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(generated from captions) freed on bail. Gordon Wood charged with murder, convicted over September 11. Life, not death for the only man his biggest loss. And Tiger confronts its like its kinda telepathy... And its kinda weird, Perfect, good boy.

Juanita Phillips with ABC News. Good evening, It's crunch time in Tasmania. of the rescue, The most dangerous phase drilling the large escape tunnel is getting under way. It's very slow going, underground for the miners. and that means more time Here's the ABC's Paul Lockyer. Todd Russell and Brant Webb Below us now, miners are dining on chicken sandwiches. one of their final meals They had hoped it would be for nine days. in the mine that has entombed them is likely to stretch to the weekend. But their long wait for rescue Much progress was made today to the men, finding a way through the rock the construction but there will be no rushing of the escape tunnel. a tunnel to freedom is taking shape. 1,000m below the surface, playing football by Saturday. Even the PM wanted Todd Russell until at least then But now it might take to free the father of three, with work-mate Brant Webb. any benchmarks to compare it to, and so we don't have

so you'll just have to be patient to give any time frame. with my reluctance Returning from underground, mine manager Matthew Gill says the drilling of a pilot hole the men slept through for their escape tunnel. Earlier, they used a digital camera

of the cave in to give a clearer picture inside it. and where they are for a new 16m-long tunnel It's resulted in plans

directly underneath which will bring rescuers the men's cage.

the last portion of it We will need to excavate and we intend to go upwards. jackhammers or small drills Rescuers will use

the last metre of rock to break through beside the cage. and up into a cavity a 1m-wide escape route, For now, work is focused on boring trigger another rock fall. minimising vibration so it doesn't to the mine's future. Above ground, thoughts are turning are devising ways to help workers Other Tasmanian mines while Beaconsfield Gold is closed a lengthy investigation. for what's likely to be The other mines are saying,

of our people taking annual leave "Look if we can help by some for example, "that might be due to them, of the Beaconsfield people, "we can absorb some everything we can "and we will do together at Beaconsfield." "to keep Matthew Gill's team remains dangerous, While the operation rescuers are optimistic, of their trapped colleagues. buoyed by the good spirits solid foods, Today the men started on eating egg sandwiches and yoghurt. for chicken sandwiches tonight. Apparently they put in a request When they get back to the surface, the men will probably want if they can, the front gates themselves. to walk out with media But with the area flooded likely to be out in force, and the township getting them away from the mine site as the rescue itself. might prove just as tricky ABC News, Beaconsfield. Gary Magnussen,

Joining me now is Bill Shorten

been monitoring every move below. Joining me now is Bill Shorten who's

What do you understand to be

happening now What is happening is

they've board the pilot hole.

good. That's come within a brief they've board the pilot hole. That's

crust of where the men are confined.

Now what they are doing is they are

changing the header of the drill.

This is a tonne and a quarter of

machinery be put on the drill bore

to start the massive possess of

excavating the new rescue tunnel.

What do you understand to be the

timeframe now for this rescue

effort? When will the men be out?

Every guess has proven wrong so far.

The drill bore will invariably move

more slowly over the same ground

that the pilot hole was drilled in

because there's a lot more rock to

be pulverised and moved. Then they

come to the tricky and delicate

of leaving the crust and how to come to the tricky and delicate part

break through that. It's going to

quite a few hours yet, I am break through that. It's going to be

a-Friday. There was an expectation

these men might be free as early as

tomorrow. Given this delay, how

that weigh on their minds and the tomorrow. Given this delay, how does

minds of their family ? The union

has been in touch again with the

family today. The family, it must

emphasised, probably have more family today. The family, it must be

patience than the rest of Australia

because remember for the family

weren't sure before last Sunday because remember for the family they

were ever going to see these men weren't sure before last Sunday they

again. As to the men, Todd Russell

apparently said to one of our

today that he's had the best apparently said to one of our blokes

sleep so far H e's a positive man. today that he's had the best night's

It is frustrating for the rescuers

and fellow miners. They want to get

in and get them out. Bill Shorten,

thank you for your time tonight.

That's the latest from Beaconsfield. An accused murderer freed on bail in Macquarie Street. has sparked a political row Gordon Wood today faced a charge in 1995. of killing model Caroline Byrne But he walked out of court wants to know why. And now the Premier court appearances of the year It was one of the most anticipated and it lasted just five minutes. has been back in the country, In the short time Gordon Wood and released on bail. he's has been charged with murder for legal reasons. Mr Wood's face can't be shown He's been extradited from London Caroline Byrne, and accused of murdering whose body was found at the bottom of The Gap in Sydney's east 11 years ago. of today's court proceedings, Whatever Ms Byrne's father thought

he was keeping his own counsel. I'm sorry, I can't make any comment. It's a long time for this mystery, happened to his daughter and why. for a dad to have to know what loving, caring man. And he's just the sweetest,

Mark Tedeschi QC The Crown prosecutor didn't oppose bail, Mr Wood's barrister. a move that didn't surprise It's not a strong prosecution case. Yesterday, Police Minister Carl Scully was confident bail would not be granted. Today, the State Opposition didn't hold back. that the police didn't oppose bail, If it's correct then that means that there is a great gulf between the Police Minister and his commitment last night this morning.

The Premier Morris Iemma wants more details on the decision. for a report of the bail application and the decision. Mr Wood has handed over $100,000 surety

and both his passports. The magistrate urged journalists to be extremely cautious when reporting the case. Mr Wood's barrister told the court that members of the media had harassed police and interfered with security arrangements during his client's flight back to Australia. He said he'd identify the person responsible and would consider taking the matter further. Mr Wood will return to court in August. Jayne Margetts, ABC News, Sydney. The man who described himself as the 20th hijacker in the September 11 attacks has escaped the death penalty. Instead, Zacarias Moussaoui has been jailed for life for mass murder. Throughout his trial, Moussaoui taunted the jury, almost as if to goad them into making him a martyr. Zacarias Moussaoui was rushed into court for judgment day amid extraordinary security. After more than 40 hours of deliberations, a divided jury revealed his fate. The jury has found that the defendant should be sentenced to life in prison without any possibility of release. The announcement stunned and upset some of the people who had lost loved ones on September 11. when? The verdict came after weeks of harrowing testimony about the horrors of the terrorist attacks. Prosecutors played recordings of trapped people pleading for help. PASSENGER: I'm going to die. DISPATCHER: Ma'am, ma'am, say your prayers. Moussaoui was in jail at the time of the strikes, but the prosecution argued he could have prevented the carnage by telling investigators about the plot. Several members of the jury and some of the victim's relatives didn't accept that he was a major player. Carie Lemack's mother was on one of the planes flown into the World Trade Center. He's an al-Qaeda wannabe and he does not deserve any credit for 9/11. Moussaoui is the only person to stand trial in the United States for the attacks and the verdict is being described as a stinging defeat for the government. As I think about the trial, I can't help but think about the families who lost a loved one on September 11. During the trial it seemed like Moussaoui had a death wish and wanted to become a martyr, but when the verdict was read out he seemed relieved, clapping his hands and exclaiming, "America, you lost. I won," as he was led from the courtroom. Zacarias Moussaoui will spend the rest of his life

in the country's most secure jail, home to America's most notorious prisoners. Mark Simkin, ABC News, Alexandria, Virginia. After nearly a decade in the political wilderness, Jeff Kennett is considering a comeback and he's already received the Prime Minister's blessing. The former Victorian premier revealed his stunning news tonight

after a tumultuous day for the State's Liberals.

As political correspondent Jim Middleton reports, the shock resignation of the party leader Robert Doyle is behind the surprise announcement.

Talk about Lazarus with a triple bypass... I will use the next 48 hours to consult with my existing and former colleagues. ..Jeff Kennett is actively considering overtures from Victorian Liberal MPs to make a comeback to the job he relinquished close to a decade ago.

Larger than life, Mr Kennett has always had a profile too expansive nearly to be contained to Victoria. As premier of the southern state for seven years, he transformed its capital

from the decrepit industrial archeology of the '80s to the marvellous Melbourne of the '90s. Victoria is, without doubt, my life. But his success contained within it the seeds of defeat - he's conceded he focused too much on Melbourne, allowing Steve Bracks to steal a march in the country, leading to his shock defeat in 1999 from the job he loved. and resignation a heavier heart I have done this with than you can possibly imagine, I don't have any heart at all. given that most of you think The resignation today Opposition Leader Robert Doyle of beleaguered Victorian

an unlikely opportunity has provided to return to his first love. Once bitter enemies, been providing encouragement. John Howard's

effective premier of Victoria. Jeff was, in my view, a very On the other hand, remain at daggers drawn, Peter Costello and Mr Kennett from the Treasurer. and there's no endorsement INTERVIEWER: Would he be good for the party or not? That's a matter for the State MPs. A Kennett comeback might be bad news for Steve Bracks, but it's equally bad for Peter Costello. Tonight, in a break with his normal practice, John Howard is actively pressing Jeff Kennett to take the plunge, declaring he'd welcome his return. That's not good for the Treasurer, because leadership of the Victorian Liberals a new platform would give Mr Kennett to succeed the PM. to undermine Mr Costello's ambition Jim Middleton, ABC News, Canberra. the Treasurer The Opposition has accused of upsetting mortgage holders in a newspaper photo by jumping for joy official interest rates. after the Reserve Bank lifted in a buoyant mood, Peter Costello was snapped, on his way to a budget meeting. outside Parliament Many people would be upset yesterday jumping for joy. to see the Treasurer Dancing a jig in 14 months. A spokesman for Mr Costello says the claim is patently ridiculous. On morning radio, the Treasurer signalled people shouldn't expect tax relief in next week's budget to make up for the rate rise or petrol prices. Yes, of course it costs you more. I am very, very conscious of that, very conscious of that. The National Australia Bank has announced that its variable rates will rise by 0.25%

from Monday. The legal battle industrial relations shake-up over the Federal Government's has begun in the High Court. The case centres on has the constitutional power whether the Commonwealth from the States. to take over workplace regulation implications for States rights. But it could have broader on the streets. They started their fight will never be defeated! (All chant) ...united, highest court in the land. Now it's moved to the including 16 senior counsel, A record 39 barristers, packed into the High Court today for a battle controversial workplace changes. over the Federal Government's It centres on whether the federal power to pass laws governing corporations

extends to the workers they employ. This is one of the most important cases this court will ever hear.

We believe this legislation is unconstitutional

and we're waging this fight on behalf of workers and their families. The NSW Solicitor-General argued that the laws would have been considered beyond the power of the Commonwealth for most of the last century, noted that: but Justice Michael Kirby significance of this case It's a sign of the broader to be heard by the full bench that it's been scheduled for six days, which will make it in a constitutional case the longest-running hearings in 20 years. The states say if they lose

itself is under threat. the federal system of government Should state governments have their constitutional rights and responsibilities

kicked aside by the Commonwealth No. if the states lose this, I think what we're going to see, a constitutional convention we will need to reshape the powers between the state and the Commonwealth. The unions are hoping that even if they don't succeed in overturning the entire WorkChoices package, the court might still strike out certain aspects of it. Kim Beazley's not so optimistic. way of skinning the cat. John Howard will find another He is absolutely determined to upset the balance of industrial relations. The case probably won't be decided for months. One justice today commented equally complicated decision that another had taken a year to resolve. Dana Robertson, ABC News, Canberra. Tonight's top story again - to enter a critical phase. Tasmania's mine rescue is about of a father and mentor. And Tiger Woods mourns the loss this morning sparked panic A tsunami alert in New Zealand and exposed serious flaws emergency warning system. in the country's ran for their lives Coastal residents about an earthquake near Tonga. when they heard media reports it was a false alarm, The government said official announcement was made. but it was hours before any Two hours after the tsunami alert, New Zealand emergency services issued the all-clear. Hundreds of residents in coastal communities, like Gisborne on the North Island, were way ahead of them, fleeing their homes after seeing or hearing about this warning broadcast by the BBC. BBC NEWS REPORT: Police have been quite precise about where the tsunami is expected to hit. The city of Gisborne

is expected to receive the full force of the tsunami.

of delivering a baby I was in the middle that's closest to the beach and I live in the house in probably the whole of Gisborne and I just went, "ARGH!" And I had to leave delivering the baby

and was ringing my son, and got on my cellphone saying, "You have to get out!" 7.8 on the Richter scale The quake registering local time. struck at 4:30 this morning Its epicentre, of the Tongan capital, Nuku'alofa. an island chain 160kms north-east shook buildings It lasted about 40 seconds, and caused blackouts in the capital and despite its strength, damage was minor and there were no reported injuries. Authorities in Hawaii issued a tsunami warning for the Pacific Islands in New Zealand, then cancelled the alert when it became apparent there was no threat. There has been frustration from local authorities about the lack of communication from Civil Defence. If we were at risk and we hadn't been informed, then there has been a systemic failure. have responded by saying But Civil Defence officials 10 minutes after the quake. they were aware of the alert

to issue a national warning The officials say the decision from coastal areas. would have meant mass evacuations were word of mouth only. But, today, those warnings Peter Lewis, ABC News, Auckland. The State Government says Hydro-electric scheme the privatisation of the Snowy is a done deal, is gaining pace. but the campaign to block it into the sale says And the MP in charge of an inquiry the issue is big enough at next year's election. to bring down the Iemma Government by the Greens These people at a forum hosted has to stop. say the sale of public assets to start saying no We live in a country where we have and we have to make our 'no' count. There's no compromise. It belongs to the people and to me it is the greatest act of treachery this nation has seen since 1788. Max Talbot worked as an engineer on the Snowy Hydro Scheme for more than two decades. He says this is not just about the sale of another power utility, but about who controls the water. by governments This is an ill-conceived decision for which they should be condemned, made without forethought of the long-term consequences. or an understanding The Government says on the 70-year water licence there are strict conditions for communities and irrigators to protect supply is going ahead. and the $3 billion sale politically arrogant This government is being totally and also ignorant your inquiry, by saying, "OK, you can have and we're going to sell it "but we're still going ahead "whether you like it or not." An upper house inquiry has been called. It's likely to recommend the sale be scrapped. The committee chairman believes

that on the back of the desalination plant fiasco and the Cross City Tunnel debacle,

the Premier and his team could pay the ultimate price. Such a major rejection by the Government of such a high-powered inquiry would be enough for the Labor Party to lose government. But the Government insists is good for the State. selling the Snowy scheme

on infrastructure projects It can spend the cash is then free to grow. and the private company Adrian Raschella, ABC News, Sydney. whether an arsonist is at work Police are investigating To finance now, fell heavily today and the local share market to yesterday's rate rise. in a further reaction Here's Alan Kohler. was crunched 1.5% today The All Ordinaries index and few stocks were spared. It was a general retreat banks, industrials - among resource stocks, everything.

And it wasn't helped by the reaction to Westpac's profit result, which came in exactly on expectations and the dividend was increased more than expected, but that didn't stop the stock getting a beating.

When the market is in this mood, you have to beat expectations, not meet them. US shares also fell overnight, but nowhere near as much as those in Australia today, and it was also because of concerns about interest rates there. And commodities generally weakened, led by the oil price falling more than 3% in both both New York and Singapore, although the gold price continued to climb - to more more than US$657 an ounce in London in the morning and US$668 in New York.

There's a saying in the stock market that goes "sell in May and go away," and to prove it, Goldman Sachs did the sums.

If an investor had put $10,000 in the Dow Jones on 1 May every year since 1950 and sold at the end of October, they would now have a net loss of $272. Now, investing $10,000 for the other six months - November to April - would have produced a gain of more than $500,000. The Australian dollar hit a peak overnight of US$77.18, but is currently a bit lower at US$76.66. And tonight's graph is the Australian dollar since 1913, when the American central bank, the Federal Reserve Board, was created. As the First World War began, the Aussie was worth nearly US$3.50, but since then,

it's been downhill all the way. In 1974, after the fixed exchange rate system collapsed, it got to $1.50. Now, it's halved again. And that's finance. Coach Ricky Stuart says Australia will be playing for pride and reputation in tomorrow night's Anzac Test.

The Kangaroos will start the game as warm favourites despite New Zealand's impressive 24-0 win in last year's Tri-Nations. As impressive as the silverware is, it's the mantle of the best rugby league side in the world that both captains crave.

While the Kiwis are currently number one, the Kangaroos will start as favourites. The pre-match niggle continues unabated with Australian selector Bob Fulton calling last year's Kiwi victory a "fluke" and slamming coach Brian McLellan and what he calls, "his wild ego". Bob Fulton said this? No comment. Captain Ruben Wiki is confident his suspect hamstring has recovered and that's good enough for the coach. I know that he puts Kiwi jersey first and if he says he's right, I know he's right. The courage of Australia's debutantes Karmichael Hunt and Johnathon Thurston will be tested like never before. So, too, the pride and passion of those players who tasted bitter defeat in England last year. It's a really important game for Australia after having our pride dented last year, and embarrassed in regards to the loss in England. Off to England is Dragons' captain Trent Barrett who ended weeks of speculation by announcing he's leaving to play out his career with Wigan.

But he wants to go out on a high. I've got a lot at stake this year and there's one thing I haven't been able to do in the game and that's win a comp. 29-year old Barrett, who has been at the club since he was 15, of his career. said it was the toughest decision Ian Eckersley, ABC News. One of world sports great family partnerships has come to a sad end. Earl Woods, the father of Tiger, has lost a long battle with cancer. Here's Peter Wilkins. The man behind the champion, Earl Woods,

saw characteristics in his 2-year-old son which would gradually bewitch the world of sport. I saw the total package.

I saw his intelligence. I saw his personality. I saw his creativity. The former Green Beret thought his son would unify the world with his talents. Par, par, par. OK, you going to make par in the last hole? Uh-huh. OK. Tiger Woods' first US Masters in 1997 was a step in that direction as Tigermania was born.

The greatest thing my father has ever taught me about the game is just one thing - what you put into it. In part of his website announcement, Tiger Woods said his father was his best friend and greatest role model. Sydney FC is unrepentant about losing its premiership-winning coach, Pierre Littbarski, over money. I'm not going to go into relative salaries. Let's just say the club is making cuts across the board. Littbarski was asked to take a sizeable pay cut, an unpalatable thought if the boot was on the other foot. I'd probably be very, very disappointed. It's unfortunate that somebody like Pierre

is going to be lost to the Australian game. The Central Coast A-League coach of the year was in the frame. We did make an offer to Lawrie. But he's staying put, and now, like the Socceroos, the target for Sydney FC is overseas. Currently not a local coach on our agenda. The prime focus is Scottish club coach Terry Butcher. Entering its 10th year, the National Netball League is hoping the season will be a watershed one for the sport. A deal is close to being struck for players to receive a guaranteed minimum wage for the first time. Tomorrow night's opening round will give an early indication as to the evenness of the competition. Last year's whipping girls, the Queensland Firebirds, are hoping new coach and former national captain Vicki Wilson can lift them from the bottom. to the team, She's brought a culture of success she knows what it takes to win and to be at the top and she's really instilled that into each and every one of us. The Firebirds will need all Wilson's experience against reigning premiers the Melbourne Phoenix. These days, it's not unusual to see teenagers in top-level sporting competitions. But one Melbourne youngster is about to achieve a special milestone. He'll become the first one-armed footballer to play in the VFL - just one step below the AFL. Rare sporting feats are best measured against history, and in 100 years no-one has played VFL senior football with one arm. We've told Sammy Carpenter that he'll be playing his first senior game of VFL football this week. Coach and former Melbourne star Brett Lovett has selected Sam Carpenter because of his hard running and tackling. I played against Tony Liberatore at league level, so...same sort of determination as that little fella. When you think about it, pretty impossible, you'd think it'd probably be but he's got great determination. But if the coach's word isn't enough, look at last week's reserves game, where the teenager had 26 possessions and kicked 4 goals through pace, wet-weather skill, accuracy and unquestioned bravery. I don't play to prove anyone wrong, I just play because I love the game, like everyone else. It's definitely exciting and I can't wait until I get out there this weekend. Carpenter was recruited from the elite under-18 TAC competition and already is at home in the Victorian State league. He no longer surprises team-mates, but continues to impress them. We don't get many guys stepping up in their first year and play in the firsts after three or four weeks. Putting that into perspective, with what he plays with, is a phenomenal achievement I suppose. The Frankston Dolphins will play the Geelong VFL team on the weekend, featuring AFL-listed players.

Carpenter won't be out of place among them. Paul Kennedy, ABC News. The weather now with Mike Bailey. Thanks Juanita, good evening. Mostly dry across NSW today and similar conditions for the past week over Sydney's water catchment areas have brought a further fall in dam levels. The system overall is holding 43.4% of capacity, down by 0.5% this week. Warragamba has 43.7%., which is 0.4 lower than a week ago. Dams may be down, but temperatures have been up, the coast going from 16 to 24 degrees,

and both figures are 2 above average. It reached 25 in the west. The main centres - -1 was the low at Threadbo. Around the nation - The wettest was Hobart. A cold outbreak across the south

but not much impact on NSW because of the broad ridge of pressure Mostly dry for NSW. Frost and fog in the Tablelands. Cool to mild temperatures. For Sydney - sunny. Thanks, Mike. Now before we go, another quick look at tonight's top stories. Authorities are about to start the most dangerous phase of the Tasmanian mine rescue, drilling an escape tunnel, and that could take until Saturday. The State Government has asked for a full report

into the court decision to grant bail to accused murderer Gordon Wood. And former Victorian premier Jeff Kennett

is considering a return to state politics and he's got the blessing of the Prime Minister. And that's ABC News for this Thursday. I'm Juanita Phillips. I'll be back with updates during the evening and 'Lateline' is along at about 10:40. Goodnight. Closed Captions produced by Captioning and Subtitling International Pty Ltd

The mine was filling up with water

and all I thought of was those men

were going the drown. It was only

4ft high and water was rising and

those men had nowhere to go.

those men had nowhere to go. Tonight - a shared hell. Mechanically,

humanly, intellectualy,

technologically, we are doing

everything that can be done. On the

other side of the world, miners who

beat their own subterranean death

trap watch the Tasmanian rescue

effort and offer help. There's

two Gods and they have

effort and offer help. There's only two guys and they have to talk to

one another and say they'll get out

of this. It increases awareness of