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Tonight, threat games

begin. Greenpeace catches

Japan's whalers. So close, so

far, an odyssey almost over.

We are bloody going to get

there. From the podium to

prison. Marion Jones is

jailed I respect the judge's

orders. Taking a tumble off

the high tower.

Good evening. Hunting

season has begun in the great

Southern Ocean for the

Japanese whalers and their

Greenpeace tormentors. The

protest ship present pen has

found the whaling fleet

inside protected waters and

is in hot pursuit the us from

state the hunt. Greenpeace

claims it is trying to report

the location to the

Australian monitoring ship

but the 'Oceanic Viking' is

not taking the call. The

Australian and Japanese

governments have called for

restraint. After a 10-day

hunt Greenpeace says its

protest ship present pen has

found the Japanese whaling

fleet inside the no-go zone

of the Southern Ocean whale

sanctuary off the coast of

Antarctica. Instead of

whaling tremendous attempting

to evade 'Espenranza' and as

long as that is happening no

whaling is taking place. A

BBC reporter on board the

Greenpeace ship confirmed the

contacts We have success.

Look on the horizon there,

that is the biggest ship in

the Japanese whaling fleet. The environmentalists

say they will not use

violence but they will stop

the fleet from whaling To

insist you level and return

to port immediately If they

begin to whale Greenpeace

will intervene, we will put

ourselves between the whale

and the harpoon to block the

Gunners shot. The protestors

and the whalers have clashed

before and both the

Australian and Japanese

governments have called for

restraint. The Government is

very concerned to ensure that

nobody puts themselves in

harm's way unnecessarily. I

do not want the situation to

escalate and I can only hope

no violent means would be adopted. The Australian

Government would not comment

on the location of its ship the 'Oceanic Viking' which is

under orders to gather

evidence for a potential

court case against Japan T

whaling fleet plans to kill

nearly 1000 whales in the Southern Ocean for what it

says is scientific purposes.

Battered, bruised but ready

to party. Two Australian

kayakers are just hours away

from successfully paddling

across the Tasman Sea. Today

they came face the face with

other people for the first

time in a month and a half

but the attention is due to

reach spheefr pitch when they

make landfall tomorrow. It

has been two months since

James Castrission and Justin

Jones left Australia, now it

is lands ahoy and an end to

the see sickness and boredom

Bloody exciting see sing all

you Kiwis! Strong current

helped propel the boys within

the reach of cameras. By late

today they had 40 kilometres

to go A brilliantly calm

night, we so excited to our

family and friends. The

adventurers have paddled more

than 3000 kilometres, 1000

more than they hoped Around

day 30 we did a loop in the

middle of the Tasman. We were

stuck in a whirlpool and

couldn't get out. Mentally

right now we are poised up,

so excited to be near land so

it is basically our mental

strength that is getting us

through now. Our bodies are

pretty ratted. Muscles in

their legs have wasted and

they have been on half

rations for a month so dry

land is not the only thing on

their minds Ribs and a steak. Their families wait anxiously in New Plymouth south of the Auckland for

their arrival but the boys

are confident the final leg

will run smoothly Get the

party hats on! They expect

to celebrate in New Zealand

around lunchtime tomorrow.

Disgraced, stripped of her medals and now heading for

prison. The former Olympic

star Marion Jones has been

sentenced to 6 months jail

for lying about her steroid

use. Her pleas to the judge

not to be separated from her

children were nord. She will

begin her sentence in March. Her Olympic medals

gone, her name eliminate from

the record books, now Marion Jones is going to jail for

six months for lie bing

steroid use I respect the

judge's orders. And I truly

hope that people will learn

from my mistakes. Her speed

and her smile made her an

international superstar but three months ago she

tearfully admitted she had

used steroids before and

after her 3 gold and 2 bronze

medals at the Sydney Games.

Marion Jones today asked the

judge to be as merciful as a

human being can be pleading

for probation so she would

not be separated from her two

sons. But the judge gave her

the maximum sentence under

her plea deal saying a

message needed to be sent the

athletes who have abused

drugs and overlooked the

values of hard work and

sportsmanship. The six-month

jail term completes a

stunning fall for a woman who

was once the most celebrated

female Athlete in the world.

Marion Jones will report to

prison in early March. She will have to serve the 2

years probation and do 800

hours of community service.

OJ Simpson is back in custody after allegedly violating the

bail terms set for his armed

robbery trial in Las Vegas.

The former football star was

arrested in September after

he and several friends

allegedly threatened two

sports memorabilia dealers at

gunpoint. He was granted bail

but is now accused of

violating the conditions by

phoning one of his

co-defendants to express

frustration at his testimony.

Mr Simpson will appear in

court next week. Doctors

Indonesian president treating the former

President Suharto say his

condition has slightly

improved tonight after a severe downturn yesterday.

The 86-year-old was admitted

to hospital in Jakarta on

January 4 with anaemia and

low blood pressure.

President Suharto's chief

doctor says the former

general suffered multiple

organ failure late yesterday

and is now on a ventilator.

His relatives have gathered

and are praying at his bedside. President Suharto

ruled Indonesia for 30 years

before he was ousted in 1998.

The Queen has led further tributes for Edmund Hilary

who died yesterday in New

Zealand. He was 88. Edmund

Hilary made history when he and Sgerpa Tenzing Norgay

conquered Mount Everest on

the eve of the Queen's

coronation in 19 53 a moment

recalled which the Queen when

she met the explorer years

later I remember the

feelings of excitement when

we heard the news you had

climbed Mount Everest on that

special day too. A statement

released by Buckingham Palace

said the Queen was very sad

toned learn of his death and

would send a personal message

of sympathy to his winds yes

and family. British explore er Sir Ranulph Fiennes said

Edmund Hilary had inspired

generations When I was at

school in Africa at 9 he was

like Captain Scott, one of

the great inspirations I did

and made into a living. Helen

Clark has made a visit to his

widow and the family is

overwhelmed by the out

pouring of grief I knew he

was an iconic figure but when

you see the extraordinary

coverage in the media that it

sinks in that he was a very,

very special Kiwi. A state

funeral will be held in New

Zealand on January 22. Another slump on wall

street has escalated fears of

a recession in the US but it

is not the only worrying

sign. Several major retailers

have seen their market value

drop and the country's

biggest bank has had to come

to the rescue of one of its

biggest home lenders. It was

a week which saw Wall Street

fall 4 per cent and the US Federal Reserve chief warn

that the country's economic

outlook was even worse than

previously forecast Market

analysts in the US speculate

more and more about the

possibility of significant

economic weakness in the US

and in particular about the

possibility of a recession

There is no doubt the world

economy is in a very delicate

position. America's economic

slow down is certainly

starting to bite and eachen

the biggest brands are

hurting. Jeweller Tiffany has

issued a profit warning, its

shares finished down 11 per

cent this week. Fast food

giant McDonald's also closed

6.6 per cent lower. American

Express shares fell by 10 per

cent after it revealed

consumers were spending less

and that defaults were more

common There is more development which the

Government is watching

closely and we are concerned

about the impact this is

having on the Australian economy. Global investment bank Merrill Lynch has

revealed it is likely to lose

$15 billion US because of the

sub-prime mortgage crisis and

yesterday the biggest bank in

the US rescued the biggest

mortgage lender Country Wide

in a $4 billion deal It will

help the stock market at

least in the short-term

because it shows people that

there are big white knights

out there like Bank of

America. After the interest

hikes this week it is unlikely Australian banks

will be seen in the same

light. Analysts for now say

Australia's Reserve Bank is

unlikely to lift rates

further Five banks have

raised their standard

variable mortgage rate so the

are sort of doing the Reserve

Bank's tightening work for it. The Federal Government

has signalled it is keeping a

close eye on any move by

lenders to lift home mortgage

rates further. Kenya seems

headed for more unrest. The

main opposition party has

vowed to defy the Government

and resume mass protests

against the disputed

presidential releases. 600

people have died in violent

unrest since the December

polls and more than a quarter

of a million people have fled their homes. The Orange

Democratic Movement has

called for appreciate

protests after a mediation

bid by the African Union

chief failed Kenyans are

entitled to protest

peacefully at this blatant

violation of their

fundamental rights. We do not think it is appropriate

at this time to do so and we

will say they do not hold

meetings or rallies. Previous

attempts to march through

Nairobi were blocked by riot

police with water cannons and

tear gas. The US President

Bush has arrived in the tiny

oil-rich nation of Kuwait to

foster Arab support S

Kuwait's emir led a red

carpet welcome T president has called on Arab nations

the reach out to Israel and

wants their support against

what he calls the Iranian

threat. But the Arab world is

sceptical about whether

Washington as Israel's

closest ally can be an honest

broker. George Bush is due to

visit Tehran and the united

the Arab em yts. Canberra

cabbies are leaving the

streets from midnight after a

series of attacks in the early hours of this morning.

The concerns have been echoed

in Sydney where more than

half the cabbies say they

fear driving at night. This

Canberra cabbie has had enough. Tonight from 12

until 6 in the morning we are

going for a strike because of

last night there were five

taxidrivers who were attacked

by passengers and very badly.

And we want more security. He was one of

several drivers waiting at a

city cab rank when a fight

broke out with a group of

drunks. By time the police

arrived the druns had fled T

drivers say they cannot

understand how the offenders

were not caught right away

They have security cameras

everywhere, in each and every

interse, I can't see any reason they can't do it. Except these security cameras installed by the Government and operated by

the police were not switched

on No, they are not due to

the work taking place Lyn the

city. These drivers say they

are used to be threatened We

are all the time dealing with

drunk customers all night and

there are many happy

customers but many angry as

well. That observation has

been echoed in a survey of

taxidrivers in NSW T majority

fear working at night and say

fare evasion and dealing with

drunk are major problems. If

NSW Government says it will

meet with cab companies and

police to discuss new safety

measures. Police in the ACT

say they are already in

contact with the Canberra

Cabs. Please, I mean, you

should be polite to the

taxidrivers. We are here to

serve you. I mean, we need

respect too because we work

very, very hard. Its very

tireing hard work. They hope

but they cannot guarantee

that tonight's city boycott

is a one-off. Fire crews in

as the are struggling to

contain 10 bushfires burning

across the island state. One

of the worst is just south of

the Hobart at Lower Snug. No

homes have been destroyed but

there have been several near

misses. This wrecking yard

was consumed by the fire

There is a lot of risk along

the highway T fire was hoped

to be retained ton fire

boundary. We have a fire

trail but it has jumped that

now. One fire crew was cut

off by the flames this afternoon and the water

bombing helicopter had to be

used to create a path to

safety. An officer was

treated in hospital for smoke

inhalation. A fire warning is

current for parts of as the

through to tomorrow afternoon. A Melbourne man

who rescued two children from

their burning house has been

praised for his brave y. Mick

Tucker climbed through a

smashed bedroom window the

drag a 5-year-old girl and

her 4-year-old brother the

safety. The fire start in the

bedroom of a 5-year-old girl

before 1 this morning. Police

stay girl awoke to a smoke

alarm and went to her

4-year-old brother's room

where they huddled ton floor.

Their parents tried to reach

the children from inside but

were held back by flame. Out side neighbours rushed the

the house The window

exploded and the flames were

coming over my fence so I

raced back in side caughted

the fire brigade and grabbed

the hose. I took one really

big leap, pushed my body

weight up, Flynned over the

fence, took a look around,

saw a window and a dog

kennel, put with and two

together and decided to smash

the window to see if anyone

was inside. Then another

neighbour Mick Tucker climbed

through a broken windows and

pulled the children from the

flames Mum was outside

screaming the the kids, they

were on the floor, eventually

I tripped over el them and

passed them tout window. Both

children were taken to hospital T5-year-old

suffering from burns and

smoke inhalation. Police say

fire training at school

helped to save the children's

lives. For a 5-year-old to

have the for sight to get out

of bed, go into another room,

wake her 4-year-old brother

and to lie down ton floor

that is fantastic and that

shows the importance of

educating young kids . The

children's father was treated

for cuts and burns while the

mother and baby sister

escaped unharmed. Police

believe a electrical fault in a television sparked the

fire If it had not been for

this neighbour an people

raising alarm we could have

been confront would death at

this location this

evening. Police say they may

recommend the neighbours

involved in the rescue for

bravery awards. It is a sight

that would make tropical

fruit lovers cry. Mangos are

rotting on the ground in Far

North Queensland after two

weeks of torrential rain and

for some farmers it is the

final straw. At the fresh

produce market in Cairns

store operator sells more

than 4 tonnes of mangos every

weekend They are all buying

bags full. But local grow

we'res say the bounty will

not last. In the past 2 weeks

more than 380 millimetres of

rain have fallen on this

property. 150 millimetres

final just two hours. That

delayed the already late

harvest and this week's extremely humid conditions

have caused the mangos to

over-ripen, fall and rot I

would say at least half is

now on the ground and a fair

percentage of what is on the

these will be discarded so

give you some idea of what we

have lost here. Pickers are

working against the clock to

try to save as much future as

possible. It costs about $15

to produce a tray of mangos

but at the moment the return

is closer to $12. Ray has

been goat to the mango

industry and it has been

pretty good to him but after

the shocking hand Mother

Nature has dealt him over the

last 6 months this season

could well be his last I

have a goal in life and it is

to be a former mango

grower. The Weather Bureau

predicts more light rain and

storms for the far north in

the coming days. Tonight's

top story - Greenpeace has

moved in on Japan's whaling

fleet in the Southern Ocean

and the Elvis festival in

Parkes. For the third

straight year American Andy

Roddick has won the Kooyong

Classic in Melbourne. Andy

Roddick needed just over an

hour to sweep past Marcos Bagdhatis in two sets. The

world number 6 is now

switching his focus to

Monday's Australian Open.

Andy Roddick again steam

rolled his way in the the

final. His opponent 2006

Australian Open finalist

Marcos Bagdhatis seemed to

have most of the crowd

support as the first 11 games

of the match went on serve

but Marcos Bagdhatis came

unstuck with the tie break large.. Andy Roddick took the

advantage of the slip-up

early in the second set.

Roddick! Marcos Bagdhatis

started to show signs of an

arm injury which made it

difficult to counter the

American serve. Andy Roddick

looked relaxed even shaking

off the crowd antics on match

point. He held his nerve to

finish with an's. It is his

third Kooyong trophy but the

American put it in

perspective looking ahead to

Monday's Australian Open It

is like a three-for-one

special for three AMMIs for

an Australian Open, no

offence involved to anyone

involved in this. Women's

world No. 1 Henin took on the

winning streak of the Belgian

stretching back 27 games T

there was an early break in

the third set but the

determination of the world's

best female player won out.

The victory is her 40th

career title which she hopes

the make 41 in a fortnight I

missed Sydney last year, I

missed Australia and it was

great to be back and I really

enjoyed my week here. Serena

Williams says the Belgian is

among those to watch but is

more worried about her own

game My preparation has been

really good. I have been just

training every day and

getting out there on the

court every day and it has been really good and

positive. Lleyton Hewitt was

also out on court with coach

No. 1 Roger Federer starts Tony Roche looking on. World

his campaign in three days

time. A blistering century

against an ACT XI in Canberra

has lift ed Yuvraj Singh's

hope. The tests hopes could

be over after yet another

failure T match finished in a

draw but provided some

positives for India. He has tormented Australian teams in

the past but his recent form

has been patchy. He failed in

the first innings but smashed

18 fours and two 6s in a

73-ball century. He was

eventually dismissed by Mark

Higgs. His rival for the

Test opener's position Wassim

Jaffer made 92 but fell

cheaply. Yuvraj Singh's

horror tour continued, he

went for 3. India said the

locals a target of 315. Test

hopeful Chris Rogers made 17.

Towering paceman took late

wick yes and could be in line

for a cull-up for Perth. The Australians arrived in the

west today t coach was

relieved to be talking team selection was there than

cricket controversy. I cannot

imagine anything going on in

the last week will have an

impact on selection. The

prospect of Shaun Tait

playing on a pace-friendly

Mitch will not please the

Indians We will turn up it

looks green an bouncy. Hogg

will miss out if Tait is

selected. Hayden's hopes of

overcoming a hamstring in

junior are improving. He will

be given 7 more days to prove

his fitness. In the WNBL the

Canberra Capitals have scored

a crucial 88-64 win over

their top rival Sydney. They

did the damage from

long-range landing 13

three-pointers. Natalie Hurst

contributed 6 on the way to a

game-high 26 points. Jess

Bibby and Tully Bevilaqua

were also impressed from

3-point range. Despite a poor shooting performance Natalie

Porter led. Sydney hold

second position ahead of

Canberra. They will look to

bounce back against Dandenong

next week. The veteran Olympic diver Robert Newbery

has made a painful exit from

the clampon ships in

Adelaide. He was taken to

hospital after clipping the

10 metre tower with his feet

and hitting the water flat on

his back. He has 3 Olympic

medals, a Commonwealth Games

gold and a world

championship. He has

performed thousands of dives

from this platform in his

career but even the best can

have a bad day. I hit my foot

on the tower. After that I

lost where I was and I have

never actually done that

before ever I don't think in

my whole career so it freaked

me out a little bit. It

certainly was not the sort of splash the 29-year-old was

hoping the make but despite

the pain Robert Newbery

soldiered on Basically it

stings like hell. It will

seize up a bit, it was a fair

knock, my right kidney does

not feel too great. He

withdrew an was taken from

hospital but is expected to

make a full recovery. In his

absence the final was run by

Matthew Mitcham. The

19-year-old missed out for

selection of the Athens

Olympics and is now hopping

are hoping to go one better

I am nervous, the only reason

I came back was to go to the

Olympics so there is a lot

riding on it. The 20-year-old

Queenslander Charlene straighton has her sights set

on Beijing I think my

mind-set sis in the right

place and I know what I am

going to do so I will work my

arse off to get there. The

shadow Olympic squad will be

named tomorrow night and is expected to include Robert

Newbery. In cycling Wood has

beaten a class field in the

Australian women's open road

race in Victoria. The 90 top

cyclists included the Olympic

gold-medallist and defending

champion. The setting for the

122 kilometre event was

pickest. Wood and Sharon

Laws broke away if the field

2 kilometres if the end and

Carrigan could not bridge the

gap. Wood proved too strong

and claimed her second title

in four years. It's not quite

Memphis but the closest thing

to it in Australia T small

town of Parkes is once again

turning on the biggest Elvis

gathering in this part of the

world. It has seen the town

almost double in size as

thousands of Presley Pilgrims

pay tribute to their King.

This is Elvis Presley

Australian style. The King

was on parade in Parkes.

There was the believable, the

inexplicable. And then there

was this. But the thousands

watching just could not get

enough Parkes is a country

town in Australia to, do this

is fantastic. This is the

best pat raid we have ever

been to. Awesome. That meant

a rush forefront-row seats.

We bought the car down and

got here at 9, yeah, so we

could get a good spot. There

were impersonator of all ages

and abilities Harsh when no-one else can understand me...

You can't beat him, he

was the best. His music

lives on in everyone's

Hearts. And there are those

who say still does the man

The King is still alive,

remember that. 30 years after

his death it is difficult to

know what Elvis would have

may of this festival. He

would maybe have asked why

NSW? The only place to do

it. Par Parkes is the centre

everywhere! Let's take a

look at the weather. In

Sydney today it hit 27, 1

above average up to 35 in the The satellite picture

shows bright cloud over the

tropics in a monsoon trough triggering heavy showers and

storms. Clouds in south-east

NSW may cause high winds

there and cloud over eastern

Queensland general Yates

patchy rain T trough in the

north will trigger rain and

thunderstorms over Queensland, the Top End and

the Kimberley. Another trough

will bring a late change to

south-east NSW and a front

will mean showers for the and

southern Victoria. Rain will

be concentrated across the

northern part of the country

with a few falls down the

south-east coast. Cloudy in Brisbane. Possible showers in

Melbourne and Hobart.

Increasing sunshine in

Adelaide. Sunny in Perth and

Canberra and late thunder in

Darwin. Around NSW - a few

showers on the far north

coast then generally fine

moving south until the Hunter

region. From there late

showers extending down to the

South Coast including the

central parts of the ranges.

Inland, there will be a gusty southerly change over the

west heading towards the

south-east in the evening. In

Sydney tomorrow - a very warm

day and possibly a late

thunderstorm A southerly

change during the night A top

of 29 in the city and a

punishing 37 out west. The sun will rise before 6.

Another look at our top

stories - a defiant Japan

says its whaling hunt in the

Southern Ocean will go ahead

as planned despite Greenpeace

chasing its fleet. The ends

insight for two Australian

kayakers who hope to finish

their trans-Tasman voyage

tomorrow. That is it for us

night.Ly be back with another

update in about an hour.

Goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI