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(generated from captions) This Program is Captioned Live. An abalone diver taken by

two sharks off the South

Australian coast.

A warning from the UN as to do anything to to do anything to maintain

order. A powerful solar flare

disrupts life on Earth

surprise. All of a sudden the surprise. All takes scientists by

sun launched the largest class

of flare that we have from its

quietest point. So there was no ramp up, it was just ramp up, it was just boom. The Cricket World Cup opens in

Good morning, you're Trioli. A man is

presumed dead, after being

taken by sharks off Peninsula in South Australia. taken by sharks off the Eyre

The abalone diver was near Coffin Bay late yesterday. The abalone diver was attacked

Two shark, possibly great whites, stalked the man whites, stalked the man as he was returning to a boat. The boat's captain witnessed that

attack and has been treated for shock. Police are resuming shock. Police are resuming the search for the man's body today. Circumstances are, as

diver was returning to the boat you've stated, the abalone

whilst diving off Golden Island

near Coffin Bay on the Eyre Peninsula and what is believed to be great white sharks who are what is believed to be two

believed to have swum out to sea. Because of the sea. Because of the fading light a limited search has been

able to be conducted. The

skipper of the boat was under significant shock and we're

still collating all the details

as to the the time of the incident. The

age and name of the victim

won't be released until later

today by our media section that we can ensure that all relatives have been advised.

police, The search will be conducted by

Department and State Emergency police, the Fisheries

Service and will Service and will concentrate on

an area that the incident is

alleged to have occurred and

the skipper reasonably precise hopefully we can ascertain from

coordinates so that we can

focus on that area. The area

around Port Lincoln is known

for shark attacks but I don't

have the knowledge in relation to this particular location. Inspector Brenton

Saunders there. Now oversea political unrest sweeping Saunders there. Now oversea and

political unrest sweeping the

Middle East has now reached Middle East has now reached the

small island kingdom of Bahrain. Authorities have

warned people not to Gat ner

the capital after the military crushed the prodemocracy

protest. That predawn raid

yesterday has left several

people dead and many injured as the BBC reports. It

came without warning. At local time hundreds camped in came without warning. At 3am

as tear Pearl round about heard gunfire

fired into their midst. The as tear gas cannisters were

police had decided to clear the

focal point of mounting protests in Bahrain and they

drove people from their tented

encampment in a dramatic show of

of force. The authorities say

they had exhausted of dialogue with the

demonstrators and they decided

to intervene in order to

restore order and to protect people sleeping in

people sleeping in their people sleeping in their tents. The police ordered the

protestors to disperse and

leave the roundabout. In the

version of events shown on State television, it was claimed some of the protestors

were preparing to attack

security forces. Police say

they found weapons belonging to the demonstrators. REPORTER: What kind were down there in the square? Little kids,

square? Little kids, womans,

ladies, and people. Dozens were

injured in the assault and colleague Ian Pannell saw many

taken into the main hospital to be treated. We're taken into the main state-run

standing outside the main

hospital in Manama. You can see

the crowds here, these are the

people who were in the centre

of the capital, were driven of the capital, were driven out by the police. You can see people here are beating their chests and chanting the the martyr Hussain. There's a

lot of anger in the crowd, people here say that they have

been abused, they've been

discriminated against and now they're saying that they've been actively targeted and

killed. In the morning the moved tanks and armoured killed. In the morning the army

personnel carriers on to personnel carriers on to the

roundabout to secure it and to

prevent protestors from roundabout to secure it and to

returning. The authorities have warned people not the gather at

what it described as vital locations in

Government has the UN and also the US

very strongly to the situation Government has responded very,

in Bahrain. The US Secretary of

State Hillary Clinton has just

in the last few hours called for the government in Bahrain

to hold to account those who

have been violent towards the have been violent towards the

protestors. We believe that all people have universal rights

including the right to including the right to peaceful

assembly and Bahrain is a

friend and an ally has been many years and while all governments have a

responsibility to provide

citizens with security and

stability we call on restraint.

We call on restraint from government to keep its We call on restraint from the

commitment to hold accountable those

excessive force against those who have utilised

peaceful demonstrators and we

urge a return to a process that

will result in real meaningful

changes for the people Hillary Clinton. Now

authorities in Hanoi say a Vietnamese born Australian was among those killed when a Vietnamese born Australian man

tourist boat

tourist boat sank in Halong the accident in Vietnam's north Bay. 12 people were killed in

early yesterday.

of Foreign affairs is yet to

confirm that Lam Ngoc Chau was

among those who drowned. Officials are investigating a

leak in the engine room of the

boat. Scientists say they were

taken by surprise by one of the biggest solar flares we've seen could disrupt communications an from the sun. It's so big it

electricity systems on earth. This morning Dr Henry Winter spoke to

said that's because it whether have an impact on the Earth

asmagnetic shield. We first

imaged the flare earlier this

week. It was actually very exciting for most of us because

the sun has been through a very unusual quiet time. We expected

there to be more flares

actually several years ago and

one of the things that scientists that we don't understand is why through such a prolonged quiet

phase before it started flaring

again. And we had a few little

flares, a few rumbles but all

of a sudden the sun launched

the largest class of flare that we have from its quietest

point. So there was no ramp up,

it was just boom, there's a

flare. Before I ask you why,

which is a question you may not

be able to answer

is it? What was released during is it? What was released during that flare? What happens? Well, what happens during a flare is you've these magnetic fields are twist

up. So if you can imagine a rubber band nah you rubber band nah you just twist

and twist and pull and then all

of a sudden that rubber band

might snap and reorientate itself. That's exactly the same

process that happens with the

solar flare except instead of a

rubber band you're using

magnetic fields so. The magnetic fields so. The energy that's stored in that twisting

and sheering of a magnetic

field almost instant ly gets

converted into kinetic and

magnetic heat that goes into

the plasma. Also too excite small particle, protons

an electrons to near light

speed and also too it launches off

off a huge amount of material

from the sun that's no longer connected to connected to the sun because

all the all the magnetic fields that

Tetered it to sun have been

snapped. That's what is known as geoeffective and that's the things

things that can cause what you

were saying the downing of

power lines, the communication problems and so forth. It releases energy releases energy on the entire electromagnetic spectrum. You

can usually view these flares

in X-rays, the same wave lengths that your dentist lengths that your dentist might use to look at the inside

your teeth. You can see it in

an ultraviolet which is the same radiation that you get a

tan from and on very, very powerful flares sometimes you

can see it in white light or

light that you can see with

your eye although I must say

never look directly at the sun

with your naked eye. No, we've always been told that. Given that

why does that or could that affect electromagnetic fields

on Earth? Imagine a rubber

band all of a sudden band all of a sudden that

rubber band has snapped, that rubber band when it snaps can hurt your fingers. There's half

of that rubber band goes back

into the sun but one half into the sun but one half of that sun gets launched into

space. Now, the half of that mag Neddic field that gets

launched hauf has its own with it. What happens it can interact with the Earth's

magnetic field. Usually the Earth's magnetic field is a protective shield but what happens is if the magnetic field of the incoming plasma

from this flare is pointed up

and the magnetic field of the

Earth is pointed down the two

can interact with each other

and annihilate and that and annihilate and that causes a release of energy here on

Earth and that can cause acceleration of particles in

our upper atmosphere. I never want to hear the word annihilation used in relation to our upper atmosphere. to our upper atmosphere. Now

the wild winds and driving rain

may have died down may have died down but another

deadly threat looms for Top residents now because police are saying that crocodiles

might now enter flooded creeks

and storm water drains and low

lying areas in the wake of

Cyclone Carlos. Darwin's

received around 700 mm of rain

in recent days and in recent days and the Darwin

dam is at capacity. Residents

in nearby Adelaide River have

been warned to expect flooding release a 9-year-old Iranian

orphan from detention next week

but only after he's spent more time on Christmas Island. Young Seena survived a boat wreck the island last year which killed his parents and brother. He attended funerals in He attended funerals in Sydney

this week but was flown back to detention detention yesterday. Immigration Minister Chris

Bowen says he will be release aid long with family members who have been who have been caring for him. What I have done is ensure the people

the people who have been looking

looking after him will be able

to continue to care for him to continue to care for him and

they are his relatives happens in Sydney so he can

keep in contact with all his relatives. I relatives. I understand people's strong views about this. With all the information

I have available to me and often difficult in individual

cases because I can't go into detail about

detail about people's privacy

and all the information I have

available to me but I wanted to

make sure he was released as

soon as possible but with all

the necessary checks and

balances and yes, that has led

to some criticism, just as I

was criticised earlier in the

week for bringing him to Sydney

in the first place but in the first place but frankly

I think it's more important might mean some criticism along the way. Immigration Minister

Chris Bowen there. Now the

Opposition wants to know the details of a deal the Government has made Government has made with the

Greens to secure support for its flood levy. The Greens have

backed the levy but only after

the Government ditched its

planned budget cuts intended to

boost the disaster fund. The Government says it will now

have to find an extra have to find an extra $100

million in the lead up to the

May budget but the Opposition

says it should identify the

savings now. The NSW Department of Community Services is

investigating just how carers lost an 11-year-old foster girl

in Sydney. Carers were taking in Sydney. Carers were taking 7 indigenous foster children on

an excursion through the city

when the girl was left when the girl was left behind at public toilets at public toilets in Circular

Quay. She waited on the corner

for the group to return before

then accepting a lift from a

stranger back to the Redfern

backpal packers where the group

was staying. An indigenous community in Western Australia's remote Kimberley

region is taking part in a study to

study to help protect the next

generation. It's invited

researchers to study population in a bid to prevent babies being babies being born with alcohol-related disorder. Foetal alcohol spectrum

disorders affect an individual

from birth to the grave. Brain

damage suffered in ute row is

permanent. It can result in abnormal facial features or

damage to structures such as

the heart or the the heart or the kidneys. Those

affected have health and

learning difficulties for the rest of their lives. It's

believed that as many as 1 in 3

children in Fitzroy Valley suffer from suffer from alcohol-related

disorders. Research disorders. Research suggests

that 90% will never be able to

live and work an independent

adult life and more than adult life and more than half will be imprisoned. A lot of woman doesn't know, they still don't don't know, they don't know

what alcohol does when they're pregnant. Indigenous leaders of Fitzroy Crossing were so alarmed by alarmed by the growing number of children affected alcohol-related disorders they

made an educational video brave step of inviting researchers from the researchers from the George

Institute and Sydney University

to study their community. 130 women were interviewed about their pregnancies, their circumstances and circumstances and the early

life of their child. This is life of their child. This is an

issue for all women and issue for all women and it's not just an Aboriginal

issue. What we learn from

Fitzroy will inform governments

and help the wider

community. Last week the Prime Minister singled out the

alcohol restriction s alcohol restriction s and leading leading education forums for

the locals. Fitzroy Crossing is a quieter and a quieter and more a quieter and more peaceful town town for families to live in

and a better place for kids to

grow up in. Here's an

invitation to the Prime

Minister to come and hear our

stories and sit with the people

who are trying to rebuild who are trying to rebuild our communities. Indigenous leaders

hope if they can prevent the

next generation being inflicted

with FASDI their

also have a better chance of

surviving. Back oversea s now

and in the northern Spanish

port of port of Ferol a champagne bottle has been cracked an Australia's biggest warship

ever built has been launched.

The Canberra is a helicopter

dock amphibious assault ship

and is the first of two on order due to come into service

in 2014. Philip Williams was

there for the launch.

This is the Juan Carlos, it's

just been commissioned by the

Spanish navy, in is the sister

ship to the Canberra so this is pretty much what we'll be getting. The first thing you

notice is the grand scale. It's

two football fields long. From

the deck you can enormous capacity here. Down to this hangar

this hangar area, in is where

the aircraft is stored and as

you can see, a huge area

course one of the major

challenges is they all have to

be fed and in here is just one

of a number of cafeterias and

even this one cafeteria alone

is designed to feed about 1,000 people but not at one go, they have to do it in shifts. Here

about 3 shifts per meal so food preparation alone is a 24-hour-a-day 24-hour-a-day business. This is just some of the accommodation. A typical room,

about 12 people sleep in here.

They do get their own beds. They don't have with anyone. This is for the

soldiers that would be on the ship,

ship, not for the sailor, they

have separate quarters. But racks of racks of 3, reasonably comfortable but no

liner. One of the features is

this full medical hospital that

has incredible facilities. There's

There's X-ray in there and over here is one of the areas here is one of the areas where

surgery is done and they can do equipped very complex surgery here fully

equipped and the whole idea is keeping it self-contained and keeping this keeping this ship independent

and able to cope with almost whatever's thrown at it. This gives you some idea of the

enormous capacity of this ship.

This is just one of the decks, this could be filled with

tanks, heavy vehicles of any tanks, heavy vehicles of any type. They could then type. They could then go into

the landing craft which is

sitting in water. This area behind me can be flooded with

water and then

What the What the expert s say what What the expert s say what this is all about is increasing

capacity and flexibility and

they say this sort of ship is exactly what the Australian

navy needs. And in Belgium student demonstrators have

stripped off in oprotest against the political deadlock

that's left the current trrk

without a government for months. Talks to form a coalition government

stalled and a care taker the longest period that without a formal government with Belgium taking with Belgium taking the record their clothes in the

city of Gent to mark the number

of days since the of days since the parliamentary election. And I hope election. And I hope you're glad we've shown you stripping off there this

morning. The top stories - an abalone diver is feared dead sharks off South Eyre Peninsula. Coffin Bay when he was

today search for his body. Vertical people have been Bahrain where the military has

vowed to take all steps Government has banned protests

and the military is down on down on dissent. And the strongest solar flare in 4 years could disrupt electrical power Astronomers say the massive sun spot that's size of Jupiter and the flare has already jammed has already jammed short wave radio communications climate change

the skept ticks. He says the

probability of carbon having an effect on climate shouldn't

justify the Government's

response. I think science is

losing out in all of

climate, people said climate, people said we've got to do something to do something and this isn't about absolute certainty. What scientists say is that the probably is over we're in for real the trouble. Well, gee, I pay thousands of dollars every year dollars every year against my car being stolen, car being stolen, against fire in my house. The probability that those things that those things are going to

happen to my car and my house

is way less than 90% and yet I don't begrudge paying that year and year. In Canada we pay $18 billion a year

need our army next year is way less than 90%. We don't begrudge paying that and yet with climate we want certainty. The science is in, what we have seen is the great success of the right wing

tanks, especially in the United States, a States, a competitive somewhere

prize institute, the foundation, these foundation, these right wing think tanks think tanks that have been funded

pouring tens of millions of dollars into dollars into campaigns of denial. Oh, this is junk

science, this is a natural cycle, the sun spots, all the right wing and it's they think scientists lie, they think that think that this stuff is

exaggeration and that the faith

in the scientists is at least in North at least in North America. Dr David David Suzuki there. In finance Germany has warned that a new austerity measures of all the recipients. Next month the E lusmed finalise rules new permanent fund stability mechanism. The plan, of course, of course, was prompted by the

Greek and Irish debt crisis. EU leaderings the Liz upon treaty to the Liz upon treaty to make any future bailouts legally workable and Germany has workable and Germany has insist opd strict conditions that any in order. To the markets now:

Paul Kennedy joins wus with a look at the sport and there look at the sport and there was a

overnight. There was, as far as opening ceremonies go it wasn't

too bad and had all the thing you would expect - some music,

dancing and local flavour there

as well. I like the wheeling the captains in on wheeling the captains in on the rickshaws. Pleas Ricky Ponting

coming in to enjoy his night. Let's hope he enjoys the month ahead because probably slightly compared to other South Africa and MS Dhoni's

India and of course Sri India and of course Sri Lanka will be a strong and Sri Lanka and the Sri Lankans at their games at home. There are the the captains, Andrew Strauss from there hear from the captains but firstly from firstly from the Prime Minister of

open. If

McGraths and the Warns and the

Gilchrists and those guys there but the guys

in this World Cup for us are guys that have got 50, and 60

and 70 one-day games their belts that to forge their own identities and reputations in the game around the world and we group of players and the group of players that are here now the same group of players that of players that are here now is

ranking in one-day cricket in have got us to the number one

of years. So I'm of years. So I'm confident the group of players that we've got are going to be good enough in

these conditions to really make

an impact in think an impact in this World Cup. I

passion for the The subcontinent has a lot of

Lanka especially so. So to play in front home grounds for most of the games will be quite important the best to us. You can always feature a big plus point for us. So I think lit be an open tournament and the team

consistent cricket will win the season is World Cup. The super rugby World Cup. The super

will play the Waratahs

and the Queensland Reds

play the Western Force in the

and the Brumbies will host other all Australian match up

Chiefs on the weekend. It is a and the Brumbies will host the

new beginning for the rugby season and to tell us more here's Dunn Cal Waratahs are suspicious about the messages coming out of the exciting brand Melbourne team plans to play an

will exciting brand of rugby that other football codes They might be playing AFL league but we're playing up

play union. Rod McQueen isn't making bold promises. We want to get ahead of ourselves but having said that I'm

big game for rugby in Australia, it's a big night, the super 15 divided into 3 conferences lited be competition with more conferences lited be a longer

deshies and an Australian team is guaranteed to make the finals. From east to west it's

all about preparation. I we've prepared well. Prepared well. where we're at well. I'm really happy with last preparation. After only 4 wins aren't talking up their chances against Queensland on Sunday. For us it's important

quietly, do your talking to go about your business

field. It's hard to come from

no where and win a title. It's like climbing a mountain you've

got to stage it and I think did well last year but we've got to go again. The Brumbies Chiefs. We're looking to have a strong focus on that on Saturday. There will be an added edge an added edge to the competition with players trying to impress in South Africa's Bulls have won

the last 2 super rugby titles. Breaking

Melbourne, rugby, to be played in

forward to when you go and

watch their matches? I'm looking forward to actually understanding the game and I'm

going to have a number of explain it to me this It's never explain it to me this evening.

It's never been my

rugby. That's the way to go and

with some of the laws in rugby even the people even the people that watch it week in,

I do enjoy the line out though. I think that's a lot should be good. will play attacking rugby lots should be good. Hopefully they

look at the weather. And good Paul Higgins doinJoins us for a

morning. Once again. Our cyclone with category with category 2 cyclone Diane

in the west. It's around 400 kilometres off shore and expected to track to the south. But her effects will be felt as far away as the south-eastern States today and deepening trough which will deliver rain. Ex-cyclone Carlos will now continue to bring you wanted to see scattered showers an thunderstorms over the thunderstorms over the trop ix

and along showers for of the Sunshine Coastst, a few

Downs. A shower or two coast and east en-Darling

central and southern NSW the far north-east,

central thunderstorms hoe for the

in the south, Victoria, some morning showers

rain will begin in the west this afternoon, spreading to

Melbourne by across Melbourne by evening. Fine some sunny breaks through your

across afternoon. Rain spreading today. In expect some heavy downpours from around mid morning to in the over in the afternoon. Mostly sunny over southern WA but rain over

the goldfields and the southern

interior, some drizzle in the

east and south. Perth's in for a mostly sunny day pleasant 33 degrees. Shower and a mostly sunny day and a

have some afternoon showers Territory southern areas could

across the Top End showers and storms tending to west, squally showers in west, squally showers and rain threat advisory for

Daly Arnhem and northern Roper McArthur regions.

Thank you, Paul. That's a round day. News Breakfast is back on and ABC online throughout the

Monday morning from 6am, have a


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