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(generated from captions) to SA, more frequent in NSW thanks to the tail end of a weak cold front. That's the news for now on a day when about the said it had received guarantees

about the treatment of asylum seekers sen to Malaysia and

baby boomers were dissed by

Generation X and Generation and other baby boomers in the

workplace. Mrs There is

continuous news on ABC News 24

and news online and my and news online and my next

bulletin on ABC 1 is 7:00 bulletin on ABC 1 is 7:00 this evening. I'm Ros Childs. Have a great afternoon. Closed Captions by CSI Off

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Live. Today - it's a numbers game, Malcolm Turnbull and five

the party other liberal MPs rep handed by

the party for missing a party

vote. Was the whip's letter a little harsh. It's not accurate

but I won't go any further than


Also on ABC News 24, what's

really happening behind the walls? The human right's

immigration detention commission damning report on

centre. We found it a very grim and

and prison-like place. Shocking

rush hour violence, a 16-year-old stabbed to death in a Sydney railway station in a Sydney

front of commuters. A skinty lating start to the State of

Origin series, a bit of Queensland magic overcomes Queensland magic overcomes a gritty Blues performance. We

were disappointed with were disappointed with parts

of. They were courageous. The

there and guys had to keep on hanging in guys had to keep on hanging

courage there and showed tremendous

courage in the back end of the

game. You are watching ABC News game. You

24.Taking a quick look at the weather first in the capital

cities today:

The share market is making strong gains midway through the

session after rising commodity prices put the locally prices put the locally listed

miners and energy Listers

miners and energy Listers in

favour. The former Opposition

leader, Malcolm Turnbull, has

beened a Monday niched by his

own party for missing a

parliamentary vote . Mr

Turnbull and four of his

colleagues were about sense for the vote in Tuesday night and the Coalition

subsequently lost. The party's

whip has sent a strongly-worded letter

the missing letter to all MPs criticising

the missing members. I am a

you very committed team player and,

you know, I don't think anyone