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(generated from captions) those rate reductions any time those rate reductions any time soon. Andrew Robertson with

that report. The World Health

Organisation is sending 2

million courses of the

anti-viral drug Tamiflu to 72

countries to combat swine

flu. Here in Australia supplies

of the drugs are being rationed

and the shelf life of the drug

is being extended by the

Therapeutic Goods

Administration after a spike in

demand. Opposition spokesman demand. Opposition spokesman

Peter Dutton yun joins us from Brisbane. Thank you for joining

us. Thank you. Are they taking

the right decision in extending

the shelf life, allowing us to

use Tamiflu past its use-by?

The advice is that providing

the drug is stored in a secure

and appropriate manner, it is

OK to extend the shelf life.

What we've questioned really and the Health Minister and the Health Minister needs

to provide more detail about,

is the commercial arrangement

with the drug company

involved. This so far has been

quite a huge question mark over

what the Government has

announced and potentially there

are huge windfalls. We need to

see more detail. What troubles

you exactly? What do you want

explained? As I understand it,

the Government has about the Government has about 1.6

million doses of Tamiflu. Appropriately that forms part

of their stockpile. But because

it is approaching their use-by

date they've come to an

arrangement with a drug company

to return that product, that

1.6 million doses back to the

company. As I understand it

that product will be repackaged

and wholesale it through and wholesale it through to

economists and consumers. You

are worried the company is

double dipping. They've sold it

once and get to sell it again? I'm really asked the

Government the question. The

Government wants people to be confident in what they are

doing. Fair enough. But if they

want people to be confident,

they need a transparent

process. If the Commonwealth

has paid for the 1.6 million

doses, how much are they get by

way of refund for the way of refund for the company.

That is the first question. The

second question is once the

repackaging is done of that

product that as originally on

the shelves of the Government,

once that is retailed on, what

margin is it to the company and

they are the questions we need

answered. Yesterday in a press

conference the Health Minister

Nicola Roxon was evasive about

this particular issue. I think

there are questions that need

to be answered. That is what we to be answered. That is what we

are calling on the Government

to do. You can't suggest a

Government facing a 6-year

deficit wouldn't be trying to

winkle every cent it possibly

could from Roche. These are

temporary deficits. There is

nothing to be worried about,

it's only $300 billion of

debt! Sarcasm doesn't become

you! Well, it makes you laugh.

of the That's the main thing this time

of the morning. The real

question is about this

temporary deficit for the PM in

particular who said before the

last election there was a

cigarette paper of difference

between him and John Howard on

economic conservatism. When

they say six years for

deficits, how long will it take

for the Government to pay off

$300 billion worth of debt. My

children will be in high school by the time this Government by the time this Government

gets around to surplus Budgets.

They will be grandparents

before the debt is paid off.

That is the problem that faces

the next generation. That is

what most Australians would

want answered today. It is a

fair point. And you are not on

your own in making that point,

but all of us being real human

beings for a moment here, it is

a situation any Government

would face. You surely are not argue rg that Malcolm Turnbull would face. You surely are not

or John Howard would today in

2009 in a week agriculture time

be handing down a Budget that

showed a surplus? I point you

to New Zealand for argument's

sake. At the moment they've got

a conservative Government in

New Zealand. They aren't going

into the debt this Government

is talking about. But they are

facing a recession that we have

not brought on ourselves yet,

were nowhere near it. Well, they

were facing a recession in New

Zealand brought on by a Labor

Government before the most

recent economic developments.

Nobody doubts that of course

there are international

happenings in terms of the

financial markets and an

economic downturn globally, but

there is no question at all

this Government has made the

situation much worse. If you

look at the New Zealand

example, they aren't saddling

future generations with tens future generations with tens of

hundreds of billions of dollars

worth of debt. Don't forget

last time Labor were in power

they took ten years to pay off

$100 billion. Now with $300

billion and unemployment going

up and interest rates going up,

we will pay a huge debt by way

of an interest bill on this

$300 billion in years to come.

We are talking decades before We are talking decades before

the $300 billion of Labor debt

is paid off. That's the

difference between what we saw

in terms of economic management

under the Coalition and what we

are seeing now in only 16 or 17

months under this

Government. Is this a matter of

our debt would be smaller than

your debt? Well, it's not a

question of that at all. It is

a question of whether you would in the current economic situation be out splashing around billions of dollars around billions of dollars of

borrowed money. People are critical of the Howard

Government giving one-off

pension payments to pensioners.

They were critical about

They were critical about the payments to young families.

baby bonus. All of those

payments people were critical

of under the previous Coalition

Government but all of that

money was done by way of

drawing down on what we put in

the bank. Don't forget we put

$22 billion in the bank. This Government has blown that. Government has blown that. They

are talk being a $60 or $7

obillion deficit over one

financial year and talk being

going into debt of $300

billion. We won't pay it off

for up to 30 years. That is

something the PM needs to

address. Most people know -

this PM is answering every call

that he gets in the mail to

increase the limit on his

credit card. He can't race out

quickly enough. I suspect at the Lodge they've the Lodge they've suspended

service on Fox because they

don't trust the PM with the

shopping channel. That's the

real question about this PM. He

can't help but spend money. He

is dangerous with the

chequebook of the Australian

taxpayer. Peter Dutton, we get

it! My shoulders will collapse!

Good to talk to you this

morning. Thanks so much.

Thanks. Have a good day. The

Opposition has been working overtime. They've been overtime. They've been working