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Live. Hello, I'm Jeremy Fernandez. On tonight's

president clinging it power. program, people

Both sides in Egypt's battle of

wills refuse to give way.

Demonstrators are beginning a

seventh day of protests, with

no end in sight. You're watching The World. (All

chant) We have to join the

people here, not Mubarak, and

put him under arrest. Is it game over for Hosni Mubarak?

We'll be live in Cairo for the

latest reaction. As the Egyptian protests

with demonstrators elsewhere anger spreads to other nations, Egyptian protests continue, the

demanding change. Also,

North Queensland weathers

Cyclone Anthony, but an even bigger one is brewing near

Fiji. An erupting volcano

forces more than 1,000 people

to flee their homes in southern

Japan. Why Chinese new year is proving to be a hair raising time. No, one customer tells

us, there's no way he would have

lunar month.

lunar month. Good evening,

first to Egypt, where chaos is

country. After six days of mass reigning throughout

demonstrations, the public of defiance shows no sign of demonstrations, the public show

waning. Thousands of waning. Thousands of people

continue to ignore state

imposed curfews and take to the

streets to protest against the reign of President reign of President Mubarakment.

Their rallying call is Their rallying call is starting to be heard to be heard domestically and

Middle East initially. This report from our

Knight. In Middle East correspondent Ben

Knight. In the middle of the

biggest protest Egypt has ever

seen, a hamburger bar has caught fire.

caught fire. Suddenly, everyone is falling over

themselves to save it. Government buildings and police

over the stations are burning freely all

first fire truck I've seen in

two days. Why were people cheering the fire department

when they arrived to put the

fire out? Because people don't

want the country Tom Burbidge

destroyed. This is Mohammed, who is 23 years old with who is 23 years old with a university degree and no job, and there are plenty more like him here today. Just a block

away from where we stand, the ruling party's offices are on fire and have been since the night

headquarters of the NDP. Yes.

How do you feel when you watch

it burn? I'm relieved by

seeing that building burn.

Somehow, that's wrong, but

everyone in this country hates

this party, because they have -

they do what they want. Today,

it's the protesters who are

Yesterday, they overwhelmed the doing what they want.

hated riot police, so the police packed up and went home.

The protesters are happy, they feel they have won the first clear. The army is on streets, but who will they

really back when the time comes

-- the people or the commander

is no doubt. There's a in-chief? On the street there

babysitting on a tank. I don't know what it says, but one

thing is that people genuinely thing is that people

love the army in right. It's a matter of hate of love the army in Egypt. That's

the police. We always know that

the army is one of us and they never hurt us or never bullets at us. For 28 years,

Egyptians have been unable to

protest like this. Now they

have the freedom of the streets, no one schemes to streets, no one schemes

a general feeling that this is There is no organisation, just There is quite know what to do with it.

where they should be. where they should be. Every

now and then, someone will

start up a chant and people

will run in a random direction.

Then it just stops and people

go back to standing around. Or

comparing souvenirs of the

night before. This is a one. This is what they are night before. This is a good

shooting? Yes. It's very heavy. Yes, it's full of small

metal bullets. Did you that you would live in a metal bullets. Did you think

shoot country where the police would

shoot this as you? I never. I

know that they use the gas, but I never thought they would

shoot. And that has polarised

this protest since it began. In

for a better life and more the beginning, it was a plea

democracy. Many people would have been happy for Hosni

Mubarak simply to say that he wouldn't stand for

violence has changed that.

No one seems to be thinking about what happens here the day

after Hosni Mubarak flees the country. Almost no What are you doing? We don't want to participate in the marches, we have a different cleaning up the square. opinion. Instead, they are


Letting the regime kick

it's not Tunisia, a state with no state.

I need the government to be

there to run things, even if it majority. Others are acting in the national museum different ways. The looting of

the national museum was a

shock, and these people quickly surrounded it and joined arms

in a 24-hour vigil. It national treasure, we must in a 24-hour vigil. It is a

it safe. We must protect Around the centre of the city, it safe. We must protect it.

rumours deserted the person tells me the army has

that the prisons have deserted the president, another

emptied by Hosni Mubarak to cause chaos. No one what's really happening or what

to do. The smallest snippet of new information spreads fast and causes he said he said at 4 o'clock that

everyone should go off the streets, but we are not everywhere, because he streets, but we are not going

lot of Egyptians has to someone decides it would be good idea to go and protest in front of the interior ministry,

overlooking the Nile River. Even walking around the city today is an ordeal. There's so much residue from the tear gas,

the crowd kick it up with their feet, stinging your eyes. This type of Ching all over the city, where you This type of Ching is happening

have people acting as police, because the police

because the police around of ambulances. There is no other but the army, and the army isn't moving army isn't moving or doing anything. All it is doing is protecting the buildings from the protesters.

This is the law in Egypt this afternoon. It's a different

crowd down by the waterfront. These men are members of the Muslim Brotherhood, the biggest

Hosni Mubarak has outlawed them and used them, among an excuse to keep the country under emergency law this protest Peters out and people the square. The aimlessness continuesment without the police on the streets to give them a focus, the demonstrators have no one and nothing to fight. People are just walking

and waiting, but they and waiting, but they don't know for what.

someone gets a text message. someone gets a text message. Me Brack has CHEERING AND APPLAUSE CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Of

course, they quickly find out that Hosni Mubarak hasn't gone anywhere.

anywhere. As the sun goes

down, the main square turns into a strange kind of picnic area. The weather Kids play on the remains of a

police riot shield, and the mood is almost happy. are tired, many have been up

all night, but they don't want to leave. find out what happens in a city at night when there are no Darkness has fallen, and

has changed very has changed very quickly. Obviously, all the families

have gone, the young women and and you are left the in a state of in a state of high agitation.

The army is here and keeping the peace around here. that street and beyond the rest of the city, there is

no law and it is becoming very dangerous place.

few hundred metres away there's

been shooting at the police

barracks. People see our camera

and urge us to go to a nearby mosque that has mosque that has become a

makeshift emergency room and

morgue. Here are the men. In the neighbourhoods that

surround us, looters

surround us, looters and thugs

are taking control, while the

residents are forming vigilante groups to protect themselves.

This family has left his family

at home and he's worried, he's not leaving the he's not leaving the square. Mubarak wants people to feel

they are not safe, so we go

back to him and beg him to stay, but

stay, but we are not going to

do this. We want him away. do this. We want him away. It's enough for him to stay for 30 years. At what point do you

years. At what point do you say you want the police back?

We don't want the police back,

I myself was tortured, so we

don't want them back. To hell

with them. We will handle our own things and guard our houses and keep them safe for our lives and for our country, because we love this

country and they don't love it. Middle East correspondent

Ben Knight with that

Ben Knight with that report. He joins us now from Cairo, over

the phone. Ben, another day in

Cairo. Describe the scene you are seeing? Jeremy, it's

calmer and a lot cleaner. The

first thing you notice this

morning is that the burnt-out

carcasses of police cars and trucks are starting to be are even street sweepers out. It's quite a different atmosphere this morning, and atmosphere this morning, and

indeed I've just taken a walk

over the bridge to the other side of side of the Nile River this morning, and for the first time

since Friday I've seen police

on the streets. Now, they are

not the riot police, that has to regular police. Again, Egyptians still about those officers they regard them as

they regard them as being ridiculously corrupt. They really dislike them. But obviously they obviously they would much rather have them on rather have them on the streets, or the majority than not. We are starting to see order return to the that as a Mubarak? I think that probably most people here will most people here will be regarding it as

but one that doesn't enough. but one that doesn't go far the spirit of defiance the people remain? It's extremely strong. You heard some how people are feeling. They are rock solid, absolutely rock solid. As I pointed out, the

whole protest has changed in

whole protest has changed in

tone. It is now black white, us or him, one or the other, only one can win. other, only one can win. So it's going to it's going to have to come to one conclusion or tomorrow protesters - I hesitate to hesitate to use the word organisers, because if anyone profile. There have been calls for a

for a million strong peaceful show of

defiance, rather than of haphazard mass gatherings that have been happening ever

since Friday and Saturday. That there be final show of - show to Hosni Mubarak to go away, you can sack the government, you can put in a

government, you can put in a new one, we think you are just putting in your new cronies. putting together the new government. We don't government. We don't think that's that's democracy, that this is what what should happen tomorrow.

Today I think you will see Today I think you will see a calm city, a more orderly clean city. The soldiers have control of the Square and have barricaded off

only allowing people in through one street. There will be tens of thousands of people there

today. Obviously, at night it will be a different looting and violence overnight, possibly because of the reports

that police were back on the street. So I think what you are seeing is a towards large peaceful protests, people

going to achieve it. We are looking at pictures

Cairo of the scene there, and indeed it

of the last few Knight, to what degree do you think Hosni Mubarak is prepared

to reassert his authority? Well, there show of force yesterday, which you would have seen on the news reports. I reports. I was standing on the balcony at the time and thought, see a couple of F-16 see a couple of F-16 fighter jets going through like that, gee, they like that, gee, they are low and turning a sudden they went over and the ground shook, and at the which I didn't reamise - they were headed for

were headed for the square, and

they did 10 or 12 passes, they did 10 or 12 passes, with their after-burners lit, very low. This low. This was interpreted by the crowd strength by Hosni Mubarak and

they did not take kindly to it all, I think it only their resolve. It was their resolve. It was a very strange episode during the day

and the only one like it. As far

strength, there's been strength, there's been nothing

like it. I think if the like it. I think if the riot police came back police came back on to the streets, the having seen them they could do it again, and you It's would find that happening. It's coming down to, I think, It's coming down to, I think,

more of a political process. more of a political more of a political process.

Hosni Mubarak is making many

more appearances, he's

appearing in public with his

new vice-president, he's making statements that are conciliatory, but at the same time and is not saying anything

about going anywhere, and that's not going to be good

enough for the people in Tahrir

Square. We are Square. We are looking again at the live pictures at the live pictures from Cairo. Is Cairo. Is there a sense that

the opposition parties in

Cairo, the various figures who have emerged over the last few days, are coming together and

putting forward their case and

finding some form of consensus between them to form between them to form a unity government of some sort? Well, I'm not sure about I'm not sure about that. I think we will find out more

about that today. Opposition in

Egypt is, I think, even a worse

job than being in opposition in a democratic a democratic country, particularly if you are particularly if you are the

Muslim Brotherhood or your party is outlawed and your leaders regularly get

leaders regularly get jailed. The Muslim Brotherhood are not

going to form a going to form a government. This is still a largely secular

country and people do not want a government led by an Islamist

party, no matter how party, no matter how moderate

they are or profess to be. As

far as the other opposition groups groups go, they are small, they are weak, they are nobbled, they really have very little

influence, and very little following. No one has really

managed to garner any kind of managed to garner any kind of mass support, and that's because it's very difficult to because it's very difficult to be in opposition in Egypt, you

are living in a dictatorship,

and in dictatorships opposition

is not really tolerate d, even if

if it has the pretence of democracy, such as Egypt does.

Whoever is going to put up their hand - we have seen Mohammed ElBaradei come into Egypt this week. I don't think

he will be the person who manages to garner that support either, and I think would be feeling that if

Mubarak does leave the country

and the country goes into a period of chaos, then Mohammed

ElBaradei, who is a diplomatic, scientist, a

scientist, a thinker, an

academic, is not going to be

the firm hand that is needed to

steer the country through to be that charismatic strong leader. We are in the Middle

East, in an Arab country, which

has been ruled with that strong firm hand for nearly 30 firm hand for nearly 30 years -

or for longer than that, there's always been a really strong man at the Mohammed ElBaradei is not man and I think most Egyptians realise if there is going to be man and I think

a transition to realise a transition to a new government, then someone the army or who does not have a

bit of a ruthless speech bit of a ruthless speech will not be the one to lead moment who would shoes. Maybe it will shoes. Maybe it will emerge tomorrow and address that tomorrow address that million man march, or however many turn up, all of all of a sudden become that lightning left to play out. Ben Knight,

thank you. World leaders watching events unfold in diplomatic line, trying to

voice support for democratic

reform in the Middle East, while still reform in the Middle East, consequences of instability in the region. instability in the community is watching the scenes in Egypt

community is watching the

fascination and hope for

fascination and hope for reform. But that reform. But that hope is

tempered by fear - fear for what change might bring to the country, its region and to the

world. Here in Australia, the Prime Minister was urging calm

on those eager to create a new Egypt. I think we do understand we also want to see as calm and restraint as possible,

we don't want to see people

losing their lives in a

Egypt find itself in now. Egypt find itself in now. In saying so, Julia Gillard is in

lock step with other lock step with other world

leaders, keen to voice support for protesters but wary for protesters but wary of what could happen if President Hosni Mubarak is Hillary Clinton knows Hillary Clinton knows a power vacuum in Egypt could have devastating consequences and she's urging she's urging restraint on both protesters and

protesters and security forces. Right now, we are is very clear, that we want to no provocation that results violence and we want to see he national dialogue national dialogue begun, so the people of Egypt can see

people of Egypt can see their legitimate grievances address he. Uncertainty about what

direction the country could head is troubling the US, which has looked to Egypt as free and fair elections but the

Opposition Leader is urging

Barack Obama to abandon

for a new president after 30 years is a oxy moron, they need

to let go of Mubarak and go government of national salvation. Attending salvation. Attending the

African Union summit in Addis Ababa, the United themselves heed the wishes of the Egyptian people. I have

the Egyptian people. I have been repeatedly saying that for

the leaders of any the leaders of any country, including Egypt, should, first of all, listen attentively of all, listen attentively most sincerely to the voices of people, aspirations and what do they want. The voice of may carry a message may carry a message that

western governments in

hear, especially if Egypt moves to become a more hardline Islamist state. Whatever back for Egypt. back for Egypt. Germany's Foreign Minister back for Egypt. Germany's Foreign Minister Foreign Minister told reporters, if there's one

certainty, a return to what

once passed for normal is possible. He said, nothing will

ever be the way it was before.

His British counterpart William Hague emphasised the need for

Hague emphasised the need for a

concrete plan for Egypt's future. What is that a new process is

launched in Egypt, a process of transformation, which is what

was called for in the statement issued from the Prime Minister

and president and president Sarkozy and

Chancellor Merkel last night,

towards a broadly based

government, some genuine, real

and visible reform in Egypt and

free and fair elections. For

many Egyptian, any process

many Egyptian, any process of

transformation can only begin

once their president has

stepped aside, and that's a

stand-off that's not over yet. We'll have more on the

Egyptian crisis later on The

World when we cross live to

Cairo for the latest, in Cairo for the latest, in about

15 minutes from now. More evident in funsa, which is a

catalyst for the upheaval catalyst for the upheaval in Egypt.

Egypt. There, thousands Egypt. There, thousands of

people have welcomed home an

Islamist leader exiled for 22

years. The turn-out for Sheikh Rachid Ghanouchi was the

biggestdy play of Islam I have

support in Tunisia for two decades and indicates the

sheikh's party will be a major force in politicsment thousands of

Islamists were jailed during the rule of Zine El-Abedine Ben Ali. The sheikh's

Ali. The sheikh's return is

compared to the situation? Iran

after the overflow of the Shah, but Sheikh Rachid Ghanouchi hees

hees he is not an Ayatollah

Khomeini but a modest Muslim.

Yemen is dealing with anti-government protesters,

with protesters emboldened by

events in Tunisia and Egypt, and they are calling for their president to step down. have been similar scenes in

Sudan, where students clashed

with riot police on the streets of Khartoum. They too want their government to resign.

Police fired tear gas Police fired tear gas and used batons on the crowd, who were chanting anti-government

slogans. The demonstrations coincided with the release of

the first results from Sudan's reference dumb, showing more than

than 979% backed a proposal to

separate from the north. A Indonesian court has

raised the hopes of two members

of the Bali Nine drug ring who are appeals against their death sentences. There are reports

the panel of three judges said

the panel of three the right to

the right to life must not be

ignored, reduced or Their written opinion has gone to the Supreme to the Supreme Court for a verdict. One cyclone is out of

the way, but

is described as massive in terms of its destructive

which caused devastation five years it as the big ugly sister it as the big ugly sister to Cyclone Anthony, it as the big ugly sister Cyclone Anthony, which Cyclone Anthony, which caused only minor damage as it crossed the coast near Bowen overnight. Cyclone Anthony is

described as the perfect described as the perfect storm, sparing the town of Bowen from major

damage. The mayor says the town

dodged a bullet. If you are ordering category, the right speed, and minimal Anthony crossed the coast as category 2, reaching 150km/h. Power reaching 150km/h. Power lines were brought down people from people from Bowen to Mackay lost electricity. More damage at the Bowen Marina, where fishing boats were fishing boats were swamped and push on to the rocks. Cyclone

Anthony has weakened to a tropical low and

tropical low and is dumping heavy rain then Yass is lurking, with a

second powerful storm bearing

down. Around cat give 3 to 4

March, with 200 to gusts. It may be one of the cyclones we have ever had to deal with. We ask people to

take the next action to protect themselves and their loved

ones. The people of Bowen are anxious If it hits category 5, I don't want to out there now. The Weather Bureau warns Cyclone Yasi could rival Cyclone Larry, which

rival Cyclone Larry, which deaf

stayed Innisfail in 2006. It could strike between Innisfail and Proserpine either

Wednesday or early Thursday.

To Japan, where more than 1,000 people are evacuating from the southern island of Kyushu as volcanic eruptions threaten the

area. There are fears streams of lava and ash happens. For the sixth Kyushu Shinmoedake been spewing hot ash and authorities and are concerns that streams heated rocks and volcanic ash

may reach up to a may reach up to a 3km radius when an explosive eruption on occurs. More than 1,000 people on the southern left their homes and are camping in nearby and community and community centres, following following an evacuation advisory. TRANSLATION: advisory. TRANSLATION: There was a large

was a large raltle on the roof,

which made me very which made me very scared, so I fled here. The real problems

are yet to come. I'm really worried about how

last. No one in the town has been hurt by the volcanic

activity. But some vegetable

farms have been covered with thick layers of ash. Schools stayed

stayed open on stayed open on the provision that students were brought by car and car and wore

masks. TRANSLATION: Safety is

the number one priority for everyone. First of all, nobody is allowed to go outside, no playing in the playing in the playground. The Japanese says it's says it's been three centuries since the since the volcano showed similar The coming days will similar levels of activity.

that record is broken. that record is broken. Two of the most senior surviving leaders of faced court in Cambodia. leaders of the Khmer Rouge have faced court in Cambodia. The

men, both in their 80s, appeared before a preliminary hearing at the UN-backed War

Crimes Tribunal. They and two other figures face charges of

genocide for their part in the

death of about 2 million

Cambodians between 1975 and

1979. Burma's parliament is open for the first time since

last year's election. No

foreign media representatives

were allowed in to witness proceedings. The election was marred by marred by claims of cheating

and intimidation and boycotted

by the party of pro-democracy

leader Aung San Suu Kyi. That party will not be part of the

new government. Investigations

are under way into a fatal

train cash in eastern Germany.

train cash in eastern Germany.

A passenger train cashed head

on with a freight train near

the city of Magdeburg, killing

10 people and injuring 30.

Workers have started the wrecked carriages the wrecked carriages as investigators try to work out

what went wrong. what went wrong. Hundreds of people have attended a special church service in South Africa

to pray for Nelson Mandela. The

worshippers gathered in in we

toe to you pray for his speedy recovery. He spent two nights in hospital before being

discharge odd Friday. We have

to pray for him because he gave us this new South Africa, and

he's our father, so it's only right that his children

right that his children gather to pray for him. Nelson

Mandela is being monitored by

medical staff at his home Johannesburg. Time to check

the latest the latest worked weather.

Another hot day across much of south-eastern Australia

tomorrow, heat health warnings

issued through New South and widespread total fire bans. For Queensland, showers will increase along the coastal fringe with the approach of

tropical Cyclone Yasi, and ex-Tropical Cyclone Anthony

ex-Tropical Cyclone Anthony is moving into the south-west corner, bringing rain in the

north-west corner of New South

Wales. A late weak cool change

moving into the south-east, which but not significantly. A

relatively dry day for WA.

Cyclone Yasi will move out of the reach of the Pacific islands tomorrow, although

heavy rain and thunderstorms will persist in the western

areas. A high that is areas. A high that is sitting

to the north of New Zealand

will direct strong winds and

rain about the south-west of

the South Island. There's a disturbance across the south-east of the Philippines which could trigger

thunderstorms with heavy

Some will be capable of producing producing flash flooding.

Showers and thunderstorms will remain widespread in Asia, although mostly light

falls. It could be an isolated heavier downpour or two. Showers active about the coast

of Vietnam, mostly light. Another band Another band of showers will spread along Laos, Burma and

Thai border areas, but the falls are expected to be falls are expected to be light and isolated. Some of and isolated. Some of the

instability stretches into the south-west of the China. That

will produce some light

showers. Very cold air has moved further north, contracting to sit mostly over northern parts of Disturbance in the southern sea

of Bengal could trigger

moderate falls with isolated

thunderstorms about Sri Lanka. A broad area of instability through the Middle East will trigger widespread rain across

western and southern Iran, and areas of snow in both countries. The low the Mediterranean tomorrow will trigger heavy rain and winds in the drier conditions wells where. A low north of strong wind across the northern half of the country, with increasing showers and high level snow. A band of stretches from western Yemen through to the west of

Tanzania, and that Tanzania, and that activity

becomes more widespread across the central countries, the central countries, where there could be light moderate falls, and the activity widespread as the week processes. The next major low pressure systems to affect the

United States will develop over North Dakota, drawing fridged

air. Further air. Further south, widespread snow will reach as far south as New Mexico and will New Mexico and will cover most of the

states, before the system intensifies and crosses Wednesday. A significant low is sitting over southern

Brazil, triggering widespread moderate to heavy falls, stretching from southern Brazil Argentina, through to the western parts of Bolivia. We rain gradually contracting

north in the coming days. Still ahead,

We will be live in Cairo more analysis. Later, 'The

King's Speech' takes the crown

News 24, and The World. Our News 24, and The World. Our top stories: Evacuations have begun ahead of what the Queensland Premier says could the largest cyclones in the state's history. Cyclone Yasi

has intensified to a category 3

coast between Innisfail and Mackay early on

spewing ash and rocks into the

air has forced more than 1,000

people to evacuate homes. The

volcano began erupting last week and it's been about 300 years since it's been years since it's been this active. Both sides in battle of wills are refusing battle of wills are refusing to

give way. A week of protests

has left at least 125 people dead and shaken the Middle East. President Hosni Mubarak but is refusing demands to look at the man sparking the Mubarak. The Egyptian Mubarak. The Egyptian leader has been in power for more than three decades. He's 82 years old and was thrust in office in

1981 after his predecessor Anwar Sadat a military parade. He a military parade. He served as and a commander in the Air Force

election, his rival came a distant second. During his

as president, he has promoted peace abroad and backed economic

stifled political opposition. Joining our correspondent in Cairo, Philip Williams. You

have been walking the have been walking the streets this morning, what are people telling you? People are still very frustrated and haven't got what they Hosni Mubarak history. They are flooding into the central area as we speakment we have been troops, trying to encourage them to stay with the people, not with the really a situation that is tenable in the long run, but there is no particular solution there is no

be able to hear chanting going on You can see the billing was burnt out a

was burnt out a few days ago

still smoking, and there are

tanks, troops, protesters

altogether. It is a volatile

mix still and the question is

unanswered, what will happen

next. We don't know. Is there any sign that either side may

be prepared to raise the stakes

to get a resolution in

situation? Raising the stakes,

I guess, from a I guess, from a military point

of view, is using the troops

against the people, and that's

an extremely serious an extremely serious move. That

would have to, of course, come

from the very top, and then

there's the question: Would the

troops actually obey those orders? Many of them conscripts, and they are

Egyptian, as well as everybody else here. As for else here. As for the actual protesters themselves, protesters themselves, there's no sense of any no sense of any give there, because their attitude is,

"This is our once in "This is our once in 30 years

opportunity, we stuck our opportunity, we stuck our necks

out here, and we're not going

to back down until we get what

we want." What you constantly hear from the people on the

street is, "We're not afraid

any more, we don't fear these people, we don't fear the

secret police, we don't fear

being locked up or beaten up being locked up or beaten up or even shot in the streets." They

are so angry and so intent getting the reform through right here and now that they are

are disobeying the authorities

that they have obeyed for that they have obeyed for so many decades. They are out on the streets during curfew, they

are protesting when the president wants them at home

and wants businesses open and

Egypt back to describes as normal. But these people are maintaining the rage, and they are not giving

any ground at all. I don't see

where the give is on either side. Give us a sense of side. Give us a sense of the opposition figures who have emerged

emerged over the last emerged over the last few days.

We have seen Mohammed ElBaradei We have seen Mohammed ElBaradei and the Muslim Brotherhood also make

make its presence felt on the streets

streets of Cairo. Who are they

and can they possibly form a

unity government? Can they find

enough commonality between

them? This This is very much a grassroots, in a sense a revolution in a sense a revolution or

attempted revolution, and major figures haven't evolved in the

process, haven't been leading the process. Mohammed

ElBaradei, yes, a very well

known Egyptian, but he has

lived out of the country for a

long time. Some people long time. Some people feel

that he has not in effect

stayed here and done the hard political yards hills. Still, he is a figure who was very he is a figure who was very much welcomed amongst the

demonstrators when he went to the square last the square last night, so he is a possible interim leader. a possible interim leader. The

Muslim Brotherhood has been

very low key, some of their

leaders were arrested very early in the piece. Of

they would have a very strong

political interest in political interest in this

process, in getting as much

political advantage, of course,

out of this. But there is no obvious successor, no obvious successor, no name that

is being shouted out on the

streets. The only name that is being shouted is president's name, and they are shouting and saying, "Go, we

want you out, go now." How

much of a threat is the Muslim

Brotherhood to regional stability? Certainly that's the way the US sees it, and

certainly Israel as well. Yes. That's Yes. That's been Hosni Mubarak's line too, of Mubarak's line too, of course, that they will take over that they will take over and you will have a you will have a hardline

Islamic state. People on the streets in Egypt are saying, "That's rubbish. They represent

one section of the one section of the community, they democratic situation, they

probably don't have the numbers, and it's unlikely that the Muslim Brotherhood would numbers, and it's the Muslim Brotherhood would be that

that great that great bogeyman that the Americans and portray them as." Many of the

Egyptians say they are quite angry with the way the US, in a

sense they feel the US fallen for this line have the Muslim Brotherhood, you will have you will have a Hamas situation, you will have Hezbollah situation right

in Egypt. So it's really quite

different when you of the Egyptians, the impression you get of the power

of the Muslim Brotherhood. But

undoubtedly they would play a

role, a significant role, in a democratic democratic situation, if that he involves. But would they be the major player? At this

out on the streets is no, but they would be a force, of

course, but there are others that but as I say, right now we don't know who that individual

is that's going to fly that flag and

as president." Hopefully, if the democratic processes were

followed through with, that

person would be voted in and not appointed. But at this stage the president is in office, the protesters are in their office down here at the square, and neither budging. How would Egyptians been going on? It's a very delicate situation. Yes, it

is, and Egyptians you ask. If they are supporters of Hosni supporters of Hosni Mubarak, they want unqualified support. They are not getting course. People on the streets,

not just anecdotal, a theme is that they disappointed in the way the US has reacted, because they feel

people, rather than the man that the

that the Americans have felt comfortable with over the comfortable with over the past three decades. They feel very American Egyptian yesterday, who had an American passport, which he pulled out and showed to ashamed to be American." There

is that strong is that strong theme. How widespread is widespread is that? I can't tell. express, but among the other 80 or so million Egyptians, there is

is no way of gauging that. Basically, what they want, they will point to western governments like Australia governments like Australia and say, "You've got your you can vote for who you like and have political discourse, you and tortured, that's all we

freedoms and dignity and an economy that will support economy that will support a reasonable life." They say that's what this is essentially

all about. Tell us about the people you have been meeting on the

the streets. From the coverage

we have seen, it seems they are

from all walks of life. They are from all walks of

rich, poor, students, saw families children and babies in Very much a broad spectrum of in rural areas, where Hosni Mubarak has greater support and there are more ingrained conservatism, and we examples of that on the BBC yesterday, where they interviewed people in country

areas, saying, "We think Mubarak is very good, Mubarak is very good, we want to keep Mubarak." message here is that it is a broad-based movement and that

it's from all walks of life you can't categorise them. be the educated middle classes, and the simple practical reason

is that they speak English and can express to us. But if you look at the

faces of the people and the way they dress react and

it's very clear this is not particular sector of society, this is very broad much for that wrap. Thank you. The uprising is not

confined to Cairo. The city

Alexandria has seen more

of those killed on Friday.

(All chant). There's (All chant). There's never been an anti-government demonstration on this scale along Alexandria's famous

corniche in the past three decades at protesters have suffered heavily for their determination to down. (All chant). 30 or so people Friday when the police opened fire on fire on the crowds. Two were buried today. The police have

been replaced in the streets by the army, made up of conscripts and far less unpopular with the crowds. were to order the army to open change. But the government knows that the Americans, such thing. (All chant). You couldn't help couldn't help noticing today a

distinctly religious element to

this demonstrates. Much greater Cairo, for instance, where the protests have been strongly Alexandria remains a moderate

city, not an extremist one the most part. In fact, the army did nothing government's strategy.

Across China, millions of ears are being lowered as the country prepares to celebrate Chinese new year. Tradition

dictates that a haircut in the first month of the first month of the lunar

calendar means devastating bad luck, so the rush is on. China correspondent Stephen correspondent Stephen McDonnell reports from a reports from a packed barbershop in Beijing. barbershop in Beijing. The barber shops and of China are packed. There are

only days to go until a haircut

moratorium kicks in, and the slippers are running hot. TRANSLATION: It's tradition tradition that people should the have a haircut during the have a haircut during the first month of the lunar

calendar, so we are really busy before New Year's Eve. If you

have a haircut in the first

month of the lunar new year, it

will bring devastating bad luck

on your borg's mothers. Yet customs like this nearly stopped here after I lived through the Cultural

Revolution when I was little.

Many traditions were lost, but

now many of them are coming

back to life. No, there's no

way I'd have a haircut in the

first lunar month. first lunar month. Another

customer agrees. It's not a

question of belief, it's an old

tradition, so in a few days I

can't have a haircut and I

won't. For some people, these

are heartfelt beliefs. For others, it's just a fun. Either way, culture

dictates it, so for many these are traditions which simply

must be followed. The

Decemberers and barriers have

to make hey while the sun shans, because they are about

to have a very slow month. Sport, with Amanda Shalala.

Novak Djokovic confident of winning winning more grand slams? He probably flew home to Serbia this

afternoon with a second

Australian Open trophy in his

bag, after beating Andy Murray

in straight sets. Djokovic says

he's playing the best he's playing the best tennis of his life and is ready his life and is ready to consistently challenge the likes of Roger Federer

ap-Rafael Nadal. To listen to

the sports before this year's

Australian Open, there was no way anyone other than Rolf rofld or Rafael Nadal would be standing with the Norman Brookes Challenge Brookes Challenge Cup at tournament's end, but Novak

Djokovic beat Federer on the

way to the title, making the transition from a one slam

wonder to a genuine threat to break the tennis duopoly. They

are deservedly the two best

players in the world, but it's good for the sport and more

interesting to see more players who

who are able to win who are able to win major titles. On last night's performance, Novak Djokovic's slam count won't stop at two.

The serve was simply too good

for Andy Murray. After a tense opening, Djokovic broke in the 10th game of the first

set to take it 6-4. Djokovic

raced through the second,

opening up a 5-0 lead before

closing it out 6-2. closing it out 6-2. Murray was unable to find any rhythm.

Djokovic was running red hot. Storming to his second Australian Open title in

straight sets. Now I'm on a roll, definitely playing the

best tennis of my life, experiencing the experiencing the best moments in my Britain's 75-year wait for a men's grand slam common

continues, while Murray is yet it slam finals appearances. I want to try to win one, of

course, but if it doesn't happen, it doesn't happen. happen, it doesn't happen. I'm working as hard as I can. working as hard as I can. The Serb now sits less than rankings point away from the number 2 spot Federer. Injured Australian batsman s Mike Hussey adamant he will be fit to play

in the World Cup next month.

Australia has won the one-day series against Michael Clarke had a Michael Clarke had a timery return to form in the win at the Gabba. The Ashes are gone but it's not all doom and glam

to come back after the Ashes, it showed courage to win it showed courage to win the one-day series. It was very special to us. This wasn't. (Crowd boos) indifferent reception from crowd, the skipper crowd, the skipper won them over with the the series.

you're Australian captain, disappointing for him and hopefully it won't happen too

often. Led by Brett Lee, Australia's bowlers put England

to the swordment Lee has been a key figure in the team's dominance throughout the sear is. Being 15 months of the

the game, not wearing bit. It's nice bit. It's nice being back playing for playing for Australia again. John Hastings was considered John Hastings was considered a surprise World Cup squad but he proved his worth with the vital wickets of Kevin Pietersen and Ian

Ian Bell. I'm trying my feet, as I'm going along. With the World Cup just around

the corner, the see a lot of room for improvement, so the improvement, so the next couple of games are very important.

They are also important for an England team and confidence. of batters have drifted out of form in the form in the series. Game 6 will be played in Sydney on

taken out his second US PGA Tour event after Marc Leishman fine ishd in a tie for 9th. Tiger Woods form slump slump continues, tied for 4 4th. It was a significant win for Watson, after his father Jerry died from lung cancer late last year. Everyone special, because we don't know if you're going to if you're going to have him or

not. I'm probably going to cry

all day. My dad's not here. Mum, I love

Crawley will United in the fifth round of the FA Cup. Crawley is the first non-league Sadd first non-league Sadd to make it that far it that far in 17 years the

West Ham will play Burnley,

Stoke City plays Brighton and Lleyton orient is up against Arsenal. Sydney FC striker Alex Bros a lucrative deal in Japan. a lucrative deal in Japan. The

'The King's Speech' has won prize at the screeg LA A. The film snagged the award for best fifth pick up the best actor for his portrayal of

The win comes less than a week

Oscar nominations. Geoffrey Rush played a speech therapist in the behalf of the not be called the should be called the uplifting

award many they have asked me to speak, because at the film was the King's speech therapist,

but then they decided against

that. A reminder of our top

stories: Both sides in Egypt's

battle of wills are refusing to

give way. A week of protests has

has left at least dead and schakn the Middle East. President Hosni Mubarak has promised greater democracy

but is refusing to give in to

demand to stand down. Protesters are gathering for a

7th day of protests, with 7th day of protests, with no

end in sight. The ongoing protests in Egypt have protests in Egypt have sparked

demonstrations in many other countries, including Yemen. Protesters are calling for

political reform and also want their president to step down. Evacuations have begun ahead of says could be one of says could be one of the largest cyclones in the state's

history. Cyclone Yasi has intensified to a category 3 and

is expected to hit the coast between Innisfail and Mackay early on Thursday. Authorities

fear the massive cyclone, fear the massive cyclone, which could pack wince of up to

260km/h, may be as intense as

Cyclone Larry, which devastated

parts of far North Queensland

in 2006. In southern Japan, a volcano spewing ash and rocks

into the air

than 1,000 people to evacuate. Authorities urge residents

living near Mt Shinmoedake living near Mt Shinmoedake to

leave. It has been 300 years

since the volcano was this

active. You can keep up to date

date with all the stories date with all the stories on

our web soot site on That is the world this evening, world this evening, I'm Jeremy Fernandez, thanks for your

company. Back in a moment with

more of today's top stories. Closed Captions by CSI.

Live. Good evening. Good evening. You're watching the latest from ABC News 24. Anti-government

protests in Egypt have called

for an indefinite strike in a

bid to ramp up pressure on the country's embattled President

to give up power. A week of

demonstrates has left at least

125 dead and shaken the Middle

East. Another day of protests,

the passions as as intense as

ever. Tens of thousands vowing

to stay on the streets until

his survive or demise may rest

with the military, now under

pressure to side with the

protesters. We have to join the people here not