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US President Barack Obama Live. On tonight's program the

walking away from his public US President Barack Obama isn't

call for Middle East peace

negotiations with 1967 borders

as a starting Minister and rebuffed by the Israeli Prime

by senior Republicans but

generated by his remarks last despite the controversy

week the US President received

a warm welcome at of the powerful a warm welcome at a gathering

lobby in Washington. With

President Obama just touching

down in Ireland to begin a

European trip Washington insiders are

understand why with little or no prospect of the peace

going anywhere in President decided to speak out no

now. You are World'. now. You are watching 'The World'. The current situation in the Middle East does not in the Middle East does

allow for procrastination. I

also believe

on Barack Obama's new chapter one another. We get the latest

in American diplomacy.

Also ahead - at in

dead as a tornado battered

America's Midwest. That is destroyed completely. Taliban paramilitary storm a naval in can regard Chi. Terrence Malick's 'The Tree of Life'

takes Cannes top prize.. The US President Barack arrived in

beginning of a 6-day tour of

Europe. He will meet the president of ired Mary

London for a full state dinner McAleese. He will travel to

and an address to both Houses

of Parliament. The US President of Parliament. The US

is trying to cool the angry

reaction to his attempt restart Middle East peace reaction

call for talks based on 1967

borders has been widely


America's pro-Israeli America's pro-Israeli lobby he was misinterpreted. Washington has more. correspondent

Thousands crammed in for the annual gathering of America's

pro-Israeli lobby despite being Netanyahu in the oval office

there was warm applause for the

US leader. While we my at times

disagree, as friends sometimes

will, the bond between the United will, the bond

United States and Israel are

unbreakable. As his advisers looked on powerful political group that his position on 1967 borders

had been misrepresented, highlighting the importance of

land swaps in any agreed outcome. Israelis and Palestinians will negotiate Palestinians

border that is different than

the one that existed on June

4th, 1967. That's what

means. A scattering of booing was drowned out by applause as

the US President said all he

had done was to say publicly

what has long been had

in private. I know that some of you will disagree with this assessment, I respect assessment, I respect that. The called

Fatah and Hamas an obstacle to recognition. He warned the pro-Israeli gathering that there is growing impatience

with the peace process and the

Arab world is changing too

quickly to wait. I believe that

the current situation h the Middle East does not allow

procrastination. I also believe Middle East does not allow for

that real friends talk openly and honestly with another. The uprisings and honestly with one

another. The uprisings across

dominate talks during Barack the Middle East are expected to

Obama's Obama's four-country visit

Europe this week, including a speech to both Houses of Parliament in Parliament in London and a G8

summit in France. During his

trip to Ireland Mr

spend some time in the tiny village of Moneygall. village of Moneygall. His

ancestors emigrated to the is

years ago.This is the happiest village in President Barack Obama. Later

today President Barack Obama great, great, great will visit Montagna

great, great, great grandfather

- will visit Moneygall -

his great, great, great grandfather lived before

emigrating to America. The so are the family's church of the third great grandfather records. William was a brother

of the President. The discovery

has given everyone here a

much-needed boost. I am hugely

excited not only for myself but

for all the people of the area. This has brought joy excitement to the whole This has brought joy and

excitement to the whole area

something to celebrate in what and the whole community. It

have been have been very dark times speaking certainly. Only our country economically

speaking certainly. Only 300

people live in Moneygall. They

don't have a petrol station, a

coffee shop or even a cash

point but they know how to

celebrate. They will also be

celebrating later today in

Dublin where an open air concert will be held for the President. Clinton, Bush,

Reagan, Nixon and Kennedy all

came to Ireland and now it is President of Missouri say at least 89 turn. Officials in the US state

people are dead after a tornado

more than 1 kilometre wide

ripped through a small town.

Local media's reporting that Joplin took a direct hit from

the or the NATO wiping out whole neighbourhoods.

declared a Missouri governor, Jay Nixon

whole damaged with

telephone lines still This telephone lines still down.

there's no lights. We got get through, there's no power,

there's no lights. We got a lot

of large trees on top of month tornados and storms houses. It's quite a mess. Last

killed at least 350 people in Alabama and six other southern

forces are reportedly searching ending a 12 hour a Karachi naval base after

ending a 12 hour siege by

Taliban militants. 10 militants

stormed the base and barricaded

themselves in an building The insurgents killed 12 building with several hostages.

soldiers, December stride men

and took Chinese military personnel people were people were killed in the

attack. Pakistan is suffering, Pakistan

Pakistan is a victim and

inshallah we have the courage,

will keep on fighting until the

demise of these terrorists. The

Taliban says the atack in in retaliation for the retaliation for the killing of Osama Bin Laden. At least 16 Osama Bin Laden. At least 16

people have been killed and

more than 60 wounded in a

series of bomb attacks in and around the Iraqi capital

Baghdad. Police say at least 14

roadside and car bombs have been been planted mainly in Shia areas. The attack marks the around

in Iraq eight years after Saddam Hussein

On the day Britain's military operations

string of bombing around operations Iraqi capital, more casualties

and more evidence that Iraq is still a significant way

enjoying the peace and

stability that the overwhelming majority of

after the overthrow of Saddam Hussein. The final phase Hussein. The final phase of

British operations has been to train the point where they can protect Iraq's offshore oil installations, the oil exports that pass

through these waters and that

is crucial to the prospects of a better future for the

country. Around 90% of

government revenue comes from

oil sales. Pash. these past eight years

even B British troops joined

the invasion. Most famously

when anti-war demonstrators filled the streets of London. Today's Labor's Foreign Secretary during the Secretary during the most challenging

aftermath of the invasion spoke of its legacy. Iraq obviously Dwighted not just our country

but the whole world really. It proved how much easier it is to

win wars than to win the peace

and I think that that is the sort of lesson that we've sort of lesson that we've got to area of populations around the

southern city of Basra, it had all started well enough. The

soft hats rather than helmets symbolic of with local people on patrols. Just get downs lad. A

few years later British

few years later British troops

often found themselves the target. Incoming! Factional violence was consuming violence was consuming Basra

and conflict raged across much of the

of the rest of the of the rest of the country

too. By 2009 the tide British combat role to be declared over.With declared over.With ceremonies honouring those who gave their

lives in what's been one biggest deployments forces since World War II, now completed with the completed with the sailor's

return. Foreign diplomats have been airlifted out of a be

siedgeed industry in Sana'a siedgeed industry in Sana'a as

doubts grow over a deal to end Yemen's political Conroy Western ers left the compound

after armed supporters of

President Saleh surrounded it.

Diplomats say Mr Saleh has refused to sign refused to sign an agreement office. It is the third time

he's refused to sign the deal.

It is the third time President Ali Abdullah Saleh has refused

to sign an agreement to hand

over power and set over power and set up

democratic elections within a few months. It is understood five members of the

party signed the deal but

President Saleh pulled the last minute demanding new

conditions and warning that the agreement could agreement could much Yemen towards civil war. The plan would have given him immunity from prosecution after from prosecution after 32 years

in power. At least 170 people

have died in Yemen

have died in Yemen since anti-government protests erupted nearly four moss ago as

across the Arab world. UN Security Council envoys have

urged north Sudan to withdraw

immediately its troops from the contested Abyei region on the border with South


town was seized in what

war over the weekend. The war over the weekend. The move

has sparked concern violence may

sides that fought a two-decade

civil war that ended with a

US-brokered peace agreement in

2005. The UN Sudan these forces

Sudan these forces for

attacking a UN convey in Abyei on Thursday. The members of the

security counsel condemn

attack by Sudan forces against a United Nations mission in Sudan convoy escorting

Sudan convoy escorting Sudanese armed forces elements of joint

integrated units on May 19 integrated units

in Abyei. South Sudan is due in Abyei. South Sudan is due to become independent in July with

about 99% of the population

voting in favour of splitting Africa's biggest country but

Abyei's status remains integrated units uncertain after a referendum on

its future was shelved. Spain's ruling ruling socialists have, as expected, suffered a defeat to the conservatives in

the country's the country's municipal and regional elections. A sea regional elections. A sea of supporters gathered

party headquarters as the votes were counted. The party lost

after sit ins by Spaniards

about selfish and about selfish and corrupt

politicians. The party is in a

stronger position to stronger position to win general elections in about a

year. It is happening again. A the air space around Iceland and is threatening

and is threatening to disrupt travel across Europe travel across Europe in coming

days. It is a little over

year since another volcano

caused chaos at airports around the continent.

It is a sight that struck fear

into the hearts of locals

around Grimsvotn, the plume of

ash that shot 20 kilometres into the skies above Iceland

blanketed the towns below

turning day into night. Locals

have been told to wear masks and to get themselves and their livestock indoors. The is quite a bit larger than is quite a bit larger than the

latest eruptions - the latest that the ash will be widely

distributed which was not the case with the earlier

eruptions. The Grimsvotn

volcano is the most active in

Iceland but this is the biggest eruption since 1973.So far the no-fly zone has been declared

for just 220 kilometres in all directions.

that the high

ash might make it less likely to move too far or too Last year's eruption Last year's eruption at a volcano further south of Iceland closed Heathrow and

virtually every other northern

European airport for six days

throwing the travel plans of 10

million people across the million people across the world

into chaos. But analysts say authorities understand a lot

more now than they did then. Most of the time, most of the

flights that were grounded

didn't really need to we know what we know what levels are permissible and what levels

aren't and now Europe is actually talking - you


are actually set up to talk to

each other. Some experts say effects might be felt in Scotland as early as On that note let's check the

latest world weather with Graham Creed. A latest strong cold front will move

across the Tuesday. Behind it we will see snow developing around alpine

areas. Widespread strong winds

will reach gale force at times around the Victorian coast and with it. We will see the cold conditions much of the week. The cold air

will start to spread will towards the Northern Territory

and also the inland of Queensland. The only other

rainfall of note will be about the south coast of Western Australia. As we head over to

New Zealand. We have a high pressure pressure system out in the Pacific. That's going Pacific. That's going to trigger some strong winds

across the south island, fairly widespread rainfall there. We still have a vigorous Easterly

wind flow across the Pacific islands so widespread wind warnings warnings are also current

across many of the islands. Heading up to south-east Asia and in the Philippines. Tropical Storm Songda has moved

into the Philippine's jurisdiction and from now on will become will become known as Tropical

Storm Chedeng. It could form Storm Chedeng. It could form in a typhoon expecting a category three typhoon developing overnight Wednesday. Through the

Wednesday. Through the

remainder we have widespread showers and thunderstorms

across Vietnam, into Laos and other

other places. Taiwan will be

paying close attention other

typhoon although it is not a

typhoon at this stage but it typhoon at this stage but it is expected to develop. We have

fairly widespread rain expected to

across most of Japan, moderate

falls expected in both falls expected in both northern and head further south signs and the monsoon trough the monsoon trough is beginning

to develop just south of India.

By Friday we could to see the effects of to see the effects of it around the and the southern parts of Sri Lanka

and also the far south and also the far south of India. We are #2350i7b

naturally starting to see that monsoon develop across that develop across that region. Through Europe we have

widespread showers about the eastern parts eastern parts but important is a vigorous Easterly wind flow across all the northern areas. the northern areas. The good thing is that because of the

wind flows it will push it more in a direct Easterly in a direct Easterly direction instead of

We will have to wait and see

how the weather patterns develop over but at this stage it but at promising with the volcano

smoke. We have plenty of

showers and storms across central parts of Africa. Relatively clear Relatively other areas. South

looking at a dry and looking

sunny forecast. We have another low pressure system through northern and central parts of

the United States. You the United States. You can see the band of thunderstorms that developed tornados. Expect to tornados. Expect to see a

similar story over the

or two. As the week progresses the prospect of the prospect of severe will start to ease. We have heavy falls across the north. Unfortunately some heavy falls

starting to return back to the

Colombia region.

Just a few months Just a few months ago it seemed Burma's reclusive and was ready to turn a corner. The freedom fighter Aung San Suu

Kyi was years in house years in house arrest and a new

nonly civilian President was

promising to bring in sweeping

reforms to education, human rights and the economy. has rights and the economy. What

has happened since has impressed few. Observers like the United Nations special has -- raconteur on human rights in Burma, Tomas Ojea Quintana, Burma, Tomas Ojea Quintana, are

still waiting for change. Mr Quintana has been in Thailand

meeting Burmese NGOs and meeting Burmese NGOs and human rights lobbyists in finding are that particularly

in border areas we are ending minority groups, minority groups, the situation

of human rights is still of human rights is still very

serious. I was serious. I was reported that

the land confiscation has still

We have situations of forced

labour and so the labour and so the situation, particularly in border areas,

is put in a very difficult question in respect to the intended transition to democracy that the has announced. The has announced. The President announced a general prisoner amnesty earlier this month commuting the death sentences

has death and moving death and moving them to life imprisonment and cutting one

year off jail terms altogether. Would you say that's Would you say that's a fair

concession given how much


has to turn around? I would has to turn around? that the presidential statement

was interesting. He referred to the willingness of the government for some changes including the human situation but we need to situation but we need to see how this statement is translated into action. Because the situation of human rights in Myanmar has been very

serious along the years and we

really need to see really need to see concrete actions. The release of few

said it is not sufficient and

it is disappointing. The

government needs to government needs to face include national reconciliation and

include all stake holders include all stake holders in that discussion. You met a number of people number of people in Thailand, lobbyists in exile in Thailand,

what did they tell you about

what they were seeing in what they were seeing in Burma

and what they're their families and friends? It

is a dire situation first from

the economic, social the economic, social point of view. Many,

Myanmar are fleeing the country looking for jobs for education

that they do not find in

Myanmar and there is also, of course, the situation regarding violence. Civilians, the right

of civilians being compromised

in the middle of the armed

conflict situations. It is very

serious. The government needs

to address this situation, to have an effective transition to democracy. democracy. National elections and and the functioning of the

parliament is not enough to

address this very complex and

difficult issues. What does the region have

because I know a lot of

misties refugees are living in Thailand in fear they Thailand in fear they will be

sent back to Burma. I that I have a mandate from the

Human Rights Council in respect

to the situation inside Myanmar

and I have to report about that

so I will prefer not to refer so to the decisions of to the decisions of the Thailand government in this

respect but I would - what I can say is Thailand government those border areas where those border areas where the

refugee s come from, the

situation is still very serious in respect to the human in respect to the human rights situation. The Burmese government, it has been said,

has been on a charm election to

help it chair of ASEAN. It help chair of ASEAN. It

quite soft in his quite soft in his encouragement for Burma to move for Burma to move towards democracy. What democracy. What role do you

think the region has to for Burma to

rapid change? The decision of

ASEAN to be chaired by Myanmar

in 2014 is a political decision

from ASEAN but what I believe is that ASEAN as well

as UN member states have to very clear and stress from very clear and stress the issue of human rights, which includes not only the situation of

situation in armed situation in armed conflict

areas and I hope

members are clear about this. Remember that the ASEAN charter

which creates which creates ASEAN nox nation includes the includes the respect and promotion of humanlights. I

hope ASEAN countries follow

this important provision in the

charter. The leaders of Japan, China

China and South Korea have

agreed to set up an early

warning system to alert each

other of emergencies at nuclear

facilities. It was that other regional nuclear issue, North

Korea, that dominated much of

the weekend's The weekend talks were seen as

a chance for Japan, Korea to put aside regional feuds and show support in feuds and show support in the wake of wake of march's due na my and earthquake. They share the similar condition that they all have big populations as have nuclear power plants. It nuclear power plants. It is

highly important for us to secure nuclear safety. The

leaders a-a greeed to set up an early warning system to alert


emergencies and increased sharing of nuclear data in

future. TRANSLATION: Transit is this meeting to share detailed

information on nuclear safety

before and after the incident. On the regions other nuclear issue

issue of North Korea they shared one goal. TRANSLATION: shared

believe the non-proliferation

of the Korean peninsula will bring peace and prosperity to Asia and bring peace and prosperity to the prosperity

Beijing a return to the six

party talks is the solution. TRANSLATION: Only dialogue and way forward for resolving the Peninsula's problems. Seoul and Tokyo want more from Pyongyang. TRANSLATION: It is important for Pyongyang. TRANSLATION:

to show sincerity at the north

and South Korea talks. They did pledge closer cooperation on

the issue, news welcomed the issue, news welcomed by another six-party member, the

United States. Obvious leap we

value China's role in terms of engages North Korea and we ask them to take them to take very clear stand

an encourages North Korea to engage responsibly engage responsibly with South

Korea. Amid concerns

Korea. Amid concerns of nuclear

safety and nuclear ambitions

there was also a show of

support from Japan's neighbours ahead of the summit all three leaders ate local produce leaders Fukushima, the centre of Japan's nuclear crisis and the

regions nuclear safety fears.

There's been further There's been further debate and confusion over UK privacy laws following the naming of

celebrities on Twitter and for the

the first time in a mainstream

UK publication. Yesterday the Sunday published the anymore and a

thinly disguised photograph of a footballer it said had taken out on injunction to protect

his privacy. Another morning,

another round of front page

stories about Twitter.Unlike

the Sunday Herald in Scotland

newspapers circulating in

England carry a mass newspapers England carry a mass of out names. They refer not just

to the celebrities alleged to have taken out injunctions but

many well-known people who have

Tweeted the names of two

footballers said to have taken

out gagging orders. One player

linked to Imogen Thomas

obtained a disclosure order

requiring Twitter to identify users who have published confidential information about

him. Many believe this has

backfired. When it became known

Twitter traffic linking Twitter traffic linking the two names multiplied. A second

spike occurred when the Sunday Herald many users circulating pictures of the front page.The of the front page.The newspaper

says the injunction does not apply to Scottish and it is wrong for newspapers

to be present prevented from

sharing information easily

available on the internet. Every child internet. Every country with country with a mobile phone can

now access Twitter or the

internet and find out who this

individual is and the idea that the mainstream media the mainstream media can't

report it is becoming frankly

absurd. All this has put

pressure on the attorney-general to consider whether there are grounds for contempt of course. Either

against the newspaper or some of those publishing of those publishing the names

on Twitter. A spokesperson said

the attorney-general was aware of

of the publication in Scotland but had received no complaint

and was not and was not actively considering contempt . If

American director Terrence

Malick picked up one of the Movie World's most coveted

gongs for his portrait of a 1950s Texan 1950s Texan family. 'The Tree of Life' won the Palme d'Or the Cannes Film Festival

despite being derided by some

critics as pretentious. critics as pretentious. In the

way of nature and the way of

grace. We have to choose which one you will follow. one you will follow. Jean

du-jardin won the best act test for 'The Artist'. Kirsten Dunst

took a gong for her role in

'Melancholia'. Lars von Trier was banished from the fist Val

after he expressed sympathy for Adolf Hitler.

now.No dramas for the top seeds at at the French Open. Francesca Schiavone has eased into the second round of second round of the French Open. She because barely troubled by American Melanie Oudin. Novak

about to go two sets to love up against his rival. Djokovic against his rival. Djokovic is hoping to extend his 37 match winning streak and it is looking likely the Serb has

been in a class of his own has been breezing through first two sets. Schiavone started her match with clear

intent as she broke intent

the opening game. The Italian

perfectly placed winners all

over the court. She over the court. She found it easier in the second set to

prove she will be the woman to

beat this year. He didn't start

from pole but it made little difference

Sebastian Vettel won the

Spanish Formula One Grand Prix.

He pipped Lewis Hamilton for his familiar sight. Sebastian


it four wins from five races in Formula 1 this season.

Australian Mark Webber Australian Mark Webber started

from pole but was rounded up before the first turn. Along

so. He is on the inside. He takes the lead for before lap 24 Vettel had the lead but the German was pushed all the

way before seeing off the challenge of Lewis Hamilton challenge was well clear of Jenson Button and Webber. Vettel is 41 points in front of Hamilton in the

championship with Webber a

further 107 points further 107 points adrift. On a dramatic final day of the

English Premier League season Blackpool and Birmingham City were relegated and Chelsea

manager Carlo manager Carlo Ancelotti was sacked despite his team finishing second finishing second xg Blackpool

lost to m qulieted who had already won the tiet - Manchester

already won the title. Luke

losing the final of the world match play event to Ian Poulter

who did it the hard way.Birdies on the 14th and 16th holes

secured a 2 and 1 victory for

Poulter.He's the first Poulter.He's the first golfer to win both match play to win both match play events

either side of the Atlantic.

Australian Matt goss is in winning form ahead of winning form ahead of July's

Tour de France.The 24-year-old

from Tasmania won the Tour de stage of the Tour of Chris Horner was Chris Horner was the overall

winner. The Miami Heat's

a 2-1 lead in the Conference final series against

the Bulls thanks to a win in

game three. Vancouver is one

win away of taking out the NHL Western Conference series. In major league baseball major league baseball the

Yankees thrashed the Mets 9-3

to win the subway Parramatta Eels have

embarrassed the Cronulla sharks

40-6 in their round 11 NRL

match. Both teams have been

wildly inconsistent so wildly inconsistent so far this

season. The good Eels showed up

in the first 40. They easily exposed the in the defence in a powerhouse effort.

Over the top.It doesn't Over the top.It doesn't get

much better than that! It was

22-0 at half time and the Eels rampage continued break as they finished with tries to 1. To the AFL and the

Western Bulldogs have publicly

apologise for their poor

performance in yesterday's

humiliating loss to West Coast.

The club's boss wrote and open

letter to fans saying is loss is embarrassing but insists the

dog's season isn't over. It dog's season isn't over. It was the day after the day after the disaster, a 123 point thrashing, but the Dogs were

wounds. The coach was more

forth coming. For them to

unacceptable. It is not what we

stand for and not what we stand for and not what we are about. The loss with hasten the

return of Barry Hall next week,

Cooney and Lake are also in

contention. By contrast it was all smiles for the Eagles return their biggest ever their biggest ever win against

the Dogs and a chance to beat

pretty confident pretty confident with the way we are playing footy and it is

coming along quite well. It

will be

will be a good challenge for us. Having been deed of their mobile phones on match day Hawks proved they didn't need

them to send a warning. With them to send a warning. With a solid 46 point

Swans in Sydney the Hawks now

join Collingwood, Geelong and Essendon in the top Essendon in the top four. Signs are starting to show we are I getting back to some good form.

I think on the weekend it was

the first time in a while we

played four consistent quarters

of footy, which is what you want. One

want. One team rapidly

of form, in form,

is the Demons. They progress of Jack Watts. The

confidence he has shown can

progress thought the whole year. There was bad news year. There was bad news for the Dockers today confirmation Aaron Sandilands

will miss four weeks with an

injured toe. Competitors from

around the world have taken around the world have taken the

plunge in the third round of the cliff diving world see Rees. England's Gary plunge the round with a quadruple somersault with one-and-a-half twists than 26 metres. Incredibly his Speedos stayed on as well. New Zealand has won Zealand has won the rugby ninth time with South Africa

taking out if London leg of the series.

series. It is probably the biggest event on horticultural calendar, the

world famous Chelsea Flower Show is opening its doors to the press at least. It is the press at least. It is the

89th year of the opens to the public in London

tomorrow. Each pet tall must be perfect, every

These plants are destined for the world's most prestigious

garden show. For months the

UK's top gardeners have poured blood,

blood, sweat blood, sweat and the occasional tear into their tear into their preparation.

Here is their green fingered

advice on how to make your

garden, look, smell and even

taste as good as Chelsea. Plants that want to go

in dry shady spots, that is

fine but do make sure that nuture them for at least the

first six months. If you don't because although they say they

will grow there you need to make sure they make

establish. If it is perfume you are after this greenhouse are after this greenhouse in Yorkshire is Yorkshire is the place to be.

Speed peas they will tell you -

Sweetpeas they will tell you

here are sweet and easy

grow. They go through a tremendous amount of plant food, especially when they food,

start to flower. We put a lot

of effort into preparing of effort into preparing the soil.Put

manure or garden compost into the soil before you plant. If the soil before you plant. If a

plant looks good enough to eat here it might be worth taking a bite. What we can't show you television is just how these

plants taste. There are so many

of them. Take a look, you are

flowers you can eat, this is a cinnamon bass ill plant that tastes powerfully of tastes powerfully of cinnamon. This plant's leaves

cinnamon times sweeter than sugar the calories.This times sweeter

all sorts of herbs. There are

nearly 20 different types of

basil here. Always water your struggle with green fly your

worries are over. The best remedy I know that works for

all plants is to crush a glove

of garlic into warm water,

believe it for about six hours,

strain it into a hand spray and

spray the plants you require. So

require. So stunning stems, blooms, the RHS Chelsea Flower

Show is where the cream of Show is where the cream of the world's gardeners come to

display their best work. They

all agree, with the right

advice you really can do this at home. That is 'The World'

this Monday evening. To keep up

to date on all the stories you can log onto your website.

Before we go we can tell you that Reuters is reporting this

evening that four Nato evening that four Nato soldiers have been killed by a roadside bomb in eastern Afghanistan and we will have full details for

you after 'Q&A' with Tony

Jones. Captions by CSI.

This Program is Captioned


Good evening. Welcome to this special Sydney Writers

Festival edition of 'Q&A'. Festival edition of 'Q&A'. I'm Tony Jones. questions tonight, the Pulitzer prize-winning author Michael Cunningham, Gail Dines, actor,

screen writer and author Brendan Cowell, the author of 'The Finkler Question', this

jeer's Booker Prize winning

novel, Howard Jacobson and

ethicist turned novelist Leslie

Cannold. Please welcome our

panel. 'Q&A' is live

9.35, or thereabouts, eastern

time. It's similar cast on ABC News 24, news radio and

Australian network. You can go

to our website to send

questions in, you can join

Twitter conversation also, using

using the hash tag that's using the hash tag that's just

appearing on the screen. First

question comes from Dianna

Taylor. Hi, Gail. I totally support your anti-porn

activism. Since pornography is

readily available through the

world wide web, not orrously impossible to monitor, and per vasively filtering into mainstream, with

mainstream, with young women

conditioned by society and pop

culture to subscribe to the

porn star phenomenon, what do you you see as a possible outcome? When were you when I was

looking for a synopsis for my

book? That's wonderful. I

think that what's happening is

that increasing pornography is

now filtering into mainstream

society. It is now shaping

male and female sexuality male and female sexuality in

ways it never has before. Previously generations, hormones raging, would look at

Playboy and sneak their father's Playboy. You have access to hard-core pornography, brutal, dehumanising and debasing. For many women there you don't

think about Playboy 10 years ago, I'm tacking about pornography you can't begin to

imagine in terms of violence. imagine in terms of violence.

My argument is the only way to

stop it is to have a public

health approach, start a

movement of enraged women and

men of good faith as life

support systems for erect

penises. I think men

need to revolt against the porn industry as well as women. The

question was about young women

in particular being in particular being conditioned

to the porn star phenomenon. Is there any evidence Is there any evidence of that happening? Evidence?

Everywhere you go. One of the biggest single pieces of

evidence I know, what I see

from students, is how many

women do you know in the

audience who basically audience who basically have

full bikini Brazilian waxes.

Do you all know women who do?

It's standard, isn't it? Let me tell you - did you get yours? 10, 15 years ago

years ago this was basically

unheard of. When I saw that

happening in pornography 10

years ago, I remember years ago, I remember saying you're going you're going to see young women doing this now, the boys

they're having sex with will

want them to do with, this want them to do with, this is what they're getting used what they're getting used to. Then the women's magazines are saying it's good grooming,

which is basically getting you

ready for the men, who want you

to have sex with them and to have sex with them and look

like a porn star. Let's hear

from the other woman on the panel, first, Leslie Cannold.

Do you agree with what you're

hearing here? Do you Brazilian waxing is somehow a product of pornography? I

guess I find it all a little to

the side of what I think

matters. The confusing thing

for me about the argument is that essentially what's said is

I think not just we I think not just we should start a movement to stop people having Brazilian waxes because we don't like Brazilian waxes,

I assume what's being said is

this a is a problem because

men's minds are being shaped

and warped and they're going to

turn them into moss odge news,

it's going to contribute to a

world more moss odge less equal. I finished

researching a book where I had

to go 2,000 years back. There was sexual violence against

women, lots of in equality.

There was

against children as well. No

internet pornography, though.

Exactly, which seems to me to

suggest logically that even if

it doesn't cause it, if we it doesn't cause it, if we turn off the tap of it, we're still

going to have problems. To me

it seems these problems are the thing that I would like women

to get and men to get upset

about and want to campaign

about. I worry that we'll suck

oxygen. I am an activist oxygen. I am an activist as

well. well. I do lots of activism

around abortion rights. I need

people to help me, young women, middle aged women, older women.

I'm worried I'll lose activists to fight Brazilians and to fight Brazilians and other things they find things they find offensive

instead of getting on board

with fighting the with fighting the thing that is, instead of a proxy, the

actual thing that's the

problem, the violence, the in

equality, work/family issues.

These are the things that are affecting women's affecting women's lives. Howard Jacobson, listening to the

question and reflecting on it,

are you worried what's happened

to young women and young men as

pornography? As has been said,

it has always been there.

Pornography will always be there, because it grows out of

something in our natures. There's nothing we can do about that. We are violent, we are

cruel, we are cruel, we are voyeuristic, there's nothing that will

change that. What's different

here is that it's on top.

here is that it's on top. You

don't have to do any work to

get it. In the good old days when I was a boy, you when I was a boy, you had to

crawl out of the house, you had

to wear a big coat, because you

knew you were bringing back

magazines you had to hide under

your coat and bring into the house.

house. This was actually - you

knew you were doing something

wrong. That doing of the wrong

was almost as much fun as

getting the porn ago fi home.

When you got the pornography home, often compared to going out in the

big coat. Now it's just

available. The frightening

thing about that is idleness.

Men will go to sex - I can't

speak for women - because they

are idle, because there is

nothing else to do. A lot of

the time you only have sex

because you can't think what

else to do. You only look else to do. You only look at

pornography because there's

nothing else to do.

something else to do. something else to do. Suddenly

it's there, you can stop your

work, stop work, stop playing whatever

game you play and you just

press a button and there it is.

Can I just ask one thing that's

completely misdefined to me.

This is just a soslogical

question. Where did the question. Where did the change

happen, where did the desire happen, where did the desire to

get rid of hair come from?

When I was a boy and I smuggled pornography under my coat,

women's private parts were

painted out. Then we got painted out. Then we got so

excited in the 70s, when we saw

bodily hair. Where did bodily hair go? Perhaps we

could ask Michael Cunningham.

I think you talk about your own

Brazilian wax. I give lots to

people who I have fond feelings

for. Are you worried about pervasive pornography? Do you indulge in pornography

yourself? I do, I yourself? I do, I love pornography. I'm gay, pornography. I'm gay, which probably changes the equation

somewhat. I'm not watching somewhat. I'm not watching men watching men having sex with

men. You know what I really hate about

hate about it? How many hate about it? How many guys

now have these kind of porn personalities when you personalities when you have

sex. You're out with a guy,

you're having a nice time,

you're talking about whatever

you want to talk about, you're

talking about, you know, next

year's hairstyles, and it's all

good. You're having a good good. You're having a good time, you're having a connection. Suddenly you get

down to it and he's like hey a,

baby, get a load of this one.

Where did that guy go? I

wanted to have sex with that guy, not with you, not guy, not with you, not with

some porn actor. I think it's having a distinct having a distinct delirious

deleterious effect on gay porn,

we're starting to act like

we're porn actors. I'm not good at it. Brendan, good at it. Brendan, I'm tempted to ask whether tempted to ask whether you have

a porn personality, but

sticking with the serious

question asked by the

questioner as to whether you

see this pervasive pornography

hurting relationships between

men and women. men and women. I also think we're underestimating young people. The generation coming through

through are quite brilliant. I

also think when there is a

culture phenomenon or movement, there's always an opposite

reaction. I think kids are looking at it very young,

incredibly young, too young. I think they're looking at it think they're looking at it and

smart enough to know it's not intimacy. I think they can

tell that. So I don't they're going to go and see the Jake Gillen Hall movie, and say

I want you to be my cow girl mama. There is still

sweetness, there is still innocence. I want to go on

record saying I'm not a

Brazilian guy. I prefer

something more natural. Also

with the porn - not like a

national forest or anything. And I think

And I think it's true what

Howard was saying if men had

more hobbies, perhaps there

would be less porn. The thing

that confused me about porn the most

you know? They'll be nude and

doing all sorts of things with

each other, but they still manage to keep their shoes on,

which baffles me the most.

Look, it's a Look, it's a reality. It's like saying technology like saying technology has affected our society. It's too

late. The computers are out

there, internet is out there.

Porn exists. I think I think

it's interesting we're having

fun and joking about it. This

is real and having a real

impact on young women's lives,

having a real impact on

having a real impact on young

men's lives. We make a joke of

it. Everyone is having a

laugh. What I'm concerned about

over again it is reshaping male sexuality, then it sexuality, then it reshapes female sexuality. My students

are overwhelmed with having to

deal with men brought up deal with men brought up on pornography. We've got another

point of view on the topic, a

video question that comes from

Jeff Pool in win Ham in

Queensland. I am one of the

third of the Australian

population who cheerfully

consumes pornography. I have

been watching gay, straight been watching gay, straight and buy movies on video, online for the better part of

30 years. In all those many

thousands of hours of wobbling pink bits, I have never seen

the things you talk about,

never seen the degradation of

women or men for that matter,

I've never seen rape, real or

simulated, never seen violence,

never seen bestiality. In

stark contrast to your writings, I have been able to maintain sexual maintain sexual relationships

for more than a few hours at a time. Given that time. Given that our

experiences are so very, very

different I must ask, are you

simply a wowser, that's an

Australian term which describes someone who denies pleasures to others? Have pleasures to others? Have you noticed he had a flower

sticking out of his head? It's

what happens when you watch too

much porn. I think we should

discuss that. I think we

probably should save that

discussion, because I suspect

we don't let Gail respond,

she'll actually expose. I've

been doing this a long time,

I'm used to men like that, I

see them everywhere. I didn't

argue that bestiality or rape,

I've never said that. There's

little rape in mainstream

everything, the word no doesn't

exist. However violent or brutal

brutal you want to do it, she

says yes. I show pornography

to men who have been using it for years and for years and years and years,

they've never seen it. Why?

Because they look at it with an

erection. I bet if he didn't

have an erection and went to

look at pornography, really

looked and analysed it and looked at women's faces looked at women's faces and

looked at them as human beings

and not as objects - We have and not as objects - We have a

question from the audience.

I'll come to you in a moment.

You talk about the concept of gonzo

asked that question said asked that question said he's never seen anything like that.

Describe briefly if you can

what gonzo porn is. Similar to the standard acts importance, violent porn which has no story line, no

narrative. Very, very common,

gagging women with a penis, to

the point that it activates the

gag reflect, in some cases they

vommet. Anal sex to the

women's anuses are red, sore

and swollen. One of the big

problem is anuses drop out of

their bodies. We're also talking about the ATM, where a man puts

man puts his penis into a straight into her mouth. We

know from studies women know from studies women are

getting throat infections in

their mouth from unwashed

penises. Those are the things

I'm talking about. Those are

mainstream, of the top 50

selling porn videos, renting

videos and web sites visited

last month, about 75% were

gonzo porn. That is non-- I think it's really important

there's a public trust here and

I think it's really important

to try to get facts on the table.

know for sure, we have a porn

report done in Australia about

Australian men and Australian men and women and

how they use porn. We know for

certain that most of the porn

that's consumed - this may

explain what the gentleman was talking about on the video -

that's consumed is made by

other media users. So other media users. So it's uploaded and other people

download it. Most people download it. Most people don't

buy porn. They just download it. When you get a list of whatever is the top-selling

whatever, it's not telling you

what most are watching, what most are watching, we know from research people are watching things other people

produce. Some is really quite sweet sweet and quite hilarious, I've seen stuff where there's a

little nighty hanging on the

back of a door. It's back of a door. It's quite

sweet. But the point I think

really is that if you don't like it, you don't like it, you don't have to

watch it. So the question

really is if the only reason in a kind of society like ours

where you could stop other

people watching it is if you

could prove that there was a

harm coming from that. So,

again, I just have to go back to the argument about what can

we prove about the harms that

are coming out of this? If are coming out of this? If the

things we really are worried about are violence - certainly

one of the things named here

which I'm extremely concerned

about, employment conditions, so I think we can completely

separate that out and say

nobody should have to go to

work, whatever they're doing, and and be injured. That's quite

clear. If you have consent, if

people are consenting to

watching it, to doing it, there

is a wowser element. It's not

surprising that you have Christians who are extremely involved and very much on side

with the message that said this

stuff is icky, I don't like stuff is icky, I don't like it,

therefore I had therefore I had somebody

contact me today and said

here's my problem, I put the Google search bar the word

"porn" and what comes back is

"videos that have attached "videos that have attached to

them the word pussy". I don't like the

like the word pussy. I think

we should get on the war path

and stop that happening. Well,

I'm sorry, again, I'm really concerned about women's lives,

I'm concerned about the concrete circumstances in concrete circumstances in which

they live. I don't like they live. I don't like the

degradation of men. I have two

sons, I have a father, I sons, I have a father, I have

all sorts of men in my life. I

think I have to go with you here, that it's quite insulting

to suggest that a perfectly

normal, healthy, functioning

man sees - searches out, aroused by this kind of really

fringe material and then instantly turns into a instantly turns into a sexual

predator. I don't buy it. I think it's insulting. APPLAUSE

That's not the only way one

measures harm. That's exactly

right. I think the argument

has already been made it is

harmful in itself and the

turning on, turning off argument

argument never works for me.

If it r a thing is harmful,

fact you're not watching it

doesn't stop it being harmful going to interrupt the flow of

the discussion for a moment. I

want to hear from a questioner

in the audience. You're very good at describing how pornography pornography can be ethically

wrong or create harm. The next

step is what action do you

recommend ahead of trying to

change values, which is a very

difficult thing to do? There

was a propose of internet

filter recently and it filter recently and it failed very quickly. I was wondering

what do you recommend as an action thing for anybody to

actually do to minimise the harm that you certainly say

exists, which I agree with Hold on to that question. Hold on to that question. We have another question which

talks to this issue. It's down

in the front row here. We can

answer both at the same time. Madeleine Clark. Do Madeleine Clark. Do you guys feel that sex education and a

more open attitude towards

sexuality makes pornography

less confronting? I would say absolutely. absolutely. Because

pornography today is the most

profound form of sex education that exists in our society and

there's no other messages

coming at men. That's the only

message they get when they play

video games, turn television

on. No-one is saying that a

man, a normal average man who watches porn would become a

sexual predator. Let me also say

education. In terms of what education. In terms of what we

can do, the first thing to do to minimise harm about the

effects of pornography is stop

watching it, period, okay? The

next thing I'd suggest is that,

as I say, the answer to that is

not in individuals. I would

like to see an ability for like to see an ability for us

to sue the porn og fers if to sue the porn og fers if we can prove they've can prove they've caused harm. It would be very difficult to prove to do

prove harm, I'd like to be to do it. If we prove harm to

women inside or outside

pornography harmed by men who

use it. I don't believe censorship, I use it. I don't believe in censorship, I don't think

that's an answer, I certainly don't trust the government. don't trust the government. I don't trust governments, last

thing I want to do is give them

more power. I'd go after more suing in civil code. Do suing in civil code. Do you want to come in on the Michael, suing porn og fers if

you can prove harm. Is that a reasonable way

reasonable way to go? I think proving harm is incredibly difficult. There was a

flap in the US a while ago about films that showed about films that showed torture

of animal s. It was of animal s. It was actually hard for the Supreme Court to

come up with any kind of

sensible ruling that on one

hand eliminated the torture of

animals and kept him in the

chicken business. Maybe he

should be in the chicken business, given business, given what he's like.

The point being that I think

something like - it's hard to

prove. I'm the first to say that. If you get in a car it shall crashes and it shall crashes and you can prove the car company prove the car company was negligent and caused harm, negligent and caused harm, you

can sue them. Why not bring the pornography industry into

line. The harm I'm concerned

about is what's in the head.

Cut open a man's mind and

you'll see the harm. The problem is I think cut open any

man's mind and you will see the

harm. As a feminist, I won't

argue with that one. I'm happy

as a man, not a feminist, to

acknowledge the fact that a

man's mind is a jungle man's mind is a jungle of

horror. It just is. I find that such a depressing

rendition of feminism. I really

really want to say something. I thought he was talking about

men. He was, but we need men. He was, but we need to not keep falling into not keep falling into these

old, tired traps about men and women,

women, mars venus as somehow men are some kind species and women are this

vurtus species, women are

victims, men are predators. I

don't buy it. In the feminine

I'm involved in, we need men.

The real issues I care The real issues I care about, like getting work/family

balance, we can't do it without

men. If Howard buys it, he's delving into his own subconscious as a November he

will ist often does to work out

what's wrong. He's honestly

answering what he think ss a problem.

problem. Absolutely. I'm problem. Absolutely. I'm not trying to negate his personal

exprns. I'm saying it's exprns. I'm saying it's one

person. For me, what

discourse is it's old and it

really is pitting men and really is pitting men and women against each other like they're creatures who commonalities. For us to move forward where we are now politically, we need to be partners. Do you want partners. Do you want to respond to that? Only this, really, that I think that really, that I think that the

problem I actually agree with what's said. I think it's a

ghastly problem. I think the ghastly problem. I think the

problem predates pornography.

There wouldn't be pornography unless we wanted it. Why do we

want it? What's it answering

to? It's answering to something quite strange something quite strange and

frightening in our natures.

nature or female nature, in our

natures. I don't know what we

ever do to get rid of it. I

refuse to accept my boy came out with a homing device, out with a homing device, I'm

sorry. That's a good gag, but

it's not what I'm talking

about. The specifics about. The specifics of

pornography, they don't address

the urge for pornography. We

have a few hands up. I'll come

to you in a moment. Brendan

Cowell has written a novel,

there's a lot of mateship and sex all sort of

rapped up in one thing. rapped up in one thing. You

also have insights what's happening with young males where you were brought up.