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(generated from captions) This Program is Captioned Live Confidence won, but the

Greek political drama continues

as the Prime Minister looks to as the Prime Minister looks

forge a unity government. Also

police officers and five others Live today - charges laid. Two

to be tried over the assassination of Pakistan's

Benazir Bhutto. Tunnelling to

safety - 45 miners rescued

after being trapped in a coal

mine in eastern China. And a

life of courage. Australian filmmaker Sarah Watt dies of

cancer aged 53. Good morning, you're watching ABC News 24,

I'm Andrew Geoghegan. Thanks

for joining us. Let's take a for joining us. Let's

quick look at the weather quick look at the weather first around the

The Greek Prime Minister,

George Papandreou, says talks with opposition parties on

forming a Coalition Government

will begin immediately. The Mr Papandreou narrowly won a vote

to yet to say whether he intends

to lead the new government current try tries to lead the new government as

its financial crisis. The

political turmoil in Greece focused on the presidential focused on the

mansion in Athens today. The Greek Prime Minister, George Papandreou, fresh from

surviving a confidence surviving a confidence vote, went to tell the President his

intentions. Afterwards he said he would try and build a new

coalition. TRANSLATION:

These are critical moments. In

the necessary steps to build the next few days we will take

coalition. Having met with the the widest possible

President, it is clear that the Papandreou, for the time being, Prime Minister, George

has no intention of resigning,

but sees himself as decisive role in setting up a new Coalition involving the

widest possible consensus.

Even so, the expectation is

that George Papandreou will

have to stand down. Is it possible that Prime Minister

George Papandreou could lead a

new unity government? No.

happen. This is out of the

question. Nobody in Greece that knows what's going on

thinks that this can

happen. The opposition will not contemplate joining a coalition

until Mr Papandreou resigns.

They wanted me elections. A

jockeying for power that

disturbs people. It is the

worst time we're living in I

think. I'm 30 years old and I

think we're going an to the

bottom. What are we going to bottom. What are we going

do? Change for what. A new prime to

Prime Minister has the same prime to do what? Whoever

problems. Nothing

changes. While all this matters

any instability here risks

deepening the Eurozone crisis.

At the G20 this week they had

tried and failed to boost tried and failed to boost a

fund that would protect fund that would protect more

important countries like Italy.

And Italy, where there was an

opposition protest against

austerity today, has growing

economic problems and is facing

a political crisis in the week

indicted two police officers ahead. A court in Pakistan has

and five alleged militants over the 2007 and five alleged Taliban

assassination of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. The Minister Benazir Bhutto. The 7 were charged at a court Rawalpindi where Mrs Bhutto was

killed in a suicide attack after addressing a campaignal

limit one of the police

officers or one of those

officer at the time of the accused was the local police

killing. The five militant killing. The five militant are

charged with harbouring the

suicide bomber at a house in Rawalpindi while the police are accused of failing to protect Rawalpindi while the police are

accused Mrs Bhutto. A series of attacks Mrs Bhutto. A

by gunmen in Nigeria have left

injured. 60 people dead and many more

injured. Bombs exploded in injured. Bombs exploded

of Damaturu in the country's several place across the town

of the state police was also north-east. The

wave targeted. The day before, a

wave of shootings and bombings were carried wave of shootings and suicide

bombings were carried out in the city of Maiduguri. The

Islamist militant group is

believed to be responsible for

the attacks. 45 miners have been rescued after being

trapped for a day and a half in

a coal mine in eastern China. The cave in

province. Eight people are explosion at the Herez

confirmed to have been killed

in the accident. Another 21

have been rescued earlier. It

was all shown live on TV as 45 miners re-emerged on the surpass in central China's

Herez province. Some were

being helped by rescuers being helped by rescuers but

most could walk. All looked tired but very happy to be


trapped under what feeling good. They'd been

described as a rock burst, explosion caused by the sudden described as a rock burst, an

release of built up pressure. There's reports it happened

Eight miners died but it could shortly after an earthquake.

have been a lot

worse. TRANSLATION: This

accident gave as a reminder we

should always be alert to work

safety and we should also

ensure safety in the workplace. We should never relax about issue of work safety. Rescue We should never relax about the

teams reached the trapped men after digging a tunnel hundreds

of metres long. TRANSLATION:

Two people dug me out. I wondering what happened. The rescued miners are being

treated in a local hospital.

Most of them in stable

conditions. 2000 tourists have

been stranded in the Everest

region of Nepal because of the bad weather. Tourists have not

been able to supply out a small

mountain Airport because of heavy

heavy fog. Nepal's media is

reporting hotels are running

oust food and many people oust food and many people have

been forced to sleep in tents.

have been told to stay put Trekkers higher on

until the bad weather lifts. 7

people are confirmed to died following a people are confirmed to have

died following a multi-vehicle

Somerset England. Police say pile-up on M5 motorway

the death toll could reach

double figures make it one of

Britain's worst road accidents. The crash happened near the

town of Taunton triggering a

massive fireball. The cause of

the accident isn't clear but there were reports of heavy

rain and fog in the rain and fog in the area. Disbelief from motorists as

they drove past the pile-up.

More than 30 cars, vans and articulated lorries mangled and

compacted, some of them exploding on impact.

Unbelievable. Five cars back from where everything is

happening. Everything started breaking. We saw things come

to a stop. Blames 20, 40 foot

high. Lots of people high. Lots of people running,

children people crying, sitting

all over the road not really knowing knowing what to do with themselves. The

themselves. The intensity of the fires was so great

emergency crews couldn't

inside their burning vehicles.

Those coordinating the rescue said they'd never faced anything like this before. Thousands of motorists

stuck for hours had time to

reflect. It could have been us.

So, you know... In the

daylight, it was an even more

sobering sight. Jack-knifed

trucks and burnt out cars

facing in all directions, some

of them had melted to the

ground. Recovery all day trying to pull more

bodies from the wreckage. Where that

that burnt out car is we're in front of front of that car. This family's vehicle family's vehicle was among

those hit. They all managed to

escape and then tried to escape and then tried to help others. You could hear cars

boom, boom, either side of you,

pounding about 60 miles an hour into jack-knifed lorries and

other vehicles. We clambered

out of the car and the lady who

had some children screaming take

take my baby, take my baby. central reservation where a central reservation where a bit

of bumper, debris that had been

hit by the car on the other

side zoomed over my head. You just feel for the

have been bereaved last night

and all those that are and all those that are injured.

I'm just very grateful to be

here. The M5 here has been

closed all day as investigator

try to establish the cause of the crash. They will now use

motorway cameras to see if bad weather or a nearby firework

display may have contributed to

the accident. It was dark. It

was about 8.25pm. It was a particularly poor weather last

night. We had fog banks on the motorway and had wet surface

issues. The authorities say

there have been outstanding

acts of bravery, both by members of the emergency

services and members of the

public. But tonight, they're

only focusing on their sadness

here and not on her

have killed at least five

people in Homs as a violent crack down against anti-government protesters continues. Footage which can't be independently verified

appears to show

Syrian tanks and wounded

civilians. More than 3000

people have been killed since

March when mass protests began

calling for an end to the rule of President Bashar Al-Assad.

Details after alleged secret

work by Iran on nuclear weapons

have emerged from a report due

out next week by the United Nations nuclear watchdog. The International Atomic Energy Nations Agency will reveal evidence

suggesting Iran made computer

models I've noountion warhead. Iran maintains its nuclear

program is peaceful. The United States along with the UN and the European Union and the European Union have repeatedly imposed economic

sanctions on Iran to try and

halt the program. Any goodwill

created in last month's Israeli-Palestinian prisoner created in Israeli-Palestinian prisoner swap deal has quickly

evaporated. Militants in Gaza

have renewed rocket fire on

Israel. Hamas says despite honour its commitment to

release a further 550 prisoners

in return for a kidnapped

Induna Israeli soldier.

Michael Vincent reports from

Gaza. Most of Gaza's population

live in poverty. It is a far

cry from the five star

breakfast for these freed men

and their families. Released

almost three weeks ago, many of

the prisoners have been kept in

a high-class hotel by Hamas. All have been

houses. In 1986 this man was a

member of the PLO when he

stabbed an Israeli settler to


wasn't a personal issue. are a people living upped occupation and we should

resist. I spent more than resist. I

my life inside jail. He spends

his days talking to his mother

and other family who live and other family who live in the West Bank. TRANSLATION: Israel's banned me from ever

returning. It is part of my

continuing punishment. My family cannot even here. These families gather

every week at the Red Cross to lobby for their lobby for their relatives's

release. Those already freed

are treated like heroes. But not all are being given luxury treatment. This man treatment. This man belongs to Fatah, the rival to Hamas. TRANSLATION: We are

not looking for any money or

handouts. Hamas got us out of

jail. But his wife begs differ. TRANSLATION: Yes,

they freed my husband but we

since. For the families still waiting there is the fear that Israel will cancel its deal

because of the ongoing attacks

from Gaza. No matter how many

rockets are fired into

Hamas says the Israelis must

honour their agreement to

release 550 more prisoners

because the deal it struck was

with Egypt a country Hamas says

Israel must keep on side.

Michael Vincent, ABC News, Gaza.

The Australian

Sarah Watt has died at her Sarah Watt has died at her home in Melbourne after a long

battle with cancer. She was

53. Best known for her films

"Look Both Ways"and my without sex received the discovery award at the Toronto international festival and won

the AFI for best original

screenplay in 2005. Attributes

poured online to Ms Watt and an extraordinary filmmaker who

will be greatly missed. Ms

Watt is survived by Watt is survived by her husband, actor William McInnes, and her two children Clem and Stella. Overnight police have

charged three protesters from

the occupy Sydney movement. The offences include resisting arrest escaping from custody and behaving in an offensive among manner. The protesters were

among 400 people from occupy

Sydney who marched from the

city to Hyde Park yesterday.

The group that is part of the

against corporate greed,

night in declared they would spend the

early evening, police clashed night in the park. In the

with the protesters and six people arrested. A 45-year-old

man has been charged with

behaving in an offensive way in

public. A 29 year owe resist

arrest and escape custody and a

The 22-year-old will face court.

The protesters that remained in

the mark were moved on by

police just after 1.30 am. At the conclusion of the G20

summit yesterday, the Prime Minister, Julia announced that Australia summit

play host to the summit in announced that Australia will

2014. This has fierce bidding frenzy. The 2014. This has sparked a

state premiers lay claim to one of the biggest

gatherings of world leaders on

the international calendar.

There's a lot at stake. The summit could mean millions of dollars to the chosen

other city. Australia is no strange

other hosting global summit for

world leaders and royalty. Perth has only just packed up after the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting and already

the prospect of a G20 meeting

in 2014 is generating fierce

interstate rivalry. If Julia Gillard wants to impress the

world, Tony Abbott impress the world, have the G20 meeting in Sydney. We're going to do

everything we can to get here in Queensland. We everything we can to get it

here in Queensland. We have

got great places, Sunshine

Coast, Gold Coast, sitcy of

got brings win brings. Melbourne

is the ideal location. Business isn't buying into the interstate

interstate rivalry. Instead,

spruiking the economic benefits

for the entire nation. First of all, we become the focus

internationally for the

particular event, but the other

important thing is other

organisations can frame their

meetings around the G20 well. There are meetings around the G20 as

benefits. Hosting world leaders couldn't come without its

perils N 2007 there were ugly

and there scenes when Sydney hosted APEC

protests in Melbourne during and there were large scale

the World Economic Forum in

2000. For the past month, the Australian arm of Movement has been rallying Australian arm of the Occupy

against governments and corporate greed. Things like

Organisation and these things the G20 or the World Trade

they're really part of systemic problems we they're really part of the

see. Whether or not protesters

try to disrupt the G20 when it

rolls around isn't a concern for business. These but at the end of the day these

are issues which have been well

handled by the various and relevant authorities. The

Prime Minister will state and territory leaders to Prime Minister will consult

decide who will have the G20

honour in 2014. It has been a tough year for Queensland's tough

tourism industry but the best operators have been acknowledged

acknowledged for their

resilience at the annual awards

last night. Terri Irwin from

honour for the most outstanding the Australia Zoo took the top

She took a swipe at the mining contribution by an individual.

industry, saying for every

person employed in that sector

six are working in tourism.

She vowed to continue her late

husband's legacy. Steve husband's legacy. Steve did

such an amazing job of bringing crikey to the world and that's

something that I'm determined

to carry on. There were 28

other winners from the best festival to the best winery. Time for sport with

Tulsen Tollett. The would think so, but aren't a bad team. They have a would think so, but England

couple of decent players.

Australia has bite 10 England

36-20 at Wembley station their Four-Nations clash. The

Australians want in six tries

to take the win and qualify for

the final. Earlier New Zealand trounced Wales. The match

didn't is it start well for the

Kangaroos with Billy Slater leaving the field with a broken

collarbone after an attempted

shoulder charge on Ryan Hall. Tony over to end had the Australians

Darius Boyd saw them on their a 12-8 lead at the break before

way to a win. Lockyer, Darius

it comes to Darius Boyd. it comes to Darius Boyd. He'll

score will he? While in the

early match a double to Sika

Manu and Gerard Beale world champions over the Welsh. Manu and Gerard Beale eased the

Nine man Melbourne Victory

outfit has held Brisbane to a draw at Docklands. odds the Victory hung on for share of the points. There odds the Victory hung on for a

was an explosive start to the game with victory game with victory keeper off in the opening minute.

Unbelievable. A minute played. Victory

Victory down to 10 already. Brisbane Roar have a

penalty. Endangered had to take

the the Victory shrugged off

hits nightmare start and the

scored ever illusive Archie Thompson

scored thee equalise4r. One,

one. Thompson scores. The 10 men draw level. Thompson then

incredibly put Melbourne Smith coming across the

covering finish. Thompson

going this way and that.

Melbourne Victory lead 2-1. Tomas Broich got The

level with a bullet free-kick. The Victory was then reduced The Victory was then reduced to

nine men all before halftime. He was caught late there.

That's going to be another

card. It's a red. I

Victory are down to nine. He's got that one wrong. The Roar peppered the hosts in the

sektsdz half but Lauren Thomas sektsdz half but Lauren

made the most made the most of his unexpected

call up. Although the draw did

extend Brisbane's unbeaten

stretch to 33 games. Jeremy

Brock key fired for The Jets against

against Perth. He goes and

scores. He's in red hot

form. He had two goals within minute in the first paragraph form. He had two goals within a

which was enough for the Brock key an even better goal this time. Amanda Shalala, ABC News. Overseas now and Manchester United has celebrated manager Sir Alex

Ferguson's 25th year in charge

with victory at home to

Sunderland. Ironically a

former player in Wes Brown

scored an own-goal to

Sunderland to hand Sunderland to hand the Red Devils all three points. There

were wins for Arsenal were wins for Arsenal and

Chelsea. The Newcastle kept up

their form winning home their form winning home to

Everton. Aston Villa won but

Swansea held Liverpool to scoreless draw at Anfield. At

Old Trafford it was a party

atmosphere after sir Alex had the North Stand named after him

and a statue of the Scotsman has been commissioned to

stand-out side the ground.

Steve Bruce was Sunderland

manager and it wouldn't have

been a pretty sight when this happened. Manchester United have the lead. The match remained that way as the

manager celebrated his manager celebrated his 1,410th

match in charge at the

club. Feels like my age. The

wrapped up their World Cup meet

in Singapore last night. in Singapore last night. Ben

Worsley was there. A funny thing happened at the pool last night. night. Ian Thorpe didn't swill

so the focus to turn to everyone else. The Australian

team as a whole did very well.

They won 7 gold last They won 7 gold last night taking their total for taking their total for this

meet to 12. Five months meet

from the Olympic trials and the

Australian coach seems pretty

content. I think for us

everything ramps up when it comes to the Olympics and people take it much more

seriously and odd things happen

in the Olympic year and people

come from all over the place.

Young people, older people obviously coming back, and you'll always expect the

unexpected at our trials. One of the for advice to of the for advice to emerge

from this event is a from this event is a brother and sister combination, David

and Emma McKeon. David within

two gold in the 1500 and 400

metres freestyle. Emma won

gold in the 100 metres free.

Their father, a former Olympic swimmer, is their

proud one at that. Oh, very

proud father. I wouldn't even

know, I can't separate the

coach father. I'm coach father. I'm just father.

I'm very proud and my wife's proud. It is what proud. It is what parents

do. Libby Trickett has had a

solid hit out as she continues

on her own come back journey.

She finished fifth in two finals

finals last night. She says

she's exhausted, but very

happy. I think overall I am really

really happy with how I've gone

here. At times it has been

incredibly frustrating just feeling like I can go faster

but knowing that the body at

the moment is just so fatigued

it is not really capable

it is not really capable of it at this point. That is an element of frustration that I

have to learn to deal with. Now it's off to Beijing. Ian

Thorpe included. Next week is

the second of this three meet

World Cup series. To motor

sport and Casey Stoner qualified fastest had head of tonight's Valencia Mo'tassim GF

in Spain. scrapped up the world championship secured his 12th pole of the season. Casey Stoner as he

Stoner as he has been in most Stoner as he

of the races on top of the pile. He qualified pile. He qualified nor and a second fastest than Dani Pedrosa while American's Ben

Spies will start from third. The paddock plans to pay

tribute to the Italian rider Marco Simoncelli before the race after his death race after his death a fortnight ago at the Malaysian Grand Prix. Basketball now and the Perth Wildcats have

defeated Wollongong Hawks in

the NBL. The Wildcats trailed at halftime break but came home

strongly. Kevin Lisch stopped scored

scored with 17 points for the Western Australians with points

shared right across the word. Western In the In the WNBL lrp wins for Dandenong, Sydney and Dandenong, Sydney and Adelaide.

A third consecutive lay day has been called

been called in San Francisco.

That means that Kelly Slater

will have to wait at least

another day to secure an 11th world

world surfing site tell. That's assuming

assuming he wins of course. I

think he'll get through a round

I think. Fair enough. Thanks Tulsen Tollett. A central Victoria has been

celebrated a new addition. Residents

Residents and around Daylesford

are in possession of Australia's first Australia's first community

owned wind farm. will inspire own country towns

to pick up the idea. The

to pick up the idea. The winds

of change have come to of change have come to country Victoria and thousands of

people are catching the people are catching the drift. We thought that's a great idea to generate renewable

energy so he put our money in

it. It is a great idea for the communities to have their

own energy source that own energy source that they can

my way of making a contribution. Small contribution. Small as it is. Since 2005, nearly 2000

people have signed up to invest

in Hepburn Wind raising nearly

$10 million. Now these two turbines near Daylesford in

central Victoria generate 2.6

megawatts of electricity. Our

two turbines on this hill each year will generate about as

much power as the houses use.

Two turbines for a town of 2000 Two turbines for a town of 2000 homes. The idea is week another community contacts

us wanting to build a similar project. We're up to project. We're up to 55 communities around the

country. What this project has

demonstrated there's a valuable

business plan for community

groups to do these sort of

community wind farms on a community wind farms on a small scale all around Australia in

regional and rural areas and it will actually generate income, generate jobs for those generate jobs for those rural communities. The community says

the most important thing they're generating is

The weather satellite picture

shows extensive cloud is pushing

pushing into eastern with a low-pressure with a low-pressure trough generating showers generating showers and thunderstorms. Cloud thunderstorms. Cloud over

southern WA is also associated with a trough. Looking around the states:

For more details on the stories

stories we're following today and

and to send us your comments

and pictures, you can log on to

our website. The address is It is a precarious place to be about two

two metres up and pedalling in a peleton as fast as you can,

but that's just the way it is

for these old school racers. They're in the Tasmanian town of Evandale for the national

penny far thing bikes pushing these bikes to the limits. There's no other limits. There's no other place you could see 50, 70 sometimes penny farth

penny farth things being raced

at full speed around a course

like this. The Victorian era cycles are attracting a younger

generation. generation. We had a lot of

gipers this year and they

dressed up beautifully. We had

a beautiful set of ladies lots

of new ladies who will of new ladies who will practice next year and be a next year and be a lot faster by next year. Planning is

already under way for the event's 30th anniversary which

is next year. I'll have an

update on the headlines in a

moment. Stay with us for The World This Week. I'm Andrew moment.

Geoghegan. You're watching ABC News 24. Closed Captions by Geoghegan.

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Live The top

Live News 24. Greece's Prime

Minister George Papandreou says talks request opposition parties on forming a Coalition immediately. Mr Papandreou

narrowly won a vote of confidence yesterday but the country's main Opposition

Leader has called for a snap

election saying he'll not

support a court in Pakistan has indicted

two police officers and five

alleged Taliban militants alleged Taliban militants over the 2007 assassination of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. Bhutto. The 7 were charged at

a court in Rawalpindi where Mrs Bhutto was killed in a suicide attack after addressing a

campaign rally. 45 miners campaign rally. 45 miners have been rescued after being

a coal mine in eastern China.

The cave in came after an

explosion at the mine. Eight people have