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welcome to Message Stick. Hello, I'm Miriam Corowa, of an exciting three-part series Today's programme is the start a remote coastal village about Pormpuraaw - Peninsula in north Queensland. on the western side of Cape York Jeremy Geia, Message Stick producer, is originally from Cairns to Pormpuraaw, but now has close family connections and its relaxed way of life. and he's a convert to the community or croc-spotting like Jeremy, If you're keen on fishing then you're in for a treat, on a real adventure. as these programmes take you to meet some fanatical anglers, In today's episode, you'll get lightning and downpours and experience the spectacular wet season. that typify tropical Queensland's Postcards From Pormpuraaw. We hope you enjoy MAN SINGS IN ABORIGINAL LANGUAGE in Australia. of the most beautiful places JEREMY: 'I've travelled to some to Pormpuraaw But it wasn't till I came what heaven on earth was. that I understood coastal village 700 people live in this remote in Australia's far north. on the western side of Cape York, CHILDREN GIGGLE and crocodiles, It's a home for fishing from a long time ago. and stories that are told a place called Pormpuraaw. Welcome to my version of paradise - THUNDER CRACKS of the wet season, I arrived in the middle the rainy months after Christmas, the King of Pormpuraaw. and met Donald William, because of his cultural schooling, Donald knows a lot about this country he learnt as a boy.' the songs and stories ABORIGINAL SONG (SINGS IN ABORIGINAL LANGUAGE) and stories from this country. 'There are so many wonderful songs story-teller, John Coleman, It was quite fitting that another let us know about the lightning song. story of two brothers The song tells the centuries-old for the very first time. who discover lightning for locals and visitors, The song's also a warning storms are brewing.' to take care when the wet season THUNDER CRACKS SINGS IN ABORIGINAL LANGUAGE tradition, 'According to a time-honoured story has been told or sung, it's believed that once the lightning rain always follows. THUNDER AND RAIN

carry a special meaning The torrential downpours for this part of the world. if you like, It marks a new beginning, a rebirth for country. or sometimes just a minute, Rain can last for weeks, life goes on. but no matter how long it lasts, prompts the locals This heavenly reminder for one of the most favourite to head down to the beach fishing.' and must-do Pormpuraaw activities - is very good here. Well the fishing here In April, May... February, March and April,

salmon, prawn, that's the season for barramundi, the mud crab, you name it. Oh, jeez! about this place. 'There's one very special story to some of the most beautiful women Pormpuraaw is said to be home in the world. that keeps visitors here longer.' So romance is also another hook in Pormpuraaw for seven years now, I'm Calvin Reynolds, I've been with a local girl from here. we can get a chance to fish. And we've been fishing every time

at Strathgordon, I moved up here doing station work to build the new outstation there. I met Christine, And coming to town, and stayed here ever since. but I've been through Laura, I'm from Cairns, through a few other communities I've been the best community and I just found Pormpuraaw for fishing, hunting... they're really polite. and it's the best social community, it's a really good community. The locals are always polite to you, 'To the many Pormpuraaw hunters is the best time to go fishing.' and anglers, the wet season flushes all the fish Well, the wet season and everything out, and it just fattens them all up. coming out, And once you get a rush of fresh and then the prawns start, you get all your fish, then your salmons start. that keeps going. It's just like a chain reaction

to the wet, and through the wet. That's fishing time, straight after to get seafood here. 'Everyone tells us how easy it is the fish were just camera-shy. But maybe this time, One thing for sure,

is far easier for the other locals grabbing a quick fish bite that share this part of the world - the saltwater crocodile. Despite the obvious dangers,

unpleasant experience with a croc Calvin Reynolds is yet to have an for that matter.' or a pleasurable one They don't bother us too much. you watch for slide marks. You watch for them, have a quick look for slide marks, You always look around, and stuff like that. that there's no slide marks around for them. You just got to keep an eye out we sometimes walk through And when we go up the river, and drag the little creeks. can be an interesting waiting game, 'While catching fish

it was the best form not so long ago, in the country. of fast food take-away are noticeably falling, But now locals say numbers in the gulf and large-scale nets.' because of commercial fishing then you'll end up here. 'If you're not a great angler, It's the local store, and an ideal one to seek shelter a key meeting place if there's a cyclone about. the central business district It's also for this small isolated community.'

Pormpuraaw just on 11 years ago. My name's Tom Arny, I came to And, er... for the Queensland Government, currently I manage the store here they have on the Cape. which is one of six stores 'Tom's tour of duty in Pormpuraaw with remote community dramas. has been littered in the main street He's wrestled a rogue crocodile from starvation and saved the community when the old store burnt down. of service.' All this in his first month

and Tuesday morning We set up Sunday night and Monday at about 10:30, when the truck arrived

and we had groceries on shelves, cartons cut away, and everything else by four o'clock and we were back trading that night,

so it was great. And the whole community spirit - everyone helped, carpenters, plumbers, people just coming and help me unpack, getting things out on shelves, it was a community effort. The hard part was trying to remember all the prices. (LAUGHS) And working out of a cash tin, rather than a cash register, and a computerised system, but we got pretty close to it. (CHILD MUMBLES) You gonna work here? You gonna work on the till? You want to press the buttons? BEEP! Oh! Look, there it is. 'This show of community spirit prompted Tom to stay. And today, he and his wife call Pormpuraaw home.' Describing Pormpuraaw, I'd say it is the friendliest place I've been in, whether be mainstream or communities. Everyone speaks to each one, everyone's reasonably happy even though the people here

have a pretty tough lifestyle with the financial issues they've got and the housing issues. Everyone's reasonably happy all the time. Pormpuraaw has been described as the jewel of the Cape. It's quite a clean town. People take pride

in their yards and their houses in a lot of cases. It's a beautiful spot on the beach with a river system north and south, so we get some fantastic sunsets every night. Just about a glorious sunset going down.

THUNDER CRACKS 'As the rain tumbles, the conditions on the ground can get a little rough. In the wet, Pormpuraaw becomes an isolated community as all land corridors turn into lagoons or slush ponds. This effectively turns the village into an island, where the only way to get in and out is by air and sea. When the locals see this plane mouths water with anticipation, as this sign from above brings milk, bread and other fresh food.' 'But there are some things you need in the bush that can't be flown in. This mob are collecting cabbage palm, a useful plant for making bush products like dillybags, fishing nets and grass skirts.' 'Stripping the cabbage palm is an art in itself. It can take Doris William hours just to make a small strand of string.' Just down the beach, a little further, and I'm still trying to nail a big fish catch for our cameras.

Even though he's out of luck, devoted angler Burt Edwards is always patient. He's also a king bush chef who's willing to share a recipe or two.' I like to keep my fish, I like to put it on the the coal, turn it around or something like that. You can't only cook one side, you've got to turn it around on the other side. And you put it on a leaf.

Break some leaves or something like that, and you put salt on it. Peel the skin off, maybe Tabasco sauce to go with it, and rice, or bread, damper. You can eat it then. You start making me hungry now. (LAUGHS) CONGREGATION SINGS HYMN 'In our quest for fish, we've decided to look to a higher source. This is the Anglican Church. It's one of the most prominent organisations in Pormpuraaw. Pormpuraaw was established as an Anglican mission just 70 years ago. A bloke by the name of Joseph Chapman was sent to spread the word of God and let the locals know that the Church of England and the Holy Father was boss. Cyril William still remembers the preacher, old Chappy, as the first white man he ever saw in his life.'

# Alleluia... # 'Life in this pristine part of the world was extremely hard before the church arrived. Spear-fighting was the best method to settle arguments, and even a better way to start them. Even with God's presence, locals took to the spear over the cross to make things all even.' 'If you survived a spear attack today, this is where you'd end up - the Pormpuraaw clinic has a small team of nurses dedicated to keeping this community healthy. From Flying Doctor emergencies

through to fishing accidents, these nurses have seen it all. The clinic is often busy, especially in the wet season.' There's over 400 children here.

Er, they range in age from birth to 16. The...

Their problems are mostly scabies, infected sores. At this time of the year, they all play in the puddles, so... ..the scratched mozzie bites get infected very easily. We had a fellow come in with a fishhook in his head one day, through his cap into his head. Er, complete with bait still on the hook. That was interesting. And you sort of had to find something to cut the hook so you could get the hat off, get the bait off, and then get the fishhook out. So that was a bit of a problem for him. It was different on both sides. Yeah.

You put it up here, so the blood blocks from there. That's right. No, up here. Oh, up here. Yeah, up here. (LAUGHS) OK. Just relax it. Yeah, yeah. OK. READ-OUT BEEPS Yeah? OK. Good. All finished. (LAUGHS) Yeah. OK.

Thank you. Thank you. (LAUGHS) 'The wet season offers a smorgasbord of tropical health challenges. While the rain can provide cool relief, it's also fuel to breed mosquitoes and the nasty viruses they carry.' We have a health promotion officer who comes in every couple of weeks. She's in touch with the council, with the school, with HAQ, with all those outside agencies for that type of education. The staff, we make sure that they know at night time they should have long sleeves if they're outside, that they empty all water receptacles and containers that are around the house. We can't do much about the puddles that are around and the water laying everywhere. But as long as they know that mosquitoes bring things like dengue and Ross River virus, and flavavirus and all those other sorts of blood-born things, that can make you feel very ill for quite some time. 'Disaster management in the wet season often has its challenges.

Even with access to the Royal Flying Doctor, getting in and out of Pormpuraaw in a medical crisis is never guaranteed.' Through storms and lightning, we've got a plane coming in, RFDS plane, Royal Flying Doctor Service plane coming in, and they won't be able to land. They'll come so far and if they can't land, they'll go back to Cairns. So, virtually, you could be at the airport waiting for them to land, and then you can just hear the plane go, go off again and it's heading back to Cairns. 'Man's best friend also receives favourable treatment at the clinic, which sometimes becomes an animal rescue centre.' We don't just work with the families and the communities here, we also work with a lot of animals. Families bring their dogs in here to be either sorted out from being attacked by pigs, or you have dogs coming in with fishing hooks, or lures, nets through their... ..lips or noses or feet and stuff like that. So we have to try and address and sort them out as well. We don't have no vet here. 'And with the amount of dogs in Pormpuraaw, a pet surgeon would be a millionaire by now. Like most communities, dogs are very much part of the package. In fact, most homes would have more than one. For the local canines, the wet season is also their favourite part of the year. Bathing during the dry season will often result in a dog-of-the-day catch for crocodiles. Dogs reduce their chances of being snapped up in the wet season, as most female crocs are busy nesting. Now I did promise to get some fish action in this documentary series, and finally we found this mob at the Munkan River. A beachside fire and some tasty fish and voila! Bush tucker on the beach. It doesn't get much better than this. ABORIGINAL SONG Coming up next week, join us as we spend some quality time up close and personal with those dinosaurs at the croc farm. Just how do these reptiles keep the unemployment monster away from Pormpuraaw? Yawo, uppo and see you next week.' We hope you enjoyed the programme. If you'd like to know more about Message Stick, please go to our website at - We'll see you next week for more Postcards From Pormpuraaw. Closed captions by CSI

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