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(generated from captions) This afternoon This afternoon - regional diplomacy, Australia diplomacy, Australia and Indonesia's leaders discuss

security and disaster relief in

Bali. Also ahead, a sixth

victim of Friday's nursing home

fire dies in hospital as NSW Premier questions police fire dies in hospital as the

checks on staff. Libyan

trial for Saif al Islam authorities promise a fair

Gadaffi, one of Colonel

Gadaffi's sons arrested in the

Libyan desert. And too good -

the United States outclasses the Presidents Cup in

Melbourne. This is ABC News I'm Richard This is ABC News 24. Hello. tomorrow's weather I'm Richard Davies. Checking

The PM Julia Gillard has met

the Indonesian President Susilo

Bambang Yudhoyono in her latest

high level meeting in Bali.

Julia Gillard has already met

the leaders of Japan, South

the ASEAN and east Asia summits

this weekend. The two spent more than an hour this weekend. The two leaders

discussing a range of topics

including cooperation on

regional security and disaster regional security and disaster

relief. Afterwards the PM held

a news conference. She said

returning Indonesian minors

accused of people smuggling one topic they discussed. I accused of people smuggling was

indicated to President

Yudhoyono what I said publicly

yesterday, which is I am

concerned about the amount of time that has been taken to

ascertain the age of some

Indonesian minors. I do remind

that when we establish people

are minors, that they are under age, they are returned to

Indonesia, we do not seek to

charge and jail minors. But

there have been times where I

think ascertaining age has think ascertaining age

taken longer than it should have and I want to step up our

partnership and cooperation

with Indonesia on how we can

ascertain people's ages and if

they are minors, get them back

possible. Sorry, I'll just take a follow up. ... Will you take to

to step up or speed up that process? We need to work between us and Indonesia

on the best way of addressing

this, clearly if we can have the closest possible

Indonesia on accessing cooperation between us and

documents and the like that

might help identify people's

ages, then that will assist,

but I do have the concern that

it's taken too long and I've

relevant Russian, they're relevant Russian, they're aware

of my view that we need to take a step forward here and find ways of getting age-determined

more quickly. Yes? REPORTER: Do you acknowledge that it has

been diplomatically a tough 12

months or so in relation to the live export cattle been a,

etc? There was no mention of

the live cattle ban at all during my discussions with President Yudhoyono. On the

circumstances of the 14-year-old boy here 14-year-old boy here in Bali, I

did thank President Yudhoyono

for the care that Indonesian

authorities have shown to

ensure that this young kept separately, has ready

access to his parent, they access to his parent, they have

shown that degree of care and

Yudhoyono for that. On the concern and I thanked President

relationship with Indonesia, we

have a strong, positive relationship with Indonesia. It is our nearest neighbour. It is partnership with Indonesia, we so important to us, this

take a view of it as a strategic partnership for our two countries. Yes, there two countries. Yes, there have been issues in our relationship

over the last 12 months that

happens in relationships

between nations from time to

time, the important things is

that you work through those

questions. REPORTER:... The assurances that the sought on US forces assurances that the President

sought on US forces in our country. Was that discussed talk to President Yudhoyono today? I had the opportunity to

about that yesterday and the

margins of the east Asia summit

of and I raised it in the context

of the bilateral meeting today,

President Yudhoyono certainly

understands that this is a step

forward in our defence cooperation with the United

States . We are a long time

ally of the United States, ally of the United States, that this step forward in our

defence cooperation is not

aimed at any nation in our

region, and that

available to us the ability to meet regional contingencies,

additionally meet reamal contingencies including north-west disasters in our region. REPORTER: The lawyers

for the young boy were hoping

that you would ask President

Yudhoyono to expedite his return to Australia. Did you you consider that

appropriate? This matter is

returning to court as soon as

the 25th of November and in those circumstances, this those circumstances, this is a

very sensitive question that needs

needs Indonesian law clearly

applies, this is a very

sensitive question and I don't

view it appropriate for me

publicly or at any other time to be speculating or about those legal proceedings to be speculating or talking

and their and their potential Tony Abbott says outcomes. The Opposition Leader

have used the meeting to Tony Abbott says the PM should

negotiate a new immigration policy. Obviously it's very important for the Australian PM

to talk regularly with the President of President of Indonesia, but

these talks should not just be

photo opportunities for the PM.

They've got to They've got to have an

important domestic outcome for

Australians. The PM should be

the doing much more to revitalise

the live cattle trade which she

closed down and the PM should

be doing much more to stop the

flow of boats. Now, we all know

that border protection has just been one been one disaster after another

for this Government and this

PM. And if the PM does not emerge from these President Yudhoyono with a new

deal to stop the boats, well

they will have been a failure.

They will have been just so

much window dressing. What

we've seen from the PM over the

last few weeks is an attempt

out-Rudd Kevin Rudd, it's not

good enough. If these talks

don't produce concrete outcomes

for Australia, they are just so

much prime ministerial

travelling around the world to avoid her has died after Friday's nursing home fire in Sydney's

north-west. Police say the 79-year-old woman died today in Liverpool Hospital. Liverpool Hospital. The NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell has now

asked for a report about asked for a report about police

checks on staff in this State's

nursing homes. The thieftd-year-old nurse Roger Dean has been charged with four

counts of murder over Friday's

fire at Quakers Hill. With

several people still in

hospital, police say there may be further charges but they're refusing to confirm newspaper man charged about an unrelated

matter several hours before the fire started. One of the unions representing Qantas workers appears not closer appears not closer to striking a dealing with the airline to resolve

resolve its industrial dispute. Fair Work Australia gave the

parties 21 days to sort parties 21 days to sort out their differences with the deadline due at deadline due at midnight tomorrow. But the Transport

Workers Union's Tony Sheldon

has skeweded Qantas has skeweded Qantas of failing

to negotiate in good faith and

says more time is needed. They have gone their claim to what they put to

the workforce only the day

before the AGM which they

withdraw at the last minute.

I'm putting to Alan Joyce and

Lee Clifford the CEO, give Lee Clifford the CEO, give it another 21 days and start

negotiating in good faith. Not bad faith, where you stood over the judiciary, the travelling

public and the Australian

workforce just so workforce just so you could outsource their jobs overseas

and within this country at

hundreds of dollars a week

less. Stand up for Australia,

greed. The company has made it very clear in the negotiations

that they are five months

backwards. We heard Alan Joyce

make a comment that he thought

we were close on Monday. we were close on Monday. Well,

he's obviously either not

reading the tea leaves or has

been lied to by his own management or he's telling the

Australian public yet another

porky pie. Because as far as we

can see, Alan Joyce is about all spin and no substance. The Transport Minister Anthony should be reached without the

intervention of Fair Work Australia. I won't make bold

predictions, what I will say is that there is no reason in my

view why Qantas view why Qantas management and

the unions can't get this deal done and can't get it done

before tomorrow. There is

discussions today, I know, with the licenced engineers and

Qantas will be further

discussions tomorrow, with the

pilots and the Transport

Workers Union. What I would say

is what I've said from the beginning of this process - all

parties no ed feed to recognise

they have a common interest, the common interest between Qantas

Qantas as a successful company and its workforce. And they need to act like adults and get

this done. Of course, because

of the Fair Work

of the Fair Work legislation,

if they can't get a deal done,

then of course it goes to Fair

Work Australia and that might

produce an outcome that is one

in which all the parties necessarily agree. So they have

an incentive. Their destiny

with within their own control

over the next 36 hours and

call upon them to negotiate in good faith to get an

outcome. Many international

travellers will find flying

easier from 2013 with the removal of restrictions

carried liquids on board. New detection technology which can identify identify explosionive substances in liquids will mean passengers will no longer have

water bottles or duty free items confiscated. The technology has technology has been successfully trialed in Sydney and Melbourne and Melbourne in collaboration

with authorities in the UK and US. The move is aimed US. The move is aimed at minimising disruption and delays for passengers. Colonel Gadaffi's sewn and heir apparent Saif al Islam Gadaffi has been captured after months

on the run. The 39-year-old was

arrested without a fight in the

desert near the town of Obari

in the south of Libya.

Officials say he was then flown

to Zinn tan where he was med by angry crowds. He's the last key

member of the Gaddafi be captured. These are the first images of Saif al Islam

Gadaffi, appears relaxed on a

plane. But he's also been shown

lying in captivity, his lying in captivity, his right hand injured. He says it was sustained during a NATO air

strike last month. Saif al

Islam was moved to the western town

town of Zintan after his capture in Obari an os asis in Labora's vast desertment he's

been on the run since the fall of Tripoli in August. of Tripoli in August. The

interim PM indicated the son of the fallen leader will be guaranteed a fair trial in Libya. I'm very proud of the

capabilities, the legal

capability here in Libya. We

know that there have not been

as active but they have been

activated. The legal system

based on the new Libya and our vision for it is now active. He

was captured by fighters loyal

to the country's new

authorities. News travels fast

in Libya and as it spread, people took people took to the streets. It's great. We're

feeling happy, it's a

feeling. We're very pleased. We are happy because this is the end of our vampire. Excellent.

Overwhelming. Check mate, game

over. Seen here in August, he cameras to dispel claims of his capture by anti-Gaddafi

fighters. It's an entirely

different scenario today. He is

now in their grasp. Much othe

relief of many here, Saif al Islam is now in custody and

Libyans feel it's the end of

the Gaddafi era as they look to

the future. Protests the future. Protests have

broken out across Egypt with demonstrations in Alexandria, Suez and

Suez and Cairo. One protesters

hear Kyled a more than 676 people injured police in Tahrir Square. police in Tahrir Square. The build-up in unrest comes just over a week before

over a week before parliamentary elections are scheduled to again. Tear raining down on crowds of

Egyptian protesters. But it

didn't seem to matter. The more

the police fired, the Angier

the crowds got. This footage

filmed by an Al-Jajeera

producer shows one of the many police vehicles destroyed by

the demonstrators after hours

of violent clashes. Earlier in the day police moved into Cairo's Tahrir Square or

Libation square to clear protesters staging a sit in

from the day before. Their heavy-handed tactics angered

the crowds leading to in the square and surrounding

streets. Hundreds were streets. Hundreds were injured

as a result of tear dwas and

rubber coated steel bullets fired by the security forces.

By night fall police had By night fall police had melted

away and thousands of

protesters went back to the

square vowing not the leave.

They set up barricades to They set up barricades to seal themselves protesters to go home and

"protect their revolution." But

protecting the revolution is

exactly why people say they won't leave Tahrir Square. Nine months on from the ousting of

former President hosh hosh hosh the country has turned into

what Egyptians describe as a military regime. Crackdown military regime. Crackdown of the Opposition, military trial for civil, marginal institutional reform and the

use of martial law. Protesters

say if they have to continue

their sit in in the very where it all began that's what

they'll do. It's against they'll do. It's against this

backdrop of protests, violence and increasing anger towards

the police and military rule

that leaks are due to take

place. But people are wondering

what hopes there are for a

successful transition to democracy

democracy when it still democracy when it still feels

like the country is in the

midst of a midst of a revolution. A massive clean-up has begun

north of Bangkok where floods

have finally started to recede. The ancient Thai expect of Ayutthaya was inundated Ayutthaya was inundated for weeks but return to salvage what they can

from their flooded home. Perhaps the hardest hit of

of all by this

the ancient Thai capital of the ancient Thai capital of awe aux the city centre is now

mostly dry, save for the stinking piles of wet rubbish, one the conten of people's homes. At this house the water

came fast. Rising from knee

deep to roof height in one day.

She can laugh with relief now, but but she and her family made a terrifying run for it taking virtually virtually nothing.

TRANSLATION: My son and I both rushed out running to to to survive. We were so

afraid we'd die. They're safe

but the house is mouldy and

stained with mud. It's hard to

see a future yet, if see a future yet, if mere

thought of it such a thought of it such a challenge challenge. There is really

nothing left. Everything we'd

cleekted, everything I loved is

gone and I have no idea what to

do next. Since

family at a glad shelter about

a month ago they've moved four times. Forced to leave as the refuges were also inundated.

Now the water has Now the water has gone, but it's taken almost everything

from people who built a home

over a life time. And over a life time. And treasured keepsakes can't be

replaced. There, that room, had so many things inside. Now

everything's ruined. In areas where the water's where the water's gone,

attention is now turning attention is now turning to compensation. But compensation. But the Government's only

between $150 and $1,000 per household, such small household, such small amounts

compared to the damage done.

The city's world heritage

temple sus takened some flood

damage and will need repair s

but they'll be easier to but they'll be easier to fix than people's lives. A than people's lives. A 52

vehicle pile-up on a motorway

in north-west yearn German has

left three people did and 35 nor injuries. The accident

happened in the down of Gronau

on the border with Netherlands.

The weather was foggy at the time of the crash but immediately clear what trying interested pile-up. Police say

14 people have been taken to hospital. Crown Prince Frederick and Princess Mary are

continuing the first day of

their royal visit to Sydney. They've launched an arts project exploring urban sustainability with Sydney Lord

Mayor Clover Moore. The Danish

royals are here on royals are here on an Australian tour aimeded at strengthening trade strengthening trade and

business ties between the two countries. a business barbecue before meeting the Governor-General,

Quentin Bryce. This morning,

they took in the sculpture by the sea exhibition in Sydney's

east where hundreds of

onlookers gathered to catch a glimpse of the couple. glimpse of the couple. Major factories closing down and

moving out of council towns is nothing knew but one Goulburn

Valley community in Victoria is

intent on making the best of

its changed circumstances. Heinz is moving its sauce production out of the #1345u8

northern Victorian town of

Girgarre early in the new year maintain their jobs and the livelihood of local growers. The rain couldn't

dampen spirits at the Goulburn

Valley food cooperative rally. The community is hoping 146 jobs at the Heinz factory in

Girgarre can be saved Girgarre can be saved when Heinz shuts up shop in

January. We've got farmers who are

are willing to sell to us,

we've got customers all wanting

to buy from us, we've got other

ideas such as establishing a

training centre on site so we

do feel that there's lots of opportunities. The coo yop factory which would not only

keep workers in employment but also local business. Either seven Heinz growers affected

growers affected by the closure

of the factory, yes, the tomato

industry has become quite industry has become quite small

E A range of job and businesses hang in the balance? There's

maintenance, canneries, it

supplies a lot, obviously the growers. People will move up,

they'll see there's no work and

move to the big move to the big cities. The Victorian Government says lit

fund a $30,000 feez ybilityd study into the co-op's proposal

and a West Australian

businessman has proposed a 7 figure sum subject to the outcome of that study. It's

hoped fund raidsing in the Goulburn Valley will harness

further $1 million. And further $1 million. And the plan goes beyond carrying on as before. Melbourne based

architects have come one a new

layout for the factory. They

hope it will be a major tourist

attraction. We think committee

with be profitable in the first year in fact so looking forward

to that being one outcome. This determined community just won't give up. To sport now with shall shall simple shall and

the favourites have won the Presidents Cup No surprises there. The Internationals put

up a good fight but the US has

once again taken out Presidents Cup at Royal

Melbourne. The Americans

started the day needing started the day needing just

four and a half points from the

12 singles matches. The

Internationals had a spirited

showing p, they won five of the

early matches to get to within

a couple of points. But it a couple of points. But it was

left to who else but Tiger

Woods to try and secure a decisive point Americans. Magic shot. Well, decisive point for the

more than likely that will be the shot that decides the Cup. Aaron Baddeley's

subsequent miss ensured the US

won the cup for the seventh

time. It does feel good. I was

hoping it wouldn't come down to

my point. I was hoping that

strict strict and I could take

a victory lap back here but we

didn't get off to a good didn't get off to a good start early and I

to the last four matches and we

need to get our point so we went out there and played

really well today and put a lot

of heat on Bad. Darren of heat on Bad. Darren Lockyer has ended his I lustous rugby

league career in the best way

led Australia to a 30-8 win possible. The Kangaroos skipper

over England in the Four Nations final at Elland Road. Many thought this was as close

close as England would get to

Australia in this final. And the overwhelming favourites were

Sam Thaiday scoring four

minutes in. They ought to have

gone fourth ahead but somehow

the Hoes got level just before

the break. The video ref this high tackle stopped Ryan

Hall from scoring and compensated compensated England according toly. It remained improbably

close in the second half so

when space appeared it was

telling. Jharal Yow Yeh broke

English resistance and the rest

was an Australian procession,

first Jonathan Thurston and

then Greg Inglis strolling over as the visitors over England. The last word went fittingly to Darren

Lockyer, one of the finest ever

to play the game escaped

everyone's attention to score a

International appearance. His late try in what was his

kick proved that sport is kick proved that sport is not as scripted form of

entertainment. Oh. But in many

ways this was predictable. Once

again, Australia ruled supreme

in rugby league. I really love coming over here and plays.

It's been something special, so

many good memories for me and I

say thank you and Africa's in control of the

Australia in Johannesburg after second cricket Test against

a fruitful third day. After a positive opening session, the Aussies deny take a wicket after launch lunch.

no have a lead of 199.

18-year-old Pat Cummins only baseman to trouble the

moatas. He took two big scalp

and Jacques Rudolph and Jacques Kallis. Got 'em. Fine Kallis. Got 'em. Fine delivery, great line and ept. Kallis

nicks off. Comfortable catch

for Clarke and Australia have struck Smith's wicket and the plot

xwras were 3 pore t 4 at lunch

but Hashim Amla and AB de

resistance the rest of the day. Villiers provided stern

They shared a century They shared

partnership and will look to

stretch their lead tonight. victory and Perth have just stretch their lead tonight. The

kicked off their kicked off their A-League soccer clash and there's no score in Melbourne yesterday yet. The Mariners towards victory

they were p-1 up late in the

game but Brett Emerton gave the

Sky Blues some false hope with

his first A-League goal.

Brisbane's record run was under threat in Newcastle when the

Jets went ahead just before the

break. But the Roar fired in

the second half to win 2-1. And

Nigel Bogard found the back of

his own net in Auckland to Adelaide share the points with his own net in Auckland to see

Wellington. Manchester City

remains the only ununpeat en team in the team in the English Premier League after a win over

The Red devils quickly

pounced on a defensive error to get the get the match winner at Swansea. A mistake there and

it's moved in for Hernandez it's moved in for Hernandez to score. Too still five points behind City

on the table. Holden's leader Jamie Whincup when has won the

He started from pole while his second V8's consumer car race.

nearest rival Craig Lowndes was

on the second row. Jamie on the second

Whincup was able to put a gap

his edge. Ford drivers Will on his team-mate to maintain

Davison and Mark Winterbottom

rounded out the podium. The

world's top eight men's tennis

in the players hit the court tonight

The likes of Novak Djokovic,

Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal

will battle it out for honours

in London. Djokovic has been struggling with

injury in recent times though. struggling with a shoulder

He's been grouped with Andy

Murray, werd Tomas Berdych and

David Ferrer. Mardy Fish and

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga will join

the two most dominant players

of the last decade, Nadal and Federer. If I Federer. If I remember very

clearly back in 2002 when I

qualified for Shanghai how

excited I was and ten years you wait for the groups to come

out to have again an extremely

tough group as usual and then

I'm happy I'm playing well you kind of go from there but

towards the end of the season. Taking

satellite emmage and hot

northerly winds ahead of a

trough are affecting eastern NSW. Mied westerly winds over Tasmania and southern Victoria Tasmania and

are triggering showers. Low

pressure over the north and

Around interior is causing storms.

That is the news for now I'll be back in half an hour with another full bulletin but stand by now for 'Inside

Business'. I'm rich R. You're watching ABC News 24.

G'day. There welcome to inn business. This week

happened and everyone got more business. This week nothing

and more frightened, cutting

the value of the Aussie dollar

and local shares. So is it and local shares. So is it name dread or is there dread or is there really something to worry about? We will talk to Hamish Douglass from the Magellan Financial Group who you will be delighted to

to learn actually has the

answer! Even gold fell this

week but, unlike other asset s it it has more than doubled in it has more than doubled in the

past three years. We will talk

to a happy gold miner with

happy prafts profts. And at

last some good news for uranium

miners but will selling

yellowcake to India revive

their flagging fortunes? This Program is Captioned Live.

In First Person, so where

the bloody hell are they? The

welcome mat is out but welcome mat is out but tourism operators are struggling.

I've been here for 17 years and I haven't seen it this

tough in that time. It's a bit

of a broken record at the

moment. Daily stories about market volatility because of

concerns about Europe. concerns about Europe. 50

occasion ally a new country is

named as suspect. This week it

was France and the whole

vicious circle turns vicious circle turns another revolution. The consensus reaction is to sell everything

that is not nailed down. But

are things really that bad? I spoke to a global investor with a clear view - Magellan Financial Group's Hamish Douglass: Hamish cialg it

looks pretty bad. What should we

we do? Run away and hide our

cash or hold our breath and

jump in To be honest with you

we're relaxed what about's

going on at the moment. That

may surprise you, the may surprise you, the epi

centre of the uncertainty is

really a judgment call is is Europe really going to

collapse? Is it going to have a

financial Armageddon event and

we think the risk of that is

very low at the moment. Why is that? Why don't you think there

will be a default? It is our judgment that the Germans judgment that the Germans are

actually fully in control of this situation. At the moment.

The markets don't like it, they

would like an instant solution

and there are some instant

solutions that are being solutions that are being pushed

by the French and actually by the UK, being pushed by the

Americans to try and put an end

to this uncertainty. But I

don't think the Germans want an

end to tonne certainty at the moment. They don't want to moment. They don't want to pull the triggers to take the

pressure off countries like

Greece and Italy and Spain and

even France for forcing through measures that are going to measures that are going to put

Europe on a more stable