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Clarke, Dawe and the leadership -

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Clarke, Dawe and the leadership

Reporter: John Clarke and Bryan Dawe

MAXINE McKEW: And after a week such as this, it's high time we heard from John Clarke and Bryan

INTERVIEWER (played by Bryan Dawe): Thanks very much for coming in, Mr Howard.

JOHN HOWARD (played by John Clarke): That's my very great pleasure, Bryan.


JOHN HOWARD: Yeah, we have had a bit of a week this week. Probably not the most successful week
that the Government has had.


JOHN HOWARD: Is that what you want to talk about, is it?

INTERVIEWER: Yes, but we'll go in a minute, Mr Howard. I'm trying to get some views from the

JOHN HOWARD: Views from the public?

INTERVIEWER: We're just ringing around, we've got the switchboard trying to find some.

JOHN HOWARD: Oh, the switchboard is ringing around.

INTERVIEWER: Thought we'd get some views of the matter from the public.

JOHN HOWARD: Views on the events of the week and this whole Costello thing?

INTERVIEWER: Yeah, Costello's allegations, et cetera, et cetera.

JOHN HOWARD: That I'm a liar?


JOHN HOWARD: That, of course, is not the way I would characterise the discussion I had with Peter.

INTERVIEWER: Well, no, of course you wouldn't, Mr Howard.

JOHN HOWARD: As a matter of interest, Bryan, Costello has repeatedly been asked over the
intervening years whether or not we had had a deal.

INTERVIEWER: Oh, I know, I've asked him myself.

JOHN HOWARD: You would have, and he would have said no.

INTERVIEWER: He said "absolutely not".

JOHN HOWARD: So who the hell is he to call anybody a liar.

INTERVIEWER: You've both got arguments now that don't work, haven't you?

JOHN HOWARD: So what sort of comments are you looking for?

INTERVIEWER: We're just trying to get somebody who's surprised - to put a bit of context.

JOHN HOWARD: Someone who's surprised? What, that Peter told porkies?

INTERVIEWER: No, that both of you have now publicly said you can't be trusted.

JOHN HOWARD: So where are you looking?

INTERVIEWER: We've looked in NSW, Victoria, Tassie, Western Australia, Northern Territory,
Queensland, ACT.

JOHN HOWARD: Haven't found anyone? Where are you looking now?

INTERVIEWER: Lord Howe Island. (Calls out) Nothing?

JOHN HOWARD: Try Christmas Island.

INTERVIEWER: It's not part of Australia anymore.

JOHN HOWARD: Oh, that's right, we've even lied about where the country finishes.

INTERVIEWER: Yeah, yeah, yeah, but it would be good to get someone who's surprised to put it into

JOHN HOWARD: Have you tried Alan Jones?

INTERVIEWER: Alan Jones? Oh no, the board wouldn't wear him.

JOHN HOWARD: The board won't wear him? How very peculiar. Actually, why would anybody be surprised?
They keep voting me into office, Bryan...

INTERVIEWER: That's right.

JOHN HOWARD: ..and I told them I wasn't going to bring in a GST, and I did. I told them people were
chucking their own babies in the water. I told them to buy Telstra stock with their ears pinned
back and I apologise about that now.


JOHN HOWARD: Nobody, surely... I think you're wasting your time.

INTERVIEWER: Shane, I don't think we're going to find anyone.

JOHN HOWARD: A wild-goose chase, in my view. Go your hardest, Bryan.

INTERVIEWER: OK, Are you ready?


INTERVIEWER: Mr Howard, are you a liar?

JOHN HOWARD: That's not a word I would have used, Bryan.

INTERVIEWER: Thanks for joining us.

JOHN HOWARD: Good on you, Bryan. Well done.