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Live. This morning Live. This morning Indonesian

troops caught torturing Papuans

but the Government rules out an independent investigation. Also this morning - this morning - lumbar giant

Gunns says it will seek

compensation to stop logging Tasmania's native forest. Going

no where a high tech British submarine runs aground off

Scotland. And Wayne Rooney to

stay with United after spraying

officials and telling fans he

was leaving. Good morning,

you're watching ABC News 24

this Saturday, I'm Hutcheon. Indonesia has admitted that its soldiers have tortured

detainees in West Papua. A human rights group in Hong Kong

posted video footage showing a

soldier holding a knife to the

face of one detainee. Another Papuan has

applied to his genitals, a soldier attempts to extract information from him. Ja cart's security minister has conceded

the soldiers were the soldiers were Indonesian.

He described their actions as

unprofessional and has promised

a thorough military

investigation. With less than a

fortnight to go before US midterm elections President

Barack Obama is pleading with Americans not to lose faith in Americans

the Democrats. While Washington correspondent Michael

Brissenden joins us now. The opinion polls are indicating big problems what's Barack Obama big problems for the Democrats,

what's Barack Obama been telling Americans just less telling Americans just

than 2 weeks out from than 2 weeks out from these

election. Well look, basically

he's trying to motivate the Democrat base to get out and

vote. As you say the polls are showing the Democrats are in

for a real drubbing. President Obama has been out and about

over the last couple of weeks

and in particular in the last 3 or 4 days he's really stepped up

up his campaigning on the west coast and he's trying to

motivate, I guess, motivate, I guess, he's trying to motivate their core base, minority tious traditionally la he's trying to motivate

teen os who traditionally do

back Democrats by 8 to 1 and the message really is don't forget the passion of 2008,

don't believe that change isn't

going to come, do believe going to come, do believe it's

going to take a bit more time

and come out and vote again to

make sure that the Democrats

don't lose complete control of

the House and of the Senate

which looks pretty likely.

control of the House the polls Certainly they will lose

is showing and perhaps the

expected to release a Senate. Michael, WikiLeaks is

your time, how big an impact is

that likely to have? I think

lit have a pretty big impact.

This set of documents it's thought is going to 400,000 documents that wick thought is going to be about

leaks will be releasing. This

comes after the previous

release of 77,000 documents in July and you will remember that

when those documents were

released back then there was a

lot of criticism of WikiLeaks,

there was a lot of talk about

the fact that these documents

could endepainge danger US

troops, allied troops and Iraqi and working with them and those

warnings voo been reiterated

today. Clearly the Pentagon and the White House is very

concerned about these documents and the Pentagon says that the Defence Department says they have 100 people at the

moment sift tlug the documents

that they think might be

released and the warnings have come thick and fast again about

the danger that this may present to US and allied

troops, to people they're working with on the ground.

Those warnings have been

repeated by the NATO chief as

well who also says that this is

a very unfortunate Obama has announced a major boost for Pakistan's military?

Yes, it's a $2 billion directly linked to - $2 billion over 5 years directly linked to years

military aid. This follows a $7.5 billion civilian aid

package that was approved by

Congress last year. This $2

billion military aid package billion military aid

still needs to be approved by

Congress but it is linked to

fights against Islamic

extremists and training equipment needed for that. extremists and training and

There's a caveat that goes There's a caveat that goes with this though. The US been disappointed in the past

regard and it says that it will by Pakistan's efforts in this by Pakistan's efforts in

be expecting Pakistan to do more in return for this money. Michael Brissenden, this

thanks. Thanks, Jane. Back home

the Tasmanian timber company

Gunns says it will stop logging

native forests but it wants

compensation in return. The

timber giant plans to complete

its transformation into a

solely plantation business this

year. David Bart let has

dismiss ed suggestions that Gunns could receive $# million in compensation. But in compensation. But it will

come at a cost. We've said come at a cost. We've said from the start of this the start of this process that

for the decision, for there will be some consequence

for the decision, for the

community in moving out of the

natural forests and we believe

that our employees, the contractor s and shareholders should be adequately be determined. It's still some compensated but that's yet to

way off as we work through this whole process. Gunns chief Greg L'Estrange. The bitter Howard and Peter Costello is relationship between John

once against again in the spogt

Howard described the Treasurer light. In his memoirs John

as an elitist who could not

connect with average

Australians. The book's Australians. The book's pending

release is likely to reignite the feud between the two. The

Peter Costello former prime minister accuses

amateur pressure in 2006 in a

bid to force him out. Senior

Liberals are keeping their

distance. I think these things

are all in the past tand Coalition is focused on hold

ing this Government ing this Government to

account. Former minister Mal

Brough said he never believed

John Howard intended to step

down in favour of Peter Costello. The French Senate has

voted to push through the Government's controversial pension reforms. Unions remain

undeterred and have promised

more rallies in the weeks

ahead. It follows two months strikes which culminated with violent violent confrontations between

police and picketers at a major

oil refinery which supplies

France' main airports. Riot police used tear gas police used tear gas to break

through a picket line at an through a picket line at an oil refinery where refinery where workers have blocked tankers from delivering fuel. Strikers have been camped

out here for 10 days. Their actions timed for maximum impact as France prepares for

two weeks of school holidays.

One in stations are now running on empty. TRANSLATION: We have to wake TRANSLATION: We have to wake up earlier, look around but in earlier, look around but in the

end we do find an open gas station. TRANSLATION: We have to be inventive. I drove inventive. I drove a customer

to Belgium yesterday so I took

advantage to put some gas in a container even if I am not

allowed to transport gas in allowed to transport gas in my

truck. We do what we can in

order to be able to work.

There's widespread support for the the strikes. Polls suggesting up to 70% of the public believe

keeping the pension age at instead of the proposed rise to 62

62 is a cause worth fighting

for. But the French Senate

voted in favour of the voted in favour of the bill.

Debate on the controversial

reforms ended only after the Opposition added more than 1,000 amendments.

TRANSLATION: He thought this President that he could push

and impose his will an then

capitalise on it afterwards

saying I'm the pold president,

I manage to achieve reforms like no-one else could. But in

reality he's only accumulated worries, resentment and of bitterness and I bet he will

pay high political price for it. The President whose popularity rating is at an

historic low insists that

pension reform is vital bringing down the country's debt burden. Unions unconvinced debt burden. Unions remain

unconvinced and have called for

another 2 days f mass strikes

and rallies across France over

the coming weeks. Closer to

home, hundreds of thousands of

people have been e - evack -

evacuated and flights disrupted

because of fie toon Megi. It's

left thr than 30 people dead. China

China is placing its hopes on the latest prediction that

typhoon Megi may weaken by the time it arrives. Even so they're taking all possible prekauxs. Typhoon Megi killed

more than 30 people when it more than 30 people when it

ripped across the Philippines at

at winds of 165km/h. It's now

baring down on Hong Kong and the south-east China the south-east China coastline. Port an terminals have shut down and tankers have been

forced to anchor offshore.

75,000 fishing vessels have

returned to port and emergency supplies have been stockpiled for more than for more than 300,000 residents

evacuated to safer ground. Megi

dumped heavy rains in Taiwan, more than 2,500 villagers had to to be to be evacuated.

TRANSLATION: The flood water

was up to my chest. We've

waited for hours in the water and

and we are so wet. Along and we are so wet. Along with the flooding rock slides were

another major problem.

According to about 30 vans, buses and cars

were trapped along a section were trapped along a section of highway that collapsed. These

tourists had to be winched tourists had to be winched to

safety. The US military has sent

sent aircraft in response to a

request for help by the Philippine Government. We've

been sending all the materials and and supplies, rice, shelters,

tents, some hammer and nail,

some saws so people can clear

things up and get back to their lives. It's estimated the

typhoon has left damaged set typhoon has left damaged set to cost under $175 militant resistant groups achieve power they're often

faced with the difficult reality of trying to form a

functioning government. In Gaza

Hamas says they've brought security to security to a lawless territory but some of its members are

making its own laws up on the

spot and business owners say

it's driving them to ruin. Now

Hamas faces a critical test Hamas faces a critical test of its claim to be a legitimate

government as the subject of a

lieu suit in its own court

system. Gaza's not the sort of

place you would think has a it's almost impossible for

foreigners to get in but the

1.5 million people who live 1.5 million people who live in

Gaza and can't get out need

something to do. So when the crazy water crazy water fun park opened

last June it was a huge success

until it was shut down by the

Hamas Government and then fire bombed by militants. TRANSLATION: We were accused TRANSLATION: We were accused of going against the going against the moral

traditions of Gaza and Islam which is a lie. The owners

estimate their lesses at US $500,000. angry that they're taking a

remarkable and dangerous step. They're suing Hamas for damages.

TRANSLATION: We say the Government is responsible for the security of everyone in Gaza

Gaza and it is responsible for this. And it's not just the

water park. This man invested heavily in opening his fresh

fish restaurant but he has no

customers. He said people customers. He said people are afraid to come because police

make arbitrary rules and

threaten to shut them down for

things like allowing women to smoke.

TRANSLATION: They among people, they don't feel

like they can just sit and have

fun. Gaza has always been traditional and conservative.

The Hamas spokesman conceded

some police are acting

independently of the law. Hamas

is desperate to be seen inside Gaza

Gaza and outside it as a

legitimate Government but it's

facing a battle sometimes

literally, with its own members

who believe it's wasting an

opportunity to turn Gaza into

an Islamic state. The an Islamic state. The water

park is now being rebuilt but

that's the easy part compared with taking justice system. TRANSLATION: There is a high

risk, there is danger but we

have the right and we have no

other choice. And they hope

that soon it won't just workers cooling off in workers cooling off in these

pools. For more details on the stories we're following today and to send us your comments

and picture, you can log into

our website, the address our website, the address is You're watching ABC News 24. On the one hand it looks On the one hand it looks bad

for China to have detained the

wife of the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize but on the other

hand by preventing her from speaking out the authorities are hoping to shut down this

issue. We are going to bring

the years of ever rising

borrowing to an end. A recent poll found that while 18% of Britons blame the Government

for the austerity drive, 48%

blame the Opposition.

in the best spring for the last

12 to 15 years. Reporting from inner Mongolia. From London. From Hobart. From

Canberra. ABC News 24.

These are today's top stories

- Indonesia has admitted that its soldiers have tortured

detainees in West Papua detainees in West Papua after video evidence was posted minister has described the soldier's actions as

unprofessional and has promised a thorough military investigation. Tasmanian timber

company Gunns has agreed company Gunns has agreed to stop logging native forests but

it wans compensation to do so.

The Tasmanian Premier

The Tasmanian Premier David Bartlett has dismissed that Gunns could receive $200 million in compensation for the

move but the company says the

decision will come at a cost.

And the French Senate will

push through the Government's controversial pension reforms despite continued action. Unions have already been striking for 2 months been striking for 2 months and have promised more rallies in

the weeks ahead. And let's

check the capitals now.

It's Britain's newest and

most high tech nuclear powered

submarine but HM Atut has

become the cause of some Navy running aground off the

Scottish coast. Submarine is so

new it hasn't even entered

service and was undergoing sea

trials when it got stuck close to the Isle of Sky. The crew is

waiting for the high tide to

free the vessel. It is free the vessel. It is the

Royal Navy's latest stealth

submarine but today HMS submarine but today HMS Astute

was stranded near the Isle of

Sky for everyone to see. This ?1 billion submarine supposed to circumnavigate the globe undetected but when she surfaced

surfaced this morning she

failed to navigate the danger

nearby. I woke up this morning

and I looked outside the window

and much to my surprise I saw

the nuclear submarine some 300 yards off the Sky shore. The Royal Navy said nobody on board was injured, that the hull

remained water tight and there

was no threat to the locals or

the environment from the boat's

nuclear reactor. But with tugs

arriving and helicopters circling

circling this was hard to play down. Only a month ago the Royal Navy gave the BBC

exclusive access to show off

their latest weapon as she prepared for her first sea trials. Obvious pride then but

now having to hide their

blushes. On the surface

manoeuvring close to land is a

challenging evolution for any

ship and exactly why this went

wrong we'll look at. Astute wrong we'll look at. Astute had been testing out its sonar just

off the Isle of Sky just before she ran aground. The navy

likens the submarine to a precision made Swiss watch. At its heart is a nuclear reactor.

Its top speed is classified but

it can deploy

world within two weex. It

carries an arsenal of spear

fish torpedos an up to 38

Cruise missiles. The advanced

sonar system can cover an area

of 3,000 nautical miles and so

no-one else knows its location

the hull is clad in 39,000 akutedist panels. But apparently none of that avoid the coast. The sources

that I've spoken to have

indicated quite clearly there

was no issue with the submarine

sms. Now if that's the case then it looks navigational error and there

will be a ships investigation

and po ten lshl a board of inquiry. The Ministry of Defence insists this was not a major incident major incident but nevertheless

sit a major embarrassment but

the Royal Navy's latest, most advanced submarine should run aground in familiar waut aground in familiar waut irrer

s so close to home. Tonight

astute is having to mother nature, a high tide to lift her free. They will assess the damage done when she limps back to base. The hope is

Astute will soon be out of

trouble but that might not be

true for all those on board. In business the Australian

Securities Exchange went into

an unexpected trading halt yesterday

yesterday afternoon as rumours

swirled about a possible

takeover bid. The trading halts

have renewed market speculation of a possible merger with the Singapore stock Singapore stock exchange.

Shares in the 8 billion stock

exchange have also been halted.

An ASX spokesman said the

trading halt would remain

place until next Tuesday, or

when an announcement is made.

Lexus and Toyota drivers Lexus and Toyota drivers are

being told to book their car in

for an inspection after the Japanese manufacturer ordered a

recall of more than 25,000 vehicles across the country.

The announcement is part of a

global recall of more than million vehicles involving faulty brake parts. The faulty brake parts. The recall involves vehicles in the involves vehicles in the brands between between 2003 and 2005. And taking a look at the market numbers now.

Just days after saying he was

intent on leaving Manchester United Wayne Rooney has stunned

fans by announcing he's

staying. He's been the subject

of a hate campaign by of a hate campaign by some

supporters after a very public

fallout with the team's fallout with the team's manager

Sir Alex Ferguson and talks Sir Alex Ferguson and talks of

a move to arch rival Manchester City. The City. The BBC's Joe Wilson reports. Old friends, this is

the image released this

afternoon symbolising afternoon symbolising harmony

between Manchester between Manchester United's

manager and star player. It's

an image that was impossible to believe in morning. Originally Wayne

Rooney said he wanted to leave

because he hadn't been given

assurances about the future squad at Manchester United. Suddenly today he said, "I am

delighted to sign another deal

because the manager and because the manager and owners convinced me this is where I

belong." I'm sure the fans

have been upset over the last few days with obviously with

everything in the media but I want to be here. He apologised to me this morn and the players

and I think he will do that with the fans with the fans which is important because we've all

been hurt by the events of the

last couple of days but, you

know, I always feel there's a

quality in a person when quality in a person when they say they're say they're sorry. Rooney faced a fierce backlark when he

announced his desire to

Can he now be simply welcomed

back by United's fans? We done

know what's behind closed

doors. He's probably agreed some stupid amount of money a

week but as long as he starts

scoring hopefully made up really. I'm glad he's signed but he shouldn't have said what

he said. He should have kept

quiet and signed the contracts

in the first place. With so

much said and written about his

private life Wayne Rooney's

world has been a troubled place

for a while but nothing

prepared us for this week. On Rooney wanted to leave. On Wednesday that was confirmed by

the player himself. On Thursday

there were intense negotiations between United and Rooney's

team and today Rooney agreed to a a new 5-year a new 5-year contract. Indecision Indecision or cynical brinkmanship to engineer a new

deal? Rooney will have to

rebuild bridges with the

team-mates he said he wanted to leave and many wonder if the episode has damaged football's integrity. You're not telling

me that they couldn't have gone

about it in a completely

different way and why would you

as a player want to be related

to the statement of, you know, guaranteed assurances that they're going to go and buy better players, etc. You

wouldn't want to be anywhere

near that. I think that was

totally wrong. Lit until Wayne Rooney's performances has

suggested he's a player on top

of his gay. Now he accepts he

will have to rebuild trust and affection at Manchester United.

Sir Alex Ferguson has kept his

man. Maybe a bigger wage is

worth pay bug in previous days

a disloyal player may a disloyal player may simply

have been shown the door. Corey

Brown has dedicated his ride in

today's Cox Plate to Katsidis. Brown will ride Shoot

Out at Moonee Valley this afternoon in memory afternoon in memory of Katsidis who died earlier this who died earlier this week. So You Think is the punters'

favourite but Shoot Out will

undoubtedly be the sentimental

favourite. So You Think may be the horse of the spring but

Corey Brown is the man of the

moment. Photographers were

falling over each other to get

the shot. Brown will be the shot. Brown will be

concerned with a different

Shoot Out riding the Cox Plate in memory of his Cox Plate in memory of his friend Stathi Katsidis. You could have

could have blown me over with a feather, it was pretty

ordinary. Katsidis was due to ride Shoot ride Shoot Out. Connections

insist ed on giving the mount

to his friend. It's not good

circumstances but circumstances but it's business

for me once I go on to the

track. Like I've stated, I track. Like I've stated, I know

I've got the world on my

shoulders an Stathi will be

there with me but I've got a

job to do and I will do it. The

dead jockey's fiancee asked

last year's Melbourne Cup win tore wear the silks. Gt them down to me this morning express post so I will

have Stathi's sim cks on and hopefully do him proud. The stumbling block stumbling block is So You Think. The shortest Think. The shortest priced Cox Plate favourite since 1967. If it get asgood clear run, it get asgood clear run, we

have normal luck in running, I

never like cheering in the run

but he will be hard to beat. I'd like to be chewing beat. I'd like to be chewing on his tail at the furlong. That's

the beauty of this race that

it's a pressure cooker. It's a tiny little tiny track like

Happy Valley, it's a pressure

cooker race and the toughest horse wins the toughest horse last year and So You Think is now a year

older and stronger. To soccer and Adelaide remains undefeated in this season's A-League after

a 3-0 win over Wellington at

Hindmarsh Stadium. It was a second half frenzy from the

Reds with 3 goals in 5 minutes.

Sergio Van Dyke was first with

a perfect header. Marcos Flores kept the celebrations going

with his strike straight after

and Travis Dodd capped off a memorable

memorable night for the

competition leaders. Second

half was unbelievable. The

crowd was fantastic and in that second half they were really created that extra man. So all

in all it was just a great

performance. In the national

basketball league the Hawks

have won a thrilling match

against Townsville in Wollongong, 71-70. The

Crocodiles looked well on track

for victory as they led by for victory as they led by as much as 13 point bus the haux

came - Hawks came back in the final term the scores at 70-70. With mere seconds left Gary Ervin seconds left Gary Ervin was foul and he converted from the free throw line. And nine

Australian athletes have tested positive to a banned substance

according to the Australian sports anti-doping authority.

The agency has refused to say which sports or athletes were

involved in the positive

A band of cloud is moving from

from the west across South

Australia delivering rain and

causing the odd storm. A cold front hand trough will push front hand trough will push up

through Victoria and Tasmania.

Cloud is thinning over the

southern coasts. There will be

some isolated shower an mostly

clear elsewhere. In Queensland

cloud is forming in a trough

over southern areas triggering

shower s and thunderstorms.

Skies are clear in the far

west. Cloud is spreading across northern and eastern NSW generating scattered thunderstorms. In Victoria

cloud is spreading east ahead

of a cold front and trough and

there will be some light rain. there will be some light rain. Fine elsewhere. A

passing over Tasmania will

bring the odd shower. Cloud is spreading over South Australia causing showers along the coast later on but it's staying

mainly fine and dry mainly fine and dry for now. In Western Australia it will

become clear as a trough heads

east. And there will east. And there will be mainly clear skies across the Northern

Territory apart from some thick

cloud spreading across the far

northern Co.s causing showers an thunderstorms. Around the capitals tomorrow:

And I'll be back with another

bulletin at the top of the hour

with all the day's news. Before that it's time for 'Contact

This Program is Captioned Live THEME MUSIC Welcome to Contact Sport. I'm Paul Kennedy. who's now pulling beers in a pub for work but has, it seems, found her best. we'll also be speaking to the father of Australian basketball, Lindsay Gaze, and after all that, If you would've told me I'd be skating around with my undies on the outside, I would never have believed you. I think people can tell that it's still a real sport and you're still very athletic no matter what you're wearing. So I would say it's more about doing what you want to do, rather than wearing fish nets for the sake of it. Now firstly, we'll go to our feature story today. Lindsay Gaze represented Australia in basketball at seven Olympics - three as a player, four as a coach, was in charge of the Melbourne Tigers for 35 years, and he's just been inducted into the International Basketball Hall of Fame. FIBA points out, among other things, that Lindsay formed, with his son, Andrew, the longest all time father-son partnership, not only in basketball, but in the history of sport, has a daughter, Janet, and many grandchildren. That's some achievement for a man whose father wasn't there for him. It was my pleasure to meet Lindsay Gaze and interview him this week, and the old footage in this story is from the 1960s. Lindsay is number 14. because when I first started playing, effectively, there were no coaches. OLD PROJECTOR WHIRRS I played as an organiser, because I was always concerned about the theory of the game as a player. PAUL KENNEDY: What did those accolades mean to you and how highly do you regard the FIBA Hall of Fame induction? Well, naturally I'm honoured by those recognitions, but as I've said in other places, I have difficulty with it. I have always been more egalitarian, I suppose, with our teams, in that never ever appointed captains - you have to officially, because a captain has to sign the scoresheet and that no matter how great an individual might be, without the support of the others on the team, well, then, you can't win. In many respects, it was long overdue, when you consider the contribution my father has made, not just from a coaching standpoint, but from playing, administratively, all those types of things, I think it's just one of those things that I think, as a nation, we should be very proud. You were raised primarily by your mum, and your dad wasn't on the scene. How did that effect your development as you grew from childhood into adulthood? Well, my parents separated when we were very young and I still have a recollection of the discussions my two brothers and I had, in that we were literally saying we wanted to grow up quickly so that we could combine to defend our mother against our father. And, of course, that happened. My eldest brother took the brunt of the physicality of the contest that we had with our dad, and that led to the departure of, you know, So, my mother was obviously the driving force and the influence and my youth. So, I never really had, you might say, the adult, male guidance, who were great sportspeople, or some of them were. And looking back on your life now, is that moment where you confronted your father, is that a significant moment, and was there one particular moment that you recall? Oh, yes. Yeah. 'Cause, ah, and he was harassing my mother. We were in bed at the time. And so, it wasn't something that was planned, or anything like that. It was spontaneous. We got out of be and started protecting our mother. So there was some violence associated with that. And I think, in the finish, the boys won. Anyway, that particular episode completed, and the next day we were out of there. I was generally recognised as being pretty well incompetent at almost any sporting activity. Maybe that contributed to my determination. My mother encouraged my two brothers which we did, and if there was something that we enjoyed or we specialised in, that message to others - just have a go at everything. It took my eldest brother, Barry, about two years to convince me to go and play basketball. As we were playing together, I can remember someone told me later on in life, when we got together, they said the object of our opposing teams in those days was to get the Gaze boys fighting, and you'll win. So, we were competitive amongst each other. In a basketball game, we've got three out of five on a basketball court at a given time, everyone being very competitive and wanting to win. If anyone made a mistake, they were told about it. But they were good fun. Modesty aside, how good were you as a player? Well, that's for others to judge. I was absolutely stunned when in 1962, at the world tournament, I and one other of our Melbourne team, Tigers, were selected on the all-star team of the tournament. So, that seemed to be a contradiction because we never won a game. So - but at least, there are some bragging rights which I've never really talked about. You know, you might be one of the very few people that's ever been mentioned to. But nevertheless, um, yeah, I could probably play a bit. But it was shortly after that that I got more heavily involved, becoming the new general manager of the new stadium at Melbourne Park. This old, decrepit, run-down, warehouse storage facility, that was converted into a basketball stadium. So, for me, when I was born, I lived in that facility. So for my entire life, I was surrounded by basketball, and him being a coach, a player and an administrator. Six courts were constructed. We had no idea whether we could fill that because when there's so few players in the game... These are these four courts At Christmas time, we had to paint them. Yeah. I painted those courts with a four-inch brush. What, on hands and knees? We didn't have rollers! In those days, we didn't have roller coaters. It wasn't 'til a few years after that they had roller coaters. The task of promoting, developing, managing the venue, the sport, after that, it just consumed me. There was no time left And you must have loved it instantly. Well, it's just, you know, when people say, "Don't you get bored just doing the same thing all the time? In your sport - just administering your sport? It's repetitious," that sort of thing. There was never ever that. Well, I think Andrew says, and I might prompted him a little bit, That playground included basketball, badminton, table tennis, football, yachting, golf, cricket, soccer - you name it - all within the precincts of his environment. was right there. So, I think our kids had a very good childhood growing up. And Andrew was king of the kids at his school. And did you take to the job of being a father easily, despite not having a great role model in your own dad? Well, I think the role model that I had showed me how not to do it. So, any improvement on that was going to be something somewhat more beneficial to our kids. But I think that my experience in coaching, before my children were born, gave me an appreciation of children's interests, how they respond to instructions and guidance - those sorts of things. So, you know, they probably helped me, but really, and I say this without any fear of criticism whatsoever, the parenting skills was really with my wife. You know, there's very little that I could claim that your kids need. It's quite difficult for others to comprehend when they look at elite sport and coach/player relationship how you can actually have a father/son coach player relationship like we had. And I think we were very fortunate that we - the personality types with him and me and his coaching philosophy were very compatible and really didn't cause too many conflicts or - with - between us, so just very fortunate that we had that balance. In our case, it's just been part of the sport. I really haven't related that much to it being very special. Andrew was one of the players on the team. There have been many of our junior players that have come through the ranks and gone on to be national players - have done some good things there. Andrew is one of that group. Possibly imagine the difference or the chasm The challenge begins for all those others who will try to be compared to what Andrew did. And every now and then, in the future, there'll be others who will say, Well, to me, and clearly I am very, very biased but there's no greater contributor to the game in Australia and when you consider the impact that sport has had on this nation from both a spectator standpoint with what we've done with the national teams, but also from a participant point of view where here in Victoria it's the most participated sport and coaching Australian players as a coach, as well. I think I'm just unbelievably privileged so whether it's in the administration or in playing or coaching the game, and I still correspond with people from all over the world. Some are a bit tedious, you know, as they have aged along with me. And others are just great people and when you think about the privileges that you've had in sharing those experiences whenever you get to talk with them, and it might be many years since we might cross paths it's like it's just yesterday. STEVE CARFINO: Sets hit feet. Three point basket rattles in. Oh, behind the back! He dumps it in with one hand! That never looked like missing. calling him up, consult with him, calling on his experience and knowledge so I think to the day we throw dirt on him and pay our respects, that he's going to be involved in the game in some way, shape or form, whether it's administratively, he's still coaching at the junior levels in the under-18s. I think it is more important than ever that our club and you can extend that further, for the rest of the sport, because the gap is widening. I thought the World Championships this year was the strongest, the highest standard that I've seen, ever. the organisation, was just a new level. being very prominent internationally, the gap has widened, and we need to address that. Copeland is free. Lindsay has gone beserk! They really are going to look to put the pressure on the rim. Lanard Copeland. in our history. ..three games, 29 points, 28 points. I'd like to visit places in Australia I visited a lot of places but there are some places And I still like to do some things overseas and check out some opportunities there as well.

Our congratulations to Lindsay Gaze and the entire Gaze family for what they've achieved in basketball. Now, a change of pace before we bring you a conversation with Alicia Coutts - I want to introduce you to a sport that's storming roller rinks across Australia. Roller derby has a history of being an all-American spectacle but now crowds are milling to see a local breed of derby girl in the full contact contest, and, as Mary Bolling discovered, the best experience is among those jammers. ROCK MUSIC Basically, five on the track from each team, they go for what's called two-minute jams. four skaters from each team The blockers from each opposing team are doing their very best to stop them and usually a bit of gratuitous violence ensues. I started July last year when our president Miss Demeanor was recruiting skaters. to get the ten girls we needed to be able to hire the rink and afford to train for ourselves. to have two teams. Over that time I think I've done two written tests and four practical tests, we've done scrimmage with other leagues, I've watched numerous matches and training approximately three times a week. I usually start by telling people it's like taking on a part time job. It's a serious sport. We don't just throw you out there with no skills and no experience. like, it's still really really fun, but you also get fit at the same time. Roller derby's been around since the 1930s, but it's only been

the last three years that this most recent incarnation made it to Melbourne. Now there's more than 50 leagues across the country. And really, who wouldn't want to play? Sporting has never been a big thing for me. I don't come from a sporting family. and do something for myself, something fun, something that will get me fit. And I love the theatrics of it - having a derby name, dressing up and, yeah. Hi there, I'm Lily. I skate for the South Sea Roller derby Girls, and I'm better know as Breakface At Tiffany. Falling's a very good skill to have. Falling safely, not falling on others, not making others fall.