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(generated from captions) This Program is Captioned Live. More fallout from the Peter Slipper affair, the

Federal Government not planning

to pay the Speaker's legal

bill. It's very unlikely that Mr Slipper would have any personal personal allegations made

against him covered in any way

by the Commonwealth.

Police arrest two bikie

associates over Sydney's latest

driveby shooting. Two people

had their dinner last night

expecting to get away with it, now they find themselveses in

the dock. Hundreds of Ford workers could be stood down

because of problems at a car parts maker. And Australia's batsmen struggle against the

West Indies on day 1 of the

third tefs Test. Good morning,

it's Tuesday, 24 April, I'm

Michael Rowland. And I'm ka

Vienna ka Carvalho. The row

over Peter Slipper is continuing. John Howard's

said he didn't follow up a former chief of staff Tony Nutt

sexual harassment complaint

against Mr Slipper in 2003

relationship was because he was told the

stood down as Speaker because consensual. Peter Slipper

of allegations of fraud and

harassment. It's unlikely the

Government will foot his legal

bills. There are occasions when

ministers are sued for their formal duty and the Government

does meet those costs. I doubt

this would be one of those situations. I certainly haven't

been asked but I'm not aware of

any arrangement having been

made that his costs are being covered. The Attorney-General Nicola Roxon there. For more on this story political correspondent Melissa Clarke

joins us from Canberra. Good

morning, Melissa. New details

of this affair are being

the reviewed daily and now it's got

the Coalition on the defensive

as well. We've seen in the last

24, 48 hours a lot of the

Government being on the defensive given as Peter Slipper's elevation to the leadership of the Parliament speakership under their speakership under

but now we've on the defensive as well. Tony but now we've got the Coalition

Nutt, who was an adviser to

John Howard in 2003 around -

and is now the chief of staff to the Victorian Premier Ted

Baillieu, has defended his

situation when in 2003 someone approach and handling of a

came to him about a video that's alleged to show Peter

Slipper with another person and

that has been raised as why

that wasn't acted upon more by

the Coalition. Now Tony Nutt

has put out a statement saying

there's certainly been some

misreporting in this case and also that he had

also that he had every

indication that Mr Slipper and

the man that's shown in this other video was indeed a consensual relationship. So

he's certainly been on the defensive, as has Tony Abbott as Opposition Leader, he's as Opposition Leader, he's been required to distance himself, certainly from Peter Slipper in

saying he was trying to get Peter Slipper deselected or not win preselection for any future

election. But also feeling the

need to clarify that as far need to clarify that as far as have been involved in helping he's aware no Coalition members

Mr Ashby, the latest claimant,

to make allegations against

Peter Slipper. No Coalition Peter Slipper. No Coalition MPs have helped Mr Ashby make his case as well. So Tony Abbott on

the defensive today as well as

the Government has been for the

last day or two. And the prospect of the Government

returning to a wafer thin

margin has some of the cross benchers reassessing their powerful positions as well? With the most outcome being that Peter well? With the most likely

Slipper won't be back in the

Speaker's chair by the time we

get to Budget day, which when Parliament resumes. get to Budget day, which is

There's certainly a lot of

manoeuvring and wondering how

those numbers will work and if

it is indeed the case that the

Labor Deputy Speaker Anna Burke is presiding over then is presiding over the chamber has a majority of only 1 vote

and requires all those cross has a majority of only 1 and requires all those

and requires all those bench votes from Tony Windsor, Rob Oakeshott and Andrew Wilkie as well as the bench votes from Tony Windsor,

Bandt to get its legislation

through. There are some urging the fact that they now have a

little more little more leverage. Andrew Wilkie, who of little more leverage. Andrew

Wilkie, who of course is most

get his reforms for poker Government about frus - frustrated with the

machine legislation through as he would like, another fellow anti-pokie campaigner, Nick Xenephon

try to press that case again. advantage Xenephon is urging him to take try to press that

So I So try to press that case again.

So I now and when parliament plenty of manoeuvring between

resumes. You mentioned the Budget, Slipper affair, hasn't it? It has and the Government would be

centre given Wayne Swan hoping that would be front and has Slipper affair, hasn't it? It hoping that would be front and

returning to planning on announcing a Budget

2012-13 but it's been very 2012-13 but it's been over shadowed at the moment. But there is still plenty going on in terms of the over shadowed at the moment.

meetings but also the trying to prepare for their meetings but also the Coalition

Tony response to the Budget as well.

Budget cuts as big proposed in the order

but it's still not willing to in the order of $50 million,

reveal what he would cut, but it's still not willing reveal what

particularly in light of particularly in light of Jo Hockey's about the need to make spending doesn't get out of about the need to make welfare

control large as a spending doesn't get

Abbott economy. Now we have Tony economy. Now we have Tony large as a proportion of the

Abbott saying there will be big budget cuts and pain but That's what he was saying on

'7:30' last night. There is such thing as a pain-free

the last election we outlined $50 we will be at least we will be that going into the same level of fiscal discipline

there speaking on '7:30' and cut he's talking about we know that already warning the cuts it's

making just to get back to

surplus will involve some hard decisions. So if Tony Abbott's proposing that Government would go substantial pain Government would go even further indeed. Melissa Clarke in Canberra, thank you. Police have Canberra, thank

associates in relation to the have arrested two bikie gang latest driveby shooting in associates in relation to the latest driveby shooting in were fired at a

in Merrylands early yesterday.

Two women inside those believe the attack was part of a believe the

a bikie gang war.

offences. These a I - arrests overnight offences. These a I overnight show they will hunt you down. If these sort of crimes you will up in a cell out at silver be hunts down and you will end up water. It's as sure and

up in a cell out at water. It's as sure and as sweet as

sweet as that. These offenders,

like so many others, continue to believe they will get If the police have got the evidence If the evidence and information available to them through

people talking to people talking to them or indeed through crime scene analysis and analysis and they're in a position to hunt you down and

look you up they will. Last

night two people had their dinner last

dinner last night expecting to get away themselves in the dock. Mike Gallagher, the Minister speaking to Minister speaking to News Breakfast earlier. In developing news, officer has been stabbed after pulling over a taxi in west this morning. Police say

the officer and a colleague west this morning. Police the officer and a colleague stopped the car because it had then charged the officers with then charged the officers

was stabbed in the chest. The

other officer then used a Taser other officer to subdue the Territory police have to subdue the a man accused Territory police a man accused of shooting a man at Howard of Darwin late of Darwin late yesterday.

Katrina Bolton joins us this arrest take Michael, we're getting a patchy picture of what happened morning. We knew there was

morning. We knew there

after an armed robbery after an armed robbery and

hostage situation. There have after an armed been multiple teams of hostage situation.

searching for him out there. We do know there was

police at a service station police at a service station in Nightcliff which is a beachside, water front sort of suburb Nightcliff which is a suburb in Darwin much closer

into the city. We're into the city. We're not sure yet that's Michael Vanco we will look for the details

later throughout the day. We know later throughout the know there is a crime scene set

up where this event took place in know there is a crime

in the rural area and at his in the rural

homes this morning there was

as being accused no-one around. Police as well as being accused of this

shooting, police him of taking a woman hostage? They've described said the woman escaped yesterday. We've been told by

the hospital that she was taken

there but she was not

but clearly this is the We don't know yet but clearly this is the case with day. Appreciate the update. Thank you. And firefighters

are cleaning up after a big

fire that Thank you. And firefighters are

fire that came within metres of a petrol station Sydney. It took crews Sydney. It took crews more than

3 hours to beat the 3 hours to beat the fire at an industrial complex the under control in the early hours of under control in the hours of this Neighbour Jeff Snowdon reporter Eclair Aird he went investigate when he heard sirens. About 3:00 came up to

see what it was. Saw smoke coming out and Police evacuated and my daughter, and

and my daughter, and just basically and basically what I was told was the Tyre Power was on fire, fire was threatening the bowsers in the petrol

fire was threatening bowsers in the petrol station so bowsers in

so pretty much the residents in those houses done there were just evacuated just for

those houses done there just evacuated the door? No, because I heard the sirens I the door? No, because I heard

actually spoke to the police need to leave. I went back down

and that's when

and got my wife and daughter, need to leave. I and got my wife and daughter, we drove out and need to leave. I went back down and got

we drove out and took them to a friend's house now just waiting to get back in

friend's house now to get back in but we can't get

back in toxic to let us get back

home. Let's head overseas and Australian home. Let's Australian actor Matthew newton has home. Let's head overseas and has been United States. He

has been arrested again in

punched an employee at a Miami

hotel a week ago. Security hotel a Matthew Newton getting into argument with an attendant at

the hotel's front desk. Police

say the 35-year-old has been charged with charged with simple battery and resisting resisting arrest without

violence. Ford may violence. Ford may have to temporarily stand temporarily stand down up to

1,800 workers in Victoria if a dispute involving a car

maker can't be resolved. CMI

has closed because it hadn't

paid its rent and there are administration. Talks will continue resolve the dispute. The French President Nicolas Sarkozy is touting for first round of the presidential

election. The socialist candidate Francois Hollande had

the most the most votes and is now expected to win the second round run round run off. Europe

correspondent Philip Williams has more. The big question now

for the surviving where do the votes go losing candidates, from particularly Marine Le Pen,

picking up that's a big chunk of disaffected voters that both camps really want camps really want to harness. The polls say about The polls say about 60% will

probably go to Sarkozy, maybe means fixed and it's very unreliable polling at moment because several polls So it's very much Now the

Sarkozy has made a big play of pushing for the sorts of agendas immigration, EU, the sorts of things that worried clearly the Le Pen supporters. pitch for them. Hollande pitch for them. Hollande less so, it's not his votes he can get. the moment, Hollande the moment, Hollande still is on track the moment, Hollande still is president of France. But on track to be the president of France. But you can never discount Sarkozy. He's wanting 3 debates between now and the second round on May 6. Now, Hollande has said yes, I'll do

one, I'm because he's the front why would he in those debate. Humiliation awaits if Humiliation awaits if he

enough voters that he is the safe pair safe pair of hands that the

country is in grave danger with Hollande as the president. But

two weeks, of course, very time in time in politics. It's all to play for, anything reporting from Paris. Foreign

Union have formally agreed suspend most sanctions against ethnic conditions for minorities Burmese asylum seekers are camping and protesting

Delhi. I want to ask UNHCR why

refugees from other countries get facilities but why we do not. The people here are desperate. miserable. There's no clean water or sanitation and they

subcyst among the flies and rubbish. They were stateless rubbish. They were rendered junta 30 years come to India to escape regime and carry with them stories of rape, torture and TRANSLATION: There's a lot TRANSLATION: There's a lot of persecution persecution against us. Mothers

and sisters have to atrocities from the military junta. We women are not safe

there. When our kids walk to school as young as 8 years

military pick them up off

streets to work as labour. Hundreds the past 3 decades live in the past 3 decades where they

unless there is almost a forgotten people so

liberalisation that place because Kyi is because of her following and her Rohinias have and her reputation but the

leader like Rohinias have no charismatic They say

zintship in Burma otherwise

future of stateless people they fear being condemned to a

without rights and any hope of returning home. The top

stories on ABC News breakfast this morning. John

former chief of staff Tony Nutt says he didn't fom up a sexual harassment complaint against Mr Slipper because he was told the relationship was consensual. Police have arrested 2 bikie associates in

relation to the latest driveby

shooting in Sydney's west.

Several shots were fired at a block of flats early yesterday. Two women inside the flats escaped injury. Hundred os f workers at Ford's

by the end of the week because

of problems with one of its

suppliers. CMI has dispute over unpaid rent. To finance and an independent Australia's 2-speed economy

will become more Deloitte Access will become more pronounced.

mining investment increase significantly but financial year and next will

consumer spending and housing construction are likely to interest rates and the high Australian dollar for putting a lid on activity. It's

predicting economic growth of stock markets have fallen 3.3% this financial year. World

because of weak manufacturing

in France and the data and political uncertainty

Wall Street also fell 1%, UK shares were down 1.9%, Germany 3.4% and France 2.8%. Nicolas Sarkozy's narrow loss in the first

first round of the French presidential elections and the collapse of the Dutch Government overnight have all spooked investors. They're also very concerned about those new figures showing

activity in Germany falling to

a 3-year low. Let's take a look at those finance figures

William Shakespeare wrote all the world's a the world's a stage and to mark

his 448th birthday the World

Shakes spear Festival launching Shakes spear Festival is project. 37 of the plays will

be performed in a world theatre. Shakespeare had a way

with language but he wrote with language but he never sign language. But that is his plays are going to be performed at the Globe thooerted in

London as the world comes to

his stage. 38 plays in 38

languages. They're part of the write. We want to look there for 430-odd years and doesn't belong to us anymore.

So how do other cultures

approach Shakespeare, how do other cultures talk own societies through

Shakespeare's plays? This Iraqi theatre to the 21st century. The warring Montague and caplets are Sunni and grandfather, my uncle, I know him, I read him, I play with him. With Shakespeare all the

world really is a stage the bard often playing the lead. If

countryside in Armenia you find people who are called Shakespeare, that's their Shakespeare, that's their first

will be. Now on the eve of is the speak, to be or not to be. That speak, to be or not world might change but we explore universal appeal is due to his ability to appeal is hamlet. Shakespeare's enduring name, because of this kind of

being in Singapore the Australian experience of out as much as I after that. I wanted to find after that. a dozen or so ex-POWs straight ago in their lives. I to learn what happened 70 Singapore and after that live of two survivors in in 1996 and that made a short film in Singapore important to get it The film's about an first feature film called he's finished shooting his he's returned from Singapore where returned on. Director Aaron Wilson has film-makers more than 70 years film-makers more than 70 pivotal for young Australian War II are still proving to be War II are still proving Anzac Day stories from World Singapore in 1942 and it's about one shot down over the jungles of Malaya. It's one night as he's being hunted by He knows the forest around him is surrounded by Japanese and really it's about what really it's about what happens to this one man in this one night where his mind goes. In say "War is battles, it is e. - extended periods of waiting." How did you show that and why you show that and why was it

spoke about the space between battles, about battles, about what they thought, where their mind when they weren't at war, when made they weren't fighting. We've the big battles and the epic

snar - scenarios, the heros we

story, about know. This is the every man

story, about so many Australians amongst people who have been

have been at war in these scenarios that really you're trying

In this particular arena of

battle there were so different nationalities fighting side by really wanted to comment

that's what I

film. I'm taking the Singapore Chinese character and Chinese character and an Australian digger and

same essentially have them in the

same environment, experiencing

the same thing s. I think it's quite a powerful thing really take away quite a powerful thing to really take away nationality and culture and focus on and culture and focus on two

another guys who could essentially in

project, the website Aaron Wilson finish the mentioned there is mentioned there is

To the sport headlines now good morning Paul Kennedy. You've got news mediocre performance of our You've got news of a fairly

batsmen in the batsmen in the Caribbean. The Aussies weren't able to hang in

there. Juan gsh dsh Warner made 50 7/212 on day one. They hope the

tail can wag a bit on day 2 and

maybe get 250 on the board and

who knows whether that will be competitive on this pitch. David Warner had some luck in

getting his 50 and he had a good partnership with Watson. Australia good partnership with Shane Watson. Australia was 1/84 as lost his wicket. Going along lrlt - alright but then the

spinner Shane shilling ford

a home Test match at this great catch. Skillingford ground, Darren Sammy took a

his best figures. Andre won stage 2 of the Tour of Turkey. In behind Matthew Goss Turkey. In behind him was

win some stages at the Tour de

France later in the year for GreenEDGE. Matthew Goss

two runners up in that race so far he really wants to work lead out and get ready for the bigger races. And let's with James O'Connor and I look at this incident again

in observation tell you that he's going to be days in Sydney hospital. On his

return to Melbourne he will be

under the care of doctors as

they watch his liver after preliminary examinations, O'Connor is expected to be

unavailable for the next six weeks, I would say that is a minimum. Let's look at what's happening in London Olympics. They've Olympics. They've unveiled a lab where all of the tests be done to make sure

Games is as clean as Games is as clean as possible. Jonathan Edwards champion triple jumper, he's a

member of the London organising committee, this is to say. A really important day

for us in our lead up towards for the to be competing clean games, the athletes want

cheating and what goes athletes they know aren't

will make sure that can happen

as far as we possibly can. The

science behind it is getting

better and better all the tile. There's more resources going into it so tested. into it so more athletes are confident as we can be that tested. We will go into 2012 as

we'll have a clean that they're fighting and done, I guess,

background with all of the

testing and some people trying to

they hope that chap won't be in

the news come two weeks in late July and early August. Anything more than a couple of lower profile positive tests is not good

good for the Olympics. Vanessa

joins us with the weather. We have extensive cloud have extensive cloud from Western the east. This the east. This is affecting north-east NSW triggering in its path. A cold front will help push away from NSW but it will also direct NSW. In the south-east and today will

windiest and wettest day of the week. A couple of combining with the low pressure

cell. A high pressure system clear rain later in the week.

Thank you, Vanessa. That's for ABC News Breakfast but 24 throughout the coverage continues on ABC News

we're expecting to hear from for Turkey for the Anzac commemorations and of course it's a very special and early morning start tomorrow. We'll be on air from 4:30 Eastern Standard Time so

join us on ABC News Breakfast then. See

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