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Live. Marathon man goes the

distance but Labor says he's

not in the race. So far he

doesn't have a health policy.

Refugee status reject as asylum

seekers reach the mainland.

Bracing for more noise, the

east-west runway cleared for

take-off. I never guessed we'd

have a highway in the sky. And

Morris magic as the Bulldogs

maul the Roosters.Good evening,

Jeremy Fernandez with ABC News.

He started before dawn and

he'll go into the night but the

Federal Opposition leader's on

track to complete a gruelling

challenge he set himself. Tony

Abbott is heading to the end of

a 226km iron man triathlon.

While he was doing it his

political opponents and friends

worked themselves into a lather

as well, arguing whether Mr

Abbot's physical feats are a

good or bad thing for a would-be Prime Minister. Who

said Tony Abbott's all-day

exertions had nothing to do

with his day job? Come on,

Tony! As implausible as it may

seem, his 226km triathlon has

reinforced in him the need for

moderation. Take it easy at

all stages. I think if you go

out too hard there's the danger

of blowing up. that was the

pre-race plan anyway but a 3km

swim, 180 km ed by ride and a

42km marathon to run make

blowing up a real and constant

danger. What hurts now?

Knees, calves and thighs. The

triathlon has taken the body

politic into territory and

attire it's struggling to come

to grips with. The Government's

torn between passive support.

I wish him all the best in his

race. And active sneering alt

the effort Mr Abbot has forgone

in his choice to spend more

than 12 hours this way. It's a

fair question to say does that

amount of time actually have an

impact on the lack of policy

development that we're seeing

from the Opposition. This is

just because the Labor Party

has no answer to Tony Abbott's

physical fitness. The Prime

Minister's answer is policy

engagement. He flew to outback

Broken Hill to sell his health

and hospitals funding takeover

with a $2 million package for

local medical training. I

would appeal to Mr Abbot to get

on board for the delivery of

better health good hospital

services here. Away from

health, Mr Abbot's water

spokesman Barnaby Joyce is

making waves. He remains less

than convinced about the need

for a Federal takeover of the

Murray-Darling Basin even

though Mr Abbot has backed it.

If we come to an agreement we

don't need a referendum but if

we can't then I suppose that

prospect is there. Water policy

stirs Treasury secretary Ken

Henry. In a speech on sustain

ability he's taken a swipe

involved in over-allocation in

the basin. Water management on

this driest inhabited continent

on earth has been a disgrace.

Government has admitted Frank and fearless. The Rudd

over-crowding on Christmas

Island is one of the reasons a

group of asylum seekers has

Government says the men have been sent to Sydney. But the

been rejected as refugees and it's normal practice to bring

them to the mainland to catch

international flights home. A

group of slOekers finally

Mickatise to the Australian

mainland but it's not the

welcome they hoped for. Quon

men have been transferred from

Christmas Island to the - 89

men have been transferred from

Christmas Island to the Villawood detention centre in

Sydney but it's only a transit

stop. I'm happy to concede part

of the prerss on Christmas

Island was part of the thinking

behind to bring them in a group

to Villawood. But the Minister

says the key reason is the men

have been found not to be

refugees and are now in

Australia to catch

international flights home.

Now we have the absurd

situation with the Government

scrambling to make room on

Christmas Island, transferring

people the too the mainland

whose claims have been

rejected. Chris Evans admits

Christmas Island is close to

capacity but says as the men

have been rejected as refugees

they aneed to be in a more

secure location before being

deported. You can imagine if

you have a group of 89 men when

know they're going to be sent

home and they're unhappy with

the decision you've gut a

management issue and the best

way to manage that is to bring

them in one group to Villawood. The Government says

the situation in Sri Lanka for

Tamils is improving so their

bid for asylum was

unsuccessful. Jo-I couldn't a

system which is fair and

balanced, one which treats

legitimate asylum seekers

fairly and sends others back

home. That's what we're doing.

The Opposition says 30 boats

have arrived this year,

Christmas Island can't cope and

the Government has been forced

to rely on onshore processing. This ifdicates a further

weakening of the government's

border protection policies.

Even the UN says Australia is

giving the green light to

people smugglers. Chris Evans

says an extra 400 beds will

become available on Christmas

Island in the next couple of

weeks and they'll need them,

the Minister expects more boats

to arrive in coming months. Three more Australian soldiers have been wounded in

Afghanistan. They were hurt in

roadside bombings while

patrolling in Oruzgan province.

None of the injuries are

considered serious. Two Afghan

soldiers were also wounded. 18 Australian soldiers have been

injured so far this year in

Afghanistan. The homicide squad

is investigating the suspicious

death of a woman at her Mudgee

home. Police say Michelle

Morrissey's body was found last

night. Detectives have sealed

off the house but they're not

saying how the 19-year-old died. Investigators have been talking to her boyfriend and

family to determine her last

movements. Thousands of Sydney

residents' hopes for a reprieve

from aircraft noise could be in doubt. The Federal Government

says the opening of the

east-west runway later this

week will spread the pain more

equally but there are concerns

new technology will see noise

levels soar over some suburbs.

It's the deafening roar that

thousands of Sydneysiders live

with. Aircraft noise is now a

problem for residents as far

south as Sutherland. I've

planned many, many years ago to

live here in a quiet area. I

never guessed we'd have a

highway in the sky. Part of the

problem has been due to the

closure of the east' west

runway for a safety upgrade. 18

months and $100 million later

it's set to reopen this week.

Basically we get back to

situation of equitable sharing

of noise in accordance with

long-term operating targets as

it was 18 months ago e. Good

news for Sydney's inner west

and south-west but not everyone

is convinced. My theory is they're using the construction

project as an excuse to

introduce new flight paths

around Sydney Airport. New

navigation technology keeping

aircraft on narrow flight path

could end up having a bigger

impact. The Federal Government

maintains the technology will

make the skies safer because

the flight paths of aircraft

will be more precise but there

are concerns the result will be

noise concentrated over fewer

suburbs. For anyone on a

flight path that's currently

spread, it will concentrate it

right to the centre of that

flight path and people will get

really hammered on that line.

The Government insists the new

technology will mean a fairer

deal for residents who've been

bearing the brunt of aircraft

noise and it won't be

introduced until there's been

proper consulalitation. A

reasonable result for Sydney

but a plea for Melbourne to

lift its game. They're just a

couple of the outcomes from

last night's Earth Hour

campaign. Some of Australia's

best-known landmarks led the

way in the global project.

Duzens of Australian cities and

towns back part, switching off

the lines in a symbolic gesture

to save energy and reduce

carbon pollution. We're

turning off the lights in order

to turn on the lights in our

mind about what we can do to

create a better planet, a

planet where we have less

footprint. Earth Hour's now in

its fourth year and 125

countries took part. It was the

second time China's been

involved with with authorities

this year allowing the lights

to go out at the Forbidden

City. The Parthenon in Greece

and the pyramids and sphinx in

Egypt were some of the other

famous sites to be cloaked in

darkness. It State Government

has again been accused of

favouring developers over local communities. It's used controversial planning powers

to pass a huge residentialal

development in Sydney's

north-west. Angry residents say

the project is too big and will

put thousands more cars on the

roads. Determined to be heard,

these residents are taking to

the streets again. Their 5-year

the streets again. Their 5-year

battle's nearly at an end. They

say they're not against

development, this one's just

too big. We also want all

traffic on to Victoria Road so

our local roads that are

already 300% over RCA

guidelines don't become

worse. The local Opposition MP

even threatened to chain

himself to the gates unless

that changes. Ain't gonna be

one pouring of concrete, one

brick laid while I'm alive. This is what the fight

is over. A proposal for 800

units up to six storeys high as

well as community parklands and

facilities. The council voted

the plan down twice. The

infrastructure we have doesn't

support high density as those

areas, Putney area and all

surrounding streets can't

handle those cars. Four years

ago the Government used its

part 3A planning powers to

side-step the local council and

approve the concept. The local

health service that owns the

site will benefit from the deal

with a boost to services.

There's varextensive community

consultation as part of the

whole approval process and as a

consequence of that there are significant changes to the

approval made. In a statement,

the developer says it intends

to go ahead with the concept

that been approved but it's

also agreed to meet with

concerned residents later this

week.There have been angry

scenes over the sinking of one

of South Korea's warships near

the disputed border with the

north. Relatives of crew

members scuffled with troops at

a naval base as they tried to

confront officials. Some of

them attacked the captain's car

as he was leaving.46 sailors

are missing from the disaster

and there's little hope of

finding survivors. The ship

sank after an explosion but

officials have virtually ruled

out any involvement by North

Korea. In a bid to defuse

tensions, Thailand's Prime

Minister has agreed to meet the

leaders of Bangkok's anti-Government protests. 8

people were hurt in a series of

explosions in the capital. Two

television stations were among

the targets, one run by the

army and the other by the

Government. It's are believed

grenades were used in both

attacks. The violence broke out

after tens of thousands of

anti-Government protesters

confronted the military in

Bangkok.Supporters of the ousted Prime Minister Thaksin

Shinawatra are demanding fresh

elections and have been

protesting for more than two

weeks. They celebrated as

troops withdrew from positions

near the demonstrators' main

base to avoid the risk of

clashes. As the wars in Iraq

and Afghanistan continue, the

ranks of the wounded in the US

military are steadily growing.

There are nearly 40,000 of them

so far, among them is a group

of army veterans who each week

leave behind their

rehabilitation routine and

focus on ice hockey to help

them heal. Here's north America correspondent Kim Landers.

They're called Wounded

Warriors, soldiers home from

war in Iraq and Afghanistan now

battling horrific injuries. My

humvee hit a roadside bomb

which caused me to eject out of

the vehicle and I had an

amputation through the knee on

the left side. IED hit my

truck, destroyed it, blew it up

in the air. Now they've

discovered the healing power of

hockey in an ice rink in

suburban Maryland. Everyone's

been through the same thing.

There are two teams, those who

can skate and those with a

different view of the ice, from

sleds. Mark Little lost both

legs when his convoy in Iraq

was hit by an IED. My brain

knows what it's supposed to

look like and feel like but my

legs aren't doing it the same

way so it's arrelearning

process. Almost 37,000 US

troops have been injured in Iraq and Afghanistan but here

on the ice just for a moment

some of them have a chance to

forget. Drew Hill started the

USA Warrers program. He broke

his back and neck when his

helicopter came under fire in

Afghanistan. When I'm on the

ice I can skate and I feel no

pain. It's mental as well as physical therapy. They know

they're here on their own free

time. They're allowed to do

whatever they want and they

just mote a bunch of friends

and play together and get

strong together through

everyone's injury. Everybody

in the army's competitive so

even though we're all broken

and beaten up it still gets

rough. For these soldiers,

getting out on the ice is a

risk worth taking.

The Roosters and the Brisbane

Broncos have been subjected to

scoring phrennies by their

round 3 opponents in the NRL.

Overnight the Sea Eagles leapt

on to the winners' list and the

Titans were solid at home to

the Raiders. The Warriors won

over Brisbane. Bulldogs fans might have been anticipating a

change in their team's fOrch

wns the return of Michael Ennis

but even the most optimistic

supporter would have struggled

to script such a one-sided

encounter with the Roosters.

The Dogs all but pulled off the

Roosters' hopes of a win with

six straight tries. The 34 scoreline included a hat-trick

by Josh Morris. The Roosters

crossed twice to close to

within 16 but the Bulldogs

hadn't finished. Morris made it

four. And coming off the

bench, Ben Barber scored three

tries as the blue and whites

amassed 60 points. A rampaging

former bronch, Ben Tate, in

warriors' colours gave the Lang

Park faithful a taste of what

was to come. The young bronco

stayed with New Zealand on the scoreboard until after halftime

but the Warriors were rampant

in the closing stages. James

Maloney joined Gene Gnamu and

his coach Ivan Cleary with the

most point by an individual in

an NRL match.It was only 8-0 at

half time when Queensland

played Canberra. The Raiders

plummeted to their 8th

successive away defeat. After a

slow start the Sea Eagles

overran the Knights for their

first win this season. It is

one try apiece here in

Gosford. Steve Matai scored two

of Manly's six tries. It was a

24-point margin. It is on for

the Eagles. The only two clubs

yet to record a win this

season, the Sharks and the

Rabbitohs, will meet to

complete round three.The

Waratahses have consolidated

their place in the Super 14 top

four with a thrilling win over

the Blues. The Western force is

still winless this season. The

Waratahs trailed late in their

game until Lachlan Turner ran

9m to score the winning try. - ran 90m to score the winning

try. The Waratahs were out to continue their winning streak

and Dean Mumm gave the home

side a perfect start. What a

try, what a start. Daniel

Halangahu followed up minutes

later. Try! But the Blues hit

back, crashing through the

Waratahs' defence. They're

back. The Waratahs foined to

attack the visitors' line and

after 10 phases of play they

got through. Halangahu! He's

got a double. The Blues added

another two tries to close the

gap to just two points at the

break. The Waratahs were dealt

a blow early in the second half

with captain Phil Waugh forced

off with a leg injury and the

Blues capitalised to take the

lead. The Blues hit the

front. NSW levels the scores

midway through the half. Try.

The home side trailed by three

in the final 10 minutes until

Lachlan Turner changed the

momentum. Turner. He's got to

run it around and put it down

between the sticks so a

run-away try for the Waratahs..

It was a fine line between

winning and losing. Huge effort from the guys tonight to hang

in there. On the other side of

the country the Western Force

couldn't turn its luck around.

Fly half James O'Connor kicked

five penalty goals in the match

and at one point the home side

had a 5-point lead. O'Connor

is on 15 as are the Force.

Bulls scored three tries to nil

to continue their unbeaten run

this season.The Sydney Swans'

AFL season has started with a

nirro loss to last year's

runner-up St Kilda. Today Port

Adelaide and Collingwood opened

with wins. Last night Lions

recruit Brendan Fevola kicked

three goals in his team's

victory over West Coast and the

Saints squeezed home against

the Swans who were left to rue

some inaccurate kicking. It was

a torrid evening at the politic

stadium. The Swans took an

early hit but it was St Kilda

reeling after the Swans scored

the first 15 point and then the

Saints hit back to gain

control. Things got feisty in

the second quart but the

Saints' accuracy was proving

the difference. The Saints

have nine straight. Sydney cut

the margin to less than a goal,

however, missed chances left

the Swans frustrated in the

final term. Tadgh Kennelly was

given a welcome back present

from Zac Dawson late in the

game but the home side knew its

wayward kicking cost it the

chance of a major upset. The

Saints crept home by eight

points. All eyes were on one

man as Brisbane and West Coast opened their seasons at the

Gabba. The visitors were

quickly out of the blocks,

kicking the first two majors.

The umpire hit the deck early.

Brisbane's big men followed.

Brendan Fevola had to wait

until the second quarter to get

his first goal as the stakes

were mounting as well. The

Eagles were gaining in

confidence and they opened a

15-point lead but it was the

Lions who turned it around in

the final term as Jonathan

Brown made his presence felt.

His forward partner was more

unconventional but still got

the job done bie. The time

Brown kicked his fifth the

Lions had it in the bag.

Brisbane were comfort 32-point

winners.The second Test between

New Zealand and Australia in

Hamilton is evenly poised after

day two. A whirlwind snchry

from Ross Taylor helped the

Black Caps take a narrow first

innings lead. At stumps

Australia was back in front by

two runs. Nicknamed 'Skippy',

Matthew Sinclair was hopping

early on day two before a lack

of footwork against Mitchell

Johnson brought him undone.

And that's the ball that just

swings back in. Ross Taylor had

his first reprieve on 7 and

combined with BJ Watling for an

combined with BJ Watling for an 84-run partnership. Wattling

went for 46 and Taylor should

have followed had him to the

pavilion on 52. The New Zealand

vice president captain refused

to go into his shell. This is

Test cricket not one-day

cricket. A plea for soft hands

from Martin Guptill went

unheeded. Taylor tested his

luck again on 92, this time

Shane Watson had butter

fingers. The blistering century

came off only 81 balls. Yierts

the fastest Test match century

by a New Zealander. Watson

lifted in the field, turning a

Taylor six into a single.

Stepped inside, Watson. Hasn't

up stepped down yet. Thrown it

back in. Wow. Watson couldn't

save three other sixes from the save three other sixes from the

same Nathan Hauritz over which

went for 25, equalling the

record for the most expensive over by an Australian in

Tests. Absolute gift with that

field set, that's six

more. Taylor's terrific ton

ended on 138 when Australia's

referral was backed up by hot

spot. Yes, there you go. When

duck specialist Chris Martin

departed, New Zealand had a departed, New Zealand had a

lead of 33. Watson took it upon

himself to erase the deficit.

Australia led by two when it

got too dark, bringing a

premature end to day two.The

reigning world champion Jenson

Button has made it two Australian Grand Prix in a row after dominating an incident-packed race in

Melbourne today. The English

driver had a dream run after

being almost taken out in the

first corner. Not so lucky was

Australia's Mark Webber who

finished 9th. Australia's Mark Webber started second on the

grid, dropped back to third

after an incident-packed first

turn. The wet track claimed

some early casualties. Michael

Schumacher had to replace a

nose cone but that was nothing

compared to Kamui Koboyashi and

Nico Hulkenberg who had to

replace their entire cars. replace their entire cars.

That's very nasty. The rain

eased and the wet weather tyres

had to be swapped to slicks.

Mark Webber stayed on the track

and momentarily led the race.

Seconds later Lewis Hamilton

almost ended Webber's race.

Mark Webber's off. But it

wasn't terminal. Webber was

able to continue while his Red

Bull partner Sebastian Vettel

stayed out in front. Until stayed out in front. Until this. Leader Sebastian Vettel

is off. The German had found

water on the track, leaving the

reigning world champion Jenson

Button in the lead. There was

more drama to follow in the

closing laps, Mark Webber was

sixth when he took out Lewis

Hamilton on lap 56. Webber's

race was done, he was

eventually awarded ninth. The

checkered flag was out for the

world champion. Jenson Button

makes it another Australian

Grand Prix victory. Robert

Kubica was second, Fernando

Alonso third. Australia has

retained first place at the

world track cycling

championships after adding a

sixth gold medal to its haul.

Cameron Meyer and Leigh Howard

combined for victory in the

madison event, finishing clear

of the French and Belgian teams. Howard

teams. Howard and Meyer

displayed superior teamwork and

tactics in the 200km event

where teams accumulate point by

contesting a series of sprints.

In the women's omnium,

Josephine Tomic had to withdraw

after crashing in the second of

the 5 races. Australians with

ilfeature in four events on the

final night of the

championships. Australian surfing young surfing young gun Stuart

Kennedy has won the Cold Water

Classic on Tasmania's west

coast. The 20-year-old from NSW defeated Brazilian Wigolly

Dantas in the final today. He

scored 18 points out of a

maximum 20 to win the biggest

event of his career so far. I

just got real confident on that

nine and then just told myself

to just surf and let it take

its role. The win secures

Kennedy a wild card entry into

next week's world tour event at

Bells Beach. Deflation has

turned to elation for a group

of determined water skiers on

Tasmania's west coast. After

seven failed attempts, the

group has finally broken a

long-standing world record. After anothering night of

reflection, the skiers rose to reflection, the skiers rose to

perfect glassy conditions this

morning. There's no excuses

this morning. I reckon the

weather's with us so we've got

to get it done. Equipment

failure, human error and

weather had denied previous

efforts to tow 100 skiers for

the required nautical mile.

There were a few early spills

and then the line took shape. and then the line took shape. 124 skiers started and most

were still hanging on when the

moment of triumph arrived. They

broke the record with

interest. 114! We've done it!

It's ours! Woo hoo! I feel so

proud to be Tasmanian. Previous

failures only heightened the

sense of achievement. I had

tears running out of my eyes.

That was mazing. It's a record

that's stood for more than 20

years, it took eight attempts

but they've finally broken it.

The question now is just how

long will it stand? Yeah!

It's wonderful. On shore there

were congratulations and

continued celebrations.. It's

all paid of and look what we've done. Broke a world done. Broke a world record.

Hey. The record needs to be

officially ratified but

organisers are confident the

champagne's not being popped

prematurely.It's time for a

look at the weather now.

Sydney's top temperature today

was 26 dros.

Thick cloud is over the

tropics near Cyclone Paul which

is causing some heavy rain and

storms with damaging winds.

Masses of cloud in the south is

also causing widespread rain

and a few storms. A trough will

drive the moisture over much of

NSW in the coming days. Onshore

winds will keep things wet along the

along the coast later in the

week.Tomorrow's rainfall chart

shows showers extending under

heavy cloud in the north and


A remind of tonight's top stories - the Opposition Leader

Tony Abbott's still on the road

in a gruelling iron man event

but the Government says he's

short on policy action. The

Federal Government admits

overcrowding was a factor in

moving 89 failed asylum seekers

to Sydney from Christmas Island

and that's the news for and that's the news for now.

I'll be back with an update in

about an hour and for the

latest news 24 hours a day

don't forget ABC radio and ABC

news online. For now,

goodnight. Imp Closed Captions by CSI Closed Captions by CSI