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(generated from captions) He pulled on every heart string

he possibly could reminding

people of the depth of his

in the country of all he said

he achieved and prevented from

happening to the country and

said now is our greatest need,

we have to have unity and we have to have unity and I'm the man to lead you still the man to lead you still but

he did also add, if I'm not to

be prime minister so be it,

he's not - he said he's not absolutely determined

as prime minister but the very

fact he's up there giving that speech tell yous he does want to stick with the job at least

for the moment. OK, Phil Williams in Cannes, thanks.

to fresh doubts about Europe's closed lower overnight, thanks

trading package. Stocks closed

down in the US and the S&P 500

was also lower. For more,

we're joined now was also lower. For more,

Chris Weston. Chris, Chris

don't very much for joining us. I

don't know whether you've had a

chance to listen to what George

Papandreou had to say, but

pretty much fighting for his it's own survival, but he's saying

it's all on the line for

Greece, of course. We saw a

bounce in markets yesterday,

certainly locally, given certainly locally, given that

he'd announced he was dropping

this referendum. Now we still

have more uncertainty in Europe, that's affecting the markets still? That's for the confidence vote to go right. We still markets still? That's exactly

through. The outcome of could really dictate price through. The outcome of that

action next week. Last night

we saw the private payrolls

the headline number was a bit coming out of the US and to me

of a mess, but that's okay, not

too bad. But the actual

revisions from the previous

months it were much higher than

expected, the unemployment rate

down a little bit. If you look

at that report, it's supportive

of equity markets. It's clear

the US is recovering, albeit

the G20 were, I suppose, very slowly at the moment. The

marginally negative, the fact

it doesn't seem there are a huge

huge number of countries looking to contribute to bailout fund. I think all eyes

this week on what will happen

at the Euro Group meeting on

the 7th and 8th. The devil is

in the detail. We have a shell

of the plan in terms of

recapitalisation of banks, the

level of hair cuts, et cetera,

but it will be the details the

market wants to look at. The

tone of next week will be dictated by the kf dependence

vote and then we have European headlines to come,

culminate ing in that meeting

on the 7th and 8th. You can't

see an end to the volatility we're

we're seeing on the markets

recently, as we have ongoing

uncertainty in Europe? It's

not just Greece. We're not just Greece. We're also looking very closely at what's

going on in Italy. Italian

yields were up again 18 basis

points last night. The 10-year

Italian debt was up about 5 or 6%

6% last week as well. No-one feels convinced Berlusconi feels convinced Berlusconi is

that economy. The refinancing putting in the reforms to

rates are becoming staggering

for Italy. If we go for Italy. If we go past 7%, that's been the level before

where Portugal and Greece got bailouts. That's a where Portugal and Greece have got

got bailouts. That's a worry.

Whilst the yields are Whilst the yields are still elevated, we will see people

looking to sell any kind of

strength in the currency

market. Obviously the

confidence vote could be If that comes out no, risk confidence vote could be huge.

assets could come off assets

staggeringly on Monday as well. Ultimately this is about the bailout.

bailout. We need to feel

convinced the bailout will work

and those details will

don't see that dissipating at continue in the short period, I


all really for the rest of the

year. How is this translating

locally? Yesterday the locally? Yesterday the RBA in

its statement pretty much

warned of tougher times ahead

with higher unemployment and

subdued growth. That's right.

The comments we got from Rio's

CEO yesterday, he sees Europe

in a very bad space as well.

Next week - as it stands at the moment, we expect be down about 0.6%. If you

look at the financials in the US, they were down about 1.4%

last night on the S&P. It

seems on Monday morning our

financials may come under pressure by that guilt by

association. The material has

held up relatively well. I

think you have to look at the

US. It's still a reasonably

strong space. We're expecting

2.5% GDP growth in the fourth

quarter. Next week we have a

huge amount of Chinese data. We

We can look closely at the We can look closely at the CPI

print, it's going in the right

direction, expected to come

down from 6.1 to 5.4. Credit

is very tight in China and we

need to see that coming down a

bit. We have to look bit. We have to look closely

at China next week. I

really the fall in everyone's -

every trader's side if you're

long, bullish, is Europe. That

will be the dictating of headlines at the moment. This

is a minute by minute market.

People are dictated to by the

headlines coming out of there.

Europe still is the fall in

moment. Chris Weston from people's side at the

very much. Thanks a lot. Our

top story this morning - top story this morning - the

Greek Prime Minister, George

Papandreou, has made an

impassioned plea to the parliament to support the Eurozone bailout package and

save his government. While

in parliament, Mr Papandreou addressing a confidence motion

acknowledged the strong

exist differences of opinion which

exist in Greece over the exist in Greece over

economy, but has urged all

parties to do what's best for

the country. Controversial

plans to hold a referendum on

the latest bailout in austerity

deal have been abandoned.

We're looking at live

debate during that confidence vote -

debate - in the Greek parliament, the referendum

proposal sparked a furious

reaction from European leaders

this week, who feared the bailout package would start bailout package would start to

unravel and begin a domino

effect through Europe. A confidence

confidence vote is now under

way, as I mentioned, in

Parliament in Athens, as we can

see. Reports suggest even see. Reports suggest even if Mr Papandreou survives Mr Papandreou survives the

current vote, he may stand

aside soon to give way for a national unity government. Political manoeuvring is

continuing between the

government and opposition

how to tackle the economic crisis. As we've been hearing,

the Greek Prime Minister,

George Papandreou, has addressed the confidence motion

in Parliament in Athens and he's he's defended dumping the

referendum proposal. He says the Greek people would probably have chosen to accept the

bailout. Here is some of the

speech. TRANSLATION: One

party is not enough and one

majority. We need honest and

wider support. It can be done

in two ways: first the

referendum, the will of

Greek people, to have the Greek people, to have the right to reject this program, this

route, with all the known

consequences, but would be a genuine democratic people's

choice - either yes or no. Personally, I think it

definitely would be yes,

because I deeply believe that it's in the interests of it's in the interests of the

Greek people this package of

decisions. I deeply believe

the Greek people know how the Greek people know how to judge what judge what is better for them. That's George Papandreou, the

Greek leader. Greek leader. G20 leaders have

ended their summit in Cannes

with a plan to rebalance the

global economy. Much of the discussion at the summit

focused on the financial and

political crises in Italy and Greece. Leaders of the Greece. Leaders of the world's

richest nations have agreed richest nations have agreed to

increase the money they give

increase the money they give to

the IMF to help ease the European debt crisis. The G20

summit in Cannes has wrapped up with Italy

monitor its economic reform

program. TRANSLATION: We have

asked the fund asked the fund monitor and publicly certify every three

months the progress of our reforms so we can show reforms so we can show the markets, using the authority of the

the IMF, that the Italian government is making government is making progress in the implementation of the reforms. EU leaders have insisted Italy adopt tough budget deficit reduction targets, but the head of the

European Commission says the

country sought the oversight under its own under its own initiative. Italy has decided Italy has decided on its own,

on its own initiative, to ask

the IMF to monitor

implementation of Italy's commitments. G20 leaders have

also agreed to boost

resources of the IMF to help support economic growth. All

of us have an enormous interest

in Europe's success and all of

us will be affected if Europe

is not growing, and that

certainly includes the United

States, which counts Europe as

our largest trading

partner. They haven't yet

decided how to do it. That

will be worked out at in February. As for Greece,

it's been told to decide its own future as it struggles to

deal with its massive sovereign

debt. We want Greece to remain in Europe. in Europe. At the same time, Greece must decide whether it's ready to take the ready to take the commitments that come that come with

membership. Speaking at the

of the summit, the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, said Minister, Julia she was pleased her push for

increased funds for the IMF had

been carried through. Is the

outcome is consistent with outcome is consistent with my strongly held views needs to get its own house needs to get its own house in order, but, equally, the rest


of the world has a role to of the world has a role to play in shoring up the global financial system. She revealed that Australia will

host the next G20 summit in 2014 in a city yet to be

decided. Let's discuss this

further with Adam Creighton, further with Adam Creighton, economics research fellow with

the Centre for Independent

Studies. Adam Creighton,

thanks for coming in. Thank George Papandreou had to say.

He's pretty much fighting for

his own survival, for that of

Greece. The G20 summit has

just finished. Do you just finished. Do you think there's any there's any solid ground having

been made there? They certainly won verbal support,

but essentially no new money,

is that the case? I think the

meeting has basically failed.

After all, there have been 14

crisis meetings since the very

first Greek bailout package,

which was in March 2010. which was in March 2010. This

is yet a continuation of this

constant process of rescues and

then they fall through. not surprised that there's great political trouble in Greece because the conditions attached to the bailout have attached to the bailout funds

have very serious ramifications

for the Greek people. I

thought the referendum idea was quite reasonable. Ultimately

it's the people of Greece who

will have to put up with conditions will have to put up with the conditions on the loans But there was the danger that there was the danger that would

have been voted down, which

would have thrown it into

turmoil, wouldn't it? That's true. I think Greece needs true. I think Greece needs to default. The economic reality won't won't be changed by any

political words, any soothing

words in France. Ultimately those words those words can't change the

reality. Greece has reality. too much

live within its means and also

the people who have lent the people who have lent money to Greece will have to to Greece will have to lose

their money That's all very

well, you say it will have to

default, most commentators seem

in agreement. It's a question of whether it's orderly or of whether it's orderly or

disorderly. It's almost a contradiction in terms to have

an orderly default. It's pretty an orderly default. It's not pretty either way. The reality

is let's have a short-term shock and get it out of the

way, as opposed to dragging it out over

out over and over again. The

banks have taken a hair cut,

some 50% and so on we

What more needs to be done then about

as far as alleviating the

problem? I think it's not just

the banks that need a hair cut, it's also the government institutions, institutions, like the European

central bank, they never got a

hair cut on their loans to

Greece, the European financial

stability didn't get a stability didn't get a hair

cut. It's not a full 50% hair

cut, it's more generous than that.

that. Even with the package

agreed in October, agreed in October, Greece's

debt will still be 120%

by 2020, so it's really not a

solution. Ultimately has to raise more tax. You were

saying to me earlier you feel a bit bit sorry for George Papandreou,

Papandreou, that he's trying to

get the house in order. You

said he's paying for the mistakes of past governments. Nicolas Sarkozy, the French President, has President, has basically eye lieu alluded to the problems in

Greece, we need to eject the

countries that are tax havens from the Eurozone, from the Eurozone, no question he was talking about Greece

being one of those. Can being one of those. Can Greece

then get its house in order as far as eliminating these tax

loopholes and so on? It's difficult. difficult. Greece has been a recalcitrant, Sarkozy is quite right, it's repeatedly lied about its economic situation

over 200 years. over 200 years. If you look at the history of Greece, it's

constantly defaulted and constantly lied about its position. posit

position. It's amazing all position. It's amazing all of these financial institutions

lent so much money to Greece in

the past 10 years. Now they're complaining

complaining they might not get

it back. It really shouldn't

have been a surprise. The fact

is Greece hardly raises any is Greece hardly raises any of

its own tax revenue, it's been

living off borrowed money which

it's been able to cheaply because of a German

guarantee. How pivotal is the

International Monetary Fund in

the future of Europe and helping it through this crisis?

There is certainly lots of talk to increase the size money that the IMF has access to.

to. I think Australia should

keep out of it really, because

ultimately - a larger IMF is

just encouraging irresponsible borrowing, reckless lending. Ultimately it offers a

guarantee to both countries guarantee to both countries and lenders, like an implicit guarantee they'll get their

money back. I'd rather there

be a default, have a small IMF short-term consequences and

have a more long-term future. In other

words, people have to deal with short-term pain or medium-term pain for the longer-term consequences

consequences to get this. That's completely right. All right. right. All right. Adam Creighton, thanks very much for

coming in. Thank you. To other

news, in Los Angeles a jury has

begun deliberations in the case against the doctor charged over

the death of Michael Jackson.

Seven men and five women must

reach a verdict on a charge of involuntary involuntary manslaughter

against Dr Murray. The

Jackson an overdose of the powerful sedative Propofol powerful sedative Propofol to help him sleep. For six weeks,

America has followed every step

of this trial. Each day the

Jackson family were in court to see

see the man accused of killing Michael.

Michael. Conrad Murray

presented as unethical, the man

who broke the trust between

doctor and patient out of

greed. Michael Jackson was

shown rehearsing for a

demanding run of concerts in

London. Hours later he was dead. He'd become dependent on

the drug Propofol to sleep, a powerful anaesthetic used powerful anaesthetic normally used in hospitals. Experts explained how it should never be given at home without monitoring equipment. Dr

Murray provided it and was paid ?100,000 a month. He was out ?100,000

of the room when Michael

Jackson stopped breathing and

didn't call emergency didn't call emergency services for 20 minutes. Michael

Jackson trusted Conrad Murray, but that relationship and for that Michael Jackson paid with his life. The defence claimed

Michael Jackson had injected

himself with the drug that

killed him. What they're really asking

really asking you to do is to convict Dr Murray for the

actions of Michael Jackson. actions of Michael Jackson. If you're going to hold Dr Murray

responsible, don't do it

because it's Michael Jackson. This is not a it's reality. The jury started

their deliberations just a few

hours ago. They'll have to

decide not just whether Conrad

Murray was negligent or unethical in the way he treated

his patients, but whether his

actions directly led to the death of Michael Jackson. An

Australian teenager facing drug

charges in Indonesia will learn

his fate in a Bali court next

Friday. Yesterday the

14-year-old made an emotional

plea to be allowed to return

home and promised the court again. The teenager allegedly

was caught with a small amount

of marijuana during a family

holiday in Bali last month.

The boy's father asked The boy's father asked the

court for court for leniency for his son,

saying he was a habitual user

of marijuana. The prosecutor said the teenage father

promised to get him treatment. Thousands of people

have taken to the streets have taken to the streets in

Syria. Video posted online appears to show a tank firing

on a residential the city of Homs. Medical

officials in Syria say the city's hospital has received

more than 100 bodies in the past

past 48 hours. At past 48 hours. At least 20 people are reported to people are reported to have

died in clashes there this

week. Earlier the Arab League

said Syria agreed to a plan to

bring an end to the political violence. British detectives

investigating claims of

payments to police officers

have arrested a 48-year-old

News International journalist.

The man is understood to be Jamie Piad, who works for 'The Sun'. He was arrested Sun'. He was arrested by detectives working on an allegations of inappropriate

payments to police. The operation is running in

parallel with the phone hacking inquiry. Heavy storms have

killed at least six people in

north-western Italy after causing flooding in the city causing flooding in the city of

Genoa. Authorities have warned residents not to leave their homes as streets across the

city remain submerged. city remain submerged. It's

just a week since storms last

hit the region, killing at

least ten people and causing

mud slides. In Russia a crew

has returned from a mission to Mars The crew were on a simulated journey

journey to the red planet and back.

back. They lived in isolation

for more than 500 days in

conditions that replicated a

flight into deep space. Now

the readjustment to life on

earth can begin for earth can begin for the crew.

Moscow correspondent Norman Hermant reports. They're back,

even though they never left. For the

For the last 520 days these six crew members were on a

simulated mission to Mars.

They were inside a module in a

building in a Moscow building in a Moscow suburb

completely isolated. Communications, Communications, work routines, food, everything was designed

to replicate conditions on a journey

journey into deep space. We

are proud today to prove that

humans can go to Mars. The crew

came from Russia, Europe and

China. They lived as they would on a flight to Mars. Communications to mission

control were delayed to simulate the distance from

earth. There was even a mock exploration of the martian

surface, all to better study

how humans will cope with the travel to other planets. The crew crew members who have been

isolated in here for nearly a

year and a half won't face a

full media briefing until next

week and those who have been

through similar, though shorter

experiments say that's a good

thing. Cosmonaut was past r part

part of a Mars flight

that period of isolation, 105

days, adjusting back to everyday life took time. It's

really influencing our emotion

al behaviour and in an interesting way. These crew

members say despite 520 days of being forced to live and together, being forced to live and work

together, they all got along and that may be the key

achievement, because in space

there is no escape to blow off

steam. NASA scientists have

captured the formation of a

giant crack in an Antarctic

glacier they believe will soon

break off into an iceberg the size

size of New York City. size of New York City. The

NASA team first noticed the

crack last month while mapping

the pine island glacier. The

crack is currently 29km long and

and an average of 80 metres wise.

wise. It's winding by about

1.8 metres a day. Scientists

say this type of say this type of cracking

happens naturally every decade and

warming. These things happen

on a semi regular basis in both

the arctic and Antarctic, but

it's still a fairly large

event. We wanted to make sure

we captured as much as of that process as we could. Today our

first trip to the area, first trip to the area, we modified the existing flight

plan to add an extra half hour

to the flight to catch a flight along the direction of the rift

in order to get mainly a photographic map of the exact

shape, depth and width of

it. Let's check sport now with

Daniela. A bit of celebration for Kelly Slater

yesterday. In fact he is not

yet world champion. He isn't. Before I get to that, apparently Ian Thorpe says apparently Ian Thorpe says he's

happy to be back in the

despite finishing at the rear

of the field last night at

of the field last night at the World Cup in Singapore. The five-time Olympic champion

improved on his qualifying improved on his qualifying time

in the final of the 100 metres individual medley, but he

finished 7th. The ABC's Ben Worsley was there. By Worsley was there. By Ian Thorpe's standards and Thorpe's standards and public expectations, second-last isn't great, but in this comeback and his own expectations, it's very hard to

judge this performance. Thorpe

himself seems reasonably comfortable with the result.

This is great. It gives This is great. It gives me a perspective of where I'm perspective of where I'm at,

what I need to do. Being able

to race, having people in front

of me, having all of that wash

there, this is good for me,

it's good for what I'll do in

training next. Thorpe says the first

first 50 metres of this 100

metres individual medley was

strong, but his breaststroke leg leg let him

freestyler, as we all know. It

will be some time before we see

him competing in his favourite event, so I guess the guessing

game is going to continue for

some time. Overall, though,

Ian Thorpe insists his comeback

is on track. I've got to take

stock of where I was 12 months

ago to where I am now. I'm in a final, I'm a final, I'm competing

reasonably well, I'm happy.

I've made an improvement. I've received a tremendous amount received a tremendous amount of support from people, not world. Hopefully with a little

bit more time we can have some

good performances The other comeback swimmer in this event, Libby Trickett, swam Libby Trickett, swam in two

final s last night. She also

didn't perform as well as she

once would have. She in once would have. She came 6th

in the 50 freestyle and last in

the 100 butterfly. Like the 100 butterfly. Like Ian Thorpe, she too seems quite

happy. I want to swim faster,

I know that for sure, but I

feel like I'm relearning to race as a whole. appears to have been popped a

little too early for surfing

world champion Kelly Slater.

Due to a miscalculation, Slater

needs to win one more

claim his 11th world title.

World surfing's governing body

has admitted Slater was prematurely crowned world champion in San Francisco earlier this week following

that miscalculation. that miscalculation. Slater

now has to win one more heat at either

either the current event or the

final of the contest of the

year in Hawaii to clinch the world

time. He's currently tied with

Australian Owen Wright.

They've apologised to Slater

for the mix-up. Joining me on the phone is the phone is surfing expert Reggae Ellis, who is' in San Francisco for Francisco for the event. Reggae, what's Kelly Slater's reaction

reaction to this bungle? Well, he's been quite he's been quite philosophical

about it, Danielle. He's the

one who discovered it and probably the only guy I think probably the only guy I can think of who would

think of who would double-check

to make sure he has won a title

after claiming his 11th.

Pretty embarrassing mix-up from the ASP. I don't think they'll

be happy with whoever be happy with whoever is responsible. He won one round

too early. Who's to say, he

may not win this 11th world

title. Has anything like this

happened before? No, not at

all. It's just one of those

things. Since the association

was first launched in 1976, this is

probably two of the guys who

have lost quite close ones, they

they might be they might be double-checking.

I think definitely this is a

one-off and I'm pretty sure it won't happen won't happen again. Reggae Ellis, thanks for Ellis, thanks for your time. Okay, bye second Okay, bye bye. Taking out the

second Test on the Gold Coast, after losing the opening game,

Australia needed a 45-point victory to claim the series

trophy. The hosts led early

before the visitors nabbed a four-point lead at buffer to 11 at the long break,

before the match took an ugly

turn. Six players received

yellow cards on the way to the

sin bin, including five in a spiteful third term alone. The incident left the future of turn.

competition in doubt. Ireland

ended up with a comfortable

21-point win, the final 21-point win, the final score 50-29. To Rugby League, 50-29. To Rugby League, heavy rain is predicted for Australia's Four Nations Australia's Four Nations clash against England at London's

Wembley Stadium. But coach Tim work against the Kangaroos,

despite the hosts' powerful forward forward pack, he selected a

19-man squad, with Robbie

Farrer added for the first time

in the tournament. returns to action after a two-months injury layoff,

replacing Tonga in the centre,

Scott likely to come in Scott likely to come in for

injured prop Shillington. injured prop Shillington. The

A-League's battle has ended in

a 1-1 draw. Central Coast made

it two wins in a row after

beating Wellington in New

Zealand. The Reds, meanwhile, shared being down 10 men. After a

scoreless first half, the game ignited in the second, ignited in the second, as

Brendan Hammil ripped through the

the heart of the Reds' defence.

It's Brendan Hammil. That's the way to make a name for

yourself The hearts' hopes of

moving off the bottom of the ladder were dashed when Simon Colosimo Colosimo received his second

yellow. They'll be down to yellow. They'll be down to ten

here, the Heart. He's

gone. And Adelaide capitalised

on the ensuing free kick. In

New Zealand, beanie was a

constant nuisance for Phoenix

defence. He finally

in the second half. Matt Simon

puts a ball across and there is

beanie. If anyone was going to

score, it was him. San score, it was him. San shez sent Greenacre away. after their breakthrough win

last week, the Mariners weren't

going to let this one slip and

Matt Simon popped up for the

winner. Great work. Who's on

the end of this one? It's Matty Simon. It's Wellington's

third loss in a row. Champion

mayor Black caviar will be

chasing her 16th straight win

at the 1 million classic at

Flemington today. Trainer

Peter Moody and jockey Luke

Nolan both believe she's at peak, daunting itself given how

easily she's dispatched of easily she's dispatched of her

opposition in two starts this

spring at Caulfield and Mooney

Valley. Nolan missed the first

group one 1 win last year

because of suspension. The jockey is desperate to jockey is desperate to break

his drought. He's had no wince

from 20 rides. Australian moto

GP world champion Casey Stoner has

has posted the fastest practice

time ahead of the Valencia

Grand Prix. It was a sombre return

return for the riders, the first event since the death of

Italian Marco Simoncelli at the Malaysian event Several made their way around

the slippery circuit, but it was Stoner who posted the quickest time in the quickest time in the final minutes ahead of team-mate Danny Pedrosa. Valentino Rossi

recorded the third-quickest lap, while Karel Abraham

crashed heavily on the crashed heavily on the final

lap of the session. lap of the session. Valencia is the last event of is the last event of the season. In cricket, NSW has

toppled previously unbeaten SA

in the one-day Cup match at the

SCG. The Redbacks failed to

reach the target of

all out for 238. Danielle, thanks very

thanks very much. Thank you. In the remote schools have found an unusual

and innovative way to encourage

children to turn up to class.

For this week at least, instead

of reading, writing and arithmetic, students are

learning the fine art of tumbling, juggling and clowning around from trainers. It's not your average

day at school in the remote Kimberley community. For the

last four days, these

been attending circus school. We love circus. The week-long

training session is part of a

circus outreach program. Trainers Trainers from Perth and Broome are teaching the basics of

juggling, tumbling and

slapstick comedy. I think it's

a good program for the kids and as well

as well as the community.

They're very excited to try

something new. They learn something new. They learn a

lot about respect, they learn a

lot about working together, they

they learn a lot about looking

after their bodies, after their bodies, being healthy, big laugh along teachers say the benefits

extend into the classroom. A few years ago the kids were too

shy to get up in front of a

crowd, even in front of a class group, but today with rehearsals there was no problem

with that. The trainers say they're they're uncovering a wealth they're uncovering a wealth of talent. These guys are really

talented acrobats and really

good clowns, they naturally flip, jump and climb on everything. Teachers, parents flip,

and kids agree the circus program has been a success. The next juggling act is ensuring there are funds for

the program to continue in future

future years. The local school has decided to

money to continuing the circus

class. We've just this week

signed an MOU with that we will

will be involved with the

program for the next three years.

years. We're excited about

that. We're going to have a

circus and all our families are going to come and watch Come

they did, with most of the

and applaud. The weather satellite picture

shows thick cloud spreading

across WA and into SA along a

broad trough. It's creating

rain and thunderstorms. Cloud

is stretching across Queensland

and NSW along another trough,

bringing thundery showers.

Skies are mostly Skies are mostly clear

elsewhere. Looking around the States, in Queensland,

scattered showers and thunderstorms over the west,

southern and Showers will also fall on parts of the Queensland east coast.

In NSW - a chance of a few isolated showers about the northern coast and adjacent

east ranges. Isolated and thunderstorms will develop

along the north-eastern inland.

It will be fine elsewhere. A

hot day coming up for Victoria. There will be moderate

northerly winds and local afternoon sea breezes along the

Gippsland coast. Tasmania will

be fine and mostly sunny, apart

from possible drizzle in the

south-west. SA will south-west. SA will see isolated showers isolated showers and

thunderstorms in the far west, extending across the districts during the day and reaching the peninsula and

Kangaroo Island in the evening. Isolated showers Isolated showers and thunderstorms will also cover most of WA, with hot temperatures in

the State. For the NT, there

will be isolated showers and

storms throughout. Looking ahead ahead to tomorrow:

The top stories from ABC News - the Greek Prime George Papandreou, says he's

arranged to see the President

tomorrow to seek the formation

of a government of national unity. He made the announcement

announcement in parliament, where

where debate is ahead where debate is under way, ahead of a confidence vote in

this government. Mr Papandreou also appealed for consensus in

supporting the European Union's bailout

bailout agreement for his country. G20 leaders in Cannes

have ended the summit with a plan

plan to boost growth and

rebalance the global economy.

They hope increased resources

will help the IMF support

struggling Eurozone economies.

In a closing press Sarkozy said the G20 had Sarkozy said the G20 had agreed to boost the resources of to boost the resources of the International Monetary Fund and

would agree on specific steps by February. Six men have

emerged after spending over 500 days in total isolation to

simulate a mission to Mars.

The Russian, European and Chinese crew have been living

inside Steel tubes in a

warehouse in Moscow. warehouse in Moscow. The project mirrored the challenges of a voyage of a voyage to Mars. Australian swimmer Ian Thorpe has finished

7th in the

metre individual medley at the

World Cup meet in Singapore. The 29-year-old came out of

retirement and raced for the

first time since 2006. Despite

the poor result, the the poor result, the Olympic

gold medallist says he's glad

to be slowly improving. We'll

cross back now to Greece, where the Prime Minister, George

Papandreou, is in the middle of a confidence vote in his

government. Let's have a quick

listen to see if there's a translation.

That vote is under way at the

moment. Currently the Prime Minister has 22 votes in confidence vote, 16 against. He needs 151 for the majority

out of the 300-seat parliament.

We'll come back to that when we have some more details on how

it progresses. Online site

groupon made its stock market debut yesterday, raising $700

million in the biggest company listing

listing since Google in 2004.

In Australia, the group market

is valued over $400 is valued over $400 million,

but local consumers remain wary of

of using the internet to seek

out a deal. The Australian has developed a new code of

practice to regulate the group buying

buying industry. For more,

we're joined now by the chief executive of the association, Jodie Sangster. Thanks for coming

coming in. Why is the code coming in. Why is the code of

practice needed? It's needed

to put standards in place for the industry. We need

standards so group buyers know

what is expected of them, but

also so consumers know also so consumers know what

they can expect. Are they can expect. Are the consumers here naturally consumers here naturally wary

of what they're buying on the

internet? Have you had many

complaints, for instance? It's are complaints, there are complaints in every industry.

Group buying here is extremely

popular and consumers have

really embraced it. They like

the idea they're getting value, getting a deal, they can getting a deal, they can try new places perhaps new places perhaps they

wouldn't try usually. really wouldn't try usually. It really speaks to what consumers are looking for. What we're

trying to do is make trying to do is make sure there's rigour behind that. If there is a complaint, there is a complaint, the consumer has somewhere to consumer has somewhere to go

to. Does this apply purely to those Australian domiciled

companies or also obviously people won't those companies but also

searching the internet searching the internet for companies overseas as well? It applies

applies to the group applies to the group buying sites that have signed up sites that have signed up to

the code of practice. That's the important thing. Some they are meeting the standards,

meeting consumers' needs. A number of companies have signed

up to the code and others can

join at a later date if they

feel they can meet the

feel they can meet the standards What protection do consumers have if trying to

seek a deal from any internet

site. There's a lot of

legislation in place, there is legislation that talks about how

look, terms in it, making sure

it's very clear. There are

things in place like spam

legislation to make sure

they're not receiving they're not receiving Spam

emails, for example, don't want to receive them,

they can opt out. There are

complaints bodies they can go

to. With this code of practice

we've pulled it altogether into

one place, so it's meaningful

for the business, they know

what they've got to do, but

also meaningful for the

consumer, they can look at the

rules, know what's expected of

the business and know where the business and know where to complain to. We've of Groupon's listing of Groupon's listing doing

extremely well. Is this extremely well. Is this the

future for retailing?

Obviously we've heard a lot of complaints recently from complaints recently likes of Gerry Harvey about the

threat it poses to more traditional shopfront retailing. We're really looking at the future here

aren't with he? We are. Online marketing is driving

consumers to buy or driving

consumers to stores.

Businesses are looking at ways

they can use technology they can use technology to

bring people to their goods and services or products or into

the retail store. Is it because

the overheads for these companies

companies are so low, they

don't have a shop front or employees drbting the and so on? If you look at

happening with something like happening with something like

groupon, it's saying okay,

we'll give you a deal, but give

us a chance - try us, come us a chance - try us, come to

our restaurant, try us, then you

you can come back at a later

date. It's driving people to

stores. So online, yes, the

costs are lower, they can do products and services at a lower

used to make sure that we are

supporting retail too. We talk

about perhaps there's some

reluctant in the Australian

market to use the site.

also because people are still a

little reluctant to put credit

card details on the

internet Maybe 3, 4, 5 years

ago people were reluctant, I

think it's more they want think it's more they want to make sure they have somewhere

to go through if something goes

wrong. Obviously the first the site themselves, try to sort

sort it out with them. If you

can't, you can come to us as can't, you can come to us as an association and we'll sort that problem out for you. Jodie Sangster, thanks very much. Pleasure. Let's head back now

to Greece, where that confidence vote is under way confidence vote is under way in

the government. Let's listen

in. The Prime Minister is

currently four votes behind. The Prime Minister, George

Papandreou, needs 151 votes, a

majority in the 300-seat parliament. Even if the vote passes, arranged to see the President tomorrow to seek the tomorrow to seek the formation of a government of national

unity. Earlier the Prime Minister abandoned the

controversial plan to hold a referendum

referendum on the latest bailout bailout after pressure from

other European leaders. He is currently

currently seven votes behind. We'll We'll bring you that result as soon as we have it. An

unprecedented move, Aboriginal

tour guides have walked off the

job at Uluru, saying they're

not getting paid as much as their non-indigenous

tourists angry they're not

getting the traditional experience they

experience they were hoping for. It's an Australian getting bringing in many millions of dollars to

industry. Visitors from all

over the world come to Uluru to have a traditional have a traditional Aboriginal experience, but now those

passing on that experience have walked

walked off the job. Worked six months and the pay go up,

from 10 years I'm still the

same. About 20 Aboriginal tour guides say the tourism company

has cut their pay in half. The

company is the main provider of Aboriginal tours at Aboriginal tours at Uluru. Every other Australian,

would they do if they got half

their wages cut? This is not

on. Just because we're acial

people and we have black skin doesn't doesn't mean we're

stupid. Tourists have been told

the Aboriginal guided walk the Aboriginal guided walk has

been temporarily cancelled and

they're not impressed There

isn't any point in coming just

to look at the rock and go away

again and not know what you've seen. seen. You need somebody with the local knowledge to point

you in the right direction what

to see, what it's all about and what the history of the

is. The tour company won't

appear on camera, but in a

statement says it was disappointed staff had gone on

strike. It didn't say if any

staff wages had been cut. The

company will meet with guides

to try to resolve the dispute,

but for now one of central

Australia's most popular

attractions is at a

authorities have issued a warning to Tasmanians about

move follows the discovery of move follows the discovery of a rare disease which can jump

from animals to humans. It's a

case of handle with care.

separate occasions two women separate occasions two women on Tasmania's west coast attempted

to help sick positivums to help sick positivums when

they were scratched and bitten.

They both contracted a mild

form of the potentially deadly

disease Tularemia. Even this

mild strain can make you feel pretty unwell and lead to persistent skin infection, requiring a large amount of antibiotics. The women are

recovering. It's the first

time this strain of the disease has appeared in the Southern

Hemisphere. A more Hemisphere. A more deadly

version has been used version has been used in

biological warfare. It's for

that reason that it has to go

to special labs for testing. It

can affect a range of species,

including rabbits and sheep.

The bacterial disease can't be

transferred between humans, but

people can contract it contact with infected contact with infected animals,

and less obvious species. It

can also be transmitted by

biting insect, so biting insect, so particulars, mosquitos, biting

flies. Wildlife carers are being urged to being urged to take precautions. Whenever you're handling sick or injured wildlife, wearing gloves would

be advised, some people feel more

more comfortable wearing a

mask. You're always trying to avoid

avoid being bitten or

scratched. GPs have been alerted and investigations are

under way as to why the disease has appeared in Tasmania. Going back again now

to Greece, where that

confidence vote is under way,

just bringing you some latest details. The Greek Prime Minister, George Minister, George Papandreou,

needs 151 votes for a majority

in the 300-seat parliament, but

even if the vote passes, he has

indicated that he'll see the

President tomorrow to seek the formation of a government of

national unity T earlier he

announced the abandon ment of a

controversial plan to hold a

referendum on the you bailout package. We'll bring

you that result as soon as we

have it. For more on that

political drama unfolding in

Greece, Europe correspondent Greece,

Philip Williams joins us on the

phone. Phil, it seems phone. Phil, it seems as

though that vote is neck and

neck at the moment. It's a bit hard to tell which way it will

go. Yes, absolutely. At the

moment it's about 60 votes moment it's about 60 votes a

piece. It's a fairly laborious

process. It takes some time.

But we won't know until But we won't know until the very end, because of the way the House is balanced. He had only a two-seat majority. He two-seat majority. He needs

only two people to abandon him and he's no longer the Prime

Minister, there will be elections called

be a caretaker government before these elections. He

said elections would be

disastrous right now. He wants

a national unity government

that will get on and approve

the deal that was struck last week on the debt reduction

plan. He said that it's

imperative for the nation's

future that they do that. He added

the idea of staying as Prime

Minister, but by the same

token, he's not showing any

signs of actually moving.

Whether the other

parties would agree with this government of national unity

idea we don't know. We certainly know that the certainly know that the new democracy party, the second-largest party,

second-largest party, has

called for him to resign and

for immediate elections. It's

really quite confusing. We

should hardly be surprised

about that, because confusion has

has been reigning supreme in Athens for the last couple of days, especially since the referendum

we'll referendum was called. Phil, we'll keep an eye on that vote.

Obviously once we get a result

on it, hopefully we can talk to you again. Yes, we'll keep an

eye on it. As I said, we'll

come back to that as soon as we

have a result. With red have a result. With red dog's tail still wagging at the cinemas, production on new West

Australian films is ramping up

around the State. It's no coincident coincident they're happening

outside Perth, with the outside Perth, with the State's booming mining industry making the move into showbiz. Clare Nicholls

Nicholls reports. Hello. Are

you lost? Do you need water?

It's the film that's brought

WA's Pilbara region to

world. He was like a dog for

everyone. Three months after

its release, Red Dog has collected

collected more than $21 million at the Australian box office and

and has just picked up the main prize at the heartland film

festival in America. A new

world record. It all might not

have happened without the support of the mining industry.

Red Doing dog was originally

a studio movie and it was a studio movie and it was going

to be made with the backing of US studios. They eventually decided decided they didn't want to make this West Australian

story, so we had to come up with more entrepreneurial ways

to raise the budget When it became clear the producer

needed to raise more money, went

needed to raise more money, he went straight to the Pilbara's

mining giants. To him, the

pairing seemed like a natural fit, with the Red Dog script paying as much to a knock-about group of

Dampier miners as it did to its

canine star. I said, "Look, this is a terrific story, it

takes place in your backyard, it shows your community and

your work force and I think

it's something that would be a great great thing for you to

support", and they did. Rio

Tinto, Woodside and West Track

came on board, offering not only money, but access to the

mining sites and equipment that would feature in the film. All

the sad faces in the world

won't work, so you can

stop. Red Dog is not the only

film tapping into the mining

boonl. -- boom. I was

sitting under a boonl. sitting under a mango tree,

they were talking to me about

the project Mad Bastards,

which they'd been talking about

for about two years, but they

were short of funding. At this

stage I'd probably consumed

too many ginger beers, so I suggested I'd get the necessary funding, endeavour to get the

necessary funding, to kick the project off. Colin was a mine manager

manager for Mount Gibson iron

ore when he agreed to help find

the money for Mad Bastards, a

film that takes a tough look at

alcohol and anger in the

Kimberley. In a couple Kimberley. In a couple of

months, he'd raised hundreds of thousands of dollars thousands of dollars through local mining contacts,

including a big donation from his employer. It's got a strong anti-alcohol, anti-violence - it's about

men's affairs as well. men's affairs as well. So in

mining there's a lot of things

there that tick the box that

are pertinent to what actually goes

goes on in a mine site,

indigenous or otherwise, so indigenous or otherwise, so it

was a good fit. The Derby local

has now caught the movie-making bug.

bug. He served as executive

producer for Mad Bastards and

again on Satellite Boy, a film that's just wrapped in the Kimberley.

Kimberley. He offered Mount

Gibson a professionally made training

training video in exchange for

the film crew gaining access to

a disused mine site. He says the move from iron

big screen isn't as challenging

as some would think. It's the

same in as much as you're

managing a project and managing a project and there are certain KPIs or key

performance indicators that performance indicators that you

have to meet, but because it's so artistic and you're meeting

entertaining and entertaining and artistic

people, I'm not saying there

aren't those sorts of people in mining, clearly there is, yeah, it's kind of wake up in

the morning and allow yourself

to be different. By all

reports, WA is going through something of a goldrush when it

comes to filmmaking. 10 years

ago you would have been ago you would have been lucky

to have seen one film made here