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(generated from captions) Today - the Gold Coast rocked by a multishooting at a shopping centre this afternoon. This Program is Captioned

Live. The unstoppable Black Caviar

rewrites the record books

again, making it 20 wins in again, making it 20 wins in a row. The Government's nightmare continues as the Peter Slipper

saga keeps dragging on. The

embattled spooker rejects fresh

claims he handed over CabCharge blank CabCharge dockets. And the police claim their

crackdown on bikie violence is

working. Good afternoon. You're watching ABC nouf. I'm

Simon Palan. First a look at tomorrow's weather.

First up, to this afternoon's unfolding story afternoon's unfolding story and

police are hunting for a gunman

after a man and woman were shot

inside a bhizy Gold shopping centre this afternoon. inside a bhizy Gold Coast

Terrified shoppers at the row

Bena town centre called police

at 2 o'clock. A 45-year-old woman

woman was shot in the woman was shot in the pelvis

while a 40-year-old man was hit

in the arm. Both have been taken to the Gold Coast

hospital in a stable condition.

The gunman has been describe ed as pafbling islander in appearance with a full appearance with a full neck tattoo. ABC report er Tom

Forbes was on the screen and

has the details. A picture has the details. A picture is

emerging here. Just before 4

o'clock a man and woman were inside the shopping centre

behind me. A man of Pacific

islander appearance, six foot

tall with 25s too has walked up

to them and shot them once. The woman received one gun wound to her woman received one gun shot

wound to her pelvis. The man

was shot in the right bi-Sepp.

They were taken to the Gold

Coast hospital and listed as in

a stable condition. We doe d'oh

know the man and the woman knew

each other. This is the busiest

shopping centre on the Gold

Coast, it's a wet day Days Coast, it's a wet day Days well

so there were houses of people inside. Witnesses we spoke to

said they heard three gun said they heard three gun shots

were 2 o'clock. That caused

pandemonium and chaos, lie tong

floor of the shopping centre. And as Tom said there

he has spoken to witnesses

abthis incident. Let's hear

what one of them had to say. I was stand tathd front counter

of the chemist going through

some make-up items and heard a

really loud bang. About really loud bang. About 2

second s after they heard

another loud bang. Then I heard

people screaming and looked up and there were people and there were people getting

pushed everybody where and I

just went with the flow and out

to the back of the chemist. And

it was just crazy. Absolute crazy. People were screaming

everywhere, running everywhere.

Kids screaming. People were Kids screaming. People

just in panic. And we were out the back for about 10 minutes

then we came back out the front

and still didn't know for sure

what it was. And if you were at what it was. And if you were

the row Bena town shopping sent

ore have any information, you

can contact the ABC at ABC News

24. Or on Twitter. Sydney

Police have declared their first night of a crackdown first night of a crackdown on

bikies in the city's popular

night spot of King Kings Cross

a success. The new laws prevent

members of bikie gangs from

wearing club patches inside

pubs and claub clubs. The

Nomads and Hells Angels gangs

say the crackdown is not

justified. The Police

Commissioner says they're so

far happy with the outom. Fst

an year that has seen

proliferation of bikies moving

into the area for many, many

years. But of course what has

happened now is the intimidation and the intimidation and the threats

that members of the public that members of the public feel

moving around the Cross and

heading towards the end of a

good night out being spoiled good night out being spoiled by

numbers of bikies parading around in their colours,

wearing their in dig ni a so as to live give this impression

it's their turf. It is not

their turf. I it's the public's

turf in NSW and people if they

choose to go to the Cross

should go there believing they

can enjoy the last few hours on

a safe Friday, Saturday a safe Friday, Saturday night

and go home having enjoyed a

night out, free of the

intimidation and the threats of

these glies. The early the -

guys. The early indication is

that it seems to be such that

and the police are very confident

and satisfied with it. I

suspect many licensed premise s

will be happy with it too

because at the end of the day

it is going to give them the

backup of the police to make

sure these clowns are not in

Cross spoiling people's nights

an intimidating members of public as well as parading an intimidating members of the

themselves as if they are

Police Minister there. The untouchable. That is the NSW

Police Minister there. The man accused of murdering Melbourne woman Elisabeth Membrey 17

if Victorian Supreme Court. Ms years ago has been acquitted by

Membrey disappeared after leaving a hotel in leaving a hotel in December 194. The 22-year-old's body has nerve been found. 45-year-old

Bond bond was arrested in 2009

but he vigorously denied the charges. The jury deliberated

for seven days before handing down the not guilty verdict.

parents said they were shocked Outside the court, Ms Membrey's

by the decision. I suppose in

some respects the battle is not over. We're not give ing up.

Something will happen. This is

a big hurdle. But this is a

big hurdle and we are shocked,

we don't quite know what to say. Stunned. Speaking outside

the court one of Mr Bond's

lawyer s said the jury had made

the right decision. Bond bond

has always maintained that he's

had nothing whatsoever to disappearance and death of had nothing whatsoever to the

Elisabeth Membrey. The verdict

today confirms that position. I

would like to - Shane would

like to thank the jury for their careful deliberations. And the

Government is continuing to

House of Representatives Peter defend embattled Speaker of the

Slipper amid new claims that he

misused his travel

entitlements. On Thursday, Mr

Slipper released CabCharge

receipts which he says are proof of his innocence. That is

a claim backed by a claim backed by lead flers

the government but the move has

backfired because the docket

ace peer to be in number order from

from the same CabCharge book. This morning Workplace

Relations Minister blortd has

refused to be drawn refused to be drawn on speculation of whether Mr

Slipper will return to the Speaker's chair when Speaker's chair when Parliament resumes next month. There's criminal allegations and there's allegations of there's allegations of sexual harassment. There's processes

under way. No-one has under way. No-one has any

tolerance for sexual harass

ment but it does have to be en.

There will be plenty more that

Slipper has said Slipper has said that he will

say. The Prime say. The Prime Minister's

indicated there is a indicated there is a process

under way . And, again, as the Government does we are

supporting our Prime Minister. But

Minister. But Opposition

frontbencher Eric Abetz says it

it's looking it's looking increasingly unlikely Peter Slipper are resume his position is

position. It is very difficult

to foresee a circumstance where

he could return but let's wait

and see what all the investigations return up. investigations return up. But

it does seem to me that there

has just been so much swirling

around the Speaker that it

would be very difficult for him to fully recover from to fully recover from that which has already been disclosed. disclosed. Meantime, the Tasmanian Independent Andrew

Wilke says he will give the

Federal Government about

Federal Government about 14

days to agree to his poker

machine he re- forms if he

reclaims the balance of power in parliament. Mr Wilke

withdrew his support for the

Government when it dropped his request for poker machine machine. Fraud and sexual harassment allegations against

Mr Slipper have reduced the numbers in Parliament making Mr

Wilke's vote nor crucial. Now

Mr Wilke he says she is not

sure what action he will take

if he returns to a balance if he returns to a balance of power position. Who will say

how I will seek to glet the better poker machine better poker machine reform. If

I get the opportunity to I get the opportunity to push for stronger poker machine

reform I will not give the

Government 18 months again,

they will get 14 days or

something like. That they will

have a deadline, a very short deadline, take it or leave it.

Achieve it or not. Andrew

Wilke. And voting is well under way across Queensland way across Queensland where

more than 1,500 people are

standing in at the local government elections. The

former Queensland Premier Anna

Bligh has thrown her support

behind Labor candidate tracky

trad in South Brisbane. Criz

O'Brien has more. The residents of

of the South Brisbane

electorate have two bits of

democracy to do. They have to

vote in the city vote in the city council election and they also election and they also have to

vote in a State bir election

because just over a month ago,

Anna Bligh, the Labor Premier quit the morning after Labor's

devastating State election

loss. So immediately a by-election was necessary. We

haven't heard from Anna Bligh

for all of that time. She's

been keep ing to herself and to her family. Today she's emerged

to help the Labor candidate

scrak ji Tradd. An opportunity

to hear from Anna Bligh for the

first time in a month. She said

she was very happy to be

helping Jackie Tra dwrkz in the South Brisbane bies election

but she wouldn't be drawn in any comments on the LNP

Government when she was asking

how the Government as doing.

She said I am off the stage and

won't be offering a won't be offering a running

commentary. During the poll

she said she would stick to the

seat no what matter what

happened. She changed her happened. She changed her mind

when the loss was so bad she

says that was still the right

decision. She was asked about

any Federal political

intentions. No way, she says,

she's had her dash in politics

and coming out today to help in

the by-election is about the

extent of it. Campbell Newman,

the man who took over as

Premier of Queensland was here campaigning for his canneddate

in the South in the South Brisbane

by-election. Polls seem to

indicate that Labor will hang on. The LNP did take 10 points

offer Anna Bligh in the actual

general election. But they need

another 5% swing on top of that

today and there is a feeling

that just won't happen. We will

find out at 6 find out at 6 o'clock

tonight. Here is the other

tonight. Here is the other big story - Black Caviar has

completed a record 20th

consecutive winner with victory

in at Morphettville. The

champion mare was given a

perfect ride by jockey perfect ride by jockey Luke

Nolan and was eased close to the line for a 4-length win.

Emma Rebellato is trackside and

joins me now. Can this mare ever

ever be stopped? Certainly the 30,000 people here 30,000 people here at

Morphettville are hoping she

cannot. Be she will race here

in two weeks time and no in two weeks time and no doubt

there will be another sell-out

crowd to witness another historic event, historic event, fingers crossed. The trainer Peter

Moody and Black Caviar's

connections are hoping she

connections are hoping she can continue her unbeaten run.

Modern day world records were

set today - 20 wins from 20 starts, also the longer

consecutive unbeaten run by a

mare . So Black Caviar quite an

extraordinary and the crowd was

on their feet from the moment

the race began. The roar was

def deafening. Lots of people said it was the best races they

ed that ever seen and some say

it was the best event of their

lifetime being here. No doubt

lots of people were backing

Black Caviar but those who did

win on their bets aren't likely

to receive too much if the way

of winnings? No that is right.

The odds were only $1.04. Not read graetd but so many people

just had a punt on Black Caviar

so they could get the bookies ticket. For this race, ticket. For this race, the

bookies specially got approval

for a collectors edition ticket. So many of the people

that put money on Black Caviar

did not want to see did not want to see their

winnings, they simply wanted to keep hold of that special

collectors edition collectors edition ticket >>ft.. And have we had any

reaction from train oers owners

at this stage? We have. Before the race we spoke to one of the

owners who was absolutely

nervous. He said he gets nervous

nervous before every race. Of course extremely nervous course extremely nervous this time around with 30,000 time around with 30,000 people riding this horse to hopefully

see another win and historic win. After the race, there were

tears, hugs, kisses. They were

all very relieved, very excited

and they can't wait to see what

happens next with Black Caviar.

As I said, she will race here

in two weeks time in the

Goodwill race, another 1,200m

race and from there to the UK

ug for Royal Ascot to see if

she can match it with the best

and earn her crown as many

people are touting her as people are touting her as the

world's best mare. This is a

historic win, the 20th con

vectsive win. Give us some con

text around that? Exact ly

right. The 20th consecutive

win, so she started out three

years ago racing. She has not

been beaten. Many people were

saying leading into this race

sle was a good five lengths let

bet ever than her nervous rival

and we saw in the race that she

didn't need to go very hard

towards the end because she ran easily over the line.

Let's go to some international news. An international news. An exploeks

in the centre of the Syrian

capital Damascus has killed at

least 10 people and wounded 20 others. According to reports

from Syrian State media, a terrorist suicide bomber caused the blast but opposition

activists are blaming the Syrian Governmentor the attack. Civilians and security force

members were among the

casualties in the

casualties in the explosion near a mosque. And near a mosque. And the incident comes after the incident comes after the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon warned the Syrian Government it

was in contravention of a UN

and Arab-league backed peace

plan. Mr Moon has asked Syria

to comply to the plan. I to comply to the plan. I am

gravely a alarmed that, despite repeated commitments to repeated commitments to end

violence, the killings continue without relent. Shelling and explosions in residential area

s go on. Even military observers report of heavy

weapons in population areas. This is in clear

contravention to what the

Syrian Government has already agreed. The continued repression of the civilian

population is a totally unacceptable . It must stop

immediately. The Government of

Syria must live up to its promises to the world. Ban

Ki-moon there. A major security

alert has closed down part of

central London, after a man

walked into an office walked into an office allegedly threatening to blow himself threatening to blow himself up.

It's claimed he had aTAB tacked

gas canisters to his body.

Armed police sealed off roads,

evacuated buildings and closed

Tube stations for several hours

until the man was finally arrested. It comes just three months before London play months before London play s host to the Olympics. Central London London in broad day light,

armed police rush towards a

reported hostage situation.

From the 5th floor of this

building, computers an

building, computers an office equipment thrown on to the

street below. It started street below. It started at

lunchtime when a man entered

the offices of a company that

offers courses for would-be HTV

lorry drivers. An employ there

said he was a previous client

with grievances and appeared to have explosives strapped to

him. He just turned up strapped

up in gasoline cylinders, big

gas all basically he threatened

to blow up the office. to blow up the office. He did

Said he doesn't care about his

life or anything. He will blow up everybody. As a large part

of London's Tottenham court rod

was cordoned off, workers in

neighbour ing offices fled to

safety. When the individual had Tom come into the offices ajis

yaent to our, two men managed

to escape quickly and they came

into our office and said

everyone needs to get out very

quickly. As suddenly as it had begun it was over and the

police led a man out of the

building in handcuffs. That I say shae 49-year-old man from

the area. Some workers who had

been effectively trapped been effectively trapped in

their buildings during the siege emerged shortly afterwards to describe their experiences. Bolted the doors

and the windows, so nothing and the windows, so nothing we were all fine and together. Keeping each other

calm. So a few hours after it began this incident has been brought to a successful conclusion. But with the

Olympics now just three months away, the last thing away, the last thing the organisers will have organisers will have wanted to

see is a huge security alert in

the centre of London. Tonight, the police are still

questioning the man arrested at

the scene. Still overseas and

the United States is shipling

out almost half its troops, stationed in Okinawa, after a

striking a deal with Japan. The

US took control of the island

at the end of World War at the end of World War II. It

was returned to Japan in 1972

but the American base has

remained. They have never been

very we welcome here and now

9,000 US troop also leave the

island of ok now a, - Okinawa,

moving to Guam and other places

in the Pacific ie.s a plan both sides are happy. With I

believe it's been good. We have not only been able to maintain

a strong force we've also been

able to decrease Creece the

burden on the Okinawa burden on the Okinawa people in

the agreement. And that had

been a goal for the Japanese Government, keep their appliance with the - alliance

with the US stroke but Tokyo

needed to apiece the Japanese

who have long protested their presence on the island. There

are around 20,000 US personnel

on the island and their re sentment started

sentment started when a 12-year-old girl was kidnap and

raped in 1985. Since then there

have been other accusation of o

behaviour. There's the issue of

the air base, a the air base, a source of

pollution and noisy aircraft

traffic. Local people want the

base closed. The Americans say

they want to move it to a new

location elsewhere on Okinawa.

That issue remains unreselfed for

for now. The relocation will

cost almost 10 billion dollar

and Japan will fit a third of that - foot a third of that bill. America is wanting to

strengthen its presence in the

region. No time table region. No time table has been

given for the relocation and specific details still need to

be ironed out. But its

announcement will be perhaps welcomed most by the people of

Okinawa who say they often feel

like outsiders on their own

land. Let's go to sport now

with Daniella. It's all about

Black Caviar really. It is. And with good reason as well. Black

Caviar is proving she is not

just the greatest of her time but the greatest of all time. The champion mare claimed

her 20th straight win in

Adelaide as her perfect

preparations for Royal Ascot

continue. Here are the closing

stages. On the outside Power Princess is trying to match her

t. At the 250, Nolan's got a stranglehold on Black stranglehold on Black Caviar. She lookses a the 30,000-strong

crowd and says geez I'm crowd and says geez I'm good.

No I'm not good I'm the best

you've ever seen in the worlds.

Black Caviar, she's better than

a perfect 10. She comes on, she is 20 out of 20. Black Caviar

full lengths. AFL and Gary

Ablett is under fire for a

provocative tweet that targeted Ryan youl cri last night in

which he called him a joke and

told him to play the ball and not the man. Many not the man. Many are criticising Ablett's action

saying it is not a good look

for a club captain and not in

the spirit of the game. And 'The Sun' Suns are playing

north North Melbourne in Docklands without Ablett, who

is injured. The croob Kangaroos

are leading after quarter time. The Western Bulldog Bulldogs Western

Western Bulldogs have posted back-to-back victories beating

GWS by 42 in Canberra but not

without a scare. The jiens are

seek ing their first ever win

got off to a surprising start,

beat booting the first two goals abtaking an 11-point lead

at quarter time. at quarter time. It's

raining goals at Manuka! It was

a tighter second quart wer the

Dogs eventually hitting Dogs eventually hitting the

front and up 22 points at half-time. Both teams were

playing for the inaugural Prime

Minister's Cup. The Bulldog s

are Julia Gillard's team and

it's their second win under

their new coach. Still on AFL,

and Carlton has bounced back

from last weekend's loss to

Essendon with an 8-point win over Fremantle in last night's

match in Perth. Walker walk, Mitch Robinson and Steve

McGarry ticked two - Geoff

Garlett each kicked a

goal. To NRL, South Sydney

take on North Queensland at

Homebush tonight. Souths are set to welcome back Nathan

merit from a foot injury. Last

night the Sea Eagles won drag

bragging rites over Des Hasler

with a win over the Canterbury

Bulldogs at the Sydney Olympic

Stadium. The bran co Broncos defeated the Gold Coast tieftians at Lang

Park. Australia has won the

third and final cricket third and final cricket Test against the West Indies by 75

runs in Dominica. Set 370 to win, the West Indies were

dismissed for 294 in dismissed for 294 in their

second innings overnight. Captain Michael Clarke Captain Michael Clarke took

five for 86 and fellow spin er Nathan Lyon took

3/87. Australia won the 3-Test

series 2-0. We've played some really good cricket in patches

and I think today probably tops

off the summer. A lot of hard

work and preparation has gone

into the summer and here in the Caribbean. But full credit need

to go to the boys. They stuck

it out there in hot conditions

here in Dominica but again I will echo Darren's words - I

think the support from all think the support from all the

fans but especially the

Australian fans that continue

to turn out and watch us make s

life a lot easier for us on the

ground. And Barcelona coach gep Guardiola will leave at the end

of the season. The Giants have crashed out of the Champions

League against Chelsea in this

week's flf Guardiola's assistance will week's flf semifinal.

step in . Samantha Stosur has

been beaten in a marathon 3-set match by Maria Sharapova. Thanks. Antarctica is more than penguins and and Australians have been is more than penguins and ice

fascinated with the on the

innocent for centuries. Since

the expedition led by Doug ias Mawson. The National Mawson. The National Archives

holds equipment from that

amazing mission and now that is

on display. When mausian's -

- Mawson's expedition set out,

Antarctica was the final

fronteer. Unknown and un

explored, it was like crossing a threshold without knowing

what was on the other side. This show spans This show spans Australia's

history of exploration in taerktsa from Mawson to modern expeditions: It is

expeditions: It is 100 years of history, so it's a lot of ground to cover. The archive s

have taken objects from a wild

terrain and created a sensory

land scape for viewers: We came

up with this touch veen display

where you have the Australian

target territory spread out in

front of you and it's as though

you're travel ing towards it by boat. As well boat. As well as documents there are sound recordings,

video and pictures: The important thing about archives is generally documents. And we have an

amazing collection of documents

relating to this history and

they're on display. But people

also like to engage with things in different ways. Thanks to

to share than ever a new partnership there's more

to share than ever before. We

recently signed a records

authority with the authority with the Antarctic division. We're bringing in more and

more and more of their archival

material into their collection. But it's some of

those items from the erl yerts

scroiages that are the astounding to behold. Frank scroiages that are the most

stillwell's man hauling

harness. Is hopefully you get a

idea of what it would be like idea of what it would be

to pull one of these stack s stock

stock stacked with an stock stacked with an equipment

and we had a collection of

artefacts, some gee logical

samples, a penguin egg, things like that. Visitors samples, a penguin egg, and

can look back at those seminal

journey s to Antarctic and get

a taste of the sort of science

being carried out there

now: For, many its closest they

will get to the icy

continent. Only a small%age of

the population will ever get to

visit. And it is a place. And it's still a visit. And it is a wild

dangerous place, even with all

our modern equipment. There is

still fatalities. And the Australian Antarctic story is

still unfolding.

Let's look at the satellite

image now. A deepening trough

is generating heavy rain over

central and eastern Queensland.

A large high is directing cool,

south-westerly winds into

Victoria and Tasmania. That is

causing isolated light showers.

A the high is A the high is keeping southern

and central Australia clear while directing warm while directing warm easterly

winds into WA. Now for a look

at the weather tomorrow around the States -

I will be back with an

update of the headlines in a