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(generated from captions) Rupert Murdoch's BSkyB bid in

tatters as a prominent tatters as a prominent victim

of the hacking scandal speaks

out. In teersz, your son is now going to be broadcast

across the media. Live. This Program is Captioned

The management's asylum

seeker deal with Malaysia close

to being signed. to being signed. Julian

Assange begins his appeals

against extradition to

Sweden. And one of the greater AFL coaches Alan Genes has died, aged 78. Good morning,

you're watching ABC News. I'll Waleed Ali. Britain's Parliament is putting intense

pressure on Rupert Murdoch to abandon his bid to take control

of Britain's satellite channel

BSkyB. Senior police in London

have told the committee News

International trying to thwart

the original inquiry into the phone hacking scandal and. Phillip Williams reports.

Every day, every hour it gets

worse. The stench over the

whole hacking affair so strong

the Parliament will likely pass

a unanimous motion calling for

Rupert Murdoch to drop his

takeover bid for broadcaster

BSkyB. Now a former Prime Minister Gordon Brown is gunning for News International

papers, including 'The Sun' and

the 'Sunday Times'. He says his

bank, property, tax and other personal information was

hacked. I don't know how all

this happened. But I do know

one thing - that in two of

these instances there is absolute proof that News International was involved International was involved in

hiring people to get this

information. And I do information. And I do know also

that the people that they work

with because this is what

really concern s me most, really concern s me most, are criminals. Gordon Brown spoke

of his anguish when he was told

'The Sun' newspaper 'The Sun' newspaper was going

to reveal his son Fraser

suffered from cystic

fibrosis. In tears. Your son is

now going to be broadcast

across the media. Sarah and were incredibly upset about it. across the media. Sarah and I

We're thinking about his

long-term future. We're thinking about his family. But

there is nothing you can do at icht you near public life. News International says it didn't

access Fraser Brown's medical

filetu information came from

someone with experience of

cystic fibrosis. My heart goes

out to Gordon and Sarah Brown, to have your children's privacy

invaded in your tha way,

particularly when your child is particularly when your

not well, is completely for the family concerned. And unacceptable. Heart breaking

News International's problems

in the original failed continued as policemen involved

investigations and told a parliamentary committee the

company had obstructed

inquiries. This is a major, a

global organisation with access

to the best legal advice who in

my view deliberately tlie tried to thwart an investigation. Assistant

Commissioner Yon Yates said had Commissioner Yon Yates said he had hacking problems of his

own. From the methods I know

that are use, I am 99% certain

my phone was hacked during 2005

- 06. Who by, I don't for the former Assistant - 06. Who by, I don't know. As

Commissioner Andy Hayman, turned News

turned News International

column ist, he defend z his investigation that somehow

missed the hacking. Did you

ever receive payment from any News International Good News International Good God,

absolutely not! I can't believe you suggested that. Rupert

Murdoch, his son James Rebecca Brooks have been Murdoch, his son James and

invited to appear before another committee hear ing early next week. They will cooperate. The next move

probably belongs to Rupert

Murdoch. What will he do about

the BSkyB bid? Will he withdraw

it before the humiliating vote

in Parliament? What what about

other publications that may

have been involved in serious

misdeeds? This is far from over. Prime Minister Julia

Gillard and Opposition Leader

Tony Abbott are out and about

again today selling their respective measures on the

carbon tax. Mr Abbott started

the day at Melbourne's fish

market, telling workers their

jobs could be at risk. Julia

Gillard will take her visit to Brisbane. Last appeared on Network Ten Ten's Brisbane. Last night she

7pm Project. I will be in Canberra governing the country as well as popping it talking to people about as well as popping it and

kbrietion. We made the

announcement on Sunday so in these weeks and months people will hear us and see us these weeks and months ahead

a lot. There is plenty of time

do the paperwork in the office

as well. At least for me. I am

not sure that Tony does that

much ju. All of these small

businesses here are see their

costs go up and they're going

to be squeezed by rising costs

and by the fact that and by the fact that their

customers don't want to pay higher prices. The The Prime

Minister keel ing tells us the tax won't hurt us but the more

we learn about it the less Government knows what it's confident we can be the

Federal Government has finalise doing. The ABC understands the

its deal with Malaysia for its deal with Malaysia for 800

asylum seekers to be sent there in exchange for 4,000 refugees. The agreement just

needs to be signed by Bowen and his Malaysian Immigration Minister Chris

counterpart. That should be

done by the end of the month. For more on the issue, Marion -

Assuming the deal is about to Marion Le joins us now.

be sealed, what will you be looking for? I will be looking

to see exactly what is in place

for these people that are going

to be traded. And I use that

word deliberately. If we're

talking about trading 800

people to Malaysia for three or

4,000 in return, we would be

want ing to know is going to happen want ing to know exactly what

that I people. But the that I have is that again, off that I have is that in this on

again, off again, will be signed, won't be signed with signed, won't be signed deal with the Malaysians that in signed, won't

signed, won't be signed deal fact

fact the Government is now with the Malaysians that in fact the Government is now

looking to send the 800 looking looking to send the 800 people,

400 of whom are already on Christmas Island, looking to 400 of whom are Christmas Island, looking to send those people to Manus

Island and of course there is as yet still in turmoil. Island. So the whole thing still in turmoil. We would be

of course looking for the United Nations to still in turmoil. We would be of United Nations to be involved in any kind of deal but it appears that in any kind of deal but

appears that the UN have said appears that appears that the UN have said they don't want to be involved appears that the UN have they don't want to be involved in this sort of thing and

Malaysia apparently is saying

that they do Malaysia apparently

that they do not want the UNHCR to oversee what is going on. So again we have again we have got a chaotic policy, so called, from the policy, so called, from policy, so called, from the Government. So how certain can

you be that the UNHCR will not

have any oversight, any role at you be that the UNHCR will not have any oversight, any role at

all to do with this all to all to do with this deal? We're

not certain. What we do know not certain. What we do know is

that the UNHCR have said

involved in the trading of

people to Malaysia from Australia be why the Government is apparently considering sending them to Manus Island for

processing. But the other processing. But the other thing is apparently the Malaysians

have also said that they do not

want the UNHCR involved at least of this agreement. Immigration Minister

said all along will be will be requiring Malaysia to provide certain guarantee s,

that asylum seekers that are

sent there will not mistreated. Is there anything that Malaysia could say in this agreement that would agreement that would satisfy you? Look, I've got a great

deal of admiration

many years they have borne the

brunt of outpourings of refugees from veetet nam, Laos, Burma across the border. They

make our policy of turning

make our policy of turning back the the boats look absolutely

miserable and it's embarrass

ing, frankly, when we see the

stress that has been on the Malaysian people for so

long. And of course we do know

that in that situation in Malaysia there have been really

serious abuses of human rights.

But, having said that, we only

need to look in our own

detention centres ABC our own detention regime to see detention regime to see the terrible manner in which we

have abused people who have have held here in detention for

long periods of time. I think it's a case of the pot

it's a case of the pot calling

the kettle black. I think the kettle black. I think also

really Australia does not have

the right to keep dictating to countries offshore like

Malaysian - Malaysia and Indonesia how they treat people when they

when they are at least giving

not to say that I a in any

manner of the abuses that are

going on in Malaysia. But this

is a difficult situation. And

we should not even be engaged

in sending people back. It is not the fact bringing 3,000 or 4,000

refugees here from Malaysia.

That is not a problem. We

should be doing that. We should

have been engaging with Malaysia and

UNHCR in that process a long

time eeg. But the trade ing of people back to people back to Malaysia into uncertain don't believe, we can have any oversight over those people. If it is the etiquette le blah, as you have

said, effectively it's implying

there is not any significant

difference between Malaysia and

here. Shouldn't you be happy with with the policy that means that Australia's humanitarian intake

increases and people are

that are not going to be

significantly worse than

Australia, if in fact that is

what you're suggesting? Well, I

am saying that the situation in Malaysia is of course a lot

worse than here in Australia worse than here in Australia in that there are about 90,000 refugees there waiting processing and resettlement in other considerable number more than considerable number more than

we have gotten here. What I am saying is that we I think saying is that we I think it's not throwing that many stones at Malaysia and trying to dictate what

what they should be doing with

800 people who we are pre Suez dr dr - refusing to take and who

we want to send back to we want to send back to swell

their numbers again. The whole

principle or lack of principle

when we're talking and trading people is deplorable and something that should be avoid

at all costs. It is not something a civilised nation

like Australia would even be wanting have to leave it there, but thank you for to join thank you for taking the time to join us this to join us this morning. A funeral service will later today for the murdered brother of Afghan brother of Afghan President Hamid Karzai. Arm Hamid Karzai. Arm yell wally

Karzai was shot dead yesterday.

Sally Sara reports from Kabul. Arm yesterday wally power frl political figures in

southern Afghanistan. The

President's half brother had

survived several assassination attempts but this time the

attacker was one of his own body guards. TRANSLATION: This morning my

younger brother has been

martyred in his house. To God

we belong and to him we people and inside the house of Afghan Afghan people. Behave all suffered from the same kind of

pain and the hope is that, God

willing, there will be an end

to the pain an soufrg TV Afghan people and peace and security will be implemented in our announced the news during a

press conference with his French counter part. TRANSLATION: First would like to renew any

condolences of the tragic death of your

all of us of the potential

cruel destiny of each Afghan today. Arm edwally Karzai was the head of the Kandahar

provincial council but political influence stretched much further. He was known to

many by his initials AWK. His

involvement ranged from involvement ranged from mediating family disputes to multimillion-dollar contracts and leading his own private militia. If you live ed Kandahar you had to work with

AWK. You had no choice. She the man you needed to speak to. AWK denied accusations that he was

a war lord and drug trafficker.

He enjoyed the unconditionable

support of the President but

became a target of the Taliban.

This is the late nest a series

of attacks in Kandahar. The

insurgent s have shown they're able to hit from government buildings to

high ranking firms. This

assassination will leave a political vacuum in the south

of the country. The Taliban have claimed responsibility for the

the killing but police are kill investigate. A funeral service

for arm ed wally Karzai will be

- Ahmed wally Karzai will be

held later today. A woman will be departed from Israel later today. The pair were detained

when they arrive $in Tel Aviv.

They were planning to join

flotilla of ability vst. Julian

Assange has begun his High Court appeal in sending him back Assange has repeatedly denied the

the allegations. Christmas

Island des res dentss Island des res dentss have described their described their extraordinary

efforts to

seekers. They have also told

how seven moofs the tragic day

they have still not been given

special information on how to

alert authorities of a boat in distress. When dive instructor Teruki Hamanaka arrived at the scene at Rocky Point, this is

what he saw - towering seas were slamming into wreckage of

the asylum boat into the cliff

s along with many of the 92

people who had been aboard. He had carried down a dozen life jackets to be tossed jackets to be tossed to

survivors then returned with a

loder that - - lad they're he

hoped survivors could use to

clamber up out of the sea. It

was a des trait and - desperate

and dangerous mesh tour lower

the ladder. After several unsuccessful attempts to reach the survivors, other rescuers had the pounding serve. But the WA their efforts driven back by the pounding coroner said even the attempt the pounding serve. But the coroner said even the attempt was a very brave coroner said even the was a very brave

were questions about the was a very brave act. There island's emergency planning and were questions about the why seven months after

island's emergency planning why seven months after the event why seven months event local residents had still

not been given specific information information about how to respond to

not been given specific information respond to a boat information about how to

respond to a boat in trouble. Island

trouble. Island resident Paul Mayberry told called three Mayberry told the coroner he

distress because he was

concerned his message wasn't

getting through. He said the

island's emergency plan better

needs to be conditions, I don't think any

amount of planning would have

changed the out come on that

particular day. What I was

talking about in there was the fact that we

today. The 207tor ji - the

British Government will support

an Opposition motion calling on

Rupert Murdoch to abandon his

bid to take over BSkyB. Gordon

Brown who is one of the victs

of the hacking scandal has

accused his newspapers of

employing criminals. The ABC understands the Federal Government is close to a deal

to send asylum seekers to

Malaysia. Chris Bowen and his

Malaysian counterpart just need

to sign the agreement, which

should happen by the end of the month. And WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has begun an appeal against his extradition

from Britain to Sweden where he

is facing sexual assault

charges. The High Court in

London is hearing the appeal after he lost an initial

challenge to the extradition

order in February. It seems an

odd thing to think about in

July, but some summer a new generation of sunscreens is

going to offer SPF 50 plus but

it will only offer an extra 1%

boost to the sun protection -

protection factor. It doesn't mean Australians can mean Australians can get complacent in the sun. The

extra percentage improvement in protection is so small that

it's probably more important to concentration on covering yourself properly and re applying every couple of

hours. It's historical that

they've used this scale. People understand 30-plus so they're

not looking to change the

scale. We just have to make sure that people understand

that it's only a little bit better and they will have to

cover up and wear sun cover up and wear sun glasses,

hats and so on just like they've always done. This

week's carbon tax announcement

by the Government co insides

with a meeting of top climate

scientists in Melbourne. One of

those attending is Dr Malt

house, a member of the snult

for climate change research. He

says the announcement of a

carbon levy sends a strong

message to the world. So message to the world. So far

the message from Australia has

been, look, we are one of the

we have the highest per capita

emissions in the developed world, we are one of the

richest nations and yet we can't be bothered to even

attempt to do something about climate mitigation. That message has now changed over

the weekend and it's very good.

The message so far was pretty

ironic. Australia is likely to

be hit hardest by climate change - terrible droughts in the south-west, the south-west, floods on the

other side of the don't nnlt.

So it was ironic for Australia to send that message to send that message to the world while probably it's too

hard for us. What do you tell

the Chinese people, sn what do

you tell the Indian people if

one of the richest nations in

the world can't do anything about

about it? A meeting of EU Finance Ministerings has failed to convince the markets there

will be decisive action to address Europe's debt crisis.

Leaders are now considering

holding an emergency meeting to

discuss the debt crisis. Indeed

our main challenge is to

contain the sovereign debt

crisis and thus protect the

ongoing economic recovery ongoing economic recovery in

Europe in its real economy and improving employment. The

current state of the crisis is a severely intervened

combination of the sovereign

debt crisis and banking sector fragilities. And we cannot solve one without solving the other. We immediate to solve

both. To the markets now:

Now it's time for sport. We

will go to the breaking news

now that in AFL circles - Alan

Genes, the great coach of the Hawthorn team through the '80s and of course that historic

premiership coach from the St

Kilda Football Club in the '60s

has died. He's been sick for

quite some time. And a couple

of months ago his old players,

his former players were catching

catching up with him but the

news has come through in the

last hour he has died. He was

in 78 years old and Wa will

in 78 years old and Wa will be well remembered as one of the great speakers of great speakers of Australian Rules, a very inspiration al

man. On to the Tour de France,

and gripe gripe gripe has won -

and - Andre grip el has won

stage 10. On the hilly 158km

10th the 'Age' to come it was

and I greipel who sprinted and I greipel who sprinted to victory over Mark Cavendish Volk Volk Volk maintains Volk Volk Volk maintains - Thomas Voeckler maintains his

grip on second place and Cadel

Evans is still in third place. Lucky Dutchman Johnny Hoogerland maintained his grip

on the climbers jersey despite still suffering from deep cuts

and 33 stitches as a result of

going into a barbed wire fence

after break away companion Juan

Antonio Flecha was hit by a

French TV car. Mark Cavendish's

Australian team-mate Mark

Renshaw says that although the

chances for him to claim chances for him to claim more

green jersey sprint points are running out. He is confident

their HTC team can still

deliver the superstar the green jersey come pairs. We have one

three more charnss and a lot three more charnss and a lot of intermediate sprints along the

way. It will be hard. way. It will be hard. The

course is really suited to

Gilbert. But we will be tri

trying. Tomorrow's 167km stage

marks the last of the transitional stages transitional stages and perhaps

a chance for a breakaway before the high mountains and the first of the big climbs first of the big climbs and

major tests for the overall

contenders. From cycling to

golf and US Open champion Rory

McIlroy says he believes he can

cope with the extra pressure on him this weekend. He took a break after winning break after winning at congressional last month, rife

add t at the course in Kent a

couple of days ago. He couple of days ago. He insist

he is refresh and ready to go. It will be a tough course. The

number one is desperate to win

a major title. It's good to be

number one but it's better to

be holding the big trophies aloft. There's Donald there,

but let's go back now and

thatter from Rory McIlroy. The

way my life seems to be going

at the moment, golf is the easy

bit. You are inside the ropes

and you have five hours to

yourk yourself, it's quite

nice. I love getting out on the

golf course. I am really I feel

refresh and I am looking

forward to getting out there

and playing again. It's been

three weeks and I feel as if I'm pretty much ready to

go. The Wallabies are preparing for this weekend's Test against

Samoa and today we will find

out what the line-up will out what the line-up will be that Robbie Deans has chosen. He has to make a decision

whether or not to play the Reds players

players who perhaps need a rest

but will be desperate to but will be desperate to get

into that Test team and stay there. Quaid Cooper was relaxed

yesterday, all these guys could

deserve a break but competition is great. There was great training session yesterday and

they will be wanting to get

into the team and stay there.

Ben Robinson tweaked his knee yesterday and perhaps is

unlikely to play. Bassett is

the star of the netball and

Australia at the moment. She

won Australia that world

championship final at the end

by shooting the winning goal.

Herself and Susan ferman flew

back into Perth. We will hear from them now from them now as Caitlin Bassett explaining the turning

point for her was in the match

where the coach told her she needs to get tough. Never

taken a hit like that before so

I had to wear a back pad for

the whole tournament because the cock six was still turning.

- still hurting f. You are

going to play with the going to play with the big girls you have to get tough and

ring attack and centre ring attack and centre take hits like that all the time. It

was probably time for me to

stand up, take the ball and

really show New Zealand that if

they put the physical sign on

us we can take it. The us we can take it. The whole

feeling amongst the whole team

throughout the championships we

had confidence we could do it.

There was such a steady within

d team. We knew we would be

able to push through. One goal over time that's that's all it

took. Having that last shot and

missing it, I was missing it, I was kicking

myself. I was just so lucky to

get an extra shot and I made

sure when I got that shot in

the last dying seconds the last dying seconds I

steadied instead of rushing it

and to take my time. It was a

penalty, so even if the whistle

blew I knew I had time to make

that shot. Caitlin Bassett

there. And Waleed, Alan Genes

the tributes are flowing in on

radio from former players

people like Dermot Brereton and

all the guys who played through

the premierships. Some of the premierships. Some of them won five premierships between

Alan geence an Alan Joyce. It's

a very sad day but he has been

sick and it wasn't a great

surprise to many people, particularly those players particularly those players who

had been to visit him

recently. And it's hard recently. And it's hard to understand just how understand just how significant a figure he was. His best comparison in rugby league

might be Jack Gibson who is one

of the great big speakers of the great big speakers and

Qaim up with great one liners -

came up with great one liners.

Similar era and similar

characters. Thanks very characters. Thanks very much. Time for the weather now with

Vanessa O'Hanlon. A series of

troughs are generating cloudy,

wet and cold weather over SA and the Northern Territory's

south. Cloud clearing from the southern parts of the West

Coast and we have dry easterly winds bringing warmer weter

into the region. Windy weather

has been affecting most of the south-east, especially Tasmania

but that is severe weather is

now affecting New Zealand.

Another front will pass over

the south-east, but then we

will see a couple of calm days

as a high pressure system moves

in and eases the winds. The

mornings will become colder and

moisture will increase along

the east coast. That will bring

an end to Sydney's an end to Sydney's sunniest weekend in six months. Showers

will remain along the coast

into next week. A low pressure

trough will push patchy rain

across into the interior. On

Friday a front will move across

the south-west. By Sunday,

patchy rain will extend from WA's Gascoyne all the way down

to the south-east. Today in

Queensland, cloud will increase

across the south with patchy

light rain developing about the channel country. Mostly dry across the rest of the State

but strong south-easterly winds across the tropics. In NSW

light rain in the west and over

the western slopes and the

southern and central ranges. In Victoria, scattered showers falling mainly near the coast.

We could see hail near the

coast and snow will lower to

1,000m. A dry day for Tasmania's north-east but

State. showers across the rest of the

State. Follow falls as high

about the highlands as low as

400m and strong south-easterly

winds easing. The dense cloud that is coming from the west is driing some cold weather. Rain is spreading across most of the

State. Another chilly day ahead

for Adelaide, a top of for Adelaide, a top of 12 degrees following yesterday's

top of top of 11.4. WA, isolated

showers in the east and along

the Eucla coast. Partly the Eucla coast. Partly cloudy

day for Perth but warming up

with 23 degrees. As we look a head to tomorrow, morning

shower s in Hobart, a top of 11

degrees, frosty to start with

in Canberra and a partly cloudy

day for 16. That is all in the

morning's news. Up next is Business Today Business Business Today Business Today

and you can switch over to News

date throughout the 24 if you want to keep up to

Captions by CSI Scloes scloes- - Closed

Live. This Program is Captioned

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Australia's coal assets still lift in factory output. And

attractive despite the carbon

tax. Those stories coming up shortly but first let's take a

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