here that comes with a

surprising twist. OK. Anything else. Congratulations. Thank you. Very exciting. you. Very exciting. A national unemployment

national unemployment rate of

nearly 10% and tight credit

have hit the housing market hard. But international investors are now flock ing to Florida

the dollar at record highs more

and more of those investors are

coming from Australia. They're

buying condos for $20,000.

They're buying houses for

$50,000. That house that tie they're buying for $50,000 was $260,000 just two years

ago. The house in Cape

ago. The house in Cape Corral

that $80 5 or $90,000, offwater

home, 3 portfolio 2, that was

$322,000 December of 2005 when

he hit our all-time

this time now it's nudging

parity that is incredible. So the value for us from Australia

coming over now when is it

going to happen again? When are you going to have a market

you would hope has bottomed out

and Australian dollar at such

strength. It's opportunity.

I am sorry that we made some

mistakes and everybody wants to

point the finger now at what

made the mistake s but looking

forward if you're a forward if you're a country

that is unaffected, this is a

golden opportunity. If you

can afford to get on the water, people will return here, as

long as you have faith in all

of that, $20,000 condo, long you should be telling me of that, $20,000 condo, all day

you want more. Yeah, well, we

do want more. Kerrie Reid is just one of many cashed up Australians who have Australians who have taken one

of real estate agent Mark

site Joseph's tours of the canal

site bargains I have sold site bargains I have sold a

property in Darwin and able to

buy a five properties over

quad plex. I've bought two

houses, two single family homes

which I got at a good price in

Cape Corral. What else have I

got? A duplex got? A duplex that's got golf access water. Kerrie says she's

prepared to take the long view

and wait many years for the

lawyers market to pick up. But some

lawyers and economists here are

starting to warn of a second

wave of uncertainty that has

potential to cause even more

havoc in the US real estate

market. Often times there are

deals that seem too good to be

true and in

be true it probably is. Matthew say if it's a deal too good to

Weidner now acting as a

foreclosure Attorney-General: I am very concerned about our legal system. For Australians that are looking to purchase that are looking to

properties I would be very

careful. You buy a piece of property in the United States

of America, there are

questions being raised of America, there are real

about whether you questions being raised now

that property fair about whether you truly own

square. It turns out thousands

of foreclosures could be ruled

invalid because of errors made

by the organisation MERS. Set up by the big US banks to

banks to more easily transfer securityised mortgages. In instances where mortgages securityised mortgages. In the

originated it could be old

soeld on to one lend err who sellsed to it sellsed to it another lendser

who puts it into the trust. So

every time it changes hands the

title changes. So if there is a title recorded incorrectly, or

if they just do it in a if they just do it in a blank

title which is common, it might

its. And that is already not be clear who actually holds

emerging as a very big

tremendous amount of litigation problem. There is a tremendous

risk for the title insurers and for the lenders involved in the

process right now. There calls

from some quoorters here for a freeze on foreclosures.

bank s have voluntarily frozen

foreclosures in some States. A

lot of these mortgages are also

held by the Government lend relevance Fannie Mae and

Freddie Mac and ultimately economic analysts believe

Congress will be forced to act

to protect the whole

foreclosure process. But Congress won't actually sit

again until well after the November elections and at the

time moment the price crisis political response. If there is

no clear ownership, who has the

right to actually foreclose?

And that could be a problem. I

think most of it will get

resolved but resolved but this does have the

of being a catastrophe. Michael potential, a very small chance

Brissenden reporting there Florida. To sport Brissenden reporting there from

Florida. To sport now with

Clare and Australia is getting

ready to win back the

Ashes? Hopefully. There was a

from very frank assessment today

from the vice-captain, Michael

the Australians to step up. Clarke. He says it's time for

India was supposed to be perfect preparation for the

Ashes campaign. Instead the

tour raised more question s

answers about answers about Australia's

urn. Michael readiness to win back the

from a disappointing Indian

Ashes success. Individual 2004 a simple blue print for

performances have performances have to improve. I

have a great example of that. The vice-captain struggled on the turning sub

continent pitches but he wasn't

along. Fellow mildle order players muss Michael Hussey players muss Michael Hussey and Marcus north are to retain their spots Now we have ednoo edto

make sure we are at the top make sure we are at the top of our game. Clarke finally found

form in the one dayer and he's hoping for more runs against

Sri Lanka. England has received

Anderson some good news with James

Anderson on target to recover

from a broken rib the start of the Ashes. Aiming from a broken rib in time for

the start of the Ashes. Aiming

against South Africa, the for a scandal free series

Pakistanis are learning to live without

without their suspended trio of

stars It is never easy when you

quay players lose so many players and the'

and Asif and Butt. They were final players. But that is the

way it is. The serry Yis is being played in Abu Dhabi

because of ongoing security

Pontinging has returned as the issues in Pakistan. Meanwhile

one-day squad for the 3-match captain of the Australian

series against Sri Lanka. David Warner and Callum Ferguson will

make way or uponing and Shane wtson. Peter Siddle and Brad Haddin are coming into the

squad. Xavier Doherty has been

named alongside Nathan Hauritz.

There's been a new favourite Last year's winner Shocking has for

punters pick. overtaken So You Think as the

punters pick. It comes amidst lingering doubt about the

4-year-old champion's ability

to run the distance. So You

Think was missing from today's

breakfast with the stars at Flemington. It's the second week in a row that week in a row that Cummings'

horse than promote adds tz headline act before being

withdrawn from the breakfast gallop. Instead, So You gallop. Instead, So You Think shunned the pot shunned the pot Spotlight, raining under the cover of darkness, well before the traditional event. you give horse s the

opportunity and judge it on the

day. Like the horses come first. He's probably have worked earlier and have worked earlier and dodged the hullabaloo and for a horse

like So You Think you can get a little excited it is probably

the right thing to do. Soccer

sensation David Beckham says he hasn't given up hopes hasn't given up hopes of

playing for England again. The former England captain says he is recovering well from his

Achilles - Achilles injury and plans to play

with LA Galaxy in 2011: I to play for

play for my country. Everyone

knows how passionate I am about

playing for my council country over the years. I would over the years. I would love to continues to play. Whether I do

or not that is down to the

manager and obviously down to

myself to perform. Former track star Marion Jones hopes her fall from grace will serve as a

warning for others. She was

embroiled broiled in a steroid scandal in the years scandal in the years following her five-medal performance at

the Sydney prison for lying to authorities

about her drug use. I knew

that I was going to have to

kind of make the wrong right and the best way to do

to share my story, share my experience and hopefully be experience and hopefully be a

good teaching tool. Jones has today released a book about her ordeal. Australia's Samantha

Stosur has joined the elite of

women's tennis at the season

ending WTA championships.

Stosur's first match will be

again the woman who beat her again the woman who beat her in the Francesca Schiavone. The weather is hard, the conditions

are tough and all that and you're playing the best players

in the world so it doesn't in the world so it doesn't get harder than that. That match is scheduled for 5am local scheduled for 5am local teem time in the east. I will time in the east. I will be cheering for her in my sleep. The popularity of TV chefs

has led to a rise in the use of natural produce in cook b but that can create problems. In Britain, there's been a Britain, there's been a big

increase in mushroom foraging

which is threatening ecology of some Woodlands. In Epping

forest it's been the perfect autumn for autumn for mushrooms. Warm,

moist weather has seen fungi of

all descriptions bursting

forth. Touching them is

strictly for strictly for for#3widen. Even so illegal plushroom picking has hit

has hit an all-time high. The

pound in the weight that the

fungi of people would pick is

20 or 30 pounds in money. So

that is quite a big mark yum

for something that is

effectively stealing from the

forest. It may seem harmless in you walking in the

forest to pick a few mush rooms

provided you knee which are

poitionons Annous and which are

safe to eat. Some people are pick ing mush rooms in commercialn't

commercialn't quas. commercialn't quas. It's concerned that will damage concerned that will damage the

has beeny at the. But mush room

picking has its defender. Car yes inh h - Caroline is an ecologist and she teachers

people how to forage for people how to forage for wild food. There is restaurant trade. They are

saying there are some things

you can pick forever and there

won't be any impact. So it's about foraging sustainably and sensibly. Among walkering in

Epping forest there's support

for the ban on mush room

picking. People are abusing mushroom picking and mushroom picking and they're

deploeting the deploeting the forest. People

who pick mushrooms for ohome

use is fine. The once that want to collect hounce hundreds of thousands

thousands for sale is not right. It's becoming increasingly our natural has beeny at the as a source of food. But that fashion could place an unbearable strain on some of

our most delicate ecosystems.

A reminder now of our top

stories - a number of Chinese workers are in

workers are in hospital after being exposed to a dangerous

chem scal they claim is being

used in the production of

used in the production of Apple computers. Embassy officials

are trying to make contact with

at least 8 Australians who were

off the coast of Sumatra, when an earthquake

morning. There are now reports

that 10 villages on a row moat island island chain in Indonesia have

been swept away by a tsunami,

triggered by that undersea earthquake. earthquake. Afghan President

Hamid Karzai has adpoliticed to

receiving bags of cash from

receiving bags of cash from

Iran. Mr Karzai says nothing

has been hidden and that the

money was a form of aid from a

friendly country. Four people

have been injured as tornadoes

tore through parts of the United States. One driver tlmed

from the cabin of his from the cabin of his truck.

And to keep up to date on all the stories

the stories we're following,

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That is the for this That is the for this Tuesday evening. I will be back in evening. I will be back in a few moments with the latest

news. I am Scott Bevan. Thanks

for your company.

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French Open in the French Open This Program is Captioned Live. Tonight - the search for a group of Australians missing

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Chewing the fat - why Chewing the fat - why childhood obesity campaigns

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going, gone, an going, gone, an Australian

record for the most expensive

piece of furniture sold at auction. Sold, ladies and

gentlemen at $500,000. Live across Australia this is ABC News 24. Good evening, I'm Scott Bevan. Rescuers searching for a group of Australians missing after an

earthquake off the island of

Sumatra. The quake with Sumatra. The quake with a