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CC Tonight - one way ticket

still no visa, but free to fly

home. I have indicated that the

Commonwealth has no objection

to Dr Haneef leaving Australia.

More jitters on Wall Street as

the Dow Jones heads south. A suburban oil spill forces

hundreds from their homes. And

another dog day for the

troubled Tour de France. Good

evening. the way has been

cleared for Mohammed Haneef to

quit Australia. Just a day

after he was released from

jail, the Federal Government

has returned his passport and

he'll fly home to India later

tonight. The Government is

standing by its decision to

cancel his work visa making any

return to Australia uncertain.

Dr Haneef will leave behind a growing political row with

calls for an inquiry into his

arrest and detention. The announcement came late this

afternoon. The immigration Minister confirming Mohammed

Haneef is free to go home. His

visa remains cancelled.

Obviously for him to travel

from Australia, his Indian

passport will be given back to

him. Tsd the decision his

lawyers had wanted. Now this

the criminal justice visa has

been cab selled he has an

obligation to organise Mohammed

to be reunited with his

family. Dr Haneef will fly to

India tonight to see lis wife

and the baby born in his

absence. I am extremely happy

that finally the day has come and the truth has come

out. Mohammed Haneef was

released from prison last

night. But still was not free

to do as he liked. A decoy was

sent to distract the media

while the 27-year-old doctor

was taken to a secret house.

There he was interviewed by immigration officials until

almost midnight. Today, he

continued in residential

detention avoiding the public

eye. His lawyer started sorting

out his property and finances

and considering whether Dr

Haneef could sue for

compensation. My feeling that

he's probably got an avenue

there in relation to the

detention period. I think

they'd be a bit shaking on the

ground now in relation to why

they hell him on to him. The Queensland Premier congratulated the he Commonwealth Director of Public

Prosecutions to have the

courage to review the charngs. I was one of the

Premiers who signed up on the

dotted line to these

anti-terrorism laws but I don't

want to see our way of life

eroded either. With Mohammed

Haneef free, the government is

now adding its voice to calls

for an independent inquiry. That's required

because it's essential we

maintain and sustain support,

public confidence, in our new

Australian anti-terrorism

laws. As far as Dr Haneef's

future goes, he hasn't ruled

out returning to Australia to

work. But his wife says she's

not keen on the idea. In

Victoria, John Brumby appears

set for an unchallenged

appointment as Premier. He's

been the State treasurer for

the past 7 years and says he is

more than ready to step forward

after the surprise resignation

of Steve Bracks. Steve Bracks

drove himself to meeted media

today and confirmed that life

without the trappings of office

will be quite different. You're

just checking if I can still

drive. His successor was also

behind the wheel and

anticipating getting into the

driving seat for the

State. It's obviously a very

exciting time for me and for

the State. It's been a long

journey to the top job. He

began his political life in

federal Parliament before

switching to State politics. He was opposition leader in the

1990s, but struggled against

Jeff Kennett and was eventually

replaced by Mr Bracks. That's

one of the mysteries of life,

you never know what

opportunities unveil. His wife

says the family is prepared for

what's to come. John's been in

politics for a long time. I've been the wife for a long time,

so I don't have to do a lot more preparation for the wife

side of it. Mr Brumby wouldn't

be dran on who will be his new

announce his preference deputy leader. He's likely to

tomorrow. For Steve Bracks the

challenge now is leaving that

sort of politics behind. I have

to realise I don't have to cram

everything into a short space,

for things we need to do

permly. So it's good. It will

certainly be a change of pace.

Soothing words from the US

President did nothing to calm

nerves on Wall Street overnight, the American stock

market continued its slide. The

Dow Jones falling a further 200

points to close the worst

trading week in five years.

BELL RINGS It's not an alarm

bell just yet but the Dow Jones

industrial average dived

another 208 points, or 1.5%.

The losses accelerated in the

last minutes of trading as

uncertainty prevailed. He

invest yrs are trying figure

out what is this merely a

because of lower prices short-term pullback that

represent as goodbying

opportunity, or are we finally

going to see that 10%

correction that usually takes

place in the first two years of

an acknowledged bull market but

has not yet happened Z Wall

Street has lost more than 4%

this week alone. It fell more

than 5% in two weeks in

February and plunged 15% in the

week after the September 11

terrorist attacks. The steep

falls did not go unnoticed in Washington, where President

Bush flanked by his most senior

economic advisers attempted to

calm investors, pointing to the

release of stronger than

expected economic growth

figures of 3.4%. The world is

strong, the world economy is

strong, I happen to believe

within of the main reasons why is because we remain

strong. Investors are not yet

convinced. Takeover targets and

companies have been pounded on

Wall Street, private equity or

carpt buy-out deals have been

frozen or scrapped. I'm not

that overly worried. I think in

the end it'll correct itself

and get back on track. I'm

pessimistic right now but I'm

hopeful this is the bottom. If

it gets worse I'll be in big

trouble. The big trouble begins

if the downturn in America's

housing sector which triggered

the debt concerns drags the US

economy down. When the housing

market hits the skids

everybody's feeling pretty

concerned and house broke and

they stop spending or they slow

down spning Z spending has

already slowed. Some analysts

say the housing shake-out isn't

over. It will probably take

another year and a half or two

years to work its way

through. Is that suggests more

anxious moments for investers

around the globe. The United

States and India have reached

agreement to share nuclear fuel

and technology. The deal covers

only civilian nuclear energy.

Critics say India should be

excluded until it signs the

nuclear non-proliferation

treaty. The two countries say

they'll work together to stop

the spread of nuclear

weapons. We have mea made the

argument oinia has not

proliferated its non-nuclear

technology. We are not using it

as an excuse to enhance our

strategic fuel capabilities. I

think the earlier countries

forget that I think the

better. Australia is also

considering selling uranium to

ind India. Federal cabinet will

examine a submission proposing

limited exports. Starving and

desperate the flood of

Zimbabweans pouring across the

South African border is rising

rapidly as food in their own

country becomes very scarce. Many Zimbabweans are

travelling to South Africa to

find food for their

families. Robert Mugabe arrives

at Zimbabwe's Parliament with

all the trappings of royalty.

He's a leader who appears

oblivious to what's going on

around him. For ordinary

Zimbabweans, life has become a

struggle for survival. There's

no food in the shops and in

petrol in the pumps. We can't

find anything in the shops. We

can't find cooging oil in

shops, you can't find almost

everything. So it's like you

need to support your family

back home. This man who doesn't

want to to be identified has

travelled to South Africa

buying what they can before

loading up and heading back

home. But the Mugabe government

is putting a stop to this. Next

month it will ban the

importation of food across its

borders. These desperate

Zimbabweans are already under

surveillance. We were told this

man is a Zimbabwe government

agent. No, there is no crisis

in Zimbabwe. Only that... Is unfortunate, people have

misinterpreted the situation in Zimbabwe. Most Zimbabweans who

make it to South Africa choose

not to leave. They're here to

make money so they can support

their families back home. Quite often they find there are no

jobs and there's nowhere to

stay. Up to 1,000 Zimbabweans

seek refuge in this Joe

Hansburg church every night. I

have a doctor sitting outside,

we have nursing sisters, I have

plan plumbers, carpenters,

fitters and turners, school

teachers, accountants, awed

trsers to some are escaping

torture and harassment. Most

have fled hunger. The church

may be dark, cold and damp but

these people are grateful to

find a meal and a place to

sleep. Violence has flared

again at the Red Mosque in

Islamabad forcing its closure

just hours after it had reopened. Friday prayers were conducted by a government

appointed Imam to replace the

radicals who had been arrested during a bloody siege. There

were angry protests outside and

a suicide bomber attacked a

restaurant district near the

Mosque. (explosion) At least 13

people were killed. The

violence is a setback for the Pakistani government which is

trying to counter the influence

of Islamic militants linked to

the Taliban in

Afghanistan. Four people were

killed when two news

helicopters collided over the

US city of Phoenix. A camera on

a third chopper captured the

scene as the two helicopters

crash nod a park one after the

other. The news crews had been covering a high speed police

chase. No-one on the grond was

injured. In Tokyo Bay it was a

collision at sea. A Greek

freighter slam nod a container

ship from sing I pore

dislodging contearns and

leaving both ships adrift.

Separating the ships could be

tricky. Coast guard says both

are now at risk of sinking. A

toxic spill in Brisbane today

forced more than 400 families

from their homes. They were

evacuated at day break when

hundreds of thousands of litres

of yud oil spilled from a

ruptured pipeline. Crude

oil. With oil oozing from a

ruptured underground pipeline an emergency situation was

declare end Brisbane's south

just after 6 this morning. More

than 400 families were told to

evacuate, some could smell

burning oil. I just grabbed

what I could, got dressed, got

my daughter and we left. At

first I thought there was a

toksing hazard, I thought we're

going to have gases going

through the house. Some home

owners had a rude awakening. I

heard a noise this morning, a

pressure noise. We thought it

was from inside, but that was

about 4 this morning. An

evacuation check point was set

up at the Algester primary

school. None of the kids were

dressed, no breakfast. We just

scoffed some food and packed

some bags as quick as we

could. Santos own the pipeline

an staff turneded off the flow

of oil and contained the spill

with fire crews. The crude is

releasing a vapour. We have external monitoring in process. No-one has been

adversely affected by the

leaking pipe at this stage. The

cause of the rupture isn't

known. It's the same pipeline

that ruptured and caused an oil

spill in 2003. The culprits

were fined $300,000. Families

were allowed back into their

houses late this afternoon, the

cleanup is continuing. In the

northern Territory, the push

for alcohol reform is gathering

grassroots support. Not content

to wait for community orders,

some Aboriginal people are

making a personal stand apply

ing to have their own homes

declared dry for the good of

their families. This house may

look similar to others in

Darwin es Bagot community but

soon it will be very

different. Dawn Adams lives

here, she's the first person in

the community to ask the Licencing Commission to declare

her house dry. Me and - mean a

safer environment and more

quieter. That no-one will bring

alcohol in the house. As Mal

Brough continues his crusade

against the rivers of grog in

remote communities, there has

been little to stop alcohol

flowing into the Bagot

community in suburban Darwin.

When the dry season hits,

Bagot's rundown houses become

crowded with visitors from

remote communities and police

are often called to break up

alcohol fuelled fights. My

daughter, she's doing year 12,

and I think we deserve to be in

a safer environment, quieter

environment. For Dawn I dams

having a dry house gives her a

legal right to refuse drunken

family members who leave their

dry communities to drink in

Darwin. And her neighbour,

sabina Homes wants the same. Oh

it's pretty bad because people,

you know, they - especially the

little ones, they actually see

it and they think that it's the

lifestyle. She has the

application form ready to sign. Trying to fight against

the alcohol and drugs, the best

way we can. Our experience with

restricted private premises is

that they're very effective,

they cut down on anti-social

behaviour in and around the premises. The vast majority of

the 130 applications for dry

houses are in the Top End. But Alice Springs is catching

up. The Government says 29

public housing tenants have

applied to become dry

households. The legendry Australian performer Lucky

Grills has died at the age of

79. The Tasmanian-born comedian

acted in numerous films and

series but was best known for

his lead role in the 1976

police drama Bluey rr. He

coughed the lot on a

plate. Sir f we move fast

we'll bag the lot of

them. Younger audiences got to

know Lucky Grills in 1993 when

Bluey rr was overdubbed by

comedians and retitled 'Barge arse'. Friends say lucky Grills

was still performing happily

yesterday but died peacefully

in his sleep at home on the

Gold Coast. Tonight's main

story - Mohammed Haneef has

been given back his Indian

passport and is now free to

leave Australia. Still to come

- the Royal marriage that stood

the test of time.

He's sitting second but Cadel

Evans will have to move fast if

he's to become the first

Australian to win the Tour de

France. Evans trails the

Spaniard Alberto Contador by 1

minute 50 seconds and with only

two stages remaining tonight's

time trial will be crucial.

Overnight the troubled tour was

dogged by yet more disription. Given all the

dramas on this year's tour it

wouldn't have surprised too

many that another dog caused an

accident early on stage 18.

Bringing down two of the riders

in a break away group. The

second cyclist to fall, Belgium's Frederick Willems

would finish at the rear of the

field. The Frenchman Sandy

Casar rejoined the leading

riders after some repair. This

dog showed impeccable restraint

as the injured Casar launch add

bold bid for victory. The

Frenchman held on for his first

stage win after finishing

second three times.

The Australian managed to

stay out of trouble and would

take 3 seconds off the overall

leader Alberto Contador. The

young Spaniard didn't seem

scrned but Evans is a chance of

making up the rest of the 1m 50

deficit during the 56km time

trial tonight. He was 1m 4 s

quicker than Contador in stage

13. The race of truth and the

truth will be out tomorrow.

It's good for you guys

watching. A little bit anxious

from my part. I'm kind of

looking forward to it. Earlier

this week, Denmark's Michael

Rasmussen won the 16th stage

and led the tour. But now the

sacked cyclist is trying to

avoid the media at his dlean

home. Bradley Wiggins a rider

from the Cofidis team which

pulled out of the tour when

Christian more eni fail add

drug test says it will be a

hollow win for whoever takes

the overall honours. Whatever

happens now I think people will

have already made their minds

up that it's kind of a null and

void Tour de France in terms of

resilt Z Evans will have a

different view as he prepares

for tonight's stages.

Brad Fittler did remarkable

things as a Roosters player but

only the most optimistic fans

would've predict add dominant

win under his direction over the premiership favourites. Everyone's just

having a lash... You know. I

got good staff. I got staff

that know what they're doing.

They've take an big workload

off me. Everyone's just

chipping in. The Roosters set

up the win in the first half

hour. Harrison and Williams

crossed for a 20-nil Roosters

lead. Melbourne rested key

players for the match,

eventually crossed through

Israel Falau. The Roosters are

just two points outside the top

8678 a hat trick of tries to

centre Phil Graham set up a

Raiders win that further

entrenches Penrith at the bot

toll of the competition ladder.

Matthew Elliott's fullback was

embarrassed by a flying Broncos


Todd corn Carney's long range

effort appeared to put the Raiders out of reach.

Aiming to consolidate their

place in the top 89 Warriors

crossed twice before the

Knights had even touched the

ball. Newcastle answered

through James McManus but two

more tries to reveli and a rare

reason away try for Steve Price

had the Warriors on course for

their 10th win of the season.

the final score in that game -

the Warriors have defeated

Newcastle 52-10. Sydney

university has become just the

fifth team to win 3 Premier

rugby union premierships in a row defeating eastern suburbs

34-11. Aiming to end a 38-year

drought, Easts dominated

possession in the first half

and took an 11-nil lead. It was

all Sydney uni in the second

half. two tries to the man of

the match. As the minor

Premiers scored 34 unanswered

points to win the Shute Shield.

Many of the students players

will represent the Sydney Fleet

team when the inaugural Australian rugby championship

starts in two weeks' time. In

the AFL - St Kilda has moved

into the top 8 with a 10-point

win over Carlton at docklands

this afternoon.

?T was a milestone day for

Matthew Lappin and Fraser

Gehrig and a significant day in

the life of stand-in Carlton

coach Brett Ratten. The new era

brought with it new enthusiasm.

With nowhere to go Nick Dal

Santo did all the work himself.

It's a goal! Gehrig opened

his account in game No. 250.

Everyone ola was looking

dangerous at the other end. -

Fevola. He still had to battle

his Demons. Goals to O'Hall

pin. The Blues up by 3 points.

The Saints opened up a handy

gap in the second with 5-1 for

the quarter. Gehrig taking his

tally to four. By three-quarter

time the margin had blown out

to 35 points. Carlton wouldn't

go away. Fevola's fourth gave

the Blues hope and his next one

closed the gap to 11 points.

Fittingly, Gehrig secured the

win for the Saints with his

sixth goal. Last night Daniel

Kerr led the way for the West

Coast Eagles with 34 disposals

in their win over the Bulldogs.

It was a demoralising night for

the Dogs with a host of star

players on the side licence including Scott West they were

no match for the reigning

Premiers. Ben cousins was booed

every time he went near the

ball and was among the Eagles

best in his second match back.

The Australian women's cricket

team has retained the

Trans-Tasman Rose Bowl trophy. The southern stars took

a 2-1 lead into game four of

the five-match series and

looked set for a comfortable

win after a string of early

wickets. 20-year-old debutante

Rachel Farrell kept a cool Hoad

and walked away with figures of

3/26. It's Australia's 18th

Rose Bowl win from 22 attempt

s. We played well today. The

final match of the Rose Bowl

seer yos will be played in

Darwin tomorrow. The national

netball league has resumed

after a three-week Break with

the Sydney swifts crushing

Queensland. Sydney won by 28

goals. Wlng

Sydney was never threatened

after taking control from the

start with accurate shooting

from Katherine Cox the reigning

Premiers led 15-7 at the first

break. The star of the Knight

was Liz Ellis, the Sydney

captain had 7 intercepts in the

opening term to shut down the

Fire Bierds' attack. fwlng The

Swifts now sit in second place

on the ladder. Queensland is

fifth and will take on the

Kestrels in Melbourne tomorrow.

Later this year the Queen and Prince Philip will mark their

60th wedding anniversary. Keen

Royalists already have much to celebrate. From today an

exhibition of wedding

memorabilia opens at Buckingham palace complete with original

gowns and crowns and some of

the people who lent a hand at

the regal rites. The Royal

wedding took place as Britain

recovered from the trauma of

war. A wave of euphoria swept

the nation and

beyond. COMMENTATOR: This is

the moment the teeming millions

have been awaiting for

months. Now for the first time

since the wedding the outfits

worn by principle members of

the wedding party are on

display. One of the brides

maids recalls the drama on the

day after the bride's tiara

snapped into two. Hadt had to

be taken by express to the

jeweller to be mended, it was

all very exciting waiting for

the great moment to go off to

the Abbey. The bridal gown by

renowned designer Sir Norman

Hartnell took 8 weeks to make.

Stitched from the finest

Duchess satin it was

embroidered with crystals and

10,000 pearls. Visitors will be

able to watch a member of the

original team of embroiders. I

was amazed the other week when

I saw it again for the first

time at how much work went into

the dress. Sdwr the Queen has

already seen the exhibition and

apparently approved. I think

she very much enjoyed her visit

and particularly watching the

film footage, the original news

rool footage of the event. Also

on display are some of the

2,500 wedding gifts a diamond bracelet from Prince fill toip

his bride a piece of lace with

thread spun by Mahatma Gandhi

and from Queen Mary, Girls of

Great Britain Tiara, seen on

British bank notes. The

exhibition runs until the end

of September. It's time for a

look at weather this Saturday


The satellite picture shows a

cloud mass is crossing South

Australia and low cloud is

being driven across WA, there's

some low cloud over Tasmania

and southern Victoria too. On

to the snoptic chart, a low pressure trough will spread

showers across the south-east.

A high will keep the interior

and north dry and motionly

sunny. Tomorrow's rain fall

prediction then falls for

southern WA, for South

Australia and parts of

Victoria. showers for Perth,

Adelaide and Melbourne. It

should stay mostly fine and dry


Recapping our top stories -

Mohammed Haneef will fly home

to India tonight. The fast has

announced it will return Dr

Haneef's passport, but not his

visa. A look at tomorrow

morning's television. The news

and current affairs line-up

begins at 9. the special guest

is the Health minister Tony

Abbott on 'Insiders'. the CEO

Greg Clarke of Lend lease is

interviewed in 'Inside


That is the latest ABC News

for now. Updates throughout the

evening. Until then, enjoy your

night. Closed Captions by CSI