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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Tonight - for East Timor's government. International support

awaits a government payout. New revelations as Vivian Solon stood down indefinitely. And Wendell Sailor We are concerned for Wendell, rugby in NSW, rugby in Australia. but our primary concern is for Good evening, Deborah Rice with ABC News. is shoring up support for East Timor The international community there this week. to prevent further violence extended the mandate of its mission The UN Security Council has heading for northern waters and two Australian Navy ships are in case they're needed. Despite the preparations - it hasn't requested any troops East Timor's government says and hopes they won't be needed. The supplies have been loaded are on their way to the Top End, and two Navy transport ships they're ordered on to East Timor. ready to be deployed if The country has been on edge since a protest by former soldiers two weeks ago. turned into a full-fledged riot At least five people died. speculation There has been widespread for help in restoring security. that the UN is set to ask Australia I've spoken today Jose Ramos Horta. with the East Timor Foreign Minister

to Australia I think he's very grateful

that we do have troops ready. for making sure

he is trying to settle the dispute. East Timor's prime minister says we have the political will, From our side, of course we have good will. to resolve the problem. And we are here the defence forces. A deployment would stretch 1,400 Australian troops in Iraq. are now involved in the mission will be in Afghanistan. By July, a total of 550 And since last month, to the Solomon Islands. 400 soldiers have been deployed want to talk about the details, The Prime Minister says he doesn't for help - yet. since there's been no request in East Timor stabilises I hope that the situation of people from outside and that the involvement would not be necessary. Some analysts have speculated this pre-deployment, by being so public about a very strong message Australia is sending and to its Prime Minister. to East Timor could very well lose support It's believed Mari Alkatiri

meets this week. when the ruling FRETILIN party he may turn to the army Some have expressed fears to hold on to power. If Alkatiri were to lose the contest,

in my mind there is not the slightest doubt the democratic verdict of his party. that he would accept will be watching - closely. Canberra and the UN Norman Hermant, ABC News.

to the defence of the US President The Prime Minister has come George Bush sliding to a new low. just as a new poll shows support for in Washington John Howard has arrived to focus on Iraq and energy issues, for four days of talks expected for nuclear power. including a global push reports from Washington. Political editor Craig McMurtrie didn't park where they wanted, The Prime Minister's plane is determined but the Bush White House this visit. to roll out the red carpet Washington regulars by now, aren't only among friends - John and Janette Howard

who's working locally, the presence of their youngest son, a Mother's Day bonus. 'ADVANCE AUSTRALIA FAIR'. BAND PLAYS any friend's welcome right now, For this White House, in opinion polls. with the President taking a beating for new ideas on Iraq, As he searches sought the advice this morning, the US leader of former US defense secretaries. We've had our disagreements in this country

about whether or not we should be there in the first place.

how do we achieve our objective? Now the fundamental question is, to talk about Iraq John Howard also wants for Australian troops. and the next assignment and nuclear power Talks will also cover Iran

future Australian uranium sales. and with an eye to India, in Australia in the months ahead There will be a big debate regarding nuclear energy. we have to have. I think it's a debate just across the road John and Janette Howard are staying from the White House,

but George Bush isn't home. of Camp David. He's retreated to the seclusion A Gallup poll this week for the President shows Republican support has dropped 13 points, another survey today while more broadly, has slumped to just 29%. shows his approval rating with President Bush - I like him. I do have a close relationship

for a long time Anybody who's been in politics goes through periods of challenge. Which in part explains so pleased to see him, why the administration's and why George Bush will host next week. a rare black tie dinner for him Craig McMurtrie, ABC News. wrongly deported to the Philippines, A lawyer for the Australian citizen knew she was unfit to fly claims senior immigration officials from the country. when they expelled her Vivian Solon's case He says the new evidence strengthens from the Federal Government. for compensation in a Philippines hospice, Exactly 12 months after being found 24-hour care. Vivian Solon still requires Today, she was out buying shoes - because Centrelink wouldn't. shoes her lawyer said he paid for Yes, something like that. yeah, we got a lot like that. Yes, that's great, George Newhouse is also outraged internal email he's obtained. at a Department of Immigration senior bureaucrats in this country It does appear that one of the most physical condition was notified of Vivian Solon's

before she was deported. and the circumstances of her case The email about Vivian Solon, whose other name is Alvarez, was sent to the department's and Compliance: then head of Border Control

subject of a Senate inquiry, Vivian Solon's case was the to remove her from Australia which heard the decision was made by a junior officer with no direct referral to senior officers. Mr Newhouse says the email contradicts that information and strengthens his client's case. Given the revelations today, that must go to compounding the amount of compensation that she receives. The department is unwilling to comment on details of the case but says improvements have been made. There has been a confidentiality agreement that was entered into by both Ms Solon's representatives and the department at the outset. The case will return to arbitration next month, where it will be decided just how much compensation Vivian Solon will receive. Liv Casben, ABC News, Sydney. A petrol pipeline has exploded in Nigeria on the outskirts of the capital Lagos, killing 150 people. The blast created a fireball that incinerated everything within 20 metres, leaving the site strewn with unrecognisable remains. It's believed hundreds of people were siphoning the highly flammable fuel at the time and rescuers said the toll would rise. An Australian man is among five people injured during a demonstration at Israel's West Bank separation barrier. 29-year-old Philip Reiss from Sydney was among the protestors. He was filming the confrontation with Israeli troops

when he was shot in the head with a rubber bullet. He's recovering in hospital and is being treated for internal bleeding. The UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan has called for an immediate ceasefire between warring factions in the Somali capital Mogadishu. More than 130 people have now been killed in six days of fighting between Islamic militias and gunmen loyal to the warlords who've ruled the country for the last 15 years. Five days after the great escape, Todd Russell spent his first free Saturday afternoon watching the footy. The rescued miner told the waiting media he just wanted some privacy and later in the day, he and Brant Webb announced they had appointed an agent to handle all media enquiries. The Russell family arrived at the game just before quarter time, clearly agitated by the media presence. Just leave me alone, have some respect. Todd Russell chatted to his team-mates on the field before enjoying a few relaxing ales in the clubrooms. But, he didn't stay to watch the finish. The full forward damaged a knee during his 2-week ordeal trapped 1kmk underground at the Beaconsfield gold mine. His team doesn't expect him on the field for several weeks. Hasn't played a game as yet, no. So we're hoping within the next few months, he'll play for us. The other miner rescued from the rock fall, Brant Webb, is keeping a low profile. His father says he craves quality time with the family. He just has to have time to himself, I think, and time with his wife. Both men are yet to sign a deal for the rights to their story, but have appointed an agent to handle all media enquires. Meanwhile, the Australian Workers Union has highlighted concerns over unacceptable mining methods at the mine, which may have jeopardised worker safety. There were areas being mined which there was insufficient preparation and over-mining of, which shouldn't have happened. The union's focus now is on the scale and type of inquiry that will look at the cause of the Anzac Day rock fall. Melissa Lewarn, ABC News, Beaconsfield. One of Australia's highest-profile football players has been stood down over what may be a career-ending breach of his game's code of conduct. Wendell Sailor has played both rugby league and rugby union at the highest levels and has been a controversial figure in both forms of the game. He's been suspended from tonight's Super-14 rugby game by the Waratahs' team management, but a confidentiality agreement prevents them from saying why. Wendell Sailor has been constantly in the headlines since he transferred from rugby league almost five years ago. As one of the game's highest-paid players, he has been under pressure for his performances both on and off the field. It seems he's in career-ending trouble. NSW Rugby wishes to advise that Wendell Sailor has been stood down from rugby indefinitely. Rugby officials say the alleged incident happened a few weeks ago and it came to their attention last night

and he was stood down immediately. for Australian rugby. but I'm more worried Sailor was suspended in South Africa in February after an alcohol-fuelled incident in a nightclub. And Australian rugby was under pressure on another front with medical specialists voicing concern about Wallaby captain George Gregan's light one-week suspension for this spear tackle. COMMENTATOR: Ooh, that's nasty! It should be very severely punished and coaches and administrators will all pay attention. Dr John Yeo is internationally renowned for his work on spinal injuries. He says fit and strong professional footballers are better able to withstand dangerous tackles than those who might imitate them.

But the youngsters that play haven't had that experience, haven't had that preparation and therefore their necks are much more at risk. At grass-roots level, parents had no doubts about the impact of the screen images. are very influenced And it seems those actions do not take long to hit home. we just played. This big kid spear-tackled Spinal specialists are hoping for a heavier-handed approach so that these children get a better example. Phillip Lasker, ABC News. A conference of GPs in Hobart has heard

Australia is falling behind the rest of the developed world in establishing an integrated and efficient healthcare system. The conference was told that Australia's Commonwealth-State structure is holding back vital reform. More money spent on general practice and less on big hospitals. That was the message to come out of the conference. The rationale is, prevention is better than cure and GPs are better able to achieve that.

Prevention is what pays and early intervention, particularly with young families and young children and much better coordination of chronic care - all those can be achieved through an integrated strong GP and primary healthcare system. Doctor O'Halloran says Australia is lagging behind the rest of first world in making its health system more efficient. The sheer complexity, the overlaps and the difficulties related to two levels of government create problems in themselves. is immensely difficult The split of responsibilities and blocks efforts at reform. Dr O'Halloran wants to see more health care decisions at a local level

rather than in Canberra. The conference's drawcard, Australian of the Year Professor Ian Frazer agrees with Dr O'Halloran. He says Australia's doctor and nurse shortage can be traced back to poor decisions

made in the 1980s. Money will have to be put into the system to solve the problems, to sort the problems it's taken 20 years to create. Professor Frazer wants to see non-medical hospital administrators, replaced by an old-fashioned concept - the medical superintendent. That would've helped prevent the Dr Patel disaster in provincial Queensland. It might have been easier to see the trouble coming if his immediate supervisor had been medically trained rather than an administrator. Professor Frazer shot to fame for his work developing a vaccine to help prevent viral-related cervical cancer. He says it could be on the market by the end of the year. Tony Hull, ABC News, Hobart. A new Australian documentary in the style of the British series 'Seven Up', has revealed a bleak profile for young Aborigines. Ivan Sen followed the lives of four young people for a decade for his film, 'Shifting Shelter 3' and found it a harrowing experience. They were all 15-year-old kids from the country with big dreams when film director Ivan Sen entered their lives 10 years ago. Willy, Cindy, Danielle and Ben believed they had the world at their feet. And they were at a massive crossroads in their life and I suppose five years after I first met them I just wanted to find out what happened to them and so I just went in search and tracked them down

and basically discovered that a lot of their dreams didn't turn out like they hoped. By 20, three of the four had developed drug addictions. The two young women had children, one had given her baby away. It was like, I don't know, hitting a brick wall, or something.

It's like these kids were so full of life, so full of energy, so full of dreams. Willy's dream of being a rock star had evaporated,

his life fuelled instead by drugs and alcohol. Just spiralled into kind of this dark deep depression, really, and that just blew me away to see such a change in five years.

Although life for Ben didn't go the way he wanted, he was still hanging on to his ambition - also to become a famous musician. Another five years on and the women had both been subjected to domestic violence. One had been in jail, both were determined to get drugs out of their lives. In a way it was kind of depressing shooting it, behind the camera. Willy was struggling after his mother's death. Ben was busy having children, working and still hoping. Ivan Sen doesn't know if he'll be welcome

if he wants to drop back into their lives in another five years. But one who will welcome him back is Ben. If he rocks up again maybe this time he'll be filming me down the coast or at the Opera House, singing properly in front of thousands of people. At 25, he's a spray painter in a country town with four children but still keeps on with his musical dream. Anne Maria Nicholson, ABC News. Tonight's top story -

The Foreign Affairs Minister Alexander Downer has denied suggestions that the decision to put a naval contingent on stand-by because of tension in East Timor is alarmist. And still to come - and a Sydney goal rush sweeps a toothless Richmond clean away. The Waratahs are the only Australian team left in the Super 14 finals after the Brumbies loss to the Crusaders and a combination of other results overnight. Queensland ended its disappointing season while the Brumbies loss allowed the Sharks to grab fourth spot, pending tonight's final games in Sydney and South Africa. The ACT Brumbies will rue for the rest of the year the 10-minute defensive brain snap that cost them a spot in the finals. The ever-ruthless Canterbury Crusaders feasted on 21 points in the last nine minutes, culminating in this 90m effort that left the Brumbies clinging to fourth place by their fingertips. COMMENTATOR: And it is going to be one of the great tries. Unfortunately, now we're living in the lap of the gods. Hopefully the Force can help us out. But the Force was not with the Brumbies. The Sharks mission possible - a 10-point win - looked likely all afternoon. They did it in style with some breathtaking tries in their 41-25 win that gives them the inside running for a semi's berth, barring a massive win tonight by the Bulls over the Stormers. at final-round redemption The Queensland Reds' shot began auspiciously - a 3rd-minute try on a platter Berrick Barnes laying for Mitchell Chapman. the Highlanders defence, With prop Rodney Blake terrorising a territorial advantage the Reds enjoyed with some slick passing. which the backs lapped up as Queensland opened a 19-6 lead. Ben Tune's class shone through He's back, the veteran. a familiar theme, But the script followed off the accelerator. with the Reds taking their foot to within 3 The Highlanders closed before a Barnes penalty the farewell he had craved. gave outgoing coach Jeff Miller fans was winger Drew Mitchell, Also saying goodbye to Queensland to join the Western Force. who is leaving his home State

with no regrets. Miller is leaving coaching I'm ecstatic actually, I'm happy, that it is my last game, that one, two, that there are signs out there some good rugby. that the team is starting to play Ian Eckersley, ABC News. the Country Origin team A late try gave a thrilling win over City rugby league clash. in their annual representative in tonight's NRL game - Country won by two points while

in Wollongong. the Dragons 20 the Warriors 16 for its third win in four matches City was searching in the annual Origin trial, heartland, but in Country rugby league Andrew Ryan as captain, with Dubbo local hero the home team made an early impact. about his form this season. Brett Finch has fended off questions to set up Anthony Laffranchi. He answered the critics of Craig Gower and Matt Orford The City halves combination their Origin aspirations. didn't help kicking game was not too bad, Took the line on a little bit, a little bit more in attack. but could have worked may be in trouble after this hit. Storm rookie Brett White a handy touch from Brett Hodgson An Orford chip and after the break. helped City find the line hit back. Finch almost helped Country could be a bolter Sharks forward Paul Gallen for a Blues bench position.

but Country wasn't finished, His miracle pass put City in front, and Anthony Quinn sealed the win

than Origin places. that was more about pride Our main, I suppose, talking point and our main aim

play for your team-mate, play for the team. It may be a costly match, Fresh from the bye last week, on the Dragons tonight the Warriors got the jump through their captain. considered for Origin this season, Trent Barrrett will not be he might be missed. but with form like this The Dragons hit the front grabbed the first try of his career, when young heavyweight Danny Wicks against the feed but a rare scrum win opened the door for the Warriors. Nat

The New Zealanders took advantage at the break. to level the score 12-all in the second half The Dragons crossed first of their first win in three matches. to move within range Chris Kimball, ABC News. in Wollongong - And the final score in that game the Warriors 22-16. the Dragons have defeated one of the biggest wins The Sydney Swans have scored in the club's history, by almost 120 points. thrashing Richmond and this afternoon Last night, Geelong upset St Kilda while the premiers left no doubt Melbourne thumped Fremantle

in the competition. they're still a force Sydney and Richmond After slow starts to the season, in recent weeks. have been two of the big improvers of midfielder Paul Williams, Celebrating the 300th appearance

and opened with a flurry. the Swans had plenty to play for Oh he doesn't miss these - Davis. COMMENTATOR: Chance for Davis. four goals in five minutes The premiers had their first score. before the Tigers registered

and kicks it. Brings it back - undermanned Richmond defence The undersized and the Swans goal blitz. struggled to halt to close the gap to 16, Matthew Richardson kicked his first as they started it. but the Swans finished the quarter Straight...what a way to close out the term. air to set up the Tigers' fifth. Kayne Pettifer found space in the Pettifer..taking a beauty. for Richmond It was a rare highlight clicked into gear. as the much maligned Swans attack

for the Swans - their eleventh. And kicked another one a 52-point halftime lead. Goodes kicked his second to set up continued after the break. The avalanche of goals Barry Hall collected his third. Nick Malcheski added the pick of another six goals in the quarter very best form. as the Swans returned to their That's a great kick for goal. resembled a training run The fourth quarter

as Sydney chased records for respectability. and the Tigers searched The premiers finished with 28 goals. was the largest The 118-point margin against Richmond. in the club's history Mark Douglass, ABC News. who can lay claim There's a new athlete to being the fastest human being on Earth -

America's Justin Gatlin. set a new world record The reigning Olympic champion at a meeting in Qatar. of 9.76 seconds for the 100m CROWD CHEERS off the old mark , Gatlin took 1/100th of a second Asafa Powell in Athens last year. which was set by Jamaican he's capable The 24-year-old believes in the years to come. of lowering the record to 9.72 return to the pool, Grant Hackett has made a successful late last year. after undergoing shoulder surgery outside his personal best Hackett swam a few seconds of the 400 metres freestyle to win a heat and is happy to be back. at a Grand Prix meet in Brisbane of his swimming career, After the longest break

in Brisbane today Grant Hackett returned to the pool in six months for his first competitive swim and the 2-time Olympic champion was happy with the result. Hackett clocked the fastest 400m heat time of 3min 53sec. The shoulder really hasn't been any concern. It's really just getting the fitness back. The shoulder's been fine. It's been able to deal with the work. With no major international meets scheduled this year, Hackett is focused on the 2008 Olympic Games. I don't think, even after Beijing, I can see myself retiring. that's only a couple of years away. Australian Golfer Adam Scott is the joint leader after two rounds of the US PGA tour event in Houston. Scott fired a 5-under-par second round of 65 to claim a share of the lead at 10-under, 3 strokes clear of the rest of the field. It was steady golf out there. Made a couple of good par saves and kept everything going,

but, yeah, I'm playing pretty nicely. Australian cyclist Robbie McEwen has won the sixth stage of the Tour of Italy,

making it his third of the race so far. McEwen dominated a sprint at the end of the 223km stage to finish ahead of overall race leader, Germany's Olaf Pollack. Australia's Melanie Redman-Carr has won the women's surfing event at Teahupoo, defeating compatriot and reigning world champion Chelsea Georgeson. Melanie Carr remains unbeaten this year. Bryce Green, ABC News. The Sydney Swifts have overcome Queensland to remain unbeaten in the National Netball League. The Swifts won by 33 goals. In other round two matches, Perth beat the Melbourne Kestrels while Adelaide and the Melbourne Phoenix scored big wins. In front of a vocal home crowd in Sydney,

goal shooter Catherine Cox helped the Swifts gain the early advantage over the Firebirds. The lead increased at every break allowing the Swifts to rest their starting shooters on the way to an impressive victory.

The special effects team behind blockbuster movies like Lord of the Rings and King Kong has come to the rescue of one of New Zealand's national symbols. A one-legged kiwi called Tahi has been given a leg up - literally, thanks to the latest in prosthetic technology. New Zealand correspondent Peter Lewis reports. Tahi is Maori for 'one' - in this case, one leg. He's a North Island Brown, one of the largest species of kiwi, and a lucky one at that. When Tahi's other leg was amputated after being caught in a trap, Wellington Zoo turned to some local fabricators with a big reputation. (Growls) Weta Workshops, perhaps best known for fitting prosthetic feet to hobbits, found itself in the disabled bird business. Fixing broken legs for kiwis - wouldn't that be a tragic business to end up in! Let's hope we don't have to do this job again. It's the same process that we use for the actors when we have to make a special prosthetic. Like for Gandalf, for Ian McKellen - we had to make a prosthetic nose, so we took a life cast of his face. New Zealand has a history of ingenuity

when it comes to propping up injured national symbols - back in the 1940s, they made do with wooden legs. NARRATOR: Feels pretty good. These days, it's state-of-the-art carbon fibre and stainless steel, fitted by the same folks who get humans up and about again.

I spent a few hours looking at videos just to figure out how a bird walks. And it's not just about mobility.

Kiwis cannot breed with only one leg. If it works for him, then there is a very real future for this with other birds. And there are quite a few about in the same position as Tahi. No one's calculated what all this has cost - after all, the flightless bird's priceless. Peter Lewis, ABC News, Auckland. Now lets take a look at the weather. In Sydney today it hit 22 degrees, that was 1 above average. Up to 24 in Campbelltown. In the north-east, Murwillumbah shared the state's maximum temperature of 25 degrees and there were a few other spots a degree or two above average. In the south-east, Charlotte Pass and Cooma both got down to a chilly - 5 overnight and Orange in the Central West wasn't far behind. Further inland, Collarenebri also reached the maximum of 25 degrees, though it only made it to 17 in Broken hill. In the 24 hours to 9:00 this morning, the top rainfall was 12mm at Smoky Cape. In the six hours to 3:00 this afternoon, there's was no rain recorded over the State. In the capital cities today, Brisbane was mostly sunny, some cloud in Canberra, Melbourne and Hobart were both wet, cloud in Adelaide and Perth and sunny in Darwin. The satellite picture shows low cloud being pushed onto the Central Queensland coast and cloud sweeping over Tasmania. There's high cloud in the SW of WA but clear skies continuing across NSW. On the synoptic chart - that cold front will affect Tasmania, eastern Victoria and the southern NSW coast. The rain tomorrow - a few showers to eastern Victoria and later along the southern NSW coast. Showers too for Tasmania and the Central Queensland coast. In the capital cities tomorrow - Brisbane mostly cloudy, Canberra a possible shower, wet in Melbourne, Hobart and Adelaide mostly sunny, and fine in Perth and Darwin. Around NSW tomorrow - the pattern in the north is mild and sunny, no more rainfall expected

To the south-east - generally a cool to mild day, on the coast, some isolated showers and a strong wind warning from Green Cape to Gabo Island. Inland - pretty much a repeat of today's weather, though Griffith won't be so cold overnight. In Sydney tomorrow - fine and mostly sunny, but cloud developing late in the day with the chance of an overnight shower or two. A top of 21 to 22 degrees.

And the outlook for Sydney - a shower or two on Monday, clearing on Tuesday and warming back up to tops of 23 degrees later in the week. Now a preview of the news and current affairs line-up

here on ABC Television for tomorrow morning. At 9:00am there's 'Insiders', Barrie Cassidy's guest will be Opposition leader Kim Beazley. 'Inside Business' is along at 10:00am with Alan Kohler. He'll talk with National Australia Bank chief John Stewart.

Barrie Cassidy returns at 10:30am with 'Offsiders' and at 11:00am join Helen Vatsikopoulos for 'Asia Pacific Focus'. And before we go a recap of tonight's top stories - the Prime Minister says he hopes the situation in East Timor stabilises as two Australian Navy ships prepare to head for northen waters. The lawyer for Vivian Solon,

the Australian Citizen wrongly deported to the Philippines, claims senior Immigration officials knew she was unfit to fly when they expelled her from the country. And Waratahs winger Wendell Sailor has been stood down indefinitely for an alleged serious breach of the Australian rugby union's code of conduct. Rick farley has died after a long illness And that's ABC News for this Saturday night - I'm Deborah Rice. And I'll be back with more news in about an hour. For now - goodnight. Closed Captions produced by Captioning and Subtitling International Pty Ltd