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Captioned Live. The US Secretary of State holds talks with the PM in to combat climate change. Both the people of Australia and

America want to see action, and

the PM and I are here today to

say, "We are committed

Australian women killed in the say, "We are committed to

Cuba plane crash Prixing with their Cuba plane crash still Grand

goes to the polls to vote in

the first election in a generation. And Sir Donald

Bradman's old bat goes under

the hammer in Sydney. Hello, I'm Liv Casben. Taking

a quick look at tomorrow's

weather - US Secretary of State Hillary

Julia Gillard on Clinton has held talks with PM

of her visit to Madam Secretary today also of her visit to Australia.

faced a forum of young people at Melbourne University fielding questions on Afghanistan, gay marriage and

climate change. Tomorrow she'll

join US Defence Secretary

Robert Gates for talks on

defence and Saturday matters, with her Australian counter-parts Kevin Rudd and

sphit. And more more than sphit. And more more than this

we're joined by James Bennett in Melbourne. The Secretary of

time with the PM then? That's State has been spending some

have greatly enjoyed playing right. Julia Gillard seems to

stateswoman and showing Hillary

Clinton around her adopted town of Melbourne. They've taken a bit of time to look down around

the Yarra River, the Yarra River, around

Federation Square and also a

look at some of the emerging greener business greener business architecture

around Melbourne. What else is

on the agenda for the

visit? What are they talking about? The key issues Liv have

been around the strength of the reference made to America Australia-US alliance as reference

having no better friend having no better friend than

Australia. Also, trade and the

strength that that relationship

since the free

was signed some five years ago. And critically climate change and issues or some methods to

combat that have been the focus of Dees talks and certainly joint press conference. There of Dees talks and certainly the was

was an announcement made of

extra funding to try and

improve the cost of solar

energy and make that more

gene energy and during that the competitive with other forms

Secretary of State was asked about America's efforts to combat climate change particularly in the wick of President Obama's difficulties President

in getting his emissions trading legislation passed. The President is still President is still very committed to the United States

addressing climate change, making investments in clean

energy and he will be energy and he will be looking

at a range of option to take,

including as you point out,

already been doing in concert

with the legislative route. And

that issue was also high on her

agenda with a very different audience? That's

Hillary Clinton began her day

with a youth forum where she

spent around an hour with some

younger people at the

University of Melbourne and you'd expect, climate change University of Melbourne and as

you'd expect, climate change as

one of the key issues of

interest to that audience. same-sex marriage featured interest to that audience. Also

quite heightly and Hillary

Clinton was asked a question by

a young Victorian man about her

views and she shared both views and she shared both the

approach that the US is taking legislatively

legislatively on that issue legislatively on that issue and

also in her response gave a bit

of an insight into her personal

views. I have not supported

same-sex marriage. I've supported

supported civil partnerships

and contractual relationships.

Yet I am supportive of our

States taking actions that they believe reflects the evolution

of attitudes about this. Now

Liv that's quite interesting, particularly

particularly in light

yesterday, Senator Arbib, one of the Ministers in Julia Gillard's Government came out

saying that he believes it's

time for the Labor Party to

ditch its opposition to gay

marriage. He believes that the

Labor Party should support gay marriage. Now, Julia Gillard

and Tony Abbott both believe

that gay marriage is off marriage should be between a man and a woman, so perhaps

there's at least one area where the leaders aren't in future owes the leaders aren't in such future owes agreement, Liv,

note, that forum this morning, also on a slightly lighter

she indicated

she indicated that perhaps some

of Australia's culinary tradition aren't tradition aren't also to her liking. I've never understand

why you would ruin a perfectly

good slice of bread with

Vegemite. But I'm sure you have

some of the same reaction when

you travel to our country see what we eat. And what else you travel to our country and

is on the agenda then

James? Well, later on this

weather can do its finest and evening, unless Melbourne's

prevent that happening, the Secretary of State is lay a wreath here at the shrine Secretary of State is due to

of rememberance, she'll then go

on to a dinner function before

wrapping up her visit and heading home tomorrow. Thank you for your time this

afternoon and a reminder that

we'll broadcast that exclusive in conversation event with in conversation event with the under an hour. Hillary Rodham US Secretary of State in

Clinton, an Australian

Conversation is at 6pm Eastern

Daylight time or 3 in the West

under way in Burma's first here on ABC News 24. Voting is

election in 20 years. It's been called by the called by the military which

has ruled Burma for almost 50

years but is being years but is being boycotted by Democracy. It's the National League for

Democracy. It's leader Aung San

Suu Kyi remains under arrest, more than people are eligible to vote and

military are expected to win candidates supporting the

most seats. There are already

widespread allegations of vote

rigging and the Internet and phones

phones have been intermittently

cut. And early espoke to South-East Asia correspondent Zoe Daniel about the Zoe Daniel about the Burma election. Here's what she had

to say. There have been many

allegations of intimidation in

the lead-up to this election,

particularly in relation to the remaining Opposition candidates

being followed for example and

those that they're speaking to being monitored. In the last to being monitored. In the last 24 to 48 hours those to 48 hours those that's extended to the voters themselves, we've themselves, we've been hearing that Government officials have been quite literally standing

over people while they've been

casting their votes to ensure

that they vote for that they vote for the party

that's backed by the that's backed by the military

junta. That really is a major

step from the sort

step from the sort of intimidation that we had been hearing about before and hearing about before and this

is the sort of thing is the sort of thing that people in Burma have to deal

with on a day to day basis. It's a intolerant society, political discussion is not tolerated discussion is not tolerated in

any way, shape or form and

that's not changed in the

lead-up to the election and nor

in the voting today and in the

last 24 hours with prevoting it would seem. And Aung San Suu Kyi's Opposition party has Kyi's Opposition party has been

banned and has called for a

boycott of this vote, just what

sort of impact will that have

do you think? It's difficult to

say how much impact that will

have but certainly the have but certainly the military junta's been taking a fair degree of notice of that. In

the last week in particular it's started a

the population that they

actually must vote, that

their responsibility to vote

and accusing those who and accusing those who are recommending that they don't

vote of undermining a democratic process that the

military junta is trying to put

in place so trying to turn in place so trying to turn the

tables if you like. It's very

difficult for me to estimate just what impact that call just what impact that call for a boycott will have because I haven't been able to go into

Burma for the election, nor

have most foreign journalists and nor have international observers observers so the information that we're getting out

limited, it's coming out from a who are in there under cover essentially and the diplomats who have been able to remain in

the country for the poll. What about the inevitablity of this election, is it inevitable that the ruling party will the ruling party will win do

you think? Sadly it is. I think

at this point even without

voting complete, this election

is being seen as a missed opportunity. The international community conducted a concerted

campaign pushing for a free and

fair poll but clearly it's not

going to be that, the way that the election laws are

set up has as you said banned

the National League for Democracy, has restricted particular ethnic areas from

voting, and has put in place

system whereby the main party,

the junta's party, is the only

party contesting all seats and

25% of the seats in both houses

of parliament remain reserved

for the military.

for the military. There's

absolutely no way that anyone else can win this election other than the ruling party

itself, and it's a case of,

well, what happens now for Burma, because the election

will not be the turning point

that some hoped it may have

been? It's been confirmed two Australian women were amoong

the 6 # people killed in Cuba's

worst plane crash in more than 20 years. The Department of

Foreign Affairs says 49-year-old Barbara Crossin from NSW and 47-year-old Jacqueline Cunningham from

Queensland were on board the AeroCaribbean flight that

crashed on Thursday. It it came

down in a remote area while

travelling between Santiago De Cuba and the capital,Havana

and. There were Emergency crews have recovered

the black box voice and data

recorders from the crash site. And earlier And earlier today Barbara Crossin's brother spoke about the death the death of his

sister. Barbara was on holidays

with her friend of many many year, Jacqueline Cunningham.

She was a keen salsa dancer and

she loved all things Cuba and

South American and had visited

central and South America

central times. On this trip,

they travelled to Mexico to

Cuba and were planning to go to

spending some time in Chile at

the end of their holiday. Barb

and her friend nursed together

for many years. Barbara then

went on to become a lawyer and specialised in medic specialised in medic Co-legal work. She lovled travelling work. She lovled travelling and did so whenever she could. She

was warm, intelligent and very

loving. And a quirky sense of

humour and we are devastated by

this and will miss

passengers who were on board

the second Qantas plane that suffered engine failure flying out of Singapore have arrived in Sydney. The first group of passengers touched down last

night, the Boeing 747 they were travelling in was on its travelling in was on its way to Sydney on Friday night when it

had to turn back after flames were seen coming from one of

the engines. They were happy to finally arrive back in Sydney

after their midair scare. It I

just a saw some flays and they

needed to Lang again. It was

very scary because there was a

big bang just window. Unexpurgated report what was going through your mind at that time? We knew something was report. The crew were sitting in front of me so

I knew from the I knew from the express something something was wrong but within

five minutes the captain said that one of our engines that one of our engines is blown but we are under control,

we have three other engines, we have three other engines, we'll be taking you back home

safely and they kept talking to us every five minutes and it was fantastic. They really did

a great job. Just as we were

taking off, this is on Friday

night, there was a big bang,

people saw flames from the engine, but the captain then immediately said, "We've closed the engine down, we need circulate to deposit fuel and we'll be returning to Singapore." The Federal

Opposition has challenged the

Treasurer and bank chief executives to a executives to a community debate on banking reform. There's been pressure on the

Government to do more to stop banks from raising interest

rates beyond those that are rates beyond those that are set by the Reserve Bank. Last the Commonwealth Bank lifted

its rates by almost double the increase of Treasurer Joe Hockey says Treasurer Joe Hockey says the Government and the banks must listen

listen to the public. It's time

that the bank CEOs and Wayne Swan start to listen to the

grievances of average Australians. So I am issuing

the challenge, come out to a

community forum, listen to the concerns of every day citizens,

get in touch with their concerns, and realise that they

are the people who are the people who are underwriting your business. A boat seekers has been intercepted

north-west of commald. The

Federal Government says no crew members were found on board. The group will undergo security, health and security, health and identity

checks on Christmas Island. Several Several international airlines have cancelled flyings to

Indonesia because of the risk

of volcanic ash. Passengers

hoping to get to Jakarta have

found themselves stranded

overseas. Mount Merapi show

nothing signs of easing off as

it continues to rumble and spew

ash into the air. More than 200,000 people have been forced

to flee the area and conditions

at overcrowded shelters are

getting worse. People are

complaining about a shortage of supplies like food and blankets

as well as poor sanitation. And

workers in Haiti fear the good

waters caused by Hurricane

Thomas could spread the cholera

outbreak which has already

claimed more than 400 lives.

Many of the temporary camps set

up after January's devastating earthquake have been earthquake have been inundated and six people have been killed. Luckily the canvas

tents sheltering hundred of thousands

have withstood the wind have withstood the wind and rain thanks to prestorm

preparations. Thomas has now weakened and been weakened and been down graded

to a tropical storm. In France, protesters have made protesters have made a last ditch effort to derail an

impending law raising the

retirement age. Around 400,000 union supporters have marched across the country. The pension

bill raising retirement age bill raising retirement age to 2 has been approved by parliament s a parliament s a expected to be sign. By Sarkozy next month. 1.1 million protesters marched in October. Pope Benedict XVI has arrived in in Spain for a 2-day visit. It's his second

country. The pope is visit ing

Santiago de Compostela and will

celebrate an open air mass

outside the city's cathedral. He's visit Barcelona and

consecrate the city's famous Sagrada Familia church. It's Australian night, the Aria awards are

taking place tonight at the

Sydney Opera House and in the

last hour, many of the art is

and nominees have been arriving

on the red carpet. There for us

live is ABC reporter Lucy

Carter. And Lucy, it's a new look Aria awards look Aria awards this year? Yes,, it is a new look.

We're standing here at the beautiful Opera House on a beautiful Sydney afternoon. The

new venue is one change their making this year.

categories which will be public

voted as well as that they handed out is a of the genre awards over a series of five concerts concerts throughout the week. Unfortunately, a lot of those

concerts were rained out but concerts were rained out but as you

weather is perfect. Who is leading the nominations this year then? There are year then? There are five acts

that are all tying for sixth

nominations each. They are Adelaide singer song writer

Cia, the Sydney brother sister

duo, Angus and Julia Stone,

there's also Perth band Birds after Tokyo. Australian Idol

favourite, Guy se

ambulancian. It's not just the musicians on the red carpet

tonight then? No we've actually

also had a couple of different celebrities coming along. celebrities coming along. There

have been models and sportsman and Bob Katter the and Bob Katter the Federal Independent MP. It's my first Aria presentation, it's the

first time I've ever been to

the Arias but I've watched them

on television, that sort of

thing but we think they're

wonderful, I'm sort of

naturally country, and they've

done a lot for country, you

know, as well know, as well as Tamworth of

course, but - country has got

to have its soul if it wants to

be country and to succeed as a

nation, and your soul comes

from your song writers and your poets, and the people that sing

those songs so I think those songs so I think it's a wonderful party of

Australia. It looks like the

atmosphere is building nicely

there Lucy? Look, in the

background I'm just peaking

over my shoulder arriving. They'll arrive until

6:30 and we'll check in with you again before then. Lucy

Carter from the opera hou,

thank you very much. One of

China's best known China's best known artists says

he's under house arrest in Beijing. Eye WayWay dubbed China's Andy Warhol is in China's Andy Warhol is in war the with authorities. He says

they're stopping him from holding

holding a protest over the

demolition of his new Shanghai

studio. WayWay spent two years designing and building studio before it had to be knocked down because it knocked down because it was illegal. Eye WayWay suspects

the arrest the pay back for his freak blogging and political activism. I know there activism. I know there are

1,000 people who want to come

to the party from all over China and you know, I think they're completely feel they're completely feel on top

or out of control and they

don't know what will happen. It makes them extremely nervous President Obama has

arrived in India at the tart of

an Asian trip him visit four countries in ten

days. He'll address Indian and

American business executives in

the financial capital of Mumbai

in an attempt to increase trade

between the two President Obama has delivered a

speech at the Taj hotel which

was the scene of a deadly terrorist attack two years

ago. Stepping down in India ago. Stepping down in India and

after a turbulent week back

home, Barack Obama and his wife

Michelle were warmly greeted

here. It's his first visit here. It's his first visit to India and one that's been eagerly anticipated country that's becoming a good friend of the United States. First stop, the iconic Taj

hotel. Scene of the 2008 terror attacks in which 166 people died. The President people died. The President paid tribute to the survivors and

families of those who died including several American citizens. It was the citizens. It was the worst terror attack in India and President Obama's words will be

welcomed. The Taj has been the symbol of the strength and the

resilience of the Indian

people. So

to send aer very clear message that in our determination to

give our people a future of security and prosperity, United States and India stand

united. Over the past two year, American investigators have

worked hand in hand with India

to try and bring those behind

the attacks to justice. the attacks to justice. A

partnership that has in some

ways wrought the two countries

closeler. But memories of the

attack has meant that security

has been tight. security personnel have brought parts of the city to virtual

lockdown. This visit however is not just about terror not just about terror and security. It's security. It's also about sound economics. There's a reason why Barack

Barack Obama has picked Mumbai

as his first stop. It's India's

financial capital, home to its

biggest business houses. It

presents exactly the kind of opportunities he's looking for,

to generate deals for American

business and krit jobs back home. And in turn, relieve some of the political pressure. An old

Bradman is going up for auction

today. It's expected to sell

for up to $20,000 when it goes

under the hammer in Sydney. It was used by Sir Don during the

Ashes tour of England in 1 # 30

and is covered in signatures of the Australian and English players. Also on auction, the the air-helmet and goggles used by Sir Charles Kingsford Smith. The Australian auction has

attracted more than 100 international buyers. When

Bradman gave these bats he gave it a specific moment in time and that person's son has passed person's son has passed away. The oral history has gone. It

has to be picked up. This is

the same with many other piece

here. They need to here. They need to be researched, created and suddenly they're back in

the business of history instead of in someone's cupboard To

sport now with Amanda Shalala

and use's on top form in the cricket Victory is cricket Victory is within sight. Use's bowlers have ripped through Sri Lanka's

batsmen in the third and final

one-day international at the

Gabba. Australia bowled the

tourist out for a meerg 115 in the the 32nd over with McKay claiming five wickets. claiming five wickets. And the

home side is none for 12349 reply. McKay terrorised reply. McKay terrorised the top

order as he took the first three wickets over the

Shane Watson chimed in the with

the scalp of Tharanga. Youngster Mitchell Youngster Mitchell Starc took

over there . He got rid over there . He got rid of

Mathews forks hassor to his

first one-day wicket and fished up with 4 for 27 to leave Australia poised to break a 7-game losing streak. Joel Monaghan has indicated Monaghan has indicated he'll

quit the NRL ahead of his likely sacking by likely sacking by the Canberra Raiders. future has been in series doubt

after a photo showing him in a

lewd act with a dog was lewd act with a dog was posted on the Internet. The Raiders

board was expected to sack the NSW and Australian winger but Monaghan says he'll quit the

league and consider playing league and consider playing in the UK Super League. Kelly Slater has dedicated his Slater has dedicated his 10th world surfing title to his

great rival and former champion

Andy Irons. Slater affirmed his status as the best ever in

securing the title with a win

in his quarterfinal heat at the tour event in Puerto Rico. The 38-year-old then went on to win

the event and the American was

incredibly emotional after the

feat which has come just days after

after the death of Irons. Just

want to send my condolences to

Andy's family. You know f I

wasn't for Andy there's no way

I'd be here in this position

right now and so I want to

dedicate this to Andy and to my family. Caine Eckstein proven he's one of the great

ironmens after winning his

fourth straight Coolangatta Gold title. Eckstein has

surpassed Guy Leech's report of three titles as he finished

more than is a 15 minutes in

front of the field with a of four hours and 11 minutes. Alicia Marriott claimed her Alicia Marriott claimed her own piece of history piece of history equalling Hayley Bateup's record of three Coolangatta Golds. Without

taking away from the taking away from the other girls I think that the easiest out of the three I've done out of the three I've done so

far. I had a flu plans of how could far. I had a flu plans of how I

could attack the race and

A went bad, plan B went bad and so did C I ended up with plan

D. I don't think I was going

to win for sure you know? to win for sure you know? I've

been going good though so it was hard backing up three years

in a row and teale with the pressure so just get out and race and I did that

so I'm happy. In rugby union,

the Wallabies have made it two wins from

wins from as many games on

their spring tour what 25-16

win over Wales in cartive.

Australia led by only one Australia led by only one point

in the break but sealed the win with two second half tries. Some of the Welsh

players looked a little worse for wear before the game had

even started. And wouldn't have

felt much better when the John Eales

in the 7th minute. Leading 7-6 at half-time the Wallabies went

further in front as last week's match winner James O'Connor found some space. Beale,

Kurtley Beale will score. Chasing his own kick, Beale's wonderful effort would

have been replayed for years to

come if he'd managed to finish it off. This it off. This is brilliant. No, almost. The Wallabies were

running the Welsh ragged and

prop Ben Alexandra scored his

first Test try as the lead

stretched to 10 minute points. The home team The home team crossed for a late consolation try as

Australia continued its winning

start to the end of year tour.

The excitement from these fans

wasn't quite matched by the

coach. Test rugby is week to

week, we're lucky enough to get

a result today, got an

opportunity next week and we'll

be presuming nothing. Sonny Bill Williams provided a

trademark off load in his All Blacks debut as New scored the opening try in its Test match against Australia's

nox opponent, England, at Twickenham. The All Blacks went

on win 26-16. And at Landsdowne Road, South Africa started its

UK tour with a 23-21 victory over over Ireland. To soccer sta battle of the cellar dwellers

in the A sleeg under way at the SFC and currently it's nil-nil

in the first half between Sydney FC and night Melbourne victory own

goal gave Gold Coast a win and Brisbane maintained top spot after its big win over

Adelaide. Brisbane scored in

the first half through Reinaldo

but when he was sent off for dissent in the second, that just spurred the Roar on. They produced three second half strikes including a double to Kosta Barbarouses for a clinical thumping of the early

season pace setters. We live to

play in game like this and we

all turned up today I think. It

was a bit unfortunate with the

sending off but I think lifted Australia bit and we came our best in the end.


Cloud over north-east

Queensland in moist easterly

winds is also causing showers. Checking tomorrow's forecast for the States -

For more details on the day's

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There's been a collision

between a ferry and a speed boat on the boat on the PETN River. It's

believed four people believed four people have fallen overboard. A water police span says several police

boats are headed to the scene.

A reminder of the top A reminder of the top stories we're following on ABC News 24 - US Secretary of State Hillary

Clinton has held talks with PM Julia Gillard today. She also

answered questions from young

Australians occurring during a

town hall meeting in Melbourne this morning. She was

questioned on a range of topics

from Afghanistan to religion.

Voting is under way in first election in

it's being boycotted by the

main Opposition party the National League for Democracy.

Candidates supporting the

military junta are expected to win

win most seats. There are

already widespread allegations of vote viging. It's been confirmed two Australian women were

were among the 68 people killed

in Cuba's worst plane crash in

more than 20 years. The Department of Foreign Affairs says 49-year-old Barbara Crossin from NSW and 47-year-old Jacqueline Cunningham from Queensland were on board the AeroCaribbean flight that crashed on Australia's rugby union team

has made a winning start to its

European tour, the Wallabies

ran in three tries to one to beat Wales 25-16 at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff.

The US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has faced