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(generated from captions) that? Is it Andrea Petkovic? It is. It is at the end It is. It is at the end of our Maria Sharapova overlay. We might have a look at

pictures now. We might have a look at the

Sharapova was beaten by Andrea

Petkovic yesterday. Here they

are on

well. You can see her hitting her winners there. down in was a break point she was under pressure still

firing. In the end, check

out. This is Andrea Petkovic. She is just from Germany and she does love

a win. She has a win. She has plenty of character. We have coming up for you here. She seems to have her before scene. I hadn't heard much of

summer and she seems to have

... there we go. I love it. Maria Sharapova in the chair come to the fore this summer. I crying. She seems to have

r I

doctor or a PhD student, I not sure if she has achieve ed doctor or a PhD student, I am

her qualification yet. It her qualification yet. It was

a choice between an academic career career or being a tennis player. If she felt player. If she felt she could make the top 10, she would sue

the career. She character and an intelligent she has found form in the last

12 months and this summer has been you. Let's get an update on you. Let's get an update on the

weather with Paul higins. Good morning to you. Much of Australia is waking to clear

skies today but cloud ahead of

a cold front is monsoon trough and sitting over the west. monsoon trough and a weak low

Monsoonal rain across Cape York today and showers Monsoonal rain across northern

A few showers on the east coast storms in the southern tropins.

otherwise fine and dry in

Brisbane. Brisbane. In Sydney, a

possible afternoon shower and cloudy in Canberra. Mostly scattered showers on Rain for Tasmania, patchy falls in the south and east. A cool morning showers for agricultural areas of is going to be a hot day inland but milder near the Adelaide you can expect early shower. over southern WA tending

over southern WA tending to early shower. A few

rain in the west. Showers and thunderstorms to the north

especially this afternoon.

Over the Territory we Over the Territory we are

expecting showers and storms. Monsoonal Tomorrow -

Top stories today - Lara Giddings is expected to Giddings is expected to be endorsed as Tasmania's first female Premier. The Labor Party is expected to elect

Giddings at a meeting which is under way in Hobart. It David Bartlett shock under way in Hobart. It follows yesterday he will resign to spend more time as family. Bryan Green Bryan Green is expected to regain his role. Evacuations Victoria today as are

Victoria today as floodwaters

Emergency creep closer to Swan Hill.

Emergency flood warnings have been issued in Murrabit, Pental

Island and Tyntynder Flats.

At Swan Hill, the Murray yrf River is expected to peak at

4.8m this week but authorities

say levees should prevent major say levees should prevent major flooding. The death toll from Queensland expects to be rise

with more human remains found. The NSW Opposition Leader Barry

O'Farrell has been grilled

about his energy plans at an

sale of State upper House inquiry into the

sale of State electricity

assets. Mr O'Farrell spoke for

15 minutes in his address. He described the 15 minutes in his opening

sale sale last month as a stin

kilogram, steaming mess but he

refused to outline whether refused to outline whether he

supported a more comprehensive sale. A massive inland sea is

making its way across

north-west Victoria swallowing

up farms in its path.

Residents in small communities Many people have been told to evacuate.

Many people are likely to be

isolated for days. Swan Hill

has been preparing has been preparing to the has been preparing to

floods. It is not expected to peak for days there. For peak for days there. For the

latest I am joined by Kevin Monks from the your concerns for Murrabit this

morning and explain for us where it is. If

towards Swan Hill, down the the Loddon River

halfway between Swan Hill and Kerang. These floodwaters have

Loddon and the Avoca Rivers

heading towards Swan Hill. Murray Murrabit is over towards the Murrabit is Murray in that area, so the floodwaters are going through Murray in

there. Murrabit there. Virtually between Hill, which is closer towards Swan areas and again

Swan Hill later on in the areas and again peaking towards week. What is your particular Swan Hill later on in the

advice to residents advice to residents between week. What

morning? We have been giving evacuation messages out to

those communities and

to be alert. These messages

have been going out to those communities and some just

have been going out communities for the last week

or so, so people floodwater floodwaters floodwaters floodwater floodwaters -

have been asking them to be

prepared. We have been advice messages for people to prepared. We have been given

clear to local the advice is you should your home or just be prepared?

types of messages. One is

get ready and the other one is

to leave now. Similar to the bushfire warnings, there may be

a fire in your area. The next one is 'Leave now'. one is 'Leave now'. These flood warnings, we have done the area preparing people for this and these messages are that are going to be directly going directly to

affected by floodwaters. there a fair few locals who are comfortable staying, they have put in their own and they are staying? People have been

preparing for quite a while now so some people have with that? properly prepared. As we Not all areas will be directly a week,

a week, possibly two weeks. We have seen Kerang has been isolated for nearly a week now and we are not

the total floodwaters are can access Kerang. It sounds they are confident about levees being able to hold the water out? There is water out? There is still a lot of towards there. The Avoca

drainage still has to go through. We have issued there and floodwaters reached some of communities. There is the floodwaters to floodwaters to Loddon. There

is a lot of water coming down suggesting that the levee at Swan Hill Swan Hill shouldn't be overtopped, overtopped, however, outside of the levees around Swan Hill in the lower part, the lower part, some communities can expect guess, at least the Murray is

flowing. Yes, and a lot areas that haven't are experiencing that.

for the wildlife. Thanks

David Bartlett's de par chur

as lead er of Tasmanian Labor has led to speculation poor

doesn't believe it had doesn't believe it had an effect and has thrown effect and has thrown his support

Lara has been sitting there, albeit from a different political party for all of political party for all of the

time I have spent in particle

a capable person earn will be a

good Premier. We are facing government challenges and economy is facing

as economies around the country are. I capacity to lead us through and make the make the tough decisions that will have to be made. In the context of the Greens are prepared to Greens are prepared to stand by Lara Giddings when Lara Giddings when those tough decisions are made, as long as they are government decisions. they are or one party government in any jurisdiction, that doesn't prevent leadership challenges. There has been leadership Certainly there has obviously

been a change of leadership. I

don't believe that owes anything of this government. The fact there anything at all to the nature of

represented in does is reflect David's personal state of

decision he has made to more time with his kids. I would more time with his

would argue this government is no

no doubt facing challenges, as

every government around

Australia is, as revenues from the Federal Government, GST revenues certainly look like

they will be shrinking in the years going forward, there are undoubtedly undoubtedly challenges facing

this government. I make no

bones about that. But these aren't challenges that are

caused by the fact two parties

are represented in cabinet.

They are the same that any government would be

facing. Greens leader Nick McKim there. As far as McKim there. As far as we

know, that meeting know, that meeting is

continuing, the meeting of the parliamentary Labor

parliamentary Labor Party in

Hobart to sort out who the new

leader will be. We will bring you the result of that as soon

as that comes through. Egypt

says it has proof that an al-Qaeda-linked group was


eve church bombing that killed

24 Coptic Christians. The

government says it has conclusive evidence that conclusive evidence that the

Gaza based group, the Gaza based group, the Army of

Islam, planned and executed the

attack. The bombing sparked

several days of protests as

Christians attacking a Christians attacking a mosque

burnt cars and clashed with

police. The president says

terrorist groups are intent on

dividing Egypt's Christians and

Muslims. While the Army of

Islam has denied the bombing, it has reportedly the bombing, it has reportedly

praised those who did it. With

all but a tiny fraction of

votes counted in the votes counted in the South Sudanese referendum, nearly 90%

of the population has voted for the south to become an

independent country. independent country. The votes

still needs to be sent to the Commission's headquarters for

confirmation. The South is likely to declare independence

on 9 July but two will dis entangle their

economies, share oil wealth and

establish a border establish a border is yet to be

decided. Ireland's political crisis has deepened with Green

crisis has deepened with Green Party politicians

Party politicians pulling out of the government. The move

follows a week of political turmoil following in the Prime Minister's resignation Minister's resignation of the

lead r of his party. The move

by the Green Party is likely to

bring about elections earlier

than those planned for 11 March. The March. The sudden resignation

of Brian Cowen's as leader of

the largest party

the system into country.

Today, less than 24 hours after the crisis the crisis began, his partners

in government, the Green Party,

decided to pull out. They

announced that relations in the

Coalition had broken down

completely. Because of these

continuing doubts, the lack of communication in trust, we have decided that

we can no longer continue in

government. The move is likely to force a general election next month, earlier than

expected. It also places a

question mark over

financial legislation required

as part of Ireland's international bail-out, will

Parliament before Ireland goes get through the Irish

to the polls. The Prime

Minister is still hoping the laws can be passed. The

issues that now arise is a Minister with the finance spokespersons regarding Minister with the finance

necessary passage of the spokespersons regarding the

finance bill and a realistic

time frame. That discussion will take will take place tomorrow and I

leave it at that. But opposition parties in Dublin leave it at that. But the

are losing patience. It seems

to us that the sooner we have this election, the sooner we

have a new government with a clear mandate from the people,

the better it will be to try to restore Ireland's reputation the better it will be to try to internationally

internationally and write a new

the awful legacy of this

government. It is a government

which has now entered its dying

days. The only question is

whether the Irish Prime Minister will jump or be

An Israeli inquiry has found

the Israeli navy acted lawfully

during a deadly raid on aid flotilla trying to reach flotilla trying to reach Gaza

in May. Nine Turkish activists

were killed in the raid and a

separate inquiry said there was an brutally. Essentially an unaccept able level of

Commission was looking at two brutally. Essentially this

separate questions. One of

them was - were the actions of

the Israeli Defence Forces on

the ship legal? the ship legal? Secondly, the blockade of Gaza itself legal.

Those two questions are closely

linked. The second the most

important of all. If the

Israeli blockade of the Gaza

strip is considered legal, then the troops had the right to the

intercept the troops that broke

the blockade. This commission

found it is legal under found it is legal under international law. There are

many who disagree with that

assess mt. The commission

found the raid on the ships


the flotilla were legal.

Again, many would disagree with that assessment as well. that assessment as well. In reality, the damage has been

done. This report is not going

to undo it. It is hard to undo it. It is hard to imagine how this incident could have gone much worse for embarrassed Israel. Its army was

embarrassed because its troops

went in unprepared. Itself relationship with Turkey, which

was formerly a close ally has collapsed. It faced enormous international criticism and put

focus back on the Gaza strip

which had faded from the

international consciousness.

There it was, right back front

and centre, mistreatment of and centre, mistreatment of the

people of Gaza were back on the

front pages again. So, five

months after this Commission

began investigating, the first part of its report is out. As

I said, it is not going to undo

the damage, nor is it likely to change anyone's

made up since the night of the

incident. Gordon Brown has asked police to investigate suspicions that his mobile phone was hacked while he was The latest revelations The latest revelations come days after David days after David Cameron's director of communications

resigned over allegations that he knew private editor at the tabloid 'News of

the World' . P Did a tabloid newspaper listen

messages of even the Prime Minister? Gordon Brown messages of even the former

was so worried his voice mail was hacked he with his fears. with his fears. He is the most senior figure to raised concerns after names have claimed they targeted too. editor of the 'News of the World' was gaoled in 2007 World' was gaoled for hacking

involved was openly questioned of events that only he was

by a cabinet Minister It seems to It seems to me clear for a

long time that the number consistent with it being one rogue reporter. Just days ago, David Cameron's David Cameron's colleague Andy Coulson quit his post. He was

in charge at the 'News of the World' when World' when illegal hacking took place. Although he has always know what was going on, his crown prosecution service is looking again at of what went on. London's question the Met on their investigations this week. There could There could be four other that might lu other newspapers

too. If people break the law and there is allegations criminal activity, firstly,

peep shouldn't do it, but if

they do, the police need to be on to it. The Met police comment on their inquiries into

comment on their inquiries continuing saga of the World' but the headlines, not make them. that's meant to write

Canberra is well known pet friendly city with the rates in the country for

finding homes stray animals. An ever-growing finding homes for lost and

cat pap lation cat pap lation is stretching

the system to the limit. The

RSPCA needs more animal

to help get kittens through the first few weeks of first few weeks of life. It is

three weeks old and need parents. The expanded accommodation at its western shelter but each day brings more kitten. brings more kitten. The problem

problem is kittens. That

figure has been growing 5, 10,

15% over the last five years. Many carers take in more than

one litter in a season. These

little kittens haven't done

anything wrong and they have

turned up and they need help. It is an easy way to help someone who needs it - it is fun. These kittens

are gorgeous. After taking in

more than 40 kittens in four

years, Louise has imposed one

rule. She no longer names

charges. I did at first but

then I sort of found it too

difficult to let go, so I don't

give them names anymore. But people willing to risk that tug

on their heart strings are in

short supply in Canberra.

There are currently about 20

foster carers in the books but the organisation foster carers in the RSPCA's

needs twice that number. It is

no small ask. Sometimes there

is a significant is a significant workload,

bottle feeding every couple of

hours, you might have to bathe

the kittens. The real problem

is the growing cat population.

We need the government to

police the legislation in place and work with the and work with the local veterinary community. In the

meantime, there are more cats to be homed and that means

would be owners will always be welcome. Police have issued a warning that violent will not be tolerated on

Australia Day. 2000 extra

NSW targeting troublemakers at officers will be on duty across

public events as well as

hundreds of thousands private parties. It attracts

hundreds of thousands of people

on Australia Day and the

harbour is the focus of a

pre-emptive blitz on Officers have been licences, safety equipment and Officers have been checking

carrying out random breath tests. It is designed to send a strong message to anyone at

the wheel on the 26th. Be

safe. Be sensible. safe. Be sensible. Please watch their speed through the

various wash zones various wash zones and speeding

zones and have a good day. If

you are going to have a drink,

make sure the maste of the

vessel doesn't have a drink.

special operation and police It is day

have pulled over and checked

more than 1,000 boats. They are warning they will be out

again in force on Wednesday. those on the water. Across The warning weren't just for

NSW, an extra 2,000 police

officers will be on duty. is anticipated alcohol will is anticipated alcohol will be

a big problem. Time and time again we have seen these marred, public or private, again we have seen these events

marred by individuals who drink in excess. This year our

message is clear - don't become

history on Australia Day. Past

experience has shown the hotter the weather, the more people

drink and the more trouble

there is. Last year

were arrested across the State.

After a relatively peaceful New

Year's Eve, police are hoping

Australia Day will bring behaviour this year. Australia Day will bring better

Well, it seems like we have some movement from Hobart.

Tasmania has a new Premier.

The State Labor Party's wrapped up in Hobart. It was parliamentary meeting

called to appoint a successor

to the Premier who resigned yesterday. What's hapt? As expected the former Deputy,

Lara Giddings has been endorsed

as Premier and the Bryan Green has been

has been endorsed as her

Deputy. They are taking over from David Bartlett who

resigned yesterday saying he wanted to spend more his family . Was she appointed unopposed? That's right. How announced in Hobart? announced in Hobart? One of the other Parliamentarians,

Rebecca White, she was asked to chair the announced it. She told announced it. She told the waiting media but didn't waiting media but didn't answer any questions. She said Lara

Giddings will front the media understand that's 1 o'clock. Rebecca, how politicians went into the the number in

were in here by the time we

down here. Lara Giddings we

didn't see go in. We had

initially heard she was

probably going to hold you understand it now, you understand it now, that press conference has pushed back to early this afternoon? Yes, 1 o'clock is

what we have been told. Do we

have a time for the swearing in as well? 2:30 will be heading down Governor where Mr Bartlett Governor where Mr Bartlett will resign his commission and they will be been discussion this morning about whether Mr Bartlett pushed or did he elect to go himself the left was unhappy with deal that the Tasmanian Labor Party had done with the Greens

to form government. the sense down in Tasmania about whether David Bartlett his own accord? It might be

too early to speculate about that. At seems genuine. He says that

he needs to spend more time

with his young children. Yesterday he said it has Yesterday he said it has become apparent to him, especially

through a diary his son has

been writing,

'Daddy had to go to work this

weekend'. He has been

genuinely sad he is not spending as much time with his

kids as he wants to be. More

will come out in the coming

days but at the moment it seems

genuine. Do we have a location

for the for the 1p.m. presser? No. I

would assume it is at the

executive building where I am information coming out.

does Tasmania feel Giddings? We keep she was the youngest female ever elected to Parliament - to an Australian Parliament? Yes. She has a reputation competent minister. I

think there is negative feeling towards her, towards her, although the Opposition she should take responsibility for the more difficulty moments in David

Bartlett's Premiership. She has a reputation for

competence. The Opposition will be trying to tie her to David Bartlett, we heard them refer to that yesterday, say she has she has been involved in everything she has been

involved in. It came as a

shock in Tasmania, the shock in Tasmania, the stepping down from the is the pulp mill in has had difficult times. There is the pulp mill in the north

of the State, education reforms

had to be wound back after opposition from teachers. I

think it is fair to say it did

come a a surprise, yes. Thanks very much for that. News

very much for that. News hot off the press there - Tasmania

has a new has a new Premier, Lara Giddings. Let's get an update

on the weather with on the weather with Paul Higgins. Good morning Much of Australia is waking to clear skies today but cloud

ahead of a cold front is moving through Tasmania and and stretches back through a

Bite. The front and the sees

will bring a cool change as will the weak trough that's keeping northwards. Monsoonal rain across northern Cape York

today. A few showers today. A few showers on the

east coast otherwise fun east coast otherwise fun fine

in Brisbane. In Sydney - a

possible afternoon shower and

cloudy in Canberra. Mostly

cloudy across Victoria with

scatter showers in the South. In Melbourne, a few showers on

the way. Rain for Tasmania,

patchy falls in the south and

east. A cool change this

morning, early rain and sunny

in Hobart. Morning showers

for agricultural areas of SA.

It will be a hot day inland but

milder near the coast. showers over southern WA

tending to rain in the

with a shower or two. Showers

and thunderstorms to the north especially this afternoon.

Over the terft Territory we

are expecting showers storms. Monsoonal showers in

Darwin. Tomorrow - sunny in

Perth and Alice Springs.

Adelaide fine. Hobart - Adelaide fine. Hobart - rain.

Morning cloud for Canberra.

Brisbane will be dry. Brisbane will be dry. Thank

you. Stay with us, I will back with more headlines at

This Program is Captioned Live. This morning ksh Lara

Giddings takes the top job in

Tasmania. Also on ABC News 24,

evacuations continue south of Swan Hill as Victoria's

floodwaters creep closer. It

would be better if it would

come and go and we would know. Bit stressful. More human

remains discovered in Brisbane

Valley. Lee Kernaghan's golden guitar taken Good morning, you are

watching ABC News 24. watching ABC News 24. I'm Joe

O'Brien. We will take a quick

look at the weather in the capital cities first today -