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(generated from captions) Hello, I'm Lucchinelli. On tonight's program - a tonight's program - a nervous

wait for the families of the wait for the

men trapped underground after a South Island. You're watching mine explosion in New Zealand's

the World.

I just want my boy home. We will bring you

comprehensive coverage as crews

test a build-up of toxic gas

operation will before deciding when a rescue

operation will be mounted at

the Pike River mine near greymouth. Also in the news - NATO agrees to a new missile NATO agrees to a new defence shield, next on the

agenda - an Afghanistan xilt strategy. Haiti's outbreak worsens

has agencies warn the relief effort

has been inadequate and it's I agencies warn the relief

don't for Japanese couples wanting to bang. ends their marriages with a

It's now been more than 24 a New Zealand coal mine trapped 29 workers understood underground. At least two of 29 workers understood ro

those workers are Australian. Res Kaiers

Res Kaiers are still waiting for all-clear due to concerns that gas in the mine may still

represent a hazard. So far,

tests have been in conclusive communication with the miners since the

correspondent Dominique Schwartz is in the town of greymouth on the west coast of the South Island. It's a

sobering view - scorched billowing smoke and open by the power of the open by the power of the blast.

If this is the damage on

surface of the mine, what surface of the mine, what lies beneath? It's the question everyone police say they won't rush in. The environment

in. The environment is somewhat

unstable and we are not below ground until we can

stabilise it's safe for them to go in. Frustration the growing among the relative of the 29

missing men. Some are angry

they can't wait at the mine site. And at now to find his son. If I had now to find his son. If I

my way I would am not scared of nothing. I my way I would be down. There I

would go and look myself. All your mates are underground. can't go talk to can't go talk to them. Yeah,

and wait I suppose. Everyone in what can you do, just hold on

the tight knit community the tight knit community of greymouth shows someone ho is

affected by the mine

blast. Obviously this is a blast. Obviously this is a time

of huge anxiety and concern for the families. And we will support we can. But the mining

company says there's reason to

been push into the mine and each of the workers carried breathing apparatus quite conceive able there's a large number of men sitting pipe. That's the around the open end of the

everyone here is hoping pipe. That's the happy ending

for. And I spoke to our New Schwartz earlier this weeks. hoping and praying for a happy ending. There are church services an prayer vigils being held

held this evening. Obviously in support of the miners. I standing support of the miners. I am missing men have centre where relatives to the

try missing men have been coming to more importantly support each other more importantly just to

is obviously a very difficult support each other during what

there is some there is some reason, time. The company itself says

there is some reason, though,

to hope that things will go -

will turn out for the

that they've been pumping fresh

air into the mine and the chief executive officer executive officer of the Pike

company, has said that he River Coal, which is the mining

actually thinks what might -

what they might find is a whole lot of guys sitting at the

bottom of a big shaft who have been breathing in the fresh air saying why did it take you so long. Obviously a glossy wash

on what might be a different

situation but that is everyone is at least trying to maintain their hope here. Having said

that, we've heard a lot about

this build-up of toxic gases

within the mine Is that causing

people in the town to lose hope? I think a lot of the relatives here are feeling increasingly frustrated that

they can't, one, wait at the mine site. The police have kept

can them away from the area. They

can only get about 12km away

from the mine site and been told to come here to the

centre. I think they're centre. I think they're

frustrated about that because they want to be on the surface,

no matter what the outcome is. What one father down the mine right now and get


are a group of men down there that, everyone realises there are a group of men down

hopefully who are safe but

nobody want s to jeopardise another group of people, the rescuers, who are going to go in and try to help these

men. Tests are continually

within the mine. And at moment they're not low enough

want for the police to say that they

want to go in. But the big fear is that don't want ta. Are don't want ta. Are therefully

preparations in place for preparations in place for this rescue operation and indeed rescue operation and indeed the

possible rescue of the miners? Yes. The drills and doing things every

day. The other thing too is that hospitals in the region here have be able to cope emerge s - whether some of miners have been injured, there's a thought that if they are coming out they respiratory problems. everyone is getting hopefully what will be a everyone is getting ready for

ending. New Zealand hopefully what will be a happy

correspondent Dominique Schwartz there. One of the two Australians known to Australians

as Josh Ufer. The in the mine has been identified

been living in New Zealand for the last nine months, it's be at the scene of the

live for. Instead he his loved recently received news that he will become a father in May

next year. His girlfriend,

Rachelle Weaver, is a greymouth parents' New Zealand adventure

company. Ufer's contract with the

the company began the company began nine months ago ago believed his employment was part of a deal

with an Australian mining

supply equipment and operators.

Officials have spoken to Officials have spoken to the familieses of the familieses of the two Australian men known to be trapped but they have indicated more Australia could have concerned with the well being of at least of at least two Australians and we are working our way through

company employment lists, the mine manifest there's any assistance that there's any assistance that we can offer, thn

will offer it And Australia has can offer, thn certainly we will offer wasted no time personnel and almost kilograms of plane left Brisbane last night

at 2am. Emergency at 2am. Emergency Management Australia will now Australia will now be dispatch

ing a technical expert to New

Zealand today to work with the New Zealand rescue team. On top

of that, we have a team of that, we have a team of six mine rescue experts from mine rescue experts from NSW Emergency Management travelling to New Zealand today. Family and friends of the and friends of the trapped

miners seeking information are

encouraged to call encouraged to call the Department of Foreign Affairs.

In other news Australia has pledged its long-term support

in Afghanistan beyond the

deadline at the annual NATO summit. The Prime Minister is

there to help draw up a stlat

Xstrata ji for drawing up a

withdrawal in the country.

Julia Gillard has asked President Karzai 20 put President Karzai 20 put a stop to

country. At meetings like this,

size really does matter. Like our prime ministerial plane

we're a bit player on the NATO runway. But Julia Gillard's

appearance here has been earned as an as an enthusiastic contributor

to the war in to the war in Afghanistan. It's important because we have troops fighting there and troops fighting there and we

have lost Australian lives. So

we wanted Australia's voice to be heard at this table, as the is shaped. At issue, how to

withdrawal wrau from a war that's dragged on for an even worse mess. I want to be very frank with people -

progress is being made. But for security to transition will take some time yet. The Prime

Minister has been meeting with

key player, including the Afghan President, Hamid Karzai. The Karzai. The issue of corruption was raised. He indicated to me that efforts are being that efforts are being made within corruption questions. Also consulted - consulted - coalition commandser in Afghanistan, General Petraeus. The General Petraeus. The planned phased withdrawal more a phased withdrawal more a goal than a firm than a firm deadline. Our estimates are two to four estimates are two to four years and President Karzai and President Karzai has

outlined his goal f by the outlined his goal f by the end of 2014. But this is not just about Afghanistan. about Afghanistan. Some of the

world's most powerful leaders of the biggest shake-ups in of the biggest shake-ups in its history

streamline the alliance to make

it more efficient by cutting

fat and investing muscle. For Australia, it really is all about

Afghanistan, ensuring that that

long and painful conflict was not for nothing. And that

somehow that blighted nation

can move forward on its own. It's a big ask. The aid Dot says cholera epidemic in Haiti has has killed more than 1100

people and spread to a prison

in the capital, Port-au-Prince.

Red Cross officials say there's

been 50 case prison and 10 people have died. Doctors Without Borders says other other international organisations organisations haven't done enough spreading. The spreading. The charity says those agencies have not sproid provided enough clean water, lilt enough latrines or removed dead bodies as should have. TRANSLATION: The problem is we've reached a huge number of

patients. And it seems like

there is not a real or

efficient response from other

organisations. And this is alarping in the sense that haven't yet reached the peak.

That might take some time so

the number of patients might

still go up while we're waiting

to see actions from other people.

Prince Charles has hinted

for first time that Camilla may

be drown crowned queen when be drown crowned queen when he becomes Prince Charles has always said

his life wife will be known as Princess

Princess Consort when

becomes monarch. When they wed

in 2005 it was thought that the people wouldn't accept

people wouldn't accept Camilla as queen because of the

popularity of Princess Diana.

But recent ly he gave a

different answer when asked if Camilla would be his

queen. That's... that's - we will see. But..., um, that

could be. The comments have

reignited debate in the United Kingdom over Camilla's status

and they have received a lot of and they have received a lot of attention William attention in a week when Prince William announced his engagement to Kate Middleton. In Japan, a sky rocketing divorce rate has divorce rate has prompted couples to find a unique way to

end their macialg. What better way than with a party. Entrepreneurs are now

conducting divorce term nis -

ceremonies complete with toasts

to never seeing each other and

the smashing of the rings. Rg

For Hiroshi, the big day has finally arrived.

TRANSLATION: I am nervous. Today is life. Joining Hiroshi in a rickshaw ride to the is his shy bride, Miho. But these two long-term partners aren't on their way aren't on their way to exchange vows - but rather to tear them up

TRANSLATION: When I TRANSLATION: When I started conducting divorce ceremonies I

felt a bit bad but now some

tell me the service is more

touching than othe original

wedding >>flth after wedding >>flth after a sort ride through the back streets

of Tokyo, tonne happy of Tokyo, tonne happy couple reach reach their destination. It's hardly then again this is a ceremony. Reprising his role from the wed ing is the best man. Although today he seems a little lost for little lost for words. There's

no talk here of until death do us part. In us part. In fact, there's

hardly any talk at So instead of speeches there is

a symbolic smashing of wedding rings. rings. Just like their reception seven reception seven years ago, Hiroshi and Miho retire to a tea house although this time

round they're at separate tables an tables an the atmosphere is a little flat. society, divorce is still something of a ceremonies are being Seeney as ending a marriage and in that is acceptable to family

and friends. The splitting -

for splitting couples like Miho

and Hiroshi, and Hiroshi, their $700 ceremony offers ceremony offers a fresh start. TRANSLATION: I TRANSLATION: I was forced to

come today. But now I feel refreshed. These refreshed. These ceremony offer people a chance to drink people a chance to drink a toast to toast to a new life and maybe

to to never seeing each other again. We are just going to return to our the NATO summit being held in Lisbon. Our Europe correspondent Phillip Williams joins me now on the phone Phil, we have throughout the day the agreement

supposed to cover all NATO

member states. That is a big

ask, how would it actually

operate? Yes, it is it. It's huge technological challenge. I

has been looked at previously a and but it's also going to include, they hope Russia.

They're trying to bring Russia

into the miefl shield and in

doing so - missile shield and

in doing so coming closer to

Russia. They think that if they

can get Russia involved in this missile protection system,

which is aimed pretty much at

Iran at this stage, then they

will bring Russia into the -

closer to the NATO fold and that will benefit both

sides. You just mentioned

Iran. It seem s the Specter of

ifr ran was hanging over these

negotiation s even if there was agreement shield. Yes, very much

unspoken, though. The Turks in particular are the particular are the sensitive

about this because they have good relations with the

Iranians and the Turkish Prime

Minister had asked NATO not to

mention Iran specifically as the cause of all the alarm and

the potential threat. So the potential threat. So that's

been dropped but it's clearly understood that Iran is the way they are

weried about and the missile weried about and the missile - worried about and the missile shield is directed towards. Officially it's

againeric worry about rogue states, but that is Iran is definitely the focus. Phil,

of course, the discussion of a 2014 NATO pull-out from Afghanistan has been - there's

2014 NATO pull-out from

been a lot of speculation about been a lot that over the few days leading into this summit. Let l it's

turn to that. How forceful do this commitment will this commitment will be? I

think that it's that date will be

mentioned. That that is mentioned. That that is seen as a goal. a goal. But the reality of it mentioned. That that is seen as a goal. But is is that, if they didn't, having invested is that, if they didn't, having invested nine years into this country invested nine years into country already and then another four, they can't then just walk away tb not right. The Afghan National Army, the Afghan Government is not

capable of looking after the

country by an aspiration al goal. They will express it than that will express it more forcefully than that because they want to make it make it clear both to all the

partners in NATO and tlos Taliban that they are serious about going, but about about going, but also serious about not abandoning Afghanistan if the conditions are not right. So are not right. So it's a double message really, but

message really, but certainly NATO doesn't - none of members and including Australia

want to want to stay in Afghanistan any longer than they have

end of 2014, it will have been 14 years of commitment nearly 3 times since the Second

World War. That's Phillip Williams in Lisbon. And will

keep you across that keep you across that summit happening in Lisbon through the

course of the weekend. Make sure you stay with us tomorrow. Religion in Russia is seen as a touchy subject. Largely

banned during communism. The Russian Orthodox Church has

spent nearly two decades re asserting its place in threat but jauvern so-called cults are no more than evangelical churches. Norman Hermant has more. It may seem like something straight out of the straight out of the American south, but this grainy video is

from Russia. The now banned. But now banned. But experts linked to the Russian Orthodox Church say congregation s like these

still exist and growing. At a four-country joint press conference, they pose all over the former Soviet Union direction in life, they fact various cultic recruiters people. But many Churches identified as suspect would

hardly be considered in the

West. This is the Word of Life Church, identified by some as a

cult. There is music, prayer,

and plenty of celebration. It all looks much all looks much like the kind of

evangelical Christian worship

that is increasingly popular in Australia. I am travelling around Russia all over and churches like ours they are growing like mushrooms. They

grow everywhere and they multiply in quantity and in quality and in

size. Parishioner s here

size. Parishioner s here say

this is no cult but they this is no cult but they

understand for traditional

orthodox Church goers none of this looks familiar. For us it

looks like American

who come to our church and if

they they meet real God and real Christian people. This

Church has been around for 15 years and in a typical week

thousands will pray here, even

as their new form of Christian ity struggles for ity struggles for recognition in Russia. Let's get all the latest sports news now.

England's cricketer ers have continued their good form. England's flawless preparation for next week's first Ashes Test has been

capped off with a big win over

Australia A today. Meanwhile Australia has finalised its squad for that match with

offspiner Nathan Hauritz axed in favour of uncapped Tasmanian

Xavier Doherty. Ryan Harris was

left out so he could left out so he could continue

his recovery from a his recovery from a knee injury. From dropping a catch

that would have bon NSW that would have bon NSW a game

to being troped from the Test

squad it's ban horror Doherty has been impressive in the Sheffield Shield this season, and starred in recent one-day Daybreak

debut. Really had to make debut. Really had to make a decision what against England. With pre

dominant right hand dominant right hand middle order batting we order batting we thought the left arm orthodox was the way to go. Australian cricket has

been looking for a I will make an impact. Michael squad. We wanted him to be in

form which he's now proved he

is. In Hobart two batsmen left

out of the original 17-man squad squad perform performed well for Australia A for Australia A against England. Former England. Former Test opener Phillip Hughes made a commanding 111. one-day regular Cameron White

pressure. Leading from the front. But it wasn't enough against the second string English bowlers who landed some telling there's genuine belief side that we can do it. The there's genuine belief in the

10-wicket victory make it two tourists wins and a draw for the build-up to Thursday. which start s in Brisbane on Sepp Blatter Thursday. FIFA President

there will be any more cases of

corruption as decision day loom force 2018 and 2022 World committee members were

suspended yesterday after they were filmed bay

says the under cover he's confident the December investigation was unfair but

corruption. I vote s will be free of

that the decision taken now by by the commitment of

executive committee executive committee towards the executive committee towards the

second of December there will

be no more cases. Arsenal has

of the English Premier League the chance to move to the top

with a win against North

rave rivals Tottenham tonight.

The Gunn ers are two point ace

head of Chelsea. Fellow

premiership contender s man yu. Told Wigan at Old Trafford. We

have won five of the last six and even though one we lost the

opponent had only one shot on

goal. So I believe that we created goal. So I believe that we have continue. Socceroos defendser created momentum,s even just to Sasa Ognenovski has short listed for Asian player his stellar season after being

of the year award. - award. The

31-year-old had made the final

cut of nominee pors honour. He has led his club to

Victoriary in the Asian

Champions Leagues final. Champions Leagues final.

Newcastle has secured a 1-0

win over the Wellington Phoenix

tonight. Neither side could

break through in the first half

so it was up to Marco to curling kick well and truly got

the Jets party started. The Wallabies will be hoping Wallabies will be hoping to resurrect their ail Union spring tour when take on Italy in Florence later tonight. Overnight, Wales was

stunned by Fiji the sides produced a the sides produced a 16-16

draw. The Fijian s scored

first try of the match. The strong welsh scrum proved itself in the second half Fiji began to tire and appeared to have sealed Stephen Jones appealed to -

win. There's been plenty action in win. There's been plenty of with the LA Lakers beating the Minnesota Timberwolves 112-95 in the NBA. Kobe Bryant was his usual flash y self- for the Lakers with 23 points an 8 rebounds. Matt Barnes wasalso in top form. He shot seven from seven for 24 hours. In the NHL, Colorado thrash ed the Kins Rangers 5-1 and buffalo down ed now - checking the Let's look at the weather

now - checking the satellite

image. Cloud streaming over

eastern Queensland and far north-east NSW in a north-east NSW in a trough,

triggering rain and offshore storms. Cloud over WA in a trough is is mostly clear over Taking a closer look at States: Taking a closer look at the

all the stories we're And to keep up to date on

following, you can log on to our website. That's the World this evening. I'm Nick Lucchinelli . evening. I'm Nick Lucchinelli .

Enjoy your evening.

Closed Captions by CSI

Authorities are not sure how

explosion in New many Australians are trapped

least two Australians are

confirmed to be among the miner

s who have been trapped since yesterday's explosional Pike River Coal mine. been identified as Pike River Coal mine. One has

been identified as 27-year-old

Josh Ufer from Queensland. The Prime Minister, Josh Ufer from northern

Julia Gillard, is in Lisbon the NATO summit where she's Julia Gillard, is in Lisbon for

raised concerns about

corruption in Afghanistan. Ms Gillard has also pledged

Australia's long-term support

in Afghanistan beyond a 2014 deadline. Meanwhile, NATO

leaders have agreed on a new Europe as part of an an - part of an effort to km bat missile threats. Thousand s have