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Live. Preparing for more rain, thousands evacuated as huge

parts of NSW placed on parts of NSW placed on flood alert. While residents in Victoria's north-east stock up

on supplies as water levels

rise near several towns.

tear across America's Dozens killed as tornados

heartland. And no raining on

this parade, party goers in

Sydney defy the wet weather for

mardi gras. Live across

Australia, this is ABC News 24,

hello I'm Kumi Taguchi. A check

of the weather:

Some residents evacuated from flood-affected areas in

southern NSW have been allowed

to return Wu but there's no end

yet to the flood crisis. 1,500

people were moved out of

Goulburn, Cooma and Cowra but

authorities have now lifted the

evacuation order for Goulburn.

100 soldiers are helping

authorities to sandbag

properties at Wagga Wagga in

the State's south as the Murrumbidgee

Murrumbidgee River continues to

rise. Meanwhile west of Sydney

almost 1,900 people have

ordered to leave the Hawkesbury

Nepean valley after the Warragamba dam overflowed for

the first time in 14 years.

Flooding is only moderate at

this stage but it's enough cut a number of roads this stage but it's enough to

cut a number of roads and

bridges in the area and more

rain is expected over the next

2 days. The SES says people

need to be prepared for flash

flooding. Now for more on the

wet weather in NSW we're joined

by Greg Newton from the State

Emergency Service headquarters

in Wollongong. Greg, thank you

so much for your time, I expect

you're quite busy there

tonight. What's it been like

for you and are you coping with

your resources there? It has

been a busy evening. We still

do have a number of evacuation

orders and warnings in place

across southern NSW and in the

last half hour evacuation

warnings have been put in place

for towns such as Lockhart,

Nugally, and part of Tumut Nugally, and part of Tumut in southern NSW. So people calling

into the SES, what are their

main concerns and what have

your people been busy with over

the last sort of half day or so? The majority of the tasks

in the last couple of days really been around preparing in the last couple of days have

properties for flooding. A properties for flooding. A lot

of the tasks our volunteers and

volunteers from other agencies have been out doing is advising local residents of the possible

flooding in their area,

assisting them with

sandbagging, assisting them

with moving property. It seems

unusual this amount of rain at

this time of year, have you

seen this amount of rain and

has it put a strain on

resources or are you coping

quite well? It is an

extraordinary rainfall event

across the south-west. There

are resources are working well

and being applied to the

different areas as the need

arises. So apart from sandbagging, preparing properties, is there anything properties,

else people can do? The main

thing that people need to do is

just listen out to the news

advice coming from the Bureau services, be aware of the

of Meteorology, from the State Emergency Service or other emergency services about

flooding in their areas and be prepared to act on that advice

when they receive it. Also they

should never enter flood water.

It puts them at risk and It puts them at risk and then

ultimately puts members of the

emergency services at risk when

they have to conduct flood

rescues. We have seen seen

people watching these rivers kind of that spectacle of

rise and it seems like a bit of

an unusual sort of fun event.

But what can happen and can

if something happen very quickly

waters? Obviously the flood if you're next to those

waters in many areas that the

water's moving very quickly, if

someone enters the water they

can be swept away. There's also

a large amount of debris in a

lot of the water courses which

again people can come entangled

on or be struck by. We saw that with an incident in southern

NSW two or three nights ago

where we had people entered one where we had people entered

of the rivers and became

entangled on fences under water

before being rescued. Also

people need to consider that

flood water running through

houses and other properties

picks up chemicals, sewage and

other debris which can make

people quite ill. Greg newton

from the State Emergency

Service in Wollongong, thank

you very much for joining

us. Thank you. Meanwhile in

north Victoria water levels are

creeping up. The major concern

of the Victorian State

Emergency Service is keeping a Emergency Service is

clutch on small towns north of Shepparton supplied with essentials. The ABC's Stephanie

March reports from one of those

towns, Katamatite which is

facing several days of

isolation. This town of 350

people has turned into an

island. Last night about half island. Last night about half a

dozen houses were under water,

now there are more than 20. We

were pumping and pumping and

pumping until 3:00 in the night

and go sleep a few hours and

then pump next morning until

5:00 and just gone under. Some

people have gone to an

evacuation centre in Cobram.

Those who have stayed are doing

what they can to protect their homes. It's just come up

probably 200 yards probably 200 yards overnight

without the rain so we just

thought we better start

sandbagging because it's

getting a bit close to our

house. Everybody is trying to

stay buoyant but it is really quite depressing. Many

residents say it's the worst

flooding they've seen here in

decades. It's not getting any

better as the slowly rising

water has no where to water has no where to go. It's

been raining here all day and

it's showing no sign of letting

up. All the roads in and out of

Katamatite are now under water

and the town can be isolated

for up to 5 days. Nearby

Namurkah is on alert. Further

east, and the SES is keeping a

close watch on the Ovens River. At Wangaratta the river's

authorities are warning already in flood and

residents in Harrietville,

Bright and Myrtleford to expect

rising water levels as heavy

rain continues. Reporter Danny Morgan is in Wangaratta which

is the north-east of the State.

He sent this update a short

rain falling time ago. There's been heavy

rain falling in Wangaratta

since early this afternoon and

it's expected to continue overnight and into tomorrow. As

you can see behind me the Ovens

River has already broken its

banks and residents across north-east Victoria and East

Gippsland are being urged to

prepare for a major flooding

event over the next few days.

While there's no homes under

threat at the moment here in

Wangaratta the rain has already

forced the cancellation of a

major event in town. The es den

Bombers were supposed to play

the St Kilda Saints here

tonight in an AFL practice

match. The Bombers were due to

fly in this afternoon but the heavy rain meant their planes

couldn't land so the match was

cancelled. So there's about

10,000 disappointed football

fans around town tonight. Tim Wybush from Victoria's emergency service said the heaviest rain is expected to

pass by tomorrow morning. The

peak of the rains are expected

to fall between now and the

early hours of Sunday morning.

Up to 100 mm in Up to 100 mm in some locations

in the far east of the

north-east of our State and

also down into Gippsland also down into Gippsland where

we may see another 50 mm of

rain overnight. We may see some reactions as early reactions as early tonight on some of our river some of our river systems,

particularly in the particularly in the upper reaches of those kuchments of the Ovens and also the the Ovens and also the King

River valleys. But also in the

Snowy River catchment we'll

start to see some reactions but

it may then be over the next 24

hours into Sunday before hours into Sunday before we

start to see some of the downstream effects impacting on

some of those communities some of those communities in

the north-east of our State. A number of designs for flood resistant homes have been

released as solutions to last

year's flood disasters in

Queensland. The designs feature

materials that dry quickly and

can withstand strong water

currents. One plan includes a

water proof storage area and a

hatch for access to the roof

during flooding. We saw people

on the roofs when we watched

the news feed and if they were

able to get there quickly and

have grab rails on the roof

then it's obviously from a safety perspective it's been designed into the house. The

plans aim to make cleaning up

after flooding easier by using

building materials that can be

hosed down. And to a developing

story in Perth now, a 42-year-old motorcyclist has

been killed during a police

pursuit in the Perth Hills. The

man came off his motorbike near

the intersection of Thomas and

Bailey Roads in Glenn Forest.

He died at the scene. Police

say the major crash unit and internal affairs will

investigate the crash. To the

Queensland election now, where

Labor has accused the LNP of

selling out to big donors. Campbell Newman says there's

noing wrong with raising noing wrong with raising money

for an election campaign but

the ALP says the Opposition should match its ban on cash

for access. Campbell Newman has promised money for tree

planting and has even embraced an environmental protestor. Give me a hug, show me some love. While Anna Bligh has cooked with a celebrity

chef and announced money for

healthy eating programs. We are seeing around Australia and

here in Queensland a tidal wave of chronic of chronic diseases caused by being overweight. But it's

what's going on behind the

scenes of this campaign that's

causing controversy. The LNP is

charging up to $22,000 charging up to $22,000 to

attend fund raising events. All

political parties are raising

money in the middle of an

election campaign which election campaign which is

quite proper as long as the

contributions are

declared. Labor ministers were

banned from attending banned from attending similar events after corruption fighter Tony Tony Fitzgerald condemn ed Tony Fitzgerald condemn ed the practice in 2009. Access can

now be purchase ed, patronages

dispensed, mates and supporters

are appointed. But Mr Newman

said donors don't get special

treatment. What do you get? You get democracy in action. This

document right here is a handbook for institutionalised

corruption. Mr Newman says

Labor holds fund raisers too and the Premier and the Premier recently attended a $200 per head

function for Everton MP Murray

Watt. This was an an invent I

was invited to. Nobody had to

pay to see me. The LNP will try

to put the controversies of the

first two weeks behind it when

it holds its official launch

tomorrow. Campbell Newman's

speech is expected to focus speech is expected to focus on

regional sphrur and claims of

Labor's failures. If Anna Bligh

fails to win the election insists she fails to win the election he

insists she won't follow Bob

Carr into politics. When my

political career is at an end

here in Queensland that will be

it for me. It's always handy to pick up new skills just in case. A day after case. A day after his

recruitment into the Federal Labor Government Bob Carr has

urged his party colleagues to

stop the bickering and close ranks behind the Prime

Minister. Mr Carr was drafted

to fill a vacant Senate seat

and will take on the plum role

of Foreign Affairs. Mr Carr says while says while ministerial

reshuffles can be brutal, the

practice of openly talking to

the media has to be the media has to be excised from party culture. We in from party culture. We in the

Labor Party have got to get serious.

serious. I think we've got to

look at our ethos and get beyond backstabbing one another, playing for advantage

in the media. Just get serious about the challenge from about the challenge from the

conservatives. We could end conservatives. We could end up

with a quite with a quite vicious, unpredictable, erratic Abbott

Government. The Opposition says

Mr Carr's appointment is a vote

of no confidence by the Prime

Minister. It is a humiliating

put down of every other person

in her caucus. Julia Gillard

has effectively said that

there's no-one with the talent

and ability to be Foreign Minister in her current crop of

cabinet ministers or in her

entire caucus. Mr Carr entire caucus. Mr Carr says he's already had consultations

with several overseas ministers

including the UK's foreign Secretary William Hague and New

Zealand will be the new Foreign

Minister's first port of call

to discuss Pacific affairs.

Powerful storms have ripped through through America's midwest for

the second time this week killing almost 30 and injuring hundreds. Dozens of tornados

cut a path across 5 US States,

smashing houses and levelling

small towns. Meteorologists say

it's unusual to see tornado

clusters forming this early in

the year and these twisters were unusually powerful and

long lived. The biggest was 300

metres wide. The violent storms have raised fears that 2012

will be another bad year will be another bad year for tornados. Last year was the

deadliest in nearly a century

with 550 deaths blamed on

twisters. In his most candid

remarks yet the US President

has warned he isn't bluffing

about a possible military strike to prevent Iran building

a nuclear weapon. Ahead of

crucial talks next week Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin

Netanyahu Barack Obama is also warning against a premature attack. North attack. North America correspondent Craig McMurtrie

reports. Even at a fund raiser

in New York for Barack Obama there is no escaping Iran tensions. Change none of -

nobody's announced a war, young

lady, but we appreciate your

sentiment. Next week he sits down with Benjamin Netanyahu

who's in Canada at the start of

a 5-day visit to north America.

Israel's already warned of Iran's nuclear Iran's nuclear program approaching a zone of immunity

from successful attack. The

Israeli Prime Minister's even

wary of another round of talks

saying they could be exploited

by Tehran to deceive and

delay. And I think the

international community should

not fall into this trap. I

think the demands on Iran

should be clear. In an

interview with the interview with the Atlantic

magazine Barack Obama is warning against any premature strike by Israel on Iran's

nuclear facilities arguing do

we want a distraction in which suddenly Iran can portray

itself as a victim. At the same

time the President says "A military component is one of the options and it's

unacceptable for Iran to have a

nuclear weapon. I think this that the Israeli Government

recognises that as president of

the United States I don't bluff." The White House

believes sanctions are biting and there's still time.

Benjamin Netanyahu says he

won't set red lines won't set red lines for

military action but military action but will

reserve Israel's right reserve Israel's right to manoeuvre in light of manoeuvre in light of threats.

The two leaders have had a

difficult relationship but it's

one Barack Obama describes as

functional saying they can be

very blunt with each other. If

s there - is there trust in that relationship? Yes, there

is. There is I think a very

clear understanding. And that's

what Barack a bomb a - Obama

will be testing when he asks

his Israeli counterpart to hold


It's a healthy sign for

medical services in rural Australia. A skills workshop

for doctors contemplating going

bush has been over bush has been over subscribed with trainees expressing enthusiasm for self-reliance.

To get into medical school

students need to be very smart

but if they land a job in a

rural town they also need to be very practical. In this

workshop they're learning from orthopaedic technicians how to

set a broken limb. We call this

the devil V. If you come back

get a bit of wool, put it it over it, don't worry how it

looks. It's all part of a

day-long skills work shop targeting urban students who

one day might go bush. one day might go bush. They're relishing the chance to do it themselves. Because you're

learning everything in books

and I guess being out here gets you to do something that's more

hands on. I think most of us

are interested in getting our

hands dirty, things that we possibly wouldn't necessarily

be taught in a medical school

but we do need to know. Some

like the idea of using a wider

range of skills than GPs in the

cities. Emergency sed Min, obstetrics, those skills you

would have specialists with you

in the city, in the rural

you're able to participate you're able to participate in that yourselves. With the surge

surge in mining putting more

strain on rural health

facilities these trainee

doctors know they may with

called upon to cope with tonne

expected. I think that's one of

the draw cards of going rural,

you get to experience a lot of things that you wouldn't

necessarily get to see in the urban environment. I'm a city

girl and it would be good to

experience sort of like horses

kicking people in the face and,

you know, just things that you

won't expect . Today they were

sewing up pork shanks just to build their confidence. I was

just thinking I might go down

to my butcher and see if he can

get me some hocks because get me some hocks because I

think this will take more

practice. They're even looking forward to the homework. Organisers of the Adelaide Festival and the V8 supercars

have apologised after a night

race disrupted the festival's

opening concert at Elder Park.

The clash has been blamed on a scheduling error but some say

it's time to move the events to

separate weekends. It was a

night to celebrate the music of one of the world's most renown ed composers, Ennio Morricone.

But the roar of racing engines

wasn't exactly what the

audience was expected. (Car

enjins reving in background)

It's the first year the opening night concert has opening night concert has been

held at the same time as the evening racing evening racing event. The Premier Jay Weatherill was at

the concert and tried to

intervene but by the time race

organisers had been contacted

to stop the noise the cars to stop the noise the cars were

on their final laps. The

disruption occurred even disruption occurred even though

V8 organisers Hadziyianis talks

with the Festival to make sure the events didn't

clash. Somewhere in that

process there process there was miscommunication or

misunderstanding and the fact

that there was a late race obviously fell through the

cracks. On behalf of the board

and the people involved I'd

just like to apologise to

anybody that was inconvenienced with it. The two organisers

should have been able to should have been able to work

that out between them but that didn't happen and obviously

that's something we're going to

have to imp prove for the future. Some people say it's

time to spread the events

out. It's ridiculous to have an international act like that interrupted by another show

that can be organised for

another time. There's the whole

year to have that on. They

split them you'd find, yeah, it would be much better for the

town for sure. This is what

happens when you jam everything

into March. You will always get some conflict. Clearly it

shouldn't have happened. We

should try to spread some of

these events out. The State

Government will review the

scheduling for next year ant hasn't ruled out moving the

event to different weekends.

Now to sport with Daniella

and a lot of sport around

tonight? So much on the footy

season has officially begun so

there is. Sri Lanka will meet

Australia in the final series

of the one-day international

series starting tomorrow in Brisbane. The Sri Lankans beat

the host by 9 runs at the MCG

last night with 5 balls to

spare. It came down to the

final over. Australia needed 10

runs from 6 balls to win with

one wicket left to fall. David

Hussey on 74 not out was

facing. What a pressure facing. What a pressure catch

that was. What a wonderful win for Sri Lanka. The catch triggered an eruption triggered an eruption of

celebrations, both on and off

the field. I was disappointed

that they would all go home empty handed after the support

they give us but we gave them

something to cherish for a long time. Lasith Malinga was the stand out bowler for the

visitors bagged 4 wickets but the team was struck by injury. Angelo Mathews suffered a cough

injury while Thisara Perera

left the field qu a side

strain The guys were dropping

like flies on the field but the

boys showed a lot of character. Australia will character. Australia will be hoping the return of hoping the return of Michael

Clarke will give its side Clarke will give its side a

character boost when the teams

meet again for the first final

at the Gabba tomorrow. Fully

expecting him to play. He's

been moving fine. Dan Christian

who notched up a hat-trick who notched up a hat-trick in yesterday's game says he's confident Australia will halt

Sri Lanka's 3-match winning streak against the home

side. I'm sure we will be fine.

There's enough guys in the side playing cricket and we'll get

it all together no doubt. If

they don't, expect to see more celebrations like this. In rugby league the Penrith

Panthers are leading the Bulldogs in the second half.

The score is 4-12 in favour

the Panthers. And the Melbourne

Storm has defeated the Canberra

Raiders in their NRL season

opener at Canberra Stadium in extremely wet conditions. The

Storm were trailing with 4

minutes remaining before Cooper

Cronk set up Billy Slater for a

brilliant late try. The final

score 24-19. But Slater faces

an anxious wait after going on

report for a high shot report for a high shot on

opposite full-back Josh Dugan.

In Super Rugby the Queensland

Reds are leading the Reds are leading the Western

Force in Brisbane approaching

full time. The NSW Waratahs

have had their first win of the

season defeating the Rebels season defeating the Rebels by

16 points in Melbourne last night. The Chiefs and

Hurricanes had victories and

Tom Carter scored two tries in the Waratahs' win. In their first appearance of first appearance of the season

the Melbourne Rebels looked the Melbourne Rebels looked a

tight knit outfit but that

togetherness went missing when the game started. First try to

the Waratahs. The Rebels' high

profile recruit James O'Connor

was on target but was on target but Adam

Ashley-Cooper's still finding his feet at the Waratahs. Didn't even get

close. Whether he was treated

like a human pinball or

collecting tries, Carter was collecting tries, Carter was in everything. The centre also complained about an alleged eye gouge but wasn't keen to gouge but wasn't keen to talk about it. What happens on the

field stays on the field so let's just keep it that. Kepu's first Super

Rugby's try gave NSW a 16-point

lead at the break. Carter combined with new full-back

Bernard Foley to secure a bonus

point before Foley faced some

Rebels with a Rebels with a cause.

Melbourne's only 5-pointer came in the 65th minute. It's

a penalty try. The Waratahs had

the last laugh, beaten on the

bell by the Reds in round one,

round 2 went to the men in Sky

Blue. Happy with the as a

result but getting involved in

the anythingly part of

the anythingly part of the

game. A credit to them, they

outplayed us on the night. Next

week the Waratahs face the

Highlanders and the Rebels play

the Reds in business. -

Brisbane. Hawthorn is threw to

the next round of AFL preseason

cup with a 74-point smashes of

the Giants in Tasmania. Nathan

Wilson got the Giants on the score board but the Hawkings

were never troubled. Michael

Osborne kicked a super goal

while Israel Falou booted a

goal and made 2 strong marks

inside 50 but he also missed 2

sitters. Essendon was unable to

reach Wangaratta for its

preseason match against St

Kilda due to the bad weather

conditions meaning the match

was declared a draw. Jamie win

cup's title defence is off to

the perfect start. He's won the first race of the V8

supercards. Craig Lowndes

started at pole position ahead of Garth Tander. The opening

race of the season started in

dramatic style after James

Courtney and Jason Bright both hit the hit the wall causing significant damage to significant damage to their cars. Holden driver and defending series defending series champion

Whincup started from 5th. Will

Davison is was leading in the

final stages but was pipped in

the final lap. The stand

absolutely erupted and you absolutely erupted and you have

to feel for Will Davison. And

Sydney FC is leading Sydney FC is leading the Central coast Mariners 1-0

nearing the end of their

A-League clash. Umbrellas are

the must have accessory at this year's mardi gras parade being

held under rainy skies in Sydney. Organisers say 9,000

people are marching with tens

of thousands more braving the rain to

rain to watch the floats go by.

Despite the rain mardi gras is

a big hit tonight. Something

like 9,000 performers like 9,000 performers taking part in the parade on 134

floats. The one year South

Asian gays and lesbian s wanting to get married.

Mardi gras wouldn't be the same without Sydney's Lord

Mayor Clover Moore taking part.

She's just over my shoulder,

she's been taking part in mardi

gras even before she was lord

mayor and this time she's got a theme of marriage equality and

also her environmental focus of trying to get more people

riding bikes in Sydney. What's your message for mardi gras

this year? The same rights for

gay people. And gay

marriage Gay marriage. Checking tomorrow's weather in the

capital cities now. A possible shower in Brisbane:

Stay with us, I'll have Stay with us, I'll have a check of the headlines in a few

minutes and then it's time for The World This Week. I'm Kumi

Taguchi , you're watching AB news 24. Closed Captions by CSI This Program is Captioned

Live. The top stories on ABC

News - the power to 160 homes

has had to be cut because of overflow from Warragamba dam

west of Sydney as floods

continue to inundate the

south-east. The dam began

overflowing yesterday causing

1,900 people to be evacuated

from the Hawkesbury Nepean Valley below. In Victoria

Katamatite and Bundalong have

been isolated. In the US 27

people have been killed people have been killed as tornadoes and wild storms have

moved across the midsouth for a

week wild storms have stretched

from the Gulf coast to the

lakes in the north causing huge

damage to communities across 5

US States. A day after being

drafted to take on the role of

Foreign Affairs Minister, Bob Carr has urged the Labor Party