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(generated from captions) Afghanis go to the violence. This Program is Captioned

Live. Prime Minister Julia

Gillard says major election promises may be broken. Six people arrested on suspicion people arrested on suspicion of

plotting a terrorist attack

against the Pope. And comrades honoured in the against the Pope. And fallen

police motorbike ride from comrades honoured in the annual

Sydney to Canberra.

You're watching ABC News 24.

I'm Richard have begun going to the polls

in an election marred by

violence and intimidation. The

Taliban have abducted up to 20

people, including two

candidates and several election

officials and officials and campaign workers. A short time ago A short time ago President

Hamid Karzai cast his vote. The

Afghan Government admits Afghan Government admits the

pole may be tainted by

vote-rigging. South Asia

reports correspondent Sally Sara

reports from Kabul. Afghan security forces have set up checkpoint as cross the capital

amid fears of attacks by the

Taliban. Up to 20 people, been abducted in the lead-up to

the parliamentary poll. The

Taliban say they will target

election. anyone who participates in the

Karzai is urging voters to turn

out in large numbers despite

the possibility of violence and

that there will be vote-rigging. We must expect

irregularities, that there irregularities, that there will

be probablying and allegations be probablying and

as well, about you we should

try to do our best under the


circumstances. President Karzai

was returned to power year's presidential election

which was tainted by which was tainted by wide

spread electoral fraud. The vote-rigging undermined

and the international confidence in the Government

community's confident in the country to deliver stability. Ahmad Shah Ahmadzai says the

only way to achieve stability

is to end the war and is to end the war and pull

out. Nine years is enough. For

you people, you are 42 super

power countries. Now you are coming here to Afghanistan. No advance. Why do you force any

more with this? Why do you

kill? Why are you bringing more destruction to this country? More destruction to this poor candidates will compete for 249 country? More than 2,500

seats in the Lower House of the Afghan Parliament. Afghan Parliament. 68 seats

have been reserved for have been reserved for women.

But more than 1,000 polling

stations have already been

cancelled because of security concerns. This election is a

really important test for the international community, for

the Taliban and also for the

government is determined to Afghan Government. The

show that it has legitmacy and credibility, but the Taliban

are urging people to are urging people to stay away

from the polls and not to take part in this election. Young journalist Nafisa Barekzia hoping the election will journalist Nafisa Barekzia is

deliver more pre-dom and

security. But she says she security. But she says she is

not optimistic about her future

and is unable to continue her education because of poor

security. The new Afghan

Parliament will have a long lis

of issues to address when the MPs are result of the election is expected to take more than a

month. Violence in Afghanistan

has spiraled this year with a record number of casualties record number

among foreign and Afghan troops. troops. Civilian deaths have also soared and the main concern

concern on polling day will be security. The level of insurgent attacks in Afghanistan is 51% higher than

this time last year . A report

by the United Nations said the

number of roadside bombings

increased by 94% in the first quarter of the 2009. And the number 2009. And the number of assassinations by insurgents

rose by 45%. The rate of suicide attacks also doubled

over this period. over this period. The dramatic

spike in violence has prompted election officials to close

around 15% of polling centres because security cannot be

guarantee. This could deter guarantee. This could

thousands of voters in the most volatile areas in the

Defence Department has south-east of the country. The

confirmed several confirmed several hundred

Afghan locals turned on Thursday. The incident happened

in the Chora region north of

Tarin Kowt. The protest was

prompted by rumours foreign troops were burning copies of the Koran. It turned violent when rocks were thrown and a

protester was shot after aiming a machine-gun at international

forces. The Defence Force has

released a statement confirming no Australian soldiers were

injured during the The statement also says there injured during the incident.

is no evidence Australian or

coalition troops were involved

in burning the Koran. The Prime

Minister has warned that key broken. Julia Gillard broken. Julia Gillard says the new environment created by the hung parliament means major reforms promised during hung parliament means many

the campaign may not pass. That the campaign may not pass.

includes anything said before includes anything said

the federal election about

climate change. Instead, she the federal election about

could only commit to could only commit to convening a cross-party committee to

discuss the issue of discuss the issue of carbon

pricing. We were elect on a set

of policies and plans and I

will be striving to deliver

them. We are in a Parliament

and opportunities andly that is full of possibilities

possibilities and looking to harness those

possibilities and opportunities

as I work with others.

REPORTER: You are extending

accommodation in immigration

and detention centres. Is that and detention centres.

an admission of defeat as the

dealt with this matter Opposition says in Ploin Bowen

yesterday and it is a simple

question of making sure we are appropriately housing asylum seeker whose are here.

Bathurst used to be a Labor

heartland. This time all of the booths in

won by the Nationals. Why such

a change? We can reflex on the

election that was or moving to the future. It's better jobs, better schools, better health care. That's what

I'm looking to as Prime

Minister and people will judge in three years' time. Report letter what do you think Ben

Chifley would say about the National Broadband National Broadband Network? I think Ben Chifley think Ben Chifley was informative informative about infrastructure kaem up with the Snowy Mountains Scheme. Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says

introducing a carbon tax would

hurt Australia's international

competitiveness. Basically, the

way I deal with it, you have

got to distance yourself from

it. That's not the Opposition

Leader Tony Abbott there, but

let's go to - straight let's go to - straight to Bathurst where the Prime

Minister has spent the day, as

we saw earlier. Our reporter Danny Morgan is there. Danny,

what more has Julia Gillard had to say about promises? Well, Richard, as you

saw there, she spoke briefly

today on that matter. She said she

she will try to keep those

election promises, but she has

pointed out that we do have a

new Parliament. She said that there is different

opportunities involved in that

new parliament, but, new parliament, but, yes, she is saying at the moment she

will try, but I guess the

Opposition are keen to point out that she made out that she made those

promises during the election campaign and they would like to

see her see her try to keep them. We

heard Julia Gillard talking heard Julia Gillard talking a lot about lot about nation-building there

and also referring back to the Snowy Mountains Scheme. Does

this now seem to be this now seem to be her main focus, talking about

nation-building and what a Labor government can

offer? Yes, she has today opened a museum, Richard opened a museum, Richard n honour of Ben Chifley, the former Labor Prime Minister former Labor Prime Minister who was known for pushing ahead the

know which Mountains scheme, and Julia Gillard has tonight, the Light on the Hill

speech, an annual speech in honour of Ben Chifley and honour of Ben Chifley and she

is expected to compare is expected to compare that Snowy Hydro National Broadband Network, the $43 billion $43 billion nation-building project which is really one of

the Keim keys to this the Keim keys to this term in

government. She is very keen to

get it through. Is this

something seen as a deliberate

move to keep the country

Independents in favour and on

Labor's side? It is, yes. The Independents said at the Labor that the NBN was crucial.

Rob Oakeshott, Tony Windsor they

Rob Oakeshott, Tony Windsor - they wanted it in they wanted it in their areas as

as quickly as possible, and Julia Gillard would like to get it there as quickly as possible. We should remember that this is a five-eight-year,

10-year perhaps project to get

the infrastructure out into the

bush, a very expensive project,

but terribly important to Labor

to keep the Independents or not

side and to be able to govern through three years of this term. Danny Morgan in term. Danny Morgan in Bathurst, thank

you more details from Bathurst

throughout the evening. Ms Gillard's predecessor Kevin

Rudd has returned to the world stage. The former globe-trotting Prime Minister is now in Washington, this time

as Foreign Affairs Minister. He

has even managed to get a few minutes with President Barack Obama. Washington Obama. Washington correspondent

Kim Landers reports. What a difference a year difference a year makes. Kevin Rudd's last visit to Rudd's last visit to Washington

was in November. Thanks, was in November. Thanks, mate.

Thank you. Then he was Prime

Foreign Minister. Let me warmly welcome a friend welcome a friend and colleague

back to the State Department in

his new capacity as Foreign Minister. Thank you very much

for making me feel so for making me feel so welcome here at the State Department. I

feel very much as if I'm here among among old friends. Mr Rudd's

swift return to the world stage

is being closely watched. He

has won a promise from has won a promise from Hillary Clinton that she will Clinton that she will visit Australia in November a long with

And we intend to make it a

really good time. (Laughs) Not

in the sense that you all think. (Laughs) oh, I'm sure about that! Encouraged sure about that! Encouraged by

Australia, the US is trying to

deepen its engagement in

Asia. Australia, when Kevin was Prime Minister and now as

Foreign Minister, was very

supportive of that effort. And

so secretary Clinton will also

attend the East Asia summit in

Hanoi in October. But for these the key topic of discussion.

This is not an easy conflict, it is

it is a hard conflict. But we it is a hard conflict. But we

are resolved to stay the course

with our friends and allies in the United States. Kevin Rudd

has also been at the White

House, meeting the President's national security national security advisor.

Barack Obama even popped in for

a few minutes to catch up a few minutes to catch up with

Mr Rudd. There is no sign when

Julia Gillard will make her

first trip to Washington as

Prime Minister. In the meantime, Kevin Rudd is off to New York for the UN General

stage he last occupied when he

was Prime Minister. A massive

storm has whipped New Zealand,

leaving tens of thousands of people without power sending a stadium roof crashing down. The second natural disaster disaster to hit the country if a fortnight lifted roofs and uprooted trees as uprooted trees as hurricane-force winds hurricane-force winds whipped across the country. Christchurch escaped the worst

of the storm but continues to be rocked by a series of aftershocks aftershocks two weeks after a 7 magnitude earthquake caused

billions of dollars of

damage. In Chile, 33 damage. In Chile, 33 trapped

miner ins are a step closer to

being rescued thanks to a successful drilling operation.

A drilling machine has reached the men who are stuck 630m below ground. Officials say the

whole must now be widened to

bring the men out safely and that could take at least six

weeks. The miners have been trapped since early August, surviving underground longer

than anyone on than anyone on record. The Immigration Department says it's reviewing Darwin detention centre after

the third breakout in as many

police say a weeks. Northern Territory

Burmese man is still on the run police say a 28-year-old

after escaping from the detention facility last

Police say the man used a heavy

blanket to protect his body, then climbed over three fences

just after midnight. Local

police and security guards are

searching for the man . It is the second time this month

detainees have escaped from the

centre with 89 men holding a

protest on the road outside two

Tasmanian weeks ago. Organisers of a

defended their decision to run

the first leg in high seas. A

crewman in his 50s drowned last

at around 10 o'clock. The night after falling overboard

remainder of the race has cancelled due to the rough

conditions. His body was found

on a beach on Bruny Island

shortly after shortly after midnight.

Officers say the weather was rough with swells up 1.5m. Hundreds of motorcycle riders have travelled from

Sydney to Canberra to commemorate police officers who have died in the line of duty. The bikers met with more motor

cyclists along the way in the first National police remembrance ride. The ride to the National Memorial Wall is to raise thousands of dollars for family members supported by Police Legacy. Ladies and

gentlemen, we are here as part

of the inaugural Wall to Wall ride, Ride for the ride, Ride for the Fallen. We will be converging on Canberra.

We will all meet at the We will all meet at the National Police Wall of

Remembrance where we will get a chance to before those officers who have gone

before us. The Federal

Government says it's seriously

considering developing a high-speed rail high-speed rail link for

Australia's east. A study

released today says a fast train travelling at 350km/h

between Sydney and Melbourne is

possible, as long as the

project is planned properly.

Australia, the Infrastructure Partnerships

Australia, the report's

authors, say a bullet train could reduce travel could reduce travel time between the two cities to

around 3 hours. There are

challenges here in Australia

because of the relatively small

population compared with, China or Japan But what we need

to do is to take the to do is to take the general support that is there for

high-speed rail and have a

thorough examination. And a

reminder that for more details

on the day's top stories and to

send us your comments and

pictures, you can log onto You're

watching ABC News 24. Our top afternoon - security forces in Afghanistan are bracing for a day of violence as the country's parliamentary

election gets under way. There

has been a number of bomb

blasts in Kabul, but there are no reports of injury or damage. Prime Minister Julia

Gillard has warned she might

because the hung parliament break key election promises

created a new environment. She because the hung parliament has

Parliament means some says the nature of the

Parliament means some major

reforms promised during the campaign may not pass. And Foreign Foreign Affairs Minister Kevin

Rudd is back on the

international stage, meeting President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton in Washington. Taking a look at the weather: Six Six people have been

arrested in London in

connection with an alleged plot

against the Pope. Five of the men

men are believed to be street cleaners working in Central

London. The police say the security arrangements for Pope Benedict's visit won't change

despite the arrests. In a two miles from the heart of

Westminster where the Pope was

for most of the day, specialist police officers in face masks searching through dust It was here that armed police

and counter-terrorism detectives swooped before 6

this morning as the this morning as the cleaners

arrived for work. The police

five of the cleaners were were acting on a tip-off that

planning to attack the Pope

during his visit to London. All

five of those arrested at the depot were men and they parently North African depot were men and they are


ages range from 26 to 50 and

they were all employed by Veolia Environmental Services

who have the contract to sweep

Westminster's streets. A sixth man was arrested later in

London. Detectives felt had to

move in and arrest the men

first thing this morning. The security policy for the Pope's

visit to Britain has involved a

difficult balance between

figure and making a religious leader accessible to the

crowds. This afternoon the

Pope's spokesman seemed unfazed

by the arrests. What we know is

not much more than what you

know, but we can say that we

are totally confident in the

work of the police, of Scotland

Yard, and then we have no tick

preoccupation. But in the back

of everyone's minds is how

close Pope John Paul II came to

being killed in 1981. He suffered

suffered massive blood suffered massive blood loss

after being shot, and Pope

Benedict himself was attacked

by a woman in the Vatican last Christmas

not badly hurt. It is the

space do you give, how much $64,000 question - how much

vision do you give, how relaxed

do you get and how close do you

allow the public to get within

sight? Interestingly enough in

Scotland the other day, for a

brief period the Pope actually

got face to face with some people but from the news shots, you can see an awful lot of

security personnel security personnel very close. Scotland Yard says

security arrangements for the Pope's visit didn't change

because of this morning's

arrests and detectives have so far not found anything

suspicious. At least 2,000 Roman Catholics Australians are

making preparations for their pilgrimage to Rome to pilgrimage to Rome to celebrate

the cannonisation of Mary Mackill lop. The pilgrims will travel travel to Italy and will be at

the ceremony in Rome on October led by Pope Benedict. the ceremony in Rome on 17

To sport now with Amanda she La

of confidence? So it should be. Repubblica. Collingwood is full

The mag Pies are awaiting the

winner of tonight's preliminary

final after they booked their

spot in the Grand Final with a

41-point win over Geelong. The

minor premiers were ruthless in

taking apart the Cats though

Mick Malthouse hasn't ruled out team changes for next week. The Pies say their first flag since 1990. The

The boys have been really focused and just got a job to

do. So, I've been confident the

last two games we've gone into

that we are going to win the

game, because you can see in the guys' eyes how serious and switched on they are. The

speculation over Gary Ablett's

future is set to intensify even

further . Liam pickering, his

manager, says the star Cat manager, says the star Cat is still undecided

put or accept a massive offer

to join the Gold Coast Sunday Rose. The Sunday Rose have to join the Gold Coast Sunday

situation. In the NRL, refused to comment on the

situation. In the NRL, the

Sydney Roosters will be keen to continue their hot form against

the Penrith Panthers in the Penrith Panthers in their Football Stadium semifinal at the Sydney

Meanwhile, the Wests Tigers Football Stadium tonight.

believe they can believe they can down St George-Illawarra when they meet in next week's preliminary

final. The Tigers earned a shot final. The Tigers earned a shot

last night's 26-24 win over the at the minor premiers after

Canberra Raiders. Canberra Raiders. Benji Marshall wasn't troubled by a knee injury as

full bag of tricks to spearhead

the victory against the competition's form team. There

is a sense of deja vu for next

week's game. In 2005

upset the Dragons in the preliminary final and then went on to win the premiership. St

George, there is a similarity,

but a lot different from five

years ago. But it is one game to a Grand Final, so it is a big game for both of us.

To come down here and get a win away from home with so many injuries, backing up after

one of the best wins the club

has ever had. What we

witnessed this week was about uniting Canberra uniting Canberra together. It

was fantastic and I think

probably the disappointing

thing is not running with it.

We got close. Like I said, I couldn't be any prouder. In

tennis, Australia has taken a

2-1 lead in its Davis Cup tie against Belgium after winning the dowels rubber today.

Lleyton Hewitt and Paul Lleyton Hewitt and Paul Hanley downed the Belgian pair of Olivier Rochus Olivier

Australia needs to win just one

of tomorrow's reverse singles

rubbers to return to the elite

world group. The Australian duo easily outclassed the with superior court coverage easily outclassed the Belgians

and the Aussies claimed the

first set 6-1. They continued

that dominance in the second,

the third, but it though rain intervened early in

the third, but it didn't stop

Hewitt and Hanley from giving

Australia the lead in the tie.

Hewitt has now overtaken Adrian

Quist's record of most Davis

Cup wins for Australia with 44. Something you don't really think about, obviously yesterday when you think about, obviously, and

told me I tied it I was pretty

proud of and to pass Adrian, I think he had the singles one,

too, before he passed that.

Davis Cup matches are always

tough and the scoreline tough and the scoreline looked fairly comfortable out there,

but we brought our A game today

and we played it well and great

to finish it off in straight

sets. France has taken a 2-0

lead against Argentina teen.

Nicolas Lodiero Monfils both won their singles

rubbers. Lod dra took four sets

to take care of mon. In the

other semifinal, the Czech

Republic and Serbia are looked

at 1-1. Radek Stepanek beat

Viktor Troicki. But Janko

Tipsarevic beat world No. 7

Tomas Berdych in four to level

the tie. To soccer now and week

7 of the A-League continues

today and North Queensland and Melbourne Victory's game Brisbane takes on Adelaide at

Lang Park. Last night the

financial alley embattled

Newcastle Jets had had a

victory over Perth Glory. The

Jets' future is still uncertain

with Con Constantine to meet with Football Federation Australia about a rescue

plan. South Australias is the first team threw to the

semifinals of the Twenty20 Champions League Champions League in South

Africa after an 8-wicket win over Royal Bangalore this morning. Bangalore was all out for 154

in the final over with Dan Christian taking 4 wickets.

Michael Klinger was unbeaten 69 as the Aussies passed the

victory target with 9 balls to

spare. Dan Harris also posted a

half-century for the

Redbacks. And the Australian women's basketball team has

warmed up for the World Championships

Championships with a 6-point

win over the US. Rich, that was

in Spain. Good news for them.

Probably a few sangriass for celebrate. Hopefully they can

back up and win the world tile

tell, too. Thanks, Amanda.

28-year-old Prince William will now become now become part of a team

working out of the UK's busiest

search-and-rescue bases. He praised

praised the vital work of the

Search and Rescue Force after

joining the unit joining the unit after completing his training. He

spent the past 19 months

progressing through the RAF's training program for

search-and-rescue pilots. There have have been simulated rescue

operations, the kind he will

soon be doing for real, flights

over the Atlantic where ships

and yachts can run into trouble

and in the mountains where everyone

everyone year the squadron is

called out to rescue scores of walkers and climbers in

difficulty. Today the training

came to an end and William came to an end and William was

given the badges which signify

he is part of the squadron and

the RAF says he has done it on merit. He has completed the

course successfully with at

least the minimum standards if

not better than that and he is

here in his own right. Initially William be the co-pilot of the

helicopter and then if all goes well, he will be in well, he will be in command.

Those who know him say he is

determined to make a success of

it, so for at least the next it, so for at least the next 18 months the domestic side months the domestic side of his

life will have to fit in around

it. While he is on duty,

William will live on the base, ready to respond when the calls for help are received. Every year, hundreds of people find

themselves in possibly mortal

danger and very soon danger and very soon now Flight Lieutenant William Wales be one of the people coming to their rescue. But time-wasters beware - the RAF says anyone

making bogus distress calls in

the hope of seeing the future

King coming to their rescue

could be charged for the cost

of the operation. of the

Checking the national

forecast - cloud over central

and eastern Australia is

bringing some rain as humid

tropical air is drawn into tropical air is drawn into a developing trough. also be isolated showers also be isolated showers over

the south-east from low cloud

being driven over in south westerly winds. Queensland westerly winds. Queensland -

expect a cloudy, cool day with

rain areas over the west and

south and scattered showers

over the tropical coast. Fall

also contract to the also contract to the central

and southern interior during

the day. Cloudy in the north of New South Wales rain in the north-east. Partly

cloudy elsewhere. A fine and mostly sunny day over Victoria's north. showers over southern Victoria's north. Isolated

districts. To Tasmania - scattered showers about the west and south extending to

central areas during the day central areas during the day T

about will be fine elsewhere. Snow

about the higher peaks will

clear dlur the day. In South Australia - isolated light showers over southern and far west and coastal districts. Western Australia -

showers over the Eucla distrigt and a windy day over central

and western parts of the

State. A mostly fine day for the noopbt apart the noopbt apart from showers

and storms over the Top End and

Roper McArthur district. To

Monday: Well, stay with us here

on ABC News 24 - I will be back

in a moment with the day's

headlines, and then it will be

time for 'One Plus One'.

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This Program is Captioned Live.

The top stories from ABC News: Security forces in

Afghanistan are on guard for Taliban attacks as voters head

parliamentary election. to the polls for the

President Hamid Karzai was

ballot as polling stations among the first to cast their

opened several hours ago. There

has been a number of bomb

blasts in Kabul with no of injury or damage. The

Taliban has vowed to disrupt the Department has confirmed the election. The Defence

several hundred Afghan

turned on several hundred Afghan locals turned on Australian soldiers two days before the poll.

Thursday's protest was Thursday's protest was prompted

by rumours foreign troops were

burning copies of the Koran. It turned

turned vie leapt when rocks

were thrown and a protester was shot shot after arming a machine-gun at foreign troops. No Australian soldiers were

injured during the incident.