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Live. The host for the 2018 Commonwealth Games will be Gold Coast. Queensland celebrates - the (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE)

Gold Coast to become the fifth

Commonwealth Games. I'm so Australian city to host the Australian city to host


proud of this team. I'm so

proud of the Gold Coast. I'm so proud of being a Queenslander tonight. Also today - Minister Also today - the Prime

Minister urged to deliver

economic reform for the Pacific

at the APEC forum in Hawaii. At

least 18 sperm whales die after

a mass stranding in Tasmania. And Greece's new Prime Minister

sworn in as Italy moves to

shore up crucial eurozone


This is ABC News

This is ABC News 24. Hello,

I'm Nick Dole. A quick check of

tomorrow's weather: The Gold Coast The Gold Coast is celebrating

after it won the bid to hold the 2018 Commonwealth Games. Thousands of people gathered to hear the nailbiting announcement live from saint hear the nailbiting

kits in the West Indies. You could cut

could cut the air with a knife. From the dignitaries Queensland premier Anna Bligh, Gold Coast

mayor Ron Clarke, they were all

anxious. Is there any questions before? (LAUGHTER)

West Indian island of St Kitts for the announcement but then relievch Ladies and gentlemen, it

it is my pleasure to announce, that the that the host for it Commonwealth Games will be the

Gold Coast. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) The Gold Coast and its 500,000 people celebrating, they gathered to here the people celebrating, they had

premier announcement. Queensland

premier Anna Bligh say esit is

just what the sunshine state

needs given the turmoil it has

B through in the past year. The hard

so prout of this hard work has paid off. So I'm

so prout of this team, I'm so proud

proud of the Gold Coast. I'm so proud of

proud of being a Queenslander

tonight. The final vote by the general assembly of general Commonwealth Games federation,

the Gold Coast 43 to Sri

Lanka's 27. It has been a very

close vote. There was a good chance that we weren't going chance that we weren't going to make it. One thing is for

certain, we will be hearing a

Aussie, Aussie! Oi, Oi, Oi! lot more of this. Aussie,

Aussie, Aussie! Oi, Oi, Oi! In

just six years. The Gold Coast is still celebrating. Our reporter just

fors is there. The Gold Coast

is in party mode today having

won the right to host the 2018 Commonwealth Games. It is a

culmination of years of work by the State Government, the Gold Coast city council and the business community. everyone wakes up business community. Ones

everyone wakes up tomorrow, possibly with a hangover, they know the hard work is about to

begin. The city has just over

six years to prepare needed needed to host an international six years to prepare everything

multi sport event. The State

Government has committed Commonwealth Games but than $800 million for the

Commonwealth Games but of

course it involves volunteers, the business the business community,

councils and regular citizens

Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, the to help make it an event. The

Prime Minister, Julia Gillard,

his welcomed the news. A big

congratulations to Queensland,

to Anna Bligh, to Gold Coast

mayor Ron Clarke on securing the Commonwealth Games for

2018. This is a fantastic abelievement, all Australians

will be looking forward to

but this is going to be a

particular delight for the people of the Gold Coast the people of people of the Gold Coast and

the people of Queensland. Each

time we've hosted the hosting

fantastic job. Australia is Commonwealth Games we've done a

great at hosting great at hosting major

international sporting events.

We bring to it our sense of

sports personship and sports personship and fairness,

our sense of fun and

engagement. This is also engagement. This is also a great opportunity economically

for the Gold Coast bringing, as for the Gold Coast bringing, as

world to participate in and it will, people

enjoy the Commonwealth Games. world to participate in and to

So, congratulations Queensland.

Absolutely great news. To other

and news now. Five people are dead

and another person is trapped

after a crash between a car and

a truck in country Victoria. Ambulance crews were called to

afternoon - 1 the scene around 2 o'clock this

say. afternoon - 1 o'clock I should

say. There are reports say. There are reports that

both vehicles caught fire after

the crash. Three people have died and four died

seriously injured in a crash in died and four people have been

central Australia. Police say a

car with 9 people inside around 10 o'clock last car with 9 people inside rolled

350 kilometres north of Alice

Springs. Police are looking for Springs. Police are looking

a women they believe was in the

car at the time of the accident but ran but ran off afterwards. Asia-Pacific leaders are

for gathering in Hawaiis capital

for the annual APEC summit. The US Secretary of State Hillary

Clinton says her country must

solve the problems of the era

she has dubbed America's Pacific century. We obviously believe that the world's

strategic and economic centre

of gravity will be the Asia-Pacific for the 21st

century and it will be up to Asia-Pacific for the 21st

American state craft over the

next deck aid to lock in next deck aid to lock in a substantial - decade to lock

in a substantially increased investment diplomatic and economically and

otherwise. Here at APEC we will

continue to drive

rules-based economic agenda for the region. Then the region. Then when the region. Then when the President and I travel to

Indonesia to participate east Asia summit, we lit

continue with these efforts continue with these efforts to advance a comprehensive

regional agenda to promote

security, economic growth and

universal values. US trade representative, ambassador Ron

Kirk and I have welcomed foreign and trade and foreign and trade and economic

ministers from across the region . Today I chaired two high-level policy dialogues on

critical issues, critical issues, disaster

resilience and open governance as well as holding bilateral meetings with senior officials from several from several countries, including China, Japan,

Australia, Indonesia and

Vietnam. We discussed a full range

range of issues from our economic partnerships to our

security challenges, to our shared humanitarian In particular I expressed

solidarity with our ally and

friend Thailand as it con tends

with the worst flooding in with the worst flooding in the nation's history. We also

consulted on a range of consulted on a range of other

pressing issues regarding Iran we discussed the recent we discussed the recent report

raising serious concerns about

the weapons related work the

Iranian Government has undertaken.

undertaken. Iran has a undertaken. Iran has a long

history of deception and history of deception and denial regarding its nuclear program

and in the coming days we

expect Iran to answer the

serious questions raised by this report. The United States will continue to

closely with partners allies on the next

allies on the next steps we can

take to increase pressure on

Iran. Regarding Syria we

discussed the ongoing and

escalating violent perpetrated

by the al-Assad Government

against its own people. Our

position is clear, we are supporting peaceful transition. Al-Assad Al-Assad has lost

legitimacy to rule and he

should step down. Regarding North Korea,

North Korea, I updated our partners on the exploratory

talks the United States had

with North Korea who weeks ago

in Geneva. We made clear what

we expect North Korea to do in

order to get back to

including concrete steps order to get back to talks,

towards denuclearisation. North

Korea must comply with its

commitments under the 2005

joint statement of the joint statement of the

and the armistice agreement. We six-party talks, relevant UN

are awaiting North Korea's reply. Hillary Clinton there. The Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, is in Hawaii for the summit. She has laid a summit. She has laid a wreath

ceremony for fallen American at the Honalulu military

soldiers. Julia Gillard's first

official event here at APEC not about closer economic official event here at APEC was

closer cooperation, it was all about

The Prime Minister laid a closer military cooperation. wreath

wreath here at Honalulu's military

military cemetery and paid

tribute to the tribute to the American soldiers who had died helping War II. This comes amid expectations expectations that Barack Obama will announce closer will announce closer military ties between Australia and the

United States and, in particular, a military presence in particular, a greater American

Australia. In this year of

anniversaries, it is a privilege anniversaries, it is a great

privilege for me, representing

every Australian, to be with

you today here, as you remember

the veterans of America's wars

in this beautiful and hallowed

America's own lie in graves American place where so many

which they found too soon. You

would be well entitled to say

in this place they died for This is in this place they died for us.

This is a day and place for

ourselves alone. But we

Australians know that that is

not your way because we know

that so many of the buried here

died for us too. From here

though the Prime Minister gets

is down to business and business

is the focus today. The Prime

Minister will meet with CEO's and business leaders who

zone here in zone be pushing for a free trade

zone here in the Asia-Pacific

or specifically a trans-Pacific partnership. Those trade talks

did get a real kick overnight with news that Japan is willing to get on board. is willing

That is significant because

Japan is famous for its very

high tariff wars and the high tariff wars and the fact

that Japan is interested in the trans-Pacific partnership also gives hope to those who

gives hope to those who are trying to sign and seal an

Australia-Japan free trade trying to sign and seal an

deal. Here in Honalulu this is Mark Simkin for ABC home now. The Australian Greens leader Bob Brown wants the Federal Parliament to debate

the pros spics of the United States expanding its military presence in Australia. The presence

White House has refused to

confirm reports a deal has been

to Australian army made increasing American access

to Australian army bases. There

is speculation that an

announcement may be made when announcement may be made when

the US President Barack Obama

visits Darwin next

Senator Brown says the

Australian Parliament has an

obligation to debate the pros

and cons. It is very important

that a parliament

any new foreign troop placements in Australia or

hosting in Australia from the

US or from anywhere else. It obviously has impacts on the obviously

way we're seen way we're seen in the

neighbourhood. We Greens neighbourhood. We Greens think Australia should have a very

strong independent profile. We

need to be good neighbours. We

need our own way of enhancing the neighbourhood by making

sure we don't appear to threaten anybody, that we want

aid to our to engage in peace keeping, in

aid to our foreign neighbours

but to be on good terms with

them. There is no doubt needs to be a big debate about

what the impact on China and

India and other nations in India and other nations in the

region will be of an increased

US military presence in Australia. An Australian

soldier is in a serious but stable condition after being

wounded by insurgent fire in wounded by insurgent fire

Afghanistan. The incident

happened when a joint happened when a joint patrol of the Afghan and Australian southern province of Uruzgan. troops came under attack in the

The Australian Defence The says the soldier is now receiving medical treatment at

a military hospital at Kandahar a military hospital at

airfield. The latest casualty

comes after separate attacks on

Australian troops by Afghan

army soldiers. At least

sperm whales are dead after a army soldiers. At least 18

mass stranding on mass stranding West Coast. Another four are West Coast. Another four are

still alive but stuck in the

shall yos on Ocean Beach near

Strachan. As and wild life

rescue team is on his way rescue

Another eight whales were Hobart to try to save

stranded in Macquarie Harbour 4 kilometres south of Ocean Beach

but four are now free. Thorments are

stay clear of the channels. Workers have vowed to channels. Workers have vowed to

continue picketing the Baiada

chicken factory in Melbourne's west

injured last night. They west despite a man being

injured last night. They are

striking over what they say are

substandard conditions at the site. The company won blocking workers from blocking Court injunction yesterday


access to the company. A man's legs were crushed last night

during a brief clash between esscorting contractors into picketers and 80 police

esscorting contractors into the factory. There has been some

relief for financial markets in

Europe after the two countries

brink that took the eurozone to the

brink moved to shore up their economies. In Italy the Senate approved austerity while Greece swore in a new approved austerity measures

Prime Minister. Despite these

changes there are new signs emerging that the troubles on British jobs and growth. From Rome today

Rome today , a glimmer of hope

- Italy's Senate passed a

series of emergency measures. When the Lower House

does the same Prime Minister measures.

Silvio Berlusconi mace said he

will resign. Making way, it is

assumed for this man, assumed for this man, Mario Monte, a former European

commissioner who will head a

technocrat Government. He will technocrat Government. He will

be tasked with balancing Italy's budget by 2014 to help

contain Europe's debt crisis.

Italian VAT will go up to 21%.

Public sector salaries will be frozen

frozen for three years, there will be a crack down on tax

evasion. Europe's leaders today

welcomed the news. I'm welcomed the news. I'm very hopeful that Italy will sort

out this situation quite soon. The recent news The recent news we have been

receiving from Italy goes in

that direction. You know, I

cannot respond for Italy. In Europe's other problem capital, Athens, there were more anti-austerity protests on the

streets today. TRANSLATION: I'm expecting further barbaric measures against measures against the people. Here too a people. Here too a new

Government is being imposed on Government is being imposed on the country. Another technocrat, Lucas Papademos

sworn in today. His job, to

force through more painful austerity measures demanded by

Brussels. Here at the European

Commission there is a Commission there is a real sense that Greece doing part of what is needed to

contain the debt crisis. One problematic Prime problematic Prime Minister has

gone, another is on the way out. But

out. But is it democratic. Brussels gets what it wants, do

the voters?for now though it is money

money to bail out Europe that

matters most. Many say the European Central Bank should European Central Bank should do

more to support countries under

threat. In Berlin they don't

agree. Germany's worried about

the consequences of the ECB printing more money. Today its

economics minister said a bailout

bailout would remove the pressure on economics

countries to reform. He also had some advice for Britain. TRANSLATION: I find it

a bit ode that the British

don't have the euro and yet

they are constantly giving us

advice as to what we should do.

They don't want to help anyway. A sign of tension

perhaps though the Chancellor, George Osborne was today concentrating on what all this

means back home. It is a very, very difficult situation in the eurozone. Britain is impacted by what Britain is impacted by what is happening, there's no doubt

that growth in Britain, jobs in Britain, have been hit by what's going on in the

eurozone. Back in Italy Silvio

Berlusconi this evening headed

off for what might be his last official

official engagement as Prime

Minister. The market stabilised

when he announced he would

when he announced he would resign. Today's news also calmed them but they know the euro is still in a critical

condition. Mexico's Interior

Minister, the second most

senior official after the

President, has been helicopter crash. Jose

Francisco Blake Mora was travelling from Mexico City to

Cuernavaca when his helicopter went down killing all eight

people onboard. people onboard. Television

pictures show the scattered wreckage wreckage n on a hilled side south

south of the capital. The cause

of the accident is not yet known. He is the known. He is the second Interior Minister of President

Felipe Calderon to die in an air

air dent after a previous

Interior Minister died in

Interior Minister died in a

small plane crash near Mexico Government has been waging a

war against the brutal Mexican

drug cartels since 2006.

drug cartels since 2006. A

group of Kurdish militants hijacked a passenger ferry

carrying 24 people in north-western Turkey. At

north-western Turkey. At least

four men claiming to be four men claiming to be members of the Kurdistan Workers Party

boarded the sea bus as boarded the sea bus as it set

out from Izmit. The out from Izmit. The ship's captain reportedly told local television

television that the group television that the group is armed and carrying armed and carrying explosives. captain reportedly monitoring the vessel. The Kurdistan worker's party has

been fighting for autonomy in

Turkey's mainly Kurdish south-east.

south-east. They have mounted series of attacks against Government security forces in

Most Australians drink milk

but not everyone can afford to pay for pay for it. Now Australian

dairy farmers are donating a

million litres of milk a year

to needy Australians. It is the first has come together to support

vulnerable people. It is the simple things... How do you have your coffee? Norm have your coffee? Norm white with two. This shelter houses up

up to 60 homeless men in

litres of milk every week go litres of milk every week and go through most of that. This kitchen will be one of

thousands of welfare agencies

around the country to benefit from free milk deliveries. from free milk deliveries. The Australian dairy industry has

united to donate 1 million leaders

that are underfed in the

community is like a major issue

and we wanted to try to fix it. It will be distributed to it. It will be distributed to community kitchens or given out

in emergency food parcels

around the nation. We are now able around the nation. We are now

able to give a huge amount of

fresh food to families who are coming

coming and there are sadly an increasing

increasing number of families

coming for assistance. Here the

staff add flavouring to any

left over milling to make it

more appealing. I drink more chocolate chocolate milk than anything.

Out of Out of all my milk I drink chocolate milk. A sweet treat

that is

that is greatly appreciated. The third round of the

Australian Open golf tournament is

is well and truly under way.

Tiger Woods went into the day

as the leader and Lucas Parsons

believes this country suits the former world number 1. Tiger former world number 1. Tiger really, he's comfortable really, he's comfortable around

Australians so when we Australians so when we comes

down here it is - that banter Australians have of how the

communicate and it relaxes him. You can see this week he is relaxed.

relaxed. He did an interview on

the Friday and you could see

how he was laughing, how he was laughing, he was

carrying on. In the end when

you are happy you play well.

This golf course really, really

suits Tiger. The Socceroos have gone down

gone down 1-nil to Oman in

Muscat overnight in their group

D World Cup qualifier. They

move their campaign to now move their campaign to Thailand now for their second last

qualifying match in Bangkok qualify for the next phase.

Elsewhere Saudi Arabia scored a 3-nil win over 3-nil win over Thailand. Mark

Schwarzer was powerless to stop

this shot nestling in the

corner of his net. Amad al corner of his net. Amad al

Hosni scores for Oman. The

is Holger Osieck's third in 20 matches matches with the Australians.

Centuries to Graeme Smith and Hashim

Hashim Amla have helped South

Africa easily win the

Africa easily win the first cricket test against Australia

in Cape Town. After fell on day 2 it was a starkly

different story on day 3. different story on day 3. Smith

and Amla shared a massive stand to easily reach to easily reach the victory target of 236. Australia had a

chance for an early scalp but

Shane Watson gave Amla a

reprieve. The Australians were made

made to pay for the mistake. Smith and Amla found their

rhythm and put on 195 runs for

the second wicket.

Is that 4? Is it 100? Yes, it is. Well played Hashim is. Well played Hashim Amla. Amla's luck eventually ended as Mitchell Johnson removed

removed him for 112 but then the Proteas only the Proteas only needed another

14 runs for victory and Smith

brought up his ton when the

winning run a short time ago

Andy Bichel spoke to us and Andy Bichel spoke to us and he

does not believe there are huge

chances required. We will hear

from limb later. Adelaide

United have moved away from United have moved away from the

bottom of the A-League ladder.

It came thanks to a 2-1 over Gold Coast United at Hindmarsh

Hindmarsh Stadium. After scoreless first Hindmarsh Stadium. After a scoreless first half the game

lit up in the second as Zenon

Caravella capitalised on the open goal. Caravella's joy soon turned sour, his deflection

handed Gold Coast an equaliser via James Brown. Iain Ramsay reinstated the

reinstated the Reds advantage.

Iain Ramsay, it is a Iain Ramsay, it is a stunning goal from Iain Ramsay. The win lifts Adelaide from second last

to sixth on the ladder. Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez marched in for tomorrow Marquez marched in for tomorrow morning's morning title fight in Las in Las Vegas where they meet

for the first time. for the first time. The Filipinos WBC welterweight championship belt championship belt is on the

line and the Filipino tipped

the scales at 143 pounds and

Marquez was a pound lighter. I

need to do my best in the ring

so people are impressed with

the performance. I don't want them

them to be disappointed. So we

will do our best train hard and are ready to

fight. I won't get a red card for this fight. Because this fight

fight is the most important for

my career and I am working my career and I am working very

hard. I want to fight with hard. I want to fight with the

best fighter. This is the most important fight for me. There

were two matches played in the

NBL last night with the

Townsville Crocodiles and the Wollongong Hawks grabbing the points. The Hawks shocked the raining championships the New Zealand Breakers in Zealand Breakers in Auckland and the Crocs needed overtime

to win in and Bendigo secured wins in and Bendigo secured wins in the

WNBL. Eddie Gill scored for the visitors visitors with a whopping 30 points

points and 7 assists.

little man sits on the three-point line and drops it in again. Australia's Brant Webb

Webb was second fastest in

practise ahead of tomorrow's Abu derby Formula

Abu derby Formula 1 grand prix. Sebastian Sebastian Vettel is Sebastian Vettel is fourth

fastest. One of the best races

of the year here. It twilight race so starting in

the daytime and finishing at night. A very unique experience for the drivers and the

teams. Away from the track

Webb's been getting to know the

local wildlife. A placard

by John Lennon and Yoko Ono

during their Bed-in For Peace,

antiwar protest in 1969 is

going under the hammer going under the hammer at Christies in London. The Christies in London. The item is part of upcoming rock and pop

memorabilia sale featuring a

ring of instruments, clothes,

photographs and posters that once belonged to former stars of the music industry. Lennon's placard could placard could fetch over

$150,000 Australian at auction.

In Geneva a watch designed for

special agent 007 James Bond is

to go under the hammer. The Rolex submariner had two

special features, a Buzz saw and intensive saved his life in the 1973 saved his life in the 1973 film

'Live and Let Die'. Two photo

prints from the movie and the

original sketch production

drawing of the watch are also

being sold. It is expected to

fetch up to $150 million -

500,000. The auction of a bed

is bound to generate interest. The bed where Michael Jackson

took his last breath is up for

sale. The Queen size piece is

among hundreds of items from

his mansion set to hit the auction

auction block next month. The

home where Jackson

separately up for sale.

The satellite shows cloud

over the Northern Territory,

Western Australia and South

Australia along a low pressure trough. Cloud in eastern New

South Wales is producing some potentially

potentially se veer storms.

Looking around the Looking around the states Looking around the states for tomorrow, Queensland will see

isolated showers and storms about the east

I'm Nick Dole. Stay with us

on ABC News 24. 7:30 Queensland is coming up next. is coming up next. Closed Captions by CSI.

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