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(generated from captions) Tonight - full to overflowing - the Government

centre solution. hunts for a new detention

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Live. On patrol in Afghanistan - Australian troops taking on

more. The majority of the boys

have seen probably what shouldn't be seeing. And have seen probably what they

crystal clear - the crystal clear - the local up the air. discovery that just might clean

Live is ABC News 24. Good evening. I'm Scott

new Foreign Minister is going I'm Scott Bevan. Australia's

to hit the ground running, then

being sworn in, Kevin Rudd will he is flying. Just days after

head to the United States, meeting senior officials in

Washington before addressing the United Nations General Assembly. The Immigration

Minister will also get straight

to work. He will be told Australia's detention centres are full and the needs are full and the Government

needs to find more beds. Hayden Cooper Cooper reports. She is not yet

the re-elected Prime sworn in, but a dilemma awaits

It is a matter of space. So it the re-elected Prime Minister.

is quite busy. It is

was a point laboured by both

sides. Stopping people getting sides. Stopping people

in boats. But all the the asylum seekers kept on

coming. We're seeing a swell of coming. We're seeing a swell of

numbers, of people who are

literally left in limbo remote detention. Most are on Christmas Island where the

detention population has now swelled to 2,500. The Joe flow

options are also close to

overflowing. At Darwin, Curtin,

Leonora and Port Augusta, room is is scarce, and there is little

space left in the capital cities. It's now Chris cities. It's now Chris Bowen's

job to solve the puzzle and

find 2,000 new places. One

option already drawn up is an extension of the Curtin

detention centre. Already

before the new minister's feet

are under the desk, he has

already put up the white flag by admitting that he unprecedented flow of boats to a position to stop the

Australia. For the Defence

Force, the steady arrivals Force, the steady arrivals are taking their toll as taking their toll as patrol

boats and or rye beyond

surveillance aircraft are

deployed to the north-west. That is putting a

heavy demand on us and it means

we sometimes can't do other

things. Most of the human

traffic is still coming from

Afghanistan and there are no

signs that conditions there are

suddenly about to Although suddenly about to improve. that after nine years of war, that after nine years of war, the coalition finally has the right strategy, he right strategy, he is still warns of increasing

violence. If you take the fight

to the Taliban, the risk level will obviously be high. It's

one topic Kevin Rudd will take

up in his first trip as Foreign Minister. He is headed straight

to Washington and then to address the address

address the UN General

again. Assembly. Kevin 747 flies

Afghanistan are bracing for more attacks with the Taliban

threatening to disrupt this weekend's parliamentary elections. Six Australian

action in soldiers have been killed in

action in the past three months

as the troops expand their role

in the region. South Asia

correspondent Sally Sara is

imbedded with the troops in the

Chora Valley in the southern Oruzgan

Oruzgan Province. The Australian troops push through

the fields of the Chora Valley

in southern Oruzgan. This is

risky territory. Just as

explains the terrain, shots Lieutenant

ring out.. This time it is a ring out.. This time it is

false alarm. One of the

soldiers shoots a dog that tries to attack him, but tries to attack him, but the

story of Lieutenant Leathley's

engineering troop Echo 31 shows just how dangerous it can be.

They arrived in February with

18 men. 8 have been seriously

wounded and sent home. 3 others have been unable to continue

because of the severe effect of combat and

large effect. The majority of

the boys have seen probably what they shouldn't be what they shouldn't be seeing

at such a young

Australian officers concede it

has been a difficult time. Our casualties recently have been a

consequence of doing more with

the Afghan National Army and the Afghan National Army

taking on more in terms of the

brigade. I think there is a natural evolution to that peace in terms of the exposure and I

think that will continue for Valley are now patrolling with

US troops. The Americans have moved in after the departure moved in after the departure of Dutch forces. It's been a significant change at a time

when the Australians

increasing their tempo. Now the

focus is on the parliamentary

election which will be held

this Saturday. Last year's presidential poll was

underminute ed - undermined violence, and underminute ed - undermined by violence, and vote rigging. This patrol is part rigging. This patrol is part of

improved security in the lead-up to the election. Afghans, lead-up to the election. The

together hoping that the local

people will feel safe enough to

come out and cast their

ballots. The coalition is

hopeful it will

this time but some of the local leaders are not convinced. TRANSLATION: Security has

deteriorated in the lead-up to

the poll, despite the efforts of the poll, despite the best

efforts of Australian, US and Afghan forces in the

area. Security comes at a high

price in southern Afghanistan. The Australians have lost

soldiers in the past three months. It's unclear whether

the parliamentary election will

trigger more

to much awaited progress

in Afghanistan. The towards security and democracy

begun of five men accused of planning a

planning a terrorist attack on Sydney's Holsworthy army barracks. The Supreme Court in

conspired to enter the barracks Melbourne was told they

with high-powered weapons with high-powered weapons and kill as many people as

possible. The plot was allegedly payback for Australia's role in the Iraq

and Afghanistan wars. Friends accused were in court to hear

the men conspired together to plan an act of plan an act of terrorism. plan an act of terrorism. Prosecutor Nick Robinson SC

told the court the group planned planned to send five or six men arled with high-powered weapons

into Sydney's Holsworthy army

base to fire at as many people

as possible until either all of the gunmen were either killed

or captured. Prosecutors or captured. Prosecutors told

the court the attack was

designed to intimidate the

Australian Government and was in part Rhett in part Rhett trib bution for Australia's role in the wars in Afghanistan will hear a telephone recording of Wissam Fattal saying: It's alleged the group

communicated in code and set communicated in code and set up

an email account where messages were saved but never sent. were saved but never sent. The prosecution said all five had a desire to use violence to advance Islam, while Wissam advance Islam, while Wissam Fattal wanted to become a


The jury was told Saney Aweys

Australians he was happy about

the death and destruction of the Black Saturday He perceived the fires were

another man was jailed for a

terrorist conspiracy.

It will be argued some of

the men travelled to Somalia hoping

hoping an imam would grant religious approval for religious approval for their

plot. The jury was told this

trial is not about religion or

Islam, it is about a offence. 129 witnesses are

listed to testify. The trial is

schedule to last three

months. Defence lawyers aren't expected expected to address the jury before Wednesday.

The Turkish Government is celebrating victory after voters approved constitutional

reform in a national

referendum. With most of the

votes counted, 58% of the

public voted in favour of the

changes that bring Turkey in

line with the European Union. The Prime Minister message is clear - people have said yes to progressive democracy,

democracy, freedom and the democracy, freedom and the rule

of justice, but critics accuse

the government of trying to gain gain control of the judiciary

as part of the reform and they

fear the ruling party will

unleash a hidden Islamist

agenda if it wins the next election. The New York election. The New York imam

leading the development of an Islamic centre near Ground Zero

says he can't move the says he can't move the project.

He says the Muslim world has been that has made it harder to change any plans. North America

correspondent Craig McMurtrie

reports. Faisal says his reports. Faisal says his plan

has been hijacked by radicals

in America and overseas. The

imam says if he agreed to move

the planned Islamic centre the planned Islamic centre now there would be headlines across

the world saying Islam is under

attack in America We have two

audiences. We have the audience and we have the Muslim

audience, and this issue has

riveted the attention of the

whole Muslim world and whatever

we do and whatever we say and

how we move and the discourse about it about it is being watched very,

very closely, and if we make

the wrong move, it will only expand expand and strengthen the voice

of the radicals and the

extremists. Mr Ralph blames US

politicians for inflaming the

row and he has warned row and he has warned of

growing Islam oh pobia, but the

imam says he wouldn't growing imam says he wouldn't have

recommended the project in the controversy it would create. A

Brisbane man who burnt pages of

the Bible and the Koran and posted the video clip posted the video clip on

YouTube has been asked to explain explain his actions by his bosses of the Queensland

University of technology.

Police say lawyer Alex Stewart

won't be charged over the

incident, but the incident, but the Queensland Muslim community says its members are deeply offended. Contract lawyer Alex

Stewart went on YouTube to make

a point. Sacred books are only words and

destruction." I guess that's the point with all this crap.

It's just a (bleep) book. Who

cares? Who cares? Alex Stewart soon found soon found out. The university

is obviously ex- traem teem - extremely, extremely unhappy

and disappointed that this sort

of incident should occur. Alex

Stewart works for the university in the research

department. He has no contact with students. with students. He claimed he

was conducting an experiment to

find out whether the Bible or

the Koran this profanity, is it

blasphemy? Does it really

matter? Well, yes, it does It may be in the form of a piece

of paper, but what symbolises is symbolises is a sacred

scripture, as is the Bible and

I will stand here and protect the Bible every day because we as as Muslims believe in as Muslims believe in all

scriptures. Just days after fundamentalist American pastor

called off plans to burn the Koran as an act of protest, Alex Stewart must have known

his stunt would cause conflagration. Quite frankly if

you're going to get upset about

a book, you're taking life way too seriously. QUT took it seriously claiming it could seriously claiming it could

damage the university and Australia as a nation. Alex

Stewart met with university authority and went on leave.

His video was removed this afternoon. While politicians

agonise over how to reduce greenhouse gases, scientists here have tapped into a possible possible solution. possible solution. They've developed a sponge-like substance

substance that can soak up

large amounts of carbon and the big big power stations are keeping a close watch. Here is environment reporter Sarah Clarke. It's here in this modest laboratory where the

world's greenhouse gas problem could be solved. Carbon dioxide

capture and greenhouse capture and greenhouse gas

capture is a hot topic at the

moment and I think the time is

right for scientists to be part of the of the solution to that problem. And the answer can be

found in these of scientists have developed a substance that acts like a

sponge, soaking up liquids and

gases. So they are pore rouse structures and that means structures and that means they

can basically hold a huge

amount of gas or liquid, and in

our particular case we're

trying to store greenhouse

gases like carbon dioxide. So

far it is challenging far it is challenging the

efficiencies of other forms efficiencies of other forms of

carbon capture and storage

being trialed, and it's no

surprise the big surprise the big power stations

are keeping a close watch Power stations are technology because currently

the processes use about 25-40%

of the energy they of the energy they generate just to capture the carbon dioxide. And the dioxide. And the applications go beyond greenhouse gases. They They can store any gas, including hydrogen, and including hydrogen, and that may

may hasten the delivery of

hydrogen cars en masse We have materials now that are about

three or four times better three or four times better than

anything that existed about 4 years ago, so there is really

incredibly exciting developments in the last developments in the last few

years. And if all goes to plan, this incredibly absorbent material could be commercially available within a decade. Well, despite long being hailed as the being hailed as the best way forward for the environment, so-called so-called eco cars have yet to

be embraced by the motoring

public, but a British show

featuring the next generation

of models has the industry buzzing with optimism. Sports

cars that are as green as their eye-catching paintwork. These

are the new generation of electric cars, gathered in

Central London where they've

won plenty of endorsements and the praise of a seasoned a seasoned motoring

journalist. It Handels like a

Mini Cooper, it's fast, does 80

miles to one charge, costs miles to one charge, costs you a quid to do that 80 miles and

I think they are good and people don't

understand this. The latest

electric models can now go

further and travel faster, plus

they cost less to run than

their petrol and diesel-burning rivals. At the rivals. At the moment, though, the market the market is tiny. the market is tiny. Less than

0.1% of the UK's 26 million former motor racing great former motor racing great is convinced he has seen the

future. I think we've got to

have more on the road. The one

thing we've got to do is press

on with these batteries, make

them lighter, last longer and so on because so on because they haven't really moved that far forward like the internal like the internal combustion

engine, but I'm sure the future is is in is in this, yes. The festival

was part of Prince Charles' Week spent promoting

environmentally sustainable project as cross the project as cross the country,

ideas that are much

accepted than they once were.

Likewise, the manufacturers of electric cars believe their

products are about to move into

mainstream. To support now with

Amanda Shalala and Amanda Shalala and Mark Webber is on top in is on top in the Formula

One Back where he belongs

Scott. He has recaptured the

lead in the F 1 Drivers

Championship. Webber finished

6th in the Italian Grand Prix buts that was enough. Fernando Alonso

Alonso took the cheque flag for Ferrari. Italians celebrate in celebrate in boisterous

fashion, especially when

Ferrari takes the cheque quered

flag at Monza. This was flag at Monza. This was the 18th time they were able to savour such a victory. The British McLaren team-mates Jenson Button and Lewis

Hamilton seemed to have it all

their way, but Hamilton lasted

less than a lap. Fernando

Alonso started slowly from

pole, as did Mark Webber pole, as did Mark Webber who

fell to 9th in his Red Bull. Button was pursued by the Alonso and Felipe Massa Ferraris, his

Ferraris, his lead diminished

under pressure, before Alonso took his chance COMMENTATOR: He has got ahead of

stayed safe and moved up a few places to guarantee he would retake the title lead 5 point

as head of Hamilton. The skies

opened up leading to a 24-hour postponement of the US postponement of the US Open men's singles final. World men's singles final. World No. 1 Rafael Nadal 1 Rafael Nadal and third seed

Novak Djokovic are both after a maiden Flushing Meadows crown.

Local basketball is teaming up for the new national league season The calibre of season The calibre of players, it's just as good as anywhere

else in the world. With

Kings back in the fold and

long-term free-to-air TV online and sponsorship deals in place,

there is optimism for the league after a dark couple league after a dark couple of

years. If we do it right, years. If we do it right, which

I think we are, people will

come out in their droves to support

support their team. In support their team. In the

final of the meps's world eye

tells, USA defeated Turkey 81-64 first time since 1994. In the

NRL, West Tigers five-eighth Benji

Benji Marshall says he is

hopeful of being fit to play in

Friday night's sudden death

final against the Raiders in Canberra. He injured his knee in in Saturday's epic loss to the

Sydney Roosters. It was a

double heartbreak for the West

Tigers on Saturday night. They lost

lost to the Roosters in golden

point extra time and Benji

Marshall was forced from the field with a knee injury. But

things might be starting to

turn around for the Tigers. Marshall's injury isn't Marshall's injury isn't as bad as first thought and the five-eighth has vowed he will the field on Friday night in

Canberra. Yeah, I feel alright.

I've had a couple of sleepless

nights, though, just trying to

ice up and do everything I to make sure I can be 100% to

play. While the Tigers play. While the Tigers are racing against the clock to recover from 100 blins of gruelling football, the Raiders

spent the day lapping up their sixth win

sixth win in a row. I think sixth win in a row. I think the Tigers definitely would Tigers definitely would feel

that 100-minute game. I know I that 100-minute game. I know I definitely definitely would. I struggle

with any more than 45-50

minutes myself. Spirits could be lifted by the return of

captain Alan Tongue who captain Alan Tongue who has

been battling a calf injury. I trained really well at the back

end of last week. There probably still a bit of doubt,

but made the decision early but made the decision early in

the week not to play, but I

trained during the week really

well, just up to the coaching staff staff now. Fullback staff now. Fullback Preston

Campbell is certain he will be ready to play in next ready to play in next week's preliminary final after

recovering from a hamstring

injury. I had a few runs last

week and pulled up but I ran today and it's feeling really goo, so this week off will be week off will be better. After despatching an unwanted intruder at today's training, the Titans the Titans appeared primed and ready to take on ready to take on any opponent. In AFL In AFL news, the Western

Bulldogs have earned a re-peeve

with Daniel Cross cleared by the Match Review Panel. Cross'

high hit on Sydney's high hit on Sydney's Jude

Bolton was ruled as an attempt

at a legitimate bump at a legitimate bump and is

cleared to play

says the Cats are under the

least amount of pressure to win the premiership heading into their pre-limb against

Collingwood. The other teams that are still that are still left in it, none

of them have won a premiership for a long, long time and that

is pressure.

Pre-limb finals is pressure on everyone, isn't it? You win, you go into a Grand Final. If

you lose, you're out. The

pressure is just as much on us

as the rest of the three teems. Next year's revamped

Super Rugby competition has

been unveiled. It will be

Zealand and South African

conferences with five teams

each. Local provinces will play

each other twice in the season,

home and away while the final sear ri also be expanded to six teams. In cricket, South

Australia has defeated Highveld

Lions by 11 runs in the

Twenty20 league. Good on them.

There has been a setback in the rescue of 33

rescue of 33 miners trapped

deep underground in whil Le. A piece of equipment that drilling an escape shaft has broken. Engineers are trying broken. Engineers are trying to

grab the broken bit with a

specially made device. Work on

a second shaft has a second shaft has also stalled

because of maintenance work. A

high other powered drill is

being brought in to start work

on a third shaft. It's expected to be months to be months before the miners

are rescued. Residents of a San Francisco suburb which was ravaged by a massive gas

explosion have been allowed to

return to their homes. Up to 7 people

more injured when a natural gas pipeline ruptured near the airport. The cause airport. The cause of the accident is not yet accident is not yet known. Investigators looking into the

incident say the pipeline was only recently checked for only recently checked for leaks. Floods continue to leaks. Floods continue to cause

wide spread damage to vast areas of crop land in northern

India. Water has also swamped several villages, forcing locals locals to abandon locals to abandon their homes. Farmers in India's northern northern state are suffering.

Floodwaters have washed away

large swathes of their crops and road links have been

disrupted, kufting off the outside world. outside world. TRANSLATION: The crop has

destroyed completely and there

is no fodder for the livestock.

People are distressed and there is still water in our

fields. The badly affected

crops have scene food prices

sky rocket, another blow for

the poor whose homes have been

washed away. The overflowing

Yamuna River has swamped several low

with waters reaching areas with waters reaching areas close to the Commonwealth Games

village. The misery continues

in Pakistan where tens of

thousands of pregnant women thousands of pregnant women are struggling for health care.

Weeks after flooding have

devastated much of the country.

Many are marooned and cut off from urgently needed help TRANSLATION: I am pregnant TRANSLATION: I am pregnant and I don't know where I will

deliver my baby. No doctor is coming coming here. I have small

children and never get any food

or a tent. I'm sleeping on bed on the roadside and nobody is helping. If someone is helping. If someone is

listening, please for God's

sake help us. Some help has

arrived in the form of a relief camp and camp and field hospital in Sindh province. The Saudi

Sindh province. The Saudi ambassador opened it on behalf of

of his country as an Eid gift of his country as an Eid gift to provide food, shelter and

medical care to the victims medical care to the victims of the flood-ravaged region. The 10th typhoon to hit 10th typhoon to hit China this year has been causing floods and landslides in Zhejiang

province. More than 233mm of rain were dumped on the provincial capital leading to wash-aways and rescues. Authorities rescues. Authorities in Manila

are caring for a newborn are caring for a newborn baby

boy found in an airport rubbish

bin that may have been unloaded

from a plane. A security guard

noticed something moving inside

a rubbish bag thought to have

been taken from a flight that had come from Bahrain. And film

buffs have been remembering French director Claude Chabrol

who has died at the

He was a pioneer of the new-wave style that revolutionised cinema revolutionised cinema in the late '50s. Chabrol made more

than 60 films. Taking a check of the markets now, and the local share market closed

higher today on the back of

impressive economic data out of


Graham two-day weather outlooks for you. Rain is once again feature

you. Rain is once again a feature for New South Wales. In

fact a flood watch is current

for the Central West of the State. Could see State. Could see falls of around 20-40mm. The heavier around 20-40mm. The heavier the

falls probably in association with lies lated thunderstorm as

cross that region as a low

cross that region as a low slowly starts to move through

and that will deepen a little as it as it moves out across the coast bringing a burst as it heads

heads in on Wednesday. Also

another band through the

Pilbara and Kimberley region of Western Australia will be another feature to watch out for. A frontal system moving up towards the south-east. Let's look at look at the impact those weather

weather system also have on the forecast. Thunderstorms about

the south-east of Queensland.

Some patchy rain over the

inland extending up in towards

the central areas, an isolated

shower or two along the

tropical coast. Also the possibility of an isolated

shower about the far north shower about the far north of the Northern

around that Kimberley, Pilbara region of Western Australia where

where tropical moisture where tropical moisture is slowly starting to feed slowly starting to feed in. The big feature about the south-east is south-east is showers and also cold south to south westerly

winds. For you, that will be

that way all the way into the

weekend and possibly weekend and possibly well into

next week, very unspring like

conditions developing conditions developing across

that south-eastern corner. Wide

spread rain in New South Wales but it will ease fairly quickly on Wednesday as the low moves off the coast. There is the south to south to south westerly wids.

With a high pressure system sitting west of Western Australia but it

slow-moving. By the time we hit

the weekend, it will have only

edged a little bit further and that will keep the

temperatures fairly cool across

the south-eastern corner. Flood

watch out for southern parts of the Northern Territory, so around the Alice Springs district for Wednesday,

Thursday. Could see moderate to

heavy falls developing with

that rain. The heaviest of

falls will start to dissipate because the air is fairly cool and won't retain moisture.

Nothing in the way of heavy or

wide spread falls at this stage. Looking at the

temperatures - fairly cool

across the south-eastern

capitals. They won't improve

until well in ex-week. Showers until well in ex-week. Showers for Queensland but contracting

up to the north tropical coast

and clearing shower through

parts of New South Wales. Still

plenty of rain about, but

probably the big feature, the

cold conditions about the cold conditions about the south-east. Recapping tonight's top immigration detention centres

are full to overflowing. The new Immigration Minister has

been told he needs to find

2,000 more beds. Five men have gone on gone on trial accused of

plotting a terrorist attack on

Sydney's Holsworthy army barracks. A court has barracks. A court has heard it

was payback for the wars in

Iraq and Afghanistan. Well,

that's the news for now, but stay with us for the '7:30

Report' with Kerry O'Brien. I'm

Scott Bevan. Thanks for your company.

Closed Captions by CSI.

Tonight on the 7.30 Report -

a special story from Amsterdam on an desperate search. Well, I'd

spent about 6 to 8 hours a day

on the bike. My thoughts were

always focused on always focused on Andrew. The joy of finding his young abducted son

abducted son now tempered by trepidation. It would be not

the right thing to do to the right thing to do to suddenly rush in and say, hey, I'm here. And

And - Geoff Heugill. The swim star who won the battle of the bulge for a Commonwealth

Games comeback. I'll never

Games comeback. I'll never let myself get to that position again.

This Program Is Captioned Live. That's what we all That's what we all say! Welcome to the program. Another page promises to be one of the more fascinating chapters in Australian politics