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Norway puts Anders Breivik on trial -

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The trial of the man who

killed 77 people in Norway last

year has begun. Anders Breivik

gave a far right salute and

shook hands with prosecutorses

and court officials before hearing the indictment against

him read out to the court. The 33-year-old has already

admitted to carrying out the

bomb and gun attacks last July

but says he was acting in

self-defence. And he denies any

criminal responsibility. I do

not recognise the Norwegian

court. You've got your mandate

from political parties that

support multiculturalism.

Later in the hearing, Breivik

choked back tears as he watched

a film he had made showing

photos and drawings of

Islamists which he posted n on

the Internet on the day of the

attacks. The court must now

decide whether Breivik is

criminally insane. If it

decides he is, he will be