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Joe Hockey tipped to run for the Liberal leadership

tomorrow. Iran orders the

construction of ten new uranium

enrichment plants. Room to move

- new figures show Australians

one the world's biggest new

houses. And Brisbane Roar

thumps Wellington in the A

league. Good morning it's

Monday 30 November. I'm Joe

O'Brien. And I'm Virginia

Trioli.. The top story on News

Breakfast - Joe Hockey is today

expected to announce that he

will stand for the Liberal

leadership in the ballot

tomorrow. Queenslander Peter

Dutton is tip stand as his

deputy. Tony Abbott has

indicated that he'll withdrawal

from the contest if Mr Hockey

puts his hand up. The split in

the Liberal Party was sparked

by Malcolm Turnbull's support

for the Rudd Government's

Emissions Trading Scheme.

Today, Senators will continue

dedait baiting amendments to

the ETS. Only 10% of 2 changes

have been discussed and the

Upper House could meet all

night. Malcolm Turnbull put in

a number of defiant media

performances over the weekend.

to say on Channel Nine Let's hear some of what he had

yesterday? There is a

wrecklessness and a willfulness

and these men which is going to

destroy the Liberal Party. The

only way the the Liberal Party

can get over this is to get

this issue past. If this issue

is not resolved, the climate

change war that Nick Minchin

and his wreckers have started

will continue to destroy the

Liberal Party until such time

as we are destroyed by Kevin

Rudd in an election. If Joe

were to become leader, but, so

if he were the cuddly friendly

face of the Liberal Party, but

spouting Nick Minchin's lines,

that would destroy him and

destroy the party and he knows

that. Heefls got too much

character to be suckered into

that. Go to the next election,

with a climate credibility that

makes John Howard look like a

greeny, what do you think the

people of Australia will say to

us? These men are leading us

into an electoral

catastrophe. Malcolm Turnbull

punching on yesterday on

Channel Nine. For more Melissa

Clarke joins us now from

Canberra. Malcolm Turnbull went

into the weekend absolutely

certain that he had Joe

Hockey's support. What's

shifted in the last 48

hours? Well he's still

maintaining that he's got Joe

Hockey's support but hi seems

to be the only one that thinks

that. Mr Hockey still hasn't

officially declared his hand

but we know on Saturday he went

around to seek counsel from

John Howard, on Sunday Peter Dutton who is widely expected

to be a deputy on a

Hockey-Dutton ticket was in

talks with him yesterday and it

nows seems he's just a half

step away from declaring his

hand. His colleagues want him to take this leadership

position. It seems from the

poll dag that the public want

him to take this leadership

position and perhaps most interestingly both Malcolm

Turnbull and the Government are

in some ways expecting that he

will. We saw Malcolm Turnbull

in that interview that we just

heard there, he made a bit of a

pre-emptive strike against Joe

Hockey pointing out that more

hockey had ha the same position

as him on Emissions Trading

Scheme and that if heer with to

take the leadership and push

through some kind of compromise

on ETS, that he'd just be

become a mouthpiece for Nick

Minchin, he's become a pat Say

suggested that Joe Hockey had

too much character to end up in

that sort of position so he he

was really trying to box Joe

Hockey into not making a move

there and the Government also

seems to expect him as well

because they were around

yesterday having - pointing out

so some of Joe Hockey's

comments earlier in the week

after the first spill motion

where jock z was saying Malcolm

Turnbull was adgeting in the

fors of the nation and that the

ETS needed to pass. They're

pointing out any conflicts that

might arise if Joe Hockey were

to go doline that line. The

suggestion around at the moment

that Tony Abbott wouldn't put

up his hand, if Joe Hockey was

interested, that seems to

suggest that a Hockey-Dutton

ticket then would be eleketed

uncontested? Malcolm Turnbull

is still indicating that

they're going to have to carry

him out in a box. Turnbull may

well still force a vote between

the two but Tony Abbott has

been very clear in saying that

he wants a policy change and if

Joe Hockey is the man to do

that he's willing to support

that and I think Tony Abbott is

also a realist. He knows that

he could end up splitting the

vote between himself and Hockey

if there were to be a three

cornered challenge and that's

not the objective of anyone

going into this so I think he

knows that when it cops down it

to between Joe Hockey and Tony

Abbott more people want to see

Joe Hockey in that position and

rather than risk splitting the

vote between the two of them Ha

handing Malcolm Turnbull yet

another win he'd pull out

before that would happen At

half past nine morng this

morning Coalition Senator also

meet to decide what their

strategy will be in the Upper

House today. The Coalition

Senators are not all of a mind

when it comes to their view of the Emissions Trading Scheme

and the amendments? It's a

strange beast. The Senate itself is a different one and

when you look at the Liberal Senators, they're quite

different from the other

overall shape of the Coalition.

On the whole, on original average, they're much more

conservative and there isn't a

lot of support for this bill.

Having said that there are enough Senators who support

Malcolm Turnbull's position

that were there a vote he could

force it through. But that's

the very point - were there a

vote? There are not enough Liberal Senators to support any

kind of gag motion to get to

the point of the vote so

there'll be lot of debate and

discussion about the 290 odd

amendments that run and because

there won't be enough number to

gag that they will just talk

all day today. Discussion will

go on that won't be shut down

so as much as Julia Gillard and

the Government would like to

'this bill cot to a comto slaet

today, it won't hop. - this

will come to a vote today. Good

to talk to you, thank you. In

other news this morning, Iran's

Government has ordered the

construction of ten new uranium

enrichment plants according to

State television. The work is

expected to begin in two

months. The plans were

announced just days after the

UN nuclear watchdog criticised

Iran for covering up a uranium

enrichment plant. The move is

sliel like to further strain

relations with westernern

countries. In Europe, Swiss

voters have supported a

referendum proposal to ban the

building of minarets. The Swiss

people's party wants to ban the

religious symbol which it says

is a sign of Islamisation. More

than 5 7% of voters voted in

favour of the ban. Critics say

a ban would be discrimination

and argue the ballot has

stirred hatred. Hondurans have

headed to the polls five months

after the country's leader was

ousted in a military coup. The

two favourites are from Conservative Parties and have

close die ties to the country's

mltsment. Deposed President

Manuel Zelaya has urged voters

to boycott the ballot.

Australia is building the

largest host in the world - the

largest homes in the world. The Australian Bureau of Statistics

report shows the typical size

of a new Australian home is 251

squarem. That's up 10% from

last year. The average size of

the US home fell to 201 square

metres. And many economists are

tipping the Reserve Bank will

tomorrow increase interest

rates for a record third straight month. The central

bank is expected to lift the

cash rate by 25 basis points to

3.75%. The RBA lifted rates by

25 basis points in October and

November. Pakistan must do more

to take out Osama bin Laden.

That's the blunt message from

British PM Gordon Brown. The comments have been made at the

same time as a new report has

been released that criticises

the former Bush Administration

for not doing enough to tray

try to catch the al-Qa'ida

leader. Eight years after 9/11,

Osama bin Laden is still

thought to be alive and free.

This video emerged in 2007,

although it's not clear when it

was recorded. The close eest

American forces got to him was

here as they bombarded the

tunnel complexes of thetora pora mountains and now

President Obama's Democrat

allies are using a new report

to blame the Bush

Administration for that

failure. And the fact al-Qa'ida

is not yet broken. The report says the Bush Administration

could have caught bin Laden and

his Lieutenants when they were

trapped in the mountains in

eastern Afghanistan. Just three

months after 9/11. It says on

or about 16 December, bin Laden

and his immediate circle walked

unmolested out of forra Bora

and disappeared. At the time,

few irthan 100 US special

forces were looking for them

but nearby marine corp and army

divisions were kept on the

sidelines. President Obama's

allies are blaming gosh but at

the Commonwealth summit Gordon

Brown has been critical of

Pakistan's pent Government.

Still not doing enough he says

against al-Qa'ida. We've got to

ask ourselves why eight years

of 9/11 nobody has beneable to

spot or detain or get close to

Osama bin Laden. Nobody's been

able to get close to the number

two in al-Qa'ida, and we've got

to ask the Pakistan

authorities, security services

army and politician, to join us

in the major effort that the

world is committing resources

to and that is not only to

isolate al-Qa'ida but to ebreak

them in Pakistan. Pakistan

feels bruised by that. Pointing

out they've sent larger forces

into was was against al-Qa'ida

recently. Democratically

elected Government of Pakistan

has shown resolve and

determination to take the

militants on and I think today

there's a greater recognition

of that by the US, the

Europeans, all over the world.

There is an acknowledgement

that Pakistan today is determined to fight the

militants. So why are

accusations flying around this

weekend about who is to blame

for failures in Afghanistan and

Pakistan? Because both Gordon

Brown and President Obama need

to justify to their citizens

sending extra troops to

Afghanistan. With the

President's big announcement

due on Tuesday. It's not the

most high profile issue in

Federal politics at the moment

but another debate has left

thousands of Australians in

iminto. The Senate has again

blocked a attempt attempt to

slash Medicare rebates for

cataract surgery. Cataract

surgery restores the sight of

thousands of Australians each

week, like 79-year-old Merv

Simmons. He had the operation

on Thursday, on Friday Medicare

and his health fund rejected

his claims.. They said, "Sorry

we can't pay you. As from the

night before, all benefits for

that item number had

ceased." There's confusion over

what should be paid because the

Government tried to slash the

rebate by half, but the Senate

disallowed the move. The Government's pressuring

opthalmologists to reduce their

fees to reflect gnomical

advances that have made

cataract surgical quicker. On

option argue their high-tech

equipment and staffing expenses

justify their prices. They're

running a campaign warning any

cut also cost the whole

community. At a personal level

patients are facing gaps in the

many hundreds of dollars but at

a systemic level, as the

patients shift from the private

system to the public system,

that is going to cost many tens

of millions of dollars. Other

medical practitioners say opthalmologists aring with

greedy, wanting too much of the

taxpayer-funded Medicare pie? I

find it a little bit difficult

to understand when I can visit

an oldy in a nursing home for

an hour, an hour and a half and

get one tenth of what a specialist opthalmologist might

get for doing a quarter hour

procedure. For now the

Government has directed

Medicare to pay out 40% less on

the rebate but the Senate could

reject that too. Australia's

largest seniors organisation is

calling for an urgent end to

the uncertainty.. Medicare,

private hospitals, all mixed up

uncertain of what's happening

and that's just Christmas

balting the problem and the

uncertainty and worry for older

Australians. Despite talks

breaking down pop l

opthalmologists they they keep

nots with the Government.

Meanwhile the future remains

unclear for many eye

patients. We'll take a look at the front pages of the major newspapers around the country

and the Liberal leadership

debate dominates the the 'Australian' which says Joe

Hockey has 33% support compared

to Malcolm Turnbull's 30 and

Tony Abbott's 1 #. That's

korlgd to a Nielsen poll it's

publishing. The 'Sydney Morning

Herald' says Joe Hockey also

wins's the people's vote and it

says that two third of those

surveyed want a Emissions

Trading Scheme.. The 'Age' says

Mr Hocky is poised to run for

the Liberal Party's top job..

But Joe Hockey is showing no

sign of bowing to pressure to

take control of the warring party according to the

'Courier-Mail'. The 'Mercury'

writes of Tasmania's own

political issues saying the

parties have are are being warned to get back to health

and jks. The 'Daily Telegraph'

warns a 60% hike in electricity

prices while the main picture

is of Rachel Uchitel who

declares she's not the woman

behind Tiger Woods's domestic

problem. The 'Herald Sun' also

runs with Ms Uchitel denial

while the Liberal Party

leadership stoush is consigned

to a single column and finally the 'Northern Territory News'

focuses on a 500kg cow found

doggy paddling around Darwin

harbour. Looks like he or she

got rescued too. Do you think

Malcolm Turnbull should

continue with his stand to try

and retain the Liberal leadership or do you think Joe

Hockey should take that position. Let us know. The top stories on ABC News

Breakfast - saddo Treasurer Joe

Hockey is today expected to

nominate for the Liberal Party

leadership. Queensland's Peter

Dutton is tipped to stand his

his deputy in tomorrow's

leadership ballot. Malcolm

Turnbull insist he'll run and

win the leadership. Iran has announced plans to construct

ten new uranium enrichment

plants. Local reports athe work

is expected to begin in two

months. The move is expected to

inflame tension with Western countries, which suspect Iran

is developing nuclear weapons. New Australian homes are now

the largest in the world

according to new figures out

today. The Australian Bureau of Statistics report shows that

the typical size of a new

Australian home is 251 square

metres. That's up from 10% last

year. 1.5 million Muslims were

many Mecca over the weekend for

the Hajj pilgrimage. In spite

of the threat of a swine flu

outbreak and nearby flooding

the mass fwaterring has ended

without a hitch. For many the

trip to Mecca is a once in a

life time religious journey.

The annual Hajj finished with

pilgrims throwing stones at a

wall representing the devil, a

symbolic rejection of

temptation. A new multilevel

walkway kept the huge crowds

orderly and there were no major

crushes or stampedes as there

have been in previous years.

TRANSLATION: I'm feeling great

to spent Eid here at Hajj. It's

a great forming performing the

Hajj rituals. If I have instead

spent Eid with my children and

not at Hajj I would have

cried. Many were concerned

about swine flu and took their

own precautions.

TRANSLATION: I took the swine

flu vaccine before I came here

to Saudi Arabia. And I can see

that everything is going

normally. The Hajj ended with

sunshine in Mecca after heavy

rain caused floods in the port

town of Jeddah 80 kilometres

away. Many motorists had to bes

are cueded a flash floods

trapped their cars and

destroyed two bridges. No

pilgrims were harmed by if

downpour. In finance news, the

cost of representing a home in

Australia is set to rise at a

faster rate cue due to growing

population and record low

levels of construction. BIS

Shrapnel residential property

prospects report says represent

also jump 5.8% a year over the

next three years, between 2002

and 2008, the average annual

rent increase was just

4.5%. We'll take a look at the

markets now - Very shortly Vanessa O'Hanlon

will be here with a look at the

national weather.. And just how

wet it's been in Tasmania and

Victoria. And also ahead we'll

have our daily rere view of the newspapers and this morning

we'll be joined by Monash

University lecturer Waleed Aly.

Now with sport here is Paul

Kennedy. Thank you. To the A

league now and Brisbane Roar

has avowed heading to the

bottom of the ladder with a big

win against Wellington Phoenix,

the store was 4-1, here are the

goals. Sergio van Dijk, no

off-side against Reinaldo, they

do have the goal. And the

Brazilian celebrates in trade

mark fashion. Left unmarked,

one #-1. Reinaldo, one-on-one,

Reinaldo - he's got a double.

Welcome back to the starting

line-up and the Roar are in

front, 2-1. Welcome back.

Reinaldo. Two team-mates in the

vicinity, it's Sergio van Dijk,

brilliant from Sergio van Dijk

dike. Here's David Dodd a

chance to wrap it up a little

nutting me to boot and David

Dodd with his first goal of the

season. There was a couple of

big EPL matches this morning.

Liverpool regained some long

lost winning form with a 2-nil

win against Everton and Chelsea

wiped the floor with its main contender at the moment,

Arsenal. The final score 3-nil.

Let's take a look at both matches.

COMMENTATOR: Shooting range,

took a deflection and Liverpool

lead. You don't buy a ticket,

you don't win a lottery. It's

turned in and Liverpool have

their second. Ashley coal. Same

old story. Arsenal play the

football, Chelsea have the

goal. Ashley Cole. Own goal and

Arsenal's world is falling

apart. A blob of icing on a

very tasty cake. It's Drogba,

there it is with a cherry on

the top And Australia is doing

beautifully at the Champions

Trophy in netball in the hockey

at the moment and if one

massive game against Netland

but a long margin. I want to

sho you one goal before we

break it down a bit more. This

the Jamie Dwyer's goal in the

first half against the Netland.

That's impossible. That cannot

happen. Wow. That's an

impossible angle. Hit with

power. No wondter goal keeper

is stunned, that is

smashed. Great goal from one of

the best play layers many the

world. We've got some owner

heights of if matches played yesterday. There was a big

result with South Korea downing

Germany, Germany of course is

the gold medal Olympic champion

from Beijing last year and is probably Australia's main

contender along with the

Netland and Spain but now that

Australia has beaten

Netherlands and Spain had a

average result yesterday as

well but there's South Korea

and Australia of course beat

them on Saturday so, it leaves

the Aussies in a good

position You spoke with Ric

Charlesworth on Friday and they

must be drawing a lot of

inspiration from having him as

their coach? I think so. They

seem to enjoy playing at home.

That's a big thing for the

Aussies to be playing in front

of what is pretty much a packed

out crowd there in Melbourne.

It's not a big arena, so it

doesn't take much to fill.

There's a few thousand people

there and they turn up and

watch all three games on the

one court which is good, so -

and Spain, there it is there,

against England, and that was a

draw so 3-3 there, Australia

looking good. The champions

trophy is structured that

everyone plays everyone else,

there are six teams so you'll

play five games then it's just

basically they have a ladder

and the top two play in

final. What about the women's

sno There's no womens. It's

just the mens. The kookaburras

instead of the Hockeyroos,

they're looking good. The

Wallabies, the other national team on the weekend, finally

paid off staying up late at

night, I got up at 4 Ram to

watch the Wallabies finally win

a big Test against the Welsh.

And the Aussies would probably

have been almost underdogs go

are going into this after

losing to Scotland. Mat Giteau

kicked a pent goal in the first

two minutes which was important

to shrug off the doubts he had

about his kicking. Then David

Pocock had a great game. The

young gun there. Inspired the

Australia glis the first half, Giteau was magnificent. So, we

have to say that because he was

really down on form and we

questioned last week whether he

was in a great emotional state

at the moment Explain how

important this game was in

terms of convincing Australia

that Robbie Deans had it in him

and the team was capable? It

was the end of their second

season and if they had love os

badly against the Welsh there

may have been more questions

but basically, it gives him a mandate to continue with this

sort of restructuring of the

team but I think now I really

hope that the Wallabies in the

big off-season come back and

stick with that same line-up.

Because there's been a lot of

experimentation the last two

years, I think someone said

earlier, there's 12 changes to

the Wallabies team that played

the Welsh 12 months

ago. There's been some commentary this morning that

the performance was so powerful

in that first 20 minutes that

it indicates it is a team

that's capable of going to the

World Cup and taking the World Cup?. Capable of winning the

World Cup. Are we really just

going to talk about this stuff

and not Tiger Woods? Do you

relwant to do that Resident's talk about Tiger Woods.

He's got a press conference

coming up, is that tomorrow I

think in southern California

for a game he's going to play

presuming he doesn't withdraw

but a of injuries. That's going

to be the best watched golf

press conference of any press

conference ever held I'm

waiting for someone to join the

dots here and obviously we

loved having him in Australia

but he is going to be allowed

to come pack down to Australia

now. Oh no. It might be most

unlikely thing to get in the

way of him returning to another

mast us errs or an Australian Open It has been an

extraordinary 48 hours for him

and that will probably be his

first public comment on what's

been a remarkable incident,

presume ply a fight between him

and his wife, allegedly

suggestively some sort of relationship It looks like a

guy who is so laid back that

nothing would trouble him

but... He was laid right back

the other day. Thank you for

that, Paul. Laid out flat. News

Breakfast can be watched live

on the web from anywhere. It's

been pretty wet in Victoria and

Tasmania recently, here to tell

us all bt it is Vanessa

O'Hanlon?. That's right. Good

morning Joe. Incredible

November rain, so far it's been

Tasmania's 11th wettest year on

record and with over 126mm,

Swansea had had their highest

November total since 19807. For

the south-east, patchy cloud

near a low is still causing a

few showers mainly over in the

east of Victoria and NSW.

Cloudy across the troop glibs

humid unstable air, cool

southerlies are chifting the

showers in the south-east

further into the eastern part

of Victoria and NSW, showers

and storms from the trough over

the troopics and eastern

Queensland and hot northerly

written winds are affects

inland Western Australia while

a high will keep most of

Australia South Australia and

the intieror dry. In Queensland

erior dry. In Queensland - P

The top story on News

Breakfast - Joe Hockey is today

expected to announce le stand for the Liberal leadership in

the ballot tomorrow.

Queenslander Peter Dutton is

tipped to stand as his deputy.

Tony Abbott has indicated he'll

withdraw from the contest if Mr

Hockey puts his hand up. The

splut in the Liberal Party was

sparked by Malcolm Turnbull's

support for the Rudd Government Emissions Trading Scheme and today Senators will continue

debating the amendments to the

ETS. Only 10% of the chaps have

been discuss tad Upper House

could meet all night. The leadership drama has been

zausous for the Liberal Party

but fascinating for for on

lookers. Office took a look

back at the events of last

week. My request to all member

of parliament today is simple -

act in the national interest,

not in your party's

interest. We have now land what

we believe is a Government deal

that is worthy of support. I

think we've got a very good

package. In fact I think we've

got an exceptional package. Not

exceptional enough for the man

he replaceded a negotiator.

Andrew Robb told the meeting

the revised ETS still isn't

good enough. He blindsided his

leader with a stinging 15

minute long speech slamming the

deal on offer. Will you be a

leadership candidate? Hang on.

Guys just settle down. Just

settle down. Have you rolled

the party broom on emeks

trading. Excuse me, I'd better

get in there What swaz spobed a

four hour meeting turned into a

seven hour marathon and ended

with the Opposition leadership

on the line. There is no

question that a majority of the

party and indeed of the joint

party room support the

recommendation to accept the

off they're came back to us from the Government He said,

"I'm the leader and I will make

the decision for all of us."

SONG: # Let me entertain

you. The result of the party

room meeting as declared by the

leader last night was about as

dodgy as a Zimbabwean election

organised by Robert Mugabe. On

what basis did you determine that there was a clear

majority. Well on the basis of

I can count. I may not be able

to spell that well but Malcolm

Turnbull looks like he has

trouble counting It's my job to

lead. Leaders lead.. I'm the

leader, I'm the leader, I'm the

leader... Well that's got to be

tested. Today he moved to clear

the air, call foggar spill of

the leadership. Well you had

Kev yip 307, you can have Kevin

11 or Kevin 10. Regrettably I

am not a director of a

television show.

SONG: # Let me entertain

you. That motion was lost

48-35. Malcolm Turnbull leads

the Liberal Party with a very strong vote of confidence. Firstly my hat

wasn't in the ring. I'm sure

even somebody as guy ate

unassume as myself can become -

can improve. We've all got to

work on our interperson

skills. It's very good day for

the Liberal Party The Leader of

the Opposition? Thank you.

Thank you Mr Speaker. Order!

Given his position I've could

no longer support the

Opposition's policy and

therefore could no longer be in

the shadow Cabinet. I cannot

support this flawed ETS. More

Coalition chaos.. This

afternoon seven senior Liberals

either quit or offered their

Reds face We entered into a

bargain. There was offer or

there was acceptance. This

isn't a leadership issue at

all. It's a policy issue. No

credible, responsible politic

party can have a no action on

climate change policy. It's as

simple as that. There are

people canvassing people like

Joe Hockey for leadership. Will

you still be leader of the

party this time next week? I

believe so . If there's no movement, then I'll be calling

a spill for Monday morning. And

to see the behaviour this week

will make people think what the

hell are they cog in Canberra.

A deal is a deal and an

agreement needs to be delivered What would happen if

the party had to fight a double dissolution election on the

election? We would be wiped

out We will come back on Monday

and we will sit and we sit

until you actually own up to

your responsibilities. Mpt I

think everybody in the party

room has got to sit down and

reflect over the weekend and

what we're talking about here,

this is not a game. And it all

comes down to tomorrow, that

showdown in the party room and

thanks to 'Insiders' for that

little piece there. We've had

some feedback from you already

on this issue this morning on

Twitter, Clayton says "Turnbull

is finished. He's really gone

against his own party with the

ETS. It will be Rudd's down

fall as well." The - "Malcolm

should continue as Twitter

because he has a fair ETS

policy. Would Joe Hockey's ETS

policy be any different?" Let

us know what you think.

In other news this morning, Liberal leadership candidate

Joe Hockey has won the approval

of votes in two poll out today.

Newspoll results in the the

'Australian' show that 33% of

voters support Joe Hockey as

preferred Liberal leader

compared to 30% for for Malcolm

Turnbull. The Nielsen poll in

Fairfax papers puts the shadow

Treasurer ahead as preferred

leader by 36%. Iran's

Government has ordered the

construction of ten new uranium

enrichment plants according to

State television. The work's

expected to begin in two

months, the plans were

announced days after the UN nuclear watchdog criticised

Iran for covering up the

uranium enrichment plant. The

move's likely to further strain

relations with western

countries which suspect Iran is

developing nuclear weapons. In

Europe Swiss voters have

supported a proposal to ban the

building of minarets. The Swiss

people's party wants to ban the

religious sim polls which it

say is a sign of Islamisation.

More than 57% of voters voted

in favour of the ban. Critics

say that ban would be

discrimination and argue the

ballot has stirred hatred.

Australians are building the

largest homes in the world

according to new figures out

today. The Australian Bureau of

Statistics shows that the

typical size of a new

Australian home is 251 square

metres. The size is up 10% from

last year. The average size of

the US home fell to 201.5

square metres. Many economist

are stiping the Reserve Bank will increase interest rates

for a record third straight

month tomorrow. The central

bank is expected to lift the

cash rate by 25 basis points to

3.75%. The Reserve Bank lifted

rates by 25 base es points in

October and November. The PM is

on his way now to Washington

where he'll meet the US

President Obama at the White

House. Kevin Rudd is travelling

from Port of Spain where it's

been announced Australia will

host the next meeting of the Commonwealth heads of

Government. The ABC's political

correspondent he'den Cooper has

been travelling with the PM and

filed this update. For the PM,

the final day of the

Commonwealth heads of

Government meeting started here

at the Australian High Commissioner's red dense in Port of Spain where Kevin Rudd

has just presented a special

honour to the former West

Indiesen cricket captain Brian

Lara, an order of Australia

medal for his services to cricket. When the conference

braps up later today, Mr Rudd

will be quietly satisified with

the role he played in the

climate change negotiations.

The summit has greed a form of

words supporting the Copenhagen

talks. And Kevin Rudd was

fairly instrumental in those

negotiations, convincing the

likes of India and Canada to

come on board despite their

reluktsance. It's also been

confirmed that Australia will

host the next CHOGM meet in

2011 and the reason for that is

Sri Lanka. The taupts talks

were due to go to Sri Lanka in

two years but many Commonwealth

nations had reservations about

that because of Sri Lanka's

human rights record in the war

against the Tamil separatists.

Mr Rudd held several bilateral

meetings with the Sri Lankans

to convince them to pull out.

In the end they did, so

Commonwealth leaders will being

can coming to Australia in

2011. It was one of colonial

Australia's defining moments.

And yesterday marks the 155th

anniversary of the Ballarat

gold miners show down with

authorities at the Eureka

Stockade. The Federal and

Victorian Governments say they

want more Australians to

appreciate the story of the

Eureka rebellion. In 1 # 54

Peter Lalor was a want man for

leading the Eureka rebellion A year later he was sitting in

the Victorian parliament. It

was the prints he fought for

that got him there. That was

the is enail enable right of

every citizen to have a voice in making the laws that they

are called on to obey and that taxation without representation

is tyranny. Fed up with

opressive living conditions

exorbitant licence fees and a

lack of political representation, miners at

Ballarat raised the southern

cross oon 29 November, 1854 in

open defiance of the colonial

authorities. The uprising was

short lived brutally put down

four days latter. The stockaded a long been considered the

birth of the Australian Labor

movement. Now the Eureka centre

on the site of the battle

overlooking Ballarat is going

to get an $11 million face lift thanks to the Federal and

Victorian Governments. They

want Australians to appreciate

Eureka's true

significance. We've got the centre for parliamentary

democracy at the old Parliament

House in Canberra, and this

will be the centre for

democracy, lit tell the story

about Eureka, lit tell the

story about our democratic

history While it's hoped

visitor numbers here will more

than triple the real aim is to

press home the vital role the

Eureka Stockade played in the

formation of Australian

democracy and its lasting legacy for the national

psyche. We should be instilling

in all of our young people the

story of Eureka and how this

actually started because it's

such an important part of

Australian history and it's one

that we need to

strengthen. Have you learnt

about it at school? Not really.

No. Just come on a holiday It

seems there's still some work

to do. Here's an interesting

challenge - agriculture

producers around 6% of

Australia's greenhouse gas eing

mes with two third of that

methane by sheep and cattle.

But a group is now involve nad

world first trying to work out

how to lowter sheep's carbon

not frient print. It's often

thought that methane produced

by sheep is flatulence. Well

it's not. 90% of the methane

that sheep and cattle and goats

produce comes from the rumen

and that's burped out. There's

not very much that goes behind.

That's horses. And here at this

research station in glins,

these scientists are focuses on exactly how much each sheep can

burp, by testing 200 an Ma

malls from 20 different sires

they the work out who produce

what. Don't know if you've ever

climbed in a sheeps stomach. There's predators and there's

path agains and we're trying to

really get a handle on who

organisms are in there and then

how question play the system to

try to get them to produce less

me then and more of something

useful Each sheep is fed then

ship herred into a booth. Over

a short period of time

scientists can get an exact

reading of their output, then

compare. We certainly do find

sheep that always sit

under-Leith the line in terms

of how much methane they

produce. The best indicator of

how much methane live stock

produce is based on how much

feed they eat and on average

cattle produce around 70kg of

methane a year and sheep produce around one tenth of

that. The long-term goal is to

genetically breed a sheep that

produces less. Genetically

creating sounds a bit threat

dwrengening but we're looking

for narl naurl variation and is

aing that we'll steer the again

population that disgla these scientists are confident they

can produce a sheep that burps

less. Hoompbilities ums that

burp less one humans that burp

less would be a great idea too The top stories this

morning - shadow Treasurer Joe

Hockey is today expected to

nominate for the Liberal Party leadership. Queensland's Peter

Dutton is dipped to stand as

his deputy in tomorrow's leadership ballot. Malcolm

Turnbull insists he will run

and win the leadership. Iran

has announced plans to

construct ten new uranium

enrichment plants. Local

reports say the work is

expected to begin in two months. Western countries

suspect Iran of trying to

develop nuclear weapons. And new Australian homes are now

the largest in the world

according to new figures out today. The Australian Bureau of

Statistics report shows the

typical size of a new

Australian home is 251 square

metres. That's up 10% from last

year. We're joined by the Monash University lecturer

Waleed Aly. Good morning. Good

morning. Having a guess what's

in the papers? I haven't looked

at them? You don't need to. I'm

telling you I pickid ut itself

up by os mosis.. I'm going to start with the 'Sydney Morning Herald'. Could have picked anything but the 'Sydney

Morning Herald' is carrying a

really interesting poll today.

The headline for this article

is Rudd's approvalally rating

slips but his scheme wins

voters. It's not mentioned in

the text but it is in the

actual graph. But it's fairly

significant. His approval

rating was slipped from 6 #% to

66% which I would have thought

is heartly news in the context

of everything that's going on,

there is much more fascinating

polling in the article about

how voters are respond fog an

ETS which I'll get to in a

moment but something which

suspect mentioned which I think

is remarkable is that Malcolm

Turnbull's rating has gone up

4%. More than - a bigger jump

than he's had since August this

year when he went from 31% to

35. He's now 37% to 41. He's

hat stratospheric level Ms The

history of his leadership. He

could fight an election on

climate change? Well he

possibly could and I tell you

why - because if these figures

in this poll I think bear out the contradiction that is at

the heart of the Coalition's

predictionment, two thirds of

voters want an ETS according to

in these figures are solid.

They have not changed since I

think June. It's quoted and

probably even before that. It

was around that. We've had

polling over and over that says two thirds of the Australian

electorate want to see

something done. They're quite

happy to back an ETS. Something

like 72% of people don't

understand what it is, but more

than half are quite happy to

proceed anyway, just placing

their trust in parliament to

sort it out and believe that it

will be good for the

environment. 57% - and this is

really interest drk of voters

support the Government calling

an early election if the scheme

is blocked. Which really

surprises me, because the

conventional wisdom is that

voters don't like early

election, they think there's

something dodgy about this.

Although the Government hasn't

sold the scheme particularly

well, they've sold the idea that it's very important and

they must proceed with it and

that if means an early

election, that's what it

means Rudd seems to be fairly

clear on the position he's

conservative when it comes to

Government serving our their

terms and that he's not really

considering that as an option

at this stage It's hard to tie

him down on things generally

but he does seem quite clear on

that What else was he ever

going to say? If he's going to

be asked are you go going to go

to an early election, is this a

double dissolution election

trigger for you, do you expect

him to say that we do want to

do that At this stage? I just

think it's a hard thing for him

to say Australians don like

early elections, it's very

rare, in fact I'm trying to

think back to one, where an

election has been called early

actually on an issue, not only

looks good for us guys, let's

go now which is what

Australians really had, so I

wonder if that's reflect md the

figures? If we're actually

bringing something to us that

matters we'll take the ballot

and we'll take the botches? Look it's an

interesting point. We'll see

how it plays out but at the

moment a majority are quite

happy to see the Government go

to an early election There's a

poll in the the 'Australian' as

well and there are conflicting

perspectives and there are all

those questions and you were

pointing out there was

something in the headline that

wasn't mentioned in the text of

the story. These polls seem to

be getting out of hand in terms

of how many questions they're

asking and they even don't know

what to pick out of them as the

lead? That's true. What I do

think is significant about

these poll and the one that's the in 'Sydney Morning Herald'

is it's really really revealing

data that has been soldid and

replicated . It's been

reproduced for a long time.

It's pretty difficult I think

to argue that an ETS is not

actually going to be popular in

the electorate. I think you can

rg people don't understand it,

that they're suspicious thshs

is a tax grab and so on. The

figures bear out that people

don't necessarily understand it

but they seem quite happy to go

for it. The one thing I do want

to say just quickly is this is

the problem for the Coalition,

is that 5 #% of Coalition

voters support a scheme, an

ETS, but 62% believe that

Australia should wait. So here

is the problem for the

Coalition which is I think

ultimately a sufficient to

explain everything that we've

seen - that the base, which is

what they're now playing to and

that's where are where you know

a party is in trouble, the base

clearly wants social form of

delay. A majority, but a very

small majority want to see this

thing ultimately passed and the

majority of Republicans very

big majority, want to see this thing go through preferably

soon But if Nick Minchin has a

26% call for a dely that's not

bad. Except I suspect he is

after a rejection and not a

delay which is actually a

minority position among

Coalition voters If he gets a

delay, they probably won't have

an agreement at Copenhagen.

It's a win-win for him. Let's

go to US politics for a bit of

a break. I don't know if you've

realised among all this stuff

in the last week but we

actually have a pram he's been

meeting with lots of world

leaders, among them will soon

be Barack Obama who he is

meeting in the next day or so.

The 'Washington Post' is reporting, I'm amazed the 'Washington Post' is picking

up the story that he's about to

meet Barack Obama but that

"Much of the discussion would

focus on whether Australia

would contribute omore troops

to the Afghan mission." This is the meeting between President

Obama and Rudd That's imminent.

This is going to be I think a

major point for Kevin Rudd,

we're about to see whether or

not he has an independent

foreign policy or exactly what

his foreign policy is. He's

consistently said we think our

troop commitment's about right

but we don't know how faermly

he believes that. Barack Obama

is expected to announce that

the US will send an additional

32,000 to 35,000 troops which

is an extraordinary number. On

top of the 6 #,000 they've

already got there This is a 50%

increase on that and think

about it, the rest of the world

has 36,000 so if the US is

about to contribute as much as

the rest of the world is

cribbing now, Australia has

1550 which by competitorson

sounds ridiculous but this is

going to be a very interesting

test of Kevin Rudd's foreign

policy mettle. He's I think

profited a bit from saying that

he will be independent from the

US, he's saying that his position has always been that we've got the right number,

we're about to see if he can

stand up to that Interesting

timing also with the news that we're talking about this

morning ha that report shows

that the previous Bush Administration could have god

hold of bin Laden if it had

tried harder and had some more

boots on the ground.. It's a

long standing criticism and

we'll only ever see research

that bears that out. That's

been an ongoing bone of conting

and the fact that Iraq made

that less possible because of

troop commits there. It does

raise big questions about

whether or not a troop surge is

a good idea, whether or not lit

work. I suspect we won't hear Kevin Rudd being drawn too much

on that question. He will

retreat to a discussion about

the national interest, should

we be send morgue rather than

wlorn it's a good ideaenly but

that's discussion that needs to be head That President Obama announcement is expected in the

next day or. So is that kind of

increase the kind of increase that General Stanley McChrystal

has been calling for? I

understand that it is. I'm not

sure exactly what the first

are. I'm not sure the extent to

which... I think the call has

been for 40,000.. It's in the

ball park. This is all

speculation at this point. Can

you take us please to Darwin

harbour? I would love to. The

'Northern Territory News' is

often joked about for doing a

lot crocdile stories. There's

not a crocdile on the front

page. This significant a

cow. Probably lucky not to be

taken by a croc That's

tomorrow's story. A 500kg cow

was in Darwin harbour, no-one

hows how it got there and it's been rescued by my favourite

thing is a quote from someone

saying "No, this this has

happen before. We've seen this

before." Really? It gets pretty

hot up. There they need to go

for a swim? The cow made a

conscious decision to jump into

the water. I've got nothing to

say about this. I think it

speaks for itself You just like

the idea of a cow in the

water I suppose I do. Brings

out the 6-year-old in all of

us? I believe it does. Now with

a look at sport here is Paul

Kennedy? Thank you. We'll take

a look at some football news

first and overseas to the

English Premier League.

Liverpool played Everton this

morning, and won that match by

2-nil with a bit of luck there.

Liverpool hasn't won for about

a month in the English Premier

League so they'll be wrapped

with with that and Chelsea and

Arsenal, and Chelsea won to scr

its lead at the top of the

leader. Talking about ladders,

Brisbane Roar had avoided

sphwog to the bottom of the A

league ladder with an emphatic

4-1 victim over over the

Wellington Phoenix. Ear's an

interesting sports story

overnight and a and the

Australian PM PM has given an

on air order of Australia medal

to Brian Lara. That was tone a

few hours ago I believe.

Presenting the medal there for

services to Australia and

Caribbean relations. And so

that's a good news for Brian

Lara there. And Stephanie

Gilmore, we'll be speaking to

world championship older. Gil

Won-Ok fwil, the 21-year-old

unhas just notched up her third

world championship. 21 years

old, three world titlings,

Layne Beachly won search world

titles and many thought that it

would be a long time before

someone would even get near her

seven world titles, just over

about 26 months later.

Stephanie Gilmore has got her

third world title. We'll be

speaking to her letter. And

even Layne bemply is saying

it's very possible that

Stephanie Gilmore will eclipse

those seven titles disgla Kelly

slaters's nine world titles.

She's got plenty of work to do

so get to nine but we said that

after she won one and she's not

three already. Good to chat to

her later. I'm not sure why

Brian Lara has that medal. But

I love Brian Lara so I guess he

can have the medal. Nice to

know that order of Australia

medals can cross country lines.

I had no idea There was a time

when we weren't too

complimentary of what he was

doing between relations

Australia and the Caribbean

when he mad that 277 way back

in Sydney a, they name is named

his daughter after

Sydney. Thank you for. That US

President Obama is expected

this week to announce he will

send an extra 35,000 troops to

Afghanistan. As we were just discussing with Monash University lecturer Waleed Aly

and that will bend enning a

long and drawn out process It

put a greater strain on

soldiers also facing longer

deployments more often. Lisa

Miller reports. It's 3 o'clock

in the morning and the wait is

almost over. For 12 months

these families have been watching deteriorating

situation in Afghanistan,

praying each of these soldiers

would return for this emotional

home can coming.. I think

there'll be rolling rotations,

we all hope for attend but I

don't foresee an end any time

soon. There are 68,000 American

troops in Afghanistan, and

Barack Obama is now preparing

to make the most critical

decision of his presidency, as

he tries to put a stop to

what's become a losing effort

in a war that began eight years

ago. At least we got a

President who is using his

head, I mean, he's thinking

about why we're there, and

thinking about winning, not

just Senning a whole bunch of

people over like the last one

did Hived a a lot of friends

that have gone into the

military and several of them

have been killed so I'm hoping

that there is an end and it

comes to... J the wars in

Afghanistan and Iraq have taken

not only a human toll but a

financial one. The bill is

expected to hit a trillion

dollars by the end of next

year. If as expected the

President decides to boost the

number of troops in Afghanistan

it will be these soldiers that

carry a lot of the load. Many

of them have already done

several deployments, in fact

the faces on this base are

among the most highly deployed

forces in America. But if the

American public is losing faith

in this military effort, the

soldiers are not. I'll go back

as many times as we need. To I

think what we're doing there is huge in the sompbs stability

for that region. I join the

army knowing it was a

sacrifice. As well - money and

time, so if that's what the

President feels needs to be

done I'll support him. It's my

job. If President has a job as

well. To convince Americans he

has a plan to win this war and

reassure them an end is in

sight. And it's expected Kevin

Rudd will come under pressure from President Obama in the

next 24 hours or so when he

meets President Obama to

increase the numbers of

Australian troops in

Afghanistan there. Here is

Vanessa O'Hanlon with the

weather and it's been pretty

wet in Melbourne this

month? That's right. 90.2mm

making it Melbourne's wettest

November in fiveers. Water

store able is at 30 #8 38% but

stage 3 A water restriction are

still in place. Let's go around

the rest of the States -

Thank you so much. A lot more

ahead for you on News Breakfast

- and of course we'll continue

to discuss the ruckses in the

Liberal Party and the

leadership challenge we all

anticipate tomorrow. Patricia

has sent Australia tweet. Only

Malcolm Turnbull has a chance

of taking the spaert ahead.

Hockey will be used by the

right then tossed away That was

what Malcolm Turnbull was

saying yesterday, that he'd be

spouting for Minchin. Also,

John says "Abbott sun

electable. The poisoned chalice

must go to Hockey. And on

FaceBook downis saying bring on

Hockey it will be hilarious. Mr

Hockey use to hand him his head

on channel 7. What time for political junkies. And Matthew thinks Joe Hockey is the best person to lead the Liberals. So stay bus - with us, Stephanie Gilmore will join us from Hawaii where she just took out her their consecutive world title And Phil Williams will join us to discuss a referendum

in Switzerland to ban the construction of minarets there. Stay with us on News Breakfast

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