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(generated from captions) Who will jump first? The

big four under pressure as big four under pressure as the

public waits for the bank to

cut interest rates. I believe that banks should pass this rate

rate cut through in full.

Unprecedented suicide

attacks on a Shia holy day attacks on a Shia holy day in

Afghanistan and Iraq. Police

investigate an apparent murder in a West Australian investigate an apparent triple

seaside community. And

Melbourne Victory pay Melbourne Victory pay the

penalty against David Beckham's

LA Galaxy. Good morning. You're watching ABC News. The interest

rate stand-off is continuing

this morning as borrowers wait

to see which, if any, of the

big banks will pass on

yesterday's official rate cut

in full. The board lowered the

official cash rate by 25 basis

points to 4.25%. If passed points to 4.25%. If passed on in full, the decision will borrowers about $50 a month on in full, the decision will save

a $300,000 mortgage. What I

would say is that I understand that many families and that many families and small businesses will be very angry

if there is not a full

pass-through of this rate cut

by the banks in the system. So

I've spent a lot of putting in place I've spent a lot of time

competition into our putting in place more

competition into our banking system over the past 12 months

than we've seen in years. If

people are unhappy with their financial institution they have the capacity to walk down the

road. For more, Melissa Clarke

joins us now from Canberra. Good morning. The Treasurer

bashing there? He's getting doing a bit of pre-emptive bank

bashing there? He's getting in

first and also trying to

deflect any frustration that

might come. There's been some

criticism from the coalition that the government is

responsible for high interest

rates because of that the government has been rates because of the amount

spending over previous years

and its fiscal position. Wayne

Swan is making it very clear

that the government is trying

to bring the budget back to surplus as quickly as surplus as quickly as possible

to help the Reserve Bank lower the official cash rate and the official cash rate and is

now heapth pressure on the big

four banks to make sure that

cut is passed on in full. But it's not looking good for that

to happen, because at the last

time, a month ago, when

interest rates were dropped by

a quarter of 1%, two of the big

banks came out straightaway announced they'd be passing it banks came out straightaway and

on. Now we're rolling on and

it's nearly 24 hours since and

we're yet to have an announcement from any of the big four banks about what if any or if at all they are

passing on that cut. The

Federal Government clearly Federal Government

doing what it can to try pressure them in the public doing what it can to try to

sphere. There is clearly a

political dividend for any government moving into a new

year to have one, possibly two

interest rate cuts passed on to consumers. It might give a late

boost to retailers in the

run-up to Christmas if people

they have a bit more cash in their pocket but particularly for the Federal

for the Federal Government

which is trying to more so now

than ever before economic credentials and the than ever before sell its

fact it's still working so hard

to get this surplus back by

next financial year, precisely

so it can help with cost of

living pressures and interest

rates in particular, so for the

Federal Government, they have a particular interest themselves

in seeing this rate cut passed

through. Now, the government

is also working hard to solve

the asylum seeker issue. Events

government over the last 48 hours mean the

government will have to work a

whole lot harder? It's even worse than they could've predicted. The imgraiths warned in predicted. The department of

a High Court decision that imgraiths warned in the wake of

very difficult without meant offshore processing was

legislative change that it

could see as many as 600 asylum could see as many as

seekers a month arrive on the

shores. Last month it was 900.

This month, we're already now

at around 500, thanks to two

boat arrivals in the last two

days, one of which had around

160 people on board. Some of

them very large boats indeed.

The government is calling on

the coalition to rethink their the coalition to

opposition to the amendments

that the government wanted to

make so that they could get the

Malaysia solution back up and

running. Probably not going to

have much hope there. In the meantime the government is

working closely with regional neighbours and yesterday Brendan O'Connor the Home

Affairs Minister gave three

boats to Indonesian police

help them monitor people boats to Indonesian police to

smuggling and Brendan O'Connor

watts trying to drum home the

regional work that the

spoke to the media government is doing when he

with governments within the yesterday. We will be working

region and their respective

agencies about reinforcing agencies about reinforcing our

focus on those focus on those organisers and facilitators of the criminal

syndicates who derive the most

profits. Finally - the newly installed speaker Peter Slipper has been talking about some of

the factors that encouraged him

to jump slip from the coalition

and become speaker? There is a

Peter very interesting interview with

Peter Slipper in some of the

Fairfax Newspapers today. This

are some remarks from him, some

that don't surprise us that is,

he felt he was being bullied by

the Liberal National Party. We

also made the remarks that wouldn't move to the also made the remarks that he

wouldn't move to the speaker's

role if he thought it would guarantee the government would

run full term, which is an

interesting statement. In and

of itself his move to the speaker role doesn't guarantee the government will run but it

makes it all the more likely

a full term because they have that the government will reach

that extra vote up their

sleeves which means one crossbencher alone can't pull the plug on this minority Labor

Government. There's certainly

some interesting insights into the mind of Peter Slipper. It

will be interesting to see how the coalition reacts to his

words. Indeed. Police words. Indeed. Police are investigating a triple murder

in Western Australia. Graham

Powell joins us now from the

ABC's Perth newsroom. What do

we know about this case so far? Its Police are no closer

to finding out exactly to finding out exactly what happened at port Denison. As we

know, the bodies of a 46-year-old woman, Heather Glen

denning and her two - two of

her three daughters, Jess 10

and Jane 12 were found on

Monday night. Police spent the

entire day trying to piece

together exactly what together exactly what happened. I can tell thaw veteran police officers who've been inside the

crime scene say it's horrific. They're trying to determine if

it's a murder, foul play or whether it's a murder-suicide.

They still don't know. Forensic

officers and detectives worked throughout the night. Post-mortem examinations will

be conducted on all three

bodies in the next couple of

days. That should give police a

clearer indication of how they

died. Do police have anyone at the moment helping them with their inquiries? They're

speaking to a couple of people

but we're not sure whether they're just helping police or

whether they are suspects. But as I say, police are trying to

determine if this is a murder

or murder-suicide. We do or murder-suicide. We do know that the mother was involved that the mother was involved in a property dispute with her

estranged husband. He has

rushed to Perth to be with his surviving daughter surviving daughter Grace, 13, who lives in Perth with her grandparents. grandparents. She's posted a

very moving tribute on her

Facebook page overnight to her

two sisters, to her little

sister Jess, 10, she wrote you're my age swrel you're

always with me, and to

12-year-old Jane, she wrote, goodbye my little sister,

you're forever in my you're forever in my heart. This must be having a

devastating impact on what I

would imagine to be a pretty

tightknit small community there

? Exactly right. There's 3,000

people in port Denison, a crayfishing town, 360

kilometres north of Perth.

There's a high school there of

the both girls attended the

school. We understand they've

been living in the house for

about 12 months A very shy but

happy go lucky family. The

whole town is in shock and just

about the en tear state is --

the entire state is shocked by

this crime. Everyone is waiting happened. Thank you very much to find out what

for the update. Heading

overseas now. At least 58 people have been killed in twin

bomb blasts in Afghanistan more

than 100 others were injured.

The biggest attack was at

Shia Muslim shrine in the

capital. The sue spied bomber struck as hundreds of

worshippers gathered at a Shia

Muslim shrine in Kabul. It was

the deadliest attack in the

capital for three years. The

blast triggered panic, shock

and grief. This woman was left

son who was killed in the clutching the shoe of her only

attack. Most of the victims were Shia Muslims who were

marking the holy day marking the holy day of Ashura.

into the crowd before The bomber managed to blend

detonating his explosives. The

ceremony was about to finish. A new group arrived and the

suicide bombers placed

As a result of the themselves among the new group.

bombing, unfortunately, some As a result of the suicide

our Muslim mourners have been bombing, unfortunately, some of

killed. Shias were also targeted in the northern city

of Mazar-e-Sharif. The Afghan President condemned the violence. Which is the first

time that on such an time that on such an important religious day in Afghanistan tourism of that horrible nature is --

terrorism of that horrible

nature is taking place. We all

wish the best for those who are

injured and quick recovery, and

patience to the families of those who've lost their dear

fears of increasing ones. The bombings have raised

fears of increasing sectarian

tension and unrest between

Sunnis and Shi'ites in

incident has happened only Afghanistan. This latest

incident has happened only a day after an international

conference in the German city

of Bon to discover the future

of Afghanistan. It's shown yet

to get into the heart of the again that insurgents are able

capital and carry out a

devastating attack. It's left

many people here very angry frustrated with the security many people here very angry and

forces and the government. A

holy day on the Shia Muslim

calendar has been disrupted by bloodshed. Iraq was also rocked

by a series of blasts with at

least 30 people killed there.

outskirts of the city of The bomb went off on the

outskirts of the city of HilaA

car bomb killed 16 people and

wounded the least 45. Another

11 people were killed in two

attacks in the capital Baghdad.

An Australian businessman has

been sentenced to 13 years in a

Chinese jail. Matthew Ng was

found guilty on four embezzlement, corruption, found guilty on four charges of

bribery and falsifying records.

It relates to a dispute between

his successful on-line travel

agency and a corporation owned

by the gang somehow municipal government. And police in the

Philippines say an Australian

south may have been shot in the man abducted in that country's

leg by his kidnappers. Sydney expat Warren Rodwell was taken

from his home by a group of

bloodstained clothing armed men on Monday. Police say

bloodstained clothing was found at his home as well as a bullet casing. The Australian

Government has set up a task

force to organise a response. The ABC has obtained documents

revealing the lengths being

taken to keep work at the

Fukushima nuclear plant secret.

Despite this one former worker Despite this one

at the plant has told the ABC that workers have been given substandard protective gear

also ripped off by contractors. after melt douns and they were

They've been lion nized as nuclear samurai for their

bravery in the face of an

unseen enemy. But many of unseen enemy. But many of the workers struggling to bring the

Fukushima nuclear plant under control say they're being

exposed and exploited. This man

who asked that we keep his

identity secret worked at the

facility for years and was

there helping to stabilise the

plant in the dangerous days

after the meltdowns. I wasn't

told how much radiation I'd told how much radiation I'd be exposed to or how high the

radiation was. They just gave

me an anorak to wear and sent

me to work. Just me to work. Just 40 kilometres from here, some 3,000 workers

are labouring to bring the

Fukushima nuclear plant to a

state of cold shutdown. It's

dirty and it's dangerous dirty and it's dangerous work.

And there are claims that some

of these workers are not being

paid what they deserve to

be. Many workers are ripped off by subcontractors. Some are

paid as little as $80 a day. This Iwaki City Councillor has

collected dozens of safety breaches at Fukushima collected dozens of files on

and the exploitation of plant

workers. The operator of

enough safety gear to go around Fukushima admitted there wasn't

in the early days of the

disaster. Add for what Tepco's subcontractors pay their workers at the nuclear plant

... We don't know what kind of

wages they're particular conditions wages they're paid or the

working under. It's not only particular conditions they're

radio act tiff leaks Tepco

fears. But also media leaks.

The ABC has obtained this company contract which not only company contract which not

gags Fukushima workers from talking to the media, but also

from discussing their work anyone. It's a document Tepco from discussing their work with

spokesman says he knows nothing

about. Inside the toxic boundaries of the nuclear plant, it seems outside scrutiny is about as welcome as

the radioactive fallout.

The top stories this morning

- the big four banks are yet to

announce whether this will --

they will pass on the Reserve

Bank's interest rate cut in

full. The Reserve Bank board

lowereded the official cash rate by 25 basis rate by 25 basis points yesterday. Iraq and yesterday. Iraq and Afghanistan

have been rocked by a series of

blasts. The attacks took place

on the holy day of Ashura. And detectives and forensic

officers remain at the scene of

an apparent triple murder an apparent triple murder in

the investigations into the Western Australia. Police say

death of the 46-year-old

Heather Glen ds denning and her

several days if not weeks. two daughters could take

It's been a busy It's been a busy few days

protection forces with two more for Australia's border

boats carrying more than 200

asylum seekers intersummited

off the coast. One of the boats was carrying 167 people near

Christmas Island. In Melbourne

meanwhile the ABC has been

afforded a rare glimpse inside

the immigration detention

centre at Maribyrnong. This is centre at Maribyrnong. This

the first stop for new arrivals

at the Maribyrnong detention

centre. Here they're

photographed fingerprinted and

given a health check. During

our vis ate German man carrying a suitcase is brought in. He has overstayed his visa and is accused of fraudulently

claiming $50 now in Centrelink

payments. This is a typical

case for the centre which case for the centre which deals mainly with illegal mainly with illegal workers,

criminals await ing deportation

and to a lesser degree asylum seekers who've been seekers who've been transferred here here from Christmas Island. It's kurs and stateless

Kuwaiti Bedouins. At the Kuwaiti Bedouins. At the moment

there are 87 deees in here. Numbers fluctuate but usually

the centre operates at capacity

which is 100 people. Security

cameras are everywhere except

the bedrooms. English classes

are held in year and are held in year and each detainee gets an hour of computer time a day. Their

emails and phone calls aren't

monitored. Since it opened

there's been one suicide at the centre back in 2000 but there

are ongoing concerns regarding

asylum seekers. There have been around a dozen self-harm

attempts of one sort or another here at the Maribyrnong

immigration detention centre

through the year. Those through the year. Those have

been roughly in the last six or

seven months This is the first

time the ABC has been time the ABC has been allowed

inside to film. The visit came

with heavy restrictions. Detainees' faces weren't

allowed to be shown and allowed to be shown and hur footage had to be approved footage had to be approved by the Immigration Department. Sonar images have been taker

4 miles under the surface of

the ocean. They show huge

volcanoes being slowly dragged

one by one into a great chasm

on the seabed. Volcanoes erupting in the Pacific Ocean.

This was Tonga two years ago. One of the most volatile

regions on earth. Nearby a

tsunami sweeps ashore on Samoa,

result of an earthquake, also two years ago. The seabed

beneath the Pacific is often

violent, and we don't know much

about it. A British research

team went to investigate last

summer using the latest sonar

technology they built up an

unprecedented pick turts of the

seabed and the huge forces at work. The research was in work. The research was in part

of the so-called Pacific ring

of fire, the fault lines and

volcanoes circling the ocean.

It focused to the north It focused to the north of New Zealand. Here are those

volcanoes near Tonga and volcanoes near Tonga and here's

Samoa, where that tsunami

struck. All highly active struck. All highly active with the Pacific tectonic plate

moving wards. The researchers

wanted to know what happened

when this long line of underwater underwater volcanoes approachs

that fault line. Each is

several miles ahead and ahead

is one of the deepest chasms on

the planet. For the first time

they've captured how these huge

mountains are destroyed as they

fall into the abyss. The chasm

is nearly 7 miles deep. Mount

Everest would easily fit

inside. The researchers inside. The researchers from

the universities of Oxford and

Durham say the next volcano doesn't stand a chance. Its

ultimate fate is to be carried

down into that trench you can

see here. And carried see here. And carried deep down

into the earth. It can't into the earth. It can't avoid

that? It cannot avoid it. Once

that one has gone, there's

another one in the line. And it

will be next. A close-up

images of the volcano that's

right on the edge about to be

destroyed. Remember this is a mountain several mountains

high. This is the next sea

moufth. You can see the way

it's getting sliced up, these

parallel fractures going in, cutting up this cutting up this immense mountain as though it were mountain as though it were a loaf of bread. This matters

anywhere that tsunamis anywhere that tsunamis could

strike. The great wave that hit Japan last March was the result

of an underwater earthquake. The more they're understood The more they're understood the better the chance better the chance of early

warning for the next one. US Treasury Secretary Geithner Treasury Secretary Geithner git

is urging European leaders to implement economic reforms hat

this week's EU summit. In a

sign of just how bad the situation is in Europe, the ratings agz Standard and Poor's

has said it's now reviewing almost

almost every Eurozone country's

credit rating. Mr Geithner said change will take change will take time both in

the United States and on the continent. I am very continent. I am very encouraged

by the developments in Europe

of the past few of the past few weeks. Including the reform

commitments made by the new

governments of Italy, Spain and

Greece and the new steps about progress towards a fiscal compact for the Eurozone. This

of course will take time. It

will take a very substantial

commitment and a sustained

commitment of political will.

Let's see what the markets have Let's see what the markets

been up to.

Paul Kennedy joins us with

the sport. Also holding ground were LA galaxy and the sport. Also holding the

Melbourne Victory? The was 2-2 then they went to penalty shoot-outs. Let's take a look.

Let's go to the European

Champions League. Chelsea is

through to the last 16 with through to the last 16 with a win over Valencia 3-0. Here is a look at the goals.

The Australian cricket team

will hilt the nets today to

prepare for test No. 2 prepare for test No. 2 against New Zealand. Some of the

younger players are looking younger players are looking to cement their spots. pat-in son go did it at the cement their spots. James

Gabba and Mitchell Starc

playing his first Test in that

match is hoping to take some

ticket wickets in Tasmania to

nail down that spot and be the

point of difference as a point of difference as a left

arm bowler in the Australian

cricket team. Especially in cricket team. Especially in the

first over, a lot of nerves.

Once I got over that, a bit

more relaxed. Having Siddle there to talk Jimmy and more relaxed. Having Pete

I through, even Ricky I through, even Ricky Ponting and Michael Clarke. It's a and Michael Clarke. It's a bit

of a learning process for us

young blokes coming to Test cricket. But a great experience. Obviously guy also

come back from injury at some

point. I will prepare to play

every game. If I don't get

picked I don't get picked. But

if I am picked I'm ready to

play. The left arm option is obviously there. We have plenty

of talented right arm bowlers

as well. I just have to do the

best that I can and hopefully

put the performances on the

board to stay out there. Michael, just updating people

on that interview with Shane

Bannon the general manager of

Green Edge Cycling. The update

is that they've got a new women's team that they've announced

announced this morning.

great for women's cycling in

this country. Also let slip

that trying to win the yellow jersey at the Tour de France is

a five-year project. Let's look

at 2017 for an all-Australian

team to win the Tour de

France. Better maths than I have! They debut next year. They got their yesterday. They're not They got their licence yesterday. They're not a certainty to get - they've got

to qualify essentially for to qualify essentially for the Tour de France starting line-up? The French official also name the teams but there

is virtually no doubt that that

Australian team will get the

nod, such is their quality and

their ability to get a team of

30 riders with such 30 riders with such quality.

We'll see how they go in the next few months. Thank you. Paul. Vanessa O'Hanlon joins us with the weather now. Good morning. Thanks, Michael.

Firstly off in Queensland. It's

been a very chilly start to summer especially summer especially over inland areas. Some areas have been

around 15 degrees below the average. The picture

looking at is from Deanne

Mackay in Longreach. The main

reason behind the cold weather

is the rain and cloud. Which

today has moved more east and

will affect the Maranoa and Warrego districts. As the trough shifts across the

southern interior, another

trough is expected to form near

the Capricornia coast and could

possibly develop into a weak

low. We have this trough coming down from the north all the way through Western Australia T caused heavy rain in the south

west yesterday afternoon. The

low is moving towards low is moving towards the

eastern goldfields. The trough

of low pressure and associated

low will develop near the South Australian Australian border tomorrow morning. It will affect the south-east and up towards the

south-east of Queensland over

the weekend A look around the States for today:

Thank you very much. That's

it from us. Stay tuned for

of the day's top stories from ABC News 24, including just which bank, if any, which bank, if any, will pass

on in full that Reserve Bank official interest rate cut of

25 basis points yesterday. Wait 25 basis points yesterday.

and learn. That's it from me. 'ABC News Breakfast' back from

6am tomorrow. Have a terrific day.

Good morning. Welcome to

viewers on ABC1 and ABC News 2 4 it's been a day of unprecedented violence in

Afghanistan. For the first time,

the targets, leaving at least

58 people dead and hundreds

injured. The victims were Shia

Muslims who were commemorating their holiest day. There two attacks, a massive explosion in the explosion in the capital Kabul and another in the northern

city of Mazar-e-Sharif. The and another in the northern

Pakistani base ed extremist Pakistani base ed

group says it launched the attacks, the group's first in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan. This story contains images

might find disturbing. Afghan